Glee's Chris Colfer on Kurt and Blaine's 'First Time,' Showing Skin and Romance With Karofsky

Chris Colfer is kissing and telling about this Tuesday’s top-notch episode of Glee that finds Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) rounding the bases together for the first time. But the poignant hour isn’t all about S-E-X. It’s also about awkward reunions (welcome back, Karofsky!), new villains (hello there, Sebastian!) and brand new sets (gay bar!). The Emmy nominee weighs in on all of the above and answers the most asked question in the Klaine community. Yes, I’m talking about that question.  

TVLINE | Over the summer you told me you were going to pitch [Glee co-creator] Ryan Murphy a Kurt/Blaine story that had never been told on TV before. Was this the story? 
No. I’m still pitching. [Laughs] My story might be a little too controversial.

TVLINE | Can you say yet what that story is?
No, I don’t want to jinx it. But trust me, you’ll know. Your jaw will hit the floor.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you read the script for this week’s episode, “The First Time?”
Prior to getting the script Ryan approached Darren and I and told us that they were doing a virginity episode, and Darren and I just kind of looked at each other with wide eyes like, “Huh? What?’ And while we always have faith in the writers, we were a little skeptical. But then we got the script and shot it and everything was fine. What I thought could be raunchy and over-the-top was just very sweet and emotional. That’s kind of how it is with Glee. Ryan will come up and tell me they’re [tackling] this big, sensitive issue and I’ll freak out. But then I have no reason to freak out because it’s always handled really well.

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TVLINE | This is arguably the most intimate you and Darren have been together — as characters and as actors. Was it awkward?
Not really. We just kind of dove in. People always make a big deal about a kissing scene or a love scene, but it really isn’t. You have to realize it’s you, another actor and a room full of 40 crew members.

TVLINE | When fans heard that I had screened the episode in advance they bombarded me on Twitter with very specific questions about the love scene. 
[Sigh] I know.

TVLINE | Specifically, they wanted to know if you were shirtless during it. I broke the bad news to them that you were wearing a shirt. 
[Laughs] I was totally [prepared] to have to do a shirtless scene. Or at least wear like a tank [top] or something. I even asked if I could wear a tank and they said no.

TVLINE | Did they say why?
I think having two gay guys having sex on television was enough. They didn’t want to [reveal] a bunch of skin on top of it. I was like, “I want to wear a tank! Let me wear a tank!” [Ultimately], I wore a T-shirt.

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TVLINE | My favorite scene in the episode was the one between Kurt and Karofsky [Max Adler] at the gay bar.
That was absolutely my favorite scene as well.

TVLINE | What did you like about it?
First, I was excited because I never actually shot a scene at a bar before. And there are just so many cool things you can do as an actor: you can grab your drink, you can play with a cherry, you can lean on the bar, you can lean on a stool. I loved that. And also it was great to see that character again and see what happened to [him]. The honesty behind [Karofsky] is kind of heartbreaking. That’s his life now. That grungy bar is the place where he found acceptance.

TVLINE | There’s a small segment of the Glee fan base pushing for a Kurt/Karofsky romance. And I have to say, after watching that scene, I kind of get it.
I think it’s a great idea. I think people love Kurt and Blaine so much that they would never stray from that. But maybe if Blaine and Kurt take a break that would be a great alternative. I would like to see that happen.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, the episode also marked the introduction of the first real threat for Kurt and Blaine: Sebastian.
Oh my God. I was so excited. When I found out that there was a character coming in to try and take Blaine away from Kurt my first thought was, “Why does nobody ever love Kurt? Why does nobody love me. Why does nobody ever pursue Kurt?” My second thought was that I was so excited that there was something coming up between Kurt and Blaine besides the puppy-dog love scenes they’ve been in since Season 2. I was so excited there was some kind of drama. I got to play Kurt in a territorial light, which I was excited about. I like Sebastian. I like his presence.

TVLINE | What kind of threat will he be moving forward?
We’ll see. I think Sebastian is one of those very promiscuous, driven characters that once they have their eyes on something they don’t give up easily. Let me just say this won’t be the last time we’ll see Sebastian try and steal Blaine.

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  1. Pinja says:

    This whole conversation is just absurd. Sometimes I truly feel sorry for this fandom.

  2. CJ says:

    Why does everyone keep saying that Blaine is boring? If its because he has no background than what about Tina she has no background either. Also why does everyone hate him because of his height, hes not short, short just shorter than the other glee guys but thats not his fault.

  3. Merc says:

    I would be interested to see how they could pull of a Kurt and Karofsky relationship. Im a 26 year old gay man & back in high school I was terrorised & tormented every single school day for 4 years in a row by the same guy. I see him now & again & until I was about 23 I always felt like running into the nearest toilet & hiding. Its an interesting concept to play with but any1 whos been in that situation would know it could never work even if the person had changed completely & was a totally diff person. Friendship may be attained but something as deep as a proper relationship/lovers I honestly cant see working it just wouldnt be possible to trust them enough for such intimacy. I do know that kurt has forgiven him but even this annoys me it came SO easily & yer if the dude who tormented me asked for my forgiveness on his deathbed Id tell him Id rather spit on his grave tbh

  4. Lara says:

    OMGHHKP WHY IS KAROFSKY EVEN BACK? HE’S NOT HALF THE GOOD ACTOR DARREN IS.I can’t believe Chris is pushing for that storyline!

    • Emma says:

      Did you just insult Max Adler’s acting and praise Darren’s in the same sentence? Are you actually being serious right now?

  5. Mel says:

    What’s with all the sex? Why does this show have to ruin itself? I’m not talking anything about straight/gay relationships but it’s like taking a lovable great show and going overboard with making a ‘point’.

  6. Melanie says:

    I am so looking forward to seeing this scene between Kurt and Dave! I must say it was so nice to read Chris express compassion for a character whose experience of realizing he’s gay was so very different from Kurt’s. From what I’ve gathered from friends among the pirates, coming out is different for everyone, and discovering and accepting one’s sexuality can be enormously difficult. No one is condoning abuse, especially not Kurtofsky shippers. But it sounds like this scene really showcases that Dave’s attitude has changed and that Kurt has forgiven him. Certainly, even last season, Dave’s behaviour changed dramatically, with him showing pride in physically protecting Kurt from the kind of abuse he previously had meted out. All of the negative comments on here really sadden me. I like to think no one is entirely defined by their mistakes, no matter how egregious. That people can choose to change their behaviour and attitudes. That forgiveness and be genuine and without strings and conditions. Whether Kurt and Dave ever “get together” or not, them becoming friends and having honest, real conversations can only send a good message, as far as I’m concerned. I think both characters could challenge each other and help each other grow in positive ways. It’d be interesting. I think that’s what Chris might’ve meant.

  7. Gissela says:

    I love Kleine. I like that they have to face new challenges because it’s the only way you build up your character and in this case a relationship but I don’t want to see them apart because glee has already enough drama to last me a lifetime and it’s refreshing to see a couple where both parts treat each other right.That’s why I think that Kleine has so many shippers, because they portray the kind of relationship everybody would like to have, regardless if you are straight or gay. I just don’t get the same effect with the other alternatives. Just saying.

  8. Gina Dickenson says:

    Blaine and Kurt are cute!! Why kurtofsky?

  9. Kay says:

    I totally agree with u but I know why. Blaine is clueless, he didn’t even know kurt liked him which says a lot because finn did. what is going to happen is that blaine thinks that sebastian just wants 2 b friends, klaine fight & breaks up sebastian will make a move, blaine realizes kurt was right grovelling, tears, hugs, kliss and klaine is together again. How will the ND dynamic change when klaine is not together is my question.

  10. meg says:

    Wow as a huge fan of glee I feel i must I love klaine. I think they way the writters built on the relationship from blaine as kurt’s mento at dolton to falling in love was great. Its better then The dumb Finn/Quin/Rachel crap where finn loves one girl one day then the other the next. they are obviously very much in love and make each other happy their first kiss scene was beautiful and the pupy love is adorable. but the hunny moon phase must end at some point they are in a relationship and every relationship has its challenges no matter how strong. Im glad that Sabastian is coming into the picture it will change things up for klaine. sure its been done before… but thats high school it really is like that isn’t it! It was at my school. Though I have high hopes that even if they brake up for a while klaine will be together in the end <3

    P.S to EVERYZONE, Glee fandom is full of nutcases and bullies for god's sake if you feel you need to leave a comment on articles like this be respectfull quit hatting just because someone has a different opinion! and It is just a t.v. show there is no need to get so freaking worked up. Relax enjoy the show for what it is and if you get bored instead of spreading hate on the internet I have another suggestion… STOP WATCHING AND LEAVE THE TRUE GLEEKS ALONE!!

  11. Impressed says:

    Man,if you read through all these comments to get to this one, good on ya. I hereby award you with this medal of recognition. It says, “Congrats! I am assuming that you read through all this to procrastinate, so get back to work!”

  12. brnigrlfl says:

    I have no problem with karofsky and kurt being friends. No issue with Chris wanting to shake things up. The issue I have is back when kurt was being terrorized by him, an interviewer asked about the possibilty of them getting together. Chris’s answer.. I don’t think it would send the right message to gay teens. I actually was impressed that he got it. He and darren are people gay tens watch and to take that stand on the bullying issue, impressed me. Now, I’m disappointed. I would have had more respect for Chris had he stood by his convictions. He just did what he said he didn’t, want glee to do. I love him. But very disappointed.

    • Lily says:

      I was dissapointed at first as well… but a Kurt-Karofsky relationship might happen, more out of pity first than out of love… and later both of them may realize their mistake and Kurt will go back to Blaine.

  13. Ashley says:

    I understand that everyone is debating about this, but can I just add that Ryan Murphy said that none of the core couples will be breaking up this season. I don’t know if he’ll stay true to that because I think he said something like that about season 2 as well. So that means that he doesn’t plan on Klaine breaking up. Nor Finchel or anyone else. I think that the Sebastian storyline is just to let both the audience and Blaine see a different side to Kurt.

  14. Jane says:

    So I just think Chris is awesome. But you know I read the comments on this page and it makes me think twice about posting anything. Can’t we keep the ship wars to somewhere like tumblr at the least?

    My personal opinion is that I woulld be able to deal with a kurtofsky pairing. Do I think its a good message to teens, not particularly but my opinion doesn’t really matter. I love Klaine realistically I can’t see them making a whole season without at least breaking up once. And just so you know Chord did say in an interview that Sam was in fact straight, But you know, who knows? Who really gives a hoot anyways. We ship Harry and Draco why not let the Kummers ship what they want.

    I think Blaine has been good for Kurt. It taught him that idolizing and pining after a guy don’t do you any good. Dalton and Blaine gave Kurt the strength he needed to stand on his own. Kurt was Blaine’s third choice, but he wasn’t at the same time. Kurt never said anything about his feelings for Blaine until after Jeremiah. It’s hard to get someone to not think of you in the friend zone once you’re there. You can’t blame Blaine for something that happens with people all the time. And with Rachel. People do stupid, bad things when they are drunk. It doesn’t excuse those actions but give the kid a break! He’s what 16 or 17 at the time? Did you know yourself perfectly when you were that age?

    Last thing to say for this rant before I leave and probably forget that I posted here. Go judge yourself before you start judging others. Even if they are just fictional characters. I love Klaine, but I also for a good fic about Puck/Kurt, or Kum or any other ship. It’s the people I see behind the ship, the words they use that turn me off from parts of this fandom.

    Have a nice life and maybe find something better to do than wasting your time arguing about the relationships of fictional characters.

  15. Jackson says:

    i cant wait to see karofsky and chris scene

  16. Sarah says:

    I really really love to watch that on glee because I like to see that, maybe.

  17. Sarah says:

    I’m a big fan of this show and i do like seeing Kurt/Blaine together especially Sebastian coming in the scene between them both. Klaine4Ever.

  18. AndyLuvr says:

    Can someone please monitor these comments? I have no dog in this who-belongs-with-whom game on “Glee” but the terms “Kum,” “Kummers” and variations thereof are really gross and disgusting.

    Kids can read TVLine.Com and these portmanteaux are highly inappropriate for children and even adults. Such highly sexually charged and not-so-disguised terms don’t belong on this site especially because young fans of “Glee” do go and read articles about “Glee” and the comments thereto posted here.

  19. Orni says:

    Who says nobody loves Kurt? I love Kurt so much. I love Chris Colfer’s acting so much. I don’t want to see him with Dave. But I want to see him happy. Blain is good for him. Klain is adorable. If Blain go for Sebastian then may be we could see some other interesting story about kurt. He is different. we want to see different, exeptional story about him. & He is the best part of glee.

  20. Sarah says:

    Woooooooow!!! People can be crazy!! GHEEZ!! I love Kurt. I love Blaine. What happens outside of that we shall see. But let’s not personally attack eachother over a make believe couple on a tv show! I am as big a Gleek as the next person, but for real!!!

  21. R says:

    If they ever make Kurt and Karofsky get together, I’ll most likely stop watching Glee. Friendship is one thing, but making them a couple after everything Karofsky did to Kurt? Just because he apologized and is starting to accept himself doesn’t mean everything he did in the past is automatically erased. I hope Karofsky accepts himself and finds acceptance from others, but him getting together with Kurt would actually be triggering to me, and I know a lot of people feel the same way. I feel nauseous just thinking about it and I hope the show won’t go that way.

  22. Stephie says:

    No wonder Chris’ favorite scene was the one with Dave and Kurt in the bar!
    So good to see Dave happy and more comfortable :)
    This better not be the last we see of him, his story could make for amazingly good television.

  23. Stephen says:

    After that short bar scene we Really need to see more of where Dave is going! I would hate to think that he’ll spend the rest of his life in that bar. That was definitely not closure in my opinion. We need to see Dave reach full acceptance this season! Someone needs to make it happen, because though it was good, that was not quite enough in my opinion.

  24. Bridgette says:

    I honestly think a relationship between Kurt and Dave, be it romantic or friendly, would be AMAZING. It would send such a positive message. It would show that people can change, that they aren’t all bad people. It would show acceptance and forgiveness, something that is rarely seen on tv these days. People need to see that everyone is not the same, that just because you see a terrible person from a different movie or tv show or even in real life, that that’s what everyone who has every bullied is like. They need to see that people can change and that they aren’t ALWAYS going to bully someone. I think that if they did show Kurt truly forgiving Dave and even starting a friendship with him, would give real life bullies a chance to see that if they do apologize to the people they have bullied, they could be forgiven. And the people being bullied can give their bully a chance, they can see that the person has changed.
    All I’m trying to say is it would send across a positive message of acceptance, and honestly, that’s what needs to happen nowadays.

  25. Heather says:

    I am beginning to wonder if there are any signs of intelligence or maturity in these comments. I’m seeing a lot of storylines in the episodes that simply need more time to play out instead of trying to rush a dramatic point. The slow builds are best and if the writers would simply allow things to become more anticipated rather than settled right away just to “bring it up and then solve the problem within 5-30 minutes” then all sorts of stories and ships would have tonnes more depth and plausibility to their “reality.”

    The thing with Puck and Rachel’s mom (forgot her name, sorry) would actually be quite a big leap into dangerous waters, but instead of wrapping it in a nice little bow before anybody gets dirty, they could actually try to showcase it rather nicely – honestly, I would be interested, since Puck – ever since S1 – has shown that he’s attracted to older women. Being in that kind of relationship might actually make him grow up – I like him around Beth – there’s more character.

    Kurtofsky – risky but again, could prove to be exciting and interesting. Sebastian and Blaine – wouldn’t work together really well, but would allow Blaine to grow as a character and realise that sex isn’t everything in a relationship as he made it seem in “First Time.” Sebastian pushing Blaine to do something he wasn’t ready for would trigger Blaine’s memory as to how he behaved to Kurt in the car. Honestly, Kurt is my favourite character and I want to be happy, whether in a relationship or not; but if he is in a relationship, then it better be with an equally dynamic character – not just a carbon-copy “cute” boyfriend. I’m not saying I’m ENTIRELY opposed to Klaine, but I just want a decent relationship that’s not all fluff and fanfiction! It’s about telling the characters’ stories, not handing out orgasms to tween-y fangirls.

  26. RachelA says:

    I, for one, love the idea of Dave with Kurt. I think there is a lot to explore there and I think it could be done really well. Dave is actually one of the most consistent and most well-written characters on Glee. Watching his progress over the last season has been fantastic and every time they have him on, I just find myself thinking I want more. Dave brings something important and unique to Glee, something that no other character could replicate or replace. And his interactions with Kurt are always so interesting and compelling. Max Adler and Chris Colfer have so much chemistry and they play off each other so well. I just…I just want more of it.

  27. ibshafer says:

    For me this episode, more than being about first time sex and overcoming your fears of intimacy, as sweet and telling as they were, was about the transformation of Dave Karofsky from angry and tormented bully to sweet and unassuming “bear cub.” I cannot say enough about the gift Max Adler has for bringing nuance and depth, and real passion, to a character that was meant to be nothing more than a violent illustration of a frightful and growing trend. When on screen with his dramatic foil in all of this, Chris Colfer’s Kurt Hummel, that passion comes to life. These two actor, these two *boys* have real chemistry together, real fire. The screen lights up when they speak – whether they’re shouting at each other or exchanging unaccustomed pleasantries in a very unlikely place – and I cannot help but think that what they had, even when Dave’s fear and pain lead him to make bad decisions and then act on them, even at their very worst, is far more compelling, far more worthy, far more *real* than anything else we’ve seen on this, or any other show depicting the struggles of gay teens and adults. Some have said that Kurt falling for Dave Karofsky would send the wrong message, but I could not disagree more – it sends the very BEST message, one that is desperately need to those real life Karofskys and Kurts who are tormented and alone and seeing no way out. What it says, my friends, is that someone can make a mistake out of pain and fear and can redeem themselves. It says they can truly be forgiven. This is not a black and white world, folks, as much as some would tell you otherwise. Sometimes good people DO bad things. But if our religions tell us forgiveness is divine, and our judicial system allows lawbreakers to pay for their mistakes, and if Kurt Hummel can forgive Dave Karofsky for the scared, tortured, misguided boy that he was – WHY CAN’T EVERYONE ELSE? No matter what anyone else says, I have never doubted where Dave’s heart was – it was his feelings for Kurt and his fear of them that drove him to be that monster, but like Belle and the Beast, it took kindness and time to transform him from monster to man, from bully to bear cub. I think these two have the potential to tell a story that is affirming and compelling, funny and passionate – real, honest, and deep. Give them the chance – for the Real Life Karofskys and Kurts and for us, the Pirates, the Kurtofsky-lovers. And just to be clear, I write this as a straight woman to whom this story is important because I have come to love them both so very, very much.

  28. Shaina says:

    I believe that Kurt and Dave’s relationship is one that needs to be explored more by the writing staff of Glee because it has a potential unrivaled by any relationship, platonic or otherwise, on glee. Aristotle once said that perfect friendship is based on goodness, for these people “each alike wish the other qua good, and they are good in themselves. And it is those who desire the good of their friends for the friends’ sake that are most truly friends, because each loves the other for what he is, and not for any incidental quality.” I can’t be the only person to see this within the pairing of Dave and Kurt. While they had a rocky start, it was because Dave saw how comfortable Kurt was with who he was; he wasn’t, and it was unbearable for him. But starting with Kurt’s return to McKinley, they have been working together toward the friendship they now have.

    Kurt and Dave understand each other, possibly better than anybody else understands them. Kurt certainly perceives Dave in a different manner than anybody else on Glee. He has seen Dave transform from a scared boy terrified of who he is to a young man who is starting to come to terms with himself and accept each part of himself. He wants Dave to be happy for Dave. Kurt knows what it’s like to be scared of who you are and he wouldn’t wish that on anybody, not even his former tormenter. While Dave may not understand Kurt to this same level, it is undeniable that he wants Kurt to be happy. He is not merely making amends because he wants to rid himself of the guilt. He genuinely wants Kurt to be happy. Think about it: Dave could be bitter toward the fact that Kurt has a boyfriend who has been anything but helpful to him. Instead, he recognizes that Kurt is happy with Blaine and is content to let it be because Kurt is happy.

    Dave’s friendship with Kurt is stronger than Kurt and Blaine’s will ever be because of their shared history to reach this point. They have each seen numerous sides to each other- when has Blaine ever encountered the strong Kurt that Dave saw in the locker room? Who else has ever seen Dave as sincere as he was when he apologized to Kurt? The fact that these two have been through tumultuous events with each other only strengthens the bond that they now have. While Kurt and Blaine’s friendship is strong, it cannot compete with this.

    Dave sees in Kurt someone who has come to be comfortable with himself- the type of person he wants to be- and Kurt is slowly helping him reach that point. Dave has shown Kurt a type of person that Kurt, so strong and full of belief in himself, needs to see desperately to recognize that not everybody can be as self-confident- and Kurt has seen the ways which he can help Dave realize his potential, as well as the ways in which Dave has empowered him.

    This is why I hope that Ryan Murphy and the rest of the crew at Glee does not forget Dave’s character. These two characters are only at the beginning of what could be one of, if not the, single most important relationships on the show. Not only does their friendship embody so many of the themes Glee claims to preach (forgiveness, empowerment, acceptance, friendship despite the odds) but it involves two of the most dynamic actors on the show. Do I hope that this may eventually evolve into more than friendship? Yes. But if it never does, I will still be happy so long as they continue to explore the friendship they have.

  29. liliana says:

    I loved how karofsky is hearthbreaking, he’s still in the closet, trying to live a normal life. that’s very realistic and touching. I really hope see more of him making a diference, being a inspiration. He just left all behind.. I wanna see him taking his life back, all about he worked so hard those years. He was the most popular, prom king, jock of mkinley, he is friendly and smart. It’s sad to see how he lost everything just for be gay. SO COME BACK KAROFSKY, MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. He is not only a gay guy in the closet, He is THE gay GUY a bearcup, hipermasculine guy, all of us wanna see how it works, that’s tottaly relevant and brokes the stereotype of affeminate gay, insist he is real, and congrats to writters, he is really good written. show that be gay don’t make you less man. btw.. go and take your man haha, he really likes kurt!

  30. Carly says:

    I really liked the Kurt/Dave bar scene but it was too brief. Dave’s story, dave and Kurt’s story deserves more, I think. Not necessarily of the romantic variety though I would not say no to that either :) but it would be so very awesome to actually see Dave take those baby steps and see him come to terms with what he is and what it means for his future. Plus, Max Adler is such a great actor, not using his potential fully would be such a waste

  31. Aki says:

    It really pleases me to see you and Chris’s support for the furthering of Dave Karofsky’s story line. That character has so much power and it’s obvious that Max and Chris work very well together on screen.

    Even though some might find the idea of Kurtofsky discomforting, it’s something I’ve definitely been holding out for for the last year. Though these spoilers are old and never came to pass last season, I always hoped that Kurt would end up with his jock boyfriend that he helped come out of the closet and then with whom he fell in love. And Chris also makes another good point: Kurt has never been pursued. He’s always been the pursuer and the one having to protect his territory, but no one has ever run after him or tried to win his heart. I think the potential for Dave to be that person is really evident. Dave obviously had some kind of pent up emotions about Kurt, romantic or otherwise, and it would be very interesting to see how and in what direction those feelings have developed.

    I also really think that if Kurt is truly without limits, then there’s no reason why, his senior year, he can’t have more than one boyfriend, just like everyone else on this show. I don’t mean to cheapen how important it is for Chris that people see gay teens with the ability to be faithful and monogamous, I have a deep amount of respect for that frame of mind, but that being said, Kurt can explore his options without breaking anyone’s heart if he simply discovers that while he and Blaine may care for each other, they’re not meant to be together forever. Kurt also has the right to discover love in more than just one place and in more than just one way. Kurtofsky is such an excellent way to explore the potential of both characters and what they are able to bring out of each other.

  32. sarah says:

    The Kurtofsky scene was the best for me! Chris Colfer and Max Adler have so much chemistry, it’s amazing!

  33. Christine says:

    I would love to see more of Kurt and Dave’s relationship, as friends or not. Max and Chris have incredible chemistry and I think it’ll be interesting to see Kurt as someone’s first choice for once.

  34. Annie says:

    I’m really glad that as a professional writer and actor, Chris has come to acknowledge the potential behind more interaction between his character and Max’s. I truly think that, despite any biases one might have towards ‘pairings’ and ‘ships’, their chemistry is very compelling and could make for a very interesting story arc, should they choose to further their history and make it something more than it is. After all, their scene in ‘First Time’ managed to completely outshine the rest of the episode, and it couldn’t have been longer than two minutes. As a writer, director, producer, etc, that should tell you something.

  35. errinneh says:

    I was very impressed with tonight’s episode. For once the spotlight was taken off of Mr. Schue and Coach Sue, and placed where it should be: on an issue that every teenager has to deal with; Will i have sex? When? With whom? Why? And i think it was done very tastefully.
    I was thrilled to see Dave Karofsky at the gay bar, showing that he’s at least coming to terms with himself. I am hopeful that there will be more to his story arc, as his character is one with whom so many people can relate. I noticed the same chemistry between DK and KH at the bar, and would love to see that furthered, after all, who gave Kurt the confidence to hit the dance floor? Dave Karofsky.
    I think that the sex scenes were also very cleanly and tastefully done. Nuance at it’s best. If i hadn’t known beforehand what was going down, i wouldn’t have been sure that’s what those scenes entailed, even, it was so cleanly done.
    I hope that what people take away from this is that sharing yourself with someone, having sex for the first time, doesn’t have to be dirty or shameful. It can be beautiful, and you should always be prepared and protect yourself.
    I also can’t wait to see if and when Dave’s character returns to Glee. I find his story of redemption inspiring and I hope he’s truly able to be redeemed and understood, and come to love himself.

  36. Chris says:

    The scene between Kurt and Dave completely stole the show last night. The chemistry between them is off the chart. Chris and Max are definitely amongst the best actors on Glee, and Max deserves a lot more screen time in future as the complex and inspirational Dave.

  37. Kish says:

    To be fair, your definition of sexual assault isn’t entirely accurate either. In general, a forced kiss would be considered under the umbrella of ‘forcible fondling’, with the clarification of it being ‘for the purposes of sexual gratification’. In the case of Karofsky kissing Kurt, that intent behind his actions is not clear cut. There is also an issue of what constitutes non-consent. Kurt did not specifically verbalize that he didn’t want Karofsky to kiss him prior to the action taking place, which is a bit different than Kurt specifically saying ‘don’ t touch me, kiss me, etc.’ and then Karofsky doing it anyway. Not to say Karofsky’s actions weren’t wrong, but this may make a difference from a legal standpoint, and the law varies by state.

  38. Kish says:

    Previous comment was meant to be in response to someone else’s comment but it didn’t post correctly.

    That being said, I enjoyed this interview and last night’s episode, though it was not without it’s issues. In response to all the drama regarding Chris’s comment about a future Karofsky storyline, I will say that I very much enjoyed the scene between Karofsky and Kurt in this episode and would like to see where more development of their story could lead.

  39. Udunie says:

    I agree, the Kurt/Dave scene was my favorite part of the episode as well. Max and Chris have wonderful on-screen chemistry! I hope the writers will grab the chance and do something with the Karofsky character. I think it could give a wonderful message to kids out there, to see someone who is able to change and get redemption. Lots of teenagers feel that the mistakes they make in highchool will condemn them forever, and that isn’t true.

  40. Vivian says:

    I think this is the best episode I’ve seen in Glee so far. Not only because of Klaine but with Finchel, Beiste and when Tina spoke about her First Time and when Artie talked to his friends before the show began…I mean my heart was literally stopping all the time! As for Klaine, well I will hate if they broke up because of Sebastian (DAMN YOU, SEBASTIAN!!!) but Grant is a good actor, I admit! And who knows, maybe Karofsky would be with Kurt…but I would ship Klaine more than ever. Gosh…I was screaming and laughing so much I just…awww I love Klaine, please don’t break them up!!

  41. JD says:

    I have to say that the Kurt/Dave scene was the best of the episode. I would love to see more interaction between these two. Dave seems to be on his way to accepting himself and I think Kurt might be the only one that sees Dave for who he really is. Just a person trying to figure out how he fits into the world. Dave’s made some HUGE mistakes along the way, but he understands that his past behavior was wrong. And Kurt has forgiven him. With the right storytelling, Kurt and Dave could develop a friendship. Maybe more.

  42. Sassi says:

    I’d really like a Kurtofsky story. It would be so interesting! I love Dave. And I love Kurt. It’s perfect.

  43. Chelsea says:

    I thought the scene between Kurt and Karofsky was really heartwarming. And the looks that they were giving each other… You have got to admit that there was amazing chemistry there. I love the idea of a Kurtofsky romance. I think it’d be interesting and a breath of fresh air. Kurt deserves someone to pursue HIM. And I think they have a perfect opportunity to do that with a Kurtofsky story line.

  44. ila says:

    God, Chris, I’m so glad that you’ve opened your eyes about Kurtofsky. It would be a great storyline and it deserves to come true. Klaine suffers a lot the lack of chemistry between K and B (instead of Kurtofsky and Blastian, that have tons of chemistry in my opinion). Kurtofsky would be more interesting. So freaking controversial. And I think that Chris cares a lot about his own character, not about Klaine. And Klaine makes Kurt just a silly puppy in love. His pride and his strength is all gone. I want back the old Kurt. And the only way to have him is Kurtofsky to me.

    • liana says:

      lmao. how in a kurtofsky relationship kurt can have his pride and strength back????

      • 7thnephilim says:

        Didn’t you see how Kurt looked when he saw Blaine dancing with Sebastian, all sad, jealous and kinda powerless, but then after his one minute talk with Dave all his strengh & fierceness came? Yeah, and that’s just one of many reasons, why Kurtofsky would be a great stroyline with a good message.

      • Julia says:

        “Hit me, ’cause it’s not going to change who I am. You can’t punch the gay out of me any more than I can punch the ignoramus out of you!” 2×06 Never Been Kissed

        “You kissed me, Karofsky, and I understand how hard this is for you to deal with, so no, I haven’t told anyone.” 2×07 The Substitute

        “Real brave with your fists, but you’re a coward when it comes to the truth.” 2×17 A Night of Neglect

        “I don’t believe in denying who you are, but I don’t believe in outing, either. But still, you owe me the truth.”
        “You need to be educated, David. You may not have to come out, but you need to be educated.” 2×18 Born This Way

        I see how miserable you are, Dave. I could just hate you when you were bullying me, but… now all I see is your pain.”
        “Now’s your moment. Come out. Make a difference.” 2×20 Prom Queen

        “As long as you’re not beating people up, I am all for being whoever you have to be at your own speed.” … and then he walks onto the dance floor like a BAMF to show Sebastian that he really should NOT mess with Kurt Hummel… 3×05 The First Time

        —– And you know what all these Kurtofsky scenes have in common? Strong, proud, confident Kurt Hummel! He’s on fire when he’s with Dave. That’s why this would be a great relationship.

  45. Stephen says:

    I personally loved Kurt and Dave’s scene together at the gay bar. It was by far my favorite part of the episode this week! They have great chemistry together. Also, I feel like Dave’s character is much more relatable to the gay people who watch the show than Blaine is. A lot of gay people have either been where Dave is now, or they are going through the same situation right now. I honestly believe that if the writers were to ignore Dave Karofsky’s story on the show, it would be one of the biggest mistakes that they would have made for the show.

  46. Kim says:

    I would love to see a Kurt/Dave romance. It would be nice to see that people can overcome their pasts to have a healthy relationship.

  47. Hilary says:

    I love that he thinks Kurtofsky would be an interesting storyline! I ship them so hard!

  48. Jad says:

    You know, I’m super happy that they have an interest in Max Adler’s character, Dave Karofsky. Max and Chris have excellent on screen chemistry. It’s gotta be something when you have two of the show’s power couples about to be intimate and the thing that really caught the media’s attention was 2 minutes between these characters. Those two really need more screen time together. And that romance idea could lead into some really interesting television.

  49. Mia says:

    Kurt does NOT belong with Karofsky! No way is that neanderthal going to get between Blaine and Kurt! He threatened to kill Kurt! Kurt may have forgiven Karofsky, but I never will. You don’t mess with my Kurt.

  50. dy says:

    OK first Sam is t gay. Plus he’s boring. Sorry. Love to look at him but why is he coming back. His relationship with quinn was cold. With santanna it was stupid, and mercedes.. please. Really? He has no chemistry with anyone. So lets make him gay? As for karofsky. Yes I also want to see him happy, again is kurt like the only gay guy in Lima? First please kurt is a whiner and way too femm and emotional to be a match for karofsky. Plus it sends the wrong message. I think the biggest thing is how disappointed I am in Chris. I am a huge fan but.. I understand he wants the spotlight back ln him and off klaine. Small ego is good. But last year he aid while bullying was at the forefront and teens were killing themselves… that a relationship between he and karofsky would send the wrong message. Ideals and convictions are great Chris… but they are believed when you can actually stick to them. Though a fan I’m disappointed. Remember people will forget what you do but will remember what you say.