Glee's Chris Colfer on Kurt and Blaine's 'First Time,' Showing Skin and Romance With Karofsky

Chris Colfer is kissing and telling about this Tuesday’s top-notch episode of Glee that finds Kurt and Blaine (Darren Criss) rounding the bases together for the first time. But the poignant hour isn’t all about S-E-X. It’s also about awkward reunions (welcome back, Karofsky!), new villains (hello there, Sebastian!) and brand new sets (gay bar!). The Emmy nominee weighs in on all of the above and answers the most asked question in the Klaine community. Yes, I’m talking about that question.  

TVLINE | Over the summer you told me you were going to pitch [Glee co-creator] Ryan Murphy a Kurt/Blaine story that had never been told on TV before. Was this the story? 
No. I’m still pitching. [Laughs] My story might be a little too controversial.

TVLINE | Can you say yet what that story is?
No, I don’t want to jinx it. But trust me, you’ll know. Your jaw will hit the floor.

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you read the script for this week’s episode, “The First Time?”
Prior to getting the script Ryan approached Darren and I and told us that they were doing a virginity episode, and Darren and I just kind of looked at each other with wide eyes like, “Huh? What?’ And while we always have faith in the writers, we were a little skeptical. But then we got the script and shot it and everything was fine. What I thought could be raunchy and over-the-top was just very sweet and emotional. That’s kind of how it is with Glee. Ryan will come up and tell me they’re [tackling] this big, sensitive issue and I’ll freak out. But then I have no reason to freak out because it’s always handled really well.

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TVLINE | This is arguably the most intimate you and Darren have been together — as characters and as actors. Was it awkward?
Not really. We just kind of dove in. People always make a big deal about a kissing scene or a love scene, but it really isn’t. You have to realize it’s you, another actor and a room full of 40 crew members.

TVLINE | When fans heard that I had screened the episode in advance they bombarded me on Twitter with very specific questions about the love scene. 
[Sigh] I know.

TVLINE | Specifically, they wanted to know if you were shirtless during it. I broke the bad news to them that you were wearing a shirt. 
[Laughs] I was totally [prepared] to have to do a shirtless scene. Or at least wear like a tank [top] or something. I even asked if I could wear a tank and they said no.

TVLINE | Did they say why?
I think having two gay guys having sex on television was enough. They didn’t want to [reveal] a bunch of skin on top of it. I was like, “I want to wear a tank! Let me wear a tank!” [Ultimately], I wore a T-shirt.

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TVLINE | My favorite scene in the episode was the one between Kurt and Karofsky [Max Adler] at the gay bar.
That was absolutely my favorite scene as well.

TVLINE | What did you like about it?
First, I was excited because I never actually shot a scene at a bar before. And there are just so many cool things you can do as an actor: you can grab your drink, you can play with a cherry, you can lean on the bar, you can lean on a stool. I loved that. And also it was great to see that character again and see what happened to [him]. The honesty behind [Karofsky] is kind of heartbreaking. That’s his life now. That grungy bar is the place where he found acceptance.

TVLINE | There’s a small segment of the Glee fan base pushing for a Kurt/Karofsky romance. And I have to say, after watching that scene, I kind of get it.
I think it’s a great idea. I think people love Kurt and Blaine so much that they would never stray from that. But maybe if Blaine and Kurt take a break that would be a great alternative. I would like to see that happen.

TVLINE | Speaking of which, the episode also marked the introduction of the first real threat for Kurt and Blaine: Sebastian.
Oh my God. I was so excited. When I found out that there was a character coming in to try and take Blaine away from Kurt my first thought was, “Why does nobody ever love Kurt? Why does nobody love me. Why does nobody ever pursue Kurt?” My second thought was that I was so excited that there was something coming up between Kurt and Blaine besides the puppy-dog love scenes they’ve been in since Season 2. I was so excited there was some kind of drama. I got to play Kurt in a territorial light, which I was excited about. I like Sebastian. I like his presence.

TVLINE | What kind of threat will he be moving forward?
We’ll see. I think Sebastian is one of those very promiscuous, driven characters that once they have their eyes on something they don’t give up easily. Let me just say this won’t be the last time we’ll see Sebastian try and steal Blaine.

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  1. Lea says:

    “my first thought was, “Why does nobody ever love Kurt? Why does nobody love me. Why does nobody ever pursue Kurt?”” And that’s why I’ll never like Klaine. I’ve always liked Sam for Kurt way better.

    • SAM says:

      UHHHH but kurt was pursuing same…not the other way around

      • Carla says:

        Kurt wasn’t pursuing him, he wanted to sing a duet with him. Kurt did, however, notice how hot Sam was. Sam wanted to sing with Kurt as well, but people try to ignore that part.

    • Amelie says:

      lol except Kurt would be persuing Sam too if they had gone ahead with his gay thing.

    • Larry says:

      Oh god,not another Sam and Kurt shipper! Everyone needs to drop the Sam thing. It was established that he was straight in his first 2 episodes last season. Move on.

      • Mori says:

        Incorrect. It was NEVER, not ONCE said the Sam was straight. He always said he wasn’t GAY. There’s this thing called bisexual, and Sam’s that.

        • Amelie says:

          lol please. This article doesn’t even concern Sam. This is between Klainers and Kurtofskians. Please step away from the oncoming ship war.

          • lol-glee says:

            Hey, I had no idea you were in charge of trafficking the comments in this article! Sorry Kummers, better pack up and leave, gotta listen to what Amelie says seeing as she’s a part of the internet police force. She’s gonna back trace you. Better watch out.

          • Amelie says:

            lol. cute.

        • APirate4ever says:

          I agree with Mori; Sam can be “bisexual”, why not?… I don’t ship “Kum” but their ship is legitimate and doesn’t deserve to be looked down by the stablished “bullies” of this fandom. I can be a Pirate at heart but I always respected the “canoe” and their supporters. You have all the right to be heards too.

          • James says:

            Sam cannot be bisexual because he has been established on the show, several times, as categorically straight. Deal with it Kummers.

        • gbl says:

          Oh come on, he dated 3 women, never once hinted he liked guys and said he wasn’t gay several times. I’m sorry, Sam is straight until he says otherwise. Delusional thinking never ever ends well

    • S says:

      The “my first thought was, “Why does nobody ever love Kurt? Why does nobody love me. Why does nobody ever pursue Kurt?” comment bothered me much more than the Kurtofsky one. Kurt is pretty much the only character who never got screwed up by the writers, has significant storylines with his family (what about Rachel’s dads?) instead of getting stuck in baby or prom queem drama and who has a healthy relationship on the show, so now he wants two guys to fight to be with his character? Talk about turning him into a complete Mary Sue.

      • lipsticksocialism says:

        i actually loved that comment. it’s not that Colfer wants more spotlight, but it would be interesting to see Kurt in a different dynamic than the pining, jealous one. Which would also give Blaine a different perspective. I don’t think that Kurt is ready for that yet though. But it has nothing to do with Colfer wanting more limelight. Chill out.

      • Santana says:

        Really? I think Kurt has possibly gotten the most screwed up by the writers. Even though he did some very bad things, everyone treated him like a saint and always took his side regardless of the situation because he was gay. Because of that he then spiraled into being completely unrealistic (thought not because of his personality, but rather the way his situations were handled), possibly the least realistic character on the show aside from Sue and Brittany, and that’s really saying something. He used to be one of my favorite character until last season when the writers totally screwed him up.

    • Darcy says:

      But Blaine is the one who loves Kurt (not Sam) and Blaine did pursue Kurt when he initiated their first kiss which was the start of their relationship.

      • lol-glee says:

        Did Blaine pursue Kurt when Kurt told him he liked him? Did Blaine choose Kurt first, or did he go through both Jeremiah AND Rachel before he realized he liked Kurt while watching him in a very subdued and less than Kurt performance? Did Blaine REALLY think Kurt deserved the duet or did he just want to use the duet as a selfish opportunity to get closer to Kurt? lol yeah, Blaine did pursue Kurt but Kurt was NOT his first choice (or second). Hard truths. Your ship is canon but that does NOT mean it doesn’t have it’s fair share of problems.

        • Eddy says:

          I like that it has it’s share of problems.

        • open minded gleek says:

          Really I think Blaine did pursue Kurt as you said, yes it did follow on from the messy situations with Jeremiah and Rachael, but that doesn’t mean Kurt was third choice. The whole story line leading upto the Kliss in S2 was more as a way of confirming the fit between Kurt and Blaine. I mean everyone has had a crush/es before they actually find someone they can work a relationship with. Also the Rach and Jeremiah situations as well as all the other events leading up to Klaine was part of developing insights and understanding of Blaine for viewers and to show other aspects of peoples life experiences and issues, which Glee loves to do and generally does well.Also remember that although Blaine is pretty much always the dapper, confident, out and proud guy he is still a teenager going through identity issues, wanting to belong and feel accepted and all the other normal confusing teen stuff. He’s human and therefore flawed, sometimes more then others, just like everyone. I mean no-one can honestly say any of the other characters are perfect.
          Lastly, I dont know anyone could call Kurt/Chris’s rendition of Blackbird weak!!?! I mean its not supposed to have been a kick arse power ballad or something, it supposed to be an emotional restrained performance, which Kurt did supurbly, IMHO. Just like his performance of ‘I want to hold your hand’.

    • Sarah says:

      That’s why honestly when I first heard about this “Sebastian” coming between them, I was really hoping that he would be going for Kurt, and then we would get to see Blaine be the pinning, jealous messed up one. Kurt is ALWAYS pinning, jealous and messed up, it would be really exciting to see Blaine dive into some of that area in his character. Fun! Alas…

      • Eddy says:

        It’s more fun to watch Chris do bitchy and jealous.

        Besides, Kurt Ships are all messed up as it is. I can’t imagine what it would be like if another contender entered the equation.

      • KlaineLover says:

        i know! Like, i would LOVE to see Blaine all jealous about it and then we would see how much he loves Kurt…

    • Ninna says:

      I thought Mercedes pursued Kurt in the first season???

    • gbl says:

      Except Blaine did pursue Kurt, he’s the one that moved to McKinley to make sure he stayed with Kurt. Blaine went to Kurt that day at Dalton and pursued him to start their relationship. Sam was busy persuing Quinn or Mercedes, he never even tried to persue Kurt (Kurt however did attempt to pursue him until he realised Sam was straight) Flawed argument, you have one

    • Kay says:

      Blaine loves Kurt.

    • Kay says:

      To Lea: Blaine loves Kurt. Or is he saying, why doesn’t anyone ever try to steal Kurt from Blaine?

  2. Marcus says:

    Not a single thing in this interview makes me excited for this episode, or for the rest of this season. Yay, it’s so exciting to see Kurt have to be jealous over a guy who chose him third.

  3. mio says:

    The pushing for a Karofsky romance is laughable

    • Charles says:

      I don’t think he’s necessarily pushing for it. He also really clearly loves the romance with Blaine. His answer is full of maybes and ifs. He’s generally pretty positive about anything, so I wouldn’t read too much into it.

    • Bernice says:

      I don’t think he’s “pushing” for a Karofsky romance. I think he’s saying it would be interesting to see it play out if the writers wanted to explore that. He called it an alternative.

      • Charles says:

        But he didn’t make it sound like too viable an alternative – he knows the effect Klaine has in the media and general public, and his answer was more vague than usual.

        • Deanna says:

          Maybe he’s afraid of the Klaine fans killing him if he actually says he likes another pairing better. Look what happened to poor Heather Morris when she happened to say she loved Bartie…
          I don’t blame him either. XD

    • Ali says:

      Not pushing, he even said if Kurt and Blaine “take a break”, which means Kurt would be expected to go back with Blaine. Basically Karofsky would be what Quinn was to Finchel in season 2, except instead of bored I’d be offended.

      • Louis says:

        Your comment is made of everything wonderful. And yeah, I’d also be offended. I just don’t see Kurt and Blaine parting, and if they did temporarily, I can’t see either of them going to someone else. Especially not someone as triggering as Karofsky.

        • apuckurtingpirate says:

          why is kurtofsky always “triggering”? there are OTHER tv couples that are even MORE SO than kurtofsky.
          i know why though…. it’s because kurt is a weak little boy, and dave is an ugly “ogre”, right?
          and that would make a HORRIBLE couple. kurt is just so MEAK and he needs to be taken care of by Dapper Prince Charming Blaine DUH DUH DUH DUHHH.
          Dave is the most 3-D character on that show. Kurt and him, despite their differences, would make a very interesting couple. Kurt and Blaine do not. They’re too much alike, Blaine is too much of a 2-D character to be REMOTELY interesting, and Kurt deserves so much more than boring. Epic romance is what he deserves. And, yeah. Perhaps you can’t see Kurtofsky YET, considering they have had hardly any scenes together that aren’t negative. But just wait.
          I have a feeling that there is a bigger plan ahead.

          • dess says:

            for f’s sake. dave is triggering BECAUSE HE THREATENED TO KILL KURT AND ABUSED HIM PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY FOR A LONG TIME. it as nothing to do with his appearance. like it or not, blaine makes kurt HAPPY. they are in LOVE. its not “boring” they act like every. other. couple. do you want drama all the time? do you want another finchel/quinn triangle that has been done to death? it’s a GOOD message to send to kids that gay teenagers can have a normal, functioning relationship just like any straight kids their age.

          • Nell says:

            No, it’s “triggering” because Karofsky bullied, belittled and terrified Kurt, and pushed him in to an unwanted sexual situation. Kurt ending up with someone who was maliciously predatory towards him is pretty triggering to anyone who has ever been sexually harassed/stalked/bullied and while I can see ways that they could handle it gracefull, I also see ways that it could be handled in an extremely offensive manner.

          • Rod says:

            hu hu… of course the Klainers are repeating like robots the same dull arguments over and over for MONTHS, refusing the see anything else… is so funny how they trivialize serious issues just for the sake of their ship… if Karofsky really wanted to abuse Kurt, why he left the locker room when Kurt rejected him? they were alone, no witnesses… yet he left. What followed was weird (the stuff from “Furt”) yet Kurt always had the upper hand in the end, he could had outed Dave at any time… maybe that was what Dave really wanted? anyway, Dave has made amends since then; he hasn’t “changed” but has been showing each time more of his “true” nature hidden under the Bully disguise. And Kurt has seen that “real” Dave, and has forgiven him. At this point the writers, if they want, can make happen a romance between the two which can be slowly built and epic.

          • Haley says:

            @Rod – um, JSYK, physical abuse is not the only kind of abuse there is. Berating, degrading, threatening or taunting someone is no less abuse than striking them.

      • Amelie says:

        lmao. Can I just say that I’m in love with this comment.

    • Rod says:

      oh, and what’s next? harassing Chris and sent him hate mail? Chris Colfer simply is showing his maturity as an actor and as a man who is able to recognize the growth of people and in this case of Karofsky, a character who began as a mean person but who has made a huge change for good in his life.

      • Chelsea says:

        I agree with Rod. People would rather push at the ships that they like and not even consider other angles quite maturely. If Blaine and Kurt didn’t have problems like other couples (not anything melodramatic), then there relationship wouldn’t be that strong right?

        And with Blaine being a junior, and Kurt a senior, Klaine shippers should keep an open mind to plausible break up.

  4. Amelie says:

    I hate you Ausiello. I hate you with your Kurtofsky and Seblaine shipping.


    • Elle says:

      ^ A+ COMMENT.

    • Mori says:

      oh god I KNOW. how DARE he ship something I don’t like?! he has no right!

      idiots like you = why I hate Klaine and it’s shippers.

      • Amelie says:

        Gurl, he knows he has sway over the fandom. And Glee pays attention to it’s fandom. He’s stirring the pot. No two ways about it.

        And I’m sorry but Kurtofsky grosses me out.

        • denver says:

          Sebastian grosses me out too. He’s boring and unappealing. Kurt and Blaine being happy together is not boring and there are lots of stories that could be told without bringing in a douchebag like Sebastian of doing character assassination on Blaine. Darren and Chris are such compelling actors. I don’t want their character’s relationship to be ruined by stupid love triangles or the dumb decision to make Blaine a junior.

          • Bob says:

            I’m gay and Klaine disgusts the hell out of me. Let Blaine move on from Pinnochio and toward someone more exciting.

            The only reason Klaine happened to begin with was so Ryan Murphy could live out his Mary-Sue moments and live vicariously through Kurt. It was established early on Blaine wasn’t into Kurt like that, then they lightswitched it so he suddenly loved him. Whatever.

          • Stefanie says:

            LOL, wrong. Darren Criss played it like Blaine was into Kurt from the very beginning, but then the writers changed their mind so they could drag the story out longer.
            And whether you like Klaine or not, declaring Blaine the more exciting one is just laughable.

          • Carlos says:

            I’m gay too and Klaine bores me to death, it’s like watching two kittens doing cute stuff to make little girls giggle… the only time I saw any glimpse of “passion” on Blaine was towards the Gap guy, and now Sebastian is looking definitely “dangerous” in that sense.
            And LOL at the Mary-Sue quote… sooo true XD

        • Carla says:

          Blaine and his exposed ankles and bald spot gross me out. But you don’t see me telling klaine shippers that I hate them, do you?

      • dee123 says:

        Yep. Completely agree Mori & here i was thinking no one could EVER beat the annoyance factor of Smallville’s Chlark shippers.

    • Wouter says:

      “Oh noes, someone has a different opinion then me!!! I HATE YOU AUSIELLO”

      This is why i sometimes hate the Glee fandom.

      • Amelie says:

        Reporter bias. I have a very low threshold for it.

        • Max says:

          Plus Ausiello is a known douchebag. It’s not like his opinions are valid, especially not when he gives Chris a leading question like the Kurtofsky one. Anyone who follows Chris knows he doesn’t have any real interest in Kurtofsky – he’s even said what a bad idea it would be in a previous interview, because of the death threat. I’m not worried.

          • Leo says:

            LOL another “telepath” with direct access to Chris’ brain? LOOOL your whole post just shows what kind of BULLIES your whole bunch has become, insulting Ausiello out of the blue just because he’s doing his job which is to question and ask things.

          • Matt says:

            That’s mean. Ausiello’s a good reporter and a good guy.

          • KSM says:

            If you think he’s a douchebag, why are you on his site?

    • Brian says:

      It’s OK Ausiello. I love you more for it.

    • Leo says:

      uh uh, the BULLIES are speaking!!! what’s next? you’ll send “death threats” to Ausiello? LOL HYPOCRITES

      • Amelie says:

        Please. Did I say anything about bullies? I just dislike Karofsky. He bores the hell out of me.

        • Leo says:

          yet you’re attacking someone, in a very mean way, just because he puts on the table a subject you don’t like… seriously, Klainers are the spoiled brats who get everything they want, yet nothing is enough, ever…

          • Amelie says:

            What can I say. I’m just happy with the way things are going.

          • Carlos says:

            you’re doing a great work darling ;) thanks to mean bullies like you each time more and more fans are becoming annoyed and tired of Klaine. muah! :)

          • Amelie says:

            And you being condescending doesn’t change the fact Karofsky/Kurt skeeves people out.

    • apuckurtingpirate says:


      you sound like a ten year old.

  5. Charles says:

    A romance with Karofsky is just about the only thing that would make me stop watching Glee. I think Chris may just be giving lipservice to the “small segment” of fans, honestly.

    • Larry says:

      I agree. A romance with a former abuser would end it for me as well.

      • Charles says:

        I don’t think Chris is actually pushing for it in any real sense of the word. He just doesn’t want to alienate that small group of fans. But if it did happen (which I highly doubt, Klaine is too cherished and besides that, it would be a horrible message), I would definitely stop watching without a second thought. The initial abuse was triggering enough for me, but to go on to send the message that it’s okay? No.

    • Ali says:

      I’d be gone. Put Kurt with ANYONE, Sebastian or Sam or whoever, I don’t care who, but put him with Karofsky and we’re done.

      • Louis says:

        I agree, Ali. Though obviously I would prefer to continue to watch his beautiful relationship with Blaine, ANYONE would be better than Karofsky. But from what I’ve read, the scene with Karofsky feels like closure. If the writers were going to use him in a big way, he would’ve had more than a two minute scene in five episodes.

        • Quinn says:

          but i’m not really sure if it’s gonna be something like CLOSE. Maybe it’s just Kurt talking to Karofsky about being gay and that he has to accept the way he is and blah blah blah… Although i agree about the other thing, obviously i WOULD NOT like the Kurtofsky thing, but i wouldn’t stop watching Glee, there are other things i like for example Brittana and Finnchel, :) Though i would TOTALLY be sad about Kurt’s romance if they DID put him with Karofsky, but i think the producers of glee TOTALLY know what they are doing since they’ve been doing a lot of things in the last 2 seasons and they’ve been totally interesting like the Blaine/Rachel thing at S2 and Quinn’s pregnancy at S1 or even Carl and Emma (S1&2)

    • Leo says:

      Just for your information, our fandom isn’t so “small” anymore; online social media like twitter or tumblr isn’t an accurate reflection of reality, is just a small “tip of the iceberg” flooded by teens which are the ones who spend their whole day on their smartphones… regular audience has majority of people over 20yo and adults who can’t care less about Klaine; just look at the ratings, are each time getting lower the more “Klaine” fills the screen.

      • James says:

        Dream on. GA doesn’t even remember Karofsky’s name, he’s known as the bully. Twitter, Tumblr etc are where the highest concentration of Kurtofsky shippers exists or just Karofsky fans, otherwise he is the bully and that is that.
        Funnily enough, I wouldn’t actually mind if Karofsky as such showed up more after this episode. Kurtofsky would simply make me stop watching Glee and they know this would be the major reaction which is why they are never going there and I think why Max is being written off at the same time they are introducing Sebastian. I find Dave to be a much more complex character than the one note Sebastian but this is why he is one note – no heavy baggage.
        Whether you like to admit it or not, which by the way just really makes your arguments laughable, Klaine is super popular and the ratings going down have nothing to do with it. This is why people like you should stick to explaining why they ship what they ship or why their fav actor is good. Introducing nonsensical arguments that hold no water just destroy all your credibility.

  6. Luisa says:

    Why any journalist talk about fans obssesion with Sam and Kurt? THEY SUPPOSED TO BE BOYFRIENDS, FORGET IT?

  7. Wouter says:

    Ik think a romance between Kurt and Karofsky is a great idea. At least Max Adler has some acting skills.

  8. anna says:

    A Kurt/Dave romance would be very interesting to see. I hope the writers will stop being afraid of the rabid Klaine fanbase long enough to explore it.

  9. Martin says:

    A Karofsky romance makes me.. really uncomfortable. Chris saying something like this, even if he’s just jabbering, makes me honestly cringe. You would think with his background he’d be more sensitive.

    Not to mention most of the reviews I’ve seen of the episode say Karofsky’s scene definitely feels like closure.

    • Elle says:

      So maybe Chris is only saying that because he knows that the odds of it happening are scant? He and Darren are so close and have great chemistry, and the way he talks about the Kurt/Blaine relationship is so fond. He knows how much it means to people, so I’m not worried.

    • Christine says:

      I seem to recall Chris saying something in the past about how a Kurtofsky romance would send a very bad message to the audience. I wonder why he backtracked on that.

      • Rod says:

        he hasn’t backtracked, he simply has expressed his current views, because the Karofsky of this third season isn’t the same as the Karofsky from “Furt”: he GREW, he has MATURED, he has showed SINCERE CONTRITION for his past behaviour (something that a lot of other characters of Glee had NEVER done…); his evolution has been formidable… why he wouldn’t want to explore a romance with him NOW? and in the last term who decides the plots are RIB and only them.

        • James says:

          Because you know, the past still happened and Karofsky ABUSED him.

          Anyone who thinks Karofsky as a romantic pairing is viable needs to seek therapy. And this is not shipper bias as I couldn’t care less about the character of Kurt. Pair Kurt up with Rachel for all I care, but keep him away from Karofsky. Kurtofsky happens? I am done with Glee.

          • L says:

            “Anyone who thinks Kurtofsky as a romantic pairing is viable needs to seek therapy” THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Karofsky “matured” and “grew”? I’m sorry, once an abuser, always an abuser. There’s no coming away from that. It’s been done time and time again on television and it’s disgusting; an abuser can apologize all he wants, once he has his victim back, he’ll go right back to abusing them. Karofsky scared Kurt so badly that he *switched schools*. He terrified him and threatened to KILL him. That’s not just something you can apologize for and get away with. I’ll see what this episode brings, but I agree with James and everyone else who has said it, if Kurt and Karofsky get together, I’m done. I’ve had many issues with this show and I keep watching, but this would finish it for me.

          • Rod says:

            duh! “once an abuser, always an abuser” great, I hope next time you do something wrong, your judges send you inmediatly to the electric chair ;) And for your info, Puck made kids transfer schools too… he doesn’t deserve any forgiveness too, right? and he threw Kurt into dumpsters before… how is that they are mates in Glee club now? :) your whole logic is just so childish (sigh)

        • SoapOperaFan89 says:

          A couple of questions for Rod. Were you like Karofsky in your youth? A self-hating and in denial young gay man who was abusive towards other young men, who may or may not have been gay, because you wanted to “beat out” the gay in you on them?

          Is there a “Kurt” in your youth that you wanted but could never have, Rod?

          It seems that you really need to have Karofsky seen as being changed, in order to prove that things can turn out right for other self-hating abusive young men.

          I understand that, but what I don’t understand is the desperate need to have something romantic develop between someone who was victimised by their former abuser/bully, just because they both happen to be of the same sexual orientation.

          • Quinn says:

            ok, great post. But i also think maybe Karofsky didn’t really LIKE Kurt, maybe he only wanted to kiss a guy and see what it was like, you know, to make sure what his sexuality was really about, and he thought because Kurt was the only gay at school he would be the only one who he could kiss.

          • Rod says:

            No, I was not a Karofsky nor a Kurt, just a simple gay teen who was not “out & proud” simply because at that stage in life is very difficult to have things figured out that clearly, it takes time. I simply recognize the potential of a relationship between Kurt and Dave (and I mean even a friendship, doesn’t have to be romantic) because they both have things to learn from each other as complex human beings; they both resonate with honesty and that’s why I’m interested in how things go between the two. I’m not happy with the way in which the whole bullying arc was handled; Kurt had weapons to fight back, he had the back-up from the whole Glee club, Sue, Bieste and Figgins… he had the option to tell everything to Miss Pillsbury, and she could had forced Dave to attend therapy. There was no need to transfer at all, but then, how the writers could make Klaine happen? the whole bullying episode was ended that way to make a silly romance happen and show the magical pretty private school known as Dalton.
            In that sense I dislike Klaine because is unrealistic, Blaine is a character with no depth, which one day is mature and wise and the next is a clueless dork, he changes every day to the will of the writers as a simple plot device (he has even been de-aged for God’s sake!); the whole Dalton concept as a bullying-free utopia was fake, everyone who has got to know the reality of exclusive private schools knows how there exists other forms of bullying: money and connections… there is no way that Kurt, the gay son of a mechanic, would be accepted so easily in that enviroment. The whole plot was a mess.
            That’s how I think Kurt/Dave dynamics are the only hope left to see their issues handled in a realistic way.

  10. Aki says:


    • Arthur says:

      “Okay” doesn’t mean he’s pushing for it. He did call Klaine a modern-day Lucy and Ricky. Just saiyng.

      • Melanie says:

        FYI, Ricky used to manhandle and threaten to beat Lucy all the time. It was played for laughs, but it was there. (A propos of noting … but that tussle in the car makes one wonder, doesn’t it?)

    • Ryan says:

      Chris Colfer is ok with anything controversial so he can get attention, cause lets face it outside of Glee no one actually cares about him. I mean look at the idea he’s pitching, “too controversial”. All the Kurt controversy last year it what ruined the damn show. The less Kurt the better.

      Chris you’ve had your big s/l and season. Congrats you got a GG and glee became one of the worst shows on tv thanks to your character being the focus. Not even a win at the Emmys, which holds a lot more weight in the industry than a GG.

      • zogs says:

        lmao stay pressed. chris has a brght future when he’s done with this awful show.

      • iWoman says:

        LOL you’re hilarious. Chris Colfer wrote in and starred in a movie coming out next year, and he’s writing two children’s books. AND he wrote a pilot TV show for Disney! He has plenty of options outside of Glee, but stay crazy.

      • denver says:

        Chris Colfer loves to stir the pot and his comments can come off very sarcastic and sassy sometimes. He likes conflict and drama in acting and the writers love to torture his character. Meanwhile, we fans just want to enjoy a beautiful romance.

        • das41 says:

          Chris is a good actor playing a good part on a great show.
          Darren is drop dead gorgeous, a straight actor playing gay very well.
          It’s refreshing to have a gay romance…with nothing going wrong with it and to finally get a sexy scene on tv between two guys without going the limit and making it porn. It’s time gays were portrayed NOT stereotypically and with reverance to it being as normal as heterosexual love. Don’t torture the happy couple.

          • Quinn says:

            OMG. You were TOTALLY right with EVERYTHING you just said. Seriously.

          • SoapOperaFan89 says:

            “Don’t torture the happy couple.”

            It seems like the certain members of the Klaine fandom don’t want to be “tortured”. These are fictional characters. Of course, they’re going to have to have some sort of romantic drama happen to them. If folks continue to say that they want to see fictional gay and lesbian characters/pairings on their tvs, we’ve got to also face that there maybe a time in which our perfect pairings will probably face problems regarding their relationships and one of the characters being attracted to someone else.

            It’s not supposed to be a blanket statement on all things gay and/or lesbian if Kurt or Blaine (or even Santana and Brit) are written to find someone else attractive.


      • Quinn says:

        OK, EVERYTHING that u said was totally wrong. Chris Colfer is only giving his opinion. And i have to tell u that he actually just finished filming a movie, and Glee got more views since Kurt was shown more ‘cuz people thought they were alike to Kurt in A LOT of situations, not just being gay. And the only reason why he didn’t win a grammy was because there are a lot of other actors that have fans too okay? Everybody has been there.

        • SoapOperaFan89 says:

          “ok, great post. But i also think maybe Karofsky didn’t really LIKE Kurt, maybe he only wanted to kiss a guy and see what it was like, you know, to make sure what his sexuality was really about, and he thought because Kurt was the only gay at school he would be the only one who he could kiss.”

          Here’s the thing though. He sought out Kurt, because of him being gay, in order to kiss him to see what it was like. Against Kurt’s wishes. Dave still took advantage of Kurt, which is still wrong.

  11. Erik says:


    • Arthur says:

      LOL. He doesn’t ship Kurtofsky. He just didn’t shoot it down. Have you ever read or listened to his thoughts about the romance with Klaine? It’s a lot more clear-cut and definite.

  12. S says:

    Ewww @ Kurtofsky. Glee would become even more of a soap opera than it already is

  13. Alan says:

    You mean when he saying how Kurt and Blaine don’t really have any other options when it comes to dating? Yeah. Doesn’t sound that enthusiastic to me.

    • Charles says:

      And now Sebastian has come along, and Kurt and Blaine are stronger than ever. Clearly they aren’t together just because of a lack of options.

      • Amelie says:

        Exactly. :)

      • Carla says:

        Yeah, but who is Sebastian an option for? Not Kurt. The reason why I loathe klaine is because the writers have always made things on Blaine’s terms and he’s not even a main character. Kurt does not, did not, and probably will never have any options unless they do the spin off and get him away from his dead wait that goes by the name Blaine. Sorry for your troubles.

        Also,I love how everyone quotes the writers when they say, “they’re solid” as if that’s a definitive that they’ll be together forever. They said that last season about finchel and they ending up not dating for the bulk of the season. But I admire your faith, though.

        • Arthur says:

          Hate to break it to you, but yes, Blaine is a main character now. And thank god for that. There’s nothing wrong with Blaine being the focus of a Blaine/Kurt/Sebastian storyline this time around.

          Also, the term is “dead weight” – but way to use your words correctly.

          • Carla says:

            Okay, I misspelled a word because I was laughing too hard. It happens. The moment Blaine’s storylines don’t revolve completely around Kurt then he’ll be a main character. He isn’t there yet. What exactly do you mean by “Blaine being the focus of a Blaine/Kurt/Sebastian storyline this time around”? Blaine could be the focus of what ever he wants as long as it happens away from Kurt. You didn’t actually counter anything I said and I’m still sitting here laughing. No matter how many mediocre solos he does Blaine is still a background character with horrible fashion sense to boot. Good luck with your horrible taste, though. LOL this was fun.

          • Amelie says:

            There’s Rachel, and West Side Story, and visiting his old friends at Dalton. And Sebastian too now I guess. He has plenty of stuff away from Kurt.

          • Carla says:

            @Amelie–West Side story isn’t about Blaine but okay. He is the main character on the show and Darren is billed first. You’re absolutely right. We’ll ignore the fact that the entire reason they did the play was for the Rachel/Mercedes tension and for the Kurt/casting storyline. I’m not sure what you mea by “there’s Rachel” but you’re absolutely right about that as well. Visiting his old friends at Dalton I’ll give you, but let’s forget the reason we even know the Dalton kid’s is because of Kurt. Sebastian, in the end, is about Kurt as well,or at the very least them as a couple. You are right Blaine has plenty of stuff lol what was I talking about.

          • Haley says:

            @Carla – you realise the show is billed in alphabetical order, right?

  14. iWoman says:

    Since the entire episode has basically been spoiled at this point, if Blaine keeps hanging out with and encouraging Sebastian – someone he knows just wants to sleep with him – then he doesn’t deserve Kurt. I’m sick of watching Kurt having to fight to be with Blaine. It’s not fun to watch, and Blaine is an idiot if he keeps letting Sebastian in to mess with them.

    And are you kidding me, Glee, that Blaine gets to wear a tank top in the love scene and Kurt has to wear a T-shirt? Can you STOP with this disgusting idea you have that Blaine is some perfect catch that everyone wants and Kurt is just some loser lucky to have him? It’s just offensive at this point, this double standard the writers have about their looks and appeal.

    • Christine says:

      I understand your points but I think it’s a little early to say that Blaine will keep hanging out with Sebastian. The fact that Sebastian remains in the show somewhat may just be due to him being a Warbler i.e. we’ll probably see him at Sectionals. I think it was perfectly clear in the coffee shop sneak peek that Blaine doesn’t want anything to do with Sebastian.

    • Darcy says:

      Warning – spoilerish:
      Blaine does shoot Sebastian down and rejects his proposal to the gay bar – Kurt is the one who overrides Blaine and takes him up on the offer for the 3 of them to go.

      • iWoman says:

        I know exactly what happens in the episode. My point is: Sebastian is back in the eighth episode, and who knows how many more after that. So, again, I ask why Blaine is encouraging someone he knows just wants to sleep with him, whether he has a boyfriend or not.

        • AJ says:

          How do you know he’s encouraging him? Sebastian could easily pop up again without Blaine inviting him to hang out or something. Actually, that sounds like something the guy would do, he’s skeevy enough.

        • Rosealyn says:

          But he’s coming back because episode eight is Sectionals and Warblers are most likely competing against ND there. Just because Sebastian comes back doesn’t mean it’s because he’s hanging out with Blaine.

      • Eden says:

        What you said, but I also wanted to point out, someone as a counter depending on how you interpret it, that during the coffee scene, when Sebastian was pursuing Blaine, Blaine’s response was ” I don’t want to mess this up with my boyfriend.” Not, “I love my boyfriend and I’m not interested in you”. He never actually told Sebastian he wasn’t interested, he just didn’t want to make Kurt mad. Hmm…. suspicious.

        • denver says:

          That makes me feel sick. Sebastian is an annoying and pointless character I never want to see again.

          Part of him saying he doesn’t want to screw things up though is echoing the line he said back in “Silly Love Songs”, the writers liek symmetry.

          • iWoman says:

            There is nothing interesting about the Sebastian character at all. I found myself embarrassed for him and his posturing, like we’re supposed to care or be impressed that he wants alcohol in his coffee and he sleeps around at clubs. He’s not sophisticated or edgy. He’s just a poser, played by someone who can’t act very well. I’d prefer to never see him again.

        • Emma says:

          I hope people realise that if someone asks you out you don’t have to bitch-slap them in order to make it clear that you’re not interested. Blaine was very clear that he wasn’t interested. Just because he showed class and tried to let Sebastian down gently doesn’t mean that he’s interested.

        • Kay says:

          Actually, he said he “really cared about him (Kurt)” and Sebastian said “he doesn’t have to know” and Blaine then said “I really don’t want to mess my thing up with him – he’s really great” and then Kurt walks up. But I do agree he should have been up front when Sebastian first came on to him and told Sebastian that he was not interested in him AT ALL.

    • Carl says:

      I really hate that “prince charming” vibe about Blaine… that’s what makes me dislike him so much; Kurt has become so stiff and insecure since meeting him, is pathetic.

    • lhayes830 says:

      As an older individual, it is fascinating to me to try to understand why the writers have chosen to make Kurt an asexual character. They have chosen to diminimize all of his considerable physical attributes and have essentially castrated him (literally, not physically) to further the story. A compelling furtherance of the story would be to allow Chris Colfer to display his physicality (which is at least equivalent to that of Darrren Criss’)to compare it to that of Sebastian’s (“I am gay but really a manly man and you would never know it unless I tell you”). Wouldn’t it be interesting if you allowed Kurt to grow into, and become aware of the masculine component of “sensuality and romance” that is within him and present an alternative between grinding sex and the “effeminate” romantic?

  15. David says:

    I knew this interview would bring out all the lunatics. Just great…..

    Chris, we love you, you’re perfect and adorable and everything, BUT your interviews cause riots. And not in a good way.

    To make it up to us, please tweet a pic of yourself in a tank. Thanks! :)

    • Dan says:

      David, I think I love you. And I second everything in your post.

    • Carla says:

      I like the way you think.

    • Darcy says:

      LOL! It’s so ridiculous that they wouldn’t let him wear a tank top! Why the hell not?

    • Kate says:

      David, you are what we need more of. Personally, I have opinions about what should/should not happen on the show, but you are completely spot-on when you say that we love Chris and, in my opinion, he is a beautiful person. His interviews cause riots that shouldn’t happen. We love him, he is an amazing actor, a beautiful person, and an awesome writer. WE WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER CHRIS!!!!!!

  16. Connie says:

    Michael Ausiello, I always adore your interviews and posts on shows. You are very tasteful and Chris now added more insight that I was looking for. Being an adult that loves this show for all its worth is one thing yet this interview made me love it even more.

    Keep up the great work.

  17. omg says:

    Chris Colfer is the ultimate fandom troller. It’s a true gift. THANK YOU FOR THE LOLZ CHRIS!

    Nice interview too, he said some really good stuff which I’m sure fangirls will ignore because of all the shipping crap.

  18. sarah says:

    Chris should have been in the damn tank top! Stupid Glee. Darren Criss is fine as hell, but he’s not the only one the girls and boys drool over.

    As for Kurtofsky…well. It would make me uncomfortable and I’d hate to have to fast-forward Kurt scenes, so I’m glad it looks like this is Karofsky’s farewell and that he’ll never really be a viable option.

  19. Daisy says:

    *Sigh* Kurtofsky shippers are going to be unbearable now – or more so than usual.

    • John says:

      Since when have Kurtofsky shippers ever been unbearable? All I’m seeing in these comments are hardcore butthurt Klainers.

    • Jessica says:

      I dislike Kurtofsky as a pairing a *lot*, but I’ve never found the shippers to be unbearable. True, I’m only going from what I’ve seen in the Tumblr fandom, but I’ve always found the Pirates to be one of the nicest groups of shippers that there are. There are exceptions, like in every ship, but on the whole I’ve always found them to be extremely polite and less likely to attack other shippers for what they ship. If anything, I think that a lot of Klaine shippers can be unbearable. A good portion of our shippers are complete hypocrites – ‘OMG BULLYING IS SO BAD…LOL KUROVSKEE SHIPPERS GO TO HELL YOU ABUSERS.’ I’ve never seen something like that come from a Kurtofskian, but I’ve seen plenty of it from the Klainer 12s, and it makes me sad that they put the rest of us in such a bad light.

  20. Frances says:

    Nice to see a bit of support for Kurtofsky. No doubt this will cause Klainers to go into a rage… but it’s just comforting for people to finally be discussing it as a interesting and engaging option. ^_^

  21. RD says:

    Yes, Dave Karofsky bullied Kurt. But Dave Karofsky is not the only one character of Glee who bullied someone, but the only one who regretted deeply and apologized sincerely.
    I would love Kurtofsky romance.

  22. stedanchick says:

    I soooooo want Kurt and Karofsky together on Glee. This “sugary” Klaine thing is just so lame….No passion at all.

    • APirate4ever says:

      PREACH!! Chris and Max have BRILLIANT chemistry on screen; it has to happen and melt everything around with their PASSION :)

  23. Heck no says:

    The Glee writers can take their effemiphobia and shove it. A gay actor agrees to be shirtless or even wear a tank top and you deny him and put him in a T-SHIRT after a SEX SCENE, but the straight actor gets to show skin? They treat Kurt like he’s this asexual creature that no one finds attractive – even when he’s having sex with his boyfriend! Guess what, no one will faint if they see some bare arms from Kurt Hummel (which are not “toothpicks,” thanks ever so much).

    • wpwp says:

      No kidding. That’s really offensive and Glee needs to stop.

    • Dan says:

      Thank you – agree wholeheartedly.

    • Jo says:

      Preach!! Why do the makers of Glee think Kurt is so unattractive? Don’t any of therm have eyes??

      • lisa says:

        sorry but kurt is not very attractive compared to Blaine, Sebastian, Finn, Sam…he is cute in a milky elvish way…sweet buy annoying …sorry I am not a Kurt hater at all, love the kid…just keeping it real!

        • Heck no says:

          Kurt is more attractive to me than all of those people you just named – especially Sebastian, who is “ugly hot” and not appealing to me at all – and a lot of other people feel the same way. But it’s not a matter of whether all of these people are the same amount of attractive. It’s the gross double standard of allowing the straight actor – and the gay character who can “pass,” which was a very topic on the show – to show his arms – his ARMS, which are nothing threatening or too revealing – and not the gay actor and the more obviously gay character, even though the gay actor agreed and even requested to do it. But I don’t expect someone like you to understand the difference.

        • Carla says:

          Blaine is not anywhere near Kurt’s level of attractiveness. Sorry for your troubles.

    • sam says:

      Utterly ridiculous that someone have sex shirtless was considered a step too far. Grow up who ever made that decision and those who might complain about it.

  24. Bells says:

    I don’t see why almost everyone in this comment list feels the need to shoot a relationship between Kurt and Dave down completely. Yes, Dave bullied Kurt incessantly, but the idea of redemption is far more appealing to me than what Blaine and Kurt began as…virtually Kurt lusting after yet another boy who didn’t return his affections. At least Dave wanted him, even if he didn’t show it well. This whole fiasco with Sebastian just solidifies the fact that Blaine is not the perfect gay character on television, and, forgive me, but cheating doesn’t provide a very good message either. My main point, however, is that I don’t see why any of you cannot allow us Kurt/Dave shippers to celebrate just a little, especially when we’ve had our hopes dashed time and time again. Just knowing that Chris believes that the relationship would be a interesting option is enough. I don’t see why you can’t let us have just that.

    • Daisy says:

      Ah, but you left out the third option: I don’t like the idea of Kurtofsky, but I’m not a Klainer, either. I think Kurt deserves better than either of them.

    • Kurtsie says:

      Bells, Dave physically and sexually assauted Kurt, and threatened to kill him. Regardless of how sorry he now is for his actions, any relationship between these two would be unequal and unhealthy. Do you really think Kurt could ever trust him enough to love him? In 3×04 Burt mentioned that Glee club had ‘saved his sons life’, hinting that Kurt was close to possibly harming himself in response to all the bullying that he was the victim of, at Karofsky’s hand! A relationship between the two of them would sicken and disgust me, and regardless of Ausiello (and to a minor extent, Chris) trying to stir the pot, I truly believe that not even Ryan Murphy would want to screw up his show that badly… he would never do that with Kurt, he wouldn’t want to send that kind of message out to the viewers.

      • SoapOperaFan88 says:

        Oh, Ryan Murphy and the rest of the writers could definitely plan something like that in the works. It’s all about drama. They don’t really care about “message”, when the thought of pairing Kurt with Dave brings out this much excitement, anger and total strangers praising and raging about it online.

        I compare the possibility of pairing Kurt with his former bully, Dave to what’s currently happening on a UK based soap called Hollyoaks. On that soap, we’ve got a young gay man Ste, sexually and romantically involved with his self-hating and in the closet former boss, who’s abused him on numerous times. Their fans call the pairing, Stendan and they want a happy ending for the couple.

        So, if something like that can happen on a UK based soap, I don’t think it’s so out of the box, to see it happen on a primetime show.

      • Natalie says:

        First of all, kissing is NOT sexual assault. If so, a LOT more people would be in trouble for “sexually assaulting” others. Just because Kurt didn’t like the kiss doesn’t mean it counts as true sexual assault. It was just a kiss. Plenty of other characters on TV spontaneously kiss all the time. And besides, sexual assault is a real issue and it’s not okay to go tossing that word around. Second of all, PLENTY of other kids have bullied Kurt INCLUDING glee club kids. Let’s think of a short list: Finn, (who is now Kurt’s BROTHER), Puck, Santana, almost ALL the other glee club boys at one point or another, the entire football team, the hockey team, Sue Sylvester. Even BLAINE has teased Kurt before, like when he was making fun of Kurt’s sexy faces and telling him he wasn’t sexy. Karofsky only bullied Kurt in TWO episodes before we found out he was gay (Never Been Kissed and Theatricality), and plenty of other kids continue to bully him now or have not properly apologized for what they’ve done. Dave however DID apologize and is incredibly sorry for what he did. He is the only character who has done this for Kurt. Finally, I assume by “screw up the show” you mean make it unpleasant for YOU and the insane Klaine fangirls that have made this show terrible by having such a heavy influence on RIB. Not to say you are one, but still. Maybe, if Klaine wasn’t the ONLY thing glee talked about anymore, people might start watching it again and actually liking it. And anyways, glee is not YOUR show. I still watch it, despite some of it being unpleasant for ME, because I manage to remember all the things I DO like about it instead, Dave’s CHARACTER being one of them (as well as Max Adler’s amazing acting talents). Hopefully YOU can too. Glee should not be completely owned by it’s fans. Shows get screwed up because of THAT, not because some people think a pairing might be “wrong”.

        • James says:

          Actually he sexually assaulted him as any sexual act committed without consent is what falls under this definition. Forced kissing is under law one of these acts. Do a bit of research before you go blabbing. So you don’t go tossing around sentences that reduce real life problems because you happen to have a “hard on” for an actor or a pairing.

          Karofsky also exhibited classic signs of a sexual predator, the wink and the cake topper scene, which is probably what was the step too far which pushed his character into a non-viable one. He also threatened to kill Kurt and drove him to such a state that he switched schools. Pity in a way the writers went too far as he himself is something I wouldn’t mind seeing on my screen in terms of his story. Pairing him with Kurt is a huge no in terms of romance and it isn’t happening because the writers are aware they went to far to ever make that possible.

        • Rod says:

          @Natalie . Thanks for expressing the voice of reason. Your whole comment is pure truth. Best regards ;)

  25. A says:

    Personally I’m curious as to why Chris and Darren were “intimately” kissing each other on the cheek in the scene on the stage and acting/playing as though it was a passionate kiss on the lips. Embarrassing.

    • Carla says:

      Maybe it’s a new sport: Passionate Cheek-Kissing

    • lol-glee says:

      They were eating each others faces.

      Obviously the storyline Chris has been campaigning for is cannibalism.

      • Carla says:

        Yes, that’s it. After months of controlling his urges, Kurt can’t take it anymore and decides eating Blaine’s face off is the best way to show that he loves him. I can see this working.

    • Penny says:

      …It -is- a kiss on the lips. O.o Watch the Sneak Peak. Whether or not it’s passionate is in the eye of the beholder (seriously guys, don’t even start a discussion because we’ll never agree) but they were most certainly kissing on the lips. And it wasn’t just a peck. YouTube it.

    • Kay says:

      I agree. I would have thought they could have shown a kiss similar to the one in “Original Song” because what they showed was not much of a kiss – especially when it was leading up to suggesting they have sex (“I want to go to your house”). Also, they should have shown them kissing when they were lying on the bed smiling at each other. The whole “love-making” scene was rather tame as it was shown. I’m not saying that they should shown them actually having sex. They should have shown them at least sharing a kiss afterwards.

  26. Ash says:

    I legit cringed when I read his answer about Kurtofsky. I hope the show never goes there.

    And damnit. I really want to know what Chris’ controversial storyline is.

  27. jenna says:

    I could never ship Kurtofsky, but if Klaine ever does break up I’d love to see them bring on someone a bit older and sophisticated for Kurt (the character Blaine was meant to be until they retconned him).

  28. Holly says:

    I wouldn’t mind Kurtofsky…. Yeah, the idea of someone dating their former bully isn’t the best, but it wouldn’t be the first time such a couple would be shown on tv, and Glee’s never had any problems with pushing boundaries. I wouldn’t mind mainly because I think Max Adler is a great actor, and he and Chris do have a lot of chemistry (which Chris doesn’t have with Darren). Even if they don’t end up together, I hope they at least play with the idea, if only to give Klaine a bit more drama. I’m excited for Sebastian for that very reason. At the moment, they’re potentially the most boring LGBT couple shown on tv thus far.

    • Carly says:

      I am a Pirate so I would love for Glee to explore the potential of a romantic relatiosnhip between Kurt and Dave but other than that I absolutely agree with your post.

      Max and Chris shine in their scenes together and it would be such a shame to just toss such and interesting and well played character aside, especially at this point.

  29. Ashley says:

    The Blaine and Sebastian store line in obvious. I would be more interested in seeing Sebastian and Kurt. Plus I feel exactly as Chris. Why can’t somebody chase after Kurt

  30. Jean says:

    I am furious about the double standard the Glee writers have chosen to pursue with the sex scene. Why does Blaine Anderson get to wear a sleeveless shirt and Kurt Hummel has to cover up his “toothpick arms” with a T-shirt? Apparently they think Kurt is just too much of a flaming gay, but Blaine is some amazing heart throb who appeals to men, women, trees, cats, dogs, and everything in between. Do they realize what a gross message they are sending by allowing the straight actor to show more skin than the gay actor, who even REQUESTED to be allowed to at least wear a tank top? Come on, already.

  31. Tru says:

    Kurtofsky would definitely make me stop watching. I love Kurt and Blaine, but I know people break up sometimes and date others, so it’s no big deal. But if you put Kurt with a character like Karofsky, that’s it for me. As a Chris Colfer fan it would be hard to stop watching, but I guess there’s still his movie and books, and my other favorite Lea has other things going on too.

  32. Melissa says:

    I think if Sebastian’s and Blaine’s relationship gets steamy, I, like Chris, would like to see something between Kurt and Karofsky. Kurt deserves some attention apart from Blaine’s, and Dave’s character has evolved tremendously; he has apologized to Kurt, and I can envision a completely different type of relationship developing between them without this being in any way demeaning for Kurt.
    I understand there are many passionately differing opinions on this subject, and I respect opinions different than mine.

    • Jake says:

      I highly doubt Sebastian and Blaine will get steamy – Blaine clearly has eyes for Kurt, and he also shoots Sebastian down. No one described as a villain is going to legitimately threaten the golden couple of the show (arguably tied with Finchel.)

  33. Claris says:

    Though Sebastian goes after Blaine that doesn’t mean Kurt is less worthy of having another guy pursuing him or that he’s unwanted. Yes, Kurt pursued Sam and he fell in love with Blaine before Blaine realised he loved Kurt too, but when Blaine finally opened his eyes he went after Kurt, he loves Kurt.
    People need to understand Chris. He’s an actor and he cares about his fans, but as an actor he wants storylines that are interesting and challenging, that’s why he likes Sebastian, he likes what he brings to the table. And that’s why he’s not opposed to Kurtofsky.
    I’m a Klainer and that won’t change, but I would like to see Karofsky in love with Kurt while Kurt and Blaine are together and in love like they should be.

    • Carla says:

      “I’m a Klainer and that won’t change, but I would like to see Karofsky in love with Kurt while Kurt and Blaine are together and in love like they should be.” LMAO “like they should be.” Just when I thought the comments couldn’t get any funnier you drop this gem in my lap. Sweet Jesus!Bale my side is splitting.

  34. buck says:

    I haven’t watched Glee since the season 2 finale, but Kurt/Karofsky would probably persuade me to give it another go. It’s about time they did something with actual substance.

  35. Ellietyra says:

    That’s the competition episode … I’m sure Sebastian is back with the Warblers for that.

  36. Eden says:

    Klaine is being ripped to shreds. First Sebastian, now this? Yeah, Kurt and Blaine aren’t lasting through the season, that much I can tell you right now.

  37. Cheyenne says:

    Why is no one talking about the first two Q&A’s? Those are the ones I am wondering about the most! I want to know the idea Chris is pitching! Anyone have any ideas of what it might be?

    • Kurtsie says:

      I’m dying to know too. All we know is that it involves Klaine, and is possibly ‘too controversial’ and has never been shown on tv before … the mind boggles! I would LOVE to see them do a teen gay marriage storyline (I’m thinking something similar to Nathan and Haley in OTH), that’s pretty controversial, and i don’t think it’s been done … but it strikes me as just a little overdramatic. Oh Wait! This is Glee, There’s no such thing as overdramatic. Bring on the wedding bells, boys! :)

      • Cheyenne says:

        I don’t think it will be teen gay marriage… but I would love to know what would make our jaws fall to the floor. :)

  38. justanothercolferstan says:

    awww about his favorite scene. Max and Chris have a wonderful chemistry when they are doing a scene there is some underlying stream, probably because they are very good actors. I can’t wait for their scene at the gay bar. But I don’t ship kurtofsky and I’m still waiting for the sexual harassment storyline to be addressed.

    (This is when the whining starts), I don’t mind if blaine goes with Sebastian, therefore Kurt will be pursued by someone else someone who really sees him.(not a benjamin button with multiple personality or rather no personality at all). I wouldn’t care about the writers hyping up blarren, I just fastfoward when he sings his pop song out of the blue, but I can’t do that when he is on screen with kurt, grrr Also, I’m not happy about what I read regarding the sex story. Blaine gets hit on, then pressure Kurt into having sex, finally he shows how much he loves him and Kurt gives in and loses his virginity to him. (end of the whining)
    To end on a positive note, I liked Kurt’s reaction on the scene at Lima bean. I think it was really badass of him to keep his cool. I love the meaningful looks he give toward sebastian and his body language was perfect, the arm around blaine’s, the chin up, the soft voice. Kurt displays a mixture of innocence and perception I really like that. He is not jaded like sebastian but he is far from being naive either. It’s close to the cunning Kurt who plotted to get close to Finn, and yet didn’t really know what his success implied. That’s interesting and funny.

  39. Lisa says:

    Sebastian is sooooo much better looking than Kurt! Sorry but you know its true! He and Blaine are HOT together….even when they look at each other you can feel the SPARKS! Wow! Kurt is darling in that Disney/Pinocchio marionette type of way…and so sweet, I’m not hating, but I love the eye candy of Sebastian and Blaine together! I hope they hook up!

    • denver says:

      I do not agree. Grant Gustin is very goofy and gawky, and his character has no charm, in my opinion. I don’t think he will become the sensation Darren did, not the same caliber of performer. I think Blaine feels nervous and creeped out around the pushy Sebastian. Kurt and Blaine are beautiful together.

    • Eddy says:

      Ehhhh. Sebastian is extremely AVERAGE looking. Kurt and Blaine are better looking.

  40. adam says:

    I am angry that the writers didn’t let Chris be total topless without a shirt on or at least wear a tank top. He was ready to do that for their love scene. Chris has a nice lean body and he wanted the scene to be more real come on Glee Darren isn’t the only one with a nice body. I also don’t like Sebastian he is too over the top for my taste. Seriously how many times do we have to see him throw himself at Blaine this season. I think 1 episode of him is enough to last a lifetime.

    • Lia says:

      I totally aree to this. When I first posted my comment I was just disappointed but I understood what Chris said about not showing much skin when it was already a delicate theme but then that other promo appeared and they did show Darren on a tank top so why couldn’t Chris wear one too!? I don’t like them keep covering Chris in order to balance how much hotter one should consider Blaine to be. And Darren IS hot but he is not the only one.There’s also the very frequent height trick that gets on my nerves. Why does Chris always have to shrink somehow when alongside Blaine in most scenes :(

      Yeah I don’t really like Sebastian that much either. I never really wanted another triangle. They say it’s to prove a point, that Kurt and Blaine are together not just because they don’t have any other options. Whit this episode I think that point has been proved completely, I’d like them to let that rest but I see them finding it difficult to do so. They love this kind of stuff “make the characters doubt 8 times”.

  41. Laura says:

    Personally, Chris’ comments on Kurtofsky excite me more then the actual show these days. Klaine is about as dull as it gets and has done nothing to service the character of Kurt.

    Besides, when Chris and Max act together something amazing happens. Those two have so much chemistry together and Max is one of the very few in the cast, who is able reach the quality of Chris’ acting.

    • Arthur says:

      Haha.. no. Max isn’t the phenomenal actor everyone makes him out to be. I cringe through half of his line delivery; it’s so stilted.

      As far as Klaine doing nothing for Kurt – he’s happy. He’s happier than he’s ever been. That’s certainly commendable.

      • Laura says:

        I suppose you have your opinion and I have mine. I find that Darren drags scenes down when he acts with Chris, and Max and Chris just work. And this coming from someone who loves Darren. He just isn’t much of a dramatic actor.

        We’ll just have to agree on not agreeing though as your “haha.. no” does little to change my mind.

      • Sarah says:

        I sort of agree about Max. As the bully at the end of his rope, Max was phenomenal. As woobie nice guy he’s stilted and flat and not at all dynamic. He doesn’t even approach Chris’ level and it astounds me when people say his is. Opinions and all that I guess, but I definitely don’t think Max is anything to write home about.

        • Lu says:

          I have to agree with this. I thought Max did an excellent job in 2×06 when he was playing angry/frustrated etc. But in the prom episode, particularly the apology scene, I thought he was average. It felt really insincere, which was clearly not what they were going for.

      • Eddy says:

        I hate to agree but yes he’s overrated.

      • Rod says:

        and now the Klainers have to retort to try to bring down the actor (sigh)… their ways are reaching the bottom of the hole indeed…

    • Carly says:

      I agree with every single word. Couldn’t have siad it better.

      Thank you

    • .
      You are 100% accurate about this!

      Personally I feel that there IS a DOUBLE-STANDARD being
      held by the Klainers — and it’s a ridiculous one at that.

      The Klainerrs hate Karaofsky for having done to Kurt
      EXACTLY what Finn and Puck did to him (both of them
      slushying him, both tossing him into trash dumpsters;
      both physically harrassing him; both scaring the wits
      out of him; Finn crushing Kurt’s feelings in the basement
      of his own home — when it was clear that Kurt was
      coming onto him even AFTER all that Finn had
      previously put Kurt through; etc. and so on.).

      The Klainers also FALSELY accuse Karofsky of
      sexually-“assaulting” and sexually-“harrassing” Kurt
      (a false accusation which is also a complete insult and
      slap in the face to all of the people in the world who
      have actually survived being truly sexually-harassed
      and / or assaulted) — merely because Karofsky “stole”
      Kurt’s first ‘guy” kiss (as we all know that his ‘first-kiss’
      was with a then closeted-Brittney) AND in spite of the
      fact that Karofsky backed off when Kurt made it evident
      that he was not interested in receiving another kiss from
      him — AND (while Klainers make such a big deal over
      this “stolen” kiss — a reaction they would never have made
      if the scene had happened between two ‘straight’ characters)
      — they all seem to want to just completely (and conveniently)
      ignore the fact that a once-again “drunken Blaine Anderson”
      (or , as I like to call him ‘Plain Blanderson’) literally DID
      try to sexually-assault Kurt in the car parked at Scandals.

      So — to the Klainers — my question
      becomes “Why the double-standard?”

      Why is it that every ‘all-american-athlete’ (ex. Finn and
      Puck) and / or ‘clean-cut-crooner’ (ex. Blaine) can essentially
      ‘crap all over” Kurt (with or without the slightest apology)
      AND the Klainers are instantly ready to forgive-&-forget or
      excuse-&-dismiss WHILE the one person whose behavior
      seems to be in line with their circumstances (that of the
      closeted-jock who lives in mortal-fear of possible societal
      reaction to his being outed) AND who has been the ONLY
      one (of all of Kurt’s many, many male- bullies) who seems
      to have gone out of his way to “change his ways” and make
      amends” to Kurt — is also the ONLY one who the Klainers
      are hell-bent on exaggerating his actions — (ex. falsely calling
      a stolen-kiss a sexual assault; falsely acting as if being shoved
      into a locker is any worse than being thrown into a trash dumpster;
      falsely acting as if having someone make, in fear, what is clearly
      an ’empty-threat’ toward you is any worse than having someone
      call, in anger, you or your belongings by a bigoted term; etc.) —
      as being “unredeemable” and / or as making him “unacceptable”
      as a potential love-interest in Kurt’s life (at any point in his life)..

      The double-standard is just ridiculous and it makes Kurt
      come across as being stuck in a perpetual state of “victim”
      at the hands of certain people and in certain situations in
      which both gay and straight people have commonly survived
      and moved on with their lives to become stronger and more
      successful people (often — as in the case of Kurt in regards to
      both Puck and Finn — with their former bullies having become
      a truly key part of their lives in both a positive and close role).

      No matter how anyone “ships” Kurt – whether with Kurtofsky
      or with Klaine – a double-standard judgment and selection
      process for the two potential love interests should
      NOT be used as the basis for their decision.

  42. Claire says:

    I love how so many people call the relationship between Kurt and Blaine “boring”. Boring because there isn’t any significant drama? Personally, as a 18-year old viewer of the show, I’m way more happy seeing portrayed on a mainstream TV show about teenagers relationships like the ones Kurt and Blaine or Tina and Mike have, rather than the ever-so-irritating Finn-Rachel-Puck-Quinn thing that’s been going on since the first season. Relationships in high school don’t last forever, but showing that some of them can be stable, mature and healthy is a good thing!
    I’m much more interested in storylines about friendship, families, college or anything else, than the sickening teenage drama that lasted all through season 2.
    As for Kurt, I’ve always put my complete trust in Chris, because he has always perfectly handled the character. I highly doubt that a Kurtofsky storyline would be portrayed, though, and I have to admit that I’m quite relieved about that, because this storyline is still very much triggering for quite an amount of people – myself included. However, I really want to see if the characters came to an understanding, a common ground, in 3×05 ; I really love Max, and I hope that we’ll get to see him again.
    I look forward to Chris’ “controversial” storyline. And most of all, I hope that next time, the writers won’t put him in a T-shirt, because seriously? I know that there are actually more people out there dreaming to see Chris in a tank top than Darren or Chord or Harry.

    • Leah says:

      I’m so glad to read comments like yours so I know I’m not the only one who is really bothered by the idea of Kurt and Karofsky because of how “triggering” it is. I can’t even watch them in scenes together without feeling a bit sick. I’d be so disappointed if the show went there. I’m sad that Chris thinks it would only bother people because of Klaine, he doesn’t understand how problematic it is for some of us who have been bullied or experienced violent situations. I love him, and always will, but it really is unfortunate.

      • Claire says:

        I wouldn’t be that worried about Chris’ opinion, though.
        I already read at least one interview where he mentioned that he thought at first that Dave could become the boyfriend, but that as soon as he saw the death threat, he realised that the message sent would be wrong. Considering what Chris went through in school, I’m certain that he doesn’t support a message that could in any excuse bullying – and worse.
        I think that he is happy with the outcome of Kurt and Dave’s storyline, with this sort of closure between them, and even the possibility of comprehension and a sorta-kinda-friendship. Michael is also known for sailing the Kurtofsky ship, so Chris might have been polite when he agreed with the idea of Kurtofsky. I don’t know.
        All I know is that Chris still has plans for Kurt and Blaine, so for the moment, I’m really not concerned. :)

  43. Elle says:

    Laugh all you want and look like a rude troll, but it’s true.

  44. adam says:

    Sebastian is OVERHYPED average looking guy I don’t find him appealing at all. He is a one dimensional character with no depth. He just very boring to watch on my screen. After seeing a sneak preview of his scene with Klaine.

    • zogs says:

      that scene was literally painful to watch until chris walked in and started acting

    • Ash says:

      Agreed. Sebastian and Blaine had no chemistry at all and that scene didn’t get interesting until Kurt showed up. Grant is a moderately attractive dude, but I imagine watching paint dry would be more interesting than watching him act.

      • Stefanie says:

        Agreed. Picturing more scenes between Blaine and Sebastian makes my head hurt. Neither of those guys can act very well, sorry to say, and I have no desire to watch them head up any kind of story line.
        And I now see why they didn’t put Kurt in the middle of the love triangle. No way could Darren Criss pull off the emotions necessary for any scenes of Blaine trying to ward off another guy.

  45. Daniel says:

    You know, some people like nice things. There’s nothing wrong with a sweet, charming, easy romance. There’s enough drama on the show that it’s nice to see a couple who actually cares about each other.

    • jake says:

      That’s true. But it’s also not unfair for an actor to what more challenging material than googly eyes and being smitten.

      • Claire says:

        If we’re going to talk about acting material, though, Chris has had the best one ever since the show started, and no one can deny that. Sure, Kurt is in a relationship and the upcoming episode is about this relationship. But Kurt also has a storyline about the senior class president election, and a minor one about his friendship with Rachel. He also had the focus on him in “I Am Unicorn”, and you can’t say that his relationship was the main interest. Moreover, the upcoming storyline with Burt might include him.
        So of course, the Klaine romance is an important part of the show. But Chris has had the best episodes and the most moving storylines since season 1. I love him, and I think that he deserves absolutely every praise that he received, but the show also has to give consistent and coherent material to Jenna, Kevin, Naya, Harry or Amber.
        I wouldn’t mind at all if Glee was all about Kurt, but since it isn’t, I think it’s fair to say that seeing Kurt in a stable and committed relationship with someone who makes him happy isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

        • jake says:

          That’s a fair point too, I’m just saying Chris has every right to his desires as an actor. Klaine is still a large part of his character, and I think he probably has gotten bored up until now with the material from them. Just as an actor, not with the intent or message behind Klaine.

          • Claire says:

            It’s possible. :)
            Considering that he’s surely one the show’s best assets, I always want to see him in great, serious and moving storylines, because those are always the “Emmy episodes” and he shines in them. For people who don’t like or ship Klaine, episodes like “The First Time” must feel pretty boring or disappointing for the character. But I’m always happy to see him with Klaine material too, because it’s a really good relationship for the show.
            Since Ryan apparently lets Chris do whatever he wants to do with Kurt, I’m pretty sure that he’s going to get his controversial storyline involving Blaine. Chris has plans for Klaine, and I’m certain that they are going to be good.

    • denver says:

      Exactly! And I love how this After Elton article talks about how the Kurt and Blaine relationship is inspiring to many gay men who value romance, not just sex in their relationships. This type of gay teen romance has not really been seen on tv before like this and means a lot to older people too. http://www.afterelton.com/askmonkey/03-28-2011
      We don’t need more ridiculous love triangles.

      • Carla says:

        But nothing about klaine is romantic, though. Seriously, what has happened between them that was completely flat and predictable? The writer’s give the bare minimum with klaine and people gobble it up and blow it up to astronomical proportions. Hard truths.

      • lol-glee says:

        Here’s a good example of Klaine shippers focusing only on the “gay” facet of the relationship. If Finn and Rachel got together without buildup in the course of ONE episode, after Finn had rejected Rachel twice prior, once to hook up with a guy, would you be satisfied, as someone who had been campaigning for their relationship? If Finn had told Rachel, while she was trying hard to appear sexy, that she looked like she had gas pains, fully knowing she had a crush on him, would you find the coupling romantic? I’m sorry. Ship what you want but don’t romanticize your OTP to the point where you completely gloss over the negative aspects of their relationship.

  46. Jake says:

    Maybe you should watch the episode before drawing conclusions. O_o

  47. jenna says:

    I think it’s kind of telling that this episode was supposed to be about Sebastian’s big debut and all everyone is talking about is the Kurtofsky scene. I still find Kurtofsky to be offputting, but maybe I’ll reserve judgement until after watching the episode. I doubt that I’ll change my mind.

  48. Jake says:

    “I hope the show never goes there.”


  49. Jake says:

    LOL, sure. Okay. That’s your opinion.

  50. Jackie\ says: