Exclusive: Dexter Boss on the Shocking Return of [Spoiler Alert]!

[Warning: If you’ve yet to watch Sunday’s jaw-dropping installment of Dexter, avert your eyes…now! Everyone else, read on…]

“You can’t be a hero and a killer…it doesn’t work that way!”

The horrific death of Brother Sam in Sunday’s Dexter galvanized the titular character’s Dark Passenger, sparking a reunion with one of his most formidable antagonists to date: his older (and very much dead) brother, Brian “Ice Truck Killer” Moser. In the following Q&A, showrunner Scott Buck teases what lies ahead for Dexter and his serial-killing sibling, reveals how long actor Christian Camargo will be sticking around, and explains what all of this means for James Remar’s deadbeat dad/guardian angel Harry.

Dexter‘s Jennifer Carpenter on the Deb/Dex Scene She’s ‘Scared’ Of

TVLINE | It’s hard to believe Christian’s return didn’t leak! How did this all come about?
It’s actually something we’ve been talking about over the course of several seasons. We were just always looking for the right opportunity to do it. We know that [Brian Moser reappearing] is really something we can only do once, so we really didn’t want to waste it. We were looking to create the exact right story and situation, and it finally presented itself. We were very happy to bring Christan back into the fold.

TVLINE | What was his reaction to being invited back after a five-season hiatus?
He actually went out of his way to do this. Christian was set to direct a movie at the time, so he completely broke his schedule to fit us in. We’re very thankful for that.

TVLINE | Given the nature of tonight’s final scene, the assumption would be that Brian is now the alterna-Harry within Dexter’s mind, and that he’s servicing his Dark Passenger instead of cautioning against it. Is that accurate?
That is pretty accurate. Harry very much represents a code to Dexter and this is now a new serial killer alter-ego who has no code, so it potentially sets Dexter in a direction that Harry would never allow him to go.

Dexter Scoop: Who Is Not Returning This Season

TVLINE | What does Brian’s appearance mean for Harry?
Harry’s certainly not gone. He comes back very quickly and in a very strong way. This all just emphasizes how important Harry and his code really are to who Dexter is. Those things are meant to keep him on the path of being a “good serial killer,” if there is such a thing. [Laughs]

TVLINE | So, Brian is purely around to channel Dexter’s darkest desires?
This is obviously a very limited appearance on Christian’s part, but he comes back [to the show] in a strong and dynamic way and leaves in an equally dynamic way. That said, yes, he takes Dexter down a dark journey.

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  1. s says:

    Next weeks episode looks like it will be pretty awesome! glad he returned.

  2. Josh says:

    The only problem with this is, why is THIS sparking his dark passenger now? Shouldn’t this have occurred last season with the death of Rita and his guilt?

    • Zach says:

      I think it’s because this was a very reckless kill. He may have been emotional in some kills before, but it was always from the control of the table, or in self-defense like with that one guy last season.

      He appeared because he finally broke his code in a very irrefutable way. He let rage take him over to spontaneously drown a man in the ocean. That’s different from having your serial killer antics bite you in the form of your wife dying.

      • Sa'ar says:

        I think he had an even more reckless kill last season, right after Rita died and he killed that hillbilly in the public toilet. Wonder how come Biney didn’t surface then.

        • Adele says:

          I think the difference is that Brother Sam, a person he clearly felt some sort of loyalty to, ASKED him to let it go. And he tried, he was gonna let the shooter go, but he became so taken over by his Dark Passenger that he couldn’t do it (what with the jerk laughing about getting away with the shooting). The fact that Dexter couldn’t do this one thing for his friend made him think he was nothing but darkness.

  3. Chalice says:

    ^^ That’s not true. Right after Rita’s death, Dex bludgeoned a man to death in a bathroom out of pure rage. Harry later commented that it was the first human thing he had done since Rita’s death.

  4. Tony Danza says:

    “It’s hard to believe Christian’s return didn’t leak! How did this all come about?”

    Except it did leak. There’s been pictures and information on the net for ages, as well as Jonah’s return in episode seven. Seriously, every damn Dexter website has been posting about this for a month.

  5. jennrae says:

    Yeah, they said last season that Dex was going to go off-the-rails dark, but aside from the bathroom kill I would say he was pretty mellow. If he’s going to feed the beast, I want him to go all out–I want the city of Miami to be scared–and I also wouldn’t mind real consequences coming from it.

    And I have to object to the strike-through calling Harry a deadbeat dad. Usually what’s stricken-out is apropos, or at least funny, but in what universe was Harry ever a deadbeat-dad to either Dexter or Deb?

    • Chris Schehlein says:

      Um…. He ignored Deb completley and taught his son how to be a serial killer as his verry first option. (Generally most parents would have tried to get the kid help before just being like “yep, you were born in blood so there no stopping this, let teach you how to kill!”

      • jennrae says:

        “Deadbeat” generally is used to describe a person who is either lazy, absent, or doesn’t pay their debts. Neither apply to Harry, even considering that he favored spending time with Dexter. Deb was positively influenced by Harry, which could never have happened if he were mostly gone.

        And Harry’s lessons were gradual. Before he ever confronted young Dexter about his suspicions, I’m sure he gave it a lot of thought. He had noticed neighborhood animals missing long before he said word one to Dexter. He was almost expecting it, really, considering the state he found Dexter and Brian in in the shipping container. No, I’d say he gave it quite a bit of thought, including alternatives. Maybe that made him irresponsible or reckless, but never “deadbeat.”

  6. Amanda says:

    The spoiler alert is kinda pointless with the picture included here. I don’t understand why this is supposed to be shocking though. I wasn’t surprised.

    • Snapy says:

      Yeah, it’s not shocking. It would have been shocking if Brian had turned out to be alive, but he’s not. He’s just a ghost. No big deal.

      • Kyle Rossdale says:

        My point exactly… What’s to shock? Another ghost. The ghost part is always the most boring stuff on Dexter. I’d like to see someone from Miami Metro investigating a case where Dex is guilty (miss you, Doakes!) and then ending up in Dex’s table – LaGuerta, Quinn or Batista… that would be shocking. Plus it’s about time Deb finds out about Dex – season should end with this cliffhanger.

        • Liv says:

          I just started watching Dexter this summer. I burned through the first 4 seasons pretty quickly. When you watch them all back to back to back it makes Deb look like an idiot for not knowing that Dexter is behind it! I was really hoping that she would find out last season when she caught Dex and Lumen but alas she let them go without looking! I feel like they are setting it up for her to find out. When she let Dex and Lumen go it really showed a crack in her own moral code that would open the door for her accepting Dex’s Dark Passenger. Come on deb! Get with the times!

          • janice says:

            I don’t think Deb is an idiot for not knowing Dexter’s secret. For one thing, she does suspect something is up with Dexter but she’s too emotionally invested and idealistic about her brother because he’s the only family she has.

            Second, real life serial killers are often the people you least suspect. Killers like John Wayne Gacy and the BTK killer led relatively normal live without their families and neighbors suspecting a thing. This show thrives on the concept of “hiding in plain sight.” The moment Deb or anyone close to him finds out is the end of the show. However, now that we’re on season six, it’s looking to be that way.

          • YouAreWrong says:

            This is actually meant as a response to Janis.

            I have to disagree with you. If Deb finds out, which she will, the show will definitely NOT be over.

  7. adam says:

    “The horrific death of Brother Sam”

    Maybe I missed something but i thought Sam was still alive

  8. Ellen says:

    I probably hold a minority opinion, but I’m not enjoying Dexter this season. Dex’s ability to stay undiscovered is no longer credible — it’s making everyone around him look foolish. I’m not getting hooked into Dex’s torment – he’s getting scattered, thus has lost focus, thus will get sloppy, and get caught (it is time, really it is). I am, however, hanging in because I adore Deb’s conflict — she was promoted, and isn’t happy. She’s a social person who enjoys interacting, and being your previous co-workers’ boss is uncomfortable (in real life, this type of promotion would never occur – you’d have to leave the division to avoid just this type of situation). Deb’s strength (intuition) is being downplayed, which is disappointing.

    • Buffy Freak says:

      You may be in the minority but I’m right there with you. This season is just awful IMO. The “big bad” is Colin Hanks? And I have a feeling that Professor Geller is not alive and is only a figment of his imagination. And seriously, Masuka is the most ridiculous character on TV. I know he’s supposed to be comic relief but his quips are just so absurdly inappropriate that he should have been fired long ago…

    • RLS says:

      Nope, not in the minority. This is about the weakest season of Dexter in recent memory. The villains are weak, and the police drama isn’t as good as it’s been in the past. I hope this doesn’t mean that the show is running out of steam.

  9. larry says:

    You missed the doctor saying that he died, Dexter flat out saying that he died, and Nick then bragging about how he got away with the murder due to no other witnesses.

  10. Carol says:

    I’m little behind on some shows what website can I go to get caught up?

  11. Mia says:

    Regarding Brother Sam’s “horrific” death, I was probably the only viewer thanking God afterward. When Mos wasn’t mumbling his way through scenes (I was working that rewind button hard until I eventually stopped caring), his dialog became so sanctimonious and, let’s face it, boring, that I stopped caring completely about this angelic friend of Dex. Their friendship seemed far too underdeveloped to merit Dexter’s grief face throughout the episode. Quinn’s character has been ruined, and, personally speaking, I feel like Dexter’s character and the show as a whole has lost most of that dynamism that made season 1 so great. I begin rooting for the reappearance of LaGuerta (a character I couldn’t stand through much of the series) as some sort of reprieve from the rest of the crew.

    On the plus side, I’m looking forward to the return of Christian Camargo who was fantastic in S1 and I can’t wait for Dexter to conveniently explain away disappearing to Nebraska or wherever next episode. Worst cops ever.

  12. Josh says:

    Ok, I dont know what they’re doing or working toward doing with the Quinn character, i never liked him so im just wondering why theyre all of a sudden giving me what i want to see here. And so you know what, lemme add tht it would also be icing on the cake if somehow he ended up on Dex’s table one of his miserable days. I mean im just glad that Bautista didnt get too influenced by this guy! However apart from that IM REALLY liking this Carmago’s Rudy comeback, its almost painfully thrilling to think about how much they could manipulate this perfect new arc, gosh, im just licking my lips waiting! GO DEXTER !!

  13. D says:

    I don’t like how this show hast started ignoring and forgetting everything that’s happened for the sake of the plot. Last night’s episode, while a little out there(Nick came off more as a psychopath than a gang member, the hell?) was well done, though.

    I’d like for Dexter to end on some semblance of a high note, and Jen Carpenter getting some recgonition. She knocks it out of the park every week.

  14. Ben T says:

    Up to this point there had been really 3 people who tried to make a difference in Dexter life that are now dead.

    Harry, Brian and Brother Sam.

    Brother Sam- tried to lead Dexter into the light
    Harry- tried to have Dexter square away
    Brian- who tried to lead Dexter to darkness

    and since Dexter betrayed Brother Sam, the complete opposite of Brother Sam appears, Brother Brian.

    • Christine says:

      What about Rita and the kids? And Why hasn’t Rita’s ghost came to him, or Doakes…I’d love to hear “Surprise Motherf*cker!” again!

  15. Sandra says:

    I didn’t want Christian to leave after this episode, I want him to stay!! I’m crying omg:((

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