Gossip Girl Wedding Exclusive: Who's Invited to Blair's Big Day — and Who's NOT!

Now that the secret’s out about Blair’s royal wedding to Prince Louis taking place during Gossip Girl‘s 100th episode on Jan. 30, it’s time to turn our attention to what is arguably the most important element of the big event: The coveted guest list! Executive producer Josh Safran gave TVLine the scoop on some of the familiar faces that will — and more intriguingly won’t — be making the trek to Manhattan for the nups.

IN | Georgina. TVLine already reported that the wicked witch of the Upper East Side will be back for the wedding of the year, but we can’t imagine Blair actually inviting her. Maybe she disguises herself as an altar girl? Or maybe she cashes in on Charlie’s secret to get an inside pass?

OUT | Jenny. Taylor Momsen’s troubled alter ego is in London playing designing woman, and Safran confirms that she won’t be crossing the pond for the festivities. Blair would probably prefer to keep an ocean between herself and her rogue minion anyway.

IN | Georgina’s hubby, Philip. Scheming Georgina’s other half (played by Nick Cornish) will be back, so perhaps we’ll finally learn how he was able to rein in the feisty brunette and reduce her to marital boredom.

OUT | Vanessa. Last seen stealing Dan’s book, which included a, um, revealing chapter about Blair, it’s no surprise Vanessa (Jessica Szohr) will not be heading back. “Not that Blair would ever allow Vanessa at the wedding,” adds Safran with a laugh.

IN | Blair’s father, Harold (John Shea). He’ll make the trip from France to see his little girl get hitched. However, his partner, Roman, will not be accompanying him. But Safran assures us that “their relationship is in tact.”

OUT | Eric. Serena’s kid brother is away at school. But more importantly, his portrayer, Connor Paolo, is otherwise engaged on ABC’s Revenge.

Thoughts? Are there any other GG alums you’d like to see get to the church on time early next year? Start a list in the comments!

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  1. Van says:

    Are we watching the same show?? GG has never been more interesting. I watched when I was younger and now that i am older I feel the show has grown with their characters and me, I think if people don’t grow things get boring. Serena is becoming more conniving and vicious (no more victim). Blair is becoming a mother (I mean did anyone see that coming before seeing the pregnancy test?). Dan is becoming selfish and brave, but still love lorn. Chuck is growing a heart. I commend this show for having the balls to change and still keep it spicy. Those who want the same childish antics from older characters must still be stuck in high school. I wish you luck because unlike the characters on GG you will always be tripping over the same rock.

  2. fox says:

    can you guys be less annoying…let the hundredth ep come and let it be about the wedding and we shall see drama at its best..i’m a chuck and blair fan and i know chuck will get back with blair from that day on…if you bozos complaining are watching the show you’ll see this wedding wouldn’t make it,louis isn’t even a series regular…And yeah blair carries this show bcos leighton acting has been consistent but again some of you won’t know as you ain’t watching…btw i was disappointed with the show before but season5 has been great so far

  3. Carrie says:

    The history of Blair and Louis is inspired in the history of Grace Kelly and the Prince Rainiero III of Monaco
    Grace Kelly and Rainiero first met in France like Blair and Louis
    Prince Rainiero III travelled to the United States and was constantly next to Grace Kelly in New York like Blair and Louis
    Grace Kelly and Prince Rainiero III had a short courtship and proposed marriage in its department in the fifth avenue like Blair and Louis
    Rainiero gave him Grace Kelly a engagement ring with diamonds and rubies , with emeralds and Louis gave him a huge ring Blair
    Princess Antoinette older sister of Rainiero attempt claim the throne as it has done Beatrice
    Princess Antoinette conspired against his brother rumors circulating about their girlfriends as it has done Beatrice
    Princess Antoinette with her lover Jean-Charles Rey attempted a coup to the palace to take the throne that is what you want Beatrice done with his lover
    The failure of plans of Antoniette was when Grace Kelly and Rainiero married and had children. That is what is happening in Gossip Girl because Blair and Louis are going to get married and going to have a baby

  4. Mike says:

    GG had to become more Blair centered when it became evident Blake Lively cant act her way out of a paper bag. She ruined every scene that ever called for depth but Blair on the other hand did just the opposite – took the villainness character and played up her vulnerabilities so we were able to love and hate Blair at the same time. Leighton Meester is a terrific actress and the only reason Ive stayed watchiong GG … she’s the best thing about the show by a mile

  5. pat says:

    I like that the focus has been shifted to Blair because I cannot relate to Serena. She walks down the street she gets a job, she did badly in school and suddenly she can write thoughtful, deep analysis of The Beautiful and the Damned, she gets into Yale because she walks down a runway! She falls in love with a different guy every five episodes. I just don’t understand Serena or her motivation for anything.
    I like Blair and think her struggles with jealousy and finding her place in the world are interesting I just dislike that they had to use this whole princess storyline to do it. And that they have had to continually degrade her by having her go after Chuck just have him reject her over and over again. I really don’t get the Blair hate, she hasn’t done anything really wrong yet Chuck can sell her and tell her she is not good enough (the whole Eva storyline was about Blair failing Chuck and Eva saving him) and be the best guy ever! Explain please!

  6. Q says:

    Taylor couldn’t come back because she’s touring with her band in Europe. Doubtful Safran tried to get her back anyway since he’s the reason why she left. Hopefully, they’ll mend fences and she’ll come back for the series finale.

  7. Tina says:

    I feel bad for Louis, because Chuck is truly the one for Blair. We’re all just waiting for them to make it right and bring them back together.

  8. Gz says:

    Funny how everybody is hating Blair because it’s all about her, well, in the books, SHE IS THE MAIN CHARACTER.
    Personally, I’m Happy to see anything Blair.

  9. JDS says:

    Well, I was hoping AND still think Blair and Chuck will end up back together before the wedding and she may leave her prince at the altar!

  10. MikeyM says:

    This show has gotten really stagnant.

  11. Stephanie says:

    Since season 1 I knew Blair was ment for chuck. I always loved them together I’ll die if the 100th episode Blair runs away from the wedding to CHUCK. Chair is the ultamiteeee couple on gossip girl they have do much history.

  12. ilikequiche101 says:

    Oh, come on. The reason it’s going to be “explosive” is not because Blair is going to be marrying Louis. Something obviously is going to go wrong and result in them not getting married or an annulment shortly afterwards or something of the kind. My bet is either that someone will announce that the baby’s not Louis’ or that Blair will realize that the whole thing is a mistake and bolt (probably towards Chuck’s waiting arms). Personally, I think it’s going to be “explosive” because Chair will finally be reunited.

  13. Agus says:

    I think it is awesome that they dedicate an episode for Blair’s wedding, cause it’s a very important event but i wanted her to marry Chuck. Dan and her also make a great couple but what Chuck and Blair have is magical. I also think Serena and Dan should be back together as well as Nate and Jenny. I miss her and I think she’s a character full of personality, she’s unique. Don’t know why Eric isn’t attending the wedding, it’s awful. As regards Vanessa, for me it’s OK she stays out of Blair’s wedding if not it would be awkward don’t know why. XOXO GOSSIP GIRL

  14. Chuck Bass says:

    I love gossip girl and I just can’t believe that Dan Humphrey