Fringe Cast Previews Peter's Return: 'It's Certainly Not the Reunion He Wished For'

He’s back! Peter Bishop has returned to Fringe, and there will be plenty of fallout starting with this Friday’s episode (Fox, 9/8c). What does this homecoming mean for the members of the Fringe division? And how has Peter’s absence changed them? TVLine got the scoop  from the cast on each character’s reaction, during a Vancouver set visit arranged by Warner Bros. TV.

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OLIVIA | Once star-crossed lovers, Olivia now has no recollection of Peter. “He’s never existed and doesn’t exist in this universe, so it’s certainly not the reunion Peter would be wishing for,” says Anna Torv. In many ways, adjusting to the new order of things will be more difficult for Peter than Olivia or the rest of the Fringe Division. “He’s the one entering this world… whereas Walter and Olivia and Astrid have made do,” explains Torv. “This is how we’ve always known [life] to be.” Among the changes Peter will have to contend with is Lincoln Lee’s presence, even if it’s only in a professional capacity. “Lincoln’s here to stay,” declares Torv of the agent who is now Olivia’s partner. “I’m interested to see what happens there because all of a sudden, there is another man in Olivia’s life.” Meanwhile, for those holding out hope for a miraculous baby Henry appearance, Torv warns, “There’s no possible way that Henry could happen in this timeline, because Altlivia never met Peter.”

Exclusive Fringe First Look Video: Has Peter Returned to Save the Day?

LINCOLN | Although he’s new to our Fringe team, Agent Lee has an important role to play in the story of Peter’s return. As Walter’s only young, male connection in the interim, Seth Gabel believes Lincoln is “the perfect placeholder and possibly bridge for Walter ultimately being able to accept this Peter that’s come back into his life.” (Plus, Lincoln and Peter totally get along!) But…

WALTER | “[Lincoln is] not Walter’s son,” insists John Noble. “It will never be that beautiful, emotional entanglement that you got [with Peter and Walter] in Season 1 or 2.” Not that the agent and Walter can’t have a perfectly pleasant relationship of their own. “He might learn to respect Seth’s character and use him as a sidekick, like he did with Astrid.” As for his real son, Noble says their relationship “might” get back to that so-called beautiful entanglement later in the season. “If Walter acknowledges this is his son from a different dimension, who knows?” he muses.

ASTRID | Although her character doesn’t have a clear reaction to Peter’s return, Jasika Nicole hopes there’s more to the story than it appears. “She has to be a piece of this puzzle,” posits the actress. “It has not been established yet, but according to the writers, it will be.”

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  1. billk says:

    What were Broyles and Nina unavailable? I have to give this an incomplete!

  2. jdub says:

    I hope they give Astrid a storyline this year… here’s to hoping.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree. Two of my broad hopes for this series is for us to finally get some satisfying back-story on both Nina and Astrid. With some spoilers showing us we definitely will re: Nina, and now Jasika stating that “… but according to the writers, it will be”, I may be able to do my happy dance! :)

  3. rat says:

    baby Henry nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. Matt says:

    Why couldn’t Henry haunt Altlivia like Peter did Olivia? And then break into existence one day in a correspondingly amazing way?

    The Fringe division could find what was apparently an abandoned baby, do routine DNA tests and find familial matches to Walternate and Alrlivia.

  5. lc says:

    I think things will get bk to the normal timeline later in the season. Then they’ll have the baby henry wtf moment iv been waiting for lol and a peter and olivia reunion :)

  6. Moe says:

    Well, Anna Torv and Seth Gabel continue to push Seth’s character over Josh Jackson’s Peter. I have zero respect for these two anymore, and more dislike of their characters. What a self serving duo. At least John Noble isn’t falling for the replacement bull. Poor Jasika, still doesn’t realize the truth that she is way more important and valid to the show than an actor that is so easily written off and replaced by the writers. It’s sad that another Peter “thing” was devalued by the writers but I’m glad there’s no tie between Peter & Olivia (any version) anymore. Maybe he has a chance of being free of the Olivia’s now and we won’t have to read anymore interviews from Anna bashing Peter & how miserable he makes poor poor Olivia.

  7. niko says:

    Moe aka Patty the notorious JJ fan is back.May God help us.

  8. Lawordrrqw says:

    Actually I am not moe and what part of what moe said isn’t true? Anna keeps talking about Seth this Seth that, Lincoln this and totally doesnt show any respect for Josh or Peter.

  9. Christopher says:

    Since there’s no point in Peter being presented as “not in Kansas and trying to get back” if they’re not going to return him to our Walter and Olivia, I presume that we will find our original trio together again.

    And sooner than later, please; the new versions are shallow versions of the true characters, and Fringe is skating closer to self parody with each new type of alt. How much mileage are they going to try to wring out of “see John Noble do a twist on the last version of Walter”? Surely the man is capable of more than that. Same with Torv.

    While it is gratifying to think that we will finally get episodes where Peter does more than be a foil, if it’s at the expense of his validity (the mooted idea that the first three seasons were a mistake, and this timeline is the “correct” one)–that would be a slap in the face of viewers who watched from the start.

    I’m hoping that the idea of erasing the previous characters completely, and leaving us with only Peter trying to establish a new life with these people, is a mangled version of what the producers actually mean. So while I am relieved to not have to deal with Fakey’s baby-trophy, I do want the rest of our timeline restored.

    • Orpheus75 says:

      With you on that. I’ve been sorely disappointed with this new season. It doesn’t even feel like the good old “Fringe”. It’s like Bizarro world.

  10. Johnny Pooper says:

    Here we go, it’s killing off John Locke all over again. Which ruined Lost for me.

  11. NCSouthernBelle says:

    Tonight’s episode absolutely broke my heart! I feel soooo bad for Peter!

    • forrest says:

      To NC: Don’t think this was by accident. I believe this will be the center focus for the remainder of the season: The Peter Bishop of seasons 1-3 trying to ‘get back’ to the ‘old’ timeline or to ‘fix’ this timeline OR ‘learn to live’ in this new timeline. Surely, the promo for next week doesn’t imply Peter has to sacrifice himself again to save this new timeline…….. surely not.

  12. rpgiledread says:

    i am frustrated with the shell of a man walter has become in the absence of peter, and the wallflower that olivia has morphed into. with peter’s return, he has brought with him the gusto of the old timeline. i have wondered if they would show peter’s ordeal. where he existed when he was calling out to walter and olivia. and what that space a and felt like. then it hit me, what if these episodes are the experience of that existence in that space and time between his reality. this would mean that if walter is able to reboot the timeline to insert peter back in, they would not remember this. walter is so out of character being afraid of a reflection of a man talking to him. they need to get back on track fast and find out where these new shape shifters arecoming from.

    • Sandro Cutajar says:

      “…with peter’s return, he has brought with him the gusto of the old timeline”.
      That’s right BUT with a significant difference: Peter has entered into a completely different world/universe, where Olivia is a ‘wallflower’ as you said because Peter WAS NEVER IN HER LIFE PREVIOUSLY, where Walter’s experience of Peter ENDED WHEN HIS BOY FROM OVER THERE died in the lake because there were no Observer saving them. This must certainly be Peter’s NIGHTMARE universe where even he, with his extensive knowledge of both universes (of Seasons 1-3) does not still understand how to move around in this, where the people he once knew are not there to SAVE him or agree with his plan of salvation in order to correct anomalies created by Dr.Bishop and Walternate in both universes characterising previous seasons!
      Indeed, I must say that this new reality is intriguing, opens up a whole array of possibilities (shapeshifters who are more sophisticated that the ones we knew, Walternate’s role here since both ‘old’ universes are connected and Peter’s entanglement in both now). That time anomaly Olivia witnessed is just a hint that the damage caused by Walter’s original intervention is more complex that we thought. Even Peter would discover that his knowledge lacks all details. And besides, we should not forget that he entered an advanced timeline closer to the end of Season 3. THAT ‘detail’ should not be discounted…

  13. Elizabeth Kingsley says:

    I want to know when they are going to show Peter to the other side. I would be wierd if they some how remembered him. I think last week’s episode lacked excitement.

  14. Ev says:

    I love this show; it just never fails to fry my brain cells. Peter just cannot catch a break..the Olivia in this time frame seems even more lost and fragile than the other one. And Walter?? My God that scene where he almost lobotomized himself to rid himself of the Peter visions.. HOLY COW!! And what of the Observer that screwed this all up in the first place?? Somethin tells me he’s gonna have to pay bigtime down the line…

  15. jkidd says:

    I’m not going mad am i? Didn’t Olivia cross over. Please not another alternate universe, the same thing happened in season 2.
    Walter has turned into a fraction of what he use to be. There isn’t anything to drive him, he’s just there . .

  16. Jenny says:

    First of all, I cannot stand
    I hate this story of Walter
    who doesn’t know Peter. Is it
    just me or did Lincoln take the
    paperwork people are thinking
    was a timeslip & is he a
    shapeshifter now? Does this
    mean e will be rid of him!?!?
    Pretty please!?!?!? I miss
    Astrid having a bigger part &
    lastsly. If these things don’t
    change You will have lost a
    family of “Fringe watchers”…
    Bummer, was so looking forward to
    more. Not now. I don’t watch
    too much tv but this was one I
    was faithfully DVR’ing weekly.
    Don’t care anymore now. All this
    after seeing Peter (the actor’s
    name escapes me at the moment)
    in person at a Best Buy near my

  17. Brad says:

    I, too, wonder if they will show “where” Peter has been since his “deletion” from the old timeline. (Disregard semantics, you know what I mean). I, for one, am VERY interested in what he experienced while all the other Fringie’s never knew he existed; and exactly HOW he came to this timeline from wherever he was. I hope they’re not going to leave it at the “oh, it was his desire to be with them, and Olivia’s desire to be with him, that brought him back,” kind of stuff. That’s pretty much saying it’s magic, and don’t prod further.

    • Nicole says:

      Joshua Jackson wrote comics that addressed where Peter was and what he was doing; I’ve read 1 of 4 and like it so far. Beyond the Fringe. DC Comics I believe.

      • Chris says:

        The comics are fantastic! Without giving anything away, there is some real ‘good stuff’ on there from characters that we know and have seen and have always questioned. I highly advise fans of the show to read them. They’re only 99 cents on the DC comics website and well worth the money. Even the ‘B’ story comics are great too. I totally sound like I work for DC Comics, but I don’t! LOL! But if you are a fan of the show and they story – read these! :)

  18. david says:

    The new seasons storyline so far has not impressed me. I hope there is a grand plan to tie everything together somehow.I will continue to watch for now, but if the storyline continues on this path i’ll have to use my tv viewing time (which is very limited) to something with better writing. I enjoy the characters but the writing and plot line are slipping.

  19. William Kazak says:

    Last show; not too interesting. The entire “Walter acting like a child” part of the series is getting annoying to me. Olivia should be the main focus in my opinion. I did not buy Olivia not recognizing Peter throughout the last show. It seemed absurd, considering how invested everyone, audience included, was in their relationship before that last episode. I like the intro theme song very much. After that, I can leave it now.

  20. De wulf says:

    This episode was clearly a lead to how the season will unfold. at last we will find out who is behind the shape-shifters and also we now know this season will end where it all began. I doubt there will be any real background on Astrid or any other bit part character, this season will concentrate on the observers and the others.

  21. peggy says:

    Yes, we all have doubts about how the story will move on. Let’s just hope the writers will do the Fringe followers justice and not to let JJ Abrams has his way as he did with Alias.
    Alias was such a great show, but JJ Abrams ended the last season so very badly and rediculously that it still leaves a very sour taste in my mouth, and total disappointment in him as story writer.

  22. Chris says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a totally different show when I read other comments. LOL! I think the story is intriguing and amazing. I can’t find anything else like it on TV. The only thing that sucks is that each episode is 45 minutes long so you have to wait to see what happens next. And don’t even get me started on the chemistry of the cast/characters. And each week John Noble blows me away with his mastery of the character Walter.

  23. Jim says:

    My theory on Fringe Season 4 is that we’ve been watching characters from a third universe,and for some reason Peter has emerged in the wrong universe,and the one he was deleted from still exists.I can see eventually Walter creating another window that shows another universe,and when they look through it we will see the Walter/Olivia we know distraught and wondering why Peter vanished in a flash.Eventually the Walter we know now helps him get back there,and in doing so helps heal the third universe,that will in turn start to heal the universe we know from Season 1-3.

  24. Charles Goetze says:

    I agree this season sucks so far. If this drab uninteresting storyline continues its going to be curtains. They were on the precipice last season, so this is the writer’s and producer’s answer for a show that was almost cancelled?! They milked the where is Peter thing for several episodes too long and the show is dying now. It’s like Lost killing off John Locke just plain stupid only Fringe is worse by far with their post Peter than Lost was with their post Locke, which sucked too! Where has the good writing on Fringe gone? Save Our Fringe!!!

    • tomei tom says:

      fox is destroying fringe

    • peggy says:

      I am afraid I’ve to agree with Charles Goetze, JJ Abrams distroyed Lost and apparently, he is going to do the same with Fringe, the same way he did with Lost and Alias, getting too ridiculous at the end.
      An appeal to all other writers of Fringe, don’t wonder too far off, ask JJ to take a long trip somewhere, while you guys stay grounded to the storylines of the previous seasons otherwise audiance will just drop off.

  25. tomei,tom says:

    was my favorite show 1st 3 seasons but not only does this season lack plenty but i cant even depend on fringe episodes showing every fri .Dont forget 2 or 3 weeks in a row b4 the worldseries fringe was MIA friday @ 9o,clock and concidering fox pulling this stunt 8 day wait period 2 catch up the 8th day makes it impossible its adding up to torrent stuff or forget about fox .they already cancelled alot of good shows after skipping shows , moving timeslots and days fox is ruining the tv experience ,trying to charge for tv that already broadcasted!!!! ie.DISH Ps. dish sucks so i,ll give them till jan 1st then its torrent time at my buddies dload whole seasons at once 4 free

  26. B1Bflyer says:

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times – Once the leads scrog, the show goes in the toilet. I really have no idea where this arc is going!!!

  27. gayley says:

    I love the Lincoln in the alt universe. I hope some of his personality starts developing in the current unviverse.

  28. Mary Ann Ehr says:

    I watched all the DVD’s of the first three seasons, and I can only hope that the 4th season is as good as the first three. It’s off to a slow start, but I guess time is needed to develop the new story line. Hope the new story line is as suspenseful as the first three seasons. I will watch every single season 4 episode. :o)

  29. antania says:

    I hate the idea of Nina being Olivia’s “mom” in the past of “our new Fringy-Universe”.
    Why the heck did they let this happen – it doesn’t make any sense to me….

    I hate seeing Peter’s suffering with oh so boring characters, whom I dearly loved from episode 1-3.

    I am really disappointed!!!

  30. Ratzi says:

    Excellent report, very well present argument.
    Watch Full Episode here!

  31. Ray Holm says:

    I hope that when Peter returns he remembers everyone and everything that happened I also hope that he can come to gain his memory throughout season 4 (Same goes for all other characters) also it will be expected that Olivia and Peter will fall in love again otherwise the future that Peter saw while he was in the machine may be changed for the
    better or the worst. If the Peter in the real universe ceases to exist than humanity may be over. Olivia and Agent Li are now partners, I definitely do not want them to fall in love, the other characters will of course snub Peter for the first few episodes that he’s back but hopefully will regain memory otherwise this will lead to a season 5 which will be good but may be a little bit tiring over the other characters friendships hopefully the return of Peter will bring no hostility and hopefully they will remember him. If it weren’t for the observers then Peter would still exist another thing that will be interesting to see is how Peter makes his way back into the worlds timeline. The other universe has Peters DNA from baby Henry, maybe Henry has something to do with season 4 ( I don’t like the Olivia from the alternate reality) and maybe he can get his father back to the timeline. Maybe someone will kill the observer that saved Peter and Walter because now the same observer is threatening to put a stop to Peter leaking back into reality. I would love to write more and unfortunately I only have the first 16 eps of season 4!! :)