X Factor Results: Did the Right Act Go Home?

Michael Slezak is on vacation. Tonight’s X Factor recap was written by TVLine contributor Mitch Rustad. 

Though it’s already been renewed for a second season, The X Factor is still in its infancy, as evidenced by the fact that Thursday night was the very first, official, live results show. History in the making, and just in the nick of time, right? If you’re anything like me, you giddily settled in to watch the power of the people (via their texts, Tweets, apps, phone numbers… any vote-generating technology I missed?) finally grab the spotlight from those ever-sniping, occasionally infuriating, judges.

But before we reveal the first of our 12 finalists to get the historic heave-ho — was it America’s sexiest singing 60-year-old grandpa, LeRoy Bell, the harmonious but bland Lakoda Rayne, the fresh-faced InTENsity, or perhaps a buzz-creating, shock elimination no one saw coming? —  let’s quickly review the formalities.

After a rehash of clips from last night’s live performance show — most aptly summed up by two words…gush alert! — and that shameless Pepsi plug were safely out of the way, the top 10 vote-getting acts (in no particular order, and interrupted by seemingly endless, torturous pauses and commercial breaks) were revealed, leaving the final two acts into a winner-take-all sing for survival showdown. All I can say is, poor Paula!

Botton Two Vote-Getters
The Stereo Hogzz

As Group Mentor, Abdul was clearly distraught to see two of her acts already on the chopping block, and this forced into the final showdown sing-off that put the judges right back on the hot seat.

The Survival Showdown
The Stereo Hogzz were up first, harmonizing beautifully if tentatively through the Bee Gees’ “Emotion” while InTENsity chose a far more upbeat, energetic number, Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You.” It was painful to see such raw emotion and nerves played in such drastically opposing musical backdrops — clearly both groups seemed to feel that they were singing for their lives — with so much at stake, but finally, it was time for the judges (far too quickly in my opinion) to send one act home. Here’s how they voted:

Simon: The Stereo Hogzz
Paula: InTENsity
Nicole: InTENsity
L.A. Reid: InTENsity


Now allow me to wipe away my tears (I can’t bear to see young children traumatized) and let you take over! Did your heart break to see tonight’s losing act go home? What did you think of the debut results show overall? What would you like to see more (and less) of next week? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Sybil says:

    inTENsity was horrible in the sing-off. I couldn’t believe Simon thought they sang better. Painfully off-key.

    • RandyJackson says:

      Simon only voted that way to build the drama. Otherwise LA Reid’s vote would have been meaningless. Simon just wanted to make it a cliffhanger, even though everyone in the country knew for the last 3 weels that intensity was going to be voted off first. Simon is all about the drama.

  2. Ben says:

    I was sad to see that group go so soon – and now wish Paula had stuck in Brewer Boys instead. What a let down the whole results show was.

    • blingedup.susan says:

      We’ll never know, but I’ll bet if Paula had put the Brewer Brothers in, instead of Intensity, they would not have already been in the bottom 2. She kinda shot herself in the foot with that one.

      • Brittany says:

        She should have kept the Brewer Boys and/or The Anser. Paula was not very smart (not surprisingly) with her picks from the getgo. She might be down to 1 group after the second week of public voting!

  3. blingedup.susan says:

    Aboslutely, the right act went home. And yay for Slezak….he actually gets a vacation! Hope he has a great one.

  4. Jo says:

    IMO, the 2 strongest contestants Paula has. The girl group IS kind of bland. BUT this only proves it… These groups have got to step up their game or they won’t get voted for. It already seems tough with Stage monsters like Stacy Francis and Melanie Amaro.

  5. JO says:

    BUT THAT’S TRUE, the topic about Slezak’s vacation is MORE INTERESTING than inTENsity right now.

  6. Stacie says:

    Are we not mentioning that this was the worst produced Live Results Show ever. It was more than 30 minutes before they got to the results. Then Steve(the host) says maybe 2 or 3 acts before going to another commercial, so then its nearly 40 minutes in and we still don’t know who the bottom 2 were. C’mon. I think American Idol has lost its step but comparing Idol’s Results Show to this is no competition, and I dislike a lot about the Idol Results show. X Factor has to at least say a few acts that are safe early and filter them in during some of the repetitious recaps. We get it, the acts are afraid to leave so early and go home. I got it once, twice and a few more times. X Factor’s Performance show is far superior over Idol’s, but this Results show pales in comparison to Idol’s.

    I’m kinda glad Intensity was gone. 10 people in a group was way too much. No matter what Paula says she has to be a little relieved that she doesn’t have to mentor such a large group anymore. That’s difficult to do.

    • Yo says:

      Yes those interviews were yawners. They need to spend more money on actual entertainment. I’m not likely to sit thru these results shows any more; I kept feeling like I needed to get up and go for a run – and don’t run.

    • Tim says:

      I actually prefer this Results Show to Idol’s. There’s none of that “go sit over here… no, go sit over there” mickey mouse stuff. It’s all business, and I like it. And then the judges actually have to take a stand individually, that part is great too. I can’t stand that fake huddling they do on Idol.

  7. Lana says:

    I’ve always thought the Brewer Boys should have been picked and I really felt that the two made up groups, by the judges, should have never made it. Groups really need to be together much longer than those two , so I do believe the groups won’t last long. However I do think Chris Renee was one of the weakest singers this week so I was suprised he passed also Marcus. In fact I really didn’t think the groups were as weak as some of the others, like Stacey, but I just don’t like her as Elaine should have been picked instead. The result show was okay, to be honest the only two results show that are alot of fun is SYTYCD and DWTS. By the way does anyone know who won the Emmy Cat Deely or Ryan Seacrest or someone else? They never said during the Emmys and I couldn’t find anything written about it either?

  8. Ringo's Dingo says:

    How come nobody’s mentioned Astro botched his lyrics during his two-line rap in the group number tonight? For a kid who’s that good, I was amazed he dropped his line. When you’re cocky, no matter how old you are, you’d better be spot-on every time.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I am impressed that someone actually recognizes Astro botched his lyrics during a rap number, of all things. They could sing those rap songs backwards and I wouldn’t know the difference.

      • Billy says:

        Me too. And me either. His staccato nursery rhymes backed by programmed beats are so monotonous they remind me of auctioneers’ chants.
        Only in the current Dumbing Down of America climate could it be possible for a 5 million dollar contract to be awarded to someone who claims his “life is music” yet doesn’t even make an attempt to sing or otherwise show any musical talent.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I also made the comment that rap was a bit like auctioneering.
          But then I’m the person that predicted rap would go the way of disco. So much for that prediction.

          • Dazzler says:

            What do you mean? Where did Disco go?

          • My Alter Ego says:

            D.E.T., I’m sure that your prediction about rap — or, perhaps, I’m mistaking certainty with desperate hope — will come to pass. It’s just taking an interminably long time to happen!

    • Volcfom says:

      Did anyone notice he was the only one singing live? The rest of the number was lip-synced. Maybe Astro didn’t realize he was also live and that messed up his delivery.
      Also, I hate lip-synced intro numbers. They only have a few lines to sing each, it’s not that difficult.

    • Erin says:

      I was too busy noticing how badly LeRoy was lip-synching to notice…

      Did anyone else catch that he forgot to start when the words started in & the camera was right on his face? Pretty brutal.

    • gloria says:

      Astro should go soon. His cocky attitude at his age should worry any producer. Remeber his refusal at auditions to participate in group sing when he sat in sidelines defiantly saying that its not him – he only does rap? There are other young singer on x factor far more talented, versatile and personable.

    • Jez says:

      thanks somebody for mentioning that. I hate to hate – but Astro doesn’t belong on this show. His “thank you thank you your far too kind” thing is just annoying. If he’s such a bad MC then make it the hard way, not by being the only real hip hop guy on a mainstream show.

  9. Tusk says:

    Surprised there isn’t a mention of the lip syncing at the beginning. The only time Stacey Francis didn’t go OTT in her singing was when they could record her and control it…go figure. I knew it wasn’t going to happen, but I was hoping for Stacey to go. The sooner the better.

    • Billy says:

      So that’s how LeRoy sang so well for a split second without opening his mouth. I was scratching my head on that. Seriously though, I’ve learned the hard way to mute the TV when Stacy solos. As far as her departure – the sooner the better is right.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Yea, LeRoy had a “senior moment” for sure! ;-)
        There is a demographic that will always like those over-the-top “I see Jesus – Kill the Devil – God save my soul” performances, no matter how bad, screechy, or off-key. Granted, it’s not a demographic that’s voting, but they DO buy CDs. Someone on the Idol message boards jokingly asked me if I lived in “Cougar Town” when I wrote that my neighbors all loved Danny Gokey. Guilty as charged, but these women also like Stacy Francis. Go figure. I think I’d like her if she took it down a few notches.

    • Kim R says:

      When the lip syncing was going on I was thinking, “this will be in Michael’s recap”. Then when Stereo Hogzz sang & the lead singer had crazy short pants on I thought “this will be in the recap for sure!” So suffice it to say…I miss the Slezak touch. I think the right act went home. For now. :)

      • Volcfom says:

        Yes, those pants were atrocious. I was writing Slezak’s recap in my mind while watching that crap-tastic results show.
        I think Stacy and Josh were the only two who were convincing in their lip-syncing.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I thought the lead singer for Stereo Hogzz was channeling Steve Urkel.

  10. Jake says:

    umm…Slezak…you need to rewatch the Hoggs performance because they were clearly enhanced by backing vocals…in fact, the backing vocals kick in and the four supporting dancers, oops I mean singers, weren’t even singing into their mics and at one point one of the backing singers was singing and realized he wasnt suppose to…awful

    • Steve says:

      I totally noticed the Hoggz’ fake backing vocals too… when nobody has their mics up to their mouth, it’s pretty obvious. And then the question becomes why the other four guys are even there if they’re not going to actually sing. Pretty shady… makes you wonder just how much other vocal “help” some of the other acts are getting.

      • Volcfom says:

        All the groups have had backing vocals. There is no way that four girls can sound like a chorus, or two brothers can have 3-4 part harmonies while one is singing the melody.
        All of the solo acts have backing, too, but that is more acceptable than groups using them. I guess it reinforces the point that this show is about entertainment, not pure vocal ability.

  11. Melissa says:

    I’ve been thinking a bit on how the judges have picked their final 4 (then 3) acts, and while I’m not sure all of them are doing it this way, I think Simon and Paula are using logic something along these lines. I don’t think L.A. is using this strategy, and I have no clue what Nichole is thinking/doing.

    1) Pick the best act. This is the act that appears most likely to win tomorrow.
    2) Eliminate the other acts that compete with them (this is where I think Caitlyn got screwed, she was too similar in genre to Drew)
    3) Pick the next best act.
    4) Eliminate competing acts.
    5) Of the remaining acts, pick some projects. These aren’t the acts that are best right now, but they appear to have the most room to grow and improve through the mentoring process. This is why both put-together groups got put in – there is a lot of room for both to (potentially) grow. I also think this is why Simone and Tiah got put in by Simon. He wanted to see how they would grow.

    Basically, the best strategy for the judges isn’t to put through the best 4 acts at that point. They have to put their best act(s) through, but there is also room in this process to pick an act that isn’t the best, but might be much better later on. While frustrating at the time, I do think it makes for a more interesting show.

    After that first live performance, each judge had to decide (after much mentoring) which act was weakest. I think Paula decided the Brewer Boys didn’t have the same growth potential after mentoring them when compared those put-together groups – and that is why she didn’t put them through. Before mentoring, they were absolutely better than either put-together group. On the other hand, Simon’s projects didn’t fare nearly so well… they both got cut.

  12. (!) says:

    Before I read the article, I need to say. Nichole Whatsherface.. looks and acts WAY too much like J-lo on AI.

  13. Adam says:

    Leroy’s delay in getting mic to face during group performance was tragic. I am convinced this whole show is a scam and poor Drew, Melanie and Josh are caught up in Simon’s ill-conceived quest for world domination.

    • seattlejohn says:

      There is a current posting on Huff Post claiming Dexter Haygood received a deal from Nicole to be eliminated because he was upset by the song choices and styles chosen for him and didn’t like all the attention on his homelessness. So he agreed to come back for the finale and they paid him $250 for expenses, $500 for the live show and gave him cabfare to the airport. Just makes you wonder what is going on behind the scenes and hype. I, for one , am put off by the whole mentoring thing: what elements of a performance truly reflect the artist and how much are the judges playing puppetmaster…

  14. Betsy says:

    They only eliminated ONE act???? Good god, this suckfest is going to last forever.

    • JAXX says:

      So don’t waste your precious time watching it Betsy.

    • cathy says:

      Maybe you should learn how to use the remote control and find another show to watch. I, on the other hand, love this show….flaws and all. Nothing that these judge/mentors can do will top the manipulation that went on in Season 10 of American Idol. BTW American Idol has been lip synching for years. At least in this show the judges can say more than beautiful to every act and I have not heard one dawg or dude.

  15. AndyLuvr says:

    I have to wonder if the acoustics in the venue where this show is taped helps some of the performers, specifically Stacy Francis. She should have been eliminated based on her off-key and riddled-with-flat notes singing last night. I still can’t get over how the judges gushed over her. Maybe in that space where the show is broadcast from those musical flaws weren’t as apparent but when the sound is piped into a home entertainment system, they were glaring. Francis screeched (and flatly at that) her way through her performance last night.

  16. J says:

    absolutely correct. Would of been pissed these shows hate black people.

  17. darcy's evil twin says:

    Here’s hoping Mr. Slezak is enjoying that vacation! I confess I’ve been gone all evening and haven’t had the opportunity to watch the results show (DVRed). I decided to just check in here and see what happened as I couldn’t stand the suspense any longer. I”m not surprised by the two bottom acts. Thank goodness InTENsity is gone and I agree with everyone that believes Paula should have put the Brewer Boys through instead.

    @AndyLuvr – I’m beginning to think these reality programs have “magic microphones”. how many times have we heard a horribly off-key performance here and on Idol, only to have the judges praise the performance as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread? Just as I predicted my neighbors think Stacy Francis is fabulous!

    I have watched The Sing Off a few times and it is really wonderful. The judges also give great critiques.

  18. Yo says:

    Well, congratulations Michael Slezak, but who said you could have a vacation? We miss you; you are loved.

    Most of this show is easy to blow off; you really need not even tune in for the first fifteen minutes, the first ten of which is intro seen the day before and last week and the week before that. I don’t have patience with the stalling; call it a product of the Internet age. This is very definitely Idol on steroids, but to spend all that money on stagecraft and then just blow the time, interrupting one commercial with an onstage commercial? Pffft.

    I have not cared about the groups at all. Intensity was manufactured and no, we do not identify with a mass of people as well as with individuals.

  19. darcy's evil twin says:

    Okay, someone called me out on being critical of Marcus’ performance, so I went back and watched it again with an open mind. He was pretty good. Just because I’m not a fan of hip-hop or whatever that is doesn’t mean he doesn’t have talent. Honestly, with all the criticism about Idol not being able to put a talented black man on the program he might have done fairly well on Idol with the right songs.
    Watched the results show. Glad to see they got Lakoda Rayne out of the Lennon Sisters wardrobe. I do believe the right act went home. And you know what they said about Phil Spector – he made a lot of money because he knew exactly what kind of songs 14 year old girls wanted to hear. I’m starting to feel the same way about Simon (in some cases) and L.A. Reid. They know exactly what I can’t stand and everyone else apparently loves.
    I’m thinking I like Idol better than this program.

  20. Mary says:

    I am not surprise that two groups were in the bottom. I had a feeling the groups would be eliminated first, not really a market for them. Duos would of done better. Hey if the groups go first, maybe Paula can help the other mentors with their choregraphy, Some really need the help, Marcus for one. His moves are wierd. Wasn’t impressed with the result show dragged out for way to long. Half hour would of been enough. I hate to say it but Simon was correct, based on last night performance the Hoggz’s really sucked. If they judged only on that performance, which obviously they didn’t, they should of been gone.

  21. Pete says:

    Did anyone really believe a group of 10 kids singing together has a chance of being a new pop radio sensation. If anything, they should have made a group out of the 4 boys in Intensity which would have been similiar to the boy gtoup who did so well in the UK version. ten kids was way too much and no one could really connect with them.

  22. Seacrest says:

    Oh Simon…still using his old idol tricks…just loved how they left the producers #1 choice to win, the person who has had the most camera time since day 1, the person that had the advantage of going on last the previous night, not such an amateur singer Stacy as the last person to find out her fate before the bottom 2 in an obvious effort to get her more support. I can only assume she didn’t get the votes the show anticipated her getting…no better way to drum up more support than to make her look like she was in jeopardy…

  23. GaysWithOpinions says:

    This is probably the most bitter, egotistical, cynical discussion board I’ve ever seen. It seems like everyone here is just shooting themselves in the foot by watching in the first place. So many conspiracy theories and sheer nonsense. I’m not saying I don’t believe SOME of it, but seriously, if you can’t just enjoy the show for what it is, why watch? Just to tear it apart the next day? Save yourself an hour of your life and stop watching if you’re all going to be so miserable about it the next day.

    • Isaac says:

      This is nothing. The comment boards for Slezak’s Idol recaps last season were WAY worse. It’s amusing. And I agree with a lot of what’s said. Just shows people care. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t comment.

    • Joline says:

      I think people are frustrated because there is a lot of potential with this show but they go and screw it all up with scamming the audience, over producing the acts and giving us a dreadful host. The show is in its early stages in the U.S. so it’s actually possible that some of this venting will force them to make changes next year. Also, many will probably not continue watching but wanted to make their feelings known before dropping off. I am only watching at this point for Drew, Melanie and Josh.

  24. bluemoon says:

    The right group went home, they should have gone home long ago instead of the brewer boys. Even as a group of 10 they seem to give the long key singing parts to specific people and not share the lyrics as an overall group.

    So if these kids weren’t able to make it through as single acts why would this group be any good if majority of the lyrics were handed out for only one or two to sing and the rest acting as backup singers?

    Stacy and Astro need to go next…

  25. Tim says:

    Slezak is allowed to take vacation?

  26. Fake factor says:

    Why has no one pick up on all the lipsyncing? It was so badly done when the 12 performed, but in the showdown stereo hogs did not even have mics up to their mouth. Obviously the judges know this. This show has lost all credibility with me. It’s suppose to be ua competition for five million dollars…

  27. Volcfom says:

    Now that they’ve laid out the “here’s-how-it’ll-work” formalities, I hope they can bring in some more life to the results shows. I like having them all together on stage, but the remaining 40 minutes is a waste. I started the show 17 minutes late and caught up to live TV in about 3 minutes. I didn’t want to watch the fluff so I took a shower and I was still caught up by the end of the hour.

  28. Mike S. says:

    The problem with the X Factor format is that by giving the groups and over 30’s an equal chance of winning as the guys and girls, you end up excluding more talented contestants. Idol’s format is better. Sometimes 8 of the top 12 are guys (or girls) because guys were just better that year. It’s silly that they’re jamming groups down our throats when groups are rarely popular these days.

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Mike, you make a good point, but it would seem that there is more than just one problem.

      A repeating criticism that I have noticed in several of the above comments is that singer X, Y, or Z needs to do something: a.) more contemporary; b.) more upbeat; c.) less upbeat, etc. (I think you’ll get my point.) And, if not all, then most of those comments seem to be directed toward the singer.

      Yet, one of the (curious) aspects about the X Factor is that the “judges/mentors” (and, yes, I use that phrase exceedingly loosely/skeptically)select what the contestant is to sing.

      So folks, remember that the next time you are critical of song choice. Give “credit” where it’s due.

  29. Jurybox says:

    I could have sworn I saw the Brewer Boys in a Disney video that came up on my Netflix instant-watch options under the family movie category. Not surprised that X Factor was not their first venture into the entertainment bus. They are very talented kids. Much better than InTENsity. Glad to see that group go home.

  30. syb says:

    LOL. Simon on Wednesday: Stereo Hogzz best group evah:
    Simon on Thursday: I stand by my comments last night, but the Glee rip off amalgam of rejected soloists was better tonight? Really? Simon your credibility is going downhill fast.

    FWIW: I would have sent Lakoda Rayne home. But hey, they look pretty in their gowns and sing countryish pop.