Glee Spoiler Alert: 8 Things You Must Know About Next Week's Sex-cellent Episode, 'The First Time'

Glee rebounds mightily from Tuesday’s subpar “Pot O’ Gold’ episode with next week’s stellar sexual rite of passage-themed “First Time,” which finds two of the show’s supercouples — Rachel and Finn, and Kurt and Blaine — going all the way. But the standout episode isn’t all about getting it on. It’s also about…

1. Talking about getting it on. During a West Side Story rehearsal, director Artie tells Rachel and Blaine that they lack passion as Maria and Tony, then guesses that maybe they’ve never, you know, done it. “How do you expect to convey the human experience to an audience when you haven’t even opened yourself up to one of humanity’s most basic and primal needs?” he asks. Fun fact: We also learn Rachel and Kurt aren’t the only McKinley-ites in the Virgin Club: Coach Bieste and Blaine are also waiting for the right guy. Speaking of which…

2. Bieste and her new football recruiter boyfriend (played by Eric Bruskotter). They’re super-sweet together. So super-sweet, in fact, that it’s going to really suck when she finds out about this.

3. The arrival of Sebastian. No sooner does Grant Gustin’s gay Warbler debut than he sets his sights on Blaine. And what he wants, I suspect he’ll get: He’s got charisma to spare and tons of chemistry with Darren Criss. Fun fact: He’s not the only obstacle to Klaine sex — the other is Kurt’s wardrobe. Specifically, “All of his layers.”

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4. The opening night of West Side Story. I did mention that that was coming up, right? Right. So it won’t be a huge surprise that much of the hour’s play list comes from the musical. My fave: Lea Michele and Naya Rivera rendition of “A Boy Like That,” which is cleverly intercut with Sebastian doing some hardcore flirting with Blaine.

5. Karofsky’s return. When Sebastian invites Kurt and Blaine out to local gay haunt Scandal, Kurt runs into his old nemesis at the bar. Apparently, transferring to a new school has done wonders for the bully’s disposition. He’s mellowed out considerably and coming to grips with his sexuality. It’s my favorite scene of the episode and should fire up those Kurt-Karofsky ‘shippers out there (and I know you’re out there).

6. Santana’s putdown. The snarkiest Cheerio gets the episode’s best line when she urges Rachel not to do the deed with Finn because, well, he’s a lousy lay. “Finn is terrible in bed. It was like being smothered by a sweaty, out of breath sack of potatoes that somebody soaked in body spray.” Fun fact: Brittany called Artie by the wrong name four times when he lost her virginity to her.

7. Kurt’s bucket list. No. 87 on it? “To become CEO of Logo.”

8. Finchel and Klaine sex. Ultimately, both couples do the deed, and it’s romantic, tasteful and all very satisfying. (For the kissing-conscious Klaine ’shippers, there’s one significant smooch, but it does not take place during The Act. For more on that, scan my Twitter feed.) Finchelcourse, meanwhile, comes on the heels Finn receiving some bad news, but I would hardly call it pity sex. Again, you will be pleased. Maybe not as pleased as Finn. But pleased.

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  1. Jin says:

    lol Brittany called Artie the wrong name. That relationship was doomed before it happened.

  2. Krystal says:

    hahaha, the above comment is so true! And Finchel seriously sucks. Hate them together so much. Also, I do believe ratings will be up next episode and don’t think it has anything to do with Finchel, it’s all about Klaine! Nobody wants to see Finchel sex! Eeeeww!

  3. terry says:

    when it gets released that brittany said the wrong name four times is this where everyone finaly finds out that she is biacurias and that santana ia lebanes they are the best couple stop being so mean to santana she only ever protects brittany and she is the only one that does not call her and always sticks up for her lay off her.

  4. Snapy says:

    So I’m guessing Blaine is the top and Kurt is the bottom? Does Kurt swallow?

  5. go away says:

    “You will be pleased”
    Only if you like finchel or klaine – which 50% of the fandom DON’T
    But looking forward to the Rachel/Santana duet.

  6. Erik says:

    How can RIB +6 transfer Karofsky? I hope they bring him back! Dave’s storyline isn’t something to be tossed aside just because some raging klainers and Kurtsies don’t want Karofsky and Kurt near eacher other even though he has apologized and he and Kurt have become friends.

  7. Jack says:

    If this is Karofsky’s last scene in the show, then RIB has probably let so many people down. Some gay youths where probably going through what he went through, and for RIB to dismiss his story line like this? It’s an outrage! It seems like they’re pushing aside other characters in the show to make room for more Klaine and Finchel, and because of this the current story lines just feel rushed and sloppy! Karofsky’s story line in S2 felt genuine, it was paced well, relatable, it was delivered great buy Chris and Max, and I thought it was the most genuine and consistent of them all. They’re wasting an opportunity to probably help so many people with what they’re going through, and they threw that way…

  8. Abbs says:

    The issue isn’t that it’s Finchel, in my opinion. The issue is that Rachel avidly preached the no sex until marriage thing for the entirety o te first two seasons. While we all know Rachel will do a lot for her performances, I don’t think sex is one of them.

    • Nicole says:

      You need to rewatch Showmance and Sexy. Rachel never preached no sex until marriage.

    • Alex says:

      “I realize while all of us making our celibacy pledge is wonderful, one day we’re going to fall in love with someone, and we’re going to choose to be intimate with them.”

      Rachel Berry
      Season 2 Episode 15 (Sexy)

  9. Anita says:

    I am so sick of all the fandom wank going around.
    It’s absolutely great that you ship a couple that may not be one of the ones ‘doing the deed’ or even one of the ones who get a lot of screentime, but when you bitch about it and threaten to boycott the episode, you honestly just sound bitter, douchey and pathetic.
    Enjoy the couples and the plotlines and the characters and the songs you enjoy, but if you don’t like it, don’t put others down and please don’t throw a tantrum when things don’t go your way.
    Because you’re taking away from the enjoyment of the people who enjoy it.

    • Tyson says:

      Except the thing is, from personal experience, the majority of the people putting other people down are the people whose favourite couple IS doing the deed. I know this isn’t always the case, but it’s widely more accurate.

  10. Eden says:

    UGH. I just do not want this entire episode. Glee, stop focusing 90% of your air time on relationships, please! This show is crashing and burning, fast. The writers need to stop trolling all the fan forums and write their own sh*t. I want Glee the way it was two years ago, not this fanfiction bull. wegkhraenvlsdfneruwgavnkdf!


    I can’t imagine that t hey would show Blaine and Kurt IN THE ACT

    I hope they do and look forward to it

    At a minimum they better show Klaine in the same positions as Finchel

    Id LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a romantic scene with Blaine and Kurt in bed (Shirts off of course) just cuddling….That might actually get me to continue watching Glee…cuz honestly the plots are so far fetched that the show is seemingly jumping the shark…this episode will determine whether I keep watching or not

  12. RD says:

    I want to cry for our precious Dave to transfer away. Though I believe Ausiello when he said Kurtofsky scene was the best one. There never was much David around in Glee, but all of his (their) scenes were simply brilliant. I still hope he will get a chance and a good storyline in S3, because I can relate to him the most (as a scared closeted teenager who I also used to be).

  13. emma says:

    i only care about klaine. ONLY KLAINE.

    • Irene says:

      THIS! Is like… they´re the perfect couple! I´ve been reading lots of spoilers today and I´m just freaking out big time!! After their big kiss at the auditorium (that´s when Blaine apologys for the car scene fight) they are kind of huging each other and Kurt says “I want to go to your house”! I…just…died!

  14. Charlotte says:

    Ugh… Well, aleast I still have three scenes to look forward to…
    The Kurt/Dave scene, coach Bieste and her boyfriend and the Rachel/Santana duet.

  15. Irene says:

    I don’t understand how people can say Blaine has been a bad boyfriend for Kurt. I mean, he went to Prom with Kurt even though he didn’t really wanted to, he transfered from a school where he was popular and lead singer in their glee club to a school with bullyes and where every time he says something or sings a song Finn atackes him or Santana says is “Blaine and Rachel’s show”, just because his boyfriend asked him to! Then, he wasn’t going to audition for Tony because Kurt wanted the part, he got it at the end because Kurt wanted for once do something nice for him… I love Kurt (my favourite character) but he’s not always the best he can be!
    Yes, Blaine wants to do it with Kurt in the car, but they finally save it for the right moment. Love Klaine!

  16. Putri says:

    I miss Glee – the old fun Glee, not this Glee.

  17. adam says:

    I CANNOT WAIT FOR KLAINE TO MAKE LOVE!! But I hate Sebastain he is pathetic for chasing after a guy who is taken. Seriously he will aggressively chase after Blaine in front of Kurt. I am soo sick of tired of Kurt getting hurt. I really hate the new writers ALOT!! I really hope Blaine doesn’t cross the line with ASSHOLE Sebastain!!

  18. justanothercolferstan says:

    I must be the only chris stan who is not happy about the klaine sex and god knows I’m dying to see Chris Colfer involved in something steamy. I haven’t seen the episode but it is really suspicious to me that Kurt has sex the same episode someone is hitting on his boyfriend. I wish they’d stop using the character Kurt and Chris Colfer’s talent to showcase blarren. I have nothing against darren, but please pair his character with Sebastian so that I could gladly fastforward “blarrennastianjukebox” like so many portion of this show because the original glee club members are treated so poorly (from where I stand). The new characters are supposed to enhance the old ones before being treated has main characters. Now Finn constantly looks like a jerk which is just tiring. Rachel is a total b**** which is annoying. Will is closer to a jailer than a teacher. Mercedes is angry all the time and Artie barely speaks (even though he sure knows how to laugh at kurt). And of course, Kurt is the heart of the show,(he is also the most famous character outside of america actually, hello from france btw) making him a constant punching bag is really painful to watch. Noone is bying that blaine is the hot stuff and kurt is his cute little (taller) boyfriend, get on with it or at least ask the makeup and hair people to tone down chris’s hotness because this is getting ridiculous. The proof is this question people are asking: is chris (kurt) shirtless in the sex scene?
    To me the sex storylines looks like a poor attempt to boost the low ratings. Just give all the original glee club members decent storylines and interaction, they carry the show and their chemistry is wonderful. Now, I’m happy about the kurtofsky scene though, chris and max’s chemistry is spellbounding (but no romance please, never…). We all know karofsky is into kurt, so I’m still waiting for the sexual harassment thing to be address, one can dream. Sorry for being such a debby downer :( but at least I stay polite and try to elaborate.

  19. stw says:

    3×04 “Pot O’ Gold” was not subpar; it rocked. (Except for the creepy Puck/Quinn/Shelby story, but I’m pretending that wasn’t there.) Are you sure you watched the same episode I did? It was the first time back this season that the show felt like Glee.

    I’m can’t comment on the rest of your post, because as soon as I saw that you were spoiling every minute of the episode I decided to stop reading and come down just to comment on the first line. SO sick of nothing being a surprise anymore; that ruins the eps more than anything.

    P.S. Glee execs who keep asking EW, TVOnline, and E Online to do your publicity this way in an attempt to stoke ratings:

    1. Tivo was not recording Glee as a new episode last week, so lots of folks who tried to watch it didn’t have it recorded–take than into account w/your numbers.

    2. When you make the show excellent, you don’t need to bribe us to watch it with spoilers. Do what you have every ability to do so well and remember, as far as advanced notice goes, less is far, far more effective. Tease us–that’s how you’ll please us.

  20. H. says:

    Thanks for the scoop. The thing I am most excited about is the arrival of SEBASTIAN! I hope Sebastian comes back and stays around as a permanent character.

  21. Irene says:

    In adition to my previous comment, if you Blaine-haters say you want to see Kurt happy, why don’t you pay attention to what he says?? I mean, he said in The Purple P. P. that the only way to make his year magic was to be with Blaine as much as he possibly could! Kurt and Blaine love each other. To my mind, they are ready. Besides, I don’t think Kurt is doing it because he feels threatened, I think he just doesn’t want their first time to happen while they’re drunk, and that’s why he stops Blaine outside the bar, not because he doesn’t want to do it. Kurt is really happy (FINALLY, we should all say!) with Blaine, even though neither of them is the perfect boyfriend, they are humans who make mistakes!
    FYI, I do support a FRIENDSHIP between Kurt and Karofsky, but nothing else, it just doesn’t feel right for neither of them to become more than that.

    • Kay says:

      I agree. He did not want to have his first time be in car in the parking lot of a gay bar and Blaine being drunk and not being able to remember it the next day. Who would want that as your first sexual experience? He wanted it to be special and something that they could look back on as a good experience. I think they handled it the right way, by waiting until the time was right. I don’t think it is a good idea for Kurt and Dave to be in a relationship because of their past history (Dave was abusive and bullying). I don’t care if he did apologize and Kurt accepted his apology. It just would not be a good thing, because you never know when something would trigger Dave and he could become abusive again. I think it would be better if they remained friends and that is all. Kurt and Blaine have a good relationship. They started out as friends who then became close enough to fall in love. I hope that they are able to grow and mature into a loving couple and maybe even make it legal someday. But we will have to wait and see how that goes. The writers need to create a good storyline and keep it moving. Season 4 episode 4 “The Break Up” will be interesting to see how this relationship survives what drama Chris and Darren are asking for.

  22. Captain says:

    Cannot wait for Finchel it is ABOUT TIME!

  23. Natasha says:

    God everyoene is so negative about this episode and yet I need this episode like I need air. This will fill my angst whore inside of me and my romantic side and I LOVE that both Finchel and Klaine are having sex in the same episode, why? Not just cause I love both couples BUT I love the parallel Glee is doing of homosexual sex and heterosexual sex being shown at the same time. And I’m glad that it looks like Karofsky might be getting his happy ending!

  24. Natasha says:

    btw just because Karofsky is at a different school doesn’t mean he won’t play a part in it… I mean they didn’t HAVE to bring him back but at the same time I think they did to bring some closure to the Karofsky character. I’m sure Max could guest star a couple of times, being friends with Kurt. And even if this is the last time we see Karofsky at least he’s in a better state than he was during the Prom episode. And btw Sam is coming back and I have a feeling we’ll see Lauren again soon.

  25. Emy says:

    I just keep reminding myself of Ryan Murphy’s comment during his Glee3D interview. None of the core couples of this season will be breaking up. That’s not to say that there won’t be some angsty moments or some drama…but he PROMISED lol that they weren’t going to split.

    • LOL says:

      “Murphy Has Been Planning the Season 3 Endgame for Three Years Now | “We now have a writing staff of nine people, and they’re all great, heavy hitters,” boasts Murphy. As a result, he and co-creator Brad Falchuk have decided to point the show toward the exact endgame Murphy envisioned when he first pitchedGlee more than three years ago.”

    • Alex says:

      I trust Ryan Murphy about as far as I can throw him. He said last year that Finn and Rachel wouldn’t break up, and we all saw how that went.

  26. Danny says:

    Thank God the thread on this site isn’t filled with homophobic rants like the one on over this episode. Like a million bible-bangers came out of the closet and are like saying how this show is ruining America and promoting homosexuality. I can’t believe people are so stupid.

    • Eden says:

      “promoting homosexuality” always makes me laugh… How exactly does showing a homosexual couple in love and happy = promoting homosexuality? What, do these people want all homosexual relationships to be portrayed as abusive and miserable? And in any case, both a homo and hetero couple are “doing the deed” in this episode so any “promoting” going on between the two sexualities seems to be about even as far as I can tell.

  27. Buyn says:

    I’ll follow the advice in Bambi. So, all I’m going to say, is welcome to the pirate ship Mr. Ausiello.

  28. Lost says:

    Am I the only one just… squicked by the thought of Klaine sex? Huzzzzz… D: They’re both too… boyish. Too innocent. And really, how do they make this huge leap over the course of what? A summer? Just last season, Kurt was freaked out about sex and wanted to hear nothing about it… I’m sorry but I really really really hope that it doesn’t go there. I honestly don’t care about any of the couple’s first times because, to me, that can be left at the background for the fans to imagine. It shouldn’t be the prime bit of a whole episode.

    As for Sebastian… I honestly hope that he does get Blaine. XD; I love Darren; he seems like such a sweet and fantasically funny and open guy but I hate his character. Blaine is so plastic and fake feeling; he’s like Jessie Saint James only he’s not out to actually hurt anyone. Instead, he’s just irritating and too. Perfect. I mean, who ever finds the “perfect” guy in high school? And who ever stays with their high school sweet heart forever? No, Sebastian is good story telling. Klaine is boring and dry because, again, Blaine is a friggin’ saint(there could have been a lot more resentment and friction between Kurt and Blaine; especially seeing as Kurt basically forced Blaine to leave behind his friends and abandon his teammates. Am I the only one who thought that was incredibly selfish of Kurt? Or that Blaine took it entirely too well and gave in entirely too easily?). Any relationship, real life or in shows, can go stale really fast without some kind of conflict. That’s what Klaine needs. And if they survive this conflict, well, that’s just more power to the Klainers.

    Glee… I loved Glee for the first season. It was fabulous. Then second season rolled by and I enjoyed it… but not with the same gusto as I did the first season. They really started to lose me when they got so wrapped up with these couples and everything happening. Finchel-lovers, I’m sorry, but this couple pretty much made the second season pretty hard to take. I was rolling my eyes and screaming at the television any time Rachel appeared on screen with those stupid puppy dog eyes. What kind of message is she sending to younger, more impressionable viewers? That its okay to moon over the same guy because he dumped you? Just… no. And what really got me was when they had that big kiss at the end of season two? There were a lot of factors adding in to me hating that season finale but they definitely didn’t help.

    So this episode holds next to no draw for me outside of perhaps Karofsky’s return and from what I’ve been hearing is that his story arc is about to get tied up into a neat little bow… which makes me really sad. I would have loved to see he and Kurt become friends and Kurt help him through these troubling times. I would have loved to see more of a redemption on his part. And I would have absolutely been ecstatic if they’d actually had the PFLAG meeting. That would have been all kinds of epic and cool.

    But this is just my two cents. Glee hasn’t really wowed me this season. I’m still waiting for that magical episode that just draws me in. For the first season, it was from the very first episode. For the second season, I have to say it had to be Never Been Kissed. This season may only be a few episodes in but its yet to even have much of a moment that wow’d me… except maybe Burt last episode. But really, I think everyone can agree, Burt is just awesome.

    • Julie says:

      Yay! I’m not the only one who thinks this way *high fives*

    • Anna says:

      I definitely agree with you! :)

    • Eden says:

      You win all the awards. I agree with everything; St. Blaine, Karofsky, Rachel’s stupid puppy dog eyes, all of it. But especially the first paragraph. I too think centering an entire episode around these two couples going all the way is completely unnecessary, 100% fanservice, and only happening because the writers are desperately looking for a way to reel viewers back in to watching.

      • Lost says:

        I would like to thank the academy for this award…

        … but in all seriousness, that’s so true. :/ The writers are scrambling to draw interest back into the show after they lost it and they think this will fix it… I think that they lost a lot of their audience when they started pandering to the audience. Nothing irritated me more when they did because its just bad writing.

    • Leonidas says:

      I totally agree with your views… also, I may add that a main problem with Glee overall is that switched from being “an adult, irreverent show about teens in a showchoir” as was back in season 1 to “a teen show for tweens with a focus on romance and pretty boys” with increasingly stupid plots and lots of fanservice (specially the whole “Dalton arc” which imho ruined the show with it’s “fantasy-utopian-school-for-cute-rich-kids” theme), very much in the style of the series from MTV… even the adults behave as toddlers at this point and I’m tired of their constant formula of “love triangles”, “(s)he loves me/ (s)he loves me not” amd “ships & endgames”; seriously, what happened to the original “misfits” theme? let’s add to the mix the whole “Glee Project” thing whose main target are again the “tweens” & “biebsters” alike drooling after “wannabies” with mediocre/unpolished acting skills (which would be better suited for the x-factor or any other kind of talent show instead of a program where “good solid acting” may be a “must”)… and I, as an adult, feel each time more and more idiotic and insulted watching what used to be a great program; I’m bored and tired of all the storylines right now and I’ll watch this 5th ep only because of Karofsky’s return (the more complex and solid character left at this point, the highlight from season 2… and I don’t give a s**t about “ships” in this respect), and after that I’m back to NCIS which is where I found myself landing these recent Tuesday’s nights.

  29. Phoenix says:

    i want quinn and puck back!!! let them have some sweaty scenes! they are my favourite couple!

  30. Errm says:

    Wow… erm… wow.
    I should start by stating that I am not homophobic or whatsoever, but honestly I don’t know what to think about this. Seriously it’s kinda …nice? that the show’s strongly going after the fact that being homosexual is okay, but things have been so pushy over that only fact since last season, and it just got me off the major love I had for this show. It’s great if you are gay but seriously there are other things going on in the world.
    As for Finchel I used to be a shipper but bringing back Jesse over and over is just made me detest Rachel last season.
    And by the way bravo Glee for showing us that everyone in small high school clubs apparently have sex before senior year midterm. It’s every teen’s dream to have a wonderful first time with their high school crush so why not have everybody do it like it actually does in real life…
    Yeah… count me out for this one.

    • David says:

      hey, don’t worry, I don’t read your comment as “homophobic” at all… I’m gay myself and I have to agree with you… this whole “how fabulous is to be gay and everything is gay gay gay gay gay gay” stuff is becoming annoying and irritating… I think being gay is just that you want your life’s partner to be from your own genre… this whole “being gay is this HUGE thing which defines your whole persona and how you have to behave and live your life and which goals you’ll achieve… oh, and btw you HAVE to be out & proud by 16yo” is major bulls**t which doesn’t do any good to LGBT teens, but just put on their heads and shoulders more pressure than they already have… I was more interested in watching Karofsky’s more subtle (and conflicted) process from denial to self-aceptance which represents a large segment of gay guys (like myself) who don’t “fit” (and don’t intend to) into the “rainbow paradygm”, but it seems the writers are just too lazy to handle it properly.

      And I agree in that the “sex” plot is very forced and premature.

  31. b16 says:

    i don’t think glee is getting its spark back after every awful episode it’s been showing lately… come on, writers! what is going on with the show??? it’s just…. aaarrrggghhh!!! D-I-S-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-I-N-G…

  32. Anna says:

    Oh Gods, David Karofsky is finally back… I hope it won’t be the last we’ll see of him! (ç_ç)

  33. BWags says:

    Artie is the director of “West Side Story”? In what world does that happen?

  34. Juan says:

    Kurt-Karofsky ‘shippers – All I’m saying is that it would have been a less-obvious and deeper storyline.

  35. kerpee says:

    will everyone shut up about klain and finchel the only couple i like in this episode is santana and brittany what is their name?

  36. Kate says:

    I’m looking forward to this episode because of Finnchel but I’ve been pretty disappointed in the other eps this season. Season One was so good but I think Ryan Murphy let it go to his head and he got too focused on guest stars and taking care of his pet people and pet causes and forgot that at the end of the day we watch Glee to be entertained.

    Shelby and Puck – ick. Quinn trying get her baby back…that idea has potential but it has to be executed perfectly. Shelby’s rival ND group? Not what anyone wants to see. More Mercedes? Also, not what anyone wants to see and NOBODY believes Mercedes can out sing Rachel! Kurt and Blaine? Good but they aren’t the entire cast. The kids from the Glee Project? Who cares?

    This is the last season for the original ND kids – we want to wrap up their journey! See them finally winning at Nationals, trying to decide what to do when they grow up, preparing for college or work, see who decides to move together, who’s going to try long distance and who ends up breaking up. Glee has enough to do with the original cast – we don’t need crazy plots and RM trying to be fair and show off everyone.

    We want Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Wemma, Blaine and then Quinn, Puck, Sam, Brittany and Santana, followed by Mercedes, Artie, Tina and Mike.

    • Lost says:

      Not true; I think Mercedes could sing circles around Rachel….. but that’s probably because Rachel is incredibly grating and her talent is ruined by her me attitude. That’s one of the things I DO like about this season, I admit, is Mercedes finally telling Mr. Shue off for having a favorite. Although, I agree on the Puck Shelby thing and the Quinn Stuff. However, everything else… not so much.

      Mercedes was one of the first glee members at the very beginning and from the very beginning, she’s been pretty much overshadowed by Rachel and even a little bit by the others. I like that they are letting Mercedes finally get some screen time.

  37. Amy says:

    Are you kidding me right now with these comments? I’m sorry to tell you that among the viewers (you know, the ones that are NOT apart of the online fandom, of which the online fandom is 2% of overall viewers which is nothing) adore Finchel. Say all you want about how much Finchel sucks, or their chemistry is horrible (L O L), and she should be with (insert crackship here), it’s happening. It’s canon. The writers are invested in Finchel. They’re the core couple of the show. So go ahead and bitch, and whine and complain, while 98% percent of the viewers (including myself because i love Finchel) enjoy the core couple knocking boots. Sorry for your troubles.

    • Eden says:

      …And here, folks, we can see even more made up statistics to prove an ignorant fan’s flimsy arguments about things they actually have no real proof of!

      • Lost says:

        Yeap… making good strides for the advocacy of Finchel there… With shippers like you, Finchel doesn’t need haters.

  38. slee says:

    This show just gets worse and worse. I really enjoyed the first season, but since then it has gone down hill. I can’t believe there are still parents out there that let their teens and young adults watch this crap. All it is now is sex and back biting. The music isn’t even good enough to keep me interested. Hopefully this will be the last season.

  39. Yoha2405 says:

    Im sorry but Finchel doing the deed could never be tasteful or romantic when there is Finn involved. He has always treated Rachel horribly and quite frankly sex is all he cares about.

    • Alex says:

      “I appreciate you.” “You’re a star, you deserve to shine” Rachel: “You believe in me that much?” Finn: “More”. “Rachel, please don’t do this (referring to the nose job). You’re beautiful.” “I just really love you.” “I’m in love with her.” “I love her.” “Would you stop, you’re beautiful.” “You’re the best girlfriend ever.” Finn quotes about Rachel. Those were just off the top of my head (some of those came when they were broken up).

      • Carcan says:

        How many of these comments were made after he was rude or inconsiderate to Rachel??? How many of them were made in private when there was no one around to hear him say how much he appreciates her… I would gage not many!!!

  40. electrasteph says:

    So… No Faberry in this episode then? Eh. (Goes back to writing fan fiction.)

  41. alize says:

    Wow, I am a huge Glee fan but seriously? These are characters, NOT real people!

  42. Ttant says:

    Ug. Just ug. I felt like to start with, glee was such a diverse group of kids. Even when it came to sex. And why can’t it stay that way? Why is it impossible to have a group of high school kids where some of them are still virgins? Rachel’s decision not to have sex with Jesse was admirable. Why should we ruin that for Finn? And Kurt’s reaction to the sex talkmwas innocent and priceless. And Blaine knows what all Kurt has been through recently. Sex can’t fix that. It’s just going to give him a myriad of new emotions to struggles with. What the heck were the writers thinking? Oh yeah. Sex sells.

    • Eden says:

      It’s because none of their other stupid ideas for storylines are working so why not throw in the most obvious ploy for viewers. Sex.

  43. Esperanza says:

    Santana.. Marry me please

  44. ER Moore says:

    Get back to what made Glee successful in the first season. … The music. This show needs to stop trying to be so PC before it is history

  45. Anderson says:

    Puckleberry should have never been messed with, the two Jews belong together. Besides interfaith relationship never last that long, and Ryan Murphy you give Jews a bad name. Why aren’t I seeing Rachel and Noah going to shul, or heck a nice Friday night shabbat Dinner? Or Rachel lighting candles on a Friday night? Get with it already Murphy, I want them more involved in being Jewish…

    • Gleek Freak says:

      “Besides interfaith relationships never last that long”

      Wrong. My mother is Jewish and my father is Catholic, and they’ve been married for 36 years.

  46. Stacie says:

    Really I thought it would be Blaine

  47. Leah says:

    Really people, it’s a freaking tv show! Get over it! It’s entertainment! The ones getting so worked up about it make me laugh! Get a life seriously. Lol. These characters are not real people. Lol. It’s a great show and just appreciate it for the true talent these actors and actresses have.

  48. Casey Bingham says:

    What the heck happened to the story line between Shelby and Puck! You cant just start that and then not follow it in the next episode! thats crazy! Please tell me there is more on that in the next episode!

  49. Angel says:

    I love santana, she is in love with Brittany and she probably felt threatend by Rory coz he wants brittany so she was just telling him to back off basically, which to me is fair enough