Glee Spoiler Alert: 8 Things You Must Know About Next Week's Sex-cellent Episode, 'The First Time'

Glee rebounds mightily from Tuesday’s subpar “Pot O’ Gold’ episode with next week’s stellar sexual rite of passage-themed “First Time,” which finds two of the show’s supercouples — Rachel and Finn, and Kurt and Blaine — going all the way. But the standout episode isn’t all about getting it on. It’s also about…

1. Talking about getting it on. During a West Side Story rehearsal, director Artie tells Rachel and Blaine that they lack passion as Maria and Tony, then guesses that maybe they’ve never, you know, done it. “How do you expect to convey the human experience to an audience when you haven’t even opened yourself up to one of humanity’s most basic and primal needs?” he asks. Fun fact: We also learn Rachel and Kurt aren’t the only McKinley-ites in the Virgin Club: Coach Bieste and Blaine are also waiting for the right guy. Speaking of which…

2. Bieste and her new football recruiter boyfriend (played by Eric Bruskotter). They’re super-sweet together. So super-sweet, in fact, that it’s going to really suck when she finds out about this.

3. The arrival of Sebastian. No sooner does Grant Gustin’s gay Warbler debut than he sets his sights on Blaine. And what he wants, I suspect he’ll get: He’s got charisma to spare and tons of chemistry with Darren Criss. Fun fact: He’s not the only obstacle to Klaine sex — the other is Kurt’s wardrobe. Specifically, “All of his layers.”

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4. The opening night of West Side Story. I did mention that that was coming up, right? Right. So it won’t be a huge surprise that much of the hour’s play list comes from the musical. My fave: Lea Michele and Naya Rivera rendition of “A Boy Like That,” which is cleverly intercut with Sebastian doing some hardcore flirting with Blaine.

5. Karofsky’s return. When Sebastian invites Kurt and Blaine out to local gay haunt Scandal, Kurt runs into his old nemesis at the bar. Apparently, transferring to a new school has done wonders for the bully’s disposition. He’s mellowed out considerably and coming to grips with his sexuality. It’s my favorite scene of the episode and should fire up those Kurt-Karofsky ‘shippers out there (and I know you’re out there).

6. Santana’s putdown. The snarkiest Cheerio gets the episode’s best line when she urges Rachel not to do the deed with Finn because, well, he’s a lousy lay. “Finn is terrible in bed. It was like being smothered by a sweaty, out of breath sack of potatoes that somebody soaked in body spray.” Fun fact: Brittany called Artie by the wrong name four times when he lost her virginity to her.

7. Kurt’s bucket list. No. 87 on it? “To become CEO of Logo.”

8. Finchel and Klaine sex. Ultimately, both couples do the deed, and it’s romantic, tasteful and all very satisfying. (For the kissing-conscious Klaine ’shippers, there’s one significant smooch, but it does not take place during The Act. For more on that, scan my Twitter feed.) Finchelcourse, meanwhile, comes on the heels Finn receiving some bad news, but I would hardly call it pity sex. Again, you will be pleased. Maybe not as pleased as Finn. But pleased.

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  1. Madi says:

    I can’t with the Brittany calling Artie by a wrong name line xD so awesome. Also can’t wait for the Klaine stuff, it’s my second favorite couple after Brittana of course!

    • Fiona says:

      That’s not “fun” that’s really sad. How awful for Artie.

      • mainer says:

        Girl forgot name? Doesn’t matter. Had sex!!

      • Beth says:

        Well I think it’s already been established that the experience didn’t mean much for Brittany and that it was a mistake for Artie that hurt him a lot, so revealing that she had trouble with his name really just goes with the flighty not-with-it Brittany that we know and love.

    • Dwight J. says:

      That’s it! haha
      I wonder who’s top and who’s bottom between Klaine…

    • mike says:

      Finchel are the best couple on the show. I love them. This is going to be the best episode in history of glee

    • cyndiD says:

      Could have been ANY name-She told Kurt she needed to have sex with HIM,(when he was trying to be super-macho)because she’d slept with every other guy in school,and she wanted a perfect record.BTW-if that was true,how could Santana have been Finn’s only experience,eh?

  2. Daye says:

    “Fun fact: Brittany called Artie by the wrong name four times when he lost his virginity to her.”

    And all 4 times were variations of Santana, yes?

  3. L'Anon says:

    I’m laughin so hard at Brittany calling Artie by someone else’s name (Santana?).

  4. erfrizki says:

    You… Make.. My… Day… Complete.

  5. no says:

    finchel is gross so I will not be pleased. whatever about klaine.

    • Lena says:

      I love you.

      • jane says:

        I don’t – I think you are a rude person. Finchel is the most beautiful couple on tv – I love them and can’t wait – I have been cheering them from day one. Mike Ausselio knows the crazy people hit his site – the general audience adores them. I can’t wait for it – all my friends and family adore finchel – and they are not online crazies!!!

        • Emma says:

          It’s not really rude to not like a fictional couple. I hate Brittana with a passion. I was so excited when the writers were going on about leaving that behind over the summer and focusing on Santana coming to terms with who she is before she gets a girlfriend then what do we get? Oh, they’re a couple. Hate it. Absolutely cannot stand those two girls together. It’s too obvious and does absolutely nothing for character development. It’s just giving in to the fans again which ruins television seeing as now anyone knows what’s coming. I wasn’t happy with Kurt and Blaine getting together either since I liked that they could be friends without having to get together but Ryan Murphy had to please fans for ratings once again. I don’t mind them that much anymore now though.

      • harry says:


    • Rini says:

      Precisely how is one ever supposed to be ‘Pleased’ about Finchel sex? The concept of this escapes me completely.

      • gmmmj says:

        this. mamy people don’t like finchel. who are they kidding in that “the loser gets the popular guy”? lol

        • York says:

          you couldn’t be more far from the truth. the general audience loves them – these online fans that spam ausselios site have an agenda… finn and rachel – always stay beautiful – you make the show for most!

        • noi says:

          Just because the online fandom seems not to love Finchel very much, the percentage of the audience they represent is irrelevant (like 1%). The general audience loves Finchel, sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Belle says:

      Exactly. Finchel is a horrible pairing. Will not be looking forward to seeing them do the deed.

      • yep says:

        I’m sorry you feel that way but I love them and am glad for this episode. Hope we can all enjoy the episode and revel in all what we like to see and hear.

    • andre says:

      I love Finchel too and I’m glad they are taking this step

      • Sophie says:

        Finchel for the win! These haters are just jealous, jealous of what they have and what they will share with all the viewers, because it will be shared between two people who love each other. :) Finchel Spam. I aint even mad!

    • Trew says:

      Thank you. Season 2 ruined Finchel for me completely. I find the pairing AWFUL, ridiculous, and boring.

      • jim says:

        Season two was bad writing. Season three they are in love and beautiful. GO FINCHEL!! THE AUDIENCE LOVES YOU SO MUCH!

      • yep says:

        The characters are a biproduct of the writing and that’s all they can be. Since they are fictional and only in the minds of the writers then blame the minds of the creators. In any given instance or world there would not be an overtly obnoxious egotistical self serving Rachel with no regard for anyone but themselves with no conscience. Nor would there be a school that would allow bullying to the extent of Quinn Sue Karofsky or Santana without consequences. Nor would there be in today’s world a school that would not allow students to form and accept anyone in their club where outside forces inhibit and condemn anyone from attending. It’s fiction only. All the people on Glee are greatly flawed in every way possible with some great characteristics which none of them realize they have. S2 was an experiment to be different and failed in many ways causing some characters backlash and then some. S3 to be positive will be the best I hope. Enjoy TV Glee.

    • Michele says:

      Finchel is the most beautiful couple on tv – I love them and can’t wait – I have been cheering them on for 2 1/2 years – my whole glee family has!! we have big parties every glee episode and finn and rachel are always the highlight. We just adore them so much. I can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

    • gleelover says:

      i no finchel is so gross i hate rachel why cant she just die i want to KILL her but i like klaine

    • Giuliette says:

      as much as i love klaine, i HATE finchel! i agree 100% that finchel is gross! St. Berry all the way!

  6. Eddy says:

    … All I’m seeing is Blaine trying to unwrap Kurt like giftwrapping.

    Also New Gay Warbler is a villain. And Blaine loves Kurt. He won’t get what he wants.
    I’ll ship Sebastian with Karofsky. Just leave Klaine alone.

    • Charles says:

      Totally agreed, Eddy. Kurt and Blaine are clearly made for each other, and no evil dude is actually going to split them up – nor is Karofsky. They may have bumps along the way, but RIB, the actors, and most of the fans/media all love Klaine. I’m not too worried.

      • Eddy says:

        & Ausiello needs to stop with the Sebastian and Karofsky stuff too.

        The last thing we need is Ex-Bully and Predatory-Gay forming relationships with the boys. Kurt and Blaine are better than them.

      • Mike says:

        No, the majority of fans are not all in love with klaine. What they are in love with is Kurt being happy. If Klaine does not satisfy that then Kurt and Blaine should not be together. I just hope that Kurt starts being treated with more respect than has been shown to him by Blaine and the other members of the New directions and the teaching staff this season. When are we going to have answers to all the humilliation Kurt is being put through this season? Sex, no matter how romantic it may be in this episode, is not the answer to Kurt’s happiness. Being valued for ALL that he is, his immense talent, his compassion and his humanity, that is what should be happeneing, yet Kurt is being treated appalingly by everyone. The fans have had enough. It HURTS!!! What the hell are the writers doing?

        • Eddy says:

          The writers suck and always have sucked.

          Also all Blaine did was audition for Tony. He’s just as ambitious as Kurt, I think.

          • Jones says:

            I don’t think Blaine is ambitious at all. He purposely auditioned for Krupke (sp?) knowing he could easily contend for Tony simply because he knew how bad Kurt wanted it. He only auditioned for Tony after Artie, Emma and Bieste asked him to and had no intention of casting Kurt as Tony.

        • Carl says:

          I don’t know what show some people is watching… Blaine has seriously destroyed Kurt’s self-steem… at first Kurt practically begged for his attention, going after him like a lost puppy, yet Blaine was “clueless”… he preferred to serenade a Gap employee… then, even after knowing about Kurt’s infatuation with him, Blaine goes after Rachel (!)… later, he told Kurt how his “sexy faces” looked like gas pains… and it took a dead bird to lead him to “realize” how amazing Kurt is?? oh, yes… that’s sooo romantic… Blaine is just a spoiled brat who gets everything he wants when “he” wants, disregarding other’s feelings, all smoothed by his “suave” attitude and “charming” smile… and now he’ll pressure Kurt to have sex and he’ll get it too, of course… nobody can say “no” to sweet perfect Blaine, the perfect “prince charming”… because in tales a “prince charming” can’t be conquered, “he” gets to decide who will be his “princess” who doesn’t have a say at all and simply may rejoice in being “noticed” by the prince… and bravo, the total emasculation of “princess” Kurt has been acomplished.

          • Eddy says:

            Lol. You seem to be hovering between saying Blaine is “too perfect” and “not perfect enough”.

            He’s human is what he is. If there’s one thing I like about glee it’s character ambiguity. No one is completely in the right all the time and no one is completely in the wrong. See Santana’s characterisation. Kurt himself is not perfect. Blaine is not perfect. They’re just in a normal relationship trying to make it work.

            People need to step back.

          • the girl says:

            I’m no Glee expert, but I AM fairly certain that Blaine didn’t “go after” Rachel. They were playing spin the bottle. You spin the bottle and kiss the person who it points to. There really aren’t many other ways to play that game.

          • SP says:

            Agreed on all points, except that we don’t know yet if Blaine indeed pressures Kurt into having sex.
            People who followed Glee press since at least the beginning of season 2 know that Blaine wasn’t intended to be the boyfriend but Kurt’s suave mentor, likely RIB expanded his role after seeing how popular he and the Warblers became. So, to get both characters on a more equal grounding, Blaine’s character was rewritten in virtually every new episode, the only consistency him being “oblivious” and at times insensitive towards Kurt’s reelings, which was never really adressed or resolved within the story. Now we have Kurt being in a relationship with, well, basically still a plot device (he is kind of romantically incompactible with) and their mutual storylines suspiciously often include crushing his self-esteem. Hopefully not this one, but I won’t bet on it.
            And before anyone accuses me of this, no, I don’t think it’s Darren’s fault that the writers suck.

          • Eddy says:

            To be honest, everything in Glee suffers from uninspired drama and bad inconsistant writing. But I think Klaine have had a good deal in comparison to others.

            I think the “original” coming out storyline they planned for Sam would have been even more of a train wreck, as it would be Kurt doing more chasing, trying to get some closeted boy out of the closet, they’d probably have done some version of the drunk bisexual storyline too with more Kurt angst. Or worse, had Kurt end up with Karofsky.

          • Carl says:

            Blaine is not “perfect” nor “not perfect enough” because he doesn’t have “any” character at all… he is a vacuum, a plot device to fulfill the desires of the writers, nothing more, nothing less… in that sense he is the “perfect Prince Charming”, because once he appears and rescues/get the Princess, there’s nothing more to tell, it’s a theatrical prop, a “deux ex machina”… it’s not Darren’s fault, I like the guy, but the writing for Blaine is terrible…

            p.d: btw Blaine “did” go after Rachel… they even “had dates” after their kiss (it’s canon), which just broke Kurt’s confidence even more… the Kurt from season 1 was brave enough to face his enemies on his own, he didn’t need any “courage” from anyone… S1 Kurt would have go to Miss Pillsbury after the locker-room kiss, and she would have forced Karofsky to attend therapy sessions by making him face the option to call his parents… Kurt would had his bully “by the balls”, literally… and, of course, no need to transfer… but the writers wanted so much to show Dalton that used this chance to develop their “fairy tale school”… and ruined Kurt since then… the Kurt post-Blaine/post-Dalton doesn’t believe in his own strength anymore, is a pale ghost, fragile like crystal, who has his whole life sucked off by his own personal vampyre who keeps (uncounsciously, I’ll give him that) undermining Kurt’s sense of his own worth.

          • Eddy says:

            Kurt isn’t a wilting flower, sure he has troubles and insecurities about his future, but who doesn’t?

            And I believe it was Karofsky who broke Kurt in season 2, not Blaine. :/

            And I think you’re ignoring some characterisation.
            Blaine is a dumbass but his heart tries to be in the right place (canon). He’s not having an easy ride either. Kurt is leaving for college next year, and Finn seems to hate his guts on principle.

          • Carl says:

            Karofsky didn’t broke Kurt: the WRITERS did it, by turning him into such a “passive doll” and they keep doing it until now, in each episode by making him appear as the poor eternal powerless victim… the Kurt from season 1 fought back… the Kurt from season 2 is “the damsell in distress”…

          • Eddy says:

            Sure. When Karofsky’s at fault it’s down to the writers… I’m talking characters here. Karofsky is to blame for Kurt nearly having a breakdown from being so terrified.

          • Suz says:

            Blaine is OK for Kurt just not what I pictured for him. Kurt looks up to his father so much I thought he would look for a man more like Burt. That’s why I think Kurt had such a big crush on Finn.

          • A Klainer says:

            Lol. No we do not need Kurt having an Electra Complex.

          • Deanna says:

            “Karofsky didn’t broke Kurt: the WRITERS did it, by turning him into such a “passive doll” and they keep doing it until now, in each episode by making him appear as the poor eternal powerless victim… the Kurt from season 1 fought back… the Kurt from season 2 is “the damsell in distress”…”

            Carl, I think I love you. XD

            You have just put in a nutshell the reason I love season 1 Kurt and hate seasons 2-3 Kurt. Where he used to be sassy and fabulous, now he’s just whiny and annoying.

            I’m not really excited by the whole Klaine sex thing (or the Finchel sex thing either, if I’m being honest). But I am looking forward to the Kurtofsky reunion. Kinda bummed by the fact that Karofsky apparently transferred away from McKinley, though. Boo. But I guess that doesn’t mean that Kurt can’t see him elsewhere… he and Blaine saw a lot of each other while they were at different schools, too…

        • d says:

          I love you and your comment

        • orni says:

          yes. thats true. i want to see kurt happy. He does not deserve a heartbreak from Blain. I want to see them happy together.

          • bytheseatofmypants says:

            I want a happy Kurt as well. Klaine is not a big deal IMO. As Carl so eloquently and smartly stated that Kurt in s1 had spunk and fought back now s2 and s3 he is ” damsel in distress” and is annoying to say the least. I loved Kurt s1 but have hopes for a more secure and confident Kurt s3. Blaine sings and entertains well and is the new cash cow character for the creators. But I don’t see the solidness of this couple-too good to be true. S2 F/Q/R triangle was a messed up plot and it seems Sabastian is introduced to stir the Klaine pot and bring drama”cough” just like s2 F/Q/R triangle which was a messed up plot. Characters changed and fandom bailed leaving some characters disliked even hated.
            I’ve hoped for a great s3. Now that Blaine is in the ND I hope he fits in nicely. Blaine has become the new cash cow for the creators and powers at be for the studio. So his character will be projected to the front and will over saturate the screen since there is a lot of fandom in his corner.
            As for the episode and the Finchel upcoming sex I think it is time and am glad.
            As for Klaine I don’t want Kurt to be hurt and hope he is happy.
            This episode IMO shows the differences in couples,their validity, and how they relate to each other in conversations and how mature they are in their respect and affection for each other. These couples are more well rounded having gone through obstacles and surviving them. Most of the others are shallow,insincere,have no foundation, no sense of respect, and when one or both of the couple is unable to respond honestly,openly,truefully there is going to be a mountain to climb to build said relationship to be sound and lasting. As a Brittana fan once, I cannot ship them as of now til Santana and Brit can accept whom they are and openly. Quinn is crazy and Puck OMG why did you do that with Shelby? Mercedes needs to dump Shane. Emma needs more psychiatric help or more meds for her extreme ocd and dull dumb plot to be anything with spineless Will. They were soooo good s1. Sue’s better s3 than crazy madman s2.
            So I’m really HOPING for a much better and significant and lasting image and storytelling of s3. That is why Finchel needs to further along their relationship and to conquer all the obstacles in the way of their futures whether together or apart. So as a fan since the pilot Finchel news is great news. Can’t wait for the episode.

        • Felysion says:

          Hear, hear. I agree one hundred percent with this comment, it pretty much sums up my feelings in this matter. I care about Kurt a lot, he’s a great character played by a great actor and I really want him to get happy for once without complications. But Blaine is just a sweet biproduct that is kind of starting to stink, so I honestly can’t say I’m a real Klaine-shipper since I don’t care that much for Blaine’s character at all.

          And looking at the description of Artie nagging at Rachel and Blaine because they haven’t ‘done the deed’ makes this whole thing seem very wrong… Blaine feeling pressured to pressure Kurt into sex? Where’s the romance in that? It feels sort of like we’re erasing Burt’s whole speech about ‘You matter, Kurt’.

          Well, hopefully the episode is better than it sounds.

      • Eddy says:

        It’s kinda at time like this I wish @Jambajim got early previews.

    • Barby says:

      Absolutely agree!!! Sebastian should look somewhere else, he should focus on those who aren’t taken!!! Leave Klaine alone, dude! Oh, how I will suffer if this whole Sebastian thing hurts my boy Kurt in any way!

  7. Kiki says:

    It seems like every other episode of Glee is making up for the last bad episode. This show is so inconsistent. Kind of makes it hard to care.

  8. Kate says:

    “Fun fact: Brittany called Artie by the wrong name four times when he lost her virginity to her.” Hahahaha why do I find this hilarious? lol I think we all can guess whose name she called out. Especially during that episode, Santana was a constant in her mind. That much was obvious. Can’t wait for next Tuesday!!

  9. Lina says:

    Hate finchel, everybody should boycott thus ep

    • Iris says:

      Not me, I LOVE FINCHEL!

    • yep says:

      We all have our own wants likes and dislikes and I’m not going to trash a character or couple becuz I don’t care for them. So I love Finn and Rachel as a couple and as separate characters and I am so elated to watch this episode for them and Kurt and Blaine. I love Santana and Brittany also so I hope there will be less bashing from folks with difference of opinions. I choose to be positive and not look at the crap that others try to be downers about. So enjoy the episode and watch what you wish.

    • andre says:

      Not me but good luck with the boycott, Finchel is still one of the more popular pairings

    • nadia says:

      oh hi there puckleberry shipper and your stupid agenda – you represent a clan of 10 people who are stupid. Don’t watch – everyone else will . Fox loves the general public – who love finn and rachel. Not catering to a failed agenda that you have. GO FINCHEL GO!!!

      • Lost says:

        Where does everyone keep getting this idea that the GENERAL Audience likes Finchel? >_>; I’d really like to know because honestly, everyone I talk to, Online or Real Life, can’t stand Rachel and wishes she’d drop off the face of planet and a lot of them hate when Finn is with her simply because the poor guy turns into a jerk trying to “defend” her when she really just needs a strong dose of reality and a bitch slap to the face to make her grow up. I’m serious! So where do all of the Finchel fans get the idea that the audience loves their ship? I mean… are they just like Rachel and too concieted to even CONSIDER that the entire audience DOESN’T likes their ship and a lot of people avoid it like they avoid scurvy and the plague.

        To be fair, the GENERAL Audience probably doesn’t give a flying flip about the ships or even realizes there’s a such thing as the ship wars.

    • Gleek Freak says:

      Everyone should boycott this episode just because YOU hate Finchel? Sorry, but the world doesn’t revolve around you. I personally LOVE Finchel and I see no reason why I or anyone else should boycott it just because someone on the internet who I’ve never even met thinks that “everyone should.” If YOU want to skip this episode, go right ahead, but don’t expect that everyone else should.

    • noi says:

      You talk about boycotting the episode assuming that the online fandom could make a difference. It’s such a small portion of the general audience (which, just so you know, LOVES Finchel) that a boycott would never work. Also, you’re being very childish. Do you really think that the authors will change what they set up from the Pilot just because you and a ridiculously small fraction of the audience dislike the pairing? Get real.

  10. kaitlin says:

    I am so over Santana and her verbal tirades. They’re not funny anymore. Just mean.

    • Alex says:

      Whiny Finchel fans can GTFO, really.

    • YES says:

      I agree. What was once funny, are now just nasty, crude, obnoxious lines. Santana has no depth; she’s not a mean girl with a heart of gold, she’s just a mean girl. I HATE that her coming out is being used as an excuse for her nasty behavior. She manipulates Brittany (example — using her ignorance and belief in Leprechauns to get Brittany to switch Glee clubs even though she said she didn’t want to), and suggest to the new Irish kid he leave the school because nobody cares. She’s a nasty, horrible bully who deserves no support an no friends. Too bad Glee is blind to it all because she’s gay.

      • Monkeyrat says:

        Because you making this comment, as a real person, is better? Pot. Kettle. Yada yada yada (did you ever had to come out, btw? Genuine question).

      • GV says:

        OH blah blah, yes Santana’s remark to Rory was mean, i don’t understand why the hell the writers put it there, YES, she was pissed cuz Rory wanted to get in Brittany’s pants but the comment was out of line.
        But she definitely does not manipulate Brittany, read this, all the in depth you need of this episode about Santana and Brittany, and if your to lazy to read it, oh well.
        ( )

      • Mia says:

        Please shut up if you don’t know what you’re talking about, they’re setting Santana up for her downfall so leave her alone, she’ll be more miserable than anyone else in a few episodes if that’s what you want. She’ll get her comeuppance and she’ll be better because of it.

      • Eden says:

        Agree 100%. I used to be a huge Santana fan. But now I’m just tired of her. Being homosexual is not a free pass to be a terrible human being. She is one of the biggest bullies on the show, if not the biggest. It seems like the writers put so much effort into preaching anti-bullying whenever someone looks at Kurt funny, but then they turn around and have characters like Santana bully everyone else and try to pass it off as a joke. Its not funny just because its not happening to Kurt.

        • Graceof Spades says:

          No I kind of like it. I think it’s important to show that just because a character is gay doesn’t mean that they can’t be a thoroughly awful person. Thumbs up for equality!

          • Eden says:

            I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but in any case, its not the fact that she’s a thoroughly awful person, its the fact that she’s a thoroughly awful person and the writers try to make it funny. I feel like I’m being guilt tripped into thinking she’s funny because I’m supposed to feel sorry for her for being in the closet… its just not right.

          • yep says:

            I’m glad people are stating how they feel as I do negatively for Santana and her outlandish disgusting bullying just to be funny when anti-bullying was such a major plot s2 for Kurt and as it seemed at the time Santana showed sincere sadness and support for Kurt during all his plight. She ran for Prom queen premise as a Bully Whip anti bullying campaign. As of start of s3 she has all but lost what sensitivity and remorse showing redeeming qualities for her character. Which was a massive character growth with made me a huge fan. Having gone back to her original self I’ve become tired of her tirades toward others just for jokes. Then to see Brittany follow suit in leaving ND saying Finn was a bully that whole scene was a sham of the bully plot s2 and I have a distinct feeling as someone has said in passing that Santana will get her Karma(comeuppances) in droves. Finn had it come his way s2. Now it will be Santana with all the debaucle with Finn history hanging over her head. She will hit rock bottom. And if this is so I’ll be so glad that she has to face her demons and hope she comes out the other end a WHOLE LOT BETTER PERSON. SHE HAS ALWAYS MESSED INTO OTHERS BUSINESS JUST TO BE HURTFUL AND CYNICAL ABOUT IT TOO. I’ve lost my desire to give a care about a cynical hateful awful person just for the sake of funny lines at innocent others’ expense. TIRED OF ALL THAT CRAP>I won’t be guilt tripped to feel sorry for a lame insignificant person as her character. Now Naya is beautiful and is extremely talented singer and actress don’t get me wrong. She plays her part as written superbly.

      • barbara says:

        woah, take a step back here! shes being honest with people! it still makes me laugh! maybe you have no humour, not my problem! she said that to rory because she was being protective of Brittany as he also liked her! yes it was mean, but its something sometimes you have to do! i love Santana! reminds me of my best friend funny, witty, strong and passionate!

        • Sam says:

          Sorry, but I completely disagree. “its something sometimes you have to do”? No. Santana’s mean comments are never something she has to do. Her behavior is uncalled for. Maybe she was feeling threatened by Rory, but that is absolutely no excuse for the bullying. Rory was naive and he was completely innocent. He had no way of knowing that Brittany was already in a relationship. When she told him to disappear, that was WAY out of line. He was a new student and clearly vulnerable. How could anyone say that to someone who already feels like they don’t fit in and have no friends? Worse, how could anyone watch someone say that to somebody and actually try to justify it? Don’t turn a blind eye to the blatant and unnecessary bullying just because you’re a Santana fan. That does not make it OK.

        • Jones says:

          There’s a very big difference between being protective of someone and being jealous. Santana was jealous because of Rory, not protective of Brittany. She protects her when it’s convenient for her. She wouldn’t have even noticed Rory in the school if he weren’t interested in Brittany. She’s miserable and mean and I hope she gets what she deserves. She’s certainly redeemable and I hope she turns around. At least a little.

      • bytheseatofmypants says:

        And Santana held Mercedes back from saying hi to her friends Artie, Tina and Kurt when they came to see her. No Santana has regressed in likability. Rachel has always had to face the music or Karma for actions so should Santana for she should not be excused because she’s scared to become public. PLEASE!!!(Valley girl talk)Gimme a break. She is obnoxious, opportunizes on Brittany’s infantile actions to feather her own wants(uses people), manipulates using horrible bully tactics to obtain superiority over others with no conscience at all. OH as many anti Rachel haters are out there see Santana is very much like her. Not right for Santana’s being unscathed or being unaccountable for her actions. I once was a fan but I’m sorry but not now.

  11. olly says:

    I wonder what kind of bad news Finn will be receiving. Booo, things haven’t been going so great with Finn.

  12. lau says:

    I’m actually more excited to hear the musical numbers, specially A Boy Like That (which I don’t like that they intercut it with Blaine and Sebastian) and America, than all the finchel and klaine stuff.
    but seems like a good episode at least

    • sandi says:

      lol you’re the Unicorn in this fandom, or a Brittana shipper.

      • no says:

        not really. a bunch of people cant stand finchel or klaine.

        • Mark says:

          False. The majority of people support Finchel and Klaine – we are just quiet about it and don’t feel the need to bash other people. A lot of us aren’t highly involved in the online fandom because the fandom wank is so annoying. Can’t wait for my Klaine fix – it’s going to be beautiful and very charming, I think. I love their relationship – reminds me of my first boyfriend.

          • pff says:

            lol at the majority of people supporting finchel. no.

          • Catherine says:

            Mark is right…from what ive heard/read Finchel aint that popular, I honestly thought they were…long time ago.

          • Catherine says:

            *pff or whatever is right

          • ana says:

            I do not support Finchel at all.. I think they are a horrible couple, and Lea and Cory have no romantic chemistry whatsoever!!
            Do not care for Klaine either, Kurt is just soo annoying now! I actually would like to see Blaine and Sebastian and Kurt with Karofsky

          • Eden says:

            What was false about what “no” said? This person just said “a bunch of people can’t stand finchel or klaine”. How is that not true? A bunch. Not a majority. I think we can both agree there are probably a few glee watchers out there who are neither Klaine nor Finchel fans.

        • noi says:

          LOL, you couldn’t be more far from the truth. The online fandom represents a ridiculous fraction of the general audience(which, just so you know, LOVES Finchel). The same goes with Klaine. But feel free to go on and live in your imaginary world in which Finchel and Klaine are the most disliked couples.

      • Gleek Freak says:

        Shipping Brittana and shipping Finchel and/or Klaine are not mutually exclusive. I ship all three couples and so do lots of other people.

    • Stephanie says:

      OMG!!! IM SUPER EXCITED FOR AMERICA…its one of my all time fav songs and i just wanna watch the performance cuz, u know, there must be a lot of crazy dancing going on.

      Also, not a fan of Finchel or Klaine or Artie(like, is he for real with that comment?)

    • Fiona says:

      I’m shocked their singing A Boy Like That. I wonder how far into it they’ll get. That’s some of the most legit lyric soprano singing Maria has. I’m crazy intrigued to find out if Lea Michelle can actually do it.

  13. K says:

    I’m already over Sebastian and he’s not even on the show yet. So tired of the love triangles on Glee. But I’m excited for the Kurt and Blaine moments.

    • kimberly says:

      OMG!I am so sick of the love triangles too! I hope not too much happens with Sebastan… i mean its cool if blaine has an attraction to him, its normal, just because you are in a relationship does not mean your blind. But I LOVE Klaine. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I do agree that Blaine needs more of a character, maybe a back story. I think that Kurt is the one who is being kind of mean to Blaine this year. He didn’t want him to audition for Tony. He is not sticking up for him with Finn, and its obvious that Finn dislikes him because he is threatened by him cause he is a better singer than him. Plus for someone who wanted to know what kissing a boy was like so badly, he is pretty prudish. I am not a fan of santana, but if she become nicer, and gets her just rewards for her evilness that I could get behind her and brittney. I like Finchel. But, mostly because I HATE quinn. I HATE HER! She is a bitch, way worse than santana. I dont like the idea of kurt with karofsky, but I do think that he should have a crush on kurt, maybe open up blaines eyes a little. Kurt is my favorite character, but he is becoming too much of a diva, and selfish. The writers need to give him a back bone, but keep his likability.

  14. teixs says:

    is jon groff subbing in for cory montheit in the finchel sex? because thats the only way the scene will have any chemistry at all.

    • baby says:

      hahahahahahah true!!Smartest comment i’ve read here!!Rachel is such a child,she’s gonna lose her V aaaaaand hurt Finn’s feelings again!!Oh my,how do people ship these two?Even when it suppose to be romantic they can’t be mature enough,ugh.
      I really hope for Karofsky came out public and be happy,i just feel so sorry for him.

    • weee says:

      hahahahha! THIS!

    • Jess says:

      I completely agree!!! The chemistry between Lea Michelle and Jon Groff was undeniable (Understandable due to their work history together and being the best of friends). I personally have never been a fan of the Finchel coupling. They lack chemistry and don’t completely connect on the characters personal levels.

    • eerie says:

      You are so rude it’s not even funny. Are you implying that Cory Monteith, one of the most talented actors of the Glee cast, could not pull off a sex scene? You can dislike Finchel, but bashing Cory is another thing. Also, chemistry is subjective, and your opinion (and those of the equally rude people agreeing with you) is largely not shared by the Glee audience. The online fandom represents such a ridiculous fraction (>3%) that it won’t make any difference even if you all choose not to watch the episode. The offline audience has a tendency of preferring canon, and guess what? Finchel is canon.

      • Bec says:

        Oh my god you are a broken record. I’m not a shipper of any specific pairing but I respect people’s rights to hold opinions. You clearly don’t because I’ve seen the same argument (that ridiculous online 3% thing that you keep bringing up) multiple times. You preech that chemistry is subjective so let people think what they want.

        You have a right to ship Finchel the same way that people have the right to ship Puckleberry, St Berry, Samchel, Faberry and all the other ships on th show. So unless your comment is going to be constructive – don’t make it

        On to my comment. Personally I think that Finchelcourse is a backward step in character development unless they can fully communicate to the audience why Rachel, a strong willed girl who is very set in her ways, would change her mind and have sex in senior year instead of when she was 25 like she had planned. I also agree that from the promo the chemistry doesn’t appear to be there but I will have to watch the episode to find out.

  15. Ed says:

    Wait a minute here…So Karofsky transferred to a new school??

    • lime says:

      Yeah. When did that happen?

    • Leo says:

      oh yes, so wise… making transfer one of the most complex characters of the show, the one who can make up for the utter boring crap in which the “main” storylines are sinking… brilliant indeed…

    • Marie says:

      Why didn’t they just have him graduate? If we’re not going to see him much again, it just makes no sense why they think these actors can still pass as high school students. I mean, Blaine is really just a junior? Really?

      • Andrea says:

        They can’t make him graduate, because it would be contradicting to the last season plot. He was junior prom king. I think, this was the last episode for Dave Karofsky, which is sad. I would like to see his coming out story on-screen.
        I’m not Kurtofsky shipper (actually, I don’t really get this fangirling obsession with fictional couples), but Max Adler and Chris Colfer are the best actors on Glee and their scenes have incredible chemistry. Darren Criss is also talented, but he can’t compare himself with these two actors.

  16. hope says:

    i hope they give rachel berry some interesting storylines from now on, not only finchel stuff, but her relationship with shelby and they should bring her dads.
    also last episode was one of the lowest in rating numbers since first season, so they should take that as example that the gleeks love the original cast but are not very interested on the glee project people.

  17. BeachBum says:

    Did I miss something? I don’t remember any mention of Karofky transferring schools. Also Scandal must not be a bar or how did all these high schoolers get in? Fake IDs?

  18. Mike says:

    Why is even Rachel even taking advice from santana, she hates Rachel

    • yep says:

      She has no one to talk to no mother and her only friends are the Glee club girls. I just wish she would just talk to Tina and Mercedes.

      • Puckleberry says:

        Tina? Maybe. But Mercedes? After their diva-off and, besides, Mercedes seems to be the least qualified. Btw, her lack of chemistry with her bf is so obvious, it’s painful to watch them together.

        • Eden says:

          And they’ve only really had one scene together! But they still are awful. Does anybody in the entire universe actually ship them? I feel like the writers just threw him in there because of all the whiny Mercedes fans.

  19. kari says:

    ughh God why? so umm I’ll listen (now i know I can’t watch) “a boy like that” and then: Just one week for the next episode!!! yay!

  20. Bryn says:

    I can’t wait!! I am so happy we finally get a good Finchel story this season. I love them as a couple and can’t wait to see the amazing chemistry between Cory and Lea. Thanks for the spoilers!!

  21. N says:

    So excited about Finn and Rachel!!!and Karofsky! Except I’m getting bored with Santana and her mean remarks, not funny anymore.

  22. Beth says:

    The only people that care about Finchel sex are Finchel fans…and judging by the ratings so far this season, not many people are fond of “the perfect couple”
    Maybe if Rachel has sex with someone she actually has chemistry with (aka Puck or Jesse) it would be more tolerable for her to be going back on her word to stay a virgin until she achieves her dreams.

    • Lo says:

      Except that Finchel hasn’t been the center of ANY episode this season so your reasoning actually makes NO sense. But, awesome try. Best ratings for Glee were during season one. What was the center of season one? Finchel. :)

      • Stephanie says:

        WRONG!…best raitings for Glee were during season 2. U_U!

        • Eden says:

          ….because of Season 1’s performance. Then more people started watching Season 2 in the hopes of it being as good as the first. It tanked. Now people are jumping ship. Have you seen the ratings for this season? Directly caused by the suckage of season 2.

        • noi says:

          ..because of heavily promoted episodes like Britney/Brittany and, as Eden said, because of S1. Finchel has barely been in the first 4 episodes of S3, so the low ratings may also be caused by the lack of them.

      • baby says:

        Things aren’t exciting anymore,i use to like Finchel friendship,but now they’re both lost and depressing.They even make that sex thing up just to give this two some kind of realness,but reading this spoilers it’ll be far from satisfying.Don’t pretend you don’t know,but since they’re portrait as endgame,they killed the suprise and the ratings..Truth is Glee as became so self destructive that the writers have to go out of their characters to make them all be believable and sellable.

  23. Stefanie says:

    Glee should solve everyone’s problems and hook Sebastian and Karofsky up together and off our screen. Hopefully neither will return until late in this season, or better yet, not at all.

  24. Darcy says:

    I love Klaine and also like Finchel a lot and I love West Side Story. I am really looking forward to this episode. LOL re: Kurt’s layers – do we get to watch Blaine try to undress him?

    • Danielle says:

      Oh goodness, I hope so. The annoyed sounds that Blaine would make…. And I’m not a Finchel fan, but I respect those who are. People need to stop bashing each other’s preferences of ships. Klaine’s my favorite personally. Can’t wait for the episode either, and I hope Lea will do well at Maria’s part!

  25. Pam says:

    Actually, the ratings would indicate that Glee hasn’t been using the right characters that people are interested in. Finn and Rachel haven’t had much of anything this season yet. This will be the first episode that they share more than a couple of minutes together. So the people saying that the viewers are not interested in Finchel as a couple can make comments after next weeks episode if the ratings continue to fall. The promo as VERY Finchel and Klaine centered so we will see if more people tune in.

    • beth says:

      Ratings started dropping the season premier of Season 2 and I seem to recall Finchel being in full force at that point.

      • D says:

        Oh please. They had maybe two scenes together that entire first episode, and only one had any major dialogue. I don’t even like that pairing, and I know that.

      • Amy says:

        You are right in saying that the rating in season 1 were better and Finn and Rachel were the central couple! However they were not together AT ALL during season 1, people loved way more when the focus is on them but they are not together, because Finn really only knows how to be nice to Rachel when they’re not together..

        Not excited at all for their sex scene, even Lea said how gross it was to film the scene with Cory, in fact, her description of the scene matched Santana’s description of sex with Finn.. BEST LINE OF THE EPISODE!!!

        • Alex says:

          Guh! I’m so tired of Lea’s comments getting blown out of proportion on this. You ask ANY actor what it’s like to film a love scene, they’re going to tell you it’s awkward. You’re in a room surrounded by 20+ people while the director is telling you how to move, touch, kiss, etc. Add to it, they were laying in front of a fireplace so they’re going to sweat. Not the most romantic of situations. The fact that it was “gross” has nothing to do with Cory personally.

    • andre says:

      wrong ratings began to fall after the super ball episode, with the Fuinn story line

      • tina says:

        the reason for the ratings fall is not the lack of Rachel, or Finn or anyone else, is the BAD WRITING! I mean common, Glee got so ridiculous!!

  26. Sean C. says:

    Yes, Karofsky’s gone! Huzzah!

  27. Tyson says:

    As suspected, Finchel sex is done for all the wrong reasons.

    • Pall says:

      Hello Tyson. We meet again :P But yeah. Totally boycotting this episode :/

      • andre says:

        If you go to the gleeforum that poll already exists and guess what Finchel was a yes by a big margin so I guess it means that all those shippers didn’t outweigh finchel shippers, so this make your point invalid

      • eerie says:

        Please, go on. The online fandom represents like the 3% of the entire audience (which loves Finchel, by the way – it’s a fact, the offline audience prefers canon, and it’s like this for any other show), so feel free to try to boycott the episode. But don’t expect it to actually work. Just because Finchel shippers are less vocal than other shippers, that doesn’t mean the couple isn’t loved.

        • suzu says:

          Finchel shippers are less vocal? Are you serious?? Everywhere I go online, for every one person saying “I don’t care much for Finchel” there are about a dozen Finchel fans going “OMG! What is WRONG with you?? Finchel is PERFECT!! EVERYONE LOVES FINCHEL!!!!”

    • Beth says:

      I would love to see Ausiello create a poll to determine just how popular Finchel is. There are already plenty of people on these comments who could care less.

      I am excited about the Klaine lovin’ though.

      • Tyson says:

        I’m totally up for Klaine. And I think if it was a “Yes or No” poll for Finchel, it would definitely sport the no as winning. With all the St. Berry, Puckleberry, Faberry, Samchel, etc. shippers put together, we outweigh Finchel by far.

      • Alex says:

        Except that most Finchel fans don’t give a rip about popularity polls. Of course you’re going to have more Puckleberry/St.Berry/Faberry vote on these polls because their couples are not canon. Finchel is canon and that’s all we need to know.

        • suzu says:

          Except for the fact that Rachel fans want their precious Rachel to win everything. I’ve seen Rachel winning polls that didn’t even have anything to do with her character. :P

  28. ds says:

    Completely agree

  29. Jenn says:

    I am definitely a Kurt-Karofsky shipper!! Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

    • Eddy says:

      I don’t get how Kurtofsky doesn’t skeeve people out.

      • Dryden says:

        Seriously, he’s a bully that threatened to KILL Kurt. How does anyone find that romantic?

        • rose says:

          THANK YOU!!!!!! People claim to want what is best for Kurt but then they go and ship Kurt with his bully?! I find it sick that people would even ship that! ( I love Max Adler don’t get me wrong) but come on yes the bully should find someone but no Kurt Kurt deserves much better then a Bully! I totally ship Sebastian and Karofsky,Karofsky and Kurt shippers do not want the best for Kurt!

          • Carl says:

            and of course you ship Kurt with a guy who has humilliated him (but he was clueless!), who has been oblivious to his feelings, who has been undermining his self-steem since their first meeting… oh yes, that’s sooo healthy… and before anything else, I don’t even ship Kurtofsky… but Blaine is a huge black hole sucking any life and strength from Kurt, imho

          • Dryden says:

            I don’t ship anything. I just can’t see how anyone could watch that particular storyline and come away thinking how romantic it’d be if they got together.

            Nothing will top Supernatural fans, but Glee shippers can be really bizarre.

          • Zephyr says:

            Welcome to the enigma of Foe Yay…

        • Gleek Freak says:

          I can’t understand Kurtofsky shippers either. But then again, I also could never understand why Luke/Laura on “General Hospital” was one of the most popular ships in history. Luke raped Laura but then later they got together, got married, and had a bunch of kids and lived happily ever after. UGH!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leslie says:

      Yes glad to see there are Kurtofsky fans commenting.

  30. chantelle says:

    Im a Klaine shipper, i have faith in Klaine, so im just like whatever.

    • jolo says:

      I agree with you. I don’t care what anyone else says about Blaine ruining Kurts self esteem (that’s ridiculous, I think Blaine has been trying to look out for Kurt since their first meeting, especially with the Musical: he didn’t initially try out for Tony because he knew Kurt wanted that role). Blaine has been taking crap from Finn in every episode this season (and also Santana as well). Kurt never gave Blaine any indication of his feelings until he said it straight in the Valentines day episode and by that time Blaine had been rejected and realized he knew nothing about actual relationships and didn’t want to lose Kurt’s friendship. I love Kurt as well, so don’t be confused with all the Blaine talk. I just think people need to cut Blaine some slack.

  31. .............. says:

    bull sh it

  32. Marilou says:

    Finchelcourse! hahaha! I can’t wait! I really think this episode is going to be one of the best! Finn&Rachel are just sooo cute!

  33. brandy says:

    Did you really just say that there are only three virgins in the ENTIRE SCHOOL? Yikes.

  34. Tuesday says:

    I will be totally happy if Sebastian gets with Blaine, just as long as it gets Blaine back in the Warblers and out of New Directions and Mckinley. Blaine became Ryan Murphy’s golden boy, and the dude obviously tries to hard.

    • Brooke says:

      Wow!! Darren Criss happens to be a really extremely talented guy and you insulted not just him but the character he plays… If your not happy with the way they write the show, then why watch it..

      • Eden says:

        If I have to read another “if you don’t like _____, don’t watch ______”, comment I will seriously cut a b*tch! How are you going to know if you don’t like it if you don’t watch it, honestly?! And maybe people continue to watch in the hopes of seeing improvement?? OMFG. People who worship the ground that anything and everything Glee spits on aren’t the only ones who are allowed to watch the show and express opinions about it. I am actually a huge Darren Criss fan and your comment annoyed me!

  35. Jesse says:

    I don’t really care for Finchel anymore. I stopped shipping them in season 2. I’ve never been much of a Klaine shipper. That line about Finn being bad in bed was pretty hilarious. I’m most looking forward to the Naya/Lea duet.

  36. Amy says:

    I agree with the above comment. You can not blame bad ratings this season on a couple that haven’t had more a few lines together. Ratings were pretty good last year and really the storytelling for Finchel was not done well. The ratings continue to fall this season so that indicates that the writers are not telling stories that people want to hear with the characters people want to see. So actually it is a good argument that by not using Finn and Rachel or even Kurt and Blaine well this season (the most popular couples / characters) that maybe that is one of the reasons people are not tuning in. Also, lets add that the music hasn’t been great. Maybe people really don’t care about the characters that have been highlighted so far or the pairings that have been highlighted.

  37. Mia says:

    Did Brittany call Artie Santana!? This will be the only salvageable thing about the episode, did she? I need to know.

  38. Justin says:

    The hope of Kurt and Karovsky getting together is one of the only reasons I continue watching this show. It needs to happen.

    • rose says:

      How could you want Kurt with a Bully? Your sick and twisted!

      • Rod says:

        Karofsky ISN’T a bully since ANON… that was season 2. past. it’s over. deal with it.

        • Morgan says:

          Deal with it? It’s over? Look. I think that Karofsky has developed a lot, and has grown as a person, but that doesn’t excuse him from practically torturing Kurt, or threatening to kill him! And especially kissing him the way he did. I don’t care what you say, that Karofsky was confused and angry, it’s still sexual abuse. If what you want for Kurt is to be happy, why ship him with a character that constantly kept Kurt in a state of fear. And who knows what could happen again? It’s Glee, anything is possible so… I’m sorry if this is overstepping, but I just can’t see how someone can ship Kurt with Karofsky.

          • Rod says:

            did I said SOMETHING about shipping Kurt with Karofsky?? ;) I only said that Karofsky ISN’T.A.BULLY.ANYMORE ;) deal with it… and yes, Kurt FORGAVE HIM, get over it too… grow up and mature please.

      • Justin says:

        There’s reasons people are bullies. It’s not sick and twisted. It would be a nice story for Karovsky to turn around, come to terms with his sexuality, admit he was a bully, and move on being kind to people, and being gay. And as a little added bonus, maybe get with Kurt. It would make for a much more interesting story than most current stories on Glee right now.

  39. GaysWithOpinions says:

    I can’t wait to hear what the crazy conservative Family Values council or whatever has to say about this one. They flipped their tish when Kurt and Blaine just kissed. Their heads are going to explode.

  40. Bryn says:

    LOL at the Puckleberry and St. Berry shippers that come to make negative comments about Finchel. Really get a life. If you don’t like a couple that is arguably the most popular couple on a TV show then why even watch?? Move on…..

    • Tyson says:

      LOL at the Finchel shipper who finds the need to bash other people for having opinions.

      • Beth says:

        Oh didn’t you hear Tyson? Apparently if you don’t like Finchel you are not allowed to watch Glee. Finchel is the greatest couple in the history of TV!

    • umm says:

      Most loved couple on a TV show? Are you serious right now? Good grief you need to open your eyes and see all the Finchel hate.

    • Puckleberry says:

      I like Puck and Rachel better than Finn and Rachel and I’m not a shipper (as if that worked, anyway). And I’m not making negative comments or bashing anyone. As for LOL, I am too. That’s why I come and read what others are posting because it’s just having a bit of fun and avoiding doing some real work on the computer (as it is in my case).
      People can watch Glee (or not) for whatever reasons. No one should dictate what those reasons might be the “right” ones.

  41. LD says:

    I BEG you…please stop combining characters’ names. It is very irritating to me. Thank you.

  42. Zachary says:

    I’m excited about the Karofsky scene now–if it’s the best in the episode with all this other stuff, then it must be pretty stellar. I hope it doesn’t just ignore his struggle and actually give it some justice. We’ll see :)

  43. Hannah says:

    I don’t understand why they think it’s a good idea to have Kurt and Blaine have sex in the same episode that they apparently get drunk and then Blaine apparently tries to pressure Kurt into sex and Kurt has to shut him down? If they still do it at the end, especially in the same episode that the new guy who is after Blaine shows up, it kind of comes across as Kurt having sex with Blaine because he’s afraid of losing him/out of desperation. There’s no comparison between Klaine and Finchel. Finn and Rachel have known each other for 2 years and have dated other people and come to realize they love each other. Blaine and Kurt have been together for maybe six months and have not explored other options (poor Kurt doesn’t even seem to have any other viable options). To me, it’s actually pretty sad. I’ve been pretty disappointed with Kurt’s first relationship so far and I know I’m not alone in that.

    • Pall says:

      Finn and Rachel have not been together for 2 years. They have been in an unstable relationship for 5/6th of the time they have dated. I don’t care what the writers/producers/actors say, Finchel aren’t in a stable relationship because they have an expiration date. This is why Kurt and Blaine having sex is more acceptable than Finn and Rachel having sex.

      • Trew says:

        THIS!!! Finn treated Rachel like crap most of the time they were together before, but this year with the RETCONNING of his character, suddenly he’s the perfect boyfriend with her, yeah ok.

        • eerie says:

          Finchel doesn’t have an expiration date. There are no lies between them nor third parties this season, at the end of S2 they CHOSE EACH OTHER. And if you’re bringing out the fact that maybe Finn won’t go to NY, well, neither will Blaine (at least not immediately, since he’s a junior). Finchel is solid, more solid than Klaine, given they have a long history and they went through so much. And for Finn, it’s not retconning. It’s called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

      • Gleek Freak says:

        Yeah, I agree that Finchel have an unstable relationship. If they were real people; I’d advise Rachel to forget about Finn and that she deserved better. He couldn’t forgive Rachel for kissing Puck; but then he took back Quinn even though she had sex with Puck, got pregnant, lied about it, and then put Finn through hell trying to find a job supporting a baby that wasn’t even his!
        But since Finn and Rachel are fictional characters, the hopeless romantic in me ships them.

      • Alex says:

        Where is it stated that Finn and Rachel’s relationship has an expiration date? By your logic, wouldn’t Kurt and Blaine also have an expiration date because of Kurt graduating this year while Blaine is only a junior?

    • Brooke says:

      You shouldn’t have to explore other options before you decide to have sex with Your first love.

      Also Rachel didn’t really have a choice exploring other options because Finn broke up with her twice.

      Plus spoilers say Kurt stops Blaine because he doesn’t want his first time while their drunk. It doesn’t say he doesn’t want to do it or that he is not ready… I actually think its better that he is having sex with his first love and not sleeping around like Santana or Brittany, or Puck for that matter…

      I think its more important to show a couple on tv having sex that are in a healthy relationship instead of a one night stand(Finn and Santana) or a drunken mistake (Quinn and Puck)…

  44. IS says:

    If Blaine is going to mess around with Sebastian in any way, I hope Kurt gets to explore other relationships too. Hopefully with Karofsky or Sam when he returns or just SOMEONE. Kurt is hot so why can’t he have guys after him too? I don’t even get why they created a new guy to go after Blaine rather than Kurt. Blaine gets literally everything Kurt wants: solos, the lead in the play, and now a guy to pursue him. It’s actually pretty creepy the way the writers keep doing that.

  45. G says:

    Ausiello, stop trying to make Kurtofsky happen because of your love for Max. It won’t happen. I think Chris Colfer would rather quit first.

    • Rod says:

      oh please, since then you’re inside the brain of Chris Colfer? actually, has been stated in interviews about the “locker room kiss” how Chris made his own “personal suggestions” in some takes… yes, Chris was very willing to add his own input… he is a professional, he enjoys his work, he enjoyed working with Max (they get along pretty well) and by dismissing his scenes with Max, you’re dismissing Chris’ work too. Please, grow up and mature.

      • G says:

        Touched a nerve there? Chris has stated more than once he does not like the idea of Kurtofsky in a romantic sense. I don’t need to be inside his brain, his opinions have been in the media for all to see.

      • Eden says:

        Just because he makes suggestions about a scene he’s in doesn’t mean he ships Kurtofsky. Holy hell. I’m sure he makes suggestions about a lot of scenes he’s in. What difference does that make? He’s being professional. And like G said, Chris Colfer actually has publicly said he doesn’t want Kurtofsky. I think you need to grow up and mature a little and get out of your Kurtofsky fantasy land.

        • Rod says:

          he has never said anything explicitly stating that… he “can’t” by the way, because he’s not the producer of the show (that’s Ryan Murphy) and by the way, I never said ANYTHING about shipping Kurtofsky (stop being paranoids) ;) and is so funny to watch how a bunch of hysterical Klainers (not all hopefully), had become the main BULLIES of the fandom who can’t stand anyone thinking different than them…

          • Eden says:

            And I never said anything about shipping Klaine “hysterically”. Stop being “paranoids”.

          • Rod says:

            LOL yet I’m NOT putting words in the mouth of Chris or claiming to know what he feels regarding an specific storyline… Chris never said he doesn’t want Kurtofsky; he said it would send a “bad message” back at the time of “Furt”, which is logical… but “now”? it’s a different thing now, and he hasn’t said anything else in the subject (maybe out of fear of being attacked by the Klainers if he says he support “now” a relationship with Dave?). I just stated that he is a professional actor doing his work, and if Ryan wants to pair him with Blaine, Karofsky, Sam or even Sandy he will do it; and if he isn’t ok with something, he can quit the show (yet that isn’t that simple taking into account his seven year contract)… anyway, probably he finds amusing the fanatism of some people… while some love to see him paired with a “twink”, in the real life he may very well be into older silver-haired daddies like Paul Karofsky LOL or he may like BDSM stuff XD and imagine himself being spanked by Puck… who knows? :)

  46. Tracy says:

    Pleased with Finchel sex? How about no? Add that to the list of times the writers have dropped the ball on continuity. This time last season Rachel clearly intended to wait. If they would write Rachel with more self respect, this wouldn’t be happening.

    • Beth says:

      it’s all for ratings. Clearly Rachel is doing it for the wrong reasons(not surprising). When they see that the ratings are down still, maybe they will realize that the Finchel flare has worn off.

      • Alex says:

        How do you know that Rachel’s doing it for the wrong reasons? Were you on set when the episode was filmed? Did you have a hand in writing the script? All you have to go on is a very short promo that essentially revealed nothing about her motivation to have sex with Finn. Can we please wait until the episode airs before we judge Rachel’s behavior.

      • Alex says:

        thank god some one sees the light im really hoping for puckleberry only reason i keep watching

  47. Sal says:

    Finchel time! Missed them. Finn has been so underused!

    • Morgan says:

      I agree. I’m not the biggest Finchel shipper, but I would love to see more Finn, no matter what it’s for… Just hopefully no more Blaine bashing. :D

  48. bd says:

    The term “Finchel” may mark the official end of couple name mash-ups.

  49. JdHetherington says:

    I can’t believe they transfered Karofsky. Seriously he was such a major part of Season 2! First Sam, then Lauren now Karofsky! I don’t care for that at all. Pretty much all new Glee Club members, or potential new Glee Club members have been removed from New Directions! Sure they’re just now rectifying the Sam thing, but what are the chances of them legitimately doing that another 2 times. Unfair…..

  50. Stormi says:

    Only thing I disagree about is that I’ve read somewhere (some Gleek website) that Sebastian causes drama between Klaine, but Klaine does not break up (which is very good for me).