The Bones Season 7 Premiere, In Review: 'Whatever Life We Want'

Fox’s Bones returned from its extended summer-slash-early fall hiatus on Thursday night to unfurl its much-awaited Season 7. That the new cycle of episodes was met with great expectation is in part due to the fact that Brennan and Booth are greatly expecting the baby whose existence was announced at the close of Season 6. When it comes to showing us a “new” B&B — meaning, coworkers in love — do you think Bones delivered?

Thursday Ratings: Bones Strong In Delayed Return

I rewatched the premiere in prep for this piece, and this time around the scene that hit me in the gut was in the restaurant, when Brennan took away from Booth any say in where they should live. “We’re family,” he pointed out. “Even you should know what that means.” “You’re angry,” Temp noted. Booth: “Yeah, I’m angry.”

That exchange, followed by how Brennan later backtracked on her stance, spoke loudly about how far the two have come and perhaps still need to go as they prepare to become three. As did the exchange of “I love you”s — a big step for Temp, obviously.

And the scene in the bed, at hour’s end, of course, was resplendent with sweet, funny moments.

But after so much waiting, we want to hear from you guys. So let me wrap up here with a few bulleted discussion topics and favorite quotes, then it’s all you. (I won’t be covering the case of the week, because of the first two episodes it was quite the clunker. Next week’s is much more compelling.)

• Do you think Brennan will indeed propose to Booth? And if so, how long will that take? (Series boss Hart Hanson recently said, “I wouldn’t in a million years want to say how long it would take [for the proposal]…. We can’t give away that.”)

• Do you think Angela (or viewers) will ever set eyes on “The Omelet Shot”?

• How cute was the Hodgela home video? And how cute is that baby?

• “Those memories don’t have to rule your life. Remember… the good times. Have that life.” Do Temperance and Angela have one of the best female friendships on TV, or what?

• “Lying here, I had time to think. Longer than I expected. You must have… run into traffic.”

• “Since I can always depend on you to assist when needed, whether practically, emotionally or… sexually….”

• “I thought [a treehouse] would make a great lab!”

• “We could have whatever life we want. You know that, right?”

• “It’s a fact that males usually prefer women they have to hunt for.” Well, how satisfying that this one hunt gave birth to such a fun, new dynamic.

• Where do you think Booth and Bones will end up living? Remember what David Boreanaz told TVLine: “It’s very funny. It’s not your normal place.”

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    I really enjoyed it but I was hoping to see some flash backs on when they slept together or really see them finally each they are the one. I love seeing Angela and hudgen baby.

    • Sara says:

      They couldn’t do flashbacks unless they had filmed them last season. The real baby belly would kind of put the kibosh on that.

  2. E says:

    Pretty good episode. The case was very weak and I hope that improves each week.
    Don’t really see the chemistry between B & B that everyone else does. Really hope that Brennan is not the one to propose. I would rather see it as mutual. After last season with the Hannah proposal, etc., I want to see that Brennan is Booth’s choice I guess I just cannot overlook Season 6. Hope that the first six episodes are not all about Brennan having to learn something or change. I think that Booth must learn a few things too.

    • Gretchen says:

      The chemistry seemed a bit flat to me. And wouldn’t the FBI put the kibosh on a couple, an expectant couple at that, working together in any capacity?

      It was jarring. Going from “we’re pregnant” at the end of last season to “we’re madly in love and looking for a house together” now. Some flashbacks or something of the bridge from there to here would have helped.

      But that baby is a cutie! I’m guessing the B/B baby is a girl. Booth has a son, the Hodgins baby is a boy…or twins or triplets.

  3. Sara says:

    Thought it was great. The looks on Booth’s face with the treehouse comments were great. Overall I thought it was a great portrayal of what a real couple can be like. And the “being easy” lines were perfect!

  4. Justin says:

    Loved the premiere. I especially liked that it went right to the pregnancy, and skipped the lovey-dovey crap in the beginning. It wouold’ve been cliche and boring to me. The case was cool, but like most others, I was more in tune with the cast, and they did a good job tonight, not that I ever doubted this show. Definitely looking forward to another good season.

  5. Cass says:

    It. Was. WONDERFUL. I could gush and analyze and whatnot for pages, but instead, I’ll add a couple of bullet points:

    – Loved Wendall’s quip regarding Brennan’s reason for having a baby: to make the next generation feel stupid.

    – Oh, the way Booth looked at Brennan the entire episode! *swoon*

    – Great facial expression and line delivery by JFD to implicate his disgust for a fellow psychologist betraying his patient’s trust.

    – Booth asked Brennan why she didn’t call for the security guard, and she replied that she hadn’t thought of it–only of Booth.

    – Brennan said “I love you!” BRENNAN said “I love you”!!!

    – ALL characters were in good, true, and natural form in this ep.

    – Cam: “Tell him to stop looking at me like that!” Love Cam.

    – Uh, yeah. Angela, Hodgins, and baby Michael = adorable.

    – How can you not love Angela? Have always appreciated the Angela-Brennan relationship.

  6. Jenny says:

    I was weirded out by it all. I kinda don’t like that we didn’t get to see the build-up to it, like have a scene with them finally admitting their feelings and choosing to be together, I think that was so important for their relationship and the show.

    Granted we’ve had 6 years of “build up”, so you know what? I’ll take it! I can’t wait for next week. Those two are adorable together. Anyone else in love with Booth’s smile….he’s so damn charming! :)

    • Jackson says:

      Go watch “The Sum in the Parts of the Whole” to see Booth admit his feelings. Watch “The Doctor in the Photo” to see Brennan admit her feelings. Watch “The Blackout in the Blizzard” to see them both talk about how one day in the future they will get together after Brennan becomes less impervious and Booth gets over the whole Hannah junk.

      As a matter of fact, watch all of Bones season 1 through 6 to see them admit feelings to each other. Sometimes that can be done without words too, so look for lots of eye sex as well.

  7. cj says:

    along with BBT, lots of good one liners tonight from Bones!! and i totally agree. this episode was more about B&B than the murder plot. i actually pegged the doctor as the murderer as soon as they off-handedly mentioned his gum chewing without any follow up. typical evidence planting. that initial scene where brennan shoots down booth actually makes me very nervous for their future bliss. of course its tv and they’re going to go through some drama, but its one thing for Brennan to talk that way to Booth as a friend, its totally ANOTHER as a lover and father of your child. Booth is also receiving this message from his lover and mother of his child rather than just his colleague. it’s shocking and hurtful both ways. ohhh relationships!

    • Ingmar says:

      The creator already mentioned he wont break them up. They are together for good. He didnt want to betray the fans who hoped for a hook up for 6 years.

  8. lauraC says:

    OMG I just wanna go right now and run to my House to download and see the episode in my Apple TV. I live in Germany but fortunately Jobs gave us the amizing Apple TV!!! Just reading the comments confirm that indeed all my expectations will be more than fulfilled. I’m in ecstacy!!! I think I’ll watch this episode over and over all weekend long!!!! LOVE the show all the way!

  9. nessa says:

    well now only castle and beckett need together
    then my tv life is perfect :)

  10. Svenja says:

    I really liked the episode. It was very enjoyable (but sadly too many spoilers+ sneak peeks ruined a lot for me).
    But I am still not fond of the sudden change.
    I get it, Emily was veeeeery pregnant, but suddenly they are together, moving in, skipped several steps and all of that without giving us small flashbacks to Booth and Brennan.
    They could have done flashbacks without showing Emily’s baby bump.
    I am not as excited as I thought I would be.
    Certainly, I love Booth and Brennan, but there is a huge lack of built up.
    The case was pretty lame, too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally in for on-screen hook-ups and relationships (I want Tiva, Caskett and BB), but the way they’re suddenly presenting us B&B as a couple without decent flashbacks I kind of annoys me.
    Emily and David have great chemistry, the scenes are incredibly cute… still I feel a little disappointed.

  11. Matt says:

    I liked it. Tid bit campy but got to expect some of that. I hope they keep delivering without going off the deep end.

  12. Ingmar says:

    I loved the fresh air in the series. And I LOVED that they skipped a few months. It’s no fun to watch them while they just got together. And the creators thought about that and the pregnancy helped. I love it. It’s just a whole new direction and to me…yes, they avoided the Moonligh curse. They got their leads together and the tension is still there. Their characters are still the same.

    • Gretchen says:

      The “getting together” might not have been needed, but scenes of them announcing the pregnancy, seeing the Hodgins with a brand new baby would have added some depth.

      I mean, seeing Sweets’ face when they announce the pregnancy would have been priceless.

  13. tvaddict70 says:

    Loved all of it!

  14. Pepper says:

    I hate when main characters end up together. And have babies! Babies are so boring to have on procedural shows. Angela and Hodgins’s relationship is perfect because they had time to grow in the background and they are the sweetest couple on TV.

    But the way they handle Booth and Brennan is like they’re scared witless that they’re gonna lose fans. It’s like the show is written and watched by doe-eyed pre-teens.

    And I hope, I really hope that Brennan won’t end up “normal”. I hope she’s gonna stay the way she is and not end up a whiney baby bore.

    • Kathleen says:

      I don’t think it will go that way. I think Brennan will change but people only change so much. I can not see her becomming a regular every day mom in the show. Nothing about her is that way, and although she does grow emotionally she continues to be a very logical thinker.

    • ThatBob says:

      It was apparent from this episode that the shippers are in charge now. Goodbye, Bones. It was fun while it lasted.

  15. julianne says:

    I loved this episode especially the new dynamic between Booth and Brennan. I was glad to see that they can argue but then turn around and resolve their differences by communicating. I think we are seeing Brennan’s rationality changing from keeping her compartmentalized to helping her know when she has gone too far as long as she listens to her friend Angela. Many people who are too emotional would just let the argument form a permanent barrier between themselves, but not Bones she drops her argument as soon as she sees that she was wrong. The other cast members were also very strong tonight especially Angela and the cute but annoying Hodgins. I think Wendell was getting really tired of Hodgins technospeak which leads into the next new squint that shows up next week.

    One thing that made me really happy is that they put Booth and Sweets back on a more normal footing when it was Booth who noticed the vital clues about the lack of the doctor’s notes and his gambling code. While I really like the Sweets character I was getting a little bored with him being the font of all knowledge from the FBI perspective. After all Booth has a lot more experience investigating then he does, and it wouldn’t surprise me if his major or minor in college had something to do with criminal psychology.

    The case was fine but couldn’t be the main theme of the show as all viewers were tuned in to actually see how Booth and Brennan would deal together. Kudos to David and Emily for being able to portray and new but strong relationship so well. They did a perfect injection of humor and emotional angst in this episode. I couldn’t have been happier. After all Bones is more than just a procedural and if you’ve watched it faithfully you realize the show is all about the characters or it would have folded long ago.

  16. Danielle says:

    A lovely start to a wonderful new season. Bravo to all involved!!!

  17. Lois says:

    LOVED IT! Every minute. Hopefully the TV gods will save the proposal and marriage for the series finale…it 10-15 years!

  18. Kathleen Brugueras says:

    I thought it was a good startin episode. They continue with the back and forth which I think is very important to maintain. Brennan continues to grow emotionally which is also very important.I also liked the the fact that Cam held fast about the baby in the lab. The show can’t get too mushy or it will become dull. I don’t think Brennan will show Angela the photo, I actually think she showed a twinge of jeolousy at Angela’s interest in the pic, which is a good thing (since emotionally Brennan is supposed to be growing). I believe this has opened things up to a whole load of funny as well as compelling options, which I think will keep the show fresh.

    Can’t wait for next episode.

  19. Laur says:

    I missed it last nite and didn’t tape it or anything. i was wondering where i can watch it for free now? hulu, free on demand..etc. they aren’t posting it so soon i believe. does anyone know???

  20. Brooke says:

    Rather surprised yet glad to read the near universal positivity from these comments, given that every article about B/B since the finale has been filled with teeth gnashing hate over the idea of daring to deprive of us watching the pair get busy. Hopefully everyone feels fulfilled by the storyline now that they’ve seen it.

  21. Brandon says:

    I loved the premiere. I agree that the case was a little weak but I still loved it. I thought there was a great balance between personal relationship & work. Overall I was very happy with the episode. I am looking forward to the rest of this season.

  22. Terri says:

    I had warned my husband ahead of time, that if he came home while Bones was on, I wouldn’t be talking to him till during the commercials……during one of the breaks, he asked me about the murder case, and I had to admit to him, I was paying no attention to the case…..just waiting for the next Booth/Brennan scene. Hart Hanson, I forgive you for Season Six! Seven Seven is going to be awesome!!

  23. Alisa says:

    I feel the same way!!! Next Thursday can’t come soon enough! Perfect start to a great season ahead :)

  24. midas777 says:

    The episode was great. The case was as stated light, but again, the point is of the relationships and how they have changed/evolved. The Booth and Brennan relationship is great, agree with the comment about Moonlighting – if you have good writing and actors who have chemistry it will work well, see Bones and Castle (almost). They handled the pregnancy well and i think it opens the door for some very interesting possibilities. Nice to have them back. This will bring a new freshness to the show!

  25. Steph says:

    EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT. Booth/Brennan are better together than I ever could have imagined and this is coming from a hardcore B&B shipper. They were sweet, angsty, funny, and just amazing. Hodgela and that baby….awwwwwww. I’ve ALWAYS had faith in the Bones writers and although I was emotionally ruined by the first half of season 6, they made up for everything that happened in it and more! The best news is that this is just the beginning. I knew that the writers would make it all worth it. <3 BONESSSSSSSSSSS. The best TV show, literally, EVER.

  26. Robin says:

    The case was a bit on the weak side, but as everyone has been saying, we wanted to see what would be happening with Booth and Brennan. The scenes between them were wonderful. And it was interesting that Booth now feels secure enough with Bones to express his honest anger. I can’t recall him ever getting really angry with her before. And that brought her up short. She was willing to be responsive to that, and change her attitude, when before she would just get stubborn–that’s what genuine love has done to change her.

    And that baby is soooo adorable. I recall TJ and Michaela saying how much they look forward to the scenes with the baby–they feel like new parents, eager to interact with the baby. And so they look like madly smitten parents–so cute. The scene with Cam was adorable too.

    I do think Brennan will be the one to propose. She seemed a little disappointed that Booth wasn’t planning to propose, but he knows his timing didn’t work well in the past, so he’s being smart now. He’s made it clear in their conversation that he wants to marry her, but he’ll be patient and let her set the pace. And his looks and preoccupation with her well-being were so awesome! Le sigh!

    I was thinking tree house too! I can only imagine what Brennan will ultimately want… Knowing her it probably will be hilarious!

    Nope, she won’t show Angela that one! They were both funny about wanting to take embarrassing pictures of each other–too funny!

    The bedroom scene was so very sweet, but I loved the humor of her determination that they would NOT have a TV in the bedroom–too disruptive of their sex life! That cracked me up!

  27. kathy says:

    I enjoyed last nights show, but would add my belief they have a lot of filling in to do regarding Booth and Brennan’s place in their relationship and how they got to the point of being able to easily say ‘I love you’ to each other. There has been a whole lot of growth going on the viewer missed out on. I hope they also do one of their shows on how they shared their new living arrangement and pregnancy with their coworkers, Max, Parker, etc. Those would be relly fun to see

  28. Pamela says:

    After waiting for so long, I was not disappointed. Their relationship seems very normal for them and will obviously not go easily, and that’s a good thing. Loved the cute belly kissing so Boothy.

  29. econruth says:

    Sorry folks, but I was soooo disappointed by this episode. I’m a long-time, right from the beginning, Bones fan and I feel like I’ve been cheated. I wanted to see their courtship, the steps towards becoming a couple. If this is season 7 and then season 6 really should have been about the two of them. Once Hannah was dumped, and Bones confessed that she did want them to have a relationship it could have been a natural to have the last couple of episodes give us some of the courtship. And I’ve seen plenty of shows work around a pregnancy – thats what oversized lab coats, lab tables with beakers on them, and well placed clipboards are for.

    • Rads says:

      Yes, me too. When the episode started and they started kissing, I couldn’t process it at all… It felt fake and rushed and really unbelievable… after years and years of URST and angst, it is really prsumptive of the writers to be sure that readers will suspend disbelief and fall into the happy beginning of Season 7. I am a shipper myself, and I am very happy Booth and Bones are together, but it comes with a great feeling of disappointment. A viewer’s enjoyment is in the details and answers questions. What was the reaction of the staff, where is Max when his daughter is knocked up, when the he** did Booth and Bones became so intimate that they can trade ILUs so easily? I FEEL SO, SO CHEATED… we get hours of Hannah-Booth scenes, but none of what we really wanted? Grrrrr.

  30. ks says:

    I really liked this episode and think the case needed to be weak so that we could “catch up” with what is going on between the two main characters. Think of how many people were upset that we didn’t see them consummate the relationship but that was certainly because that episode had such a strong case there wasn’t much time for anything else.

    My favorite part has to be Booth’s reaction to Bone’s call asking to help her. I liked that he answered quickly with “anything” when she asked for the favor without harboring any annoyance at their earlier, still unresolved fight, and then before she could tell him what the favor was he acknowledged that he might not have been fair to her. She reciprocated by being so moved when he told her that he just wanted to have a home for their child since he didn’t really get one from his father. I saw some comments on another site that said they didn’t think that these two seemed in love. I think it shows they are that they can continue to have disagreements about everything but still come back to wanting to make the other person happy.

    I also liked them saying “I love you” at the outdoor cafe. They hadn’t yet resolved everything but both of them saying it was very realistic to me with a real relationship. Even when you haven’t resolved everything it doesn’t hurt to remind each other why it’s worth working through that stuff, because you love each other.

  31. liz says:

    missed my favorite line where booth looked up like 20 tribes where the woman moves in with the man and one where he gets to shoot her in the leg with a bow and arrow. he’s fighting fire with fire and not just making up funny names anymore, it shows his growth too. love the episode, can’t wait for the whole season!

  32. AmyMichelle says:

    I agree with one poster above…why is there always a competition between Bones and Castle…two very different shows on two very different networks….not to mention there is a BIG difference between season 7 and season 4 people! A BIG BIG difference…

    that being said…I adored the season premiere and couldn’t stop smiling the entire time! baby Michael is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life and I really hope Booth/Bones have a girl :)

  33. Summer says:

    I want to know if we’re going to get to see the moment when Booth tells Parker he’s got a baby brother or sister on the way!

    I hope that’s not something they imply happened during the time jump… the potential for funny there is too rich to pass up.

  34. Cassie says:

    I guess I am in the minority here. I think the show has lost it’s magic.

  35. Lilu2Go says:

    SIX YEARS !!! SIX YEARS OF MY LIFE AND THIS IS ALL I GET ?!?!?!?! not funny dudes….not funny…..

  36. lou says:

    bones, is the best show, the t.v. people have been on a delayed vacation. the show is perfect!!!!!!!!

  37. jh6713 says:

    Best new season premier yet, and they have all been exceptional! Liked it so well, re-watched it immediately after airing from dvr show recording. Also look forward to some references to what they might have been doing between last season finale, and this season’s premier. Again, premier was perfect… Ian Toynton (?) does great on his directorial shows. Thanks to cast and crew. Keep up the good work. “Bones” has more seasons to come!

  38. Jessica says:

    Another great line from Hodgins, “Uh, why it’s, it’s a very small bi-pedal primate of the Hominidae family.” Love it!

  39. Elle says:

    I think it is clear that this is now a “shippers” show. For those fans who have shipped B & B or all these seasons, they are just thrilled. It does not matter for them how they came together, just that HH brought them together. I think most of them have just put last season out of their minds.

    For me, they took the “epic” from this love story last season and the last couple of seasons by dragging it out. Yes, it is cute, but I hope they dont drag it out too long. I really hope they don’t make this all one sided with Brennan having to learn a lesson from Booth each week. It just seems to me like the writers think that Booth has no flaws and have blamed everything on the Brennan character. And after last season with all of the pregnancy humor with Angela, I really don’t care to see this again.

    Last, I really hope it is not Brennan who proposes. Now it just seems like she is always the one who has to concede.

    So far, much better than last season but still a wait and see with the next few episodes. As you can see, I am no longer a shipper after last season, so my view is not as wonderful as the fanatical shippers.

  40. Angie the second says:

    Loved, loved, loved the premiere. I think that Hart and Nathan redeemed themselves and this will be a fantastic season(best one yet).It was a little weird to see them finally together, but a good weird. The reviews have been good overall. Can’t wait for next Thursday. Way to go Hart and Nathan!!! Really excited for this show.;)

  41. K says:

    i like the way that they got b and b together. i dont think it would have been good if they just started dating

  42. Truth says:

    This was the worst dissappointment in network tv since the finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Viewers were asked -me no, demanded, to swallow that these characters COMPLETELY changed their behavior and relationship, and were robbed of all the scenes that might have explained how these characters went from tentative to tender in a single episode.
    Pure insult.

  43. Diane says:

    I really enjoyed the episode. Some of the psychology stuff confused the heck out of me. But this episode proved that while this show is about the characters, it is also a murder show. The murder was kind of boring though. I enjoyed the episode but I missed the lack of B&B car scenes. I think those are some of their best moments of the show. I’m looking forward to the new episode, it looks like it will have a little more comedy than this episode did. I really did enjoy the episode though.

  44. bianca says:

    I think they managed to string it all together nicely at last!! Love the storyline hodge and ange and their bub and can’t wait for both and brennan to have a simmilar happy ever after with their own brood.

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