True Blood Scoop: Meet Eric's Vampire 'Sister'

British actress Lucy Griffiths is coming to America in a big way.

The 25-year-old stunner — best known for her role as the ill-fated Marian in the BBC drama Robin Hood — is joining True Blood‘s Season 5 cast as a series regular.

Griffiths will play Nora, Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) centuries-old vampire “sister” (they were both progenies of Godric) who is working as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. Described as intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar, Nora loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose.

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The gig marks Griffiths’ first big break stateside after several near misses. Most recently, she was among the leads in The CW’s zombie thriller pilot Awakening, but the show was not ordered to series.

True Blood‘s fifth season starts production later this year ahead of a Summer 2012 premiere.

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  1. leslie says:

    If the show was exactly like the books you probably wouldnt watch it because you know what was going to happen. I couldnt imagine what the show would be like without lafayette since he dies early in the book. Hes my favorite

  2. Danielle J says:

    Because…..people are ignorant by nature…their life….not unlike waiting for next season….sucks (punn intended) I love both the books and live and breath the show… but I love the surprises Alan Ball has brought about… it keeps me guessing. This isnt supposed to be a battle on literacy its about a spolier leak on the shows new player….get a grip…take your xanax book nazis…lol sheesh

    • Lacey says:

      I first clicked on this link thinking that topic of Eric having a sister was a hot topic. So I was surprised to see the majority of comments to be a debate about whether the books or tv series is better. It is possible to enjoy both or even just accept that some people prefer one over the other.

  3. Kay says:

    Well, I’ve read all the books and seen every episode (more than once), and they’ve both got their good points.
    The TV show would always need to be different from the books (not just because the plots would need condensed), because the books are written in the first person and you don’t get other view points. So if it doesn’t happen to Sookie, there’s very little information.
    But I like that we still have Lafayet, Jessica, the ‘spunky’ version of Tara…and Jason’s stories are way more developed than in the books. All good things which aren’t from the books.
    Having said that, it can be difficult to shoe-horn in a whole book to a series, and maybe certain developments, relationships etc. have been compromised in the process. But given the number of books already, there’ll be plenty of seasons left to develop characters. Love the books and the show. x

  4. sol says:

    i’ve read the books..and i’m sorry but… the tv series are so much better…it’s not usual i love more a tv adaptaton than a book, but they’re so lame…. the books are so basics.

  5. JG says:

    For anyone that is going to moan how the show is not following the book I have a youtube video for you that I hope inspires you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4an5bT-vY8

  6. UMADBRO says:


  7. Lilliey says:

    erics sister?
    I dont care. There better be more Pam and Eric bonding than there is with his sister, who is a double agent.
    I hope eric forgives pam for trying to kill sookie (by accedient)

  8. Nicole says:

    The only thing I like better about the books vs the show is Sookie. Her character is so much more likable in the books, especially in regards to Bill. Makes me sick that she’s forgiven him so easily in the show.

  9. Julie says:

    I’ve been seeing this debate all over, books vs. tv series, almost as much as the eric vs bill threads, and I think it’s sad to see people attacking each other over it. Argue the opinion, don’t degrade the person. There are maybe a handful of people who actually say why they think one is better than the other instead of it sucks, you suck, your a stupid hipster. I liked most of the books, some more than others, but I read them all and I’ve seen all the series so far and liked some episodes more than others. The thing you have to realize is that turning a book series (of one author) into a tv series (often with a team of writers)is not direct translation and an attempt to shoot that way would probably make the production suffer.

  10. Louise says:

    I agree

  11. kasey says:

    I have read all the books including the spinoff books…. N like some of yall I agree they both have good qualities….. I love books, have all the true blood books n dvds… Plus many other books…. So don’t knock something u don’t understand….

  12. charles says:

    its towards the end of season 4 of true blood,alcide is being taken down into the delivery service area of the business he works for by this guy.then this guy says he doesnt know nor does he remember what has happened here.the ground is ripped up as if someone was dug up or he risen from the ground.i am certain that either that guy alcide was talking with dug up vampire russel or russel risen from the ground,then that guy took all that silver off of russel and russel drank his blood to revive himself.but since that guy freed russel,he decides to let him live and possess him to forget he ever saw russel.so now russel is feeding on people getting stronger than ever,he will most likely tranform more into vamps and get his wolf pack together and wage war against bill,eric and other vampires

  13. inad says:

    I have to point out to those who think Eric is a sexy loner (which I agree with) and that he doesn’t/shouldn’t have a sister cause he doesn’t have one in the book, true but doesn’t he have a brother in the books?? So yes he is a sexy loner but clearly ment to have a sibling…. so yeah… and if reading books makes you hipster then I’m a proud hipster.

  14. Maggie says:

    I was thinking about the actor that played in JAG. John M. Jackson he played the admiral in the series.

  15. Arina says:

    I agree with the earlier poster- both are businesses . No one is whining about Lafayette still being around- he didn’t live very long in the books. So Eric can have a sister.

    I think Kurt Sutter said it best. (And this is a paraphrase) You can as the literary parent sell your characters sending them out into the world where they will be known but you lose control. (Which I imagine is like sending your real world child off to school for the first time.)

    Or you can keep them safe and sound , under your control , on your computer and no one will ever know them. You slao won’t make any money either.

    Books vs tv show? Both have a place.