True Blood Scoop: Meet Eric's Vampire 'Sister'

British actress Lucy Griffiths is coming to America in a big way.

The 25-year-old stunner — best known for her role as the ill-fated Marian in the BBC drama Robin Hood — is joining True Blood‘s Season 5 cast as a series regular.

Griffiths will play Nora, Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) centuries-old vampire “sister” (they were both progenies of Godric) who is working as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. Described as intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar, Nora loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose.

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The gig marks Griffiths’ first big break stateside after several near misses. Most recently, she was among the leads in The CW’s zombie thriller pilot Awakening, but the show was not ordered to series.

True Blood‘s fifth season starts production later this year ahead of a Summer 2012 premiere.

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  1. bob barton says:

    is the stunning Sasha Grey in series 4?it hasnt hit the U.K yet.

  2. Amy says:

    @ Mkliner – Her name is Charlaine Harris, not Charlene, if you’re going to slate her get her name right.
    I loved the books, really enjoyed them. The series, isn’t completely based on the books – general outline is but everything in between they’ve made up. The books aren’t the best books ever written, but what wrong with an easy, enjoyable read?
    I also love the series, think it’s brilliant. Love all the characters (even one’s that weren’t in the book) if you’ve read the books and are watching the series, don’t compare. I did to begin with. But realised you’ve just gotta enjoy them in there own glory.

  3. Jane says:

    god. she’s ugly

  4. Triniti says:

    I haven’t read any of the books and I started watching the show at the beginning of season 3. I have since gone back and started from the beginning to see what I missed and I loved S1 and S2. I liked seeing Eric’s softer side but they took it to extremes. Even when he didn’t have amnesia anymore he was way too sappy. Since I went back and have watched the season from the beginning to now I noticed the writing got…worst I s’pose. I agree it did get messy and I’d be happy w/them just focusing on the characters we were already introduced too but I’m open to new ones just make Eric the way he was. I miss the bad boy. Let’s hope they get the writing back to what it was in S1 and S2.

  5. MrJC says:

    Never read the books. Quite liked Seasons 1 and 2. I liked Season 3 mainly because of Russell Edgington. The fourth season, I don’t know. I think it was the last episode that really put me off.

  6. loser says:

    Imho I love all the characters. for me the constant change of perspective keeps the story interesting. This idea of a “sister” may rly prove entertaining. Ive never read the books nor plan to but i rly love TB and I watch it all the time, no joke. Season 4 was a total bust in my book and I pray they put that extra effort into 5 to make up for its tragic predecessor… Heres hopeing this sister is purposeful and deep, I couldn’t stand for another flacid character… It’d ruin Eric for me and I just won’t stand for it ;p
    Hope u all enjoy next season more then the last!
    "When you came in the air went out."

  7. Anna says:

    I love True Blood!!

  8. Ek21 says:

    In all honesty the books are good buy the TV series bring the character’s alive. Who wouldn’t want that. Although the story lines are different its good TV. All books made into movies never fallow suit there is always something different nd there will always be a critic that’s the way it is. I myself love the show but respect those who choose the books. I have a book worm sister and I would never tell her not to read having the different views is what makes us human. But I would rather be a vampire :)

  9. regina says:

    There are alot of items that are in the books that are not in TB. For instance, godrick was never Erik’s maker. He doesnt have a sister in the books, but he does have a brother, who he has to kill cuz he’s gone loco. But I have to say after reading a interview AB did about why he took on true blood i understand his thinking. Season 4 was a bit boring but i also loved parts of it. I think like any other tv/movie based on a book you have to go into it with a open mind. Most books are not as interesting on screen. I do wish they would bring in Quinn, but then what would be the point since he’s not around very long. In the books I love that Sookie is with Eric, atleast so far. But on TB i would love for her to hook up with Alcide and see where that goes. Most of charlaine harris books do not end up with a happy ending when she closes the series and since there are only 2 more books left in the sookie series im not expecting a happy ending for sookie. But would love for there to be one on TB.

  10. Camshaft says:

    I think everyone is taking it all too seriously. I’ve read the books and am a fan of the show. It’s ENTERTAINMENT guys! If you don’t like the book series, dont read it. If you don’t enjoy the show, easy…don’t watch. No point in bickering over something so silly :)

  11. Lyric says:

    I agree. I don’t mind little twist like keeping Layfaette alive was cool but I don’t like how Tara in the show is always abused. In the book she was successful.

    I love the show but those of us who did read all the books, we are kind of excited to see the pages bought to life.
    Then to dramatically change storylines adding sister’s and what not is some what of a let down. I wouldn’t mind Alcede & Sookie hooking up instead of the ware tiger that may or maynot make it to in the script

  12. Renee Neumann says:

    I really like that they are bringing in a “sister”. Especially, I like that she will be British (with the accent, I hope). I loved Godric. I, too, was upset and could barely watch the show, once I had gotten through book 4 of Charlaine Harris’ series. But, that was my fault. I could not seperate the two media. I gave the show a break while I finished the books I could find. I just didn’t watch it at all. Then, after I was caught up on the books, I watched the series onDemand and iTunes. I look at them as parallel stories that don’t match. Almost as if they just “happen” to have the same character names. That helps. I enjoy both. The television, I enjoy for the campy sexiness. The books, I enjoy for the readability and plethora of characters. I don’t care whether any of it is “shallow, lazy writing, vapid, idiotic,” etc. I like both. Sookie is a great heroine. A chick, who, due to her unique talent/curse and ‘polite southern belle’ upbringing, keeps getting dragged into one fix after another. The key, for me, is to NOT compare the two, but enjoy the different visions. I am glad CH trusted AB with her characters and got some cash. In my opinion, the book series would have faded into obscurity, had the show never been made, due mainly to the volume of supernatural fiction present in literature today, as well as being overshadowed by “vegetarian” teenaged vampires.

  13. smiley says:

    MHO……Love books, never read this series. TV shows are PURE entertainment, not a vessel to base one’s life on….not something to be so analytical over, that you actually argue with strangers…can change…can change again….can be campy, romantic, silly, actually ANYTHING that the writers want! It’s not life threatning, nor life enlightening! It’s PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!!! As for TB, I am purely entertained by every moment of every episode and I love it. Hmmm, I’d say it’s pretty good, to get all kinds of strangers having various emotions, and having serious debates/arguments. Live long and prosper, TB! You rock the house!

  14. crb says:

    I started reading the Sookie books because my daughter was reading them. She started around 8th grade. I was interested in what she was so “into.” I’m an avid reader and always keep up with what my kids are into. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Sookie, Twilight, House of Night. I’m even reading a silly series about dragons – written for ages 10 and up. You have to take them for what they are. Written for a certain age group. My daughter is now 21. We love the True Blood HBO series. It took us a little bit to adjust with the new story lines and characters. It is so different from the books that you can’t even compare the two. This show is obviously for adults. Now we drool over all the shirtless vamps and weres :) Even my mom (77 yrs old) loves Alcide naked. The stories are gory, wild and fun. Alan Ball “owns” these characters now. We still read the books – nostalgia.

  15. liz says:

    I love the books..up to the 5th or 6th one. Alan Ball does do a lot of unnecessary edits,but tbh, the books get really dull and just recap the other books, so he needs something to work with. I can see why the new introduction. Everyone loves Eric but in the books you see him a lot less after this season. Introducing a sister will give him reason to stay. Look at bill. He was supposed to be gone all of last season but they made him king to keep him around, same deal. Stop complaining

    • trixie says:

      NOt sure what books you’ve read lol…There’s not much Eric in book 5-6, But there’s ALOT of him in books 7-8-9-10-11. So really, there’s a lot of material there.

      • HenFam says:

        I was gonna say the same thing Trixie! If anything in the more recent books Bill kinda just fades away to a Hello Eric and a great big Bill Who? lol

        • trixie says:

          Bill becomes a minor character after book 3.
          I’m kind of resentful of the way they killed poor Sophie Anne just to make him king. They could have done so much more with her…

  16. Angell says:

    I’ve never read the books. Have no desire to. But ever since I saw Misery – I try not to compare movies/books to each other as most times I am sorely disappointed (Harry Potter being the exception).

    I wasn’t too crazy about this season. I LOVE Eric & Sookie – but I found myself incredibly annoyed by her this time around. I do think they’ve dismissed the Eric/Sookie pairing a little too fast. They’re hot together – when they’re themselves. And with Debbie being dead, and Alcide available – anyone else see this coming?

    I also agree with whomever said that Lafayette was a shadow of his former self – where’s the sass? Where’s the attitude? Seems like it’s gone by the wayside. BRING IT BACK Alan!

    No new characters should be introduced this season. There is just too much of a mess that needs fixing. Sam & his girlfriend, and dealing with the death of Tommy. Jessica, Jason, and Hoyt – hello? Do we forget about them altogether? And let’s not forget Terry’s deep dark secret, Andy’s “V” abuse (and having sex with a fairy), and Tara being messed up overall.

    FIX what you’ve got – then introduce. If you have solid story lines, you can keep it going for at least five more seasons, if not longer. But if you have shoddy writing, and ignore your core characters – you won’t see season seven.

    Just my opinion.

    • Lacey says:

      Nice Eric was great for about an episode but then he became boring. Evil Eric being a couple with Sookie could be interesting but she’ll never stop trying to change him. Alcide and Sookie would make a much better couple.

  17. Ashley says:

    The tv series became it’s own bread when Lafayette didn’t perish. The books are great, but if the show was exactly as the books are it would be boring. I view book and tv as two separate things. I love them both!

  18. Christine says:

    Books or tv …who cares watch or read its up to you either way its your choice and really shouldnt matter to others stop wasting your time arguing about it and just enjoy whichever you enjoy and be happy :)

  19. Martina says:

    I agree if you don’t like the way the show is being doneq don’t watch it.

  20. Samantha says:

    Personally, I love the books AND the show in different ways. I don’t think the show should follow the books exactly because you would always know what is going to happen and be far less interesting. However, I don’t think I’m quite happy about this new “Eric’s Sister” thing. It seems to me that Alan Ball is taking all the glory that Eric deserves and putting that into Bill’s character. Bill is the one who had an estranged “sister.” I personally don’t think he should have messed with the personalities of the characters either. Pam for instance. But we’ll see what happens! Like I said, I equally love them both. I just hope that the Eric and Sookie story line isn’t over. That would make me ANGRY! lol.

  21. lily says:

    This is a hilarious thread. People need to calm down. Lol I read the books and I’ve watched close to every episode. And I honestly like a lot of the changes, they kill off layfette in the 2nd book and he’s one of my favorite characters. I’m glad they kept him in, he brings a lot to the series. I think people need to let everyone have their own opinions and back the hell off. If you enjoy the series, fine. If you like the books better, awesome. Why can’t you all have a civilized conversation as to why you you like whatever better instead of insulting eachother?

  22. JohnDoe says:

    Stop trying to be sad, fake internet heros and get out more.

  23. derek rogers says:

    Get real the books sucked.. read 7 of them..Alan ball has taken a goofy little book series and made it a staple of POP culture.

  24. Sharon Socoloski says:

    I agree w/all the people that say, the series are“based on” the novels by Charlaine Harris, NOT verbatiam! I myself, started w/the series by the great ALAN BALL, then, I started reading the novels. Yes, they are different, but, that’s what makes it so intriging!

  25. Omar says:

    It’s always funny how people who hate this show, or any show for that matter, take time out of there day to say it sucks. It’s been four years people, why are you still complaining about it . Find another show, and the same people complaining are still going to be complaining a year from now after watching all of season five. I think True Blood is amazing with its imperfections and all . After all can you name me one show that has remained perfect from start to finish ?

  26. Angel1069 says:

    just wanted to say something for those that are irritated that she didnt pick bill or eric… they are leaving her free to i think open up for the Quinn romance next season… (that is what jumped into my head when she said she wasnt picking either of them)

  27. Larisa says:

    I agree. Ive read the books and I do appreciate a little tweak here and there. Because it adds the suspense for me. But, you can tell that he gets WAY OFF track at times and your wondering wtf is going on.

  28. Koutburst21 says:

    I love the books…and the show is a little crazy alot of sex but it’s good….even If I wish it could be more like the book it never happens that way…

  29. Missyj504 says:

    true blood is freaking awesome… I have been hooked since season one episode one!!!!! I am counting down the days till season five!!!!

  30. Sharon Socoloski says:

    @Lily-THANK-YOU!! I totally agree w/you!! Finally, someone that makes sense!

  31. dawn1989 says:

    It’s BASED off the books isn’t it?

    Nuff’ said.

  32. mema says:

    Of course one who does not have enough intelligence to read books can only watch TV. I did see the show first and fell so in-love with it I have read every book in the series. If you were smart enough to read a complete book you would know what a joke the show is becoming. You have no idea what an amazing story you are missing by being so close-minded.

  33. Tiffony says:

    I never realized how serious this issue was to people :/ Good grief…why are some people acting like you can’t enjoy both the books and the show?? For me, watching the show is something like getting a whole other story with the characters I love! Plus I have that sexy face to put with tall blonde and viking!

  34. Buzbeech says:

    Just keep Pam and I will be happy she is one ballsy broad

  35. yelloburd says:

    Reading books doesn’t make you a hipster. But being pompous about it makes you super pseudo hipster. Of course its going to deviate from the books. Two separate artists. But make sure everyone knows how much you know about the book when were on a comment thread about a tv series. Seriously.

  36. Omar says:

    Godric was alive for over two thousand years ! And Eric for a thousand , I’m sure that we don’t know all of there history in just four seasons . And if you have seen the show you should know that the maker – progeny relationship doesn’t always end well .

  37. Pa-paige says:

    Reading the top 5 comments legitimately made me more stupid. Thank you for that. Now I need to regain what I just lost.

  38. adri68 says:

    I haven’t read the books for I hvnt been able to find the whole series. The show My Daughter and I are BIG fanatics!!!! My husband calls it Vampire porn but secretly I know he likes it, too. If one reads its wonderful cuz your imagination takes over, if you don’t then you see someone else’s imagination on the screen. Either way I love the show. Watch the show or read the books its your choice just don’t be such a fuddy duddy. Enjoy what YOU want.

  39. ree says:

    I can’t wait! I love Eric!

  40. Realistic Reader says:

    In all honesty, reading some of the comments here left rather shocked. The way people argue insult one another over a preference for a book or tv show is more than a little ridiculous. That being said, I have read Harris’ books, and enjoyed them all. I watch True Blood regularly and really like it as well. Expecting a tv show or a movie to mimic a book or a series exactly is unrealistic. Some stay closer to the original story line than others. In this instance the creators of the show use the setting and characters but add, edit and change story lines. I personally think that this is the way to go. It’s not a 2 hour movie. If I turned on the tv every week knowing exactly what was going to happen, I wouldn’t stay interested very long. I think the writers on the show do a good job of taking plot from the book and turning it into something that has potential for growth in a way that can’t be done in a novel. To each his own, and there is nothing wrong with liking both.

  41. Angel1069 says:

    I still cant believe so many are still complaining about this when what we really should complain about is how we still have almost a year to wait for the next season!! :( lol

    lighten up everyone! we are each allowed to express our own opinion but seriously… why all the negativity and insults?!?!

  42. Jeff says:

    I some how got here through a Facebook “link.”
    I am a fan of “True Blood” and I never heard of the books before the series came out. But that’s not the point.
    I just waisted ’bout 20 minutes (of my day off) reading all of you “Idiots” tryin’ to prove
    “Who’s better than who” and “What’s better than what”
    Love the show, Hate the show. Love the books, Hate the books.
    Dummies! o_O

  43. Sarah thomas says:

    I’ve read all the books and watched the whole series. There’s a lot that’s different in the books than on the show and its been that way since the beginning. Look at the characters sam and tara…they’re different in the show than written in the novels. And bill has a different personality in the book than in the show! You can love both! But you shouldn’t be battling over whats better…its silly to be arguing about a book and a show. Why not include a fight over the graphic novels and the web episodes (post mortom). Isn’t it better for everyone to just have something to enjoy in this stressful world!

  44. olga berrios says:

    True Blood will never live up to everyones expectation. I personally like the show and will still watch. I believe better things are coming. I look foward to the return of our Mississippi tyrants return.

  45. sparkybird says:

    i am just really looking forward to seeing more of eric! he brightens my week every time he is on..

  46. Christine says:

    Why is everyone on here flipping their lids over something soo stupid.. this arguement between which is better the books or the tv series is retarded. I’ve read the book series and watched the tv show and both are awesome in their own ways for those of you expecting the tv show to be the exact same as the books why would you want that?? There would be no point in watching and it would ruin the world you have created in your mind as you are reading! Instead take the books and the tv series as completely different projects and appreciate them for their own unique styles :)

  47. Ivy says:

    Why are you arguing about the difference between the books and the series? Both are good; different but good. I’m just going to enjoy as much Eric as I can get…. It’s like getting twice the story in one package! Everyone should be happy. Read the books and watch the show, but don’t take away from the experience but comparing one to the other!

  48. Jason says:

    The books are terrible. Bland. Uninteresting. The series is fantastic.

    • bea says:

      IDK… I haven’t read the books but to me season four was quite bland, uninteresting and terribly written… a shadow of what it used to be. So much wasted potential…

  49. pebblesporter says:

    Opinions are like a*#&%#es everybody has one!

  50. libby says:

    first let me start off by thankng alan ball 4 givng us a great depiction of the south.it’d been a long since i’d believed in somethng with accents.i should say i have been a TB junkie 4rm d start and 4 continuity’s sake there’s a void. I thnk the writng problem is a result of that huge cast.the fairies, the weres,the vamps and shifters.4 t.v’s sake he should cut back.otherwise the show hasn’t lost it yet.