True Blood Scoop: Meet Eric's Vampire 'Sister'

British actress Lucy Griffiths is coming to America in a big way.

The 25-year-old stunner — best known for her role as the ill-fated Marian in the BBC drama Robin Hood — is joining True Blood‘s Season 5 cast as a series regular.

Griffiths will play Nora, Eric’s (Alexander Skarsgard) centuries-old vampire “sister” (they were both progenies of Godric) who is working as a double agent within the Vampire Authority. Described as intelligent, intimidating, cool under pressure and a very good liar, Nora loves Eric deeply, but has dedicated her life to a higher purpose.

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The gig marks Griffiths’ first big break stateside after several near misses. Most recently, she was among the leads in The CW’s zombie thriller pilot Awakening, but the show was not ordered to series.

True Blood‘s fifth season starts production later this year ahead of a Summer 2012 premiere.

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  1. Bookie22 says:

    This is such bull-crap, more destroying of Charlaine Harris hard work and beloved books decimated by Alan Ball once again. This is just becoming a joke right? Let’s see how much more Alan Ball can make things worse… I give up Alan Ball, you’ve made me hate this show even more now.

    • NuMu350 says:

      then don’t watch it…go back to your silly books. Most of us didn’t start watching this show to see a live reenactment of a series of books we hadn’t heard of prior to this show. Seriously though, being hipster isn’t that cool, bookie.

      • Onyx says:

        hahahahahahahaha.. since when liking books makes you a hipster.. You dear Numu350 need to educate yourself a little more darling :) that was such a immature comment I am not even sure either the books nor the TVshow are aged appropriate for you lol. But you sure made me laugh so 10points for that.. haha

        • Ebony says:

          Holy crap Onyx. You’re trying WAY too hard.

          I mean, hahahahaha you’re trying way too hard dear lol

        • Lisa says:

          LOL – agree. And if in some alternate realm reading books DID make you a hipster, it wouldn’t be these books. Poorly written – take out the dirty scenes and violence and the reading level is on par with The Babysitters’ Club books. Alan Ball made this series into something for adults. But thanks for the laugh. I have to get back to reading my book and being hipsterish.

          • Vivien says:

            I agree completely! I hated the book series. Don’t get me wrong, she can write (Harper Connelly series was great.) These were terrible! As for the tv series, Charlaine agreed to let Alan Ball go at it his own way, and even admitted on occasion she liked the directions he took with “improving” her characters. Either way, the books make Twilight seem slightly intelligent in contrast with the ditzy blonde crap.

        • pat says:

          chill out dude, it’s a tv show! yes i know based on the books but right there is the optimum word BASED you moron!

        • Jason says:

          NERD ALERT.
          p.s. (post script) The correct structure of that last part would be “Tv show are age appropriate” or “Tv show are aged appropriately”
          and using the word darling in a sentence truly “dumbs down” the intent of a quip. You’re cute.

        • Alice says:

          I’m with you, Onyx. Am still giggling about being a “hipster” for reading! I like the books AND the show but this “Nora” character just doesn’t seem to fit into the mythology. I LIKE the fact that Eric only really has Pam (or Sookie too, depending on the –horror!– book). The guy’s a loner. He has to be, to hold onto his power.

          • Bee says:

            I think it makes sense that Eric would have a “sister”…With Godric being as old as he was supposed to be, he had to have created a few “children” thru the centuries……besides, keeps things interesting. I’ve read all the books, and love them, but I also enjoy the “license” Alan Ball has taken with some of the characters. Can’t wait for the next season.

          • stacy says:

            I agree, a sister was in none of Eric’s back story, from when he was human and when he was with Godric. I also agree that he is a loner and I like him that way, is sexy, lol.

        • beatlefan says:

          either/or, neither/nor….not either/nor

        • 8 GB says:

          @Onyx – NuMu350 meant go back to reading the Charlaine Harris series not ALL books. I like TB, but have not read the series…not because I don’t read, I just chose not to read the Sookie Stackhouse novels. I don’t understand why those who enjoyed the books can be disappointed, who wants to watch a show where you know what’s going to happen at every turn. If that’s what you want, go watch the Twilight movies – they don’t deviate from the main characters at all. Alan Ball is mixing it up, and that is sometimes (not always) a good thing.

          Onyx, I will give you – NuMu350’s hipster comment was a little lame.

      • Bookie says:

        You have a point- those that don’t care for the direction of the storylines don’t need to keep watching. Of course… I pity your children who won’t be taught to love books and I pity anyone who has to spend more than 5 minutes talking to you, as you may not have much to say. Books are magical and should always be respected and enjoyed!

        • Tiffany says:

          Hell yes!! Books are SOOO magical!!! But who needs magic from books when we have Kim Kardashian to create it for us? We can just turn on the TV and have Jersey Shore create their own drunken perverted magic. People that read are usually rather smart, and smart people are hip, because we have better jobs and make more money! Yeah I said it. Who the hell cares about being “hip” anyway. This isn’t middle school. And furthermore, no one “hip” these days uses the word “hip” anyway…LOL! What is this 1992 on Saved By The Bell? At least they used the word cool! You’re tragic NuMu

        • nuttieboo says:

          i have read all 11 sookie stackhouse novels and watched every episode of the true blood series i find they both have good qualitie and imagination put into them to create them in the first place. but please do not get up ur own backside a think ur better thjan ppl because u read i agree reading doesnt seem as important as it use to but alan ball has done a fabulous job in creating a world that in the books u have to imgine so maybe if think about it rationally u wud understand that u cudnt do better so stop complaining and if u dont like true blood dont watch it

          • Tim Keene says:

            I have wondered for years what happened to the people who slept when ‘reading’ was taught. Now I know. I enjoy both the show, and the books – but I realize that, other than a basic story line, with characters, they are not the same. When one reads, one’s world becomes much larger.

          • Gia Hoegler says:

            Oh nuttieboo, is that really how you were taught to write? Texting abbreviations aside, your grammar and expression are atrocious. Maybe if you read more, you would have exposed yourself to effective examples of clear expression.

        • Anon says:

          Different generation, lady. TV/Movies > Books.

          I pity any person that has to interact with you in real life.

        • Natmorg says:

          Jeez people!!! As someone who has read the books AND watches the series, I think it’s awesome to have both aspects of the characters and their lives. Either way, they are both great forms of entertainment and I seriously doubt the creators of either would want people insulting each other over their efforts. It’s all opinions people, learn to take them or leave them.

      • JBone says:

        Excellent comment NuMu350! Well said. You offended all the “Poindexter Nerds” by telling it like it is! LOL

      • MissJawlz says:

        words right out of my head, NuMu350! Thank you!

      • 40sQueen says:

        Seriously? Reading books makes you a hipster? Maybe the Twilight series, AFTER watching the movie. I enjoy BOTH the series and the books. I do agree that if you don’t like the show then stop watching it, but I guess reading books is beyond you. You must not have much imagination since it takes some to read a book. I don’t care if they don’t follow the books to a T (except the whole Sookie and Eric thing. UGH!), but stop hating on people who enjoy reading the books. I didn’t know it was based off a book series until I heard it and that’s because I don’t wander into the supernatural section of the book store. Maybe Bookie22 doesn’t either, but it doesn’t make us a hipster.

      • EmagX says:

        Silly books?!?! Yes, I know that the TV series is not supposed to be entirely based on the books, but honestly, have you even read them? They can’t be that silly if someone decided to make a TV series out of them. I love the books and the series, but you can’t compare them to each other.
        “Books we hadn’t heard of prior to this show”, did you hear of the Harry Potter books before the films came out? Or are they just “silly books” too?
        And one other thing, there is absolutely nothing uncool about reading books.

      • DarkHime says:

        You are correct in suggesting that Bookie22 should stop watching the TV series if all they have to do is complain about it.
        Though, you crossed the line in saying “silly books.” Referring to any type of books[with the exception of the Twilight series] is just ignorant and sad. It is important for the people living in this lifetime to indulge in books, even more important than mindlessly staring at a TV screen for an hour.
        Yeah, so what if some people didn’t start watching the show to see a live reenactment? Was that supposed to be some sort of insult? In what way was Bookie22 referring to the people who watched the TV series without reading the book as a lesser being? That comment was completely uncalled for, same going for you speaking for everybody else.
        “Seriously though,” reading a book and wanting to see the reenactment is in no way hipster like. It’s normal to be interested in wanting to see a scene being played out in your head as you read the book being projected into images on the TV screen. It’s exciting.
        It is also understandable why Bookie22 is upset over the changes the producers have made in the series. Have you had read the book, you might understand. Bookie22 is seeing both sides and may like the way the book went about the story better than how the TV series is going about the story. We also all have a right to express our feelings just as you did in your post.

        • Marion Emery says:

          I guess I don’t understand the problem I have read the books and loved them and I love True Blood too. I am not sure why people need to be so nasty about things, if you don’t like something don’t watch it real simple to me. every one has a right to watch or read what they like without someone else saying bad things about it just my opinion.

          • Lisa Marie says:

            So, so true! You really bottomlined it here! I enjoyed the books, but I certainly didn’t want to see a phases by phrase reenactment when the series came out. What’s the point of that? I think for the most part Alan Ball has added depth and intrigue to the storyline and characters. More surprises that I didn’t see coming made for some really great entertainment!

        • Taietaie says:

          I agree that there are many books out there that I do not like, however , any book that encourages children, teenagers, or even adults to read is awesome.

      • Emm01 says:

        what is wrong with loving a good book? Yes true blood is nothing like what Charlaine Harris has wrote but at the end of the day it isnt meant to be. Each series is based LOSELY on what she has wrote if it were an actual word for word copy there would be no point and people would just stick with the books themselves. What people need to realise is that they are each different form one another and that is how they should be judged. I love what she wrote just as much as anyone but I love to watch the series just as much. Dont you think if she had a problem it would have been voiced by now??

      • Jess says:

        So reading instantly makes you a hipster and is uncool? God I hope you don’t reproduce, I’m sure your children would be ignorant couch potatoes. I am a huge fan of Charlaine Harris and of books in general. I also love TrueBlood even though it has become very different than the Sookie books. Don’t knock books they inspire some of the best shows on television.

      • Iobas says:

        I completely agree.
        If you dont like it change the channel ,there are hundreds to choose from. Pathetic!!

      • PPollei says:

        While there are people who do watch the show with no prior knowledge of the books, the show is suppose to be based on the books, one per season, which unfortunately leaves way too much space to fill resulting in Alan Ball creating stories to fill the void. His free license to change the story is disheartening to many fans. Without the fans who are committed to the rendering of the books, there would not be a show. Without the books, there would not be a show. Chosing not to read the books is your choice, don’t disrespect thos of us who have.

      • Crystal Bushlow says:

        My point exactly.I can’t wait to see what happens next.I liked Eric when he was the nice Eric and Sookie.

      • tut says:

        sorry, but you guys are the lamest of all, the books may be no great literature but still they make more sense than the show and don´t have that many plotholes;

        At this point, AB’s fanfic has gone so far astray from the books, that I’m not sure it even matters what he does with the characters, the only similarity to the books anymore is Eric’s storyline…….Beehl’s just living it on screen. AB’s forever Beehl Boner gone wild.
        Beehl stakes Longshadow….check
        Beehl heals Sookie from Maenad….check
        150 year old Civil War Vet knows about Maenad….check
        Bill helps Sookie at Russell’s….check
        Bill is stronger than older vampires….check
        Bill gets more ass than Eric…..check
        Bill saves Sookie during witch war….check
        Bill kills Marnie….check
        Sookie loves Bill and rejects Eric…..check
        Beehl becomes King….check (We all know this is where book Eric is headed)
        Have I left out any Book Eric moments given to Beehl?
        Oh, wait….now Eric’s getting a “vampire sister” aka Judith

      • Trubie & bookie says:

        No Hun. Most normal people have a more fantastic imagination than you do. I like the books, and the way she tells the stories. At times, her books are more erotic than the show. But it could just be my imagination. I’m just an ol bookie. BTW…..no Sookie book…no True Blood. DUH

    • Barbara says:

      AGREE!!!!! If Ball didn´t want us the books lovers to compare the books with the series, he shouldn´t have done the first season so much alike the books. This sent a clear message: We will be faith to the books!!
      And now he just want to change everythig!! I don´t see a problem with the quality of the series, but as someone who read the books I just know that the world Charlaine created is so much better!!!!

      • Marie says:

        Ball has said from the begining the show would move further away from the books as time went on. He has always referred to them as a template. They follow the basic storyline but fill in all the details.

        And honestly? Most T.V. adaptations of books, especially books involving romance, don’t follow them closely. I dont’ see why it would be expected.

        CH sold Ball the rights to the books knowing that he could do what he wanted with the story without her control. He owes her and the book readers nothing after that, it’s his to do what he wants with. The fact that he’s sticking to the basic plots of the books at all is more than a lot of T.V. shows do. I do think the writing has been sloppy at times, but I also like a lot of the changes he’s made. It’s much more enjoyable if it’s just seen as a separate but related or parallel story.

        And now that Ball isn’t following the one book per season thing anymore (confirmed at Comic con), we’re goig to get to see stuff from later books like books 7,8, and 9. They are definitley moving at a faster pace because they’ve already set up things that happened way later. I’m glad about that too because books 5 and 6 kind of sucked in my opinion.

        • 40sQueen says:

          He kinda has to move at a faster pace. Seeing as there are going to be 13 books and they only do 12 episodes per year. We all know the show will not go one for 13 years. Vampires don’t age and obviously they actors will. I enjoy both the series and the show, although I was pissed Sookie chose neither Bill or Eric (I’m very team Eric) so I am hoping later in the show that she does go back and choose one (Eric, let it be Eric)

          • Maggie says:

            This is where I get alittle pissed about the books vs. the series. Alan Ball said Bill would always be Sookies one true love where the books put her with Eric. I wish his feeling wasnt out there at all and we just went season to season.

      • Polgara says:

        I got to here, reading the comments, and right now, I am ashamed to call myself a TB fan. Mainly due to the Twilight comment. DOWN WITH THAT SORT OF THING!!! *cough cough* Pardon me.

        I believe NuMu350 mentioned Hipster due to the, “I like the TB books before it was cool and made into a TV series that has nothing to do with the books…” not because people like books. Books and TV/Movies are NEVER the same there are WAY too many spoilers that way!

    • Guess says:

      I think the TV show is a completely different animal so I don’t mind a completely different direction and/or completely different characters: this progeny of Godric/sibling of Eric has potential to be more compelling than The Vampire Diaries “brothers”. And I’m glad they brought a Robin Hood alumni for the role.

    • Mkliner says:

      I think my 4th grader can write as well as Charlene Harris. Her idea was great, but the show is much better- more plot, and depth.

      • Danielle says:

        If you have read any vampire books by Anne Rice or her Erotic Novel about Sleeping Beauty, you can tell that CH took from those book what she liked and then wrote a story around it. Even we Sookie and Bill are being intimate, it’s just like she was like “Hmmm, let me get my Anne Rice book and see what she had for a sexy line.” The books are ok, but the show gives the story more than the books can. Plus you can read the books, and when you are done and longing for more, you still have the tv show… and fanfics… and blogs. Are you going to start going to people’s fanfics and blogs and complaining about their theories and what they actually wanted to happen. The books still exist. They will not disappear just because the show isnt following them. You can still enjoy them.

        • Danielle says:

          My post was not directed towards Mkliner. It was suppose to post at the top, but it didnt. I guess I clicked something wrong.

      • Lauren says:

        Too bad her idea came from Laurell K. Hamilton. Legalize vampires and have a bunch of wereanimals – Anita Blake anyone? At least with the Anita Blake stories she is a bad-ass.

        • Anon says:

          They’re both supernatural books, so of course they will have similars aspects. You might as well say that Laurell K. Hamilton stole the idea from Bram Stoker. There is very few real similarities other than the vampires and wereanimals.

    • Jennie says:

      You know that Harris has publicly announced her support for Ball’s vision of her books, right?

    • Malyk says:

      Why can’t people realize that it is “BASED” on the books. There is nothing there that says “EXACT” copy of the books. These shows are made to make money. So they are going to do what they think the general population watching this want. Plain and simple.

      • Christine says:

        I agree with you on the idea that it is BASED on the books. I like how they have taken the characters and specific ideas from the books and turned it down a different path or angle. It keeps it interesting– as someone who has read all of the books, I like being surprised on different event with the characters that I know.

    • aghazy says:

      My favorite books are never the same when made into a movie or TV program. I love True Blood but I never read any of the books. I dont’ think I will now if they are so different.

      • claygirl says:

        aghazy… the books are the books and the show is the show. The books are enough different to make them interesting and I would recommend reading them. It’s not like they are great fiction- just a fun read.

        I love the story CH created and I also love the story AB tells with the same characters. I haven’t read the grafic novels, but I would bet they are different as well.

    • Lizard says:

      If you don’t like the show then don’t watch it, as for those fans of true blood the showtime series I am looking forward to see what spin off they do of the book. Each season has been awesome..I wonder where they will take this one.

    • Spaceman says:

      Much to my regret, I fought my way through all the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Even worse, I paid good money for them. I did this only so I would know what was happening and GONG to happen on the show. Sorry Charlaine Harris, but your books are probably the most horrible things I have ever read!!! What Alan Ball has made out of such trash is an awesome miracle!

    • klyt says:

      thats why trueblood is based on her books and not her books….dude get a life and dont watch it

    • JPB says:

      Then Stop watching it…… Alan Ball already said when the True Blood series started that they were not going to follow the books closley. Alan Ball is awesome as he was w/Six Feet Under. Allot of people had no idea what True Blood was until the series started, calm down and seperate the book from the series. It’s based on a book don’t mean they are going to follow it nor do they need to.

    • MamiFatal says:

      The sad part about your comment is the fact that Charlaine Harris works closely with Alan Ball during the progression of True Blood. So to say that he is destroying her works, would also mean that she is sabotaging herself, right?

      • trixie says:

        charleine Harris has zero creative input in the show. She ahd some talks with Alan Ball before the first season started and that’s it.
        Ball can do whatever he wants and she has absolutely no contractual power to change his decisions or to influence the direction of the show. So your infos are wrong.

      • trixie says:

        Your infos are wrong: Harris has absolutely no creative input or control over the show and it’s direction.

    • Trubie04 says:

      The books are mostly all about Sookie, whereas the show is more about everyone in series, not just about Sookie. I love them both, the show and the books. And maybe that’s because I started watching the show before I read the books (which by the way, I enjoy an adult book that is easy to read, nothing wrong with that), either way they are both great. Harris sold her story and ideas, and Ball has just tried to expand on it. Its like some of Harris’s short stories I have read, new characters in those that weren’t in the books yet still just as great. Everyone needs to stop being such control freaks, and just enjoy the ride!

      • hj345 says:

        I, too, enjoy both the books and the show. I love rants like this. People are so funny.
        I’ll bet Charlaine Harris’ bank account doesnt mind Alan Ball’s spin on things :)

      • summergirl2 says:

        I started reading novels around age 12 and I can’t imagine life without being able to pick up a book and escape off into some crazy town or adventure.When someone reads a series that has them counting down the days until the next installment a sort of attachment happens between reader and characters. You are invested in the outcome of their lives on paper. I was so excited to find out that Sookies story was going to come to life on HBO. The first season followed the book storyline very closely and I thought it was terrific (great casting ,acting, and atmosphere). Along the way I have been thrilled with some of the additions such as Jessica as Bills child. What a talented young actress she is and her character really adds to the storyline. The books have so many “memorable moments” that when Allen Ball casts a blind eye to them its a huge disappointment. One example of a scene that was left just like in the book was when Eric suckered Sookie into sucking out the silver bullets after the attack from the Church of the Sun. I held my breath as he told her he would die without her help as he tried to hide a self satisfied grin the whole time. The cherry on top was watching Bill have a melt down when he walked in on said scene. This is what those who have read the books are clammering about….scenes that just ROCK are never seen…so it does bring a sense of disappointment. Last season was one that I couldnt wait for because I’m team Eric also and I knew that this was the beginning of Eric and Sookies romance….and it should have been funny,scary, and downright sexy…….what a let down the whole season was…..Now, would I stop watching TB over this….heck NO…I still love the characters and the show……but, in my heart its rated a 7 when I know it could be a knocked out the ball park 10! Hope this explains why readers aren’t always happy with storyline of show.

        • Jamie says:

          I’m so there with you on enjoying Season 4. I’ve both read the books and watched the show and let’s just say I’m a Trubie, period. I’ll continue to do both. I’m just looking forward to what’s going to happen next season. Hopefully, there will be something to start the progression in Eric’s and Sookie’s relationship. That’s really the point I understood from books 4 and 5, and my loyalty belongs to Eric.

    • Hastabul says:

      Well, you are aware that the show is “LOOSELY” Based on the books right?

      Besides, you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Also, Charlaine Harris has gone and said repeatedly that she approves and even enjoys the show….

      So quit hating on something you have no part of….

    • Nina says:

      The TV is BASED on the books. It is not a re-enactment of the books. And if you hate the show so much, why not stop watching it?

    • lulu says:

      I agree
      The storyline is getting so contrived. Alan Ball is not even trying to follow the true spirit of the books. Bummed Out

    • Spirit says:

      I agree, this past season was not the best! The only thing good about what Allan Ball did with the series was create Godric, but then he killed him off in the same season w/ was stupid. This past season really sucked elephant balls.

    • TRUBIE48 says:

      The novels and the show ARE different. Personally, I love Charlaine’s imagination however her writng leaves much to be desired after book five. I kept reading the novels hoping she would redeem herself but after I finished book nine I simply gave up any hope that she would write with any sort of professionalism. She put way too much “fluff” and filler in the books and if I had to make a choice I would never choose those poorly written novels over the television series. Remember, you have a choice; watch or don’t watch. I had a choice to continue reading her poorly written books or not and I chose NOT.

    • Kelleefornia says:

      I think the Alan Ball does a way beetter job @ plot twists and story telling than Charlaine Harris’ stale “same old same old”. Having said that… not crazy about Eric having a sister…. but whatever. TB is definitely more interesting than Charlaine Harris series of books. I have read them all.

    • Mark says:

      So Alan Ball deviates from the stories in the novels. Wouldn’t it be incredibly boring if the two were identical? What would be the point of watching if every scene matched the pages you’ve read…no surprises, nothing new, just seeing what you already know? If you want the story from the books….read the books!

    • Jillian says:


      Have you read the books? So what!! He has done a better job then Charlaine Harris. That senile old bat has so many mistakes in her series, she need to fire her editor!! The show is much better then the books. Get a life. Go occupy wallstreet or something!

    • Mandy Hayes says:

      OMG! Those books are so terrible as to be almost unreadable. Honestly, Elvis as a vampire; Bon Temps without Lafayette; that terrible and crass first sex scene between Sookie and Bill; losing Bill after the first few books because he is “working on a vampire directory – what is he – the phone company? Those books are some of the worst I have ever read in any genre. Alan Ball is the best thing to ever happen to Bon Temps!

    • pepper says:

      turn off your tv then! I love not knowing what is coming next! How much fun would it be if it was just like the books and knew everything that was going to happen!!! Moron!!!!!!

    • Falon says:

      How could you hate this show? True Blood is my faveorite series and it gets better every season! I thought if people hated something they turned the channel not downgrade it with nasty comments! I may have a different oppinion on the subject but like the rest of the viewers said…… If you dont like it dont watch it!

    • Lillishiana says:

      Personally, I’ve read all of the books and I have watch all of the True Blood Episodes and I like the HBO version better. The books are OK but Charlaine Harris can’t seem to keep her story line or her chars blood lines straight. They are so very different that it keeps me from reading ahead and spoiling the show. I enjoy both and think of them both and treat them as two seperate stories that happen to share char names.

    • MDM says:

      The books are good, the TV Show is entertaining. No one cares about or cares to take the time to read this back and forth BS about nothing. Stop the BS and comment on the book or the show or both if you have something meaningful to say.

    • Pammy721 says:

      Ok guys, True Blood is BASED on the books not an exact adaptation. We all know that when people make movies or TV shows BASED on books we are not going to see everything word for word… how boring would that be? You can definitely be a fan of both without feeling you are betraying one or the other, because… they are two different things! Alan Ball’s vision is pretty amazing, I mean, it has made True Blood insanely popular, and Charlaine Harris? she wrote amazing books that inspired the series… they both win in my book!

    • Nina says:

      I agree, this serie is going too far from the books, and some times it is quite difficult to enjoy it.

    • Books-r-me says:

      Loved the books, love the show – get rid of Tara, more Eric and Sookie for sure, more sarcastic Pam (luv her)and keep the story line about vamps and humans – an occasional wolf is ok, but shape shifting, fairies, witches are booorriiinnnnggg!

      • Lacey says:

        I am so happy that I am not the only one who doesn’t like Tara. I find her to be extremely annoying and think the show would be better without her. Pam is such a great character and I love her sarcastic lines.

      • mars says:

        I think there are to be more with sookie and eric.
        Tara is ok but alciede realy needs to be on more

    • Marcus says:

      Look at Dexter for example, the books and series have gone in two different directions and both are fantastic, it may not work for everyone but that can’t be helped

    • hey-jude says:

      OMG you know there used to be a button on the remote called the channel button with a + and a – if you hit the + you go up to a higher channel and down to lower channels with the – simple if you don’t like what you are watching change the channel!!!know one wants to hear you b—- . i have read the books and watched the series and the series far out shines the books .( that’s my story and im sticking to it )

    • jwillms says:

      I love the books and the T.V. series. Eric having a sister…makes
      for alot of new twists and turns. Can’t wait for the new season. Alan Ball and his staff of writers, keep pushing it.

    • Maxwell Kline says:

      I just happened to stumble across this article and I’m utterly taken aback by the idiocy of the people who have commented. Sometimes, I forget how dumb the world is that we live in. Can half of you even read a book if you tried?

    • Gary R Pinchot says:

      Alan has done a great job of adapting the books and being original instead of doing a carbon copy of the books…what would be the point, there would be no twists, turns or surprises. I know it’s easy to not like change when it comes to characters we all love(as is)but it’s actually flattering to us fans of the books that he is making his adaption of Charlaine’s work. If it were a carbon copy we would know exactly what was going to happen in every episode, so no cliff hangers, no suspense and in turn, a very short lived series and i would be lost without True Blood to get me through my summer Sundays. I guess I understand your frustration but I’ve come to accept and actually love the new direction. You just to keep an open mind and go with the flow or change the channel…I chose to jump on the Alan Ball express and enjoy the ride! I hope you eventually join us because its a crazy train! Thanks Alan!!!

    • anna says:

      well ihave read every book of miss charlaine harris from the first to dead reckoning. i loved them so much. i read a lot and find that movies never live up to book standards. true blood is the exception.if it was not for the magnificent adaptations made, there would be no jessica, lafayette would be killed off in first few minutes of second season. there would be no andy addicted to v, or the sinister goings on with arlenes baby, tommy, his parents, jason and the drainining of eddie.dont watch it you whining baby as the rest of us cant get enough and i applaud you alan ball for the series of the decade.

    • Buffy Summers 4216 says:

      Doesn’t anyone pay attention to the fact that Charlene is more than ok with Alan doing whatever he wants with the series? She signed creative rights to them. I don’t understand how people just ignore that as if it is not important.

      Honestly, when i am done reading a book that i truly love, i crave more of the characters. I wish more books were out to keep reading. I will read fanfic because its fun. A different twist to things.
      There is nothing wrong if you dont like the way the series is going. nothing wrong if you hate the books but love the show hell, either way nothing matters because 1. creative rights were signed away 2. we dont get paid for any of this.

      Some folks just love giving themselves ulcers. Charlene, loves the show. She has mentioned it in several interviews and articles. The show has fantastic ratings. Must be just me. :)

    • Tim says:

      I agree that the show can not be compared to the books, which I have read all of, but ever since the first episode of season 2, I don’t even consider them the same story anymore. Lafayette was supposed to be dead, instead they made it Miss…umm…miss..uhhh….voodoo lady person. I am ok with that. I like them both for different reasons. Jason, Tara, and the maenad were all very minor characters in the books. They were all very prevalent in the series. And did anyone else think Claudine was nowhere NEAR as pretty as she should have been? but I digress. The series is VERY loosely based on the books. both are great, but you cannot compare the two.

    • Lucifer says:

      Agreed, this chick is going to bring her brand of fail to an otherwise decent show. Eric doesn’t have a sister. Why does he have to have one now? So that Bill has someone to lay? Bloody hell.

  2. Lily says:

    Oh come on, don’t be so dramatic. You haven’t even seen the storyline yet so you have no idea how it’s going to play out. It could be really great. The show is based on the books, but they are two different things. They have said from the beginning the show was going to be different from the books. If you can’t separate the two and enjoy the show for what it is, then that’s your loss. And for the record, I have read the books. And I actually prefer the show.

    • Jen88 says:

      I don’t know why I continue to read the books. There are more characters than War & Peace and all of them static and undeveloped. I prefer the show, too.

    • Abdel says:

      I completely agree about the show being more interesting than the books. Sometimes I wonder why I read the books too. My answer is to get the backbone of the upcoming season and thank Alan Ball once again for making those characters way more interesting and lovable than they are in the books. Looking forward to a new season. Peace.

      • Snarkland says:

        There are elements of the books I like; there are elements of the show I like. I like Book!Sookie way more than TB!Sookie; I like book 4 way more than season 4 (which was based on book 4). I don’t care for the author; I think her books are very immaturely written. And I agree with the abundance of characters in the books. IMPO, I think there are so many characters because the author decided that, if she can’t come up with an interesting plot, she’ll just throw in more characters to distract us from the fact that she’s run out of story.
        I actually love how campy TB is; it gives me something to chuckle at. :)

        • trixie says:

          The books are by no means perfect, but to say that there’s no story and too many characters in them is unfair, especially if you look at the show: TB is 70% pure filler and purposeless side plots…IMHO of course…
          Also, I think with all their faults, the main plots of the books, especially those to do with vampire politics, are WAY stronger and more consistent than TB ones. This year’s TB main storyline was basically a long string of plot holes and contrivancies with zero dramatic tension and no payoff.
          The books are simple campy fun, but the show pretends to be clever when really, it doesn’t even know how to tell a good story anymore…

  3. Sarah says:

    Dear Bookie whatever – shut up and go away.

  4. heather_kaye says:

    Don’t watch True Blood (please don’t hate!), but very excited for Lucy Griffiths to be getting work! Big fan of her fittingly-spunky Marian!

    • Dessy says:

      Yeah, me too.
      Oh God, I have the image of her as Maid Marian. It’ll be weird seeing her do creepy sex stuff. I mean, this IS true blood.

  5. Sourabh says:

    The books are good, and the show is good. Comparing them will only lead to disappointment and heartbreak.

    Why not enjoy them separately for the fun-filled gore fests that they are?

    • trixie says:

      I used to like both the show and the books for what they are, maybe I even preferred the show.
      But I thought season for was really REALLY bad. Not because it’s not like the books,but because I think the writing has gotten progressively lazier and cheesier, not to mention the awful plot holes and inconsistencies. It’s a shadow of what it used to be and it makes me really sad.

    • Julie says:

      That’s why I only read the book volumes after their seasons (I’m only up to book 4) Not really to compare but it’s so I don’t have any expectations when I watch the show (It’s just so darn good)

      • trixie says:

        Actually A LOT of people were disappointed in this season, not just bookies.
        I’m the only one in my circle of friends who’s read the books, and their general consensus on season 4 is that it was badly written and anticlimatic, and definitely the worse to date.
        It was also the least critically well received season by a long shot…so again, not only book readers have a problem with TB.

        • Scott says:

          I agree with that, I would have loved for AB to actually write some key points in from the books. Not writing the shower scene was a bad choice. It’s such a big development for what’s to come for Eric and Sookie. So many things leading from book 4 till 11 are things you need to be incorporate into the show. But they weren’t, such a big let down in my book.

          • trixie says:

            Frankly I really don’t care if the show follows the books or not.
            I just want it to be A GOOD SHOW, and IMO it isn’t, not anymore…

  6. Mikaylah says:

    I loved her in Robin Hood, so I am excited about this. I haven’t been following this season of True Blood, but I will tune in next season for sure. As a side note, anyone know if you can watch the Awakening pilot online somewhere?

  7. Meg says:

    Hm. Why are tv shows always adding a perky sister or daugther at some point of their run? Buffy’s sister, Luke’s daughter in Gilmore Girls…It never adds up much and it feels contrived and out of nowhere.

    I just hope it works this time.

    • trixie says:

      Well, at this point pretty much EVERYTHING in True Blood feels contrived, so a sister out of nowhere won’t change much I think…

    • RecceR says:

      I agree about Eric’s sister coming out of nowhere, because they lead us to believe his whole family was dead and he never mentioned having a living or undead relative. However, Buffy’s sister was foreshadowed and hinted to several seasons before she got there, it’s just very subtle.

      • MissMel78 says:

        It’s his vampire “sister” not a biological sister. It says right in the article that they were both made by Godric which is how they are “related.”

        • RecceR says:

          Oh wow, I feel stupid I let that completely go over my head. haha

          But it still makes no sense he never mentioned her and especially with the whole ordeal with the Godric arc in season 2. I just hope Ball can give an explanation that makes sense for her absence.

    • Ashley says:

      It’s not his actual sister.

      Godric was 2000 years old. It’s reasonable to assume he made more than one child in that time.

      This “sister” is just another one of Godric’s children, like Eric. So they have that in common.

  8. BillsChills says:

    I agree that the writing on TB has gotten very lazy.
    Too many subplots, too many characters = too many plot holes and inconsistencies.
    The dialogue was beyond cheesy, the mythology a mockery.
    One not need be a telepath OR a bookie to pick up on that.
    Disguise it behind the word “Genius” all you like, bad writing is bad writing.

  9. ComptonCrusader. says:

    I actually feel sorry for the actors that have to repeat the horrible dialogue. My love of TB has been waning since season 2.
    I enjoyed the first season the most because the writing was consistent as were the characters. This season was a hot mess.
    I have no trouble separating the books from the show, as I have never read a TB Book, and don’t plan to.

    I also feel that most things in TB are contrived. Like they don’t have fact checkers and continuity editors, but rather ‘fly- by- the- seat- of- our- pants- writing.

    Where was Nora when Godric went missing?
    When he met chose to meet the sun?
    Why was she never mentioned prior to now?

    So contrived. *sigh*

    • Marie says:

      Aren’t you kind of overanalyzing it?

      Just because she was Godric’s child doesn’t mean she heard about him being taken. She probably didnt have a close relationship with him and had been released long ago.

      For all we know, in 2000 years, Godric could have 20 children.

    • Jessica says:

      I think it’s more to hint on how Sookie doesn’t actaully know anything in his life.
      As for Nora not being there when Godric met the sun, unless Godric summonded her why would she know to be there. Godric would of released her as he did Eric. But I’m sure they will touch on this at some point in the season

      • bea says:

        Eric was never released by Godric.

        • Jessica says:

          if he wasn’t he wouldn’t of been allowed he leave him and have his own life

          • bea says:

            He was “allowed” because he and Godric had a loyal and loving maker_child relationship so Godric would have no reason to force Eric to stay with him. They probably had many centuries together and then Eric got his own life and made Pam. THat doesn’t mean he was ever formally released by Godric. The releasing is like a divorce or a repudiation. Eric would’ve never wanted to severe the bond with his maker…

          • Tiffany says:

            Proof he wasn’t “released” was that Godric was able to say “As your maker I command you” about not stopping him from meeting the true death (and at other times, like in FOTS church).

            They just had a good relationship. It’s not servitude automatically, unless you’re someone like Lorena.

            Pam could live elsewhere, if she so desired. She just doesn’t, yet. Jessica lives separately from Bill and she is not released (yet, I don’t think? Think Bill tried to? Having a brain fart…)

  10. FairyPants says:

    Oh great another character introduced *eyeroll*

    For four seasons I had to hear how the show was so fantastic and the characters so fleshed out… HAHAHAHA!
    Yeah right. The show has nothing on the books.

    popcorn for smart people?I don’t think so.
    more like ballcrap for dummies.

    Get it together HBO.

  11. S says:

    Cool, another character to take time away from the others. Does Eric have a sister in the books?

  12. PamsFan says:

    I have never read a Sookie book and I think TruBlood has gone way down hill writing wise. They have pussified Eric, made Bill unbelievably smarmy and unlikeable, Sam a douche, Sookie an indecisive bawlbaby and Laffayette a former shell of himself.
    I could care less about Hotshot, Kitch Maynard, possessed babies, ghosts, and the plethora of other mindless, boring filler.
    I want to like this show again.

    Oh and thanks for making Pam a shallow vain tattletale.
    Pretty off key from the vampire who withstood torture from the magister and was willing to lie and die for her maker. Boo!

    • bea says:

      never read the books either and I agree with every word!

    • Jessica says:

      I am a reader of the books and weldone!
      you have just described all that the writers took as their own and messed up.
      I’m not one of these “all hail the books. they are perfect and why isnt the show like this” people. I enjoy True Blood and the whole different side of the same story but they did too much. Too much happened at once. To carry a season out maybe turn it into a longer season? Not like that would happen.
      I just hope they get back to what made True Blood good it its own way next year

    • Lila107 says:

      Good one – made some valid points!

  13. Laurel says:

    I like the show AND I like the books.

    Personally I feel that Alan Ball can do better than he did this season.
    Hopefully he will come back stronger next summer.
    I’m glad that the show is not an exact replica of the books.
    That would be boring.

    • Jessica says:

      Thank you!!! AGREED!!

      Why would you want something to be exactly how you read it!? YOu would know everything and there wouldn’t be any cliffhangers.

      Also, The books were called The Sookie STakehouse series. Not true blood. Making 4 seasons of one characters life would be BORING!

  14. MKS says:

    Granted, I’ve never read the books, but I’m THRILLED at this casting news. Lucy Griffiths was the best part of BBC’s Robin Hood, and I’ve been hoping she woud get a break here. Definitely a bit more excited for next summer then!

  15. NIMM says:

    Poor and cheesy writing, boring characters, plot holes, characters being used as plot devices, inconsistencies, too many characters who take screen time from the interesting ones…

    But the WORST thing Alan Ball has done is to make Sookie an unlovable character. Sookie is an unlikable character for the majority of the True Blood fandom. Sad’

    I cancelled my HBO, because True Blood was the only reason to have it. Now I’m DONE with this show.

  16. Dara says:

    I’ve read the books, and they’re not very good. Campy, like the show. I’m glad the show doesn’t follow the books.
    That said, I agree the writing has gone downhill. The first two seasons were fabulous. Starting in the 3rd and continuing into the 4th it went downhill. The show has lost it’s spark. Many of the characters have become unlikable. I never thought I’d say this about Eric, but I didn’t like him much 4th season. Memory or not.
    I won’t judge this new character until I see the show. I’m hoping the show will get its groove back in season 5. I don’t know.

    • bea says:

      I thought both Eric and Pam’s characters were horribly mistreated this season. Especially Eric’s amnesia plot, which started well but then devolved into a cheesy, boring, purposeless mess, much like the whole show actually. It’s a shame because TB has the potential to be so good…

      • MissMel says:

        I’m pretty sure that amnesia plot is in the books which means the show’s writers aren’t totally to blame.

        • trixie says:

          The amnesia storyline works in the context on the books, because they have more time to develop Sookie’s relationships and especially her thing with Eric was better built up in the first 3 books.
          The overly childlike Eric, the element of guilt/ repentance introduced and then not expanded in any way, the instant full blown love between them, all of these elements were NOT IN THE BOOK.
          NOt to mention the horrible cheesy dialogue and the lack of momentum…
          All of this is the show’s fault.

        • tut says:

          lol you have never read the books, the amnesia storyline in the books is great, there is a huge built up sookie and eric have lots of conversations and its not forced and amnesia eric is sexy and sweet, things ball did let out and made it emo, every book reader can agree on that, if you would read book 4, you would see that…
          and bill constantly interupting and that stupid forced love triangle didn´t help either…

  17. jessmobess says:

    The show is BASED on the books, so not everything is going to be word for word. GET OVER IT.

    • CharlesP. says:


      If you had bothered to read the majority of the posts then you would see that the complaints of the show have little to nothing to do with following the books.
      Even if this show was an original concept and not based on someone else’s work – bad writing is bad writing.
      While the concept of season 4 drew in a boatlaod of fans as shown in the ratings, the end results were a sinking ship as shown in many, many reviews and critiques, not to mention the vast number of fans who have expressed their disappointment.

      • Marie says:

        All valid points. However, it does make me wonder why people that hate the show so much and think it’s so horribly written are trolling for spoilers about it and taking time to comment on them? Seems like a contradiction to me.

        And just to let you know, most book fans I see complaining elsewhere aren’t criticizing the quality of the writing, but rather that it’s not being written the way they want it to be. They don’t like this change, or that change, etc.

  18. Sick-of-it says:

    I am so sick of hearing the book fans whining how it’s not the books verbatim. I agree last season was a disastrous mess but honestly, it wasn’t that far from the books. The declining quality is due to TB’s increasing “campy” tone. Most of us watched the series before they read the books(it’s quite a long-lasting series). SHUT UP! IF YOU HATE IT THEN DON’T FREAKING WATCH IT!!!! (It’s really that simple).

    • trixie says:

      Season 4 was so far the most distant from the corresponding book. The only things they kept were Eric amnesia and the fact that there were witches, and even those elements were developed in a completely different way from the books.
      The show has been declining in quality the more it diverged from the book guidelines, that’s a fact.
      The first season is still the most critically aclaimed and it was also the most book-faithful…

  19. Erin says:

    The one thing about Season 4 that annoyed me is they closed the Eric/Sookie relationship too quickly. He loses his memory, they hook up, gets his memory back, remembers everything that happened between them (he didn’t in the book–at least not right away) and then she dumps eric stating she loves him and Bill both so she decides to be with either of them. All wrapped up in one season….so not cool

    • Jessica says:

      i agree, it would of been better if later down the line he got his memory back. I enjoyed that part of their story.
      Tho anyone has to love that dream scene with bill and eric

      • bea says:

        Actually I hated that threesome dream. The dialogue was cringeworthy, the whole scene felt awkward and uncomfortable and I didn’t find it sexy AT ALL. It was a complete failure IMO.. and I usually love the dreams…

  20. kess says:

    I think this is a great casting choice and can’t wait to see what Alan Ball has in store for her character. I have never read the books and would not want to, each to their own i guess but i have enjoyed season 4 overall and have little to whine and nitpick about. If alan ball followed the books lafayette would be dead. the books suck without lafayette.

    And Alan Ball is not introducing her as erics sister – she and eric were turned vamp by godric that doesn’t make them siblings. jesus!

  21. Fancynarwhal says:

    I like how this argument is playing out. I’m going to say as a fan of the tv series, I have enjoyed it. I picked up the book during the first season and couldn’t get past the first chapter simply due to the writing. Honestly, take a page from Dexter. The first season followed the book and then developed into its own. I think our lovely director is doing the same, while he has a series of books to follow, he can very well develop the series any way he sees fit. Nothing can follow a.series to a t and personally I wouldn’t like it of it did. So complain all you want, you aren’t the ones making the money.

    • Jessica says:

      I picked up the book first just by chance and I agree, this initial set up of the story is a little hard to swallow. Once the story starts flowing it does work alot better.
      I do recomend giving it a good try.
      I will be honest, I couldn’t read the first chapter of Harry Potter myself… look how that turned out. (I did finish the series in the end).
      I do enjoy that True Blood is different to the books. Both the books and the show has bad points and good points. People should just keep more of an open mind :)

  22. Ek2010 says:

    Actually if you remember bill telling sookie in season 4 “eric has connections in high places, higher than me” when sookie went to bill hoping to get her house back and than nan before she died said something like ” not all members of authority have been loyal to avl , mr northman knows what I’m taking about” so there were hints we just didn’t know how eric could be connected with authority and now it makes sense-eric has a sister/double agent for the authority!

  23. Cara says:

    Okay, those of you who are a;;, “Yay, the series is SO much better than the books!” tell me this: If Alan Ball is such a genius, why was the Marianne story line the most God-awfully boring, drawn-out, ignorant plot I’ve ever seen? Not to mention how mind-numbingly stupid the Faerie plot has been up to this point? I agree that there’s a need to add something to the story, but when you make the stories WORSE, really, what’s the point? If what you’re going to do doesn’t make it more entertaining, Mr. Ball, you really should just stick with your source material.

  24. CharlesP. says:

    I think the non-bookies like to use the books as a crutch to support their argument. No matter how many times a complaint is about the writing on the ‘show’ it’s equated to it not ‘being like the books’ when in fact it is about shoddy contrived writing that is based solely on True Blood and has zilch to do with the books.

    It’s not a suitor war, or who’s vamp/were/shifter is better, or a books vs.show debate.
    It’s about continuity and fluidity in an ‘ongoing storyline on a television show.’
    It’s lacking that rhythm it had the first season and part of the second. It seems rushed, contrived and and unfortunately it’s often at the expense of the protagonist. Cutting down on some of the secondary storylines/characters would help, and I think the existing storylines would mesh better.

    Since when is True Blood above criticism? And just because a person voices their opinion about certain things they don’t like on a show does not mean that they hate the show in it’s entirety or that they can just not bother watching and stfu about it. Or that they are trolling. WTF? That’s absurd.
    You said it yourself Marie, “All valid points.” ;)

  25. Natalie says:

    It doesn’t take someone to be a book purist to recognize that the show is getting messier and messier each season. And the adding of Nora doesn’t help it either.

  26. Natalie says:

    The show sucks. Besides, it is not cool to alienate people who demand better writing and better storytelling.

  27. Ling says:

    People will complain about anything. If you’ve already made it to season 4 and you’re still complaining about the series not resembling the books you need something better to do. The series jumped the track ages ago when Lafayette didn’t die. You are more than welcome to tune to another station. More over, Alan Ball is making millions off the people who never read the books. So if I can speak for him. Why don’t you take two fists to the mommy slot and shut up.

  28. Rhiannon110 says:

    I would, instead, love to see the show introduce Quinn, the weretiger. And, as someone who has read all of the books, I would like to see the show stay a LITTLE more true to the books.

    • M says:

      Yes, I loved Quinn ! I hope they introduce him too.

      • vikkerina says:

        i like the shows but as a follower of the novels, its hard to see characters doing something out of their element. I hope they introduce Quinn and also I hope they eventually do the vampire summit. I really enjoyed that one. I was VERY surprised they introduced the Fae this early in the show, and that they didnt make Jason a werepanther. Not to mention killing Tara (I’m guessing she’ll be healed or become a vampire, who knows?) And I will still keep hope that eventually Bubba will make an appearance :-)

  29. sodagalaries says:

    Does it really matter at this point, whether or not the series sticks to the novels? Lafayette was supposed to be dead seasons ago, but yet here he still is. Not to mention he’s the only black person left. :<

  30. RicAY says:

    Ball is just making the series exciting. A book and a tv show are two completely different things. Why would someone make a book a movie when someone could just read the book. This is Ball’s take on the series. Harry Potter is nothing like the book. So would you really except it to be the same. Expand your mind and experince someone else’s idea about this series

  31. aruss884 says:

    I’ve read the all the books, and watched every single episode. There are times where I’m like “ohh.. that never happened…” But I understand where they’re coming from. The books are solely about sookie. Not much mention of the other characters lives beyond her. For a tv show, you have to have more character dynamics or else it fails miserably. I do think there are times where it gets a little ridiculous, but I love the show, very much. And I love the books. So, either way, everyone needs to quit whining. People who are whining about the show OBVIOUSLY still watch it. If it was that big of a deal, turn it off, quit watching and stfu so the rest of us can enjoy it without your bitching.

  32. Miss Lisa says:

    I just don’t understand. Why do people have to complain about everything. If you like the books, wonderful. If you like the show, great. You DON’T have to pick one or the other. Don’t compare them. They are from two different people. Duh, they will be different. Just sayin

  33. Samantha says:

    After watching the first season, I read the books. I must admit that I found the books more interesting than the show but it does say BASED on the books series, not a reenactment. So it is understandable that the show strays from the books but the show now is something totally different from the books all together. I think everyone should read the books, they are amazing.

  34. Cattywompus says:

    Aside from everyone else’s complaints about Season 4 (which I generally agree with), the thing that bothered me most about it? Eric’s killing of Claudine. I’m a big fan of the fairy storyline in the books (yes, more about the books), and I was shocked by that.

  35. E says:

    Actually, I’ve read all the books just to try and see what’s in store for the show, idea-wise. and I personally think that the show is more entertaining then the books because the show took people who in the books faded into nothing (Lafayette, Tara) and made them interesting. Someone here likened the book series to Babysitter’s Club, but I would liken them to Sweet Valley High…Cheap, unintelligent soft-core pornography. I read all of them, so I guess that is a credit to CH that her series is addictive and fun, but I hate that the books are ONLY from Sookie’s perspective and are only centered around who she is screwing at the time. I like that there’s more characters and more depth on the show and that it’s NOT like the series. Why watch if you knew what was going to happen already anyway??

    • trailtroll says:

      Totally agree!!!

    • bea says:

      I haven’t read the books so I can’t comment on them, but to me there’s not much “depth” left in True Blood. The quality of the writing has really gone downhill last season, and as much as I love many of the characters, most side plots are pointless filler.
      And as far as “cheap softcore” goes, I thought the whole love triangle was more lame and unbelievable than a daytime soap…

  36. Trailtroll says:

    In truth, after book 4 (the one with Erin running down the road half nekked) the books start to get a bit stale and repetitive. I think Ball is right in changing up the stories to keep them interesting for both bookies and newbies.

  37. Shellerz says:

    Everyone is going to have their own opinion. There is no need to jump on others because they prefer the books. After all, they did come out first. Some prefer to use their imagination to see how things are going. However, I both read and watch the series and love them on different levels. Charlaine knew what she was doing when she sold the rights to TB, and she knew as any other author does that her work would change. Those of us who read may not have to like it (sometimes even I don’t like the changes that have been made), but all in all it comes down to open your mind and attempt to adapt to change. Now, for those of you who actually believe reading is that bad, I feel sorry for you. This series may not be the greatest to read, but reading in general is a wonderful prize to have, and is something that is becoming a dying thing because too many people want to be lazy and sit in front of a television and have everything depicted. Use your imagination some..pick up a book. You too have to realize that those who read may wish to compare because we are used to it a certain way. I love the show, I love the books, but even I believe the show is getting a little too far gone. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, whether they read the series or not.

  38. Jenlette says:

    I love both, the show deviating from the books bothered me at first but I think Alan did a great job. I’m sad charlaine is ending the book series.

    • trailtroll says:

      I wonder how the last book will end … “and they all lived happily forever after?”””

      he he … just couldn’t resist.

  39. Deb says:

    How many movies or shows have you watched that were exactly like the book or books?

  40. Midy-midas says:

    A lot of shows are “based” off book series but don’t completely follow them. Look at the Dexter series, besides the first book it’s nothing like the others. And now the same with true blood. They take a few things from the book and just run with it.

  41. Erica says:

    U call that books? They represent absolutly nothing… They’re just crappy romantic novels with no particular plot, characters, nothing…

  42. Alysha zipsie says:

    I was laughing while reading all of these commments. I love the show and I am sure I would have loved the books too, had I known about them prior to watching the show. That being said, the shows are cheesy, addicting but cheesy nonetheless. No movie/series ever follows a book to the same quality. Books are always better due to the fact they are more descriptive and allow your mind to wander. The tv versions are made to entertain and they do just that. If you don’t like them don’t watch them. If you would rather read then read. It’s a simple solution…both sides need to quit bitching lol. You are both right!

    • Lila107 says:

      I agree, but what really bothered me about some of these ppl is how they attack each other over a completely fictitious, imagination based series/show!! They’re both made up & to watch something, it must keep everyone’s attention, so why not have a few twists & turns?? It’s captive & clever! I dare say look at some of the asinine reality shows that glorify stupidity & has such a following!! All I’m saying is, sit back, enjoy your pleasure, be it a book, TV or both & Congrats to those in this younger generation who still read as half of Americans are illiterate & finally – BE NICE to your fellow man! Didn’t anyone ever get taught manners or is being rude & sounding uneducated the “cool” thing? Cool is such a farce & waste of time –

  43. Kaprice says:

    I have enjoyed both the books and the series, until last season; the weird war with the fairies was just so off base. But I realized that I was just setting myself up for disappointment continually comparing the two. Now I just take what I can from the series and if it gets to diluted for me I’ll just give it up.

  44. kao says:

    i liked the books and i liked the show…but i feel like they are running out of storys in the show..at first they kinda went with the book series but now its alittle bit of the book and alot of other random stuff…kinda hoping the 5th season will be the last

    • trailtroll says:

      I think the books are running out of stories too. The series will probably go to 7 seasons. Anyone wanna start a pool?

  45. kellybelly says:

    lol the book argument is hysterical. not sure if someone said this because it’s all too big of a mess to read through, but I COULD BE WRONG about this but doesn’t BASED on the novel/series mean it’s the director’s depiction/version/own way/recreation of the books??? it’s an HBO show and should be taken just as that. don’t complain about the books and show not matching, just stop watching the show. not rocket science people.

  46. Bellus says:

    The books are “lighter” than the show in many ways. I didn’t read them until after I became a fan of the show…while not exactly for intellectuals, they are entertaining. Ms. Harris is a good writer and I don’t feel she aspires to be anything other thsn that…and that is perfectly fine. Her take on the vampire genre is vastly different from Anne Rice and Ms. Rice is different from Bram Stoker. But all are interesting in their own right. It is called entertainment for a reason. Just take it for what it is.

  47. tiffany says:

    i say to hell w it! i love the books but i love the series too. the books are fantastic and thats the way CH sees how sookie stackhouse series are. and true blood is the way the director sees his view on it. its not for everyone and thats fine but arguin about it is pointless. we all hve opinions and are entitled to them. but like i said its not for everyone!! just enjoy what u like and thats it

  48. Caleb dos Ramos says:

    Guys, chill out. Okay so the show isn’t EXACTLY like the books, but I mean it’s not so far off? The movies and tv shows of books have to update and add extra elements to keep people watching. But I mean they have in fact followed most of the basic storylines of the books. But art is art. You can interpret it anyway you choose. And CHARLAINE HARRIS LOVES THE SHOW. So why does their have to be a debate if the actual writer loves what they are doing with her stories? One the show is a mega hit and keeps people entertained and then people want to go find the books and read them. That bitch is making hefty pennies from all this. And if she thought they were ruining her stories, she would have pulle the plug after season 2 so stop with all the bitchin and just enjoy it.

    • trixie says:

      Charlaine Harris has sold all the rights to her sookie series to HBO. They’re free to do whatever they want for as long as they like with it. She has absolutely no control over the show’s content, nevermind its duration. She can’t do anything at all, even if she wanted…

  49. Leslie says:

    The books and show are very different from each other. Tara was not a major character in the books but LOVE her in the show and the same goes for Lafayette (glad he was not killed-off like he was in the books)! Both the show and the books are good fun! Alan Ball is a genius who assumes that his viewers are intelligent(loved 6 Ft. Under!) and Charlaine Harris is a fun author who has written so much more than the Sookie Stackhouse books…so there, all of you naysayers! As others have stated before me: if you don’t like the show, don’t watch and if you don’t like the books, don’t read them! We live in America where you can choose what you read and watch…

    • bea says:

      Sorry but all this stuff about the “Genius” of Alan Ball makes me laugh. Yeah he’s written some great stuff in the past but he’s not beyond criticism, and it certainly doesn’t mean True Blood is a flawless show.
      To be honest, I thought season 4 was pretty awful,and the last few episodes in particular felt like an insult to the viewers intelligence. TB USED to be smart entertainment, but it’s fast becoming nothing more than lazy writing and shock value…