Chuck Boss Teases Sarah's 'Epic' Backstory, Bruised Bromance, a Blown-Out Finale and More!

The end is near, Chuck fans! In fact, it’s staring executive producer Chris Fedak in the face.

“Right now, we have Episode 13 on the board [in the writers room],” he shared during a Wednesday conference call with reporters. “It’s kind of like my panic attack that’s just waiting for me every day.”

The Chuck boss was coy about what exactly has found its way onto the board for that big series finale, but did reveal that plans are to “blow it out in a way we’ve never done before.”

So can fans expect closure? Or will the finale leave them with the hint of a new beginning? “In the past, I’ve always been a person who enjoys an ending that feels more like a prologue than an epilogue,” says Fedak. “Will we do that for the finale? That’s what we’re working on at the moment.”

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But the biggest question many fans are probably wondering is: Will someone die? “I’m always a little gun-shy about killing off characters,” he replies. “But then again, it is the finale season of the show. Everything will change by the end.”

Before the end comes, here’s what’s on tap for rest of this season:

CASEY MEETS HIS MATCH | Matrix maven Carrie-Anne Moss makes her debut in this Friday’s episode (airing at 8/7c on NBC) as Gertrude Verbanski, whose company is the competition to Chuck’s new private spy venture. But more frightening – in a delightful way! – is what Gertrude does to the stoic Casey, with whom she shares a past. “The chemistry between Adam [Baldwin] and Carrie-Anne is amazing,” raves Fedak. “In our third episode, we have a fight between the two of them, which is the most erotically charged thing we’ve ever done on the show.” Case in point:

COMPUTER WHIZ | Remember how saavy Chuck was with a PC when the show started? Prepare for the return of that “amazing computer guy” in the season’s fifth episode, “Chuck vs. the Hackoff,” directed by leading man Zachary Levi himself. “It’s probably one of the nerdier episodes we’ve ever done,” previews Fedak. “It’s got some amazing hacking sequences. We took our lead from Swordfish.”

SARAH WALKER, REVEALED | The Sarah Walker Fan Club may explode with joy after Episode 8, which features Cheryl Ladd (Charlie’s Angels) as the spy gal’s mom and Tim DeKay (White Collar) as her original handler. “For those fans who love Sarah Walker, it will be your favorite episode ever,” declares Fedak. “It is an amazing, epic story that reveals a lot of secrets about Sarah that you could never have imagined are actually back there.” And while it’s not one of the spy comedy’s funniest stories, it is a “jawdropping” adventure into “epicland,” Fedak reiterates.

Chuck Woos Bo Derek

MORGAN’S ZOOM | Finding yourself frustrated by Morgan’s behavior as the new Intersect? That’s kind of the point. “It’s testing the bounds of the show,” explains Fedak. More precisely, it’s testing one of the show’s big relationships, which hasn’t changed much in four seasons. “The Chuck/Morgan bromance is very much at the heart and center of the show, and how Morgan getting the Intersect affects that is a real change for [us].” Prepare for an even more disturbing side of Morgan when things between Chuck and his pal come to “an amazing head” in Episode 3.

THE NEW JEFFSTER | “Everything will change inside the Buy More, especially in regards to Jeff and Lester,” teases Fedak. As a result, “we will not see [the band] for quite some time.” Here’s hoping these two find their way back to each other because it looks like Lester might become wayward without his other half. “By Episode 5,” Fedak warns, “we’re going to see Lester in prison.”

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AN AWESOME NEW JOURNEY | Sounds like a big move might be in store for Chuck’s sis and brother-in-law. “They’ve got big success in their future,” says Fedak of Ellie and Awesome. “It’s time for them to start making decisions about where they want to go and what they want to do… [For Ellie] is it time to cut the strings and not feel like she has to take care of her brother.”

CHUCK VS. THE LAST-MINUTE REPRIEVE? | Although Fedak and his team are “focused on delivering an epic finale” for the series, would they be up for more if the show was miraculously handed an extension? “If someone would offer me the chance to write more Chuck stories, I would always say yes to it because I love these characters,” says Fedak. But such a miracle would require some reworking in the writers room. “I don’t think about that bridge until I’m halfway across it,” he says, “and both sides are burning down.”

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  1. Kate says:

    I loved Chuck in the beginning, but my interest started to wane last year. I was hoping with this being the last season, maybe it would find some of its former glory. I was really disappointed in the first episode. It felt like Chuck had become a background character in his own show. I get exploring the bromance issue, but it really felt like there isn’t much for Chuck to do. Hopefully they resolve that quickly.

    • Steve says:

      I think that was the point of the first episode, to show how things are different without Chuck having the Intersect now that it’s in Morgan’s head. They’re not just going to put Chuck on the backburner. The show is called Chuck. They couldn’t just go into the first episode like everything was A-OK and it wouldn’t be different. Patience.

    • ChuckFan says:

      I don’t think Chuck had become a background character in the first episode because if he was, then how come he was still the one who saved the day? Correct me if I’m wrong, though. :) Steve is right. The show is showing how things are different now that Chuck doesn’t have the intersect in his head.

      I actually think it is quite good that Chuck doesn’t have the Intersect anymore because if he still have it, wouldn’t it be a bit boring already? Now that he doesn’t have it, we get to see if he can really be an awesome spy.. and I think he is. ;)

    • Joe S. says:

      And yet, it was up to Chuck to save the day – without the Intersect.

    • I loved the first two seasons of Chuck and kept watching the last two, even if they weren’t as scintillating IMHO. The first ep of this year felt flat to me too, but given all the time I’ve invested in the show so far I’m going to stay the course. Hopefully the next few episodes will pick up the pace!

  2. Michael C. says:

    I am probably going to be the minority with this one but I want the 100 mark. If this show gets a back 9 they will have exactly 100 episodes. It would be so nice to end the show with 100 memories.

    • kristine c. says:

      I so would love that to happen as well. ^_^

    • Drakes says:

      YES!!! I would love it as well, the bubble show that made it to 100 episodes would be great.

      Side Note, I have loved Chuck since episode 1, yet when I am not watching it, it seems that I can easily forget about it. When I watched the season opener I couldnt help but be reminded of how much I love this show and how much I want more and am going to miss it when its over.

    • Melissa says:

      i think it would also be nice to see a good show end with 100 episods. even when the show ends and a short run back captions.

    • IceTear1 says:

      I agree. It would be great to have whole 100 episodes.

    • Ciara says:

      Majority, bro. The vast majority. I want it to reach it’s climax at the big 100 mark.

  3. m98025 says:

    I really hope that the main characters get some kind of happy ending. It would sour the series for me if one of them died. There must be other ways to create excitement! Of course, being in the UK, it looks like I’ll have to wait ages until I can actually watch the episodes, since ITunes hasn’t shown any sign that they are going to make the episodes available this year :(

    • Bouncy Castle, London says:

      @ M98025

      Don’t hold yer breath old sausage. Non of the Freeview channels have the rights as far as I am aware, and Sky Living said when asked by

      “Unfortunately, we have not acquired the rights for the final season of Chuck. Whilst we appreciate this is frustrating to loyal viewers there are some great new series coming to Sky Living this autumn and unfortunately we have limited space in the schedule. On balance we decided that whilst Chuck has been a great asset to the channel, we need to focus our resources elsewhere.”

      Looks like it will be Amazon or Play for us Brits. :(

      • m98025 says:

        I know, so unfair. You can’t tell me that their schedule is so full of quality programs that there is no space for the last 13 episodes of Chuck! Sky never liked the show and it didn’t seem to fit on Living, so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Itunes was my last hope as I don’t want to watch illegally and really want to show my support for the show, it’s cast, crew and creators. It’s so frustrating!

        • JJChuck says:

          Hi, I may have a legal solution for you. I’m in France and I watch on one of those payable channels. Since the two countries are not far apart you could go for a satellite uplink directly to you computer or your tv. It is quite expensive though…

        • C. carMichael says:

          You guys don’t get HULU over there?

          • m98025 says:

            No, we can’t watch the Hulu videos unfortunately. Only the illegal sites seem to be region-free. (We can’t watch the episodes on either, although some of the promo videos and interviews work)

            The satellite link is an intriguing idea, but may have to wait until I win the lottery! :))

    • Libazeth says:

      Is not the internet worldwide? What about, where the current Chuck episodes air on the same day that they are broadcast on TV, only after the TV time slot? Just wondering…

  4. Jasmine says:

    I’ve been an avid Chuck fan since the very beginning. I know some people don’t like where the show has gone, or where it is going, but I remain a loyal fan, and I will continue to watch till the very end. I agree with Michael C. with wanting to hit the 100 mark, but no matter what I know the ending will be epic. I truly appreciate all that the cast and crew have done to create this amazing show.

    • Kayla says:

      Completely agree with u, and although it hasn’t been as good as the first few seasons i still think it’s pretty damn epic and still enjoy it thoroughly and always find something enjoyable about the episodes, so for all you complaining just shut up and watch the damn show, it’s the last season!! Chuck 4ever!! <3

  5. Chuckfan says:

    I think what we going to see is that Chuck doesn’t need the intersect but the intersect needs him, many have tried to be the intersect but it is meant for Chuck

  6. Molly says:

    I keep hearing people say that they are hard core Chuck fans but they refuse to watch this season because Chuck doesn’t have the intersect. I think that the show is just as awesome with Morgan as the intersect because we get to see more of the clumsy side of Chuck now.

  7. Norbrook says:

    I think last week’s ratings killed any hope of getting an extension. While NBC still has awful ratings, Chuck’s aren’t even in the middle for NBC. So Fedak can make plans knowing this is it, and hopefully he’ll do a better job than last season’s finale.

    • Barbara says:

      I LOVED last season’s finale. If the series had stopped there, It would have been a wonderful ending.

    • kelsy says:

      i remain hopeful that the low ratings were because of game 7 of the world series. it was kinda a dumb move to premiere chuck during the final game so maybe/HOPEFULLY the ratings will go up next week!!!

  8. luli says:

    i hate morgan as the intersect… can’t wait for the episode where chuck gets it back. i really don’t like morgan. Can’t wait for srash backstory :)

  9. Liana in San Diego says:

    The less Jeff ‘n’ Lester the better for me! Can’t stand those two, and don’t feel they add anything to the show. I LOVE Chuck and his immediate cronies (Sarah, Morgan, Casey)and feel the show is more than strong enough to ride on their activities alone. I always slide past the sections with Jeff/Lester and don’t feel in all these years I’ve missed anything at all.

    • mo says:

      you obviously don’t have the kind of sense of humor that the show is targeting. Jeff and Lester are freakin’ hilarious. we need to laugh at losers sometime.

  10. Scott says:

    Of course the most epic finale of all would have the big reveal that Orion isn’t actually dead at all and Chuck’s mom and dad get to live happily ever after too, as we assume Chuck and Sarah will.

    • grigori says:

      we never saw the body. . .

      the same people who brought Shaw back to life had Stephen Bartowski at the end.

      Orion did say he’s had to “die many times” in the course of his career.

  11. madhatter360 says:

    I’m really excited for this season. I like the Sarah centric episodes, mainly because they’ve been sprinkled in so well. I never feel like all we hear about is her past, but at the same time we’ve learned a lot about her.

    As far as the Casey love story, they’d better get that right. I’ve pictured Casey having some secret spy “girl who got away” for a while and I want it done right.

  12. Marianne says:

    Thanks for the interview and spoilers. I’ve been a Chuck fan since the beginning and I’ll be just as big a fan when it ends.

  13. Rachael says:

    The fact that it’s almost all over makes me so sad … sniffle sniffle

  14. Bob says:

    I’ve been a fan from the beginning, but I was never comfortable with the “musical intersect” that’s crept into the show for a couple of seasons. Now that the show’s biggest buffoon carries the world’s most sophisticated human-computer database, I’ve finally realized that I always believed the intersect was more fundamental to the point of the show and the creation of the show’s protagonist than the creators obviously do. This year, it’s so easy that “even a caveman can do it”, right? So what really was the point of the first two seasons of angst for Chuck coming to grips with being this ordinary guy with an almost super-power in his head? Guess we’re just supposed to believe that Chuck was never chosen by Bryce because he was special…simply handy.

    Fedak can say it’s all about exploring the limits of the show. I sort of take that as another way of telling fans that Chuck would never belong to a club that would have him as a member. (Apologies to Groucho).

  15. Scott C. Arnold says:

    I hate to see Chuck go because I love the show. To bad there couldn’t be a episode where Chuck learns what gave his dad the insperation for the intersect in the first place. Like finding out that a member of his family( on his fathers side) was actually born with the ability.

  16. Melissa says:

    I hope maybe by the end of the show that chuck and sarah will find their perfect house. The buy more will kinda play a roll for the rest of the spys. maybe casey will find his soul mate, I hope we get to see chucks sister with the baby.

  17. Joeboston5 says:

    i can’t believe your going to kill such a great show. i’ve turned on 100s of people to it and they all love it. that kind of love must travel across domains and be universal around the country. we don’t want to see this show end at all. why would you? it’s going well even with the competition. it’s a family show. it should be on a family night like sundays where eveyrone can watch it. it was better on showtime. at least it had potential than… you guys are killing it

  18. James says:

    Dont end chuck! A fan since season one!

  19. Nadeem says:

    Although the writers took a large risk with writing another season they should end it here. This is how Chuck will leave its mark on Television. A show full of action, comedy and awesomeness. No season, no movie, any prequel should be made after this as it will just ruin Chuck forever.

  20. Libazeth says:

    I absolutely detest Jeff & Lester, & think the show could have easily done without them. They are lewd, crude, & totally repugnant! TV ‘death’ to Jeff & Lester, even if one ends up in prison, & the other one is sent to the Bahamas never to be seen or heard from again! They absolutely ruin a perfect show!

  21. Jayem says:

    More chucky Chuck, lesser Jefster!
    I need the DVDs cos following it up with ads makes it really annoying.
    Any signup mode?

  22. Tiffany says:

    I would love to see 100 episodes of chuck! It is my favorite show I’ve seen every episode!

  23. Erik says:

    I love Chuck. It is the best show I think on TV. But, Chuck in my opinion is only about Sarah and Chuck. It’s about this one great big family, including Jeff and Lester. Like in season two, the Christmas episode. Everyone was together interacting with each other, being a family. In this last season I swear they were at anywhere but the Buy More, therefore Jeff and Lester were in maybe what? Two episodes? And when they did appear, you thought “Hey! Where have they been?” same with Captain Awesome! I freaking love Devon, but he was in only four or five episodes. Big Mike! Where is he? Chuck needs to bring back this family. I love Sarah, but not only Sarah. I love Chuck Bartowski, but not only Chuck Bartowski. Please! Don’t just focus on the four main, but all nine characters back! That is the essence of Chuck!

  24. Erik says:

    I meant isn’t only about Chuck and Sarah!

  25. Ryan says:

    I’ve been so excited for the new season, I’ve been driving myself crazy. I don’t think I’ll like it when this is over. This is by far one of my favorite tv shows, it needs to have a few extra seasons.

  26. dfox says:

    I love this show. Knowing that this will be the last season is really sad. I hope in future surprises…

  27. Andy L says:

    i think it’s sill how worked up people are getting over chuck not having the intersect, this is like the 5th time he’s lost it, he’ll get it back he always does, but he needs to learn who he is without it first

  28. Lisa M says:

    Love me the Chuck!!
    Hate to see it end. There aren’t that many fun shows on tv. I’m so tired of reality shows. The characters are so much fun to watch and they seem to have such great chemistry. Maybe Chuck & Morgan can have competing versions of the intersect. Quick – someone save this show!!!!

  29. Nora says:

    Love Chuck! I will watch it to the end!! And mind you I have been watching every single episode, and it haven’t been showing in my country!! Hope it gets to 100th episode!

  30. Keith says:

    I have found myself switching channels in the middle of chuck. I have not done that since I quite watching the show for several weeks during the Shaw debacle. The quicker they drop Morgan down a deep Buy More hole the better the season will be for me.

  31. Greg says:

    I still think it’s horrible that this show has been cancelled. NBC has a habit of cancelling some of the best shows on TV….Studio 60, now Chuck. But, oh yes, let’s create more reality shows filled with the lowest common denominator of people….
    I would be very excited if NBC came to their senses and renewed this show, but I don’t see it happening. Unfortunately, the writers, in trying to expand the relationship of Chuck and Morgan have turned Morgan into an idiot….I am glad he’s losing the intersect. Just have to get it back into Chuck. Morgan was developing nicely in Season 4 with the relationship with Alex, living with Casy…he lived up to his potential in those episodes…..let’s hope NBC comes to it’s senses….

  32. Grace says:

    I hope Sarah gets pregnant! I really want that to happen, and I also don’t want them to do 3 things to Chuck:
    1. Cancel it. I know they are already, but still. In an ideal world…
    2. Mess with Chuck and Sarah’s marriage/happy ending. Give them a freakin’ break, guys.
    3. Leave us without a peek at what their lives are like a couple of years or months done the line, what are they doing, where are they, what do they have now, e.g, Chuck + Sarah have a kid, Casey + Verbanski are married, Morgan + Alex are engaged etc.
    Just my opinion :D