Glee Recap: Eire Walk With Me

This week’s installment of Glee introduced us to an Irish exchange student (and possible “sprightly green mythological creature”) played by Glee Project winner Damian McGinty, cemented Quinn’s position among the Top 10 least likable characters on television, and featured a “whoa, did that just happen?!” kiss between [SPOILER AHEAD] Puck and Shelby. (Tell me I’m not the only one who felt that smooch was as realistic as Lord Tubbington pooping candy bars.)

Ah well, at least Santana was there to keep things light with her patented brand of bitchery. And at least we saw a spotlight turned on an underrated Christina Aguilera gem.

If you were busy watching Jennifer Aniston’s 1993 horror flick Leprechaun and missed the proceedings, please allow me to catch you up — in the classic “here’s what you missed on Glee” format:

Brittany mistakenly thought Rory, the Irish exchange student living with her family, was a leprechaun who could grant her three wishes, but all he wanted to do was get into her “pot of gold.” (Gross.) Finn and Santana got wind of Rory’s treachery, with the former enlisting the friendless kid as a spy to see if Santana and Brittany might defect to McKinley’s rival show choir, and the latter enlisting Rory’s help in making that defection happen. (Santana would only commit mutiny if Brittany went with her, and made the little Irishman work his magic to get Britt on board with the plan.) By episode’s end, Mercedes was thrilled to have Brittana on her team, and after informing Sugar that she’d be nothing more than a near-silent backup singer, the ladies and their mentor (Shelby) dubbed the troupe The Troubletones and performed a sassy, saucy take on “Candyman.”

Meanwhile, Finn found all of his worst insecurities activated by Blaine’s presence in the choir room; Burt decided to run for Congress against the arts-hating cuckoo clock named Sue; and Brittana held hands under a napkin at Breadstix. Plus, Finn called Brittany an “idiot” for believing in Rory’s wish-granting powers, but later apologized and tried to forge a friendlier vibe between New Directions and Shelby’s rival troupe. Plus, Finn recruited lonely Rory to join New Directions.

And finally, we had Quinn plotting to get Child Protective Services to return the baby she gave up for adoption by planting items in Shelby’s home (including a book titled Basics of Baby Sacrifice — as if!) that in only the most far-fetched scenarios might lead to a change in custody. Then again, maybe Quinn should’ve rigged Shelby’s house with a hidden camera, seeing how Shelby and underage Puck ended up in a lip-lock right before the credits rolled. (Again, gross.) Here’s hoping by next week, Glee’s writers will have maneuvered themselves out of that deeply disconcerting corner. And that’s what you missed on Glee.

Before we get on to the night’s best dialogue and grades for the musical performances, a few random thoughts: Would Burt and Carole really be so openly ambivalent about Finn’s future? Is there any way a character like Shelby would cross such a moral line with a teenager — even if Puck kind of does look like he’s 35? And would onetime anti-bullying advocate Santana casually act as if Rory’s suicide would be a welcome event? “Do this whole school a favor and just disappear,” Santana hissed at Rory. None of these character arcs really make sense to me. But I guess there’s no law saying they have to.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s run through a couple of the episode’s memorable bits of dialogue.

* Sue describing West Side Story as a a musical about race that promotes gang violence
and yet “still seems extraordinarily gay.”

* Brittany revealing her regimen to try to turn her cat’s digestive tract into a confections shop: “Every night I feed Lord Tubbington nougat and sprinkles, then rub his belly with glitter sticks.”

* “Lord Tubbington’s poops are crispy and delicious.” –Brittany, after discovering the candy bars planted in the family cat’s littler box

* Santana calling Finn a “bacon-wrapped bug-eyed hypocrite,” and a “double-stuffed, fatty, gassy, McGravypants.”

And with that, let’s assign some grades for the week’s musical numbers…

“It’s Not Easy Being Green,” Rory
Rory sounded heartfelt enough on this classic Muppets ballad, but I wish the whole sequence had been shot with a fresher eye than the one that had the new kid on the block strolling sad-sack-like through the cafeteria and sitting alone on the bleachers.
Musical grade: B Relevance to the plot: B

“Last Friday Night,” Blaine
As much as I love-love-loved Blaine’s “Teenage Dream,” I equally disliked the former Warblers frontman getting Auto-Tuned into submission on a lesser Katy Perry hit. Darren Criss is better than this song. Musical grade: D Relevance to the plot: C-

“Waiting for a Girl Like You,” Puck
Sweet: Puck singing this to Beth. Not so sweet: Puck singing this to Shelby.
Musical grade: B+ Relevance to the plot: B

“Candyman,” Mercedes and the Troubletones
Let me state for the record that I do not — and never will — endorse this “rival show choirs” plot device, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love seeing Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany in their blue retro suits absolutely soaring on “Candyman.” (Nice choice for the day after Halloween, Ryan Murphy!)
Musical grade: A Relevance to the plot: A-

“Take Care of Yourself,” Rory
I can’t lie, this number made me feel a little drowsy, although Damian’s falsetto was pretty. I guess. Um, zzzzzz.
Musical grade: B- Relevance to the plot: B-

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which plot points made you happy, and which had you looking for a rewrite? What was your favorite musical number? Take our poll below, then hit the comments and argue your points. And for all my Glee recaps and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cindy says:

    Sorry, still like Quinn–she just needs help…She will do the right thing in the end.

    • ErixN says:

      I still like Quinn as well. Favorite was definitely Candyman. I feel like Damien kind of sucked the energy out of the show. Maybe his next episode will be different.

    • Captain says:

      I know people have different opinions but I have no idea how anyone can like Quinn. It’s not like she’s this cute girl who is suddenly acting out, she’s ALWAYS been like this. She’s a selfish raging bitch who will basically do whatever it takes to get what she wants and (as much I love her as a person, and let me say I REALLY do) Dianna Agron is just not a good enough actress to make her likable.

      • Lissy says:

        I disagree. It’s the writing that makes Quinn unlikable. Not the actress. You actually made that point yourself when you said that Quinn’s always been “a selfish raging bitch who will basically do whatever it takes to get what she wants.” You’re right. I think perhaps you may be right in that the actress does not seem to be skilled enough to make Quinn sympathetic despite her awful behavior. But it’s the writing behind the character that makes her unlikable.

      • yep says:

        Captain I totally agree. I love Dianna Agron. But Quinn has always been over the top awful to everyone who was beneath her selfish self that included Puck and Finn. She treated them terribly. The writing has been off for her Character to be considered interesting and for me and I only speak for myself to even have any care or concern for her. The debaucle of Lucy Caboosey made me feel no pity for her. I realize the writing makes the character whom they are so there you go. S2 Quinn was in the clouds in an unrealistic dream world. S1 as much as she was treacherous and diabolical she was interesting but not now. Puck is interesting now and especially loving his daughter and willing to do anything to be close to her. That’s what and why I think he kissed Shelby. She is overwhelmed with responsibility and remorseful that she hasn’t mastered the mother/single parent responsibilities which Puck is grateful to her. Quinn doesn’t stil have love for Beth Beth is an object to make her feel that she will have accomplished something in her life. Yes Quinn IMHO is the the character I dislike the most even over Sue.

      • KevyB says:

        Quinn was more enjoyable as a pissy pregnant beeyotch. All these lame things they’ve been trying to get her to do to make her interesting are not working. The problem is there are just too many big personalities around, so the actors who are barely bringing it – Quinn, Tina, Mike and, to a certain extent, Finn and Artie – fade into the background even when they are being featured. Add to that Quinn’s increasingly bad storylines and she should’ve moved away with Trouty Mouth.

        That said, isn’t anybody else sick of Santana? That character has two modes: super-beeyotch or whiny-closet-case. And neither are very interesting anymore. I agree that this rival glee club thing is HORRIBLE. Yes, the other girls are often in Rachel’s shadow, but letting the two characters with the worst attitudes on the show – Mercedes and Santana – get their way is not the slightest bit entertaining. Now we basically have THREE Rachels. Yay…

    • Quinnneedshelp says:

      Yup, she needs help, in the form of BETTER writing and better acting. Her character’s a real drag. The writers don’t seem to know what to do with her (not ever since her pregnancy story back in season 1).
      As for another character that’s become a real nuisance, Mercedes Jones. Did anybody actually miss her during the Last Friday Night scene? Guess not. She didn’t bring much whenever a choir room scene like that was done. I always hope Mercedes will get a real story and all I see is a character I’m beginning to really dislike.

      • sash fan says:

        I agree with this one Qyinnneedshelp — seriously the stuff they write for Quinn is just stupid. The first season was good for her, but they don’t know what to do with her now.

    • Janie says:

      The only help she needs comes in the form of a mack truck, speeding towards her with disabled brakes. Sadly, that’s the only way to improve the she-beast that is Quinn Fabray.

      She can do the right thing by not stepping out of the way. What an awful person that girl is – it wouldn’t be so bad if her awfulness was entertaining (hello, Santana!), but it isn’t.

      I don’t feel one bit sorry for her.

      • Jamie says:

        Mack truck? Really? She gave her baby up and pretty much lost everything. She needs therapy, not to get hit by a truck. I would like to see you go through that trauma and see if you feel that the Mack truck is warranted. I honestly feel sorry for you if that is the way you think all internal problems should be handled, just because you think they’re awful doesnt mean they dont deserve a chance to redeem themselves. The show has let everyone else redeem themselves in one way or another, yet everyone is so quick to crucify Quinn. Lame. Grow up

        • sam says:

          quinn was a terrible person before she even got pregnant as evidenced by her completely bullying rachel and saying things like “You should be sterilized” to her. she needed a mack truck a long time ago. she does stupid and mean things all the time and her trauma isn’t really an excuse for it anymore. i’d enjoy the show 10x more if she wasn’t around. she sucks the life out of it.

          • yep says:

            Thank you Sam. Well said. Ditto. Quinn is uninteresting to me. Since Lucy Caboosey as she was bullied beyond emotional repair to the extent to have a total reconstruction of body and face did not ever change her inner self to respect the less fortunate as she was and so why should I care about a heartless selfcentered coldblooded yeah hoo named Quinn. She said it herself in Pot o Gold She doesn’t feel she is anything and Beth will make her feel an accomplishment. An object. Not a daughter to her. She’s batsh-t crazy and needs to go to an assylum. I was a Quick fan s1 but not now. Puck is trying to make good as a caring human being no more cougar hound as seen in this episode. Let Puck’s character evolve and leave Quinn to the professionals to administer to her mental needs.

        • Monkeyrat says:

          @Jamie x2!

          It’s funny how people are so prompt to let the guys be the heroes even when they do things far worse than Quinn or every other girl did, but want Quinn to be crucified asap.

          Quinn doesn’t need therapy (although it might be a good thing after all), what she needs is loving and caring people around her. She lost absolutely everything, she doesn’t know what her future will be like, she has nothing to hold onto right now except the idea of getting Beth back. She said it: Beth is her perfect thing. The only thing she thinks she did well in her (young) life. Just cut the girl some slack! Dianna can’t do anything more with what she’s given at the moment so don’t blame the actress for this trainwreck of a storyline.

          Well, this has been a terrible episode, once more. The only parts that didn’t bore me to death were Candyman, Santana’s bitchiness, Brittana at Breadstix (if we forget for a second that Brittany is basically a toddler and that it makes me cringe hard, but Santana was really endearing) Sugar being Sugar, and the 5 seconds Quinn actually had with her daughter (because of course we couldn’t have more than that.

          We had to see Puck “meet” his daughter, but for Quinn it’s not worth the time to do the same because hey, she’s a girl and girls are props in the Gleeverse. We get it RIB, it’s been 2 seasons and 4 episodes of misoginy already. Guys can’t do no wrong and of course Puck is the bestest daddy ever, he’s allowed to meet his little girl (well, he didn’t have pink hair, right?), he’s in awe when he sees what she looks like, he brings her a drawing, he sings her songs, and now he takes the baby away from Quinn because she’s better with him than crying in her arms.

          I don’t even know if I should laugh of cry at Finn being a douchebag again, Brittany being dumber day after day (if that was even possible), Rory being plain annoying (and Damian being even a worst actor than Heather) and this Puck/Shelby almost incestuous thing that’s going on just makes me want to barf. BTW, what the eff was this “no, don’t” gesture from Santana to Mercedes when Kurt, Artie and Tina were there smiling? It was not necessary and actually stupid. They were nice and harmless and as much as I love Santana, I think it shows how poor the writers are. Again.

          Seasons 1 & 2, Ryan, Brad and Ian were the only writers. What’s the excuse for this season? No wonder the ratings are tanking, it’s a hell of a snoozefest. Oh, and remember the time when Jenna and Kevin were singers? Yeah.

          • jennrae says:

            Besides Shelby and Puck together being gross, it’s illegal! Shelby isn’t stupid enough to go there.

        • Janie says:

          Please. As Sam says, the Mack truck was warranted long before Quinn got pregnant. She was monstrous to those around her pre-baby, and she’s no different now. The one constant in Quinn’s storyline is people like you, always excusing her: poor little Quinn – she’s a bitch because she gave up her baby, she’s a bitch because she feels unloved, she’s a bitch because she doesn’t get enough hugs…

          No. She is just a bitch.

          • Monkeyrat says:

            Sorry, did you say something? Wait, let me switch my “frustrated hater” translator on… Oh, so there wasn’t actually anything new since your first comment? What a disappointment. But your hate boner is amusing though, I’ll give you that :)

          • Janie says:

            “Frustrated hater” is actually a good descriptor re: me and this storyline, Monkeyrat. It is frustrating and I do hate it. The endless tedium of watching Quinn make herself and others miserable is bad enough, but when she’s trying to take her baby down with her, that’s where I get off. She’s not the innocent victim here, and she can either grow up or die young as far as I’m concerned, and hurry up about it.

          • jennrae says:

            “Before” Quinn got pregnant? Wasn’t she pregnant in the pilot, except maybe it hadn’t been revealed yet?

    • anna says:

      She needs help because she’s a PSYCHO!

    • Eileen says:

      I still like Quinn too! But I feel like the writers hate her. They give her horrible things to do. I think there is a lot going on underneath the surface with Quinn and I dislike this baby-stealing trajectory. The writers could at least make it semi-plausible–if she wants Beth again, then do a long-term plan. Get dirt on Shelby but also do college credits and a job so she will look better to the courts. Glee’s storylines are ridiculously implausible but I can’t seem to stop watching :)

  2. Kel says:

    glee sucks anymore – the only thing worth cheering about was the fact that Rory sang a song originated by kermit the frog.

    I am pissed as a brittana fan – they are making a mockery of their relationship. Just have them not be together then if it is going to be all stupid. and brittany has been portrayed as an idiot – finn was right. I am appalled at how she has been written.

    On that note – I have been waiting for three years for Finn and Rachel – only reason I will watch anymore.

  3. Johnny says:

    I love to see Glee getting back to the kids’ stories with no stunt casting or massive tribute episodes. The new Irish kid did a nice job. Bravo, Glee!

    • Indie says:

      Ditto everything you said!

    • Di says:

      I’m disappointed in what’s been done with Damian Mcginty. What happened to his beautiful dark hair that contrasted so with those blue eyes? And the style-yuk. Oh well, he did a good job with what they gave him and I suppose the fact that he can disguise his rich baritone voice to make it sound more “with it” just shows his versatility.

  4. michele says:

    Finn is my hero – calling out the truth and man enough to apologize. I am sick over Brittany’s writing as well – it is ridiculous and insulting…

    • sara says:

      Loved that Finn was back and on form! He acts as the heart of the group and without him in the first three eps it felt all off. Lots of great stuff tonight and actually suprised myself at liking the Sue storyline and thought Damian sang well. But the sooner the Shelby/Puck and Quinn storyline is over the better. Hated every second of it.

      The trailer for next week is the first time I have been on the edge of my seat for Glee in a long time. Yeah for Finchel!

      • Puckleberry says:

        @Sara, Yup, we needed some Finn. I’m still waiting for him to sing! Four episodes already and no Finn song or Finchel duet!
        And, though I like Puck and Rachel as a couple better, I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. Oh, the whole Quinn plotline is really irking me.

    • matty says:

      Bless this post. As much as I love her, I have to agree that Brittany was being an idiot. And Santana is no better for manipulating her. OK, maybe he shouldn’t have called her that in her face, but he did apologize. I hope the writers don’t revert Brittany back to the infantile character she was before.

    • Kimberly says:

      Exactly! Brittany really is an idiot…her character started off as funny, but the more ridiculous it got, the less humor it had. I used to think Santana/Coach Sylvester were funny too, but now, they’re just ingratiatingly mean, despite all the good people have done for them.

  5. Charlie Brown says:

    I’m so over Glee right now. Awful episode, awful cougar storyline, awful Darren Chris… I’m focusing my time on 90210 now!

    • Kinsey says:

      Yet here you are posting. I guess you’re not over Glee. I do agree with you though about the Shelby/Puck thing. Awful. They’d better nip that dud in the bud ASAP before they have to move the show to Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel. Ugh.

    • jennrae says:

      OMG, Glee on its worst day is still a million times better than the insipid 90210.

  6. meghan says:

    I actually like Quinn more than Mercedes. Mercedes has been pissing me off this season…

    My favorite song was either I’ve been waiting for a girl like you or Damians last song… Love him on glee

    • Carmichael says:

      Right there with you. Though tonight I had a realization, if Mercedes’ whole whiny storyline leads to Rachel getting knocked down a peg or two hundred like she so desperately needs, it’ll be somewhat worth it.

  7. Des says:

    Loved all the Finn-ness. Damien can’t act, he became annoying after a while. Santana and Mercedes me me me attitude annoys me more than Rachel. How come no one ever says ‘she gets the solo’sbecause she’s better’? You never heard of Kelly Rowland barking because of Beyonce singing lead on nearly evey song. So, over the divatude.

    • jessicab says:

      I could not agree with you more. Rachel gets most of the solos cause she’s the star, get over it allready! We all felt like this episode was a little sleepy, let me tell you why: not enough Rachel Berry in it. As much as I love Blaine, and I really do, also Kurt, Finn, and most of the characters, I missed her. I think Ryan will be in trouble after this season, she’s the heart of the show. The funny thing is, I never realized until this episode how much I like her, cause she can be realy annoying. Santana and Mercedes, they’re really really good, but once you are on a team, you learn that you have to play to the team’s strenghs, and that means sometimes not be the center of the attencion, cause someone is better than you. you do what’s best for the team, not for you, so I think they aren’t learning anything, they are just being selfish.

      • ErixN says:

        I actually enjoy the episodes when Rachel is in the background. Sure she’s the star of the show, but I do enjoy hearing others sing over her. I don’t agree with the idea that she’s the heart of the show because she does not pull everyone together. She’s usually thinking about herself even though she claims she’s doing things for the glee club. I think there are better voices on the show and I’ve also noticed that Finn hardly sings solos, which is a good thing.

        • rib said says:

          Go and ask the creators of this show and they will tell you. It has been said by all of them that if it weren’t for lea they would have never done the show, and if it weren’t for her they would not have made it past the f13. I agree that episodes need to be lite rachel every once in a while, but make no mistake who is the star and the heart, and who is said to be the reason that they made it past the f13. They said that.

  8. July says:

    ops, I really love Quinn.

  9. Tina says:

    Loved Rory! Loved the song It’s Not Easy Being Green and loved his falsetto in the 2nd song he sang. Not crazy about Puck hooking up with what’s her name. And I’ve never understood why they made Santana lesbian…I always thought she was great at flirting with the guys.

  10. idiolator says:


  11. Carly says:

    Damien was wonderful! He was the one I was cheering for to win on Glee Project. And him singing “It Isn’t Easy Being Green” was a touch of genius! Though I think they didn’t showcase his true singing abilities well – they should have let him croon a song – Buble or Sinatra or Bennett. Something with some class.

    • Yessir says:

      Didn’t watch the Glee project, so I never heard of Damien before, but I love his Rory! He’s fantastic. I agree the songs he sang weren’t the greatest. Having not heard him sing before, I could still tell he had more in him than what he gave singing the Kermit song and the ballad at the end. I hope to see and hear more of him.

      • Di says:

        I didn’t watch the Glee Project either, and last night was the first time I’ve watched Glee, but had to see Damian on it having fallen in love with him when he still had braces on his teeth. He had a great voice then and after it changed he had a beautiful baritone. I’m sure he still does but the powers that be on Glee evidently don’t want him using it. And his hair is naturally a dark, dark brown, showing off those blue eyes. He’s actually much better looking than he appeared last night. But the American kids really seem to like him the way he’s shown now so I’m happy for him.

  12. sam says:

    The promo was my favourite !!!! Klaine is all that matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Rex says:

    I’m totally lovin’ Rory! Keep him on as a regular. He’s great and so adorable. I’m not a teenager, I swear. He reminds me a little bit of Rick Astley from the 80’s, pasty white British dude with a soulful voice. I hope they let him sing more and that he stops getting pushed around.

  14. Delta says:

    It has to be Candyman. Loved their voices and energy and I’m really sorry to say it’s the only number I felt kept the magic of Glee, or old Glee. It was specially unfortunate for Damian. I trully believe both are nice songs but they just sounded boring to me with him. I think they tried to make him too “oh look how cute he is/poor new guy” a little too hard. He is a very nice guy and has some experience performing from his Celtic Thunder years but he is not that talented at acting yet to pull it off. and Last Friday Night…as much as Katy Perry sounded good on Blaine in Teenage Dream, this is not the case. It just sounds, for lack of a better word “strange” even if the original has a lot of sound effects LFN didn’t blend well with Darrens voice this time. About story, I’ll wait ’till recap.

  15. Rigby says:

    Did not love the episode as a whole, but I did like the new guy. He’s got a great voice. I just hope we get to hear him sing better songs. And could I just start a petition to prevent Glee from covering any more Katy Perry “songs?” I mean, they’re bad enough when she does them. Like him or not, the guy who plays Blaine has a good voice. He should be singing better songs. Also, I’m going to pretend that kiss between Shelby and Puck never happened. Ugh.

  16. Jones says:

    Candyman for sure! I just want to say that I can’t stand Santana this season at all. Aside from the ridiculous leprechaun debacle, Brit seems to be smartening up a bit this season what with her standing up for herself, seeing the value in relationships, etc. Why can’t she see what a selfish, manipulative b*tch Santana is? I think Brit and Artie should get back together. Perhaps he’s learned how to treat women better. That said, I’m glad to see Finn getting back into the action and I like the new Irish kid. I like how Blaine is a threat to Finn (at least that’s how Finn perceives him) and Rory’s falsetto seemed to p*ss off Kurt a bit. I bet they’d sound good together. (Kurt and Rory, that is).

  17. Nadakom says:

    They get a good singer like Damien on the show and he sings a Muppet song and some lovely yet dreary ballad? Really? What’s next, Rainbow Connection and You Light Up My Life? Jeez Louise, give this guy something good to sing! He’s got the chops!

    Complaint #2: Puck and Shelby!? What’s wrong with you, Glee writers!? Ew. Just ew.

  18. Liz says:

    Quinn as one of the Top 10 Least Likable Characters? On TV? A bit of an over-exaggeration, don’t you think, Slezak? I still like her and I’ll admit I find it easier to excuse a 17 year old of acting that way rather than a 30 something year old man or woman

    • Liz says:

      I should clarify- I think it’s easier to excuse an obviously troubled 17 year old who probably doesn’t know better than on other shows where you have to excuse characters in their 30s who should know better

      • Captain says:

        I’m sorry but I think anyone who’s old enough to give birth should comprehend that destroying an innocent woman’s life because your unhappy with yours is a bad idea. Quinn is a mindless troll and I think the Top 10 is exactly where she belongs. When she was acting like an insecure bitch and people defended her, I just rolled my eyes but come on, she’s horrible.

      • Toodles says:

        Excusable or not, she’s still incredibly unlikable and definitely in my TV top ten. Of course that depends on the shows one watches, but still. She’s a train wreck. I hope they make some changes with her soon. She’s on the verge of self destruction.

  19. Lily says:

    UGH. Why Puck and Shelby. WHY. Give me some Puck and Quinn please. Gahhh.

  20. Stephanie says:

    Obsessed with Damien when he was on the glee project and obsessed with him on glee!

  21. Captain says:

    God I hate Rory. Damien mildly annoyed me on the Glee Project but his character is just awful. His acting is atrocious and if it wasn’t for his singing (which anyone who’s seen the Glee Project knows, pales in comparison to basically every other contestant) there would be nothing to like about him. I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to give him TWO solos when so many characters were given almost no screen time. The only new character that’s entertaining is Sugar (in small doses) and she’s getting the least screen time of them all.

    • Caroline says:

      See I had the opposite reaction, I thought Rory was absolutely charming and likable. Guess it all depends on what appeals to you. I enjoyed him on The Glee Project too. I figure he got two solos cause it was his first episode, and probably won’t get any for the next few episodes. Sugar is ok, but not that interesting to me at least.

  22. TayMads says:

    So. I still really like Quinn even though she is being somewhat of a bitch right now. I think it’s clear that she is hurting and that she wants to try to have one thing in her life that she can control and be in charge of. For her, that means taking care of a baby. For her it’s Beth. I think that is understandable and I don’t hate her because of it but I wish someone would tell her that she is worth so much more than what she believes.

    On another note, I really, really don’t like Santana and Brittany together because I just knew Santana was going to take advantage of her. Brittany needs to be with someone who won’t baby her and take advantage of her. She needs to be with someone who will keep her grounded in reality but also support her. To me, Santana isn’t that person. She may be sometimes but ultimately, Santana will do what is best for Santana. I don’t want Brittana. :-/

    • muffin says:

      Somewhat? I’d say that’s understatement. You see, Beth is not a “thing” to be in control of. Right now the only thing that they both have in common is DNA and subsequent Q’s sense of ownership not family bonds. Quinn is not taking care of Beth, she’s about to break her and make her drown in Q’s misery. I refuse to “understand” that. People in the emotional state she’s in are not supposed to be parents. Yes, maybe Q thinks that giving birth to Beth is her best choice in a long time but has she thought that she is trying to take her away from a loving non-biological mother, who can take better care of her and offer a better guidance, and pull her into her trainwreck of a life? She should actually get help not pretend that everything got fine and dandy overnight to again get some sympathy from me. S1 Quinn just knew better when she gave Beth away, that’s why I just hate what writers are doing to her now.

  23. Paula says:

    I know it’s totally wrong and gross, but I kind of like Puck and Shelby together?? I probably wasn’t grossed out because I know Glee is a TV show and Mark Salling is almost 30 lol Not exactly a high schooler…

    • margaux says:

      Add me to the short list of liking the Puck/Shelby cougar thing.
      Puck is a senior, and no way he’s underage, at least 18.. I’d even bet the bad boy repeated a grade or two along the way.

      A teacher-student relationship is still very wrong, which is why it’s hot.

      And when Quinn finds out, she could use her scheming selfish rage to rat out Shelby, and take down Troubletones.

    • dan says:

      I don’t mind the storyline either, typical soap opera cougar plot. And why assume that Puck is under age? Hasn’t he failed a grade or two (didn’t we learn that early on in the show?)? He could easily be 18 or even 19 by now.

    • Juliana says:

      I thought that i would hate it but i really didn’t. Shelby was exausted and very vulnerable, and Puck is obviously in love with all things Beth related. So i don’t know, let’s see how the writers will handle it, maybe it’s not going to be thaaat gross or pointless…

  24. madhatter360 says:

    Maybe it’s the accent but I really like the character of Rory. I think that next episode we’re going to see Shelby telling Puck it was wrong for them to kiss and break it off but that he will accidentally let it slip that he kissed her to Quinn who will use it to try and get custody. I really like how Puck dealt with the things Quinn left around. He made sure Shelby wouldn’t get in trouble but he also didn’t tell her what Quinn did so that she wouldn’t get in trouble or not be allowed to see Beth, which I thought was nice.

  25. Mallory says:

    Puck is and always will be my favorite character, and I completely MELTED when he sang that song! That said, I just about PUKED when he and Shelby kissed. This whole baby storyline was pulling him upwards, towards a mature man who could actually handle being in the life of the daughter he gave up for adoption, but that right there showed he’s still a child. A child eager for anyone who tells him he’s worth something. And Shelby should know better. She’s got to be in her late 30s, that’s just idiotic.

    As for Quinn, that whole “I’m gonna get an innocent woman arrested because I want the baby that I signed legally-binding papers to give away back” is both maddening and intriguing at the same time. I don’t think Quinn is nearly as big of a bitch as she appears. She’s desperate for someone to love her, and if she had her baby back she would have someone who’d never leave her. I mean, heck, the girl’s parents kicked her out when she needed them most. I’d feel alone, too!

    That said, this is why I ship Quick. They’re both so desperate for love. Mark Salling himself has said that Quinn will always be special to Puck because she’s the mother of his child. They can show each other that they’re BOTH more than the world has made them feel like they are.

    I want Quick to come out of this whole baby mess, yes, but more than that, I want Puck and Quinn to both find their worth in THEMSELVES. And not rely on other people to tell them they matter, especially not a child they brought into the world.

    My heavens, I put way too much thought into this show!! :D

    • Mallory says:

      Also: I HATE HATE HATE Finn and Rachel. They’re both so egotistical they can’t handle people with talent coming in to HELP the group they claim to love so much. Finn is being a jerk to Blaine for NO reason whatsoever (which I loved Santana for pointing out), and Rachel is a b*tch constantly because Rachel only cares about Rachel, and Finn if it’s convenient.

      • dee says:

        Actually, Finn’s jealousy of Blaine has little to do with his talent. He’s jealous because Blaine knows who he is, is confident in himself, and know what he wants–ALL things Finn is struggling with.

        • yep says:

          You nailed it on the head exactly. Finn is faced with the comparison to Blaine when Finn has no clue what he wants to do with his life. He said it himself HE IS LOST. Even when Burt brought up Kurt going to college and trying to bring up some of anything that would be Finn’s interest in his future. So Burt brings up Finn’s running the shop. This will be Finn’s deepest character growth s3. So far I’m loving Finn and all his ways.

          • Sara says:

            @yep couldn’t agree more. I wish people in the ‘fandom’ would stop acting as if anything Finn says is directed at St.Criss… this is a drama and Finn’s journey is finding himself this season. Of course the new musical lead will be difficult for him but that’s what I want to watch. How will he find his way through from the teenage boy in the pilot finding he loved Glee to the soon-to-be graduate wondering what he can do. Remember he chose ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ in the pilot. For those of us who really admire the underrated Cory Monteith we can’t wait to see him get his acting chops in this!

      • Mallory? says:

        You love quinn practically trying to kill her baby, but you hate rachel being excited for a musical and finn letting blaine know what is good? Something is seriously wrong with you.

        • Mallory says:

          Rachel went from telling Kurt that they would get into New York together to damaging his chances to get the ONE extra-curricular activity he was going for that could also help make change in that high school just because she was scared she wouldn’t get the lead in the musical, which she then got anyway and STILL refused to quit the race to help Kurt, even though the girl is involved in basically every club in that school, and thereby left her boyfriend in a very tough place of having to choose between her and his stepbrother. And Rachel thinks it’s “MY musical”. I hate people who can’t share the spotlight, who can’t help people out if it means sacrificing a little bit of what they want. I hate Rachel because, like I said, she only cares about herself.

          And as for Finn, at least Dee’s comment makes sense. Blaine is more talented than him, and Finn is so threatened by it, that stick gets shoved a little farther up his butt every time Blaine opens his mouth. Finn and Rachel are so used to New Directions being the Finn and Rachel show. They’re obnoxious egomaniacs. End of story.

          And please, enlighten me. How exactly did Quinn “practically try to kill her baby”?

          • Mallory? says:

            Mallory, you are seriously messed up in the head. No wonder you like Quinn. Kurt is a whiny baby. He is always a victim and it is truly getting on the nerves of everyone that I watch glee with. Neither he or Blaine has a flaw, and are always looking like saints. It’s crazy annoying and uninteresting. But hey, you like what you like. You must know a quinn type? I don’t knock. I still love her too, but she is the worst character on the show. Behind Blaine who has ZERO personality and is just BOOOOOOOORING. She is becoming a crazy lady, but I would agree that she defintely needs love. I love every character except for Blaine. Send him away. There is nothing to him, or Darrens acting.

          • Mallory says:

            What I said has nothing to do with whether or not I like Kurt. My point is that Rachel will hurt ANYONE to help herself. She lives in a world where she is the ONLY important person in the world. Backstabbing the only people who can even remotely stand to be around her means nothing as long as she is happy.

            And at least you made one reasonable comment. You like what you like. I like what I like. Don’t call me mentally ill. Suck up the fact that not everyone in this world thinks Rachel Berry/Lea Michele is the greatest thing since sliced bread and get over it.

    • Jamie says:

      I agree with you Mallory, for the most part. She’s still a child herself and I think she is depressed, vulnerable, still hurting and is trying to deal with giving her baby up. Its hard for anybody to do and I dont think she knows how to handle it so she goes for the Fabray special, manipulation and sabotage. She didnt try to almost kill her baby… far from it. She planted stupid stuff in Shelby’s apartment and the whole plan is silly (I mean, baby sacrifice books? really?). It will never work / would never work in the first place but she’s desperate. She doesnt know how to act.

      However, the part I dont agree with is the “innocent woman” part. Shelby is a teacher. Puck is a student. A teacher having relations with a student is illegal in most states, let alone unethical. Regardless of his age (even if he is over 18, it can still be illegal for a teacher to do that). Therefore, while Quinn is pulling silly stunts and that makes her guilty, Shelby has had some serious lapses in judgment lately. Quinn is still a child, so her behavior is still excusable in my mind. Shelby is an adult and knows its wrong. And its just gross.

      Also, Amen to the Finn and Rachel comment. Finn is getting to be a huge douchebag this season and Rachel has always been an arrogant and egotistical bitch. She is more scheming and manipulative than Quinn. If you say Quinn is arrogant and jealous (yet insecure and vulnerable), how can you not say the same about Finn?

      • Mallory says:

        I didn’t say Shelby was innocent! I don’t think she’s innocent at all! A woman in her late 30s should know better than to kiss a highschooler!
        I agree. Call a spade a spade. I don’t care if Finn and Rachel are the “dreamy leads” of ND. They’re just as egotistical and selfish as Quinn (who is becoming less arrogant by the episode) and Santana and Mercedes. At least Santana has the courage to admit she’s a bitch. Rachel hurts her “friends” to help herself and then has the nerve to claim she did it because she loves them.
        And thanks for agreeing with me about Finn and Rachel. That’s dangerous territory since, ya know, I’m apparently mentally deranged and I didn’t know it. ;) (points to comment above)

        • Mallory? says:

          Have you ever actually paid attention? If you had then you would know that rachel admits to being difficult, annoying, selfish, conceited, obnoxious, and all that other stuff. Get your facts staright Mallory. Kurt doesn’t admit to any flaw, because he is so perfect. Blah. Kurt has hurt rachel numerous times. I don’t think I need to remind you of the time he gave her a bad makeover. Or the time when she told him that she was in love with finn and he still went after him. I couldn’t even get mad at BIOTA cause he did the same thing to her. He has never once apologized to him. Not once. He is a bully himself. Do I need to remind you that she reached out to him in duets, or that she was the one who at least tried to do something about his bullying. When did he ever try to stop her bullying? Oh thats right never because he was participating in it like everyone else. Rachel is my fave but she is far from an angel. She shpuld have told him first, but that whole class presidency thing is just kurt playing the victim again and pulling the gay card again. It isn’t even that big of a deal. Brittany was apart of his campaign and she is running. No one is mad at her. Blaine audition for tony when he knew kurt wanted it. No one is mad at him. It is the same thing. But hey, you are one of those completely biased kurtsies who thinks he is always perfect. Poor thing.

  26. fiona says:

    I so called Shelby-Puck from the beginning. It was obvious it was leading up to this. Though I miss Quick, Quinn needs to find something in her life other than the baby she freely gave away. Puck had always wanted Beth though and wanted to be there for her ever since he found out. It’s Quinn’s own fault for giving her baby away. Frankly, I think Puck needs a new girl in his life or better yet a sane Quinn.

    I really love Rory, he’s a sweetie even if he did all that to get Brittany’s Pot of Gold. And why Brit do you have to be mean to him??? He only did what you thought he was!

    And is it just me or do you think they need some new girls on New directions? Like every new person that has joined ND has been a guy except Lauren (ie Sam, Blaine, Rory, and most likely whoever Samuel from Glee Project will be) I’d love to get a new female singer that can actually sing

  27. Taylor says:

    No wonder Glee brought back Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans). The new guy Damien (Rory) is horrible and sucked the energy out of the show. It looks like Chord will be back around the same time Damien’s contract as GP winner is about up. Not a coincidence IMHO.

    I’m also more convinced than ever that Darren Criss can’t carry the show next year. Without the Warblers, he’s only been ordinary this season and I’m finding more flaws in his acting ability (now that I’m seeing him on screen a lot more).

    Overall, a disappointing episode. I think the writers made a huge mistake dividing the kids and it has ruined the heart of the show.

    • Mallory says:

      I think they’ll be back together before too long. I don’t think RIB are dumb enough to do that at such a monumental point in the series. This whole senior year thing is supposed to be “back to basics” and leaving them split is not what the show was about in the beginning. It was about learning how to be a family and sticking together, and sometimes time apart does that.

    • AndyLuvr says:

      Sam Evans is not at all missed onscreen. He added nothing to the show last year, he’s got a mediocre voice and his characterization was all over the place. Maybe if Sam moved story along it would make sense for Chord Overstreet to return, but that’s just not the case. Sam devolved into this bottle blond boy with a big mouth that folks could make fun of. I really wish Chord Overstreet would just stay away. I’d rather the show focus on the original club members – Mercedes, Artie, Tina, Kurt and, yes, even Rachel – and the other seniors who are graduating. Sam will just be another unnecessary distraction.

      • Pressha says:

        Sam Evan is most definitely missed. Just not by you. Please don’t overgeneralize your own opinion. While we was not front and center, he was a good supporting character. And he didn’t devolve as you claim, he actually started to evolve toward the end of last season. I’d like to see him come back and see what happens with him and Mercedes. Just when he finally got an interesting story line last year, he left. I am glad he’s’ coming back.

  28. BonesFringeFam says:

    Where was Emma in this episode? Really disappointed about that… :(

  29. James says:

    Damian can’t act. He is a disaster when it comes to acting. Better in singing for sure but that falsetto was way too thin. Ugh.

    Finn being a jerk to Blaine, well, what’s new. Insecure, has no idea what to do with his future, threatened by Blaine. Nice to see he apologised like he did to Brit. Oh wait! No, he didn’t.

    LFN was the best number as it was a real Glee number – kids having fun in the choir room!

    • Say who says:

      Why would he apologize to blaine? He does not like him, and lfn sucked. The song was terrible. The video made it good.

      • aunt_deen says:

        When has Finn ever shown a hint of disliking Blaine? They’ve been very friendly until Blaine joined the Glee Club. Suddenly, Blaine isn’t just Kurt’s sweet Warbler boyfriend; he’s a guy who might possibly compete with Finn for solos in the competitions.

      • Ebbie says:

        He should apologize for his hostility toward Blaine. He perceives Blaine in Glee as a threat to himself and is acting openly hostile to him every chance he gets. I do agree with you, though, that LFN sucked. And not because of Blaine. Simply because the song sucks. It was good to see the kids having fun, though.

        • Say who says:

          I seriously don’t see where people ever thouught that he liked blaine. Because they were sitting on a couch together in prom queen? Really, is that where we got that from, because that means nothing. He has clearly made it noted that he doesn’t like him, and jealousy can do that. Just because he is kurts boyfriend does not mean that he has to like him. That is like saying everyone has to ship wemma or anybody else for that matter because that is their boyfriend or girlfriend and they make them happy. No. I honestly agree with Finn. Blaine needs to wait it out for a bit, just like Kurt did with the warbs. Maybe this will actually make blaine interesting. I saw a tiny bit of snark in his comment back to finn. Finn needs to prove himself to be a good leader and performer and everything that comes with it. He needs to do that to not just his family and classmates, but to the viewers as well. He needs to fail and be a jerk sometimes because that makes him normal. Unlike blaine who never does anything wrong and is godsent. I am not on either side, but if I had to pick I say go finn.

  30. someone says:

    Haven’t seen it yet. Never been a fan of Quinn or Brittany. Some of Brittany’s lines are funny, but as a smart blonde, I’ve been plagued by dumb blonde stereotyping.

    I do like Blaine as a character, but I don’t like seeing “Blaine & the Pips.” Keep Finn’s voice in the game.

    I liked Mercedes a lot, before this season.

    • yep says:

      Yep to everything you said. Including Mercedes. She’s really annoying to me. The three divas were my favs s1. Kurt Rachel and Mercedes. S2 was Rachel Finn Kurt and but after this episode Santana was in the wrong way too mean and hateful. As much as she claims to love Brittany Santana used Brittany and used her childish moronic ways to further her own wishes( bullying Rory to make a wish come true to benefit Santana). Santana and Mercedes have gone to far as has Rachel in the past with her selfishness.

  31. Michelle says:

    I was so disappointed that they chose to have a group of high schoolers sing a Katy Perry song about getting blacked out drunk, followed by Candyman when the girls are singing about making panties drop. Seriously? I’ve excused a lot with Glee, but this was terrible!

    • Lisa says:

      seriously?! have you seriously ever watched this show before? this offended you more than anything that happened before this?

      (also, sorry to burst your bubble, but most 17/18 year old kids have sex and get drunk. And I don’t think that would change if the songs on Glee would ignore those beautiful aspects of life)

      • ATLgroove says:

        I’m with Lisa on this one – did you not see the “Blame it on Alcohol” episode??? C’mon now.

      • Jones says:

        You think underage children having sex and getting drunk are “beautiful aspects of life?” Wow. What a great parent you’ll (hopefully not) be someday.

  32. AndyLuvr says:

    Um, yeah the kiss between Noah and Shelby was not surprising. It was good of “Glee” to call back to Season 1, which established Puck’s fondness for MILFs. Why wouldn’t he bond and get it on with Shelby? It’s completely feasible and believable.

    My question is, why is Santana back to bullying students? Is she not along with David Karofsky a founding member of the Bully Whips? Do they only protect gay kids or American students? Because the Irish kid needed their protection big time in this past episode.

    • Carmichael says:

      The whole Bully Whips thing, for her at least, was to get votes for prom queen. She wouldn’t have cared otherwise. It served a purpose for her, so that’s why she did it.

      • AndyLuvr says:

        So the Bully Whips program, which Figgins endorsed and was a big reason for Kurt returning to McKinley after his sojourn at Dalton Academy, has simply been done away with along with Karofsky? I remember Santana’s motives for creating that club. But for her to tell the Irish guy to make himself disappear/kill himself/whatever is extreme even for a megabitch like Santana, who herself is afraid of getting bullied like Kurt was because she’s a big ol’ dyke.

        I love that “Glee” got some continuity things right tonight but hate that they had a big plot hole such as the disappearance of the Bully Whips or the fact that Figgins would not stand for a foreign exchange student getting bullied. That’s a potential international scandal Figgins would want to avoid/put an end to. Well, with this show, you win some, you lose some, I guess.

    • Marnie says:

      “Why shouldn’t he get it on with Shelby?” Because it’s disgusting, that’s why. She’s a teacher at his school. Sure, it’s feasible and believable, but that doesn’t make it right.

  33. mink101 says:

    What was up with Puck’s mohawk?! It was all long and greasy like a mink on his head.

  34. Mal says:

    Really? Blaine’s “Last Friday Night” is currently winning? The song that was so absolutely unnecessary to the plot (like a lot of unnecessary Top 40 songs that plagued last season)?

    Otherwise, good episode. I was actually hoping there wouldn’t be ANY singing this episode because the story and humor started off really good.

  35. JT says:

    GLEE really is starting to suck – I think Im gonna stop watching the show. The plot lines are so ridiculous and unrealistic…Its just so stupid- Its becoming a caricature of itself. I hated this episode. The only character I like anymore is Blaine.

    Im gay but I also think they’re going overboard with the gay story lines – having Klaine & Santanta is a lot for a show with 10ish main characters and thats gonna turn off middle America families that think its too pro gay…But I keep going to the plot lines. I also didn’t like the Glee project winner on the show…(and wheres the accent when he sings?).

    Im gonna watch the losing virginity but that may be the last one. I want to see a scene with Klaine in bed together shirtless (just like you see men and women in bed with the shirtless guy and the woman with the sheets covering her boobs)>>I don’t think Fox would do it – but I want to see that and or showing Klaine actually in an intercourse situation – not just talking about ‘doing it’

    • A says:

      Personally I’d rather see an “intercourse situation” where Blaine wasn’t pressuring Kurt to do it to be “adventurous” and in the same episode he’s flirting with other guys, but hey… I guess Klaine fans will take what they can get.

      • James says:

        Except you know, he isn’t. He is talking about going to a gay bar in that scene but yeah, pity your ship is not canon and all so we get it.

    • dan says:

      A lot of foreign singers can sing without their accent: Elton John, David Bowie, Celine Dion, and Nikki Minaj (I didn’t know she was from England until my daughter mentioned it when we had this same conversation last night during the show) to name a few.

      • Amanda says:

        And isn’t it funny how so many American singers don’t have an accent either when they sing? Jeez, us non-Americans aren’t the only people with accents you know ;) As for Damian, he’s a great singer, but Glee producers more of the “Irishness” and less of the “Oirishness” please

    • Di says:

      Damian Mcginty has been singing professionally since he was six years old and singers who have been trained as he has not only don’t sing with accents but their enunciation is perfect. He didn’t really use his voice on the show but some of that training had to come through.

  36. Mikaela says:

    I thought this week’s Glee was okay. Not stellar as it was but it’s still early in the season. I agree with Matt that Quinn is becoming public enemy number one. I’ve never liked Quinn, not even a little. She is very self-centered and only cares about herself.

    Y’all complain about Rachel as a self centered person, which I won’t argue, but there have been times, recently where she has put the others ahead of her own dreams and goals for the good of the New Directions. She would have happily shared Maria with Mercedes. Rachel’s ambition and drive is what helps the Glee club. She does her best because that’s what she demands of herself. She works hard for what she gets.

    • Mallory says:

      I think that the only reason Rachel would’ve happily shared Maria with Mercedes was because she knew Mercedes did better than her at the audition. That’s why she couldn’t tell Mercedes that she was better than her, because she knew she wasn’t. When they first mentioned double-casting, Rachel’s first instinct was to say she’d get all the evening performances (aka the important, higher-attendance ones) and Mercedes would get the matinees with the Lima war veterans” or whatever. So even then it was still about her.

      • Funnay says:

        If you are the same Mallory from up top. Wow, you Rachel hatred is hilarious. You obviously have no idea what goes into an audition for a certain kind of role. Mercedes chose spotlight to sing. Um, no. She should have lost it right there. If you want the part over rachel who you know is gonna sing something from the play itself, then you also sing something from the play itself. OHOMO was IMHO funny. I and everyone I know thought rachel was better all around for the part. Your hatred just blinds you. I didn’t hate mercedes in that ep because they are both stubborn and need to be shaken, but the reason rachel said she was better than her was for the audience to think that. And honestly no on that I know thought mercedes was better. As rachel herself has said befor, mercedes is amazing. She just isn’t maria.

  37. STW says:

    I thought it was a great episode; the first one that has felt like Glee to me since Season Three began.

    Perfect use of Sue–every single thing she did, said, and looked in this episode was absolutely on the money: humor, satire, snark, and outrage totally grounded in who her character is w/o a bit of cartoonishness about it. What a great thing to see Sue Sylvester back!

    Ditto for Brittany–this was her humor at it’s best: random, offbeat, outrageous, sweet, and her compassion and emotional insight/intelligence were beautifully portrayed.

    Great use of Burt (loved the line about Lisa Murkowski of Alaska as a write-in candidate for Senate!) and true kick-off of the messaging on why the arts matter/make a difference in kids’ lives.

    Great Santana/Brittany conversations and interaction; loved each minute.

    Will’s role as teacher and person wanting to counter Sue was exactly what it should be–furthering the story and message, showing him teaching and passionate about the arts, without overwhelming the stories of the students.

    I liked how the Burt running for Congress story fed into questions about Finn’s future, although I’m not sure I buy Burt assuming Finn won’t go to college, and I know I don’t buy Carole assuming he’d want to stay and run the tire shop–Finn’s always said he wanted to go to college; we’ve known that definitively from 1×04 and it has never changed. What it does for the moment is to set up Rachel, and possibly Will, as the only ones who believe Finn can do & be more, and he’ll have to choose whose vision of himself he believes and wants to live in to.

    I liked Damian on TGP and I mostly like how they’re bringing him into Glee and how they’re using his character; my only quibble with his story is how they made Finn essentially announce that Rory is going to be his replacement on the show after this year (and it was interesting to note that they had Blaine initially sing under the “The Magic Is Back” rubric, but they let the addition of Rory to the glee club be the moment that made that happen, as voiced by Rachel when she whispered to her co-captain “he’s magical”). But if they give Finn a good Season Three story, I’m down with that; it’s who they scripted Damian to be in TGP so it has been obvious that this is coming, and it shows that Glee knows they need to keep an ordinary person story front and center for Glee to work.

    Best of all was that SANTANA & FINN WERE BACK AS MAJOR CHARACTERS! Naya and Cory are two of the strongest actors on the show, and the episode shone and soared because of the way it used their abilities. Their characters’ dynamics are essential to driving the story, and the way they were written in this episode did a great job of that. We got to see Santana’s personal conflicts driving her outer actions and bitchiness, and there was so much awesome snark!!! We got to see Finn stepping forward to be a leader and convener of the team in several different ways and on several different levels, interacting with the new kid, trying to act on the Mercedes/Santana/Brittany front, showing his resentment of Blaine because he fears he can’t live up to that (just like he resented and felt threatened by Jesse), working with Will to assess the threats to the club. I especially liked that they didn’t drag out the negativity of his comment to Brittany, but instead had him apologize right away; we know there’s more tension coming between him and Santana in future episodes, but the writers also showed us how the connections that the characters have to each other through the bonds they’ve formed in Glee will be the glue and elastic that brings them back together.

    For Finn and Santana’s personal stories/individual journeys, we got to see them both face moments of self-doubt that can lead into bigger and better stories if the show continues to tell them. This episode sort of rebooted Santana’s story which seemed to dwindle out after she was serving Sue in 3×01 and then was back in Glee at the beginning of 3×02. It was also the first time we really got any sort of focus at all on Finn’s story in this season, and there was a fairly good overall mix of hinting at his own uncertainty about his future and letting us see him putting his strengths to work–things he may not even recognize and see in himself.

    The voicing of the characters was consistent throughout; we saw the stories that started at the beginning of the episode carried through to the end, with each moment logically and compelling connected to a later moment in the show, and these threads also tied back to previous episodes–this was Glee doing what it has always done so well in the past. It didn’t feel like we had schizophrenic characters running around and exhibiting one personality in scene A and another personality in scene B and yet another in scene C–all of it fit, and what happened early on impacted what we saw later. Additionally, the stories of the episode were seamlessly woven together; in 3×01-3×03 the scenes felt choppy, like they’d been separately written by different authors and shoved together haphazardly; 3×04 felt like it was all created to go together with each individual story moving the stories of the others, and the episode as a whole, together. That’s what I’ve always appreciated so much about Glee’s writing, and it was evident in Pot O’ Gold.

    The main negatives of this episode for me fall into 2 categories:

    1) While I can appreciate the snide meta comment coming from Blaine about his songs (“they’re supposed to remind us of what Glee is about–having fun”), I continue to lament every time a song is wasted as a mere performance number without the lyrics and the context furthering the story. That happened with both “Last Friday Night” and “Candyman” in 3×04. They were fun numbers, yes, and nicely performed; it was lovely to see the glee kids hopping around having fun (and yes, I liked seeing the Finchel), and it was nice to see the TroubleTones’ tribute to 1940s girl groups.

    But the songs had nothing to do with the story. They sounded nice, but there’s no emotional connection to them as far as the tale of Glee goes; they aren’t ones I’m going to want to download because they don’t make me think of a big moment on the show that was more than just a musical interlude. What made “Teenage Dream” work so well in 2×06 wasn’t that Darren Criss sang a Katy Perry song; it was that the song told the story of Kurt falling in love at first sight with a dreamy guy who seemed to be showing him a new glimpse into a future of acceptance, both personally and in a wider school context, that he hadn’t experienced but knew he wanted–all of that was part and parcel of Kurt’s teenage dream.

    “Last Friday Night” did none of that; it didn’t tell a single thing about the story, and although it was really enjoyable to watch the glee club having fun with each other, it felt like a forced and false moment because it was just randomly popped in there. Santana’s comment afterward about the Blaine and Rachel show was some more snide meta from the writers, but it missed the real point which is that the music and lyrics should be a seamless part of the story-writing and storytelling, and this song wasn’t that–it was just a popular song inserted into the episode in the hopes that it will get lots of iTunes downloads. Think of how much more interesting it would have been if a song like that had come after a scene when the glee club had had a party on a Friday night or done something else wild and crazy (for instance, if it had appeared in an episode like last year’s Blame It On The Alcohol, or even Prom Queen); then it would have been fun AND would have told us something about the stories of the characters. This one missed an opportunity to give us something relevant and just went for something popular.

    Same thing with “Candyman”–looked great, sounded lovely, and the fact that the girls’ group was doing a tribute to old school girls’ group music was nice enough, but the lyrics had zero relevance. In fact, I felt that they were counterproductive, because I kept wondering why this group of supposedly empowered women were singing about wanting a guy. It’s a continuation of Glee’s odd inability to deliver a solid message about girls’ perspectives on things: they dress Brittany up as a hooker and have an over-sexualized performance to supposedly convey the message that “girls rule the world,” and they put together a fantastic girls’ vocal group and have them singing a number about women wanting/needing sugar daddies to take care of them.

    Which leads into my second problem with the episode: the Puck/Shelby/Quinn story.

    2) The episode did a better job with this than I was expecting–it was well written for what it was, and was well-acted by all concerned. However, I still don’t buy the idea that Quinn would want the baby back and that she feels like that’s her only future. That doesn’t make any sense; the fact that they gave her the idea in 2×16 that she’d be forever stuck in Lima didn’t make sense either, because all of Season 1 she was determined to move on with her life once the baby was born, regain her position in the school (that’s what “Bad Reputation” was about as far as Quinn’s story went, and Season 2 showed her doing this), and go on to live the life she wanted and thought she’d have before getting pregnant. I appreciate that the writers tried to tie this back to Quinn’s statement in 1×13 about doing so much wrong and hurting so many people with the notion that she feels like she keeps messing things up and can’t be perfect, but her desperate desire to get the baby back just doesn’t work and I dislike the fact that the baby story is continuing to define her, rather than a stoyr about her own ambitions. The story that they were developing for her in Born This Way and Prom Queen, where we learned that she maintained her facade because she felt like no one would like her for who she really was, was great; I wish the writers had stuck with the good story they developing instead of running away from it due to excessively loud fits being thrown by people who claim to love Quinn’s character but had breakdowns when it was suggested that she once looked like Lauren Zizes instead of always looking like a beauty queen.

    And the Puck/Shelby thing is gross and inappropriate. Bringing back the cougar thing is a big miss. First of all, that was introduced as a joke & a way of making Puck a bad boy in 1×03 and was explained as Puck’s reaction to the demands of younger girls (Santana, specifically) saying that they want a guy with a good credit rating, but it wasn’t a defining characteristic of Puck and it largely disappeared from the next episode on once we learned how he felt about Quinn. Furthermore, Puck’s character in S2 was developed in the back half of the season to move beyond that, and this episode largely felt like the show was ignoring his S2 story and regressing him back to S1. (And his song would have been much more touching and true to his character if it was simply a song for Beth, because his attachment to her has been at the core of his character; muddying that up with his nascent feelings for Shelby detracted from what could have been a great, emotionally meaningful song moment by tainting it with inappropriateness (although I’ll give them kudos for using the song in a way that is totally relevant to the stories they are telling, even if I don’t like those stories.)

    Essentially, for me, trying to make the cougar thing into something more than it was as a S1 throw-away joke felt redundant, forced, and inappropriate in an icky, soap opera way, not in a satirically outrageous way. And again, what does it say about Shelby that the super-driven and focused grown woman breaks down to lean on a teenage guy for support? Teacher/student romance like this makes my skin crawl (so different from the funny portrayal of Rachel’s crush in 1×10 Ballad), and it makes Shelby’s character look really weak and inappropriate and, frankly, criminal. I hope that this is quickly put to rest and that it is used merely as a springboard for Puck to figure out what he wants his future to be.

    So those were the negatives for me, but the positives of the episode far outweighed them. And on the positives again, I can’t end without mentioning my joy and appreciation at the way Glee made the other two songs totally relevant to the stories. “Being Green” is a life-long favorite (Kermit was always my favorite muppet of all) and while the rendition was a bit overproduced (it was shocking to go right from Rory’s deep speaking voice into a singing voice set a register or so higher w/o the excuse of it being the falsetto we were to hear at the end of the episode), the song on its own worked very well.

    “Take Care of Yourself” may not have been my favorite song on its own, but it was the very best on in terms of telling the story of the episode, and it saw the return of what has been sorely missing from so much of Glee’s music lately and what makes those musical moments so awesome–the way glances and interactions between lots of different characters during the music show the story while the lyrics are, at the same time, telling the story. We saw Finn glance back at Rachel as Rory sang “It’s time for us to part, yeah it’s best for us to part,” most likely foreshadowing a story line we’re going to see that will show them going their separate ways (or at least looking like they are going to do so)–maybe even a story with one breaking up with the other because he/she feels that the other might sacrifice her/his dreams to try to stay together. As I saw this, I connected immediately in my mind to what Finn might be thinking about his future in the wake of Burt & Carole’s comments about him running the tire shop and Kurt’s comments and reminder of Burt’s heart condition; I could see the story intimating that Finn could be staying back in Lima to ease the burden on his stepfather if Burt’s health gets bad again, and of him thinking that he needs to break up with Rachel/set her free to pursue her destiny in NYC if, in the wake of them having sex next week, she starts to feel like she doesn’t want to leave him.

    In that vein, we saw Rachel glance at Finn as Rory sang “Oh but I love you, oooh I love you,” showing appreciation both for him personally and for his leadership in bringing Rory to the group and helping Glee keep going like he’s always done.

    We saw more of Kurt’s story told in his discomfort with Rory’s hitting the high notes that only Kurt has ever been able to reach–the notes that he feels, according to the S1 episode Laryngitis, are part of what make him unique and give him value in the group.

    We saw the great moment of 3 of the original glee club kids–Tina, Artie, and Kurt–looking in on the other glee club as Rory sang “take care of yourself, I miss you” with the awesome moment of connection they had with Mercedes, their other one of the original glee loser unit (along with Rachel, but she was always in a category of her own, just like Finn was in a category of his own aside from the popular kid group of Quinn, Puck, Santana, Brittany, Mike and Matt). I loved how we saw Mercedes so excited to see them, saw her start to move toward them, and saw Santana pull her back; Brittany, too, was happy to see them, and there was a brief moment of focus on Artie’s face that seemed to be a nod toward his and Brittany’s relationship last season and the fact that it’s over.

    Those interactions, and the way the lyrics tell the story, are what bring power to the songs. I’d never heard of “Take Care of Yourself” before this episode, but now it’s a song I want to listen to again and hear more and more of; Glee made it amazing by using it in an amazing way, which is how the music serves the show when the show is at its best.

    If the season can build on this episode and keep writing and directing the next ones the way this one was done, I expect to find myself falling in love once more, wholeheartedly, with the show and the Season. 3×04 already has me counting down the days and hours ’til next Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Thanks to all–cast, crew, and writers–for a fantastic hour of Glee tonight.

    • lau says:

      perfect post. i specially agree with what you said about naya and cory acting.

    • JAO says:

      Great Post … you really get the show & the writing. I agree with you totally about Damien. I loved his Take Care of Yourself song, it was so heartfelt and moving as the group reconnected with each other. An omen to the time when the seniors will be leaving. I think Damien is good and will really grow into this part. He actually looks like a teen!

      Puck is way too old to be in Glee … he look like a man and the storyline with Shelby is upsetting. This is not American Horror Story.

  38. JDHetherington says:

    Clearly Blaine fans need to get a reality check. Seriously how is this the highest rated song? It was autotuned, and Blaine and Mike didn’t even sound like themselves. Blaine wasn’t even good. And Mike sounded like “Duets” Mike.

  39. Kendal says:

    Oh, all the Blaine fans voting for his number. That never gets old… Mark owned Waiting For A Girl Like You. He got me vote. Because I liked the number, not Blaine or Darren Criss.

    • Olivia says:

      People like different things. LFN is ahead on the charts too. I am really tired of people like you who have to go assigning some bs like oh Blaine fans just mindlessly vote or Darren’s fans. Tastes differ, obviously a lot of people loved LFN, thought it was a fun number and bought the song. There’s no right or wrong, people just like different things so enough with the insults.

  40. kimmy says:

    not the best episode, not enough Rachel-centric for me, but a good one. I can’t stand Mercedes and Santana’s singings so for me the troubletones are just boring. Also Shelby and Puck are so hot together, I hope that will last.
    My favorite song was Friday night, even though I’m not a big fan of Blaine. It was just the only nice song in the entire episode.

    • ymmik says:

      My opinion is the opposite of what she (who probably enjoyed the whole season 2)said. I can’t stand Rachel. The Troubletones are awesome and Mercedes and Santana both deserve the spotlight. Shelby and Puck? what the hell? kill this couple now. Disgusting. And though I love Blaine, LFN was just… karaoke for me.

  41. Sharon says:

    I actually think Santana went too far this episode. I mean, I know she’s supposed to be mean, but saying that Rory should do the school a favor and leave?? It’s a little extreme.

    • AndyLuvr says:

      Agreed. For someone who took an anti-bullying stance last year and who herself is afraid of being bullied as Kurt was because she’s a lesbian, Santana took it a step too far with Rory last night. That kind of nastiness made me feel less happy for her that she’s now with Brittany. Santana basically told the new kid in school to go hang himself, which is not cool at all.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Agreed. And makes me miss Lauren Zises throwing her around like a rag doll. There was never a character on this show that deserved it more (at the time – Quinn is starting to get there). I love Naya’s voice but I generally hate the character – and I don’t care that she’s a lesbian. Reminds me of too many people I knew back when I was in high school.

  42. Candy says:

    Finn should sing ‘I Don’t Want To Be’ by Gavin DeGraw. Him and Rachel should sing ‘Two is Better Than One’ by Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls. Quinn should sing ‘Straight Up’ by Paula Abdul, to Puck. ND should sing something by Mariah or Will You Be There by Michael Jackson. Just some thoughts.

  43. Urgh says:

    It was stated in season 1 that Puck liked cougars… then my question is the following: so what?
    Besides, it’s not like in a few episodes some of the ND are going to lose their virginity and make it look to the audience that it’s just SOOOOO plain normal to lose it before you graduate from school.

    Oh. Wait.

  44. James says:

    Definitely there was some good moments in this episode. All spoiled by Puck/Shelby kiss. Since everyone HATES it, I’m sure this plot, as unbelievable as it is that an adoptive mother would come back to rub it in the nose of the teenage parents who gave her up, will go away. Shelby is Rachel’s mother. When Rachel loves her virginity in the next episode, I hope they are smart enough to have her mother there when she’s needed. Loved the Hummel family at Breadstix scene. I was hoping this season was going to be the Hummel family have a baby girl. I would love a Glee Christening. Waiting for Sam and Lauren to be brought back and the ladies all go back to the choir room where they belong so they can do some serious fun stories. Oh, and yeah, I loved Rory and “It’s not easy being green.” His whole entrance felt like GLEE. And if it has to be said, Blaine doing Katy Perry is a natural, regardless of the song.

  45. Guy says:

    What in the world are they doing to Glee. I used to really love this show and then all of a sudden it has taken on all this crap writing and crap actors. IMO Damian shouldn’t have won Glee Project as he isn’t any good at all.

    As weird as it is saying this i sort of thought the Puck and Shelby kiss was the highlight of the episode. Puck has always said he likes older women and with the bond between him and the baby there is no reason why this isn’t plausible at all. Its the most real thing in the whole episode because its something that can happen.

    Quinn needs serious help and i pray that happens.

    The Santana and Britt thing is so out of character for both of them. Sorry but this whole season is sucking and Damian has sucked the whole life out of the show. What moron chose him to win? Sorry but Glee is starting to wane on me and i really love this show but i just keep getting angry at the whole thing because of what those stupid writers are doing.

  46. aunt_deen says:

    Not a bad episode.

    LOVED Candyman. I am okay with the rival Glee club if they keep giving us things like this.

    I like the storyline with Kurt’s dad running against Sue, too. Although I laughed out loud when Sue made her speech about advocating for Special Ed kids. Really? McKinley has no Special Ed classes and no Special Ed teacher? So Becky is taking a full load of regular-level classes?

    • Snsetblaze says:

      And Ohio has no state laws regulating what classes have to be given for special education students? While Sue may be right, some funding would go – would it be cut before the arts AND Sue’s cheerleading budget – doubtful. If the school board cut the funding too much – they’d just be spending it on lawsuits from parents who needed the special education services.

      I know this is a fictional tv show but sometimes some of the things the writers/and producers put in really bug me.

    • econruth says:

      I’m so glad that someone finally brought up how Sue’s comment about McKinley’s lack of Spec Ed classes was completely off-base. AND most funding is provided by federal money specifically earmarked for these classes and teachers, not the money that McKinley would be using for Cheerio outfits or plays.

      Funding special education classes is NOT where money is cut because it is against federal law. That’s why they cut the arts, etc… and not special ed budgets. Uggg! I know that Glee gets a lot of things wrong and we are expected to stretch our imaginations (Brittany) but why pit the arts against special needs classes? Why not pit them against football (and other male sports teams in HS) where most extracurricular money is spent anyway.

  47. jw says:

    Anything story related on this program is nearly useless. None of it makes any sense. But as long as the song performances are interesting, I’ll watch. Man, Falchuck must have come from a hateful high school.

  48. Snapy says:

    LOVE the Twin Peaks reference—too bad most Glee fans won’t get it.

  49. Frank says:

    Glee is a great show but this needs to be the last season.

    • Kim R says:

      I really miss the Glee of Season 1. Too much stupid drama for me now. Maybe I’m too old for the whole teen angst thing. :) I only watched a partial episode last night so can’t critique it but the fact that I only watche part of it should say it all. I think I’m officially a non-viewer now. :(

  50. Plum says:

    A total Brittany query and I apologize in advanced for not having watched the Glee Experiment or whatever that reality show was called but if Damian McGinty is Irish with a brogue then why does he sing like Stewie Griffin? Where did his accent go?

    If he can sing like that then why doesn’t he ease up on the brogue so we can understand what he says? Or better yet why didn’t he break out some gorgeous classic Pogues like Love You Till the End or something from The Committments?

    • dan says:

      Listen to Elton John, Rhianna, David Bowie, Kylie Minogue, Celine Dion…all foreigners who speak with accents but don’t sing with one.

    • Yoga says:

      Many performers lose their accents when they sing. Mick Jagger, Elton John, etc. That’s nothing new.

      Singing and speaking are two different talents and use different parts of the brain like printing and writing in cursive do. Why should he adopt an American accent to play an Irish person? I understood most of his dialog, but not all, I admit. I guess we’ll get used to it. I think his accent is fine and shouldn’t be messed with. Maybe if he would speak a little slower, that would make him easier to understand. Same for Brittany, although she mumbles a lot too.

      Finally, he probably doesn’t get much if any input regarding what songs his character sings on the show. I agree with the songs you’ve suggested, but perhaps you’d have better luck sending them Ryan Murphy’s way.