Glee Exclusive First Look: Look Out, Kurt — New 'Villain' Sebastian is Going After Blaine!

Will Kurt and Blaine’s first time also be their last?

McKinley High’s trailblazing sweethearts are set to consummate their relationship in Glee‘s Nov. 8 episode titled, appropriately, “The First Time.”

But as you can see in the following exclusive first look image, the outing also marks the introduction of the first significant obstacle for the happy couple — scheming, Blaine-crushing gay Dalton Academy Warbler Sebastian (played by Grant Gustin).

Major Glee Spoiler Alert: Surprising New Triangle to Take Shape During November Sweeps

And make no mistake: This kid is trouble with a capital “T” that rhymes with “P” that stands for potboiler. A Glee insider takes it a step further, declaring Sebastian “our villain this season.”

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  1. Page says:

    Wowza there is a lot of fighting on here. What I don’t get is how this guy is going to be the main villain. It seems like he’ll just be a villain to Klaine. Jesse St. James being the new Vocal Adrenaline coach seems more of a threat.

  2. Kendall (: says:

    Look…Sebastian is taller than Blaine…I half expected that Blaine would actually seem tall for once haha…Darren is a Hobbit and “I think it’s adorable, I think he’s adorable.” <- in the words of Blaine Anderson, Original Song….<3

  3. Divalicious says:

    Just chiming in to say it takes a real man who puts who he is out to the world, rather than do what the world expects him to be. I see Kurt as a very strong young man, who just happens to be in touch with his more feminine side. Plus, if you think women are weak, let’s see the guys have the babies to keep the species going. To be compared to a woman, is to be strong no matter what you might think.

    I do think it is pretty darn early in the relationship to already have Blaine looking elsewhere, so I think Sebastian’s only real contribution is to show how much in love Blaine is with Kurt.

    Personally, I am still waiting to see the “happy Kurt” storyline Murphy spoke about during the summer. Loses the play, most likely loses the election to Brittney’s wonder skirt, and now has guy after his guy. Time to see some laughter and happiness in this relationship.

  4. Eden says:

    After seeing the preview for the next episode, I think Sebastian is going to have a much smaller role than we’re all assuming. I feel like he’ll have one, maybe two scenes. He’s probably not going to be as big a deal as this is being made out to be.

  5. Sue says:

    So many HeteroHaters. I think homosexuality is a sin. Not a Phobia, a moral belief. Let the hate spewing begin.

  6. Em says:


  7. Laura says:

    To all u haters out there: If u don’t like darren criss or Any of the other cast members on glee don’t watch it… why are u even on here if ur just going to post hateful comments. Like i always say: if u don’t have anything nice to say then SHUT UP and don’t speak at all. keep ur comments to urself. And besides its not like Darren Criss is telling the writers “OH please put me on the spotlight all the time. ME ME ME!” no he and lea michele get the solos because they are obviously they area the BEST SINGERS! if they see they sell more song then the others of course their going to put them in the spotlight more often. so if u don’t like where the show is headed don’t watch it. ok? understood? good.
    As for KLAINE they better not break up.

  8. didi says:

    Hi I just want to say that love flows naturally and oposites generally atract each others, I’m sorry I must say that. But kurt is weak too weak to survive on the real world, he will. Be defenseless against a bitch he doesn’t have the weapons or the attitude to fight for his man, look I’m not a pro on it I had steal boyfriends when I was a teenager, if this t v show were the real life it will. Be totally easy to me to steal. Blaine from kurt it will be probably as (hummm probably no!) more like as easy as stealing a candy from a corpse! .

    • SP says:

      Someone who lets himself be “stolen” is not worth fighting for. Seriously, Blaine’s not a prize to be won by the one who has the most “attitude”, he’s Kurt’s boyfriend- and if he can’t fulfill that role Kurt is better off without him.

  9. Stormi says:

    I do not want Kurt and Blaine to break up; end of story.

  10. Jackson says:

    this guy is cool

  11. JC says:

    I’m not a Klain fan but I’d hate to see Kurt heartbroken again. I mean, logically we know your first love is rarely your last love so at some point Blaine and Kurt will break up. I just hope Blaine doesn’t cheat on Kurt.

  12. KR says:

    I’m actually a Kurt/Sam shipper. Have been ever since I heard rumors that Sam was going to be Kurt’s new boyfriend(before Blaine came along). Ever since I heard Sam might be coming back, I’ve been hoping that there’s still a chance him and Kurt will get together. So I’m all for Blaine and Sebastian getting together. 1. Sebastian’s cute and 2. When/if Sam and Kurt get together I’ll have the comfort of knowing Blaine’s with somebody.

  13. Beka says:

    I try to stay spoiler free, I just can’t seem to stay that way in regards to this storyline and it sucks. And my 2 cents for it is that something will go down and possibly they’ll break-up or go on a break period, I just hope it doesn’t last a long time and they end up back together. Cause for me, that’s the most important thing.

    BTW: When I read comments about how it’s unrealistic for Kurt&Blaine to be together and how high school couples don’t last,blah blah, I start to laugh. GLEE ISN’T REAL LIFE PEOPLE! And so many fans keep linking it to that in their comments. And I’m like, ef that! In the wonderful land of tv, Klaine had better be together in the end. Make Klaine the exception to the rule ya know. They’ve done it before in other shows and it worked out ok even with all the drama going on in between. So I think Klaine will be fine. Hopefully.

  14. Emycee says:

    While I agree that Criss is a stunning and breathtaking performer, I do feel that the character of Blaine has the screen time of a main character and the story arc of a supporting character. (Not that Rachel’s character is all that well developed either, but I digress.) This is a dynamic which can be very easily changed in season 3 and onwards, but I feel that Blaine needs to develop more as a character outside the context of Klaine. I’d rather hoped problems between Kurt and Blaine would arise through different ambitions, family issues, and the blatant reacher-settler dynamic in the relationship. Being with someone is difficult even without outside influences. Sebastian, though a new niche of character we have not yet seen and may be really refreshing, doesn’t develop Blaine so much as the Klaine relationship. I would be fairly disappointed if a third-party love triangle was the only Klaine obstacle to arise this season.

    Perhaps this is disappointing because Quinn, with the premise and potential to become a very interesting aspect of the show, is delegated to support because the actress’ musical talent doesn’t shine as brightly. As unreasonable as this may sound, I almost wish that writers would create a bit more proportionality in the show by fleshing out the characters of the cast they tend to feature more heavily in music.

  15. Jim says:

    Kurt, we need to go for a brunch ;)

  16. Maggie says:

    Omg I know him! He was my friends moms voice student and I’ve even met him! Grant is so nice and so hot!