Glee Exclusive First Look: Look Out, Kurt — New 'Villain' Sebastian is Going After Blaine!

Will Kurt and Blaine’s first time also be their last?

McKinley High’s trailblazing sweethearts are set to consummate their relationship in Glee‘s Nov. 8 episode titled, appropriately, “The First Time.”

But as you can see in the following exclusive first look image, the outing also marks the introduction of the first significant obstacle for the happy couple — scheming, Blaine-crushing gay Dalton Academy Warbler Sebastian (played by Grant Gustin).

Major Glee Spoiler Alert: Surprising New Triangle to Take Shape During November Sweeps

And make no mistake: This kid is trouble with a capital “T” that rhymes with “P” that stands for potboiler. A Glee insider takes it a step further, declaring Sebastian “our villain this season.”

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    • Mika says:

      I agree. In reality, a Blaine would never be with a girl like Kurt in the first place. Go for Sebastian. He is more your level.

      • SP says:

        No, lame because of effemiphobic douchebags like you.

        • aunt_deen says:

          I have never heard the term “effemiphobic” before. I sort of love it.

        • unicornwasp says:

          you said it!

        • Mika says:

          There was nothing phobic in my statement at all. Stating someone has more feminine traits does not mean a lack of acceptance or even judgement.

          The gay community is filled with a diverse group of people and I embrace them all. I have never believed these two to be couple worthy. But it is probably just because Kurt is cringe worthy.

          • SP says:

            Yes, because calling a character like Kurt a girl and “cringe worthy” and claiming someone like Blaine would never go for him shows just how much you embrace diversity within the gay community. You’re just one of those who screech “STEREOTYPE” whenever he comes on screen and refuse to see beyond that while claiming not to be a effemiphobic douchebag with flimsy excuses even though they so obviously are.

          • Talll says:

            Ugh I can’t stand Kurt. Chris Colfer is a great actor and everything, you know, I actually have a lot of respect for the guy, but I agree that Kurt is cringe worthy. I know this is going to piss people off but I’m saying it anyway: Kurt is embarrassing to watch. I don’t feel bad for saying that, so you all can flame me if you want to, but idgaf. I just cannot stand his personality. Every time he opens his mouth I just wish he would shut up. I also agree with you that Kurt does not seem like Blaine’s type at all. Not because I think a straight-acting gay man would never go out with an effeminate gay man or any of that bull, but because the two of them have NO chemistry. I just don’t feel it. I haven’t even seen Sebastian yet but judging by the stuff we know about him so far I think even HE is a better match for Blaine.

          • Jp says:

            I am gay and I do not like the character Kurt. I feel like he complains too much. I love glee, but I like the songs more than I like the story line. Not everyone who is gay in High School is bullied (as a matter of fact, I am gay, hispanic, and I am a huge geek, yet I’ve never been bullied.) I feel like the show itself is based of stereotypes, and I kind of like a lot of the stuff, and I some of the stuff I do not like–such as Kurt or Finn.

      • Brian says:

        Mika, couldn’t agree with you more. It’s almost non-exsistent to see a flamboyant (or, UBER-flamboyant) gay man with a masculine one in real life. Plus, Blaine is worlds more attractive than Kurt (who I find to be pretty unattractive…)

        • Michael says:

          Are you gay? And, if so, do you ever leave the house? Your comment is outrageously inaccurate.

          • SIKE says:

            I do not understand what gay is, I am 5 an my mom is typing this 4 me. Will someone please explain what gay is to me. My mom says i’m gay, I am a girl and I like girls.

          • Brian says:


            How is my comment “outrageously” inaccurate exactly?

        • Jose Arribas says:

          You’re the kind of queer who puts “straight-acting only, no fems, fats or asians” on your Grindr profile. So sad.

          • Brian says:

            Actually, Jose, I’m the kind of ‘queer’ who doesn’t use grindr because I’m not a whore and I have been in a relationship for a very long time. And I have zero problem with Asians! How did my comment go from being about how I feel the relationship portrayed on a television series to being looked at as racist!?

        • Eric says:

          This “flamboyant gay men never date masculine gay men in real life” thing is just nuts.

          The stereotype is that “butch” gay men are specifically attracted to “femme” gay men, and vice versa. And while this stereotype – like all stereotypes – has plenty of exceptions, I’d say generally speaking it has a lot of truth to it.

          Also, since when is Blaine that masculine? He’s not as effeminate as Kurt, but he’s hardly macho, either.

          • Brian says:


            I think you are confusing gay men with lesbians… Lesbians often have one butch and one femme… I don’t know any gay couples that are polar opposites like that…

        • SP says:

          People still being unable to wrap their heads around the fact that attractiveness is subjective. Believe me, there are just as many people thinking Kurt is the more appealing one as the other way round.

        • Carl says:

          In what world do you people live in? What kind of authority do you have to make these kinds of generalizations? Have any of you little haters had a legitimate relationship to start with? And I am not talking 1-2 weeks, or 3 months. You are in for a surprise when you grow older!

          • Brian says:


            I have been in a serious, monogamous relationship for four years. Not weeks or months. I live with my partner. And by the way, he and I are both masculine types and neither of us would be attracted to a flamboyant gay man. I don’t know why people were taking that as an insult to the gay community. Do flamboyant gay men and masculine gay men EVER date? Sure, of course they do. But trust me, I’ve been out for long enough that I know it is a RARE occurrence. I wasn’t insulting flamboyant gay men. I have several friends who are flamboyant – and guess what – they date other flamboyant men. My comments were not meant to be offensive, just realistic.

        • sef says:

          wow you are so wrong where did you get this info???

        • Jay says:

          Mika, Brian, the fact that you’re even making these generalisations is just so regressive. As a gay person, I know lots of different couples with varying levels of fem/masc qualities. Please stop trying to generalise the gay community. It’s not doing anyone any favours.

          • Brian says:


            It’s not a generalization. Everyone has their own opinions. However, being a more masculine gay man, I personally would not date someone that was a polar opposite (extremely flamboyant) of me. Speaking of being regressive, let’s look at the character of Kurt. Or even the gay characters on Modern Family… Gay jokes are made at THEIR expense, oftentimes they are the butt of any joke. For example, Sue always calling Kurt a girly name, Kurt’s father pointing out that because he’s gay he should be into things like showtunes. This character IS a walking stereotype. And I do not think it’s realistic to put someone like that with the character of Blaine. Even beyond the masculine/feminine qualities, Kurt is incredibly unattractive. Blaine is fairly good looking. It’s an unrealistic match and everyone on here that freaked out about my comments about masculinity vs. feminism in men are clearly more of the flamboyant types or they wouldn’t have been so upset by it.

          • Dylan says:

            gah, yall are dumb….

        • pfy says:

          You know, I am a “masculine one” and undoubtedly I would be more attracted to Kurt. Not because he is “fem-like”, I rather find him more special. It’s not all about sex (then talking about types would be far more accurate, unlike in the case of relationship as a whole).

          • Amelia says:

            Part of the reason why Kurt & Blaine became close & started a relationship was because they were the only two ‘out’ gay people on Glee.

            It’s silly to quibble about whether they are ideal for each other of not when neither of them had any other choice (other than to stay single & wait for someone else).

      • Kendra says:

        The situation does exist Dorthy. My two best friends are just that kind of a couple. A “Uber-masculine” Cop and his partner a “Uber-flamboyant” designer. Go figure how the show sometimes reflects real life situations. Opposites do attract and they are Glee Fanatics.

        • Brian says:

          The fact that you used the term “Dorothy” proves that you are probably running with an older crowd and older yourself. Younger gays don’t use that term anymore… And I didn’t say it NEVER happened. It is RARE.

      • Palopro says:

        PUTAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, bitchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • adriana says:

        shut up thats rude kurt isnt a girl!

      • Hunter says:

        Ok. I really want to virtually slap you right now.

      • Bailey says:

        SHUT UP!!!! Thoses 2 r awesome together!!!! KURT+BLAINE=Awesomeness :)
        Stop picking on Kurt.

      • Patsy Crest says:

        Big picture folks. Straight people – gay people – all just people making individual choices as diverse and distinct as all possiblities. Each of us, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, judges. I don’t like him – I do like her – I do like certain characteristics – I ‘hate’ some characteristics. Make those judgments when choosing your own companions – but understand – your choices are no more valid than anyone elses. I just say thank the universe we as a society are opening the doors. (Bad punctuation sorry). Come on out – whoever you are – it is safe. That is my wish and hope.

    • Sheeri says:


    • Emily says:

      Hardcore Klaine fan right here. <3<3<3<3 I hope their love can withstand this idiot.

      • Anna says:

        Hi, so I am also a huge klaine fan. But I LOVE grant gustin, the guy who plays Sebastian. Look him up on YouTube, you won’t be disappointed :)

    • Stac says:

      I want to know what happened to Mercedes and Sam?? they were together at the end of last season and it hasn’t been mentioned since and she shows up with this other guy?????

      • standard says:

        real life: they did not have chord overstreet under contract for glee until just recently.

        On glee: Sam’s dad got a new job during the summer and mercedes got a new boyfriend. was mentioned at the very beginning of the first episode of the season.

    • Mikie says:

      Crap how many story lines does the show want , not enough songs or lines for the regulars , now the warblers are back ,<Jonathan groff has signed too, the above sub plot , trouty mouth is back , some of the glee winners still to come , etc etc, all are good but what is ryan murphy thinking? just too much to digest anymore…

  1. maru says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! i’m gonna die with this!!! please don’t hurt your boyfriend blaine!! pleaseee!! this really sucks!!

  2. heather says:

    hello hottie! i likey

  3. dee says:

    SO OVER Darren Criss/Blaine. He was fine as a supporting character, but I just can’t stand his mugging for the cameras on a regular basis.

    • Pete says:

      Agreed. With the last part, that is. I was over him the minute I saw him.

    • Ashely says:

      Totally agree with you. Darren is cute and all but I can’t stand him anymore. He thinks he all that appearing ever where.

      • Sam says:

        I’m going to assume that what you were trying to say if you had any grasp on the concept of proofreading or grammar is: “He thinks he’s all that; appearing everywhere.” And to that I say: um, what? Do you know him in such a personal way that you can honestly say Darren think’s he’s “all that”? Or is this just a jealousy issue on your part? Because in every interview I’ve ever seen Darren in he’s been nothing but humble. The cast has repeatedly referred to him as one of the nicest and most charming people on the set. Please don’t make things up or jump to conclusions if you don’t actually know what you’re talking about.

        • Snark Shark says:

          May I just say that you are totally awesome! I’ve never talked with him face-to-face (man that would be awesome) but I have been to a performance with him. He is sweet and gracious, he goes out of his way to appreciate every fan he has.
          In short he is an angel. I look forward to all of his future work.

          You, Ashely, are an idiot. A jealous, judgmental idiot.

      • badger says:

        no he doesn’t think like that at all,he has said in various interviews he thinks blaine should take a back seat now because him and kurt have had the big storylines..Darren gets his script,reads it,acts it and goes home he doesnt say ‘oh yeah i want glee to be all about me’ so there is a difference between him and his charecter

    • badger says:

      woah!blaine is a character ok?and Darren Criss is gave the script he doesn’t write what he does so blame the new writers,yes blaine has had his stronger points on glee but he is a magnificent addition to glee and as far as this sebastion goes..he needs to get a jog on cause klaine forever! kurt and blaine are great for eachother and people dissin Darren Criss are just stupid..HERE HERE!

  4. K_Frem says:

    Is it just me or does “Sebastian” look like he could be “Rory’s” older brother? Haha.
    Besides that, oh no! Hopefully Kurt&Blaine will survive this, hardly any other glee couples would..!

  5. b says:

    because he’s the one who decides how much screentimes he gets lmao

  6. Amara says:

    Are you serious? Mugging for the camera? Darren doesn’t control anything and I dont know how many times Darren himself has said that he doesn’t want to be the focus and as a fan of the show he can’t wait to see the other storylines! Don’t put the blame on Darren.

    • Hector says:

      HAHAHHA I’m sure that because he said it, it must be true. I mean normally people who love the attention just come out and say it! Get real. Darren is an attentionho just like Blaine.

      • Sami says:

        Actually, if you knew Darren like most of his fans do, he really DOES wear his heart, soul, and mind on his sleeve. He’s not one to lie, and he really isn’t a big fan of the spotlight. He roots for his friends in Starkid first, but enjoys acting. His part on Glee is not his choice. He auditioned repeatedly for the show, and when he got Blaine, he was amazed he got anything at all. He’d have thrown in the acting towel and gone on to do music. He isn’t an attention whore. Blaine? Well, yeah, but you would be too if you went from a complete nothing who was beaten to a pulp because of who you were to a popular lead singer in school. I don’t blame Blaine, but I do admit, he is annoying at times. Darren just loves what he does because he loves acting. He doesn’t care if he’s in the spotlight or if he’s some background guy. He just has fun with life.

        • dee says:

          His part on Glee was not his choice? So he’s forced at gunpoint to play Blaine? Of course it’s his choice. Not only his choice to take the role in the first place, but largely his choice to determine how the character is played. And when he plays Blaine he does so with bizarrely exaggerated facial expressions all the time. He’s not the first on this show–Lea Michele/Rachel set the bar REALLY high for attention grabbing mugging for the camera long before Blaine came on the scene. But at least that’s part of the character for Rachel so you have to expect it. But Blaine and Darren? Good lord, just watch his face when he sings. It’s ridiculous.

          • badger says:

            i want to smack you in the face,he’s doing his job and he does it so well,it is written how he shall do things and he should say thing so back off biatch,us Darren Criss fans no him alot more than you haters and he is so greatful just to have a job!he loves his fans ans the guys on the glee set say he is amazing on interviews as does he say that about the rest,so do us a favour and fudge off!you have your oppinions and there horrible and mean nothing to the darren fandom.

          • patsy crest says:

            Yup – Darren Criss is mugger. He mugs at interviews (sometimes so hilariously), he mugs in conversations with his fans, he mugs when he acts, he mugs when he sings. But what a mug. I enjoy watching him express himself with his face and body, so much. It’s him. It’s his style. It’s delicious and devilish and delightful and genuine. And I love him. Yup – I do.

        • dee says:

          Oh, and one more thing. “If you knew Darren like most of his fans do”??? HA HA HA HA HA!!! Newsflash, fans: YOU DON’T KNOW HIM. You know the persona that he presents to you, as with all actors. Don’t be so gullible.

          • tercah says:

            Well, considering those fans know him from before he got famous, they can definitely get a better idea of who he really is. I mean, the cast of Starkid even hangs out with the fans after the shows, they interact quite a lot. Sure, you can’t get to know him that good, but you can get a better image. You can always guess the character of a person by their behaviour.
            I have always loved Darren’s acting and singing. I have seen only few episodes of Glee, but everybody is kinda affected :-/.

          • Emily says:

            Newsflash, dee, I never could understand why people get so up in arms about fans falling for PR facades. If they don’t know any better, neither do you. Anway, Darren Criss just graduated from UMich. I hardly find it difficult to believe that there aren’t a good number of people out there who knew him for who he was before Glee. I know someone who went to high school with Dianna Agron, and they said it was almost infuriating how such a talented, beautiful girl could be so friendly and down-to-earth. Not everyone is an airheaded fan with no concept of reality, like you believe. Personally, I could care less what he’s “really” like unless he went off the deep end. Unless he starts breaking the law, what does it matter? It’s a show. And he’s a person. Chill out.

          • Sam says:

            So what??No One can know other people unless they are very close.You are not suggesting that Darren should be friends with every one so we can know him???He presents a persona to us,so what?At least this persona is really really a great one and seems to be very close to his personality,as his close friends (team starkid) say.He is honest,comfortable with himself and a good person.That’s why he has such devoted fans.He is his awesome himself.He doesn’t have to pretend to be someone else.Yeah,he definitely doesn’t show everything about himself,no one does and no one should!But he is as closest someone can be.
            And here’s a suggestion,if you hate his acting or singing that much,Don’t watch it or record it and fastforward his part.(Just what I do with the scenes he is not in.)

          • Hedi says:

            @dee Do you even know anything about him???On what basis are you saying these things?If you don’t like him,you don’t like him.A lot of people knew him before he was on Glee,and I’m sure a lot of fans have good reasons to love him this much.He is not the most handsome guy,or the best actor,His Wonderful personality is what that makes him different.The fact that “YOU” don’t know him,doesn’t mean others don’t,neither.

          • Anna says:

            Okay, dee, I’m sorry but you are very wrong about this whole matter. First, darrens face is just like that anyway, he is a very animated person and he’s amazing. A lot of people including me knew him before glee and he’s been the same all this time, even through his rising fame. he’s an amazing person and he’s very transparent with his thoughts, he doesn’t lie to his fans.
            This is just to everyone who’s hating on Sebastian. I love klaine. But grant gustin is an AMAZING person. Look him up on YouTube if you don’t believe me. He cares deeply for his fans and talks to us as much as he can. He’s tweeted me back eight times….and he has 20,000 followers. It’s kind of impossible NOT to love him. So don’t judge him for his character, although I know I’m going to love Sebastian. Do your research before you hate. He has feelings too, guys, and a lot of people have hurt him from all this hate. Please don’t do that. You are going to love him, so think twice before you post hate.

          • badger says:

            his fans who have known him since starkid and his youtube days,yeah we kinda do know him and what he is about and it is not an act he puts forward to his fans..he is not a two faced guy he appreciates everything and people hating on him obviously have some type of jealousy or cruel hear cause he has done nothing wrong

        • kay says:

          His part on Glee, one of the most popular shows AROUND THE WORLD right now on TV, is NOT HIS FIRST CHOICE? Hahahaha. I wouldn’t have thought Darren was stupid, but if that’s true, it seems as if he is.

      • Cy says:

        Nothing I’ve seen of Darren Criss suggests that. Granted, I’m not a Darren fan who goes out seeking interviews, etc, with him, but what I’ve seen of him has seemed perfectly nice and humble. As a general fan of the show, I find Blaine a very interesting and welcome addition to the cast.

    • Mariana says:

      I don’t blame Darren at all, but I do blame the Glee writers for ruining Blaine. I still like Darren a lot, but I can’t stand Blaine anymore.

    • dan says:

      I love Darren on Glee, he’s a great singer, and Blaine is a great character. What I can’t stand is him mugging it up at premieres. I get a real famewhore vibe off of him.

      • Katie says:

        I feel like the whole “mugging it up at premieres” thing, though, is just him having fun and being totally oblivious to the fact that people judge him for it, you know? If you were just starting out in Hollywood and getting invited to all of these parties and premieres, would you really rather just sit home and do nothing just in case people thought you were a fame whore? I don’t know…I’ve never met him, but I know a few people who have and they all say he’s incredibly nice and some of them met him before he was on Glee, so it’s not like it was some persona. I just feel like you can’t judge someone you don’t know, especially when everyone who does know him (cast mates, etc.) says he’s great.

    • Noel says:

      EXACTLY! All the haters out there stop hatin’!


  7. Alex says:

    I totally agree.

    Plus the whole “transfer to McKinley” thing makes no sense…just an excuse for the new golden boy to stay around.

    • bob says:

      yeah i thought the transferring schools thing was ridiculous. i think most tax payers (and public school attendees for that matter) know that you can’t just choose which school you or your kids go to. it’s all districting, and barring any illegal fraudulent mailing addresses, methinks that there would be no way in hell that blaine would be attending mckinley. its all the more annoying knowing that he attended a different public school prior to attending dalton. wouldn’t he just go back to that one?

      • Jemma says:

        There are a lot of schools that allow it if you pay some additional money and after Dalton it was probably chump change for Blaine. Also we don’t know he went to a public school before Dalton, it could have been another private school just without the zero bullying policy. They do exist and can be quite rough environments.

        • bob says:

          eh, i concede. it may not be too ridiculous, but there are a lot of “ifs” involved. i also agree to whoever said that it was silly that blaine is older than kurt; that completed undermines their relationship from the season before. yes, he could have come out before kurt had and still have been younger, but it is unlikely that kurt would have looked up to him in the same way.

    • Mariana says:

      I don’t think Blaine transfering is THAT ridiculous. On the other hand, Blaine being younger than Kurt is ridiculous beyond belief, it is completely unbelievable and goes against his every interaction with Kurt in season 2.

      • Snark Shark says:

        Not to mention Murphy said himself last season that Blaine “was older and like a mentor to Kurt”

        This irritates me that they are keeping Darren around even though it doesn’t make sense… BUT at the same time Darren is becoming more famous and richer and knowing him is generously donating to cancer research or animal shelters. I’m not being sarcastic either.

    • Lily says:

      I only think it’s ridiculous because, at the end of the day, it’s an incredible waste to pay for private high school (upwards of 20,000/year for many in Ohio) and then to transfer to a public school for ‘love’. It shows an incredible immaturity about their relationship. They live that close to each other and aren’t strong enough to make it work without interfering with their academic lives in the process? And yes, when I was that age my boyfriend and I did not go to school together and we’ve ended up engaged.

    • Sam says:

      School’s in Ohio have a “Come and go as you please” policy regarding transferring.

      • Lily says:

        While I see what you’re saying, this isn’t more true than any other state-I go to a school in Ohio. You can come and go between private and public schools if you please, of course, but as even public schools offer different courses different during years it really messes with your academic record… and therefore chance for a great college. And, let’s face it, you go to private school to get into an elite college. I’m from the suburbs, I know how it works.

        • Sam says:

          I was being sarcastic.

          • Lily says:

            Sorry, your grammar was bad, couldn’t look past the surface. But there are enough misconceptions about Ohio arising from this show that I don’t know what people think anymore.

          • Sam says:

            Oh god, excuse me. Its called a typo. I’m sorry that an extra apostrophe hinders your reading comprehension. Regardless, I think its pretty obvious that I wasn’t being serious. Come and go as you please policy. Just… think about it.

          • Grant says:

            Well Sam, you just made another one… think about it

  8. Sammy says:

    Darren Criss is the only character/person on this show that makes it tolerable. Glad he gets more storyline. I am OVER Finn/Quinn/etc. Let’s get more Mike, Mercedes, Britney, Santana, Kurt and Blaine in the spotlight.

    • lol says:

      What show are you watching??? Brittany, Santana, Kurt and Blaine have been in the spotlight FAR MORE THAN Finn or Quinn.

    • Sam says:

      Totally agree.He is the only reason I watch the show.

    • Sammy say what says:

      Blaine is not a character. He is a cardboard box. There is absolutely nothing to him. He is the definition of boring.

      • yep says:

        sooooooooooo true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know it is the writing but really Chris Colfer IMO keeps the Klaine scenes going for me. Now as for singer and entertainer Darrin Criss is very good. That is a fact.

    • Holly says:

      I totally agree. The last 2 seasons have mostly been about finn and his girlfriend troubles or Schuster. I like where the writers are going with this, more mike and bringing a more edgy structure to the show. Kurt deserves to have a little more attention to his relationships. he hasnt exactly had it easy has he?! I think blaine is a wkd edition to the regular cast.

      • whoknew says:

        I don’t agree Kurt had several episodes on bullying around his character and had 4 episodes about his crush on Blaine then dating at the end. Yes s2 was a muck of writing about Finn’s confusion over girls. So over the top nonsense. And I love Finn. But my problem with s2 was that the plots were totally encompassed around couples and each of their dramas (crappy). Not anything about character development (being independent individuals with a voice of their own). Kurt, Santana, Britanny were the only ones s2 with individual stories. All others were couple crap. As we all know the triangle Finn/Quinn/Rachel yuckfest. And I love Finn and Rachel, Kurt and Santana. Glad for Kurt and Santana for their deserved features. Will and Emma took a back seat for season2. He and Finn both went thru identity crises Finn turning to desire for popularity and Will pining for Emma. Kurt doesn’t deserve to have anymore attension to his relationships becuz he has already. Now Glee in all its wisdom will give Klaine drama as Finchel had last season. Third party nosing in. Chang had a really good story for him in Asian F. With the vast number of cast having following of fans who are diverse to different characters, it will be a monumental task for the creative team to feature as many stories for each of their characters the fans follow in one season. I mean people are really demanding way too much from the creators to feature each of their favorites and present the season with a cohesive and interesting story. That’s what happened to the muck for s2. Creators tried to please the fans and all they did was make more fans madder who stopped watching. The creators failed miserably in their attempts to please critics and fandom.
        Now with bringing Blaine in as a full cast member is an attempt to please his fandom. Klaine IMHO is not as established and solidified as people would like for it to be. They’re in their new dating bliss and are fragile enough to fall to outside force as did F/Q/R triad s2. Now IMO as all Finchel fans feel they are mature and deep in their affection and resolve to their relationship. I for 1 am glad their plots have not been couple oriented so far s3. IMO and my alone, Rachel and Finn were established to be forces from opposite worlds(geeks and populars)to bring together ragtag group from both worlds to form Glee club. They are the core couple of the club that is why their stories are so forefront. The other members are important and have had many times of being featured. Kurt, now Blaine, Santana, Britanny, Quinn and Puck to some extent.
        I have favs like you all do and I’m glad when someone is featured one who is not on my fav list. But for me the season and the storytelling is more interesting when individuals have inner conflict than couple drama. As s2 will attest to. I hope all viewers will allow the creators to tell the story without some complaint on the fringe. I for one am glad Finn and Rachel are taking a back seat so far in the season. Kurt and Rachel were featured in the first 2 episodes to set up the season’s main plots.
        I’m not a follower of Blaine and won’t ever be one but I’m glad he is in the ND even if it was a little sudden. But I’m ready for the story to be told. AND SO IT GOES. Glee new episode 11/1/11 can’t wait.

        • Amelia says:

          Hi Whoknew – I agree – I wish that the writers would focus more on individual character developements, and less on the couple dramas. [Most of the couple dramas are really stupid and annoying – I hate it when a love triangle is forced into the script just to add drama]

  9. Sarah says:

    Eh. This kid is stock white guy handsome. Attractive, but he looks like every other guy shopping in Abercrombie and Fitch. I’m not worried.

  10. Jenna says:

    LOL, I guess the Blaine haters really don’t care what the article is about, any comment section is a good place to spew hate.

    Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this season of Blaine as a season regular on Glee. Many songs and scenes to look forward to. LMAO

  11. Drew says:

    I only watch for Blaine and Kurt. I like all the characters but would not watch weekly if not for their storyline.

    This new story is good and all, as long as it ends well for Klaine :)

  12. kari says:

    and then they go back to dalton together!!…and no more blaine?…please?

  13. Ana Muller says:

    honest to god don’t care about them.

    • Hedi says:

      Why bother commenting??

      • Luke says:

        Oh so now people can’t just randomly read an article and comment about it? They have to support Blaine/Kurt otherwise they shouldn’t “bother” commenting? I swear to God you guys have the arguments of a 5 year old girl.

        • RJ says:

          “I swear to God you guys have the arguments of a 5 year old girl.”

          Said the pot calling the kettle black. Hedi never mentioning that commenters need to support Blaine/Kurt. If you say you don’t care about them, why on earth are you going out of your way to comment on an article about them? Sure, you can criticize them but that still means you care about them, albeit in a negative fashion.

          • Eric says:

            Well said.

          • lisa b says:

            Maybe someone goes “out of their way” for 2 seconds to comment they don’t care about them to let people know that not everyone that watches glee does. I’m not saying I’m the one who doesn’t care, because I actually like them but still I partially agree with Luke, it seems a little childish to reprehend someone because they said they don’t care, not caring is still an opinion and as this is a free country people should be able to speak their minds!

      • Lily says:

        Why bother commenting? Because if those who don’t like Klaine or are indifferent don’t comment, Klaine shippers say “everybody loves Klaine”!

  14. Lolly says:

    Great. Now we’re back to The Big Gay Drama Hour. Sigh. I thought we were done with this tired crap when it steamrolled last season. I don’t care about Kurt and Blaine or this new loser. Can we just get back to the Glee club drama with all the kids? If I wanted to watch a gay soap opera, I’d watch LoGo or something.

    • sam says:

      oh, please. it’s one story line, and why shouldn’t kurt have the same story line that any other straight character would have? if anything i’m annoyed by the lack of creativity. also, for the record, there are no gay soap operas. why is it that every ignorant person thinks that there is like special programming for gays? like every gay person wants to watch “the a-list (yeeesh).” also, again for the record, there are a lot of gay people in theatre and choruses, probably in disproportionate amounts to the percentage of gays in the country, so it is actually incredibly relevant and realistic that “glee” would feature gay story lines.

      • Lolly says:

        Dear Sam,

        It’s one story line that I am sick of since it bulldozed the bulk of last season. I never said Kurt shouldn’t have the same type of story line that straight characters would have. Please comprehend the statements made and don’t infer other meaning into them when it doesn’t exist. I am not opposed to gay story lines in general. I’m simply sick of THIS one on THIS show. I don’t know where you’re going with the A-list comment at all. It has nothing to do with my comment. I also understand there are gay people everywhere including in choirs, etc., which again, has nothing to do with my comment. I also never said it wasn’t realistic for Glee to feature gay story lines. Again, I will repeat since you seem to have difficulty understanding me, I have no problem with gay characters or gay story lines on television shows. I am simply sick of THIS one on THIS show. And while there may not be any gay soap operas officially referred to as such, there are gay-specific programs and channels devoted to the gay population and/or demographic. So perhaps you should check your “records.”

        • Kevin says:

          Oh is the ickle homophobe upset? Too bad. You’ll have to watch and watch and watch as Klaine and their story is not going away. Oh and there’s more gay coming too. You might as well quit now.

          • Lolly says:

            I see we have yet another poster who can not read or comprehend. Sigh. Well, I can tell you as simply as I can as not to confuse your widdle head, Kevin, that A) I am not afraid of gays. For all you know, I am gay. B) I don’t have to watch anything. C) I never said I wouldn’t watch the show regardless of the boring Kurt/Blaine story line. D) I am all for more gay story lines as long as they’re not BORING and also do not take over the entire show like Kurt’s story did last season. E.) Learn to read and understand what you’re reading before you attempt an intelligent comment in response. You’re the one spreading hate, projecting it onto my comments. Perhaps you’re the homophobe.

          • Snark Shark says:

            I am really tired of people throwing around the title ‘homophobe’ casually. So when someone dislikes a BORING storyline that just so happens to feature homosexuals they are homophobes?

            Have you actually ever met a real homophobe? These people are full of so much hatred. They are a problem, they make me sick and this issue shouldn’t be watered down with people like you tossing that title around just because you don’t want people to disagree with you.

            I guess I should clear up that I am strait too.

        • sam says:

          i understood what you were saying in its entirety. i just don’t think you understand why someone who is gay may take offense with a person telling them to watch something that caters to the “gay demographic.” the beauty of glee is that it caters to everyone, and a gay story line shouldn’t be the catalyst to someone like yourself telling me to watch “logo.” i don’t think you’re a homophobe in the slightest, i just don’t think you understand why what you said would be offensive. i also beg the question of, what story line bulldozed last season? if it was the bullying story line, than i agree. HOWEVER, this story line does not involve bullying. it’s elevating a gay relationship in the same way that a sraight relationship would be in any other program. again, you don’t understand the connotations of your own words to the gay community.

          • Kinsey says:

            This is an interesting exchange. Just want to point out that Lolly did not tell anyone to watch something catering to the gay demographic. She (He?) simply stated that she would if she wanted to see a show dedicated solely to a gay relationship. She does not say in her comment that you or anyone else should go watch logo which I guess is a gay-themed program? I can see how some people might find offense in her comments though. I myself find the whole Kurt and blaine story tired and wish they’d pay more attention to others on the show.

        • Carolyn says:

          Kurt’s story “Bulldozed the Bulk of Last Season” because the writers want to write for Chris Colfer. The problem, to be brutally honest, is that no one in the cast has his acting ability so the story lines become lopsided in his direction. That happens to lots of series when one actor outshines everyone else. Look at what happened on Heroes. Zachary Quinto stole the show and they ended up writing the series around him. Can’t blame the writers for giving the public what they want but it ends up throwing the series off balance. It will be interesting next year when Kurt graduates, whether the show can go on without him. Does anyone else have Chris’ star power?

    • annette says:

      You’re a homophobic bitch. Understand that? Clear enough for you?

    • Liz says:

      Geez, sounds like some people are a little defensive. Lolly was just pointing out what a lot of professional television critics have pointed out, that Kurt’s story drowned Glee’s audience in Kurt. We all love him, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. I would have loved to hear more about Quinn coping with her postpartum issues. Puck has been wildly underutilized & his relationship with Lauren had like a total of two episode’s worth of time? Mercedes should have been paired up with Sam way earlier than in the last two seconds of the season. Mercedes in general was just barely there. Santana should have had more screen time. Karofsky had probably a way more emotionally appealing story line that was just never explored. Furthermore the best thing about Glee is that EVERYONE is included – not just “teh Gays.” Everyone can be bullied, everyone wants to be popular…. I mean does anyone remember Season 1? Can you people jumping all over Lolly actually say that Season 2 was ANYTHING like Season 1?

      • bob says:

        i’m gay, and i’m the first to understand that kurt’s bullying story line dominated much of last season in a way that was completed lopsided. its an important issue, and i appreciate that there was light brought to it, but it was definitely too large of a focus. what’s offensive is that lolly, and a lot of people, think that the bullying story line is representative of all gay issues. what i took offense was her saying that it was the “big gay drama hour.” yes, this story line is derivative of many other bad love triangles, but someone equating a gay love triangle as the “big gay drama hour” is offensive. she should have communicated it differently.

  15. Max says:

    LOL. No one described as a “villain” is going to break up everyone’s favorite couple. Have you seen how Blaine and Kurt look at each other?
    Also, there has been nothing to indicate that Blaine returns ANY of Sebastian’s attraction/feelings/etc. Just because Sebastian has his eye on Blaine does not mean he’ll be successful. Kurt and Blaine are in love and neither of them are the cheating type.
    I’m not worried. Kurt and Blaine are far too solid for me to worry about some evil person trying to split them up. *shrug* I predict he’s going to attempt to come between them, get rejected, and ultimately make their relationship stronger.

    • toby says:

      Stop speaking for everyone. Kurt and Blaine are not my favorite couple. Not that I want them to break up. I honestly couldn’t care less about them.

      And just an FYI for you most people are not the cheating type until they do it. There’s always a first time.

      Please, Kurt and Blaine are done as soon as Kurt graduates. Kurt is the male (sort-of) version of Rachel. Kurt’s main concern is Kurt and his showbiz career. Blaine has never shown ambition like that. In fact, he’s shown the opposite when auditioning for the play. He knew he was good enough to get the lead, but he also knew how badly Kurt wanted it and stepped aside (at least initially). It’s just not that important to him. Kurt would leave Blaine with maybe one backward glance to jump at the chance to sweep the stage at Radio City if it were offered to him.

      • Max says:

        “Everyone’s favorite _____” is a turn of phrase. That’s how it was intended. I wasn’t speaking for everyone, but it is fairly obvious that RIB, the writers, the media, and a very large portion of the fan base do love the couple.
        And I understand Kurt’s character. I know he’s ambitious, but he does care for Blaine. Blaine’s priority re: the audition was supporting Kurt, which actually makes them perfect, considering just how ambitious Kurt is. But he can be ambitious and have a meaningful relationship at the same time – the way he currently is, as a matter of fact.

    • dee says:

      You do know these are fictional characters, right? And therefore are subject to the whims of the writers, right?

  16. courtney says:

    I hope we’re nearing the end of Klaine! Go for it, Sebastian. Drag Blaine’s mugging, ball-hogging bum back to Dalton. Kurt can do better.

    • Jenna says:

      These types of comments will never stop being funny to me. It’s like you don’t even know which show you’re watching. End of Klaine? They’re, like, one of the two most popular couples on the show. They’re not ending anytime soon, if at all. Drag Blaine back to Dalton? You do realize Blaine is a regular character and the writers specifically made him a junior? That means not only is he at McKinley to stay, he’s actually at McKinley to stay next year as well.
      You did make me laugh though.

      • Ali says:

        You and me both. ;) Blaine was made a junior for a reason. Now if he was a senior, I might be worried. Who knows what the end of the season means with graduation and all, but this guy – or any other guy – coming between them? HA.

      • Sam says:

        What makes me laugh is that people refuse to acknowledge how predictable a storyline this is. I can’t believe some of you actually believe this is going to end with Kurt and Blaine breaking up. Dear God. I haven’t even seen the episode and I can already give you a summary:
        Sebastian: Lets make gay babies, Blaine.
        Blaine: Ew, what, gtfo.
        Kurt: Blaine, how could you leave me! Why does nobody love me! (cry, cry, whine some more, overly dramatic, ok)
        Blaine: Forgive me my love. I told you last season I’m never saying goodbye to you but the writers like to rehash old scripts so lets go over that again. Now, let us commence drunk gay sex. Om nom.

  17. Jeannie says:

    I believe that klaine will stay together for thsi season, like they said back at comic-con, they will have some prombles but they will not break up. and like how chris colfer said that he thinks of blaine and kurt as a morden day of lucy and ricky, like no matter how many mishaps lucy had in the SHOW, ricky and lucy still loved each other. if something should happen i dont think it would last for long cause klaine is one of the biggest GLEE couples right and i think the fans would go crazy if the couple split

  18. Caroline says:

    I already hate Sebastian. TEAM KLAINE!

  19. ohtay says:


  20. Cy says:


    I love Kurt, but it’d be SO much fun to see a hot, alpha guy courting Blaine all out. *sizzle*

  21. Holly says:

    I personally hope Blaine does get together with this Sebastian guy…. I like both Kurt and Blaine, but their chemistry together isn’t the best. They work out better as friends, I think, so I kinda want them to split up but remain good friends. Also, it would be a more realistic storyline, considering that they’re each others’ first boyfriends, Kurt’s never known any other openly gay guys prior to Blaine, and Kurt will be leaving for college while Blaine stays behind. So, I guess this would make me a Slaine fan.

  22. Craig says:

    You Blaine/Darren haters may be loud and a touch obnoxious, but you’re also in the minority. *shrug* Just saying.

    • Jen says:

      Most of the Glee fandom who are not Klainers hate Blaine/Darren. That’s not a minority.

      • Jenna says:

        Oh LOL, and spoken with such authority too… The Klaine fandom is huge, and there are many fans who aren’t shippers and still like Blaine. The hater club is a definite minority, albeit a loud obnoxious one, even within fandom. And that’s before you even consider that fandom doesn’t represent even 1% of Glee’s total viewership. So yeah, the haters are a very, very small, minuscule minority.

        • UhNo says:

          You do realize that you’ve made her point, don’t you? MILLIONS of people watch Glee, and only around 20,000 of those people will participate in online Glee forums. Out of those thousands, only around 5,000 are hardcore Klainers. Out of that 5,000 how many do you think are there ONLY for Blaine? Half maybe. So, enjoy your minority.

          • Darcy says:

            So where is your evidence of 20,000 people participating in Glee forums, 5000 of them being Klaine fans and 2,500 at most being Blaine fans. Oh, never mind – I know where you got it – you made it up in your head.

          • Han says:

            Newsflash, Darcy:
            Every single “fact” in this entire reply thread was 100% made up. You all are pulling sh*t out of your rears in a desperate attempt to make a point. I don’t care what side you’re on in this argument. You’re all wrong. Goodbye.

          • Leah says:

            “You Blaine/Darren haters …[are]…in the minority”
            “Most of the Glee fandom who are not Klainers hate Blaine/Darren.”
            “The Klaine fandom is huge”
            “there are many fans who aren’t shippers and still like Blaine. ”
            “The hater club is a definite minority”
            “hat fandom doesn’t represent even 1% of Glee’s total viewership”
            “only around 20,000 of those people will participate in online Glee forums.”
            ” only around 5,000 are hardcore Klainers”
            “how many do you think are there ONLY for Blaine? Half maybe.”

      • Darcy says:

        That is the funniest thing I’ve read in quite awhile. Where are the facts and evidence of this? Oh yeah, they don’t exist except in your mind.

    • SP says:

      Considering how quality storylines, characterization and continuity were and are being assasinated for the sake of expanding his role, it’s actually quite baffling that it is in fact not a minority.

  23. KSM says:

    Does that mean we can just get rid of Blaine? Such an annoying character. I mean, yay for giving Kurt a BF, but did they have to pick someone so annoying?

  24. Hedi says:

    As long as they keep Darren Criss,I’m watching the show.The second he is out,I’m done with Glee.I can’t understand what people are talking about,season 1 of Glee was so boring that I couldn’t stand it,So I didn’t watch it.In season 2 the Dalton academy and the songs they performed were great.So for me it’s Darren Criss,Can’t they just return blaine to Dalton and have a spin-off with Darren and Warblers please?This way every one will be pleased,those people who are such a fan of old glee club and season one boring storylines will have their show and the rest of us who watch the show just because of Darren will be happy that we don’t have to tolerate other characters!

    • PlaineTheStain says:

      You and your kind have ruined Glee. Just saying.

      • Hedi says:

        If Glee was what was on season 1,I’m kind of glad we’ve ruined it,It was awful!
        And hey,that’s what I’m saying,they should make a show with Darren for us “ruiners” and give you guys your “Glee club and rachel and finn, and ,,,” back!

        • Hoho says:

          Hahahahahaha. Go and read all the critics, and all the fans from what they had to say about season 1. And after you do that, go and read what they had to say about season 2. I would love if they would make a show for darren because then he can go the f away.

          • Peter says:

            I actually agree with Hedi.I think people liked season 1 more because it was new but storylines were really boring to me,too.I was done with Glee after season one but after I listened to the songs performed by this new guy(Darren),I started watching the show again.Season 2 wasn’t that good,but at least the songs performed by the warblers were great.A lot of people watch Glee because of the cast.If it wasn’t for Darren and the Warblers,the ratings of season 2 would’ve been dropped further.Some of the viewers(which I don’t think are few) are just Darren’s fans.They watch the show because of him.I think Darren Criss is very talented himself but writers should give Blaine a chance,we should explore his character and learn more about him and others.You can’t connect to or like a character if you don’t get to know them,I hope this new storyline be an opportunity to know Blaine more.Right now Darren Criss(and not Blaine) is the only reason I Keep watching the show,too.

          • Hoho says:

            The storylines in season 2 were over the top and stupid. Seasone 1 slapped season 2 in the face a million times. There was nothing good about season 2. It became way too preachy way too fast. I am not the only one. I am pretty sure a vast majority of the people that watcched from the beginning hated season 2. Not to mention every critic talking about how terrible and all over the place it was. Darren is cool, but blaine is nothing. He has nothing interesting about him other than the fact that he is cute. He is not even a character. All he is is kurts bf. He is probably the most boring character on tv. Give him something to do RIB.

      • Roger says:

        Yup agreed

    • Farah says:

      That’s actually a good idea.:)

    • Christina says:

      Spin off with Darren Criss and warblers?Yes,please.Just give them their own show,they are talented and awesome enough.If not,JUST GIVE A BACKGROUND AND A STORYLINE TO BLAINE!!not everything he does or any story he gets should be about Kurt.

    • Lillian says:

      Why is it that people have this delusion that making a spin-off is as easy as thinking “oh yes, good idea” and snapping your fingers? You can’t just make a spin off for every little thing as a quick fix to all your fan problems. Side eyeing you so hard!

  25. Sam says:

    Kurt is funny and a good character,but I think Blaine can do much better.If the writers give us a chance to explore blaine’s life.We know nothing about him yet,except that he has problem in his old school.It’s enough about Rachel,Finn,Kurt. Hope this storyline be a way to know him more.

  26. adam says:

    After seeing this picture I really don’t find this new guy so threatening at all he is just another plain looking pretty boy but I doubt this villian will be the end of Klaine because we all know what happens to guys like Sebastian they ALWAYS lose in the end. I have seen this similar storyline a million times over so this is nothing new at all. TRUE LOVE always WINS!!

    • Sabine says:

      yeaah, i,m all in for your comment =D i,m like this huge klaine fan, and i agree that its kinda annoying that blaine/darren has so much screentime. but, why would you argue about it here.. like it changes anything people. the writers choose how its gonna happen. and i,m just really sure that this new guy isn’t such a treatment as we thought he was gonna be. reading those comments is just funny here. but c’mon.. grow up people. its just a tv show. if you don’t agree, go tell that to ryan. and not to us who love the klaine storyline. i,m sorry if i look soft or anything, but in my opinion.. i have a point. btw, i,m not here to comment and then start fighting about it.

  27. Kylie says:

    Please there is no such thing as endgame on this show especially for the high school kids. The only endgame couple is Wemma(Im fine with them) realistically speaking. The other couples are screwed for the most part because their kids so this guy could get in the way of Kurt and Blaine. Jesse is coming back so that spells definite trouble for Finchel. Especially when Blaine stays at Mckinley and Kurt leaves. What they will make Blaine asexual for a year, no people are going to want action for Blaine. Im sure Kurt will return but Blaine is most likely going to get a new LI come season 4. That is why I do not care for this couple, and never will.

    • Hello says:

      I agree with you to some extent. I don’t think Kurt and Blaine are endgame, because Blaine is a junior. The only way to do it is to keep Kurt in Lima, which I could honestly see happening. I however do think rachel and finn are. We know that jesse is coming back but so far it has nothing to do with finchel, even though it probably will play a part. I don’t think after three seasons of messing up their relationship for no reason, and then putting them back together means that they aren’t endgame. I am almost 100% certain they are. Klaine, I am just not sure about. I don’t know how they can make it work with blaine as a junior. If they are gonna be a couple then you have to see it on screen, and the only way to do that is to keep kurt there, and I really do not want that to happen.

      • Tracy says:

        At the end of last season, I would have thought that Klaine was the for-sure endgame couple among the kids and Finchel was drifting more on the whims of fate. This was despite how Finchel is the core relationship of the show! After all, they’re the ones whose relationship woes are given center stage in the season finales. Although Klaine seemed like a very *close* second to me, the use of Finn and Rachel to close off both seasons really displayed the writers’ hierarchy. Buuuuut, I felt like they had a level of affection for Klaine that wasn’t necessarily shared there, and so I wouldn’t have been surprised if Finchel got a lot of attention and split up at the very end of their plot, and Klaine remained sort of stable just off to the side.

        Then they made Blaine a junior right at the start of the season, when they could have easily waited to establish his age until later when they were sure exactly what was going on with the other characters, and all my assumptions changed. Looks like they’re again putting more narrative weight on Finchel than Klaine, if they immediately established that—at the very least—Kurt and Blaine won’t be sharing their daytime hours next year. Even if Kurt is still around the area, they’re separated, while Finn and Rachel have their futures open for negotiation.

        And lest I be accused of arguing through shipper goggles: I’m not a big fan of either pairing, and don’t hate them either. :)

        • Hello says:

          I am not really a shipper either, but I don’t know why I like both finchel and klaine, even though I dont really like kurt or blaine. I think because of the relationship woes and all that, even though I truly believe some of it was not needed, I think they are going to be together. In all honesty, I wouldn’t want finchel and klaine to be alike. Klaine is a fairytale, and finchel is what you see when two very different people from different worlds fall in love. Which means it will be filled with plenty of downs. Towards the end of the season I realized that the way they made them last year was exactly what you see with that kind of couple in high school. Even though, I still believe they could have made it not so sad. As much as I like Kurt and Blaine, I don’t see that same kind of depth. I hope they give them that, but the only way to see them on screen together is to keep Kurt in Lima. If that happens then grrrrr.

  28. Belle says:

    I ship Klaine. But I think it’s so stupid when you all think that Klaine is ‘endgame’. Like 2% of all highschool students stay together after they leave school. It’s unrealistic to expect any of the couples to stay together (apart from maybe Wemma). Besides, it’s just TV. Sebastian sounds like an interesting character. Give him a chance.

  29. Ali says:

    I’m not threatened AT ALL by this guy. My boys are solid and after seeing how much they love each other, I have a hard time believing any guy can come between them. I do believe other stuff will come between them eventually (graduation and college) but that’s realistic and something people just have to deal with all the time in real life. Can’t wait to see what happens after they triumph over this guy.

  30. max says:

    Free Kurt, he can do better! He is suffering from small-town gay syndrome. He fell for the first gay guy that was out and decent looking. Lol.

  31. sam rawson says:


  32. Lyse says:

    Why can’t anyone ever go for kurt :(

    • Lily says:

      At first I was annoyed that Kurt does seem to lose everything : audition ,election , boyfriend but after the suicide of that Canadian teenager in Ottawa, I begin to understand Kurt’s role more… He is a loser, he is whiny but does not give up.

      Remember that Canadian gay bullied , depressed teenager who killed himself despite his many succesful activities extra curricular, many friends and many visits to health caretakers ? He still felt like a loser because people did not always appreciate his actions or who he is.. Maybe Kurt is representing this type of person without falling into a depression and without the suicide (too dark for a teenage dramedy)…

    • Darcy says:

      Blaine went for Kurt and is an adoring and loving boyfriend.

  33. joss says:

    Eh, whatever. Let Blaine run off with this generic pretty boy. Glee is a sinking ship and my biggest hope at this point is that Chris Colfer will be able to get get away at the end of this season and move on to bigger and better things. Then Ryan Murphy can milk his cash cow Darren dry before Glee is canceled after season 4.

    • Lily says:

      I also think that Glee should end on a high note AFTER Season 4.

      • Sam says:

        HAH HAH. High note? ifwhen Glee gets cancelled, if it’s not after this season, it will definitely be after the fourth season. And I can assure you, it won’t be because it ended on a “high note”.

  34. Ashley says:

    Grant Gustin is hot! why do I want him to win? I love Klaine!

  35. jake says:

    a valiant attempt to hide darren’s balding spot hair stylists

    • Tin says:

      Darren is not balding… wtf? That kid’s head is like a f*cking mop. Its like a shag carpet. Its like your mom’s chest hair.

  36. JustMe says:

    I just want to see Kurt happy and hopefully this season we will get a balance of all characters/storylines, please don’t hate on my opinion ;)

  37. Carolyn says:

    Wow! Look at all these Posts – both positive and negative. Ryan Murphy must be thrilled. If this story line is generating this much heat BEFORE it even airs, I’d say Glee is on the right track.

  38. S. says:

    Yes! Bring on Sebastian! So excited for this character.

  39. Meg says:

    Wow…you guys are so ridiculous. Why does every single article have to become a place for people to bash Darren/Blaine? I just don’t understand. It’s a tv show and if he wasn’t a popular character, the creators wouldn’t have made him a regular. When you call him a cash cow, that’s obviously for a reason. People obviously like him and the songs he sings on the show. I’m just a regular viewer of Glee (not part of the “fandom”) and every one of my friends likes Kurt and Blaine. I honestly have to say that I do think that, while people in the fandom may not like Blaine/Darren, the regular audience does and it’s kind of ridiculous to say otherwise. Of course everyone has their opinions and not every character is going to be liked, but everyone just needs to chill. Just imagine if you were an actor and people were writing such ridiculously mean things about you.

    • Darcy says:

      There are plenty of people in the fandom that like Darren and Blaine. Don’t let a few haters who post here make you believe that they are right or represent the majority just because they type that they do.

  40. Meg says:

    …and to actually comment on the article itself, I’m excited to see some real development in Kurt and Blaine’s relationship. While I think they’re adorable, it’ll be nice to see some drama and to hopefully see some more development for Blaine. I’m not really worried about them breaking up, though. Despite what people seem to think, they’re definitely a popular couple and I don’t think they’ll break them up.

  41. frod says:

    So help me god if they screw up my Klaine with some ridiculous glee drama BS, I will stop watching the show.

  42. Evans says:

    I think this makes sense about the drama coming Blaine & Kurt’s way. I always felt like something was very off when the gay couple on the show was literally the only couple that never had one problem. When in all reality the gay couple should be facing the most odds and drama, especially being in high school. And like a poster far above stated, I had a feeling they were going to eventually plan on pulling the two apart eventually when they made it very clear Blain was only a junior. I bet they will have this drama to deal with for a majority of the season, and when you think they are past it, one of them will state the “it will never work” speech in the finale.

  43. vinsweets says:

    I have to admit, I’m really worried about this threat looming over Klaine’s relationship. The creators had absolutely no problem tearing apart other beloved ships, so I don’t see why not Klaine’s. I know Ryan promised that Klaine wouldn’t breakup this season, but he’s full of empty promises. Either way, I’m going to try and stay positive about this, it’s good to throw in a bit of obstacles, I guess it makes the run more interesting to watch. If they do break up though, it happens… (BUT PLEASE DON’T *SOB* RYAN! PLEASE *Gets on knees* PLEASE!)

  44. Emily says:

    No!!! Blaine and Kurt are perfect together! They can’t break up!

  45. Eolie says:

    I personally want Sebastian to shake up the complacent world of “Klaine”. I am glad Kurt has a boyfriend like everyone else in high school and is happy at last, but this is a television show and I am tuning in to be entertained with good drama, good acting and good music. Chris Colfer is an excellent actor and did not get his Golden Globe award by cooing every week in lalaland with his cute boyfriend. I want more challenging acting opportunities given to all the actors. We’ve seen glimpses of greatness from a lot of them but nothing was really explored to its full potential. Except Kurt perhaps. But I am getting bored with him now that all is hunky dory with Blaine. Hence my pushing for Sebastian destabilizing foundations.
    On the matter of Darren Criss/Blaine. People criticize him, but he is doing what he can with what’s given to him. Blaine is a role with a lot of potential, we were curious about him when he appeared: who was that mysterious guy, so handsome, so together, so confident.Yet we were also given hints that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, he had problems too (his relationship with his father, his humiliation while trying to seduce Jeremiah). But that’s what they were: just hints that never went further. So people lose interest. How can people care about his character if he is just a cute puppet bouncing around in silly outfits week after week? Darren Criss is actually a very talented actor and musician,look him up online. We need the writers to make Blaine a two-dimensional character so the people who find him annoying come to like and care about him. Give him more substance, please!
    So yes, I hope Sebastian will shake things up and bring on some good drama between Kurt and Blaine, showcasing both their acting abilities and hopefully his too. Glee does not need to turn into a Sharespeare play, but we want to care for the characters, and the only way to do that is by developing them into…humans like us. As we were promised this season.

  46. Olivia says:

    I think it would be very realistic to have the two of them break up. Unless they were “perfectly destined” to be together (like some high school couples are, I’m not saying they aren’t) it would be the natural thing to break up. It happens to high school couples now and again ;) I think it would make for good character development and it would be interesting to see how the characters would go through that.

    Of course everyone would take Kurt’s side. I bet ;) Team Blaine! :D

  47. Freya says:

    Yeah, I think the writers need to something darker now, that dark side of glee has always been there, they just need to bring it out. Maybe Kurt could become suicdal or Blaine could go though a bad boy phase. Just something a little different, this stuff is so prictitable.

  48. brnigrlfl says:

    fans are sometimes ridiculous. first darren does not control glee. and to be honest i think he has the most difficult character on glee. first he is brought on to play a few episodes as an OLDER mentor. no backstory , no substance. doesnt really know anything about blaine. i think he did awesome. then he assumed to be the same age as kurt and no he is asked to play a gay boyfriend. no backstory , no idea who blaine is. he pulled it off. the kiss was perfect. now ryan says ummm. let me put a bow tie on you, you now are younger than kurt. still has know idea who the heck this blaine guy is and why he has now mysteriously gone through time. darren is humble. every actor, interviewer and fan that has met him has said that he truly feels lucky and takes nothing for granted. as for camera hogging or whatever. really? so far he has had two songs. was only in a small clip in asian f. mercedes had two ep’s where she had solos. the worst thing and the thing that alot of fans dont realize is ryan has used the character of blaine as a tool to broaden the character of kurt. blaine does not stand on his own as a character because he is more of a prop. no storyline , no substance because everything was to add to kurt. so give the guy a break. so he is awesome and he paid his dues as everyone does and he now is getting to live his dream i applaud him. as for the storyline really. i am so sick of triangles. chord is coming back. why not to fianlly find a storyline that doesnt bore me to death but to be ina triangle. jesse oh why is he coming back/ to be in a triangle. oh damien talented cant think of a storyline for him, lets put him in a triangle. klaine are two guy teens living in ohio and going to a homophobic school humm cant think of one thing.. oh i know… a triangle. really ryan? yawn!

  49. Tanisha says:

    Actually, Kurt is older than Blaine. Kurt is only a senior and Blaines a junior.