Survivor: South Pacific: Was Ozzy's Move 'Iconic' or Just Plain 'Stupid'?

“You just made one of the biggest moves in the history of this game based on one big assumption,” said Jeff Probst at the end of this week’s Survivor: South Pacific Tribal Council, and yowza, that was an understatement.

In a nutshell, after watching Upolu outcast Christine win her fifth straight Redemption Island duel, Savaii tribemates Ozzy and Cochran began reviewing worst-case scenarios — one of which included Christine staying loyal to Upolu if she lasted long enough to get reintroduced into the general population after a merge. Ozzy declared that if Savaii had to go to Tribal Council, he’d be willing to “sack up,” get voted out, and try to oust Christine in a duel — thus ensuring a 6-6 Savaii-Upolu post-merge balance. A gallant gesture, but a flawed one, too.

The big assumption, of course, was that the merge will actually occur next week. And then, of course, there was a second assumption: That the Redemption Island champ will return to the game at the same time as a merge.

Naturally, Savaii lost the immunity challenge to Upolu — thanks to an error by hapless Cochran, while a so-intense-he-alm0st-exploded Jim screamed on — causing a full-scale Ozzy temper tantrum and a general consensus that the tribe would be sending the court jester to duel Christine, instead of Trojan Horse Ozzy. But Ozzy woke up the next morning after having some “crazy dreams” that told him he needed to head to Redemption — and seek a larger sense of Survivor redemption, perhaps to erase his rep as the guy who got voted out while possessing an individual immunity idol during his Survivor: Micronesia run. His tribe agreed to the plan, which naturally gave Jeff Probst an opportunity to present the one scenario that no one seemed willing to talk about: “If you don’t win the duel tomorrow, you go out a bigger fool than you did last time.”

In other words, don’t count out Christine, a woman who’s gone from the brink of emotional collapse from her Redemption Island isolation to a newfound sense of competitiveness. I loved this exchange she had with Jeff after she’d ousted Mikayla in a crate-bridge-puzzle challenge.

Jeff: Christine, you have single-handedly sent five people out of this game. You’re becoming a legitimate force.
Christine: I’ve always been a legitimate force — my whole life.

Oh grrrl, those are some fighting words. In a season where every duel has had a sort of mundane, “let’s get through this and move on to the good stuff” vibe, the start of next week’s episode should absolutely be a can’t-miss experience. As Ozzy himself said it, “The move to get myself voted out is probably the stupidest thing I could’ve done, or one of the most iconic moves in Survivor history.” Take our poll below and tell us which of those options is more likely.

Before you do, three notes on Upolu. Was anyone else completely creeped out by Coach’s post-challenge freakout — screaming “on your knees! on your knees!” at his tribemates as if he was about to perform a military-style execution (as opposed to wanting them to give thanks to God for their win)? And how come everyone was so excited to see Coach with the immunity necklace in his hands, when, y’know, in the event that the tribes don’t merge, dude will be the only one of the six folks on Upolu who’s safe from elimination? And to erase any bad memories of the heavy-handed Survivor: South Pacific Cinema shilling for Adam Sandler’s new movie, I’ve taken the liberty of including a bonus photo of Albert. You’re welcome!

What did you think of this week’s Survivor? Take our poll, then hit the comments and expand on your thoughts!

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  1. E says:

    Where does Coach’s code of honesty/integrity stand on the fake praying for an idol?

    • brandy says:

      EXACTLY. I’m a devout Christian, and the whole thing was just kinda gross. They seem so phony about it, and like it’s all for show. Praying for your own victory in a game, lying in a prayer to someone you’re praying with, bragging about how much you’re praying, all things that are just not good.

      • Sean says:

        My Random Thoughts:

        After the Redemption Island Duel, Ozzy said that he was worried because if Christine gets back into the game, she might “go to the other side.” You mean the side that voted her out? The side that she gripes about at every Duel? The side she gives the finger to when someone tries to cheer her on? That’s who you’re concerned about her aligning with at a potential merge?

        After losing the Immunity/Reward challenge and going Kung Fu Panda on the wall, Ozzy and the rest of Savaii wanted to send Cochran to Redemption Island. But the next morning, Ozzy reconsidered and decided that he should be the one to go…much like he did an about-face last week on the “Free Agent” thing. What I’m taking from this, is that with all the flipping and flopping Ozzy does…he really needs to sleep on things! Seriously, the next time Ozzy says something that his Tribe doesn’t agree with, everyone should just say “let’s talk about it in the morning.”

        After you’re done here at TVLine, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at or you can just click on my name.

        • Un-Sean says:

          What does this have to do with E’s comment about Coach’s integrity? Should I post a recommendation for an Asian dating website?

      • shaunna says:

        My feelings exactly- I never thought much about coach one way or the other except that he was a BS person. with this last episode he takes being a phony to a whole new level.

    • sash fan says:

      I was really liking Coach this season — until the excessive fake praying started. Now I’m back to wanting to never see him again. Why did he start that nonsense?

      Ozzy’s move might prove to be stupid, but I don’t care. At least it was exciting. I’m actually looking forward to the redemption island challenge for the first time this season! Whether he wins or looses, at least it’s interesting.

      I think the tribe is in good shape — either Ozzy or Christine will come back and join them.

  2. Pete says:

    I don’t know why Savaii was so quick to assume Christine would be loyal to Upolu. Didn’t they see her give them the finger at one of the duels? I’m glad they didn’t vote Cochran out cos he’s so entertaining but really, it was the logical thing to do. Just sayin’.

    • dan says:

      Ozzy’s logic was completely flawed and I’m surprised that nobody (especially Cochran and Jim) didn’t say “but Christine hates her tribe and will never join them.” It has been painfully obvious during every duel that Upolo has consistently cheered for Christine’s opponents (and she gave Rick the finger last week), so anybody from Savaii who has been to RI to witness the duels should know that they can easily persuade her for vote with them. And even if they merge next week, why does Ozzy think the RI survivor will immediately merge with them? I never realized how stupid he was until last night. Which begs the question: were Cochran, Jim, Whitney and Dawn sitting quietly by during Ozzy’s explanation of the plan (only Keith objected to it) hoping that Christine would beat him at RI? I assume that is the real Savaii plan.

      • Snsetblaze says:

        Good point about the others being quiet. It was actually to Cochran’s benefit not to say anything though. Why should he clue Ozzy in that Christine disliked her old tribe? Ozzy was at the same duel he was.

  3. Gord says:

    Coach gets my vote for biggest blatant religious hypocrite for his self serving fake prayers to Jesus to give him the idol. But I’m also not fond of Ozzy so I’m glad he offered himself as a sacrificial lamb. I hope Christine wins over Ozzy and joins Savaii to wreck havoc on Upolu’s Coach and Brandon for a start.

    • Snsetblaze says:

      Christine has no shot at winning this game but it would be fun to see her change the tide and hurt Upolu. It would be fun starting to see the sides scramble and people change alliances and not be under the thumb of Coach.

    • Taylor Geary says:

      I think the best part of the episodes this season were with Christine at the Redemption Island duels, especially this week because it was so close. I will be thrilled if she beats Ozzy because I really am rooting for her, unlike last year’s Matt because he didn’t any underdog qualities and was kind of smug about winning.

  4. Jon says:

    Oh Albert. Such a beautiful man.

  5. Laurel says:

    When the “Get on your knees,Get on your knees” yelling started I thoutht it was God wanting alittle repentance for the fakery / lying.

    Seriously highjacking God for a prayer session so you can find an Idol you already have JUST for the soul purpose of DECIEVING someone, has to be an all time low on any show.

    I think Ozzy’s move was stupid but if the Producers want to keep him around bad enough they may just have the merge next week.

    • Xander Bekkett says:

      I was a coach fan…….until the “pray to god for the idol” thing.
      The “honorable” thing would have been to call a meeting, smile and say guess what we have guys…..and produce the idol. Lies are always complicated……..unnecessary lies are just plain foolish…….. unnecessary lies with the cameras rolling are totally and completely STUPID!!! Which makes Coach as stupid as Ozzie (the Redemption Island thing). Right about the time he said “get on your knees” I think I would have kicked him in the nutz providing an “honest” reason for him to go to his knees.

      • seattlejohn says:

        but Coach in his purity and honor and integrity already mislead Brandon (in front of fellow Christian witnesses) about how he didn’t have the idol, so he needed this charade to keep Brandon happy and a good Christian soldier (and to take to the final 2 where Brandon would be voter-repellant)…so how long does this group epiphany last before they all start backstabbing a survivor for Jesus to be rewarded with a godsent million dollars (which they can then joyfully give to their local church to elect Republicans and fight gay marriage?)

      • Snsetblaze says:

        You know overall, this time around, despite his proclamations of honor and integrity, he’s playing with less of them than ever before.

        • Joe says:

          I think he’s deceiving his whole tribe. His game plan is get Edna and Brandon to the finals with him and win the million. It’s obvious. Sophie, Albert and the Cowboy have to take him out first chance they get or break up his solid trustworthy block of 3 to vote with him in Edna and Brandon. If the Cowboy guy (can’t remember his name) doesn’t wise up to this it’ll be his fatal game flaw.

          Coach has numbers w/in his own tribe and will have them at the merge with his unified tribe vs. the other tribe. He has an idol and numbers in both places it counts.

          I think he’s winning the money unless something big happens. I don’t think Ozzy’s plan if it worked would stop him.

          Jim, the poker guy on the other tribe better be ready to make big moves. He needs to reach out to Sophie and Albert. Strategically, I think he’s the only one who can stop Coach right now.

  6. Jane says:

    I hope god smites Upolu and fast.

  7. Batista says:

    Can we get a bonus pic of Whitney next time? Or better yet a bonus clip of her speaking with that sexy country accent!!!! Bullllllzzzzzzzzzz!

  8. Luke says:

    There are so many ways Ozzy’s move can go wrong, but if he pulls it off, that’s a huge argument to write his name down to win the million dollars, if he ends up getting that far.

  9. Magically Suspicious says:

    I hope it doesn’t backfire on Ozzy, but the fact that he is completely aware that it very well could backfire makes it not stupid in my book. Every now and again, someone just waltzes into the finale, but for the most part, it takes big moves to get there. If this goes the way Ozzy wants, it will be huge. As he said, if it doesn’t work and he goes home, it’s on his own terms and not because he got blind-sided. I’d rather see him go now for trying something like this, than to see him carry his team to the final 5 or 6 and then have them turn on him because no one wants to sit next to him at the end.

  10. John Berggren says:

    I would think God would be more concerned with hunger, war, etc than whether Coach’s tribe wins immunity.

    • Xander Bekkett says:

      I agree, but remember, the first necessary requirement of being a Christian, is to “suspend critical thinking” after which all things become “possible”. For a Christian, the conviction that “God” is so invested in the outcome of a reality show that he would use his infinite power to lead Coach to the location of an idol is not only possible, but plausible, and even probable. We can all see that Brandon is one sick, twisted f***……but now, “Get On Your Knees” Coach is beginning to make my skin crawl.

      • jb says:

        Please do not lump all Christians together like that…I do no for one minute believe that God gives two shakes of a feather the outcome of a reality show. Making statements such as you made only makes you look stupid and misinformed.

  11. David says:

    -Ozzy’s move was idiotic, and his cockiness (being so sure to beat Christine) will come back to bite him. Credit to him for being the first player to factor redemption island in his strategy though.
    -Coach seems to be back to his old antics.
    -Cochran could do a lot of damage when merge comes if he makes the right moves.

  12. rjcarr says:

    It’s not a terrible strategic move to send Ozzy to redemption, and certainly he seemed pumped to go, but there are just too many “ifs” to make it a good idea. The redemption duels aren’t very physical and I’m not convinced Ozzy is good at mind challenges, but it’ll certainly be an entertaining duel.

    It is either going to work out great for him or be a legendarily stupid move with really nothing in between.

  13. Preston says:

    I think this picture from the reward challenge says it all.

    • Eli says:

      Yes, lol, Sophie actually has a brain and a sense of taste.

    • Lee says:

      Haha, it appears Sophie does indeed realize the incredible cheeziness of being plunked smack-dab into the middle of a product placement complete with the serially un-funny Adam Sandler. I think I’m liking Sophie more and more every episode. I feel like she and Albert need to make a move (even if he was laughing in that picture!)

  14. Jamie says:

    Choosing between simple and iconic is simple since they’re not mutually exclusive. It will be iconic for being one of the stupidest move ever. However, I am rooting for Ozzy to get back in the game.

  15. sash fan says:

    cochran should keep the idol and flip teams after the merge!!

  16. mgb says:

    I’m sick of all the religion crap. If they’re going to shovel it, please stop showing it. They’re using their supposed reverence to place themselves above the other team, and it’s making me dislike them intensely. I’m only watching this for Ozzy anyway. Thank goodness he’s not a fake holy roller like them. He’s just a player who makes really bad moves. What was he thinking?!

    • Lee says:

      mgb, I agree with you that the religion crap is really getting annoying, and maybe they could edit some of it out, but how in the world do you edit out the end of the challenge when Coach is shrieking for everyone on the team to get on their knees? That was a seriously creepy moment. And I think it is seriously irritating to the other team, and will come home to roost.

      And by the way, what kind of a recruiting job do you think Brandon and Coach are doing for Christianity with these weekly doses of hypocrisy and/or psychotic breakdowns?

  17. Plum says:

    You do realize these shows are the equivalent of Circus of the Stars, right? As in you’ll be too ashamed to admit to your kids that you actually watched this stuff.

  18. fiona says:

    If only Yul was back to bring Ozzy in line hah. Really hope Savaii kicks Upolu when the merge starts though =)

  19. Rusty says:

    I can’t take Ozzie seriously anymore after seeing him on an episode of Playboy’s Foursome.

  20. Joe says:

    I have a different take on “Ozzy’s choice”. I think he knows he can’t control the outcome in team based immunity challenges but he thinks there is no one on earth who can beat him in individual immunity challenges. By going to redemption he controls his fate and it’s less about what the team does in challenges and decides to do at votes. He probably believes he can run the table on individual immunity challenges on redemption and when he gets back into the game.

    That said, I also think he figures if he loses on redemption he gets to go kick it with Elise in the house. He has no core alliance anymore. He doesn’t have numbers. His free agent outburst did nothing to help him. In fact I’d say he’s at the bottom of the tribe he was in. He knew to go far in the game he’d have to control his own fate.

    His only way to the million is to on an epic individual immunity run.

    And for the record I think Christine will beat him somehow. That challenge with the stick and the key didn’t look like his strength, speed would give him any kind of edge. She beats Ozzy in brains and maybe in heart.

    Can’t wait to watch it.

    As for the praying nonsense, my wife and I were sickened by it. I hope this is the last we see of Coach. There were a hundred ways he could announced they found the idol without praying for it. And all that get on your knees stuff was so embarrassing. If I were part of his tribe I would have told him to knock it off already with the God nonsense. He’s doing it only for Brandon which should tell everyone that he sees himself going to the finals with Brandon and Edna. I hope the cowboy wises up to this.

    • Hawk_941 says:

      Well said, Joe. As stupid as Ozzy appears, I think he realizes that this might be his only way to win the game. And he is arrogant enough to think that he can’t possibly lose at Redemption Island.

      • Joe says:

        Hawk – I think Ozzy is smart enough to see redemption as a 50/50 shot with him having an edge since he’s “Ozzy”. Even if he were stuck on redemption till the final 4-5 his odds are better advancing on redemption than they are in the regular game competing for team and then individual immunity. If there’s a merge he knows he’s a huge target for the other team, so he probably wanted to get away from the game and just focus on winning challenges. The only thing that struck me odd was handing the idol to Cochrane. If I were Ozzy, I would have taken it with me. If you lose you can toss it to the person who beat you or someone in the arena as a gesture. Leaving it with Cochrane could turn out to be a huge piece in the game. If Ozzy gets eliminated he just made Cochrane a power player. Cochrane is one of the worst contestants in history. He really does nothing. He’s not even playing. He’s just reacting. He’s not like Cirie who did nothing but focus on social game skills.

    • seattlejohn says:

      if he loses on Redemption Island I think he just goes home without any sexytime with Elyse (if she wasn’t playing him in the 1st place)because the jury doesn’t start up until the merge happens; if he returns to the game he (probably – unless Cochran scores a blindside) still has the immunity idol and obviously the other tribe is going to splinter when people start seriously playing the game and are out for each other’s blood – and who knows what can happen when these folks all start playing and praying to fork each other over for some cold, hard cash

      • seattlejohn says:

        and all someone has to do to cause a split between Coach and Brandon is to tell Brandon that whole immunity idol thing was staged to manipulate him (and a few people not necessarily enthralled by Coach were privy to how that deal went down) and it wasn’t God answering prayers and personally bestowing favor on Brandon and his teammates…will even a dragonslayer be able to withstand Brandon’s self-righteous hellfire and brimstone?

      • Joe says:

        seattlejohn-I thought all the contestants got to kick it in the house after they get eliminated? That way their friends and family don’t know the results? Like if your friend was a contestant and was only gone for 5 days you clearly know he didn’t win. They must put the contestants somewhere until the 40 days are up otherwise it’d be too easy to put together a boot list.

        Either way I think Ozzy realized he was better off on his own going head to head with people than trying to deal with a tribe. After his cuddle buddy got blindsided his tribe basically neutered him and made him just a challenge asset and not a leader.

        I don’t know if he made the right move. I think Christine can easily beat him. He should have kept the idol though.

        As for Brandon, you’re right. Albert and Sophie’s one big play to take power back in their tribe is to tell Brandon that the praying for an idol was a sham. That will send Brandon off the deep end and I could see him turning on Coach like a viper then. Great point. Just hope Albert and Sophie know they should use it. Sometimes when these people are in the game they don’t think of moves like that.

  21. jb says:

    I am really getting tired of all these reality show contestants praying for help in the game…it all started with Big Brother Season 8’s Jameka…now it is like the producers intentionally cast people that will go completely overboard with the praying outloud all the time. Personally, when it is just me and God, I pray to myself…not out loud. AND, if I was a contestant and some stupid producer/cameraman asked me to pray outloud I would tell him where he could put it…what I pray about is between me and my God.

  22. Bazoo says:

    Ozzy is taking a huge chance but if it works everyone will be saying how brilliant he is…if it doesn’t everyone will say he made two of the stupidest moves in game history.

  23. Sean says:

    My Random Thoughts:

    After the Redemption Island Duel, Ozzy said that he was worried because if Christine gets back into the game, she might “go to the other side.” You mean the side that voted her out? The side that she gripes about at every Duel? The side she gives the finger to when someone tries to cheer her on? That’s who you’re concerned about her aligning with at a potential merge?

    After losing the Immunity/Reward challenge and going Kung Fu Panda on the wall, Ozzy and the rest of Savaii wanted to send Cochran to Redemption Island. But the next morning, Ozzy reconsidered and decided that he should be the one to go…much like he did an about-face last week on the “Free Agent” thing. What I’m taking from this, is that with all the flipping and flopping Ozzy does…he really needs to sleep on things! Seriously, the next time Ozzy says something that his Tribe doesn’t agree with, everyone should just say “let’s talk about it in the morning.”

    After you’re done here, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at or you can just click on my name.

  24. jef says:

    I don’t pray for selfish gains like winning a Survivor challenge! Coach has always been one big phoney. Are these tribes really so clueless as to let both Coach and Ozzy remain in control and in the game?

    • E says:

      Yup. I know this last episode had to focus on the “who goes to Redemption non-Island” angle, but I’d really love to see what the other players are thinking in regard to Ozzy and Coach and when they’ll attempt to get them out (if at all). Ozzy’s tribe seems to be smart enough to move that direction when the time is right, but have we seen any of that from Coach’s tribe?

      I realize that refusing to “get on your knees” may have drawn un-wanted attention but I’m stunned that they are all following coach’s every ridiculous suggestion “let’s pray”, “let’s hug Stacey”, “let’s get on our knees”. I realize strategy is in play, but in the heat of the moment I swear my knee jerk reaction would kick in and say “WTF – no I’m not getting on my knees”.

      Ok – is there any chance or clue that this praying baloney is a whole bunch of BS from Coach? Or is he seriously praying for success on Survivor. Gotta say – if that’s the thing you spend time praying about — your life must be some sort of wonderful.

  25. Shaunna says:

    Ozzie is one of best ever at winning challenges but the worse game player ever. He made 4 huge strategic errors 1.That Christine would go with her original tribe 2.that the merge is soon 3.that he will beat Christine on Redemption Island and every other person who follows if she gets kicked out 4.that Cochran will give him the Immunity Idol back-he will not. Even if he gets Christine kicked out, he has lost 1 person who would have gone with his tribe. Maybe, just maybe Ozzie is smarter than we think and is afraid Christine could eventually be in top 3w/him & be voted winner and he wants her out now before she gets back in the game.

  26. Heidi says:

    Ozzys ego is massive, he has turned this into being all about himself and not his team, and they appear to be completely blind to his behaviour. He has been nothing but a whiny, self serving little baby and they all bow to him. I hope Ozzy loses to Christine, as negative and harsh as she is, his ego needs a good whack and his team needs to drink a different kool aid.

  27. Diluna says:

    I think that Ozzy early realized that both “alliance” and tribe were weak and without chances after the merge… so if he leave the game because of this desperate move, at least he goes TRYING… The incredible dumbest move was made by the stupid ppl from the “alliance” of five, especially Jim who has the illusion that he is in a poker game. Hellooo! Somebody tell him that this is Survivor and at least the first half of the game is a team (or strong alliances) game! It was too early and useless to separate a “pair” instead of get rid of the Cochran snake. Just imagine the challanges with Elyse but without Cochran!!! OMG, they had win at least two immunities. The game have been different, maybe at the merge with numbers on Savaii’s side, and maybe with Christine back to make it more interesting… Not worth continuing watching Cochran deceiving or sucking everybody for another day in the game.
    I see no Savaii members in the final episodes and this is not because of Ozzy’s ego but because of the stupidity of his tribe members…wow, how dumb can someone be to fall for Cochran selfish “strategy” and destroy your own alliance and tribe from the begining of the game? (sorry for my bad english)