Project Runway Season 9 Finale Recap: And the Winner Is...

It seemed like a bad sign that the Project Runway Season 9 finale started with a visit from Tim Gunn telling the final four designers that they were all getting the “tremendous gift” of $500 to spend at Mood and improve their collections in whatever way they saw fit. Translation: Somewhere in a dimly lit, jasmine-scented office at Marie Claire magazine, Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were still clutching their pearls, torturing their assistants, and hurling verbal venom at the three-piece mini collections the contestants had shown last episode. And that must’ve had the show’s producers throwing a hail-mary pass and hoping at least one contestant would be in the end zone to catch it.

In the end, though, Viktor, Anya, Kimberly, and Joshua can hold their heads high: All four of ’em managed to pull off respectable showings at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and while my favorite (whose name rhymes with Richter) didn’t take home the $100,000 cash prize, I’m not really upset by the end result, either. I just wish the judges had loudly and clearly announced that their guiding criteria had more to do with which finalist could launch a distinct and distinctly commercial brand than whether or not they showed originality, innovation, and a wide range of construction techniques.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here. Let’s start at the very beginning. No, I don’t mean the beginning-beginning, when Olivier could cut some holes in a dog bed, slip it over a slender woman’s head, and have Nina and Michael clutch hands and titter and squeal “Fashion! Fashion! It’s totally on-trend!” I just mean the beginning of the episode, where we had Kimberly attempting to remake her pink “booty” skirt in black, Anya declaring “I am a Caribbean designer,” and Joshua having a tearful meltdown — probably as a result of looking in the mirror and discovering he’d paired an pink knit tank top with violently gauche aqua boots. The whole first half of the episode — even Tim Gunn’s fly-by critiques — felt oddly perfunctory, although Anya’s trip to Mood marked her return to luxurious print fabrics.

And then — bam! — we had Heidi in sequins, Tim in a state of choked-up-ness, and our Final 4 ready to debut their collections at Lincoln Center. Here are my thoughts on the highlights (and lowlights) of what they showed:

Kimberly: Loved the metallic aqua top and miniskirt; those cream-colored slacks and delicate sheer top; and especially the dramatic, flowing, Anya-esque frock in blue, pink, white, and green print. Not so fond of the half-back blouse, that black sparkly bag top, and the overworked “bubble” skirt. And of the four finalists this season, Kimberly’s overall show seemed the most disjointed. Could Nina be right that Kimberly simply needs more time to develop her craft?

Joshua: I appreciated that Season 9’s most controversial contestant gave us what Heidi correctly called a “gutsy show,” but the whole of his collection wasn’t really as great as the sum of his ambitions. His final look — with its plastic alien-skin collar — looked like a giant hefty bag from the neck down, and made his model’s backside look more sprawling than a suburban outlet mall. His central print was alarming in its tackiness. And that split-thighed lime-green short with the insane crotch actually made me gasp an audible “WTF!” from my living room couch. (Nina’s support of said garment in any scenario should’ve resulted in her immediate ouster from the show.) That said, Joshua’s sheer plastic card-dealer’s vest was undeniably unexpected, and his purple one-shouldered sack dress was draped beautifully.

Viktor: In the judges’ defense, my final note on Viktor’s collection was “two sheer skirts too many?” But while Nina kept calling those frocks a “wasted opportunity,” I still thought that the guy deserved the win for giving us jacket, sundresses, gowns, pants, and coats in a variety of silhouettes and colors (including self-designed prints!) that managed to work together in perfect harmony. The long, narrow blue-print gown was almost as sensational as Mondo’s black-and-white circle dress from last season, the glass-mirror blouses were fun and flirty, and the midnight blue halter-topped dress was sexy without any vulgarity. Plus, Heidi really should buy the white leather jacket with pearl-sleeve detailing and wear it to her next casual red-carpet event.

Anya: Whether or not you agree with her win, there’s no denying Anya is a master at choosing spectacular prints and fashioning them into garments with major-league movement and sex appeal. That opening gown with gold-chain halter and a print that was reminiscent of the sea and sand, was one of the best garments we’ve seen all season, and Anya’s new bathing suit and cover-up were seductively elegant. But like Heidi said, it would’ve been nice to see a sweater or a pant — or anything that didn’t look like a giant bolt of gauzy fabric hastily stitched into a saucy caftan. Plus, to paraphrase MK, not every woman has the luxury of floating around the world in a caftan at all times.

Of course, if the “overcome the odds” edit wasn’t enough to give away the winner, it became abundantly clear when Kors started talking excitedly how he could envision the Anya handbag, the Anya dress, the Anya firstborn to save the planet. And thus, Kimberly got auf’d, Viktor got auf’d, Joshua got a momentary flutter of excitement that Nina really really liked him, and then Anya was declared the winner of Project Runway‘s ninth season.

And just remember, if you’re not 100% thrilled with the result, at least Anya bumped Gretchen’s name off the top row of the Runway Hall of Fame plaque. If that’s not reason enough to pop a printed caftan into your carryon and head to your private jet for an island celebration, I don’t know what is.

(p.s. #ViktorWuzRobbed)

What did you think of the finale? If you disagreed with the Anya win, do you still find it more palatable than last year’s Gretchen-palooza? And what was your favorite outfit of the night? Sound off below. And for all my reality TV news, views, and interviews, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. agrimesy says:

    I could totally wear one of Anya’s pieces. I loved the kaftan . . . no the other one . . . no the OTHER one . . . the printed one . . . no, not THAT one . . . the other one!
    I hope I made my point clear here.

    • Moryssa says:

      *likes* :D

    • resort wear says:

      like crystal meth….bitch…

    • Nissy Doll says:

      Interesting article there. Cant tell that you are upset! I believe Anya should have won on her design sense alone! She is amazing with cuts fabrics and elegant drama she infuses into her clothing. Ok she may not know how to make it well but she does have a huge advantage with design concepts. Congrats Anya You Made all Ur Fans PROUD. Stop hating pack a bag escape the cold and fly to Trinidad and Tobago! Come bask on Maracus beach and you may get inspired also.

      • agrimesy says:

        I don’t believe any designer should win a contest on “design sense alone”. Is Anya an artist? You bet she is! But, being a designer is a combination of artistry, trade skill, and business acumen. Anya did not deserve to win Project Runway because ALL she had was design sense. She could not effectively bring her ideas into fruition because she couldn’t sew or manage time. I think her win is unfair to contestants like Viktor who had all three qualities . . . artistry, trade skill, and business acumen. In my opinion THAT is what makes a design star.
        And yes, I do get fired up when I sense an injustice has occurred.

        • Phyllis says:

          Agree…Viktor was totally robbed, I think Michael Kors fears the competition!!

          • Lisa says:

            What competition??? Are you going to put Viktor in the same class as Michael Kors, I mean to give me wrong he will reach there someday, but in the mean time, these people are in this business for a very long time, they know what will work.

            Ayna had the most wins in this season, and even though she did she almost got sent home cause her mini collection was not a hit. So wheather Viktor could make great jackets he did not come through on his final collection and that is what counted, and if you want to argue that he was not even in the top two, so Josh and all beat him to the punch.

            Ayna had a good collection it was well put together, and she and all admitted that she would have to come up to par to be a great designer. I think personally that all the 4 designers have a great future in front of them. Josh being unemployed I pray for him to get some work soon cause he is good, I think he and Mondo will take the world by storm with their clothes.

            As for Vitkor he has the best time management and he should really consider of doing a Jacket Line cause he is the best at that.

            Kim just being a person who believes in herself will get her very far and her urban collection will have some buyers, I don’t think she has to do much to reach her ultimate dream.

            So what I am really saying is be happy for the winner, and the others we will of course see them in all the fashion shows in the US and other parts of the world, that I believe………….

          • silkrose says:

            I agree. Anya should have been eliminated at the final 4 stage, not rescued to eliminate the other 3.

            Viktor should have won.

        • djm says:

          If Viktor had presented a collection that was mainly based on his prints he’d have won in a heartbeat. Sorry, but as those sheer tops were coming down the runway everyone at my house said the same thing – BORING! We’ve all seen it before and it’s just a huge yawn-fest. His print gown on the other hand was THE garment of the night – it was truly spectacular. But, I am fine with Anya winning – if that is what she can do with 4-12 months of sewing experience I can only imagine how she is going to grow as a designer in the years to come. And honestly I think that is why she won – they see the potential for a HUGE career for her down the road because she has such “impeccable taste” (to borrow a phrase from Ms. Nina herself). Also, of the 4 I think Anya is truly the only one that knows what her aesthetic is and as they said – she IS her brand. I for one was THRILLED it wasn’t Joshua – good lord, he was worse than Gretchen.

          • Jenks says:

            I totally agree — Viktor shot himself in the foot with his “editing.” He likely edited out some looks that would have cinched the win for him. He is clearly the more accomplished designer, but there is no denying that Anya can bust out gorgeous resort wear.

        • Joyous says:

          It’s called Project Runway, not Project Seamstress, as one of the past contestants said a couple weeks ago. Also, I’m curious, how do you judge business acumen on Project Runway again? Bottom line, it’s a design show. The goal is to find the best DESIGNER. Anya can find any talented seamstress to sew of of her designs, especially now that she has $120,000 to work with!

        • RT says:

          I agree that Viktor should have won, but I think he will still make it in the industry. And, I do think Anya’s win is much easier to take than Gretchen’s over Mondo last season. Anya’s stuff, though not terribly innovative, was beautiful at least. I could find nothing redeeming in what Gretchen sent down the runway and felt Mondo was completely robbed. I’m not nearly as upset this year that my person didn’t win.

        • Gemma says:

          I so agree with your statements here a 100%. I was so disappointed with the result because I can sense it. Injustice and favoritism played a role in the finale.

      • renee says:

        after gretchen swore i was done with this show. i appeased myself by recording each episode, listening to the challenge, then fast forwarding to the fashion show, then fast forwarding to the winner and loser. this way i avoided all the drama and the judges’ opinions. i loved viktor’s tailoring ability. he has technique to the yahoo. could not figure out joshua most of the time, but liked quite a few of kimberley’s outfits. but overall, every week, i found myself going ‘i like that’ and ‘wow’ over anya’s clothes. so she’s not a master seamstress. who cares. she is a designer and she’s outstanding. if she or viktor won it was okay with me. so i’m okay this year.

      • Stephanie says:

        Oh, good. Another fan of Anya’s simply because she’s from your island.

        She made 8 dresses EXACTLY alike. Flowy and printed. She BOUGHT those fabrics. Viktor had his fabrics MADE and actually cut more than one shape.

        Having Anya win was an insult to every designer that has ever been on this show. Even Fallene. She can’t sew, she hides her flaws in flowy shapes and prints, and is NOT a designer.

        • Mari says:

          You are just upset an American did not win. Not only is she talented, she speaks eloquently and intelligently and seemed the most mature out of all the designers. Get over it already!
          She brought originality, and a unique point of view that is different from the typical American style.

          • Stephanie says:

            Oh, please! I could care LESS where someone is from, American or not. Anya had the fan favorite vote specifically because T&T set up large mass twitter voting for her, regardless of if they are into fashion or not.

            She sent 8 out of 10 dresses down that Lincoln Park runway that were EXACTLY the same, different fabrics. It’s not Project Fabric Buyer. And her dresses were not original, not at all. She also doesn’t know how to sew. That’s rule #1 for a fashion designer, even if she hires people in the future to do the sewing for her, you have to know how sewing works in the final outcome of a design.

            The people who are all “get over it already” don’t know how to sew. If you do, you know that the others who were in this competition who do know were robbed of this win because she draped and cut and that was all.

    • ana says:

      you are so right!

    • Cherry says:

      Point made and I totally agree!

    • jj says:

      i know what you mean. that being said, i actually WOULD wear any of the dresses that she made. i can NOT say that about any of the other designers. a piece here or there? yes. should she have won? i agree that’s debatable and that i was surprised as well that the judges picked her. honestly, i think it shows how inconsistent the other runway shows were.

    • ArthurF says:

      Anya has great designs. She won because Heidi wanted her. I predicted her win in the first show. Heidi was paying back those other two idiots (MK and NG) for Mondo. Nina wanted Gretchen. Heidi and Tim clearly wanted Mondo. This time, Heidi got what she wanted all along: Anya.

      Viktor snatched defeat from the very jaws of Viktory when he edited his collection. He substituted great pieces with tedium. He should have had the confidence to just ignore the $500 for Mood and keep what he spent months designing and making. The moment that stuff walked down the runway I told my wife he just lost the competition. It was his to lose. At least Anya was the best second choice to Viktor.

    • irene lipsey says:

      Sadly, the winner of season nine seems to be a one trick pony and can not even get her act together to get her collection to the public…what was the point Anya.

  2. Eh says:

    Viktor should have won. His clothes were amazing, but i can understand what the judges were saying about his black looks. But if it had to be any of the other three, I’m glad it was Anya. If they would have chosen Josh, I really would have been mad. It would have been worse than gretchen winning last season.

    • Joseph says:

      I like Viktor, but only half of the collection shown was worthy of the runway. The shear pieces were nice but they were more exotic erotic ball outfits then fashion pieces meant for anything other then stage wear. I loved his prints and if his show had been a mix of various prints mixed with other pieces like his jackets and works with glass that showed off their strength then yes I would agree he should have won. In the end he lost because 1/2 the collection deviated from his vision.

      A for Kimberly, I really could not stand her collection she and Anya both suffered from the same problem, the collections were meant for a specific type of woman and had a very limited appeal. Only a woman of color or a white girl from Long Island would have worn the bulk of the Kimberly collection with the white outfit and gown being 2 of the few exceptions. But there were also some huge misses like the horrible coverup, that bad jacket with the sexy dress, the boring black pants with blue top, the bubble skirt then just looked bad from the front and back. There were some nice pieces but at least a 1/3 of the collection should not have been shown.

      Anya knows what prints work well with her style of fashion, and that was her ace in the hole and why she won the show. Maybe she should not have won though given her level of construction and like Kimberly her work had very limited appeal. Those pieces were mostly pretty but a lot of them had poor construction even if they flowed well. I hated that dress her model wore at the end because it was horribly made yet loved the cover piece she made for the bathing suit that reminded me of a Lionfish and some of the amazing ways she brought color into her collection. But even if she had some weak construction issues with a few pieces that did not work she did have the strongest collection.

      Joshua, love him for his design or hate him for his crap attitude and drama he had some nice pieces and though I loved the front of his gowns the backs for me were less then wonderful.For me most of his collection was a miss.

      So for me all the designers needed some time to get things completed and though I am okay with Anya winning it is a shame that Viktor could not have kept to his original vision of prints and wow pieces to win the show.

      Viktor, Anya, Kimberly, and Joshu

  3. Cy says:

    If my boobs were where they used to be I could totally wear one of Anya’s pieces, too. I mean the other, other one. Ya know. With the print and the plunging V. Yeah. That one.

  4. Amanda says:

    I like Anya but I do not think she deserved to win, she did not have the skill of the other three and her collection showed little range. I truly wish she had waited another year to apply for the show because it now feels like three more worthy people lost because of judge favortism

  5. Meh says:

    I thought I’d be fine with Anya winning, but with everything that unraveled last week and now this week, I’m kind of really annoyed. She really dropped the ball and it feels like the judges just cut her way too much slack because of favoritism.
    Viktor and Kimberly really got the shaft I say. Their collections both were very well constructed, had range and I thought were head and shoulders above the other two. Kimberly’s cream pants with that blouse and then that first dress from Viktor were absolutely flawless!

  6. Proud to be a Trini.... says:

    Congratulations are in order! Anya, you’ve made us Trinidadians Proud!! Big up Trinidad and Tobago!!!!!!! Yayyyy!!!!!!:)

  7. Catherine says:

    The judges need to be FIRED …. their taste levels have fallen to a new low. Only Victor can be compared to the winners of years ago….. talent and style….. the others a flash in the pan.

    • agrimesy says:

      One day you’re in . . . the next, you’re out.
      In nine seasons, the only Project Runway winner I have ever heard of is Christian Siriano.

      • meow meow says:

        i’ve herd of rami morethan christian. hes dressed allot of famous people, even royalty :O his jessica alba looks are hot! and he really pulled off the look for Dita Von Teese

      • ana says:

        Besides Siriano, who is really good. I also like Irina Shabayeva and I’ve seen some of her clothes on red carpet events.

      • Billl says:

        Doesn’t Meryl Streep have an inclination to wear Chris March on the Runways?

      • silkrose says:

        Surely you’ve heard of Austin Scarlett! He designs wedding gowns for Kenneth Pool…and then there’s the TV show On the Road with Austin and Santino……

        • Tim says:

          Neither of them won though.

          I don’t think I can name a single winner. There was that one fat guy, and that really skinny guy, and…

    • Lauren says:

      I really don’t know what’s come over Nina and Micheal in the last couple seasons. When did Heidi become the voice of reason!! I say bring on the All-Stars. At least we know they can all sew and they won’t pull their punches and give them lame challenges like this group.

  8. Corinne P. says:

    They criticized her up one side and down the other with her samey-same V neck dresses and then handed her the win. Kind of weird.

    • Cherry says:

      I agree! I think the contest was thrown.

      • anna says:

        I knew Anya was “chosen” to win when they allowed her as the 4th contestant to continue. Then the extra money. Her whole line was a bunch of mu-mus. Any one of the others should have won over her. This show has become as phoney as canned laughter comedies.

    • Pennagirl says:

      Another season winner travesty. Anya was lauded unlike how Uli was aufed in her season. Remember Uli was told same cut dress, differenty gauzy print and they didn’t let her win. You could tell from the FIRST EPISODE who the producers wanted to win. Anya’s sewing skill sucked and if it was any other designer they would have been booted off. How the heck she made it to finale is beyond comprehension. Remember how Kors and Garcia always say you have to judge it on THAT day not their previous work? What happened in this case?

      • nodak says:

        I had thoughts of Uli also. I had a funny feeling when they were given an extra $500 to do what they wanted with their designs. It seemed like they were trying to figure out what to do to save their chosen one. ALso, it caused Viktor to rethink some of the good work that he had originally done. I agree completely with Michael Slezak. At least Joshua didn’t win. That would’ve been doosey!

        Mondo forever!!!!! (WHo was that Gretchen woman anyway?)

  9. Yar says:

    I thought they’d judge Anya on potential not on what she did now.

  10. Brendan says:

    Anya dominated the entire season even though she kinda tripped last week so she absolutely deserved the win!

    I’m glad that the judges took the entire season into account. If this show was like American Idol, it would have been Viktor that won because he did his best work towards the end of the season. I hate how judges and voters on so many other shows seem to “get bored” when someone always does well and they award someone who sucked for most of the season and simply finished strong. I know when someone wins every challenge and is at the top every week… but talent is talent and it deserves to be rewarded (see: J.R. and Ricki – dual trophies!)

  11. Kelly says:

    I was actually rooting for Anya going into the finale as she has been my favorite all season. If I’m being objective, however, Im not sure she should have won based on the finale. While I loved her looks individually, they were very redundant coming one after another down a runway. Having said that, I’m not sure who I think should have won. The rest of them all had some amazing pieces, but their overall collections left me wanting more. Pretty underwhelming finale.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Ugh. Don’t even want to watch. She was their favorite from the beginning even though she couldn’t even sew.

  13. navybeandog says:

    thank you lifetime for killing PR. I didn’t think you could sink lower than Mondogate, but this season you managed. While I don’t think Anya was the worse designer of the group, she does not have the skill or range to be the winner of PR. And the “help” she was given by the producers to “fix” what would have gotten any of the other designers kicked-off was so blatant, it was ridiculous.

    • Lauren says:

      I was so pissed after Mondo lost last year, but I gave this season a chance.Big Mistake! If I would have known that the judges were going to play favorites again, I would have never wasted my time. Needless to say, I will not be watching this show next season.
      It seems like good looks are more important than actual talent these days…

    • Jenks says:

      THIS is the real issue. The cheapskate production on Lifetime (too many one-day challenges, FIVE WEEKS to do their collections instead of three months, etc.) is what’s ruining this show. Either they are not attracting the same level of talent as before, or they are not giving people the time and resources to show what they can do. If you don’t believe it, go back and watch Heidi’s resigned-to-mediocrity expression when she said, “Where do we start?” at the beginning of the judging last night. Not to mention the Hail Mary $500 return trip to Mood. Never in the history of this show has that happened — that’s how bad those collections were.

  14. sarah says:

    hail mary my ass. it was to save anya, plain and simple. they have been changing challenges to cater to that ditz’s whim all season. it’s sickening.

    • Jenks says:

      I sort of thought the same thing, but they all had problems they were able to address. Unfortunately, I think Viktor over-thought it and probably would have been better off going with his original collection. No question it benefited Anya the most, though.

      • Lana says:

        Viktor shot himself in the foot, he did have a wonderful collection then he decided he would redo half and stick with plain and sheer. His prints and how he fashioned them was what made his collection so awesome. I can’t believe he didn’t show that beautiful printed gown that was short in front and flowing in the back. The judges loved it they just didn’t think that gorgeous white jacket looked good with it and they were right. He also had other beautiful outfits with prints but he tossed them and went boring with the black and sheer. That is why he lost, not because Anya was a favorite, I remember my heart sunk when he said he was not going to show that gown and instead bought all black. Kimberly’s bubble butt was horrible and for that alone she should have lost and Joshua had a horrible attitude but his collection was fun and different, though I think the jumper should have put him behind Viktor, along with those ghastly green shorts. Anya’s collection was the best on that day and all through the season she had some of the best outfits. She definately deserved the win that day.

        • Regina says:

          DITTO on it all .. Viktor edited himself out of the win .. I agree he should have left the dress the judges loved and opposite for Kimberly .. I knew when she didn’t listen and kept the hideous bubble butt skirt that she was going to lose .. it was awlful and the judges said they hoped they would listen and fix flaws .. stubborn Kimberly didn’t and neither did Viktor .. their own fault they lost to their own ego

    • Charlotte says:

      You are absolutely right! Total BS!!

  15. Sam says:

    Haven’t watched yet but I’m shocked Viktor didn’t win. His collection seemed to be the most ready to wear and put together. I’m glad though because he was a dick. I don’t even know how Josh ended up in the top group!

  16. Anna says:

    Love Anya and Victor; gign’t want Josh to win.

  17. Toia says:

    I have to say the Anya win doesn’t feel right. Her collection felt very one note. It showed not growth from what she showed at the beginning of the season. That said I wasn’t wow’d by anyone. I can’t say any whole collection was better than any other whole collection. All the finalist suffered because the whole was less than its parts. They had a few good pieces but not a great collection. I think I have a bad taste from the whole season and the lackluster finish is just the icing on the cake. I can’t be the only person who feels that way.

  18. Sarah says:

    A winner who can’t sew anything with sleeves! She makes pretty things but is no great designer. Of the four finalists, I wanted Viktor to win but this entire season the contestants were really sub-par compared to past seasons. You could see the producers knew it too. An extra $500 to spend at Mood? No last minute look they had to whip up? They were giving them lots of extra chances to not embarrass the “Project Runway” brand at Fashion Week. After last season’s travesty in picking the winner and this year’s blah it will take a lot to get me to watch again.

  19. Dappledog says:

    After seeing Anya’s first 3 garments, the judges basically threw her a life preserver (the $500-anything-at-MOOD) so she could save herself with a “new” collection…..which (in their eyes) she evidently did! To everyone else, the $500 seemed to be just a slap in the face! I’m lost- what is the point of this show?! Was this entire season rigged from the start? Is this supposed to be “entertainment?” I’m wondering who the “real” winner, really is…is it the sponsors? is the judges? Is it the “Anya’s”?…it certainly isn’t the viewer! I feel cheated and that every minute spent watching what was once an interesting and often informative show was nothing but a waste of time – anent mistake I won’t repeat next season!!!!

    • Cherry says:

      In my opionion the show was indeed rigged!!! The winner had the least talent of all the contestants so how could it NOT be rigged?

      • Phyllis says:

        I had not thought about that until reading these posts, I believe you have a point. The judges basically fawned oven Anya from the get go, she appears to be a nice person with an eye for design,but she so far is a one trick pony, shame on PR!!

      • ann says:

        I use to watch project runway every time it came on. I will not be watching it anymore. They absolutely was bias. Anya did not have a collection of garments. Anya sewed basically the same thing and usually glued them into the outfit. She never made pants,skirts, jackets, coats for the consumer. Anya is wealthy and beautiful. They cheated the other designers out of their life work. What a pity the Hedi allowed Nina to bias the show. In fact, one of the judges mention that Anya had basically the same V neck garments. Anya did not have to spend the time as the others did developing a collection; she just had to choose pretty fabric. What takes more effort the sew and be creative or glue flowing pretty fabric together. I have no hard feelings for Anya but I am saddened that they cheated the other designers. They gave everything to Anya despite her earning it.

    • Vicki says:

      My sentiments exactly, Dappledog! I, too, have had it! The producers must think all of us in the viewing audience are idiots!

  20. Sid says:

    Not pleased.

  21. Billy says:

    I thought victor should have won. Dont think anya deserved the win but nobody really liked that douchebag joshua did they? I mean really?

  22. Audrey says:

    Anya’s collection was so great I would have worn it on my cruise I just went on this month any size woman could wear if. Where can i buy it?

  23. bp says:

    Hallelujiah, Anya was the clear winner as her style outlasted anything the other turd burglars could have envisioned. It is nice to have someone without a lisp making it on this show. Her previous wins clearly put her in the front, and the girl knows how to dress a woman.

    • how about that says:

      yea a woman who spends all day on the beach wearing her caftan and sipping an umbrella drink…where were the sleeves or how about a jacket or pants how is the same dress in different prints coming out over and over again being a designer? And I could see the flaws in her sewing to me pr has become a joke of a show

    • Ladybug says:

      I am so pleased that Anya won as I was a fan from the beginning. I think she has vision and did show she can do constructed pieces. Remember the beautiful black “Raven” dress? She is talented and has a strong creative flow. Viktor may be able to sew and tailor but I always found he was lacking in strong creativity—I think that is where Viktor lost. Josh was too crazy over the top, but he was very talented and showed he could do some beautiful pieces but had the editing problem. Congrats, Anya!

  24. xylz says:

    True, Anya might’ve been a newbie when it comes to crafting her pieces. But the show is not about who could do better sewing and who has the most commercial line, it’s about what’s n=Dt for ashion

  25. Christina says:

    Ok, I have to say I hated this more than Gretchen winning. I hated Gretchen and her clothes but I could at least respect she had a cohesive collection that had a pov (an ugly ass one in my opinion but I digress). I didn’t LOVE any collection and thought that Joshua’s was way too flashy and tacky for my taste, but at least it was new and different. Anya sewed the same thing all season and came out the winner? Her collection had zero variety and the judges praised her because she can handle prints. Big deal. Uli from season 3 had impeccable taste in prints but that wasn’t enough to carry her to the win. Why should it have done so for Anya? In the end, I felt the other three were robbed because love or hate them, they had variety and they had real design behind their clothes. And honestly, in my opinion Anya’s are honestly the least wearable. You have to have an A cup size and be comfortable with a top that goes down to THERE. There were at least pieces in the other collections that I would have felt more people could have bought and wore.

    • Laurel says:

      Project Runway use to be a great show now it has sunk to mediocrity.
      Sad to say but it didn’t really matter WHAT Anya sent down the runway the Judges were going to let her win.

      Seriously if you send an entire collection of v neck caftan’s down the runway you shouldn’t be rewarded because you chose nice fabric.

      After completing a season of Project Runway anyone who can’t put a zipper in ,can’t put sleeves in and has to sew their models into their “finished” line does NOT deserve to win.

      No this isn’t Project Seamstress HOWEVER I’ve been hearing Nina & Michael condemn designers for YEARS for uneven hemlines and shoddy sewing / construction.
      So many designers have been Auf’d over the years for shoddy construction.

      I thought the Gretchen win was bad but this year was worse.
      At least Gretchen could construct clothing and had a cohesive collection with a variety of designs.Something ALL sucessful collections have.

    • Pennagirl says:

      Granted not happy that Gretchen won, BUT AT LEAST SHE COULD SEW!

    • Mary says:

      It’s now the end of December; it’s taken me this long to get over my shock and disappointment about the outcome. I can’t believe Anya won for several reasons. First, in a similar manner Uli designed the same type of flowing gowns made out of beautiful prints BUT was much more creative and able to add other dimensions; she wasn’t a one trick pony. I have read in this comments that to be a great designer you don’t have to sew. Not sure about that as understanding how a garment is made is part of the design process.
      Second, I understand that Anya was considered a fan favourtie from the beginning – not my favourite actually – I did prefer Josh. A lot of artistic people are sooo emotional like him. He’s the one with the talent, and yes, needs to edit a bit more. Does anyone remember how Anya sand bagged Josh when he asked for her help (if she had any extra fabrics). Anya’s true colours finally showing through I felt. Josh and others had been helping Anya throughout the season again and again, and the one time someone asks her for help she refused. I was really turned off by that.
      Third, everything looked the same in Anya’s collection, and throughout the season. Snore.
      So, in a nut shell, the judges picked as their winner a very beautiful girl who probably photographs very well, with very little construction talent or experience, who selected the same type of fabrics again and again, who designed the same look for many of the competitions and in the final collection, and who’s selection of 3 deserved to be eliminated but somehow got through that.
      What a disappointment.
      As much as I am intrigued by Project Runaway All Starz I’m not sure if I’ll watch. And believe me when I say I’ve watched all seasons and have been a big fan. I love Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, and the guest judges are very interesting.
      Throughout the seasons I’ve noted an occasional mis-step (I feel) about designers being eliminated but never before have I felt like this.

  26. Gloria says:

    Firstly, I believe all those who posted negative comments against season 9’s winner favored Victor over Anya. Yes he had some exquisite pieces, but so did Anya.The judges were not looking for someone who is can sew great pieces and create their own prints. If they did then Victor would have been the winner. No! They were looking for someone who had potential, someone had the talent of thinking out the box and has the ability to make extravagant clothing that people would want to wear out of nothing. Fashion is suppose to be a form of art. If you were a regular viewer this season you would have seen that she had the ability to compete and win challenges against Victor and Joshua without much sewing skills, which is a magnificent feet for someone in her position. Just imagine what she can accomplish in fashion with improved sewing skills.

    • Tee says:

      I didn’t watch the finale and didn’t need to. I knew no matter what Anya flung down the runway she was going to win. Because she’s always been judged at a much lower standard than her competition, and doing what people have done in previous seasons and been dinged hard for. Granted it helps that this season of designers is a little underwhelming compared to the good ol earlier days.

      I think she’s done some decent things, I just wished at some point the judges quit grading her on a curve, gasping in delight because she could make a hem or something not totally falling off the model, etc. No one forced her to go on the show with supposedly barely any sewing skills. She did a great job working around her limitations but if this were any other contestant, the judges would be pushing against those perceived limitations in their critiques.

      • DV says:

        I completely agree with everything you said. Anya was definitely judged at a much lower standard than any other designer on any of the seasons. She was given pass after pass for her lack of construction skills. Even she knew she had no business being at NY Fashion Week due to her lack of skill at this point.

        Anya does have a good sense of style. I think she would be much better suited as a stylist than a designer.

    • Juliana says:


    • jaime says:

      i totally agree she have an eye for great fashion

    • Lisa says:

      Anya’s collection was a bunch of v neck kaftans in different fabric.
      That is not a big vision.
      Anya was graded on curve ALL SEASON.
      Uli had the same island / beachy designs in bold patterns and she was told that her collection was “too limited”
      And Uli had MORE range.
      Anya was given the win.

      • Pennagirl says:

        Amen, Lisa…I thought the exact same thing. Uli was not the winner because of her limited range…yet Anya is the winner and has a more limited range than Uli. The show has really lost it’s credibility, especially compounding last season and this season’s winners fiascoes.

    • Pennagirl says:

      Actually I liked Kimberly better, then Viktor. Actually pissed off that Bert was kicked off. He had talent and could sew. Anya had not DESIGN variations only a fabric or pattern change. She couldn’t install a zipper, button or sleeves in anything. If it were any other designer they would have been kicked off the show.

    • J says:

      So the majority of America and the judges were looking for “…someone had the talent of thinking out the box…” and into a bag, evidently?
      Anya sent blob after blob after blob. Yes, most were pretty blobs. But they were still blobs. My understanding of the show was that Project Runway was to help the next great designer become known. I did not see anything great and new in what she did. If anyone would like, they can go back and check out the hour and a half, original, episodes and see that most of her “new and innovative” ideas were actually the ideas of those around her. Other contestants were constantly assisting her. They either suggested ways to improve what she was doing or did the sewing/cutting for her. Then there’s the “I lost my money oh noes what shall i ever do” episode where almost everyone bailed her rear out. I was a regular viewer and I thought it was fishy from the get go. By the way, if she’s such an awesome and forward thinking designer, explain the Sheepdogs challenge to me please. Cause that was some ugly crap she was flinging. She seemed like a nice person and I’m sure she is one. I just don’t think she’s the next great thing in design… and I’m surprised Project Runway thought she was. Perhaps Gretchen was/is just a sign of things to come?

  27. hp says:

    Viktor was robbed!

  28. Teresina says:

    I have been following the show and I am proud to be a Trinbagonian. Anya has a gift from God and she is using it well. Keep on learning and don’t forget Trinidad.
    Best Wishes for the future. CONGRATS!!!!

  29. L says:

    Love Anya, but I think Victor should have won. How Josh was in the top 2 I’ll never know. Who do they think would buy anything that he made? It was all hideous. Victor had beautiful clothing, his prints were just amazing, the tailoring impeccable.

  30. ana says:

    Viktor was SO robbed.

  31. trinibone says:

    Trinidad to the world …… deal with the exotic look ….. ppl !!!!! the Caribbean is diverse in ethnic roots and styles ….. and you ppl need to come out your shell and open your eyes to beauty and talent ….

    • Fashionbackward says:

      I think Anya made some beautiful things but, I think the skinny, flat chested Trinidadian market is probably pretty small (especially here in the USA where we seem to like our boobs huge) Her “collection” was variations of one dress. She seems like a nice girl and I wish her well.

  32. trinibone says:

    just to let the ppl who talking about sleeves that Anya couldn’t sew …..we at the Caribbean don’t need sleeves in the tropics… and when its summer do you all wear sleeves? …..

    get over it she won and she just displayed free nature, diversity and colour into her pieces ….

    think outside the box ppl ….

    Anya you made us proud in your homeland

  33. Jane says:

    Style over substance always wins.
    They wanted her to win from the get go. She obviously wasn’t the most talented or skillful designer, but probably the most marketable. She’s beautiful and has a likable personality. I doubted Josh would win after Gretchen-gate last year. I wanted Victor to win too, but his problem was his consistency all season. Was he ever in the bottom 2? I think the judges prefer the up and down more than a flat line. It indicates risk-taking to them. My main complaint was the $500 mood trip which basically saved Anya and allowed them to justify her win. I felt bad for the other 3. None of them live in paradise and look like a beauty queen (except for maybe Josh). Tim’s home visit with Anya made me think about poor Josh’s bank account. Did Anya need 20,000 dollars?

  34. Jess says:

    I enjoyed Viktor’s collection, but felt he should have kept that gorgeous dress he showed in the 3 piece with the white jacket. The color of that fabric flowed better with the prints. The sheer outfits just didn’t go well with the rest. One or two, maybe, but not all together. I agree that Anya needs more range, but you can’t deny she knows how to dress a woman who wants to appear confident and sexy. I would have been pleased with either Viktor or Anya taking the prize. And I’m sorry, but I would never want to wear those green shorts Joshua made. His collection was gutsy, yes, but not enough to win. And as the article states, I’m just happy to see Gretchen’s name gone!!!

  35. P-Run Fan says:

    Yes, Victor should have won — if he’d stuck with his original concept, which the judges loved. But he allowed himself to stray and cut out his gorgeous original prints, which were the highlight of his collection, to instead add the black version of Wretchen’s sheer dress/granny panty combos. I feel bad for him, but this is not the first time a talented designer has made a bad decision and it won’t be the last. Congratulations to all of the final four, even that obnoxious tool Joshua, for realizing their dream to show at Fashion Week. I hope this is the start of many good things for all of you.

    • G says:

      I so agree. Even though I’m a Trini (and don’t mind Anya winning), I really liked Victor’s clothes. Based on last week’s episode, I really thought he was going to win. However, when I saw his clothes on the runway, I said to myself…something’s off. Of his collection, I love the patterns and original prints (especially the blue dress). Wish he stuck to those and not go towards the black. Maybe it’s a Caribbean thing where we like patterns more.

      Anyway, it’s not the end of the world and it’s up to the designers to use this as a stepping stone to greater things. Even Josh. :)

  36. Grace says:

    …….so I’ve decided to never watch project runway again, I’m 100% disappointed. Anya won on personality, that’s it, her dresses were very pretty, but I can find them anywhere, for godsake, they are just pretty maxi dresses. Idc what anyone says, everyone knows it’s true. If everyone grew up and put their egos aside they know thy either victor or Joshua should have one, they both put 200% effort and work, came up with new innovative designs and were the definition of FASHION, and the fact that again over fan favorites or personality, another person was robbed is disgusting behavior. Not everyone like victor or joshuas attitude at all times, yes even victor had some dislike for his over confidence, but like Jay McCarroll said, although he didnt like the guys attitude he like theguys clothes, and that’s what the show is about the clothes. As adesigner and true believer in fashion and what it stands for and what it truly can do for people, I understand know why so many don’t have respect for it, if this wasn’t my passion, I would think it was shallow and stupid also, and this show is just proving it to be.

  37. agrimesy says:

    I don’t really see how Anya being from Trinidad has anything to do with her deserving to win Project Runway. I mean I support national pride, but it really is irrelevant.
    Yay, beachwear! . . . nope, it just feels weird.

    • Rainz says:

      One of the weakest winners in project runway history and I say that as a proud Trinbagonian!Sorta happy that a fellow national won BUT I would have been much happier if she was worth her salt! She is a 1 trick pony.

  38. Karen says:

    I really hope I’m living in an alternate universe when I’m watching Project Runway, because the judges keep making crappy decisions! First they choose Gretchen over Mondo… MONDO! Then Olivier horrible outfit wins over my favourite piece of the season – Anthony Ryan’s bird-seed dress! And now, Viktor dosn’t win!
    But congrats to Anya, and I’ll try to be less grumpy next time.

  39. ana says:

    Let’s take a look at Uli Herzner’s collection from season 3:

    Did Anya really deserved to win? Was she original at all?

  40. BARBARA says:

    Congrats Anya rooted for you all season really thought Victor would get the win but you came through and did everyone proud!! Joshua was soooooooooooooo hurt but I am glad he was truly a piece of work him and Gretchen would go well together. Kimberly I am so glad you made your clothes look better than your weave girl what was you thinking? Glam goes from head to toe…looking forward toseing more from you though.

  41. Cherry says:

    The winner sews and designs like a 3rd year home ec student in HIGH SCHOOL. Something is wrong with that program and I’ll not waste my time watching again.

  42. Mattie says:

    It’s gotten to be a contest over personalities instead of design. By now it should be obvious that talent has little to do with who wins. While we get to see the panel deliberating fashion trends, I think the real decisions are made by the sponsors who are telling the judges which nasty-mouthed person is getting the most tweets and email — and even if they can’t thread a needle those people stay on the show. A lot of good designers are cut because they don’t fake emotions and do the drama queen act.

  43. miranda says:

    Anya’s collection was very nice, flowed well, etc etc but I actually need to wear a bra so I couldn’t buy any of her designs even if I wanted to. I hope she learns to design stuff for women other than tall, stick thin models with no boobs. It has been pretty clear for much of this season that the judges/producers wanted her to win.

    I liked several outfits from all 4 designers. For instance, I really liked Josh’s purple draped dress and Viktor’s mirrored top and Kimberly’s sexy black gown (again, not that I could wear any of these outfits – lol). But I didn’t think any of the 4 had a great overall collection.

    Have any of the previous PR winers gone on to become top fashion designers? Or have they all returned to (more or less) what they had been doing before going on the show? I haven’t really kept track.

  44. ladyday61 says:

    Just goes to show you different taste for different people. Give me that pink dress, creme c olor pants and top, lamne mini skirt, sexty off the shoulder top and black evening gown that Kimberly made and I’ve got something for all occassions. I like her sexy, young, hip clothes and she’s the designer I would buy from. You might not have won Kimberly but we know you are out there now and love your designs

  45. LAR says:

    I loved Anya’s collection. Design sense is the most important element– It is not a sewing competition. victor was a close second.

  46. sstar says:

    I am amazed at the talent (or lack thereof) on this season’s show. This was the least memorable finale in its history. Other than some dangling mirrors on a shirt and one nicely flowing outfit from Anya, there was not one outfit worthy of this honor, particularly when you compare to any of the past seasons and the quality and wow factors put out. This show was embarassing and difficult to watch. I literally cringed as each designer’s collection finished. The entire season has been a joke, designers that can’t sew, overembellished to the point of tacky, dowdy, dated, ill-fitting, boring, grandmotherly, unexplainable, etc. I can go on but its not worth my time. Is the talent barrel really that empty. I do not know if I will be able to watch the next season. P.S. Don’t get me started on dancing with the stars!!! Another joke this year.

  47. Rob says:

    I think Kimberly should have won because I saw a vision that was all her own.
    I was surprised by this as I never payed any attention to her before.

    Victor listened to the remarks and did what he was told and I was disappointed.
    I liked his original vision. I loved the dress with the beaded jacket.

    Anya I loved through the show but her final show was so boring. It was looking at
    fabric swatches. They may sell but there was no depth. I think the show wanted her
    to win all along, its their show, they can do what they want. It was great entertainment.

  48. Lisa says:

    “There’s no denying Anya is a master at choosing spectacular prints and fashioning them into garments with major-league movement and sex appeal.” I will deny it. She lucked into prints. Any respectable PR fan knows that the MASTER of all prints is Uli. Hands down. Full stop.

  49. Frankie Kate says:

    Anya’s collection looked beautiful, no doubt about that; but it lacked range and diversity…it looked like she featured the “resort line” from a larger collection (yet to be seen). Viktor was robbed indeed! The judges’ final descision made me wonder what was the actual critieria. This season would be my fourth season of being a fan of the show, unlike many people who only started viewing PR because “ah Trini” made it to the show; so I am familiar with past contestants’ work and the level of the past winners’ designs; and I must say that Anya’s win was undeserved. Viktor should have won.

  50. fela says:

    Viktor was robbed! Hello he made the fabric prints. The details on the black pants and jackets were amazing. I was very annoyed with the judges. The $500 was a set up they wanted Anya to win so they gave them all extra money to tune up their collection. I just feel that ever since they left Bravo they have went downhill. The Judges are bored and just don’t seem to care. They would have never let a designer get away with gluing hems or not hemming the edges. The fix was in from the beginning. The show has jumped the shark.