Exclusive Fringe First Look Video: Has Peter Returned to Save the Day?

Due to World Series Game 7 coverage, Fox’s Fringe will now resume Season 4 next Friday, Nov. 4 at 9/8c, and the action picks up with the recently resurfaced Peter Bishop being held prisoner… by his own employer!

After emerging from Reiden Lake in possession of way more top-secret knowledge than any casual swimmer should have, “Peter has become a prisoner of the Fringe Division,” Joshua Jackson shares in a video featurette which we’ve gotten a first look at and shared below. “They don’t know who he is, so he’s currently being detained.”

Though this man of mystery claims to be Peter Bishop, “Walter can’t accept it,” says John Noble. Luckily for Fringe’s detainee, he boasts the know-how to help Olivia, Broyle et al with their current out-there nightmare: a growing invasion of shapeshifters.

Press PLAY for the full story:

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  1. Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait!!!!!

  2. Kiki says:

    AWESOME!!! i can’t wait …. please please please let this episode air tomorrow …. i love having Peter back :)

    • Dessy says:

      I know!!!
      I can’t deal with another Fringe-less week!!

      • b1u8hy says:

        MEE TOO… They should give us a double episode this week. But that’s wishful thinking.. so I’ll just watch the previous episode again leading up to the most recent one. WEeE!!! can’t wait!

  3. Dessy says:

    Oh Good GOD I cannot wait!!
    They had better air this episode tomorrow or else I WILL LOSE IT.
    I can’t wait to see all the Peter/Olivia Peter/Walter Stuff!!

  4. chris says:

    the rangers better win tonight

    • Kaiulani says:

      Totally not into baseball (love football instead), but I am cheering for the Rangers so that there is no game 7. I want my Fringe back!

  5. Sarah says:

    I always find myself making such odd noises after watching promos or episodes. I guess you could call them screams.

    • tvnut014 says:

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one! :D

    • Jan says:

      I always spend the last few minutes of Fringe saying “Ooohhhh mmmmmyyyyyy ggggoooooodddddd”, over and over and then having palpitations that I have to wait a week or so for the next episode! The end of season 1 was the classic example…..I even had goose bumps!

  6. Sam says:


  7. Coeur says:

    OMG GOOOOO RANGERSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Luna says:

    I love Fringe! I can’t wait to see what happens! I’m still so upset that they don’t get to remember Peter, though. They were all so close and it was so much fun to watch them interact, and now they don’t know him anymore. It’s going to drive me nuts!! I wish there was some way for them to magically get their memories back. (OK so I guess they technically don’t have memories because he never existed….or something…but it’s Fringe! There should be a way! lol).

  9. Pam says:

    Finally!! But what about those bald guys with the suits and hats??

  10. Kay says:

    “I’m baaaaaack!”

    Please, please let this air on the 28th. Don’t let the Observers interfere more – Rangers had better win!

  11. reebus856 says:

    Things are about to get interesting with Peter back. I like the idea of freaking Olivia, Walter, Broyles, etc. out.And what about poor agent Lee? It’s also time for the Observer[September?] to have a tête-à-tête with Peter. We need to find out why he(the Observer) did not complete his assigned task to wipe Peter completely out of existence. Welcome back Peter! ;-}

  12. Amy says:

    Woo-hoo! Peter’s back! This better air tomorrow! Who cares about dumb baseball?

  13. Solis says:

    0:15 0:27 Break my heart :(

    I hope they remember Peter!!!!!!!!!
    I hate Base-F***g-balls!

  14. Christine says:

    Peter’s baaaaaack!!!
    I don’t really care about baseball but I care about Fringe so…….
    Go Rangers!!!!!

  15. Christine says:

    :) :) :) :) :) LOVE IT!!!!

  16. Hoang says:

    I’m a Angels fan so I hate the Rangers… but I will make an exception this one time.

  17. Dixie says:

    “I’m baaaa-aaaacckkk!”

    Love it,love it, love it! I KNEW that Fringe would be incredible this year, and they are! Can’t wait to see “Novation”

  18. Tim says:

    I love that there’s a new twist on the shape-shifters: “They can replicate their DNA.” Yikes!

  19. Kaz says:

    I’ve been waiting for Fringe for too long,please let it be on tomorrow..

  20. Savannah says:

    OMFG!!! I can’t Wait!!!! Peter Is Back Baby Hallelujah!!!!!! Allthough I’ve enjoyed the new episodes without Peter, the new timeline and adding Lincoln to the mix I’m happy Peter is back. The show wouldn’t be right without him!! So excited!!!

  21. Mindy says:

    Go Rangers! I really hope this episode airs tomorrow. I can’t wait. Thanks for the sneak preview!

  22. Dessy says:

    Yes!! The Rangers!! Fringe!! :D :D :D

  23. Jon says:

    No Fringe tomorrow :(

  24. Sg. Grant says:

    Damn you, baseball!

  25. br says:

    I’m so happy he’s back! :D Not this week though :(

  26. fugly says:

    F-U Fox…No wonder people stop watching shows when you insist on having so many stupid breaks between episodes

    • Rich says:

      I’ve never been much of a sports fan, but it’s situations like this that make me loathe their broadcast on network television.

      ESPN exists for a reason.

  27. Dan says:

    Have patience people. FOX hasn’t cancelled FRINGE. It’s just been postponed for a week. We’re still getting the episode. :P Now we just have to make sure we’re definitely ALL watching for sweeps next Friday so it REALLY counts :)

  28. JAO says:

    AWESOME!!! Love this show. John Noble should have an Emmy for his acting. I love the dynamics between all the actors, they are amazing. So glad Peter is returning, I can’t WAIT!!!

  29. akasha says:

    omfg i cant wait so excited you have no idea omg PETER IS BACK but they have to remember him omg i fell like i will explode

  30. XweAponX says:

    Screwwwww Baseball I want FRIIIIINGEEE!

  31. Hate baseball says:

    I was never a baseball fan but because of this delay now I really REALLY HATE baseball. Not only that but Fox sucks too – why couldn’t they just play Fringe afterwards?!?! UGH!!!

  32. XweAponX says:


  33. XweAponX says:

    YIKES!!! you fookin spoil-oiler! Hahaha!

  34. DJCalarco says:

    They need to move it to a new network, one that doesnt screw with broadcasts of good tv to show garbage like baseball. I bet the number of viewers would have been alot higher if they showed Fringe.

  35. Chris says:

    Looking forward to seeing this episode.

  36. jane says:

    I still can’t download this episode, it’s not yet in isohunt. Please uploaders..upload it now… I miss Peter so much!!!