Community Cast Previews Greendale's 'Funny,' 'Deranged' (and Zombie-Free!) Halloween

By the end of this Thursday’s Community, you’ll have added a new word to your vocabulary: britta.

A verb created by the Greendale gang invoking the name of one study-grouper, to “britta” more or less means to screw up royally. Case in point: This year’s Halloween-themed installment of the NBC comedy revolves around Britta embracing her new psych major and in doing so, she brittas the group’s holiday pre-party. For viewers though, Britta’s brittaness makes for a whole lot of funny.

TVLine hit the set for the spooktacular ep and got scoop from the cast on the standout moments you can look forward to seeing.

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WHAT’S THE STORY? | The study group’s third Halloween at Greendale finds them spinning a variety of scary (and weirdly hilarious) ghost stories. As Joel McHale explains, “Britta has written a psych test and basically discovers that one of the group’s members is psychotic. So, we’re trying to figure that out through whose story is the most deranged — and Pierce’s alone is incredible!” Alison Brie says that fans of previous epic escapades should love this one even though it may seem slightly more subdued. “It’s just as graphic and as cinematic as ever,” she tells us. “It actually contains some of our more outlandish costumes because it’s the characters having fun with each other, putting one another in these weird scenarios.” (See proof at right: Abed wears a do-rag and Troy rocks some serious Coolio hair.)

ZERO ZOMBIES | Though Season 2’s zombiepocalypse set the bar high for future Halloween episodes, Community has done it again. “Last year was as crazy as it gets because we ate tainted army food and turned into the undead,” Joel McHale deadpans. “But this year’s is just as funny — and I’m not just bragging.” Adds Danny Pudi, “It’s different in that the first two Halloween episodes were very physical, and this one is a little slower. Everyone is just telling a story, and I just love the idea of seeing what each character thinks is an appropriate ‘scary story.'” Speaking of…

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HOW TO GIVE UP THE GHOST (STORY) | Abed’s secret to hawking a horror tale is simple: follow the rules. “Abed has a very structured idea of what a scary story should be,” Pudi says with a laugh. “He’s seen it all and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t, so if he’s going to do a scary story, he’s going to make sure these people are not falling for the same things that everyone else does. He’s a Boy Scout in terms of horror.”

A HEAVENLY TALE | We won’t spoil Shirley’s story for you — because it’s that funny — but here’s what Yvette Nicole Brown reveals: “Shirley is not a fan of horror stories or Halloween or anything like that — it’s not her bag. She does have her own story though, and it’s exactly what you would expect Shirley to tell. It’s so her.” Any guesses?

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ANNIE’S BOOBS ARE BACK… | “And I don’t mean the monkey,” Brie teases playfully. She’s right, though. There is lots of cleavage (from all the ladies!) to behold on this boo!-tiful occasion. “We’ve passed the point of not sexualizing Annie,” her portrayer laughs. “The boobs come out in this episode more than ever — more than in paintball!” Brie though says she’s “embracing it” even though she did have a slight nip-slip while shooting Annie’s demented version of a scary story.

 A KISS… BEFORE DYING?! | Abed gets some lovin’ in his Halloween fantasy — and that’s all we’re going to say about that.

Take a peek at more photos from Community‘s Halloween fun below, and then hit the comments with whose horror story you’re most excited to see!

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  1. Winnie says:

    I loved last year’s Halloween episode so much that it’s still on my DVR, but I am really looking forward to this episode!

  2. Lauren says:

    Britta is becoming my favorite character on this show. Gillian is the MVP of this season.

  3. Raquel says:

    I miss Britta x Jeff. I love Annie but I’m not really sure I like Annie x Jeff. I don’t believe it. I know I’m part of the minority here, I never question Jeff x Annie fans though, everyone is entitled to their opinion. What I do love about Community is how the show isn’t hinged around the romantic relationships, so I try not to ever let that stuff bother me or upset my viewing experience. Really excited for this episode regardless.

    • LC says:

      I don’t think you are part of the minority in liking Britta/Jeff? Are you? I don’t really know who likes who together more. I’m not really down with this fandom thing. I mean, I do prefer Jeff/Annie but just like you, I don’t watch this show for the romantic entanglements. It is, first and foremost, a comedy ENSEMBLE that I enjoy as a whole. The romance should always be a subtle feature to enjoy in the background. I feel like we should hug now. :)

    • lacey says:

      As a Jeff/Annie fan I hope I’m in the majority but honestly have no clue. I think it’s that way with all fans, they want to believe their favorite character or couple is the popular choice. I like Britta and Jeff as friends, and have never particularly cared for Britta.

    • Lucas says:

      I have to admit I liked Britta and Jeff better than Jeff and Annie, part because I don’t buy the Jeff/Annie relationship and part because I’ve never been a fan of Annie’s and find her a bit annoying sometimes (I love Alison Brie though). But like you I don’t watch the show because I want a certain couple to get together, the Community writers are smart enough to make a show that doesn’t revolve around romance and is still entertaining, although I do think they have been coming on a bit too strong on the romantic front in the last few episodes. It’s like they’re obviously trying to get us on board for the Jeff/Annie Britta/Troy relationships, which I’m particularly not so enthusiastic about. But hey, it’s still a great show so I’m definitely going to keep on watching!

      • Raquel says:

        Yay! Someone else likes Britta x Jeff too. It doesn’t matter who likes who really (THE LOVE FOR THE SHOW IS WHAT BRINGS US TOGETHER!) but I suppose I don’t “believe” the Annie x Jeff relationship as I can’t relate to it. My boyfriend; Alisdair and I are basically real life versions of Britta and Jeff. We’re not overly cute (especially not in public) and his best friend, who is also a Community fan has nicknamed us ‘Jeff and Britta’, since we always roll our eyes or scoff at each other and we’re still pretty much the same people we were when we met (except happier).

        But like I said, none of that matters, this show is the shiz and I hope it gets a long run on air regardless of who is having a fling with who.

        + contradictory side note? I also agree the J/A and B/T has been coming off a bit too strong.

  4. Ana Muller says:

    Britta is definitely my favorite character! plus her personality is a lot like mine I don’t think I’ve ever identified so much with a TV character before. That’s why it kind of pisses me off when the others (specially Jeff) start insulting her for no apparent reason lol I knew they’re all just kidding but still, every time someone in the show says something like “Britta is no fun” or “Britta is bad at everything” I have to admit I take it a little bit personally.

  5. LC says:

    I can’t wait for this episode! I love Britta (yes, would you believe it I LOVE Britta and yet I ship Jeff/Annie shocker! not) but I feel sometimes she does come across slightly cartoonish and a bit over-the-top. Don’t get me wrong, I find her outlandish moments hilarious but at times they do grate. I’m guessing this is part of her story-arc and figuring herself out this season. I’m all for it but, occasionally, I wish they’d tone it down.

    That aside, I am intrigued as to who kisses Abed tonight. Britta? Troy? Jeff? Oh, the options! HAHA!

    • janet says:

      You do make a good point, but I have the same feeling about Annie’s character, I feel like they are always trying too hard to either sexualize her or not-sexualize her and it just seems a little too much. But hey, what you said about Britta makes sense too! (love them both by the way)

  6. CH says:

    Seriously, more people need to start watching this show. The recent rating numbers weren’t very good for a comedy as great as this.

  7. Tim says:

    That second picture made my day

  8. Carlos Kenn says:

    Dear…..GOD! Just CAN’T wait to buy the Season 3 Boxset!! I HOPE they make atleast another 3 seasons. 6-years at greendale will BE amazing. However we NEED an Abed episode this season. Perhaps Abed’s long lost thought dead brother he was separated from when they were babies XD! And Troy could be competing with Abed’s brother for his affection and more importantly a spot in his will! Please Dan Harmon if you’re reading this….MAKE IT HAPPEN! Lets name Abed’s brother…Abdullah.


  9. Lina says:

    So to Britta = to pull a Monica. Got it. Can’t wait!

  10. mojoone says:

    The reason more people dont watch this show is that it’s so in love with itself. Why does anyone else need to feel the same?