Cop 'Boyfriend' Bracket: White Collar, Justified, True Blood, Castle and Mentalist Enter the Fray!

Do these guys have guns in their pockets, or are they just happy to be competing in our Ultimate Law-Enforcement Crushes Bracket Tournament?

Who can say, really? All we know is that it’s Day 3 of our 64-player, single-elimination showdown, with characters from True Blood, White Collar, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Walking Dead, The Mentalist, Justified, and Castle joining the action.

Tomorrow, the “classic” half of our bracket continues with characters who are gone from the small screen, but hardly forgotten. Eventually, our battle will boil down to a finale that pits the ultimate old-school crime-fighter against the ultimate modern-day hero. (Their female counterparts will have their turn in November.)

Every afternoon over the next few weeks, we’ll launch another set of bouts that will have you committing crimes and misdemeanors on the off chance one of our competitors shows up to cuff you. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Round 1 voting will be open for 72 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

(Oh, and in case you’re wondering/fretting, we put a cap of two cast members per show for the bracket, which meant some fan favorites had to warm the bench this time around.)

What’s more, if you’re interested in the matchups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks, click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Now ready, set, vote!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jerri says:

    Castle FTW!

  2. Ilana says:

    Instead of LL Cool J you should have put Chris O’Donnel or Eric Christian Olsen from NCIS: LA =]

    • Melody says:

      Why? Sam’s hot. I just wish he wasn’t up against Neil. Who can really compare to Neil Caffrey? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy looking at G. Callen, and always love the Callen/Hetty moments and Deeks is such a dork – it’s fun. Yet, Sam has intensity and all those fantastic muscles to enjoy.

  3. Michael says:

    Really this is going to come down to Castle and Booth….I’m calling it right now.

  4. Ugh says:

    Timothy Olyphant and Tim DeKay? Sophie’s choice….

  5. DaisyKary says:

    Tim Olyphant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dani says:

    This set of choices was by far the hardest yet.

  7. Marsha says:

    Why is the race so close between Raylan Givens and Peter Burke. Its Timothy Olyphant that we’re talking about, there really shouldn’t be any competition here.

    • Isabelle says:

      Agreed!! No one can compare to Raylan!

    • Melody says:

      I enjoy Timothy Olyphant and all, but I’ve never seen Justified so I can’t vote for his character. On top of that – we are talking about Peter Burke, the moral compass of one of the best bromances on TV!!

      • Kathryn says:

        I was just thinking that the results must be driven by different ratings of the two shows. By the way, anyone who’s not watching Justified is missing one of the best shows on TV right now!!!

        • Melody says:

          You aren’t the only person to tell me that, but do you know how many good shows there are on TV and how many hours in a day it would take to watch them all? Some hotties must be sacrificed in order for me to have a real world social life, not the one in my bedroom with my TV.

    • MJ says:

      I was wondering the same thing, how can you not vote for Raylan Givens?!! If it was up to me Raylan would win the entire competition.

  8. Billy says:

    I’m predicting a Booth, Dexter, Vaughn (Alias), Stabler (SVU) final four.

  9. Marsha says:

    Gosh, Matt Bomer resembles Henry Cavil so much so that they could be twins.

  10. Tracy says:

    Poor Cho doesn’t stand a chance. That’s not fair. ;)

    • Gretchen says:

      Yeah, they should have done Simon Baker vs. Nathan Fillion.

      And where are the Hawaii 5-0 men? Chin-Ho all the way…

    • Nerwen Aldarion says:

      I know!!! I love me some Cho but they had to pit him against Nathan Fillion! UGH How was I supposed to decide against the Geek God? So not fair.

      Honestly, I’m glad it wasn’t between Simon Baker and Fillion, I probably would have cried! I never would have been able to decide between Jane’s bewitching smile and Castle’s soulful blue eyes.

      • Kate says:

        Exactly! How te hell am I supposed to choose between Nathan and Tim? Not cool TVLine. Not cool.

      • zaza says:

        I know! I love Cho too, but I had to pick Castle…he has looks AND a sense of humor. But no matter who they put up against Simon Baker, Simon will always be my pick. Yummmmm.

    • MelindaB says:

      I adore Rick Castle and Nathan Fillion, but Cho/Tim Kang is so dryly funny and no-nonsense, yet willing to go to the wall to help a friend. I had to go with Fillion, but it wasn’t necessarily an easy choice.

  11. Anna says:


  12. veddy interesting says:

    it’s interesting that the nonwhite men always perform poorly in these polls.

    • Mikaylah says:

      I just think it is the match ups. LL Cool J is attractive, but Matt Bomer is DREAMY. :P

      • Lisa says:

        True that. If Sam Hanna asked me out I would definitely go. He’s handsome, smart and sexy – but Neil Caffrey is just insanely beautiful as well as super smart, romantic and beyond sexy. ANYONE going up against Caffrey (remember this is about the character, NOT the actor) would have a difficult time of it.

        I love me some Raylan Givins, but Timothy Olyphant has had too many things said about him by co-workers that leave me cold about him personally.

      • lacey says:

        I agree it’s the matchups and not race which is causing them to lose. LL Cool J is very good looking but I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t vote for Matt Bomer. Now pair LL up against Ryan Kwanten and I would have voted for LL.

      • tp says:

        I think it’s the match ups also. Sam and Neil are two different kinds of law enforcement. It’s like the comment about Neil’s sense of style. No one wears a suit on NCIS:LA. Sam is running, fighting and shooting. Neil mostly walks briskly.

        I still think this bracket could have a few more non-white men in it. Where is Det. J.C. Williams and Det. Eddie Torres from New York Undercover or Jai Wilcox from Covert Affairs just to name a few.

        Oh well. Good contestants, bad match-ups. Fun nonetheless!

      • Renee says:

        To me Matt Bomer is very very pretty, but LL Cool J is all MAN.

    • Emma says:

      Don’t worry. I’m sure Derek Morgan will clean up when he’s up for voting.

      • Kathryn says:

        True, but unfortunately he’s up against my #1 fav current guy, Sam Swarek from Rookie Blue. Talk about a heart breaking match-up in the first round!! :(

    • Melody says:

      I suppose that’s possible, but I still think Sam Hanna is totally hot (hmmm to be protected by those arms), but have you seen Neil Caffrey in a suit!? I had to make a choice and his suit won.

  13. Elizabeth says:

    Richard Castle. HANDS. DOWN.

  14. Mikaylah says:

    Castle vs. Cho is NOT fair. I voted for Cho. He is a major bada**. :)

    • J.Norman says:

      I agree, but the lopsided score is no real surprise.
      Fillion has tons of young fans from Firefly and lots of star struck young girls from Castle.

      Cho will never win such a match up in a ‘contest’ such as this, but he is easily as interesting a character in his own way.
      You’ve got to love his no nonsense, deadpan expressions and delivery.

      • lacey says:

        You don’t have to be a fan of his previous work to find him crush worthy! Nathan Fillon is hot and his character Castle is dream worthy.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    If Timothy Olyphant isn’t one of the hottest Law Enforcement men out there, then I don’t know who is!
    (will add I love Tim Dekay but Raylan always wins for me).

  16. V says:

    Putting Raylan Givens against Peter Burke? You mean, mean little men. How am I supposed to choose between those two?! CRISIS.

  17. Peng9803 says:

    Two of the choices are “consultants” rather than actual cops. Granted, they are the hottest, but not really law enforcement officials.

  18. Isabelle says:

    Matt Bomer of course! My other votes go to the very delish Timothy Olyphant and Ryan Kwanten.

  19. Joanna says:

    Rick Castle FTW!

  20. Melody says:

    Okay, so today’s voting wasn’t as easy. I happen to adore Sam and Neil, I really, really want to vote for them both. I suppose life is all about making the tough choices like the deciding between a chocolate or blueberry muffin or to watch Supernatural or Fringe first – seriously tough stuff!! Anyways, in today’s vote I made these decisions: Richard Castle, Peter Burke, and Neil Caffrey. I don’t watch True Blood or the Walking Dead so that bracket didn’t interest me. Neil tipped the scale in his favor for his incredible sense of style. As much as I appreciate the fact that Sam’s wardrobe shows off his incredible arms, there is nothing quite like a man in a suit, especially the lovely tailored suits that Neil wears and wears well. I really appreciate the fact that the wardrobe department on that show is starting to allow Neil to influence Peter’s wardrobe.

  21. Katy says:

    I like Sam and all and he gets my vote BUT there is no way on earth he should be the only one from NCIS:LA!!! Can not believe they’ve only got him, when there is oppurtunity for 2 – if only one it should by far be Callan and my personal fave character is Deeks so if I had my way they’d have Callan and Deeks – so unfair that NCIS gets Tony and Gibbs (both of whom I love) and yet the dreamy Chris O’Donnell and adorable Eric Christian Olsen are missing from the LA chapter!!! :/

  22. ClearlyUSA says:

    The answer will always be a guy from USA Network, unless it’s Nathan Fillion.

  23. Eli says:

    the lack of Hawaii five-0/Alex o’loughlin in this post disgusts me.

  24. Naisha says:

    Jason Stackhouse all the way!!

  25. Veronica says:

    Neal by a long shot, possibly followed by Castle. Nathan Fillion has been hot since Firefly, and you can’t deny it.

  26. Dale Sullivan says:

    How does one vote? There’s no box to chose. just a vote button

    • Lois says:

      You should see little circles to the left of the names. Click on the circle next to the person who want to vote for, and then click “vote.”

  27. Michele says:

    Castle, Neal Caffrey & Peter Burke!

  28. Giselle says:

    Neal Caffrey is one of the best characters created on television, none are a as hot, sexy, or smart and it’s beacuase of Matt Bomer.

  29. Dolphin says:

    Tim Olyphant.

  30. Grace says:

    Matt Bomer to win it all!

  31. Alexis says:

    Let’s see, best crime fighter? Best looking – Neal Caffrey, Sexiest – Neal Caffrey, Smartest – Neal Caffrey, Smoothest – Neal Caffrey. I guess it would be Neal Caffrey.

  32. Linda says:

    Like Peter Burke…but OMG Raylan Givens is the hottest character ever. Tim McKay is good…Timothy Olyphant is super great so for those who may be on the fence…trust me Raylan Givens is so hot you won’t regret crushing on those long legs and insanely sexy smile.

  33. Zandra says:

    Voted for Neal Caffrey. I mean Bomer is beautiful and super talented actor. No one can compare.

  34. sandee says:

    You just did not make me choose between Rayland Givens and Peter Burke? Oh and Rick Castle by a landside.

  35. TayMads says:

    Who did I vote for? I voted for NEAL CAFFERY. He is smart. He is sexy. He is….everything. That’s right. Everything. I will vote for him every. single. TIME. I love him. He is smexy. What a dreamboat.

  36. Brittany says:

    The losing of Rick Grimes is making me sad. Andrew Lincoln is extremely sexy.


  37. Pamela says:

    Congrats to all the winners. However, I can’t believe Peter Burke from White Collar didn’t win. He outshines all competition! Who is Timothy Olyphant …

  38. aris ochoa says:

    Castle………………NATHAN FILLON…………cASTLE