House Exclusive: Two and a Half Men's Melanie Lynskey to Guest Star (And NOT as a Patient)

Melanie Lynskey will be checking into House for one episode in early ’12, but in a twist, she will not be playing the Patient of the Week.

House Spoiler Alert: November Sweeps Scoop!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the Two and a Half Men actress will guest star as the wife of a convalescent. But an insider tells me that this is one of those rare instances where the plot revolves around the spouse as opposed to the patient.

Lynskey’s episode — this season’s ninth — is slated to air in January. The actress joins an impressive roster of guest stars this season that includes Battlestar Galactica‘s Jamie Bamber, Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller and Rescue Me‘s John Scurti.

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  1. Maddy says:

    I bet she is Wilson’s third wife, because we have met 1 and 2 why not wife number 3. Just a thought based on no evidence.

    • Mafalda Neto says:

      hahah i see what you did there. alas, i think you’re wrong, i got the impression that she’s just gonna be the wife of the patient

    • Sourabh says:

      The story mentions she is the wife of a patient.

      Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that the Two and a Half Men actress will guest star as the wife of a convalescent.

      • D says:

        Well, Wilson and his third wife who was mentioned throughout Season 1 and 2, ARE divorced. That’s why Wilson moved in with House that year.

  2. Doya says:

    The “impressive” guest star roster will never make a difference unless they start dealing with House, his past and his issues. The number of dropped plots over the series is ridiculous, and the writers need to stop playing games and having fun and actually tell the story. They already piled up the missed opportunities in the past three seasons. How about reversing that trend and don’t miss the opportunities this season? Three episodes in and it’s obvious the trend is going strong.

  3. TC says:

    Rose! WE MISS YOU!

  4. sam says:

    Jimmi Simpson, her husband, was my favorite guest star. How times have changed, I am no longer watching. Best of luck, Melanie.

  5. charla says:

    When do we get to the “impressive roster” of guest stars? This slow season of “House” has been a snooze so far: no dramatic conflict, no character exploration, no spark or zip in any scene, no forward movement on House’s major issues (parents, pain, intimacy, addiction, violence). The humor has been a pallid imitation of seasons past at best, the “bromance” earns only groans now, the new team members are second rate intellects and third rate personalities. How do they plan to get back to basics without the main ingredients?

    • D says:

      “When do we get to the “impressive roster” of guest stars?”
      Uhm, when they show up? We’re three weeks in and have twenty more to go. One of them has already appeared. And your quotes around “impressive roster” seems suspect. I’m not going to make fun of you for not watching as much TV as I do, but all those actors have given strong performances in other venues.
      “no dramatic conflict, no character exploration, no spark or zip in any scene”
      None that perhaps you didn’t enjoy, that may certainly ring true.
      “no forward movement on House’s major issues (parents, pain, intimacy, addiction, violence).”
      Again. We are three weeks into the season. I also question whether or not “parents” and “violence” are real issues or just you making a wishlist.
      I’m not going to bother chopping up the rest of your comment because your points either don’t make any sense(Bromance? Are you kidding?) or is nonsense.
      I also enjoy how any and all House articles delve into the state of the show itself. It makes sense for things like actor or creator interviews, but it’s a news blurb about a guest star, for Pete’s sake.

      • Willis says:

        Yeah, people have way too much emotionally invested in a TV show. I think this season has been the best so far. The good in him, that he holds so closely guarded and refuses to let people see is on display in the first two episodes, and his issues with his new coworker are interesting as her personality seems to be the same sort of psychosis house suffers from, but expresses it differently. I’m anxious to see what happens next, as he is being forced to show some of the person he tries so hard to suppress. If you want overt, over done drama that doesn’t require thought, may I suggest Revenge?

  6. Janine says:

    I loved her on Two and a Half Men and I’m glad to see her on my favorite show, expecially now that Men sucks with Kutcher. I just hope I am able to get past seeing her as Rose after 8 years on Two and a Half Men in order to appreciate her for the character she is playing. I’m also curious as to how she will handel this presumably dramatic role. I’ve only ever seen her doing comedy in Men. I know she did that show Drive a few years back but I never watched, so I don’t know what kind of show it was, all I know is it was cancelled very quickly.

  7. Jodie says:

    Her American accent is even better than Hugh Laurie’s American accent. Check out her film debut in Heavenly Creatures to hear the difference!

  8. Blair from Queens says:

    I feel David Shore (House is his baby)is killing this show. House once
    was dynamic,explosive, exciting. Hugh Laurie is one of the finest
    actors around. He deserves better, much better writing than what he is getting now. He is carrying this show. Has been for a few seasons now.
    The new cast is awful. No excitement. No nothing. I love Hugh Laurie.
    I will always watch House however, I feel this should be the last season. Mr. Laurie has so much more to offer & he’s getting nothing
    now from these writers. How much does David Shore want to torture
    this character? There should be more scenes between House & Wilson.
    Wilson should be questioning House about his actions last season
    w/Cuddy. I’m very sad to see what once was a fabulous t.v. drama
    become so dull. The show has lost its intensity and the reason I watch and the reason everyone else is watching, is because ofHugh Laurie.

    • Melanie from OKC says:

      I so agree with Blair from Queens. The only thing that has made this season worse for me is finding Foreman as the Dean of Medicine. Foreman is out-of-control power hungry and does much better as House’s underling. He’s absolute torture to watch as a hospital administrator. My personal pick would have been Nolan or a strong, older woman…House looks like a grandpa in a preschool. Yes, I realize that it is a teaching hospital but lets have some adult teachers and interaction. I also agree that David Shore is wrong in just dropping Cuddy. There are unresolved issues the writers need to address and better illnesses to cure. Come on David, if you’re tired, pass the torch…don’t be the end to a wonderful series.

  9. WilsonLover says:

    I didn’t watch the horrid horrific season 7 aka Huddy. I love this season. House acting like an eccentric grown-up genius. His two new team members are awesome, especially Charlene Yi’s Dr. Park. Love, love, love the House/Wilson drama, fights, pranks, break-ups and makeups. Those two make the show. Foreman acts like a REAL hospital administrator. Looking forward to how the two newbies torture Chase and Taub when they come back. So far, the episodes have been really good. My favorite that I rewatch nonstop is Transplant. I think it’s going to be a great season.

    • Nada says:

      wilson lover, lol, I think if shore kills wilson character you’ll be very angry and will hate the show as for huddy fans with cuddy.
      It’s a show about House, not huddy or hilson.
      For me, season 6 and 7 were bad, but this 8 season has no surprises, Foreman as a dean was predictable, I’d prefer a new actor.
      Best of this show was the first seasons, now it’s time to end it in may.
      “Foreman acts like a REAL hospital” he gave same lines as Cuddy, and after 3 eps, it’s too soon to judge.

  10. Sally_WilsonMD says:

    Ela deve ser a irmã gêmea da Dr Adams.
    Odette postou uma foto com uma mulher parecida com essa.
    As duas vestidas de médicas.

  11. Nancy says:

    Time to get to the more intense episodes about House. Most of us don’t really care about the ducklings that much, especially TAUB.
    We want/need to learn more about House and what makes him tick.
    Thank you!

  12. shelia says:

    Takes more than great guest stars, to bring house back to life! Used 2 watch with great antisappation. Now just record , view better t.v. , then playback