Glee Season 3 Scoop: A New Directions Exit, Post-Grad Plans, and More Glee Project Winners!

Glee is finally back next Tuesday (Fox, 8/7c) and to celebrate, TVLine has some scoop straight from the show’s set, where the cast and crew were filming their 300th(!) musical performance Wednesday morning. Read on to find out who’s leaving New Directions, who’s coming back, and what’s in store for the graduating seniors.

THE BIG 300 | So which artist has the honor of being the source for the show’s milestone ditty? Let’s hear it for Adele! Some very lucky reporters were treated to a mash-up of the songstress’ hits “Rumor Has It” and “Someone Like You,” performed by none other than New Directions’ rival McKinley High Glee Club. Mercedes was joined by Sugar, Santana (who can be seen being swayed to the other side in this promo) and most interestingly, Brittany. Hmm, has Brit defected to be with her lady love?

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THE NEW KID | Glee Project winner Damian McGinty (below) seems to be having no problem fitting in with the cast of TV’s hottest show — at least judging from the warm laughs his answers elicited. But his character, foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan, will have a harder time adjusting to his new surroundings when he debuts in next Tuesday’s episode. “He’s having a really tough time fitting in and [he’s] getting bullied a lot,” says McGinty, adding with a laugh, “He’s Irish, thank God! If he was American, this would have been a very short relationship.”

KIDS FROM ‘THE PROJECT’ | Look for Glee Project runner-up Lindsay Pearce to return as Rachel’s rival Harmony in Episode 8, in which “she will be competing against [New Directions],” teases creator Ryan Murphy. Meanwhile, co-winner Samuel Larsen won’t be gracing the show until “around Episode 10 or 11, probably after the Christmas break in January with the new semester,” says Murphy. (In case you missed it, runner-up Alex Newell is going to have “many scenes” with Vocal Adrenaline coach Jonathan Groff. “[Alex] is going to be the love child of Kurt and Mercedes and will turn to them for much advice,” adds Murphy.)

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GRADUATION TIME | “We were talking about doing different things, and we decided to just work on the season,” says Murphy, referring to post-grad plans – including a spinoff – for McKinley’s departing seniors. “Just because they graduate doesn’t mean they’re not on Glee or not a part of the Glee world. [But] we haven’t figured out what that is yet.” He adds that the decision will also depend “on the actors and what their dreams are and what they want to do and what they feel they have left in them.” In the meantime, the show will focus on the core characters and, in case you haven’t noticed so far this season, that means a lot of Broadway numbers. “Because so many kids are graduating this year, I wanted to go back to what the pilot was,” explains Murphy. “If you look at the pilot, it was very Broadway-heavy and classic-heavy. … Creatively, it was a really great decision because it grounded these kids again.”

A TRIBUTE TO… | Although it’s all about character this season, Murphy does admit there’s a tribute episode brewing, one that’s been in the works for two years and will probably air in the spring. Mum’s the word on the artist to be featured, but Murphy did reveal some big names who want to be a part of the show. “I’m having dinner with Barry Manilow, which I’m very excited about,” he says. “Pete Townsend called. He loves the show.”

Gleeks, what are you most excited for? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Tickler says:

    Don’t think I’ll like the mash up. Two totally different songs! But then again, Glee has done it before. We’ll just have to wait and see.
    Looking forward to it!

  2. i.hate.glee says:

    Glee has been over rated for a while. Since they have decided NOT to focus on Finn, the main character – I stopped watching. So has most of america. TV’s hottest show Michael??!?! Not quite – that was so 2010!!! I – and america- have moved on. Bring back the basics like the underdog, the boy who thinks he is not good enough, and the girl who believes in him and has ambition – then maybe they will have a hit again. Now everything is this person is gay – that person is coming out – I get it!! It is over done!! I am waiting for Mr. Shue to announce he likes boys now too!! SO OVER THIS SHOW!

    • Darcy says:

      Based on spoilers I’ve read, it looks like Finn will be getting more story soon – some in Episode 4 and a lot more going forward after that.

    • cb says:

      Hate to break it to you, but ~gasp, people actually do come out in high school! Gay people are real! Ohnoez!
      Also, did you miss the whole Finn and Rachel show that was the second half of S2? Sigh, sigh, sigh.

      • stw says:

        All of Glee Season 1 and 2 were the Finn and Rachel show–that’s the point; they were the main characters. Now, in Season 3, Rachel continues to be a main character but Finn has been dropped w/o explanation and Kurt has been shoved in his place. I love Kurt, and I think Chris Colfer is awesome. But a story about two overachieving kids with dreams to make it big on Broadway misses the point of Glee, which for two years was about kids struggling to navigate the social hell of high school that tries to force everyone to conform and punishes everyone who refuses to do so or strays from the herd. Rachel always refused to conform and got punished; Finn showed the other side of the coin as a former conformist who tried to break way and had to deal with the fall out of choosing to do so. Without both Rachel & Finn in there, the message & balance that made Glee Glee is gone. It’s still a TV show with characters we know, but it isn’t Glee; it’s something else, set in the same place and with randomly tossed in musical numbers (not music that always flowed FROM the story and pushed the story forward, as was once the case).

    • Zach says:

      They never really focused on Finn so much. The show has been ensemble for most of Season 1 and 2, but they focused on the show’s 6 main characters (Rachel, Finn, Will, Sue, Kurt, and Blaine) collectively with the supporting cast revolving around some of the main plots. The good thing about season 1 was they could keep the stories flowing smoothly while focusing on everyone.
      Just because one character isn’t focused on as much, doesn’t mean that you have to stop watching. Believe in the others. :3

      • stw says:

        Respectfully, I think you’re forgetting Seasons 1 & 2. It was never an ensemble cast; it was a cast with main characters (Rachel, Finn, and Will); secondary characters who, over time, were focused on more (Sue, Emma, Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, Artie, Tina, Sam, Blaine) with two finally becoming main characters (Kurt, Santana); and supporting characters (Brittany, Mike, Matt, Lauren, etc.)

        Here’s Finn’s storyline/focus in Season 1:

        Pilot: the main 2 stories are Finn and Will, with both of them deciding to follow their passions and do something that breaks out of their expected roles. Finn’s story was the center of the Pilot; Rachel is there too, but the main story being told is how this average guy who is drifting through life decides to follow his heart and risk being unpopular to bring a team together and let them shine (which was paralleled by Will’s story).

        Showmance: Finn deals with ridicule from the jocks when the glee club performs at Assembly; he falls for Rachel throughout a progressive series of scenes. He’s all over the place in this episode, although Rachel has a slight edge in being the main story here.

        Acafellas: Finn fights to keep Will in Glee; he wants to quit but decides to rejoin at Will’s urging; he plays a major role in the Dakota Stanley firing story; he performs with Acafellas. Not a major focus, but he has a lot of story in an episode that is more about Rachel, Mercedes, and Kurt.

        Preggers: Finn’s story is huge–finding out about Quinn, figuring out how to get the football team together, supporting/helping Kurt, interacting with Puck.

        Rhodes Not Taken: Huge Finn and Finn/Rachel story starting with Emma counseling Finn on how to get into college and him trying to trick Rachel into coming back to Glee, getting caught, and finally making the others OK with her rejoining at the end.

        Vitamin-D: Huge Finn focused-story with his tiredness and his trying to cope with life and his captaining the boys team, esp. once he takes the “vitamin-D”.

        Throwdown: huge Finn focus on his relationship with Quinn throughout the episode as well as his growing attraction to Rachel; also his struggles with wanting to be a part of the decisions about the baby but being shut out by Quinn and his taking leadership at the end when Sue & Schue are fighting.

        Mash-Up: Huge Finn focus as he has to wrestle with being treated like a loser for being in Glee, chooses football over Glee, and then learns he doesn’t have to choose.

        Wheels: Big Finn story as he struggles to find a job at Quinn’s demand, as the show focuses on the growing tension between him and Puck, and as his attraction to Rachel continues to be shown.

        Ballad: Gigantic focus on Finn in this episode where he tells Quinn’s parents about the baby and as his relationship with Kurt grows.

        Hairography: Finn doesn’t have a big of a story in this ep–he’s playing more of a role in Rachel’s story here, but we still see him struggling with his attraction to both Rachel and to Quinn and his struggle to do the right thing by both girls.

        Mattress: Finn’s story here is again about yielding to peer pressure and backing away from his role as a leader because of the bullying of Karofsky and Azimio. This failure to lead is prepping his story for the final ep of the first half of Season 1 . . .

        Sectionals: Finn finds out about Quinn & Puck’s lies and quits Glee, but then learns to be the bigger person, goes to Sectionals and, reprising his story in the Pilot, brings the glee club together so that they can perform, shine, and win.

        Hell-O: Finn’s a huge center of the story as he tries to deal with the fall-out of Quinn/Puck’s revelations, as he tries to figure out who he is, as he breaks up with Rachel and ‘dates’ Santana & Brittany, and as he realizes he wants to be with Rachel, and then outs her relationship with Jesse to Will, and then says he’s going to get Rachel back, and then as he leads the final song with Rachel.

        The Power of Madonna: Finn has a huge story as he learns that Rachel is, after all, with Jesse; as he decides to get revenge on her for lying and to make her jealous by sleeping with Santana; as he subsequently lies and says he didn’t sleep with Santana; as he gets upset when Jesse joins Glee; as he helps the boys realize they’ve been jerks to the girls; as he apologizes to Rachel and welcomes Jesse; and as he plans the episodes final musical number.

        Home: Huge Finn story as he deals with learning his mother is dating Burt Hummel and as he wrestles with Kurt’s crush on him and as he comes to terms with Burt and with the fact that his life is changing.

        Bad Reputation: Minor but significant role for Finn as he, at the end, is the one to name the truth of what Rachel is doing by having the 3 boys sing opposite her.

        Laryngitis: Huge Finn story as he supports Rachel in her illness, challenges her to get over herself by taking her to meet Sean Fretthold, and, most of all, as he sings the truth of his heart in the week’s assignment by performing “Jessie’s Girl.”

        Dream On: Very little Finn; one of the only episodes in the season not to have a substantial story in which he is a part.

        Theatricality: Huge Finn story as he wrestles with living with Kurt and his discomfort with Kurt’s crush & the bullying of the jocks at school; as he convinces Will to let the guys do their own kind of music; as he observes and is clearly disturbed to some degree with Quinn’s feeling for Puck during the song “Beth”, and as he lashes out at Kurt, gets kicked out by Burt, and finally steps up to do the right thing by embracing his inner-Gaga and standing up to the bullies on Kurt’s behalf

        Funk: Lots of Finn as he and Puck take revenge on Vocal Adrenaline and then get jobs at Sheets N Things to pay for their vandalism; as we see him working there and hear him sing there; as he interacts with Terri to further her story of regretting letting Will go; as he performs with Puck and Mercedes in the its-not-funk funk number Good Vibrations, and as he joins with the other guys going to stick up for Rachel after she’s been egged by Jesse.

        Journey: Finn acts as a leader, calling Rachel out on giving up on the competition too easily and saying they need to work together to fix things; he finally tells Rachel he loves her; he and she lead every performance number at Regionals; they take the lead in explaining the “goodbye/tribute” number for Will when the kids think Glee is all over; he is the character who is the primary focus in the final scene of the season, with the camera continually coming back to his face during “Over the Rainbow” so that we can he how much Glee has impacted his life, and all the kids’ lives, by watching Finn take in how much this moment together means to everyone.

        Season Two, if anything, had even more of a focus on his character.

        Audition: Finn’s season-long story arc is set up as he both acts as leader of Glee and loses his place on the football team, setting off a crisis of identity because w/o football he no longer has a secure place in the life of the school.

        Britney/Brittany: Finn wrestles with being a loser, fights with Rachel, wrestles with insecurity that if Rachel is seen as desireable while he is “only a glee loser” that he won’t keep her; gets back on the football team; refuses to choose between football and glee; interacts with Quinn in a scene that directly foreshadows the two of them having more of a story together in the second half of the season; is one of the two emotional focuses of the final number, with the camera tracking his reactions as Rachel sings to and for him.

        Grilled Cheesus: Finn’s suddenly finding religion is one of the drivers and frames for this episode examining a variety of types of religious belief and non-belief; we see development of his relationship with Kurt, development of his relationship with Rachel, both in the bedroom scene and in the scene by the lake; we see him confront a loss of faith; we see him get back as quarterback in another step on his climb back to the top of the high school social world.

        Duets: this was one of the closest things to an ensemble episode during the Season, but the driving story was Finn & Rachel scheming to cement Sam’s place in the club so that he’d stay in Glee and the team’s chances to beat VA would be improved. From start to finish, Finn was a major part of this episode.

        The Rocky Horror Glee Show: A big component of this episode was the storyline about Finn’s body-image issues and insecurities, leading to his hilarious boxer-walk down the halls of the high school; that scene was preceded by a lot of him articulating his insecurities about his body; we also got some great Finn as Brad Major stuff in the musical numbers.

        Never Been Kissed: Finn didn’t have a lot in this episode, but he did play a significant role in being the catalyst for the imagining Beiste story, and the episode moved the story of his friendship/competition with Sam forward another notch

        The Substitute: Very little Finn, aside from his getting to dance with Gwyneth and his appreciation of Rachel’s song & dance number.

        Furt: All about Finn and Kurt. Finn’s story was about his choosing his position on the football team and in the eyes of the school above his relationship with Kurt, refusing to stick up for Kurt in a move that would ultimately lead to Kurt leaving McKinley. We saw Finn’s interaction with Kurt & Burt when Kurt was teaching them to dance and Burt’s subsequent anger with him for not sticking up for Kurt with Karofsky. We saw Finn and Santana’s interaction and new major Finchel trouble was on the horizon. We saw lovely Finchel. We saw lovely Furt. And we finally saw Finn fruitlessly try to convince Kurt to stay at McKinley.

        Special Education: Huge Finn–the secret is out about him and Santana; he and Rachel fight w/o interacting and then fight while interacting; in the end, the huge break up and the sorrow from him, and them, at where they are now.

        A Very Glee Christmas: Finn in his role as leader tries to rally the Glee club to raise the money they need for their charity and to be in the Christmas spirit in several scenes; we also see several mroe scenes moving forward the story of his and Rachel’s breakup.

        Superbowl Shuffle: Huge Finn leadership story as he both struggles to rally his two teams to performances that will let them win and figures out how to bring them together; we see him make up with Puck after a year of them not being friends; we see him grow close to Quinn again; we see him continue to be tormented by jealousy over Rachel; we see him try to reach out to Karofsky in several episodes.

        Silly Love Songs: Major Finn episode as he lets his success go to his head in ways that inevitably lead to a Santana-orchestrated fall; huge story lines with Quinn as they get back together and with Rachel as he wrestles with still loving her but not being willing to forgive her. Finn articulates in this episode his belief that when you love someone you do anything to try to keep from hurting them, a sentiment that will explain why he a few episodes later is insisting on keeping his relationship with Quinn a secret–because he doesn’t want to hurt Rachel since he still loves her.

        Comeback: Big Finn stories as his rivalry with Sam comes to a head and as he struggles to win Quinn back; also we see the beginning of what will be a new pattern of interaction for him with Rachel for a while that is based on them being co-leaders and on him encouraging her and helping her with her song-writing.

        Blame It On The Alcohol: The first third of the episode has a good deal of Finn with a continuation of the song-writing story between him and Rachel and our seeing him easily step into the role of honest critic of her efforts, followed by his and Rachel interactions at her party with some Finn/Kurt/Blaine on the side, and then wind up with him asserting his leadership role by averring that the club will win Regionals and Nationals.

        Sexy: Very little Finn until the Finn/Quinn reveal at the end, but that is a pretty major reveal and lets us know that there’s a reason why they are keeping their relationship a secret.

        Original Song: Finn plays a major role in this episode, although the primary focus of the story is on Rachel and, secondarily, on Quinn. But we see him continuing to critique Rachel’s music and to name what makes a good song–getting in touch with the hard pain; after Will basically repeats this segment in the glee club song-writing session, Finn puts into words how they all try to rise above the label of being a loser, giving them the theme for their song. We learn that he is the one insisting on keeping the relationship with Quinn a secret because he doesn’t want to hurt Rachel (because, as he said back in Silly Love Songs, when you love someone you do anything to keep them from being hurt). We see him watching Rachel during Kurt’s performance and him realizing Rachel knows about him & Quinn; him wishing Rachel good luck and then realizing, as she sings, that he’s forgiven her; and him realizing, at the end when he can’t let himself rush forward to embrace Rachel after she gets her MVP award, that he isn’t totally satisfied with what his relationship with Quinn means for him.

        Night Of Neglect: we see Finn trying to work with Quinn as co-leaders but not being able to succeed, and then we see him and Rachel rallying the club to keep going in the face of adversity and notice how that works. His story is not the focus of the episode at all, but we see several significant moments that move the Finchel story forward.

        Born This Way: Big Finn scenes include him finally daring to publicly affirm Rachel, his affirmation of Quinn, his welcoming back Kurt with open arms and w/o hesitation in front of the entire school–significant because the moment that helped force Kurt to transfer away was Karofsky’s reaction when he saw Finn and Kurt dancing together with arms around each other, and his interactions around Dave’s apology (plus his moment with Burt, showing step-father & step-son were good with each other again). Most significantly, though, we saw Finn “born this way” assignment of embracing his dancing as a metaphor articulated by the song he sang, I’ve Gotta Be Me–the first time he had a major lead in a song since he and Rachel broke up and in a song that continued to push forward his decisions that he didn’t want to just be the guy others expected him to be–he wanted to be himself and dare and dream big even if that meant failing.

        Rumours: Huge Finn story with him at the center of this episode while dealing with the karma of being a part of Quinn cheating on Sam and now wondering if Quinn was cheating on him with Sam. This was a hugely Finn-centric episode, and his relationships with Quinn, Rachel, and Sam were all major parts of it. Very significant for his character was his decision to override Quinn’s ultimatum and keep making music with Rachel, insisting on being himself and doing what he loved to do.

        Prom Queen: Big Finn story in his interactions with Rachel and in his jealously of Jesse which took over his focus so that he increasingly forgot about Quinn to focus on Rachel and, in the end, threw away any shot he had at being Prom King and ascending the popularity throne of McKinley high–something that means nothing to him anymore, although his status in the eyes of the school once meant much more to Finn Hudson and was something he strove to regain and retain from 2×01 through 2×12.

        Funeral: Big focus on Finn with his loss of self-confidence in the face of Jesse’s return, both romantically and as a performer; with his stepping up to lead the club to do the right thing by Sue regarding Jean’s funeral; and with him finally taking affirmative action to end things with Quinn, stating the truth he realized–that A) he is inevitably tethered to Rachel and B) that he doesn’t want to live a life that’s just about being popular and being on top–he wants to follow his heart.

        New York: All about Finn and his following his heart to win Rachel back, something that becomes even more important to him that retaining his role as the successful Glee leader, and setting up what was supposed to be his ongoing, major S3 story of learning to dream big enough to make it to NYC; and also about Rachel trying to figure out how to follow her dreams when the pull of her heart is so strong; and also about bringing Finn & Rachel back together.

        So yes–Finn has been a major focus for two solid seasons. Others had stories too, but only Rachel has had a big a story as has Finn, followed by Kurt and Will, then Quinn and then Santana. Other characters were part of the story, but there were main characters whose stories were always being told, and those main characters through S1&2 were Finn and Rachel.

        Compare that to S3: we got about 2 minutes total of Finn airtime in 3×01 with no story for him except for his statement that he doesn’t know who he is or what he wants to do with himself. Then nothing, other than to support Rachel in urging the club to sing in the cafeteria. No development of his story. No insight into his struggles or uncertainties. in 2×02, we got about 3 minutes total of him, with most of it just showing him struggling to dance, about 30 seconds of it conveying his statement to Rachel that he might want to stay in Lima (this was 10 seconds devoted to Finn’s story) and then the oddly out of context scene 15 second scene with Will encouraging him to dance and him miraculously being able to do so, which I guess means that he’ll learn he can succeed like Rachel told him, but since the episode didn’t spend even 30 seconds on this “story”, we really don’t know what is going on with him and haven’t seen him struggle to learn anything or grow. He had 2-3 minutes of screen time in 3×03 with all but the last iota of it given over to him being an adjunct supportive boyfriend as part of Rachel’s story line as he encouraged her in her auditions, capped by an out-of-the-blue scene where he supposedly had challenged her on running against Kurt, had agreed to talk with Kurt, and had talked with Kurt about it all, none of which we saw and any of which we know only because his comment upon learning Rachel got Maria is to hopefully say she’ll drop the presidency followed by him saying he doesn’t know if he’ll vote for his girlfriend or brother in the election. Reporters articles written about this episode before it aired and, oddly, after, all refer to some big fight he and Rachel had when Finn was forced to choose between Kurt & Rachel, but all of that got edited out of the episode–all we saw was a few seconds where Finn refused to choose, without being given any story or insight at all into his thoughts and struggles with being torn between two people he loves.

        After 2 season with Finn as one of the two main characters–not one among many equals, but a primary, main character–he is now being portrayed as a minor character who’s major role is to be a boyfriend prop. I love the Finchel stories–always have–but they alone aren’t a substitute for a sustained focus on one of the two main characters whose stories created the show I loved. (And even the Finchel stuff is getting edited out of the S3 episodes; they’ve cut a kiss, dialogue, and entire scenes between Rachel and Finn so far.)

        Not everyone has to like Finn and his stories; that’s a personal choice. Many may like that other cast members are being treated more like an ensemble now, still with leading roles being given to Rachel and now to Kurt. But like the character or not, and agree with the new show Glee has made itself into or not, it simply isn’t accurate to say that Finn was never a big focus of Glee; for 44 episodes, he was one of the two primary focuses, and that has only changed with the onset of Season Three.

        • DUH says:

          wow you have A LOT of time on your hands…

        • Merpity says:

          Its an ensemble cast. Always was. That was the intention. That being said, I like Finn. I don’t like him with Rachel. Kurt/Rachel have a much better friendship dynamic. (I would actually watch those two run off to New York and have big adventures) I think the writers lost sight of what they wanted to do with Finn and wrote him back into being Rachel’s boyfriend. Last season you have to admit he was Sir McDouchebagerson and it almost to the point where I wanted to see scenes of ANYONE ELSE BUT FINN. (Rachel, dear, if you sing ‘jar of hearts’ at a boy.. YOU DO NOT GO BACK TO THAT BOY. /headdesk) The writers really need to come back from the suck fest that was Season 2 and the character destruction they did last season. :/

          • STW says:

            No, again, I disagree. Season 2 was excellent, in my opinion. Having Finn get a swelled head was part of the story planned out from 2×01 and carried through to 2×22, showing him go along a journey of thinking he had to be on top to have an identity, getting on top and realizing that he didn’t like what it meant to be there, and then voluntarily choosing to let go of that being so important to him. Rachel also had a very solid and well planned out and executed S2 story. She started out starting out thinking that because she had a boyfriend she knew what it was to be in relationships with others and didn’t have to put more work into relating to people other than Finn, and she also thought that she could be a part of the team while doing whatever it took to hang on to the spotlight for herself. Her journey took her along a path that had her realize being part of a team means learning to value the unique gifts of others and to give them their turn in the spotlight, without ever having to give up what makes you yourself special. As a result of learning this, she found her place as one of the team, was accepted and affirmed by them, and made several friends. She and Finn had to be apart to learn these lessons because part of what drove their characters to grow and develop was them reacting to the pain of their breakup, but as the lessons began to be realized, they started intentionally moving back toward each other until, as was planned from the start, they ended up together again.

            Put shipping aside; that’s what the narrative framework for Season Two was about. People who don’t like Finn and Rachel may not have liked it; people who couldn’t sit back and look at the story that was developing and being told descended into trite “Finn is a jerk” complaints every week. But looking at the season as a whole, it was a tightly-planned year long story.

          • STW says:

            And maybe we have different definitions of an ensemble cast, which could be creating the difference in whether we claim Glee is or isn’t one. To me, an ensemble cast is the cast of the sit-com Friends where each cast member has roughly equal time spend on them. Glee never did that in Seasons 1 & 2. They always had a large cast, and all the cast was pretty much seen in every episode, but certain characters were the main focus and got most of the story and screen time because they were the main characters; other secondary characters got secondary stories and screen time, and others showed up basically to support the story lines of the main and secondary cast. That is one of the biggest shifts they’re doing in S3–for the first time, they’re writing it like it truly is an ensemble cast for the most part by trying to further develop the stories of Mercedes, Mike, Santana, & Brittany and to spend time like they did in Season 1 on the stories of secondary characters Puck and Quinn. But it still isn’t a true ensemble, because they’re still largely leaving Tina out & are leaving Artie out for the most part; they virtually dropped Finn in the first 3 episodes back, so he doesn’t even make the ensemble. And they still very heavily feature Rachel–she was in 4 separate story lines in 3×02, none of them connected to each other–and have started to feature Kurt like they once did Finn. Folks may like the change a lot; others might not; but it is factual that this is a totally different way of doing the show and that it is moving more toward treating the cast like an ensemble where before it was main, secondary, and supporting characters.

        • NoWords says:

          Exactly. :3

      • ANG says:

        “Bring back the basics like the underdog, the boy who thinks he is not good enough, and the girl who believes in him and has ambition…Now everything is this person is gay …It is over done!!”

        Yes, because “the boy who thinks he is not good enough and the girl who believes in him” has not been overdone on TV. **Yawn**

    • S says:

      Why are you even bothering to read this if you hate Glee so much? Honestly people like you really annoy me. Oh and heads up, Finn is not the only main character in the show so they’re not going to revolve the whole plot around him all the time. Yeah Finn is a great character but that doesn’t mean he needs to be in every scene all the time! Also, people come out in high school! Deal with it! The show is just trying to represent lots of different aspects of high school and that doesn’t mean that everyone on the show is suddenly gay. Next time don’t bother reading if you hate the show so much.

    • Vighorois says:

      So you come to this website, actively click on the story, and talk about a show you no longer watch? Gee, I’m sure many shows are dying for this kind of response.

    • Gleeologist says:

      Uhmmmmmm, everything you just explained you hate and wish didnt leave…never left. Your just a hater and we all know haters dont speak English, they speak Crap.

    • Kayla says:

      Honestly… it seems like all they ever did was freaking focus on Finn and Rachel.. i am glad they are taking a chance to explore other characters.. because their story line was really getting over played..and the break up, then back together, break up then back together was getting really old. They took a chance to explore Kurt last season and now his story line is dying down somewhat, and this season i think it really is going to be more about Puck and Quinn and Santana and Brittney. So… i think the focus really changes season to season. But even though Finchel and Klaine are not probably going to be the main focuses of season 3 there story lines will continue. Next weeks episode (3×5) is actually souly about Kurt Blaine, Rachel and Finn… so just because he hasent really been in the wopping 4 episodes of season 3 that have aired does not mean his story line is gone…

    • LMH says:

      Cool stop watching it get off the board

    • Genesis says:

      Look, Glee is a great and inspirational show to those who need to look up to something or someone. The LAST thing we need is another pathetic cliche of boy likes girl. I mean really? Your seemingly not so idealistic values for tv have a few flaws. Your whole “I stopped watching. So has most of america”thing, well please before you open your one track mided mouth please try and remember that you DONT speak for all of America. And not trying to sound too rude but we aren’t in the 1600’s anymore and gay is a legit thing. People are gay, and they are going to come out. Now so far four gay people in all of Mckinley is hardly a “homosexual epidemic”
      Oh and if Mr. Shue were to announce his homosexuality, I’m sure all the true Glee fans would stand behind it. Try to think about what you say on a GLEE FAN PAGE before you get upset over a character not being shown enough.

  3. Phil says:

    I don’t know, I don’t really like Alex or Glee anymore. I’m not a broadway fan either, and I’m hating Glee’s homo-agenda since season 2. We get it Murphy: GAY RIGHTS! It was cool the first season, but that plot is just getting tired. I’m watching the next ep because of Damian but hate Alex. I’d rather have Marissa instead of him! Gosh!

    • Snapy says:

      You’re a homophobe. Just sayin’.

    • bob says:

      i think it rings true to these characters that homosexuality related issues would be incorporated into their lives. kurt, who is finn’s step-brother and rachel’s best friend, is openly gay, and in a gay relationship. it would be silly if he had different story lines than what he has now (of course he’s going to want a boyfriend; of course he’s going to be a champion for gay rights; of course he’s going to talk about being gay as a gay high schooler in a sea of mostly straight characters).

    • Monkeyrat says:

      “Homo agenda”? Really? You make it sound like a threat for the society or something. That’s totally ridiculous. You must live in heteroland then if a few characters on a tv show make you that uncomfortable (and that’s sad, actually). Because you know, gay people do exist… no really, I’m not kiddin’, we’re not mythological creatures. And we went to high school too, you know! So what’s the big deal? Watching kids dealing/struggling with their sexual orientation is not something people should be angry about. You should see this as a positive thing. Because maybe, just maybe, if some people can evolve a little about this, we won’t read “another kid committed suicide because of bullying” as much as we do these days.

      So if Glee portraying LGBT youth and helping kids to feel less alone and more represented on television is a “homo agenda” then I’m all for it. I prefer to see it as a mind opener, personnally.

      BTW: Santana, lesbian. Kurt, gay. Brittany, bisexual. Blaine, gay. Dave, gay. And it seems we’re gonna have a gay Warbler at some point so that makes 6 characters. How many straight characters do you count? What about the other tv shows? Can we (LGBT), for once, be happy to see characters who go through the same stuff we had to go through without having people like you complaining, or is it already too much too ask?

      I’m a lesbian and I ship several hetero pairings (Castle/Beckett, Chuck/Sarah, I used to love Jim/Melinda and Buffy/Spike, to name a few). You know why? Because as fictional as they can be, they are people, just like me. Also, when 2 persons have chemistry I can see it and I won’t be all like “eeewwww, straight people” like an idiot. Sure, I’m not aroused when they share sexy times, but this is not what I watch a tv show for, I’m not that desperate… I don’t need to project my own sexuality on them to appreciate their love stories or have empathy when they have bad times. Thank God I have functioning eyes and a brain. Tastes are something completely different though.

      • Jesse says:

        Well, maybe Glee is a gay show and if you don’t want to see, dont watch it, right?

      • Lexie says:

        Thank you for saying this. You very eloquently spoke my mind. Haha.

      • Lucas says:

        Did you seriously just write all that?

      • brnigrlfl says:

        well said, i have heard alot of parents say.. i dont want my kid to watch glee its too gay. it too much about sex. i have to tell all of you. i worked in a high school for 4 years and guess what, thats what your kid is exposed to everyday. the thing that your missing is.. communication. i thank glee each week. i started watching glee with my 13 year old daughter. i have to say that communication between a teen and parent is not easy. its even harder now. with all the electronics, cell, i pod,and a laptop. many reasons to not talk. watching glee with my daughter has opened up so much between us. after watching the show we would talk about it. we spoke about acceptance, bullying, love, and tolerance. i was amazed at the things i learned about her and her views about gays, bullying and school. i applaud glee for bringing these story lines out. and i erge parents to watch the show with their teens. you may be surprised how much they will open up to you

    • OMG says:

      This whole gay vs straight is becoming just as bad as whites vs blacks. How about instead of us all focusing on stupid things like that, we instead worry about the millions of starving people throughout world or the fact that America is full of children who need homes and families? You know…actual IMPORTANT issues??

      • Ics says:

        I agree with you. Gay people just want to get attention from everyone. Blacks, fatties, nerds… they exist too and they are bullied as well.

    • Jim says:

      Until we’ve ended the gay teen suicide problem, I’m all for positive gay teen role models on TV. And there are plenty of other shows (um…like…almost all of them) to watch that don’t involve a “gay agenda.”

  4. Erin says:

    Can’t wait for Damian to come onto the show. This season sounds AMAZING!

  5. Randy says:

    Green Day TRIBUTE!

  6. Fiona says:

    I’m really perturbed with this season. Recycled storylines (do we *really* need to see Mercedes and Rachel fight it out again) and hollow tributes to the classics (hated what they’ve done with the WSS stuff so far.)

    Please turn this stuff around! Frankly, I liked it better when it wasebad but at least they sang more, then now when they’re trying to focus on plot and its just not up to snuff.

    • Darcy says:

      They are going to be doing a lot of WSS numbers in episode 5 in costume and for opening night-so maybe you will like those better. I’ve really liked the songs we’ve seen so far even though it was just for auditions. I do agree that I like more songs too but the only episode that didn’t have a lot of songs was the second one. From what I’ve seen the upcoming episodes will have more songs.

  7. Connie says:

    I am really liking this season. I do hope that the main characters do find ways to stay on the show, they are all very talented. I know the new Glee project kids are going to be awesome.
    Ryan Murphy and his team are always doing great keeping us involved in all these story lines!

  8. William says:

    Does this mean that the Kurt/Mercedes friendship is back on track?! FINALLY!

  9. Andy says:

    Honestly, I think people (by people I mean eccentric fans) expect too much from Glee. I still like Glee, I think its fun and upbeat and a real change from all the drama, procedurals, or 30 minute laugh track comedies with seasick camera angles thats on TV. The fans ruin Glee for me. Its complain, complain, complain. Fans complained that there was too little Rachel in S2 and speculated thats why it sucked, now theres too much Rachel? Fans complained about Glee adding Sam, yet another new character but threw a fit when he left? Fans complained about too much Finchel, now theres not enough? Fans complained about screen time for Santana and Britney, now because they are one dimensional characters they should’ve stayed in the background? Fans complained about Kurt having a love life, but now theres too much Klaine? Fans complained about Mercedes screen time only to realize once she became a raging beyotch, they want her downsized? Complain. Complain. I’m over it. I like Glee and still think its better than 90% of the shows on TV. Its fun and an escape from my nut rider of a boss.

    I’m interested too see how they mash up the two songs, the meanings of the songs are so different. I know Shelby’s group is an all girls group, but its really just Mercedes and Santana singing, since Sugar and Brit aren’t that great. They have 4 members. Whoop de do. I’m not liking the selfishness of Mercedes and Santana and in the promo Mercedes sways Santana to join by telling her they would get all the solos. Selfish. Its annoying that after 3 years, ND still can’t work together.

  10. C says:

    I really don’t want to see Alex on the show, maybe just bring in Marissa instead or keep Lindsey for 3 more episodes. That would be nice.

  11. Lexie says:

    Okay, so I love this season. I don’t care about the extra drama that’s being added. I think it’s all important to the individual plot lines, and I love it. Hate to break it to all of you, but this IS what high school is like. And everyone is saying that this show is too “gay.” I came out in high school along with sixty other kids. We all did theatre and choir. I’m actually surprised that there aren’t MORE gay kids at McKinley/in the glee club. Just saying. People really need to get over their homophobia, and I think Glee is doing a great job in showing that homosexuality is a great thing, and that it’s not a detriment to anybody.

  12. wicked says:

    “[…]seems to be having no problem fitting in with the cast of TV’s hottest show[…]”

    The plugging of this show on this website is shameless.

  13. Kristyn says:

    I LOVE this season! Season 2 was pure crap. I’m so glad that Jayma is in every episode so far, and I hope that continues. I’m glad for less songs b/c I felt that they had TOO many songs in the episodes last season. I love it that their main focus is the main cast and their storylines rather than numerous of ridiculous guest starts, band tributes…etc. Glee has got it RIGHT this season! Kudos to RIB and the new writers for one of the Best season’s so far!:) I can’t wait to see what the rest of this season brings:)

  14. Kristyn says:

    Lol, I meant Guest Stars. Anyway, I’m SO excited for season 3 of Glee! :)

  15. STW says:

    Dear Ryan Murphy:

    The Pilot was NOT Broadway centric; it had one actual, full Broadway song by Rachel. The other Broadway related numbers were snippets from Kurt, Hank-the-guy-getting-Rachel’s-solos-when-Sandy-was-director, a a line from “Sit Down You’re Rocking the Boat.” The Grease number gained fame as a move, not Broadway. Finn sang a classic 80s REO Speedwagon number. Mercedes sang Aretha; Tina sang Katy Perry. Will, in the number that got cut, sang John Denver. The song that made people fall totally in love with the show was Journey’s.

    All in all, Season 1 had very little Broadway; certainly MUCH less than has been shoved down our throats in just 3 episodes of Season 3. Classic Rock is where Glee goes big and does something new & creative that sets people buzzing.

    Oh, and Ryan–the “kids” don’t need to be grounded; they’ve been totally fine all along. What needs to be grounded is the wandering, rambling, patchwork collection of stories that have been cobbled together in S3 so far.

    Finally, I’ll say it once again because your comment leaves me no choice:

    You say, “In the meantime, the show will focus on the core characters and, in case you haven’t noticed so far this season, that means a lot of Broadway numbers.”

    The CORE CHARACTERS OF THE SHOW in Seasons 1 & 2 were Finn and Rachel (and Will). You have not focused on Finn at all; you have dropped him and put Kurt and Blaine in his place. I love Kurt; I have nothing about Blaine. But they were not core. Cory Monteith’s Finn Hudson was core, and you’ve given him 8 minutes of screen time in the season so far and have cut many of the little bit you did film of him for those episodes. Shut up already about focusing on the “core characters”; until Finn’s personal stories–not just his being a boyfriend, although that’s great, but his PERSONAL, INDIVIDUAL JOURNEY gets the time and focus it always had in S1 & S2–time and focus that exactly equaled that given to Lea Michele’s Rachel Berry–you have no credibility in your claim that Glee has gone back to basics.

    Go back and watch the show you started and see who the main, core characters were. Go back to them and finish their stories with solid storytelling that brings their journeys to satisfying conclusions.

    (And yes, if and when you drop Cory Monteith from the show, I will cease watching it; already, with so little focus on him this year, Glee is careening wildly out of balance. His character is essential to what Glee is about; without him, you’re telling some sort of story, but it isn’t Glee.)

  16. Cari says:

    Is anyone else waiting for Ryan Murphy to get to the end of the year and then say, “Just kidding! This was all a dream! They’re really freshmen again!”

  17. bcmom says:

    I’ve always thought that Barry Manilow’s “One Voice” would be perfect for New Directions. Great song for the group that has been ridiculed in the yearbook,slushied for being different, and shoved into lockers.

  18. Erin says:

    I Love Brittany and Artie together and want them to be together bcuz they were soo cute and just awesome to each other until he called her stupid but they should get back together forrsure and stay together. Brittany is my favorite girl character and Artie is my favorite guy character. I love Brittany bcuz she is fun, ditsy, corky, nice to almost everyone and thats just how i am and i just love that she is finally getting more songs to sing and that she is going to be one of the main focases this year because i think she deserves it she has worked really hard for it and cant wait to see it. I like Artie because he isnt afraid to say what he thinks and he doesnt care what people think of him because he is very confident and hes just funny, nice and cute lol. I love Heather Morris she is soo gorgous and successful in what she does she has made great friends from Glee like Naya Rivera she is gorgous also and very good at what she does she is my second favorite girl character cuz she is also funny,and pretty and she cares about what people think thats why she hasnt come out to anyone except Dave, and Brittany and i think Quinn because she saw what Kurt went though and doesnt want to go through that cuz it tore Kurt apart on the inside. I love that Kurt and Blaine are dating they make the cutest couple ever. I love that Blaine joined the New Directions for Kurt i also love he doesnt care what people think about him and he loves himself and thats good Kurt needs someone like that in his life. Im glad Kurt came out in the first season because he needed to be excepting of himself and just finally come out and say IM GAY AND IM PROUD. I think it makes the show more intresting and there is more drama and i just love the storylines i think that they are just Priceless and noone can beat it. Im the BIGGEST FAN ever of Heather Morris I know everything about her because i love her so much i love her storyline on the show how she is trying to make santana except who she is like she has excepted herself i dont think her and Santana should date but they are awesome friends and should stay how they are. Santana needs to come out and be exceptive of herself and people will not pick on her if she stands up for herself but anyways. GLEE IS AWESOME AND SO IS HEATHER MORRIS <3 love you heather keep on doing what your doing and get back together with Artie he misses you and loves you you can tell but plzz i love you guys together and cry when i see you guys not together it just makes me upset and i love you dont forget that <3 :)

  19. Jim says:

    Pete TOWNSHEND. Weird spelling, but true. Maybe they could do an entire episode where they perform Psychoderelict (his unproduced 1991 rock opera CD). Hahahaha! Seriously, though, listen to it (in the “music only” version – the talky bits are crap). It’s some good music.

  20. Blah says:

    To be honest I could really care less for klaine and brittana…. I just want some finchel action and am hoping & praying for a quinn/puck reunion! Who gives a damn about all the happily gay couples…. I know I don’t…..

  21. Blah says:

    And I hope I don’t sound homophobic, because I know I’m not, I’m just saying I’m getting tired of all the gay couples getting the spotlight a good 80% of the time. It’s getting incredibly boring.

  22. shawn says:

    i think that glee needs some fresh blood to keep things going. the show peaked early and is playing catch up now with the plot. as much as i love everyone i wish that they would have made everyone seniors and slowly phase in new people starting this year and fill in the holes next year. just keep will, emma and beiste (i love sue but her character is too over the top and its old) at the end of the day i would have prefered them to not have made each season of the show a whole year of school but they did it the first season so they set up that expectation. also i think that they are wasting lindsays talent if she’s just going to appear in a rival club, she’s much more talented than sam larsen (who i dont think deserved a win over hannah or marissa) i really loved hannah and im hoping that maybe she still gets cast on the show. she didn’t have the best voice but i thought she was a talented actress and maybe could be a more realistic character than some of the current ones. i would think that getting back to the basics would mean going back to the show being funny and whitty while still being realistic, i personally hated the whole mike in the ballet room seeing his dad and tina thing, yeah since that really happens in real life….. speaking of tina, does she get a story line or is she just there to stare at mike’s abs. they never really wrapped up her and artie and now its just been too long for them to go back to it. and (last part of my rant) i hope that alex will be in new directions and will struggle with his gender identity, and i hope that they can keep it light hearted but still get a point across….but this is only if his acting skills got better since glee project ended otherwise there’s no point for his cameo

  23. Ella says:

    Ok. I’ve loved glee ever since I first watched the pilot. Ok so if you are a glee fan why r u complaining??? Those comments are full of negative things About the show, while others are trying to say when Finn is in glee. If you loved glee like I do, you wouldnt complain about the show, but appreciate it. If you don’t like glee, why are you reading this article and my comment?

  24. Kim says:

    my promo is on here. yay thats cool :)

  25. jcrissrid says:

    I feel like there are too many characters coming in and too much going on. There hasn’t been a lot of focus on the what is going on in their relationships. I admit, I’m tired of the triangles and the coming out’s..etc, but I miss seeing what’s going on in Finn’s head and I miss normal Blaine and Kurt conversations of Season 2. I think we get glimpses of the things that I loved about the show and the feelings, but because there are so many stories happening with so many characters, I don’t feel attached.

  26. brnigrlfl says:

    wow, everyone has an opinion. its great. some i agree and some..not so much. let me start with glee itself. when i watched season 1. the thing i noticed is.. hey this is going to really be something that kids and even adults will relate to. whether you are the popular one or the outsider, this was your show. it gave you the chance to pick a character that best portrayed who you were or who you are. the story mainly focused on the underdog but there were lessons along the way that we could all understand. the spotlight was mostly on three characters finn, rachel, and will. it seemed the formula was that everyone else in the cast were props or tools to enhance their characters. whether it was sue with will. or it was the endless triangles. the storylines normally started and ended with them. season 2. glee once again decided to stick to a formular that would relate to teens and adults. bullying. though the glee club was always picked on.. it wasnt until the kurt storyline evolved that it came to the forefront. was it a good move? absolutely. some say the focus was too much on kurts storyline. i think it was done well and it addressed what was going on in schools. they didnt forget the three major cast memebers. they continued to be the focus. something just got lost. glee changed. with flack from fans that their clone wasnt getting enough attention, glee scrambled. it was confusing, at times made no sense, and missed the mark alot of times. the season did succeed with the kurt storyline both with the bullying and being a gay teen. they introduced us to darren criss. who i may add has the most confusing character on television. i have to applaud him. once again a character brought on to not stand on its own but to be a prop or tool to broaden kurts storyline. to me that is fine. he was to be a guest for a few episodes and he didnt need much backstory or substance. just the name and he was to be one year older and a mentor. what glee tends to do and what they have done so many times. they move minor characters to the front, without guidance or substance. chord, not one storyline made him stand out. quinn and him were cold, santana and him, made no sense,and the mercedes relationship? fan pressured that mercedes needed someone. chord played sam in a confused way. and i felt it. lauren was the same. brought her to the front yet who the heck was she. all i saw was a wrestler who looked like she didnt wash her hair and acted tough. they did the same to darren. blaine is a tool. which is sad. darren criss was asked to play the mentor, then he was told hey be the same age and youre now the boyfriend. dont get me wrong though he has no clue who blaine is.. he pulled off that kiss. now he is asked to forget all that and now your younger than kurt.? this seems to be the issue i have with glee. not only do they not remember what they wrote a week ago, but they concentrate so much on the 3 core characters the tools are left to wing it. this is what happened alot in season two. now season 3. i understand ryan is trying to go back to season 1. which is great that formula worked. but thats not what we are getting. what we are getting is a pilot of the spin off within glee. it has become the kurt and rachel show. i believe the reason blaine is now younger isnt because he is the new cash cow, and i dont think the finn storyline being reduced is by accident. they arent in the spinn off! there are no real underdogs anymore. i hope glee wll stick to the formula and allow us to care about all of them. they also need not to be so threatened by fans and do what is best for the show. i hope the decisions they have made and are about to make work and dont get us back to scratching our heads going .. what were they thinking! i am fan and i really want to continue to live in gleeality. lets hope they deliver.

  27. Tony says:

    It’s just a TV programme… chill. x

  28. Nova Keegan says:

    So…I’m not so sure what to think of things. Glee’s 300th number being performed NOT by New Directions? What. The. Heck. And I feel like there are too many people from the Glee Project on here. Rory, I’ll admit, is a GREAT addition. And Sugar…she doesn’t have a huge part, which is good. And then Mercedes boyfriend just kinda has a mono-tone voice that bothers me. But now I’m really looking forward to this tribute episode! If these new episodes are like the one November 1st, Glee’s third season will finally be GOOD.

  29. Kayla says:

    i honestly don’t know why people are complaining about so much apparently “gay rights”…..there are two gay couples in the entire high school.. does that really sound that unrealistic and ridiculous to you? Plus, Kurt and Blaine are more than just a gay couple.. they are a power couple. They make each other stronger, and bring out the best in one another…just like two straight people could be. And, he same goes for Brittany and Santana. Santana sees what a wonderful and innocent person Brittany is when everyone else just see’s “dumb blonde” I dont love these couples because they are gay, (though i think the expression of gay rights is a wonderful plus…) i love them because there relationships are so true and organic and you can just see how truelyin love they are. And that’s not something you see very often in any couple, Straight or Gay.

  30. Peter Mitchell says:

    Calm down everybody- It is just a show on tv. A great show, and whether you like it or not, try to discuss things intelligently. Please have the charcters stay pure till marriage

  31. Eizabeth says:

    Actually I am surprised have of these rants you all call “comments” wre approved. This thing says everything monitored and to “not go off topic. OK so how in the heck di you all go from chatting about Glee to agruing over gay rights and “who’s a homophope”?

  32. laura says:

    I didn’t like the first 4 episodes of the 3rd season. This is the last year for a lot of glee members. Therefore I hoped this would be a good season where they all focus to win nationals together. I dont like all the new glee project people. They steal what little time is left for our old and favorite glee members. Also I didnt like most songs performed (only last friday night or what it is called). The Glee feeling is totally gone. If it stays this way this show is better off canceled.

    So, please dump that Damian kid, bring back Chord NOW, make the old glee members a real team. Let them sing fun and popular songs, let them experience some hard times and let mr Shue help them out.

    Leave the new kids for next season.

  33. glee fan says:

    Look, Glee’s a great show and yes, it has gone downhill a bit because it needed to steer away from the season 1 story line because it would just get boring. It’s supposed to cover all aspects of high school which, if you’ve ever been to high school, you would know is a lot. I agree with the whole too-much-focus on gay thing and I am an avid gay activist. Seriously, like Rachel, I have two gay dads. Just high school isn’t gay this and gay that and OMG there’s another Finchel crisis. Change is good, Glee is good and while your complaining now about hating certain aspects of the show, if they weren’t there you would find other things to hate about it.

    This conversation is completely moot without the actual writer weighing in and while I love Glee and support it fully, you’re all getting scarily definsive about it and honestly, it’s incerdibly entertaining to read because you all sound like major twats.

  34. Tally says:

    I wish they would stop making the gay relationships about the characters being gay, if that makes sense. As in, the Klaine and Brittana relationships have centered a lot around the struggles gay teens face as a political statement, and while I realize these are important, I think it would be very powerful for there to be a gay couple that’s treated just like any straight couple would be. They do seem to be moving toward this, though, which is good.

  35. NoWords says:

    I like the way the show is going right now. Glee Season 1 and 2 were awesome, but now, it focuses on ALL the main characters. Some got pushed back because their story was told, but will be brought up again later in the season. People are saying this season will be bigger, about 23-25 episodes. That’s enough time to get ALL these storylines in. I hate that “Gleeks” are leaving the show because they are mad because their favorite character isn’t having a big story line yet or either left the show(Sam-Chord Overstreet), which he will be back in Episode 8,and now these “Gleeks” are saying their waiting for him to come back before they watch. He really didn’t have a storyline in Season 2, he had like 2 episodes focused on him, that’s it. And these fans get all mad because he refused to come back and they blamed Ryan Murphy. Finn and Rachel had a great run for Season 1 and 2, and now, it’s time to focus on other characters. Sam coming back will be interesting, but I will always stick to Glee no matter what. Even when some of these kids leave the Show after graduation.. I wonder how many true “Gleeks” will stick around. Doesn’t matter if your favorite character is leaving after this season be happy and move on people. There is more talent out there waiting. And don’t forget, we’ll still have Artie, Tina, Rory, Sam, (Samuel Larsens Character), and many new people to entertain us. Let’s not be haters for the way Glee is, lets just enjoy the cast while we can. :3

  36. PuckelberryMadness says:

    I really want some Puckelberry to begin again.
    Im not a huge fan of Finchel :/

    I want more scenes of Puck and Rachel ;)
    Maybe the reason he feels in love with Shelby is because she reminds him of Rachel ;)

    Hopefully that’s how the season ends with Rachel and Puck together :P

  37. lydiaglee says:

    i think that glee is the most amazing and inspirational tv show ever and the musical numbers are amazing aswell . they should not graduate and stay back to win nationals like one of the vocal adrenaline members , no one wants to see the current members leave , but it does depend on them aswell of course . please keep GLEE running for as long as you all can , thank you

  38. Nicole Martinez says:

    Glee just needs more excitement with juicy th

  39. Nicole Martinez says:

    *details and I think glee should be more fun than drama with things like how desperate housewives has something juicy in every show something that keep people interested like that!