Glee Scoop: Jonathan Groff Returns as [Spoiler]!

Jonathan Groff is bringing Jesse St. James back to Glee later this season, but there’s a twist — and a juicy one at that: The student has now become the teacher!

At an event celebrating the show’s 300th musical performance on Wednesday, exec producer Ryan Murphy revealed that Groff will appear in multiple episodes as [SPOILER ALERT] the coach of New Directions’ rival choir Vocal Adrenaline. (He was formerly the group’s lead singer.) Murphy added that Glee Project runner-up Alex Newell would ” have many scenes” with Groff.

Glee Spoiler Alert: Fresh Intel on Episode 7, “I Kissed a Girl”

Groff last appeared on Glee in the spring when Jesse returned to make amends with his ex, Rachel (played by Groff’s real-life BFF Lea Michele). Michele immediately took to Twitter to welcome her pal back. “So happy to have my best friend in the world Jonathan Groff back on Glee this year,” she wrote. “Makes me the happiest girl in the world!” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. mike says:

    I wonder if his return will have anything to do with Sam’s return?

    • Ecka says:

      LOL, no.

      Chord got a canned press release at 6 am in the morning, Groff gets a press conference & a Glee Project winner. Sam’ll be lucky to get more than 5 minutes of screen time, Jesse’s running VA for the season.

      • Angel says:

        Um, no, the media was on set for Glee taping their 300th musical performance today, not a special press conference for Groff’s return. They gave out scoop about upcoming storylines for November sweeps, etc. They did this last year as well.

      • Ruth says:

        exactly!! I Like all you say!! because can`t compare Jon supertalented charisma! with chord for me at least Jon is way better!

    • Sarah says:

      I am sooooooo happy about this but I soooo CALLED this in the begining!!!! LOVE JESSE SAINT JAMES!!!

    • Mike says:

      Wow this show now has more characters than band of brothers, who gets face time, lines ,songs ,and now two new errr old have come back , what are they thinking? writing is all over the place and to be honest losing what got it to the top!!!

  2. Alberto says:

    Shocking! I don’t know if I’m glad or if i’m not…

  3. Lisa says:


  4. AnaB says:

    Really, Glee?! REALLY??? I give up…

  5. Meg says:

    This may be the only reason I will continue to watch Glee.

  6. K_Frem says:

    Aye aye aye! I want them to focus more on New Directions, not other Glee clubs. Boo!

  7. Radina says:

    *does a happy dance* Finally, thank youuuu, omh Jesse, okay I will now leave you but great news for sure!

  8. Alex says:

    I’m shocked. Dumbfounded even. This return actually seems to be based on established character behavior, and not just the want to put the actor back on our screens. Bravo Ryan Murphy!

    • DifficultDiva says:

      YES. I’m very pleased with this new Glee casting news. The Jessie character always was able to drive plot, while Sam was never able to “fit” in anything that TPTB produced last year. Good job, Murphy.

    • LACEY says:

      Now that you’ve applauded RM he’s going to change his mind and destroy Jesse

  9. Randi says:

    Yay!!!! I love him. His voice is amazing! I don’t care if he is the bad boy, as long as he is on the show I’m happy!

  10. Michael Sacal says:

    Sounds more like he goes back as a cautionary tale that no matter how big you may be in high school, it doesn’t matter in the real world.

    • Jessica says:

      I absolutely love you for this comment. Don’t know if this is the way the writers will go, but I definitely like this idea.

  11. Kiki says:

    AWESOME!!! i love him, so glad he is back :)

  12. Ana Muller says:

    YES YES YES! He could return as the school genitor and I would still be happy.

    • Toodles says:

      “genitor?” Really? It appears Education demands more of a focus than the economy in this country. Unless you’re from abroad?

      • Ambee says:

        And we all know spelling is linked to intelligence… oh wait. It isn’t at all, which means it likely has no bearing on someone’s ability to receive and absorb a good education.

  13. A says:

    It’s “Jessie” not Jesse.

  14. Dan says:

    Nice! His coming on the show late in season 2 seemed rather forced but this seems really cool and natural, especially after what happened after what happened at the end of last season.

  15. Carda says:

    hmmm as much as I like me some Jesse St. James ..this isn’t very creative. He has been musical advisor already, so it’s not that muuuuch of a change and nothing really “shocking” :/

  16. Babygate says:

    As far as I’m concerned, he can stay away. I do not like his character, never did. I try to ignore him when he’s on the screen.

    • Hawkndove says:

      I agree. I never liked his character, and I wasn’t really all that impressed with his singing. And don’t even get me started on the first season finale with Vocal Adrenaline taking the prize. I thought their “winning” performance was terrible!

    • yep says:

      I love Jon Groff amazing actor and singer. But don’t and will never care for Jesse St James. I thought he was gone after New York. Just more outside showmen and clubs to take away time and talent from the New Directions. Not really interested in Glee project people anyway. More outsiders there too. I’ll be like you Babygate just ignore that part of those episodes. Bummer.
      Really enjoying the storylines as they are presenting themselves right now just not including JSJ.

    • D says:

      Are you kidding me. Bohemian Rhapsody was one of the best performances in the show. I was pretty impressed and it was the reason that hooked me in the show

  17. Kate says:

    So Cheyenne Jackson never got a chance to sing on “Glee”? What a bummer.

  18. Kyle says:

    I hate him. Errr. Keep him away.

  19. Jon says:

    This is great! And it does really make sense with his character. One part I do not like is Alex Newell. I’m glad he only has bit parts in 3 episodes because I just cannot stand to watch him. And before you say I’m a homophobe, I’m a gay man myself, he just annoys me.

    • Mark says:

      He’s way too over the top and that’s coming from someone that really likes Kurt as a character. Kurt’s over the top himself and Alex just somehow manages to top even that. I hope he’s not in the show much.

    • katie says:

      This WAS the best news I had read today until I got to the part about several scenes with Alex. Was not a fan of him on TGP, as I am not a fan of anyone who frequently shrieks.

    • ugh! says:

      Alex… >.< Can't stand him either. I'd prefer Hanna or Marissa be on the show over him. He was so arrogant.

    • Sarah says:

      I can’t stand Alex either.

    • Sam says:

      I’m pretty sure almost nobody actually likes Alex. He was probably one of the least liked characters on the entire show. Why are they bringing him on Glee over Marissa, Cameron, or Hannah again???

    • Claire says:

      Wait a minute! I thought Alex was only supposed to get two shows. Did they maybe mean to say Samuel?

  20. Mike says:

    Jesse Sucks

  21. Lisa says:

    How would he be a coach if he’s never been to college? Come on…realism please!

    • Athena says:

      What’s going to college got to do with running a show choir? The only one who has is Will & he ain’t so hot at it, is he.

      • Cas says:

        I don’t know about Ohio, but in my state, you have to have at least a bachelor’s degree to be a teacher. I suppose he could be an aide or an assistant of some kind.

    • Andrew says:

      Since he’s not gonna be a teacher, just a “coach” of a performing group, then I don’t think he needs a degree. But who knows? Just wait and see!!!!!!

  22. Casey says:

    I love that half the comments on here are complaints. The man has a fantastic voice. He should be using it on the show. Maybe that’s just my opinion, but oh well. (:

  23. Joe says:

    It was great news until he is stuck with that annoying Alex. Urgh.

    He better have scenes with Lea.

  24. Ruth says:

    Amazing!! I´m so happy!! to see Jon Groff again on glee!!! He is so talented!!

  25. Lev says:

    Crap. I’m going to have to start watching Glee again. Maybe I can just youtube Groff’s scenes.

  26. Mindy says:

    BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! Season 2 (with the exception of the Warbler scenes)sucked until he came back on the show. Good move Glee!

  27. Sina says:

    A reason to watch Glee again!!

  28. Mr. M says:

    Love Jonathan but why oh why do they have to make him spend time with that horrible kid from TGP?! I´m really dreading seeing Alex in my TV ugh!

  29. Rex says:

    Yay! First Sam and now Jesse. Woo Hoo! Glee is pulling out all the stops this season. Well, OK, that may be a bit of an overreaction. But I’m a happy camper. Now, who’s this whiny Alex you’re all b*tching about?

  30. Nikki says:

    I love this news so much!!!! Love J Groff

  31. kj says:

    More of Jonathan Groff is NEVER a bad thing.
    Ah carumba.

  32. Shelbie says:

    Having Jonathon back on Glee is incredible.

    ahhh the excitement. <3

  33. Kim says:

    I really don’t care much about Jesse…always found him to be a jerk. I do however think it will be the ultimate prize for ND to beat Jesse and VA. I really think that is the main point for his return.

    • yep says:

      If this does happen this will be the only thing good about his returning to the show to be VA director. Love Jon Groff but not Alex. Yuck

  34. Sara says:

    I’m still PISSED that they had Cheyenne Jackson on the show but WOULDN’T LET HIM SING!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!

  35. Kelsh says:

    bring chord overstreet backkkkkk)’:

  36. skye says:

    im new to glee, so i have absolutely no clue who this jesse dude is

  37. Sarah says:

    Not excited with Jesse coming back.

  38. CT says:

    He lives to spit again…!

  39. Kate says:

    I don’t like him. He smashed eggs on Rachels head.

    • Marie says:

      You do realize that Finn is also guilty – he threw eggs at her house and tormented her.

      • Ashley says:

        That’s not the same. Although it was really crappy, Finn did that before he got to know Rachel and before he was friends with her.

        Jesse lied to Rachel while they were together, and then betrayed and humiliated her after acting like a friend that was trustworthy. What he did was much worse.

        • Marie says:

          In my eyes – Finn is just as guilty. He has been in school with Rachel from day 1 from what I’ve read. They have all grown up in Lima so he has had many opportunities to get to know her and didn’t – he just tormented her like everyone else did. Finn lied to Rachel too. Remember trying to get her to come back to Glee? Pretending to be interested in her and kissing her while actually still being in a relationship with Quinn? Also – she kissed Noah and that made him break up with her because she cheated. Then Finn gets Quinn to cheat on Sam with him – forgiving Quinn for having a baby with Puck and not Rachel for kissing him? Then being a cheater himself? He’s done a lot to Rachel while dating her. Jesse isn’t innocent, but Finn is just as guilty of different things. I think Finn’s actions are worse because he has done it over and over again.

  40. S. from A. says:

    wohoooo : D yes. i simply love groff and jesse x)
    maybe there some st. berry is going to happen and just for once they gonna do it right and give groff’s character a better chance.

  41. lisa says:

    ew.. i never liked jessie st. james character. All he ever brings with him is trouble for the New Directions. DEAR RYAN MURPHY, the New DIrections BETTER BEAT VOCAL ADRENALINE THIS SEASON!!!

  42. Tony says:

    Cant stand Alex. I agree that Hannah or Marissa would be so much better to have on the show. Alex has zero redeeming quality. Will not watch his episodes.

  43. cmj says:

    Could we kill him off by running him down while Mercedes sings Pink Caddilac? Please. Nothing would make me happier than never bringing him back.

  44. C. says:

    I agree with a few people on here. I hate Jesse because he is a total dink and I can’t really stand Jonathan Groff either because of how similar they seem to me. But Jon is an amazing actor and singer, so I have to give him props for that.

    The one thing I can’t stand on here is reading the comments people put about Glee, about how all these changes are making glee go downhill etc. etc. Now, that may be your opinion but still, Glee was made off of making risks and it has made risks ever since it first started. Heck, it was a risk making the show in the first place.

    It really hurts to read the negitave comments, because Glee pulled me out of a void of depression and completely changed my outlook on life and my behavior. It showed me to be positive and come out of your shell and be who you really are.
    Despite what anyone says, I think this will be the best season yet. (Sorry for my rambling, but this needed to be said.)

    • Leslie says:

      I have watched Glee since the pilot episode first aired on May 19, 2009 and I also think it’s been a positive influence in my life.

      Of course, there are some things I haven’s liked (Mr. Schuester’s rapping in Season 1; Rachel being really annoying in Season 2; Blaine’s wardrobe choices in season 3) but overall I have really enjoyed the storylines, and especially the musical numbers.

      I’m really looking forward to November 1…

    • JR says:

      What you’ve said is just plain wrong. Jonathan Groff, save the talent, are nothing alike. Jonathan Groff is known for being notoriously grounded, humble and sweet. I had the chance to meet him after a recent play that I saw him in and he far surpassed my expectations. He went out of his way to talk to fans, take photos and was still hanging out and chatting with a small group of folks when I left. And ego? No way… he made self deprecating comments and tried to build-up the self esteem of an insecure teenager. If anything too good to be true!

      So glad he and his HUGE talent are back on Glee!

  45. riley says:


  46. Chris says:

    As much as I love Jonathan Groff…Jesse St. James is such a poorly written character. His dialogue is contrived and he’s a total arrogant bully. Plus he comes off really gay…even down to the way they costume him. Now before you jump down my throat…I’m gay, so I’m not being homophobic here. Now I know Mr. Groff is gay in real life…but I have seen his other work and I know he is able to play a straight man.

    • AT says:

      Huh. It’s entirely the opposite, he’s a complex-written character. He’s a bully but haven’t you ever notice how he comes off soft whenever he’s with Rachel. I get that not all people can see the obvious that he’s using his facade/showface not to appear as a weakling. Because let’s face it, if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be able to make it to the top. And that’s always been his one goal.

  47. C. says:

    Yes, this comment is off topic, but I am wondering why everyone hates Alex Newell. I just looked him up because I didn’t watch the Glee Project because it wasn’t available in my region. From what I saw there was no reason to hate on him. Don’t tell me you all are homophobic -.-

    • Sam says:

      Nobody likes Alex because he is basically the result of sticking Mercedes and Kurt into a blender and pressing Puree.

    • Ruth says:

      Yes is just like the others people said to you, he is annoying in a bad way don`t a cute way like Rachel, in the Glee proyect he make us don`t like him!!

  48. Larkynn says:

    Ok, I see how it could be good, but when he came back last year I wanted to shoot myself! Same when Sam left. Hoping Sam keeps his midsize part and Jesse’s is smaller

  49. Lisa says:

    Love Jesse – LOVE GROFF! Yummy!

    But Many scenes with Alex? Seriously? Alex needs one scene in 2 episode and done! Not a fan and those that are are few and far between.

    Now Damien and Groff? Yummy times 2!