Exclusive: Cougar Town Stages Major Scrubs Reunion With Zach Braff and Other Fan Faves!

This calls for a hug and a big ol’ high five!

The guys behind Scrubs daydreaming leading man and its most lewd and crude character are finally making their way over to a little place called Cougar Town. Of course, there are only two people we could possibly be referring to: Zach Braff and Robert “The Todd” Maschio.

Cougar Town Cameos: Who’s Popped Up Where?

TVline has learned exclusively that both former Sacred Heart residents have landed guest spots on a Season 3 episode of the ABC comedy, which returns at midseason. Details about each role are being kept under wraps for now, but we can tell you that Braff will appear in the flesh this time around, and not as the voice on another one of Laurie’s silly appetizer apps like he did in Season 2.

But wait, it gets even better! The same C-Town installment will feature three additional Scrubs alums. Yes, three!

Scoop: Cougar Town Couple Heads Into Therapy With Nicole Sullivan

Sarah Chalke will already be in the midst of her major arc as Bobby’s gal pal when the guys drop by early next year, while Sam Lloyd and Ken Jenkins are set to reprise their roles from previous seasons as a ukulele-playing bum (named Ted!) and Jules’ dad, respectively.

Which Scrubs fave are you most excited to see on the cul-de-sac? And more importantly, when will we see Donald Faison? Hit the comments!

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  1. chocolatebear says:

    ’bout time.

  2. scooterbeanbag says:

    Awesome! I sure hope all 5 are together in the same scene and there’s some meta joke about how they each know one another.

  3. erin says:

    sam lloyd actually did play his scrubs character of Ted in the season 2 finale. not just a ukelele-playing bum.

    • erin says:

      but as a scrubs and cougar town fan i think this seasons gonna rock!

    • Josh says:

      Righto. It was a guitar.

    • wait! says:

      i’m not sure if he really played his scrubs character, because ted would have known courteney cox’s character on scrubs from when she was dean of medicine.

      • Snapy says:

        How can you even doubt it was Ted? He even mentioned the Gooch!

      • tom says:

        well he said his name was ted buckland and his girlfriends name was gooch, which was her name at the end of scrubs and she ran off with hooch, who he said was crazy, which he was.

        • Say, what? says:

          I don’t remember The Gooch running off with Hooch at the end of Scrubs. I though she and Ted took off on some whirl-wind world tour, or something. Didn’t they? Hooch is crazy.

          • Dav says:

            It didn’t happen on Scrubs. It was only refered to in the Cougar Town episode which featured Sam Lloyd (who was playing his character of Ted).

        • Snapy says:

          I think it’s been established that every character in the shared Scrubs/Cougar Town fictional universe has a doppelganger.

          • Muh says:

            Doppelganger…? Looks like the german word “Doppelgänger”. Why don’t you say “double” or is this the wrong word for that?

          • anon anon says:

            @Muh: Doppelganger has been somewhat colloquially appropriated to mean (as you suggested) “double.” I don’t think most people realize that the correct usage refers to specifically paranormal/evil doubles.

        • Mindy says:

          Hooch is crazy. I didn’t see this episode of Cougar Town. But, did Gooch really run off with Hooch?! I mean, Hooch is crazy, for crying out loud. How sad.

      • LD says:

        CC’s character in Cougar Town isn’t the same one she played in Scrubs, Ted was Ted in both series’ though.

  4. FanGirl304 says:

    Bring Back Sunny Day!!!

  5. Sigh. Now I actually have to get around to watching COUGAR TOWN!

  6. Annabelle says:

    All of them…bring Scrubs back period!!! NBC needs a hit comedy to replace the ho-hum Dunder Mifflin fodder…so glad C-Town has the good sense to snag these actors!

  7. geteel says:

    I could sure go for a few new Dr. Cox rants!

  8. fernando says:

    Donald Faison is suppose/getting married and excited for Zach and “The Todd”.

  9. Tori says:

    Ahhh! So excited for this but I’m dying with curiosity as to what sort of characters they’re going to be playing. Cougar Town is basically one of my favorite shows to be excited over now and bringing back some of the actors I’ve grown to love through Scrubs is just the icing on the cake.

  10. Francisco says:

    The GOOCH and TED!!

  11. Elizabeth says:


    Love this news!!!

  12. Bill says:

    To quote Dr Cox This show could be “circling the drain”thats what normally happens when the networks bring in people from great shows to help out others.

    • Farrah says:

      nah, Bill Lawrence always brings in actors from his previous work…he did this on Scrubs all the time, with everyone from Spin City guesting…which was also created by Bill Lawrence, just like Cougar Town and Scrubs.

      • ^^ says:

        That’s true: Michael J. Fox, Richard Kind and Alan Ruck. Good point.

        • I_Captain Blanco says:

          Oh, that wasn’t all: they also had Michael Boatman, Alexander Chaplin, Heather Locklear, and the great Barry Bostwick on SCRUBS as well. In addition, Robert Maschio and Sam Lloyd first appeared on SPIN CITY before becoming mainstays on SCRUBS later.

  13. Eric says:

    Wait, so they’re all gonna be in the same episode? As in Ted is gonna see 4 people who look like his former coworkers? That’s awesome!

  14. joy says:

    I hope so too!!

  15. Marc says:

    Hooch is CRAZY!

  16. DINANA says:

    This is *AWESOME* Just bring back SCRUBS already! I miss it so…

  17. Eliza says:


  18. Scrubsfan4life says:

    It’s about time I need some Turk and jd action bring back scrubs it will trump all others!!!

  19. Alex says:

    Yesssss! Maybe scrubs will come back I guess dreams do come true

  20. lacey says:

    This is such exciting news! Of course now I want Cougar Town to return.

  21. Jessica says:

    Could he be coming back as JD? I know they live in “Florida” but it could happen

  22. Ricky Powell Muhalule says:

    jus cnt wait,3 of cougar towns characs were in Scrubs,so its gud to flip that too..agen,cnt wait.

  23. PDX says:

    Don’t forget to catch Neil Flynn, Scrub’s “The Janitor” as Dad on another very good sitcom, The Middle. They often manage to channel the zaniness that only Scrubs and Monty Python really personify!!!

  24. Kayley says:

    Its actually a 6 people reunion because Crista Miller was on scrubs.

  25. Tracey says:

    I loved Srcubs and I love Cougartown! I look forward so seeing some of the Scrub cast on Cougartown!!!!

  26. JJ says:

    I hope this brings a bunch of new viewers in so that more people realize that Cougar Town is the BEST show on TV!

  27. chris says:

    More stunt casting that won’t help this turd.

  28. Mark says:

    It’s so confusing the fact that Cougar Town is supposed to be in the Scrubs universe and yet Courtney Cox and others have played different characters on Scrubs AND Zach Braff the actor is also mentioned. So it’s like Zach Braff is essentially playing a third version of himself in whatever episode he is going to be in.

  29. ten says:

    I wish I liked this show… I tried, I really did. I will watch it for the scrubs characters though. :)

    • Patricia says:

      That’s exactly how I feel. I find Cougar Town demeaning, but I loved Scrubs and I would watch Zack Braff in anything.

  30. Kevvo says:

    This would be the only reason I watch that show. Sara’s other show bombed verrrry bad, and it was inevitable that the scrubs cadt get together for this show. Now is Colonel Doctor or Dr Beardface’ coming in next? What about Hooch? He needs a break from “The Suite Life”

  31. Kevvo says:

    You are so correct, “The Middles” is a great show indeed. Just wish the son would be dropped on his head and stop tossimg his toenails in the doritos bag.

  32. XK says:

    Anyone else notice that Courtney Cox’s boyfriend on Cougartown had a cameo on Castle last night? Reminded me a lot of the Cougartown/Community crossovers from last season. I’m curious if Cougartown actors will show up in other ABC shows this season while we wait for the mid-season launch?

  33. nick says:

    Hooch is crazy !!

  34. Sam says:

    This is cool news. I wonder if there would ever be any chance of a real scrubs reunion.

  35. CloMo says:

    Sooo excited about this news!!! can’t wait to see the Todd again!!! but the Scrubs character I’d like to see the most on Cougar Town is definitely Dr JAN ITOR!!!! ;)

  36. saleh na saleh says:

    wow you guys ar really amazing in the show.so keep it

  37. Sarah says:

    A Colonel Doctor cameo might be a bit difficult seeing as he died a few weeks ago.

  38. Chris says:

    Why aren’t we mentioning that Christa Miller is also a Scrubs alum…or is that just understood?

  39. don't leave The Todd hangin, bro says:

    Cameo Five! *wwwwa-toosh* *snap*

  40. grace says:

    get John C. mcginley!!!

  41. tigersmurfette says:

    so, along with major actors from scrubs, ct has also used their background characters too. i just rewatched season 2 ct and it had cabbage from scrubs(he was proposing to his gf and bobby and andy played penny can with the champagne glasses), and in the first season of ct the guy who installed jules new bathroom was in season 9 scrubs as a security guard. i’m waiting for snoop dogg resident, sunny, dr beardface. how many actors now have been on both?? cox, miller, jenkins, the actor who plays tom, cabbage, security guard/bathroom guy, barry bostwick, ted, braff, scott foley, i’m missing some….

  42. P. Ullisies says:

    As a big fan of Scrubs I’m naturaly a CTown fan.love to see the way the new story’s unfold, and maybe even Jonh C Mc Ginley could show up…….. I’d like to see tha………NUWBEY Yuuuuup ;)

  43. lacey says:

    I can’t wait for the Scrubs reunion on Cougar Town! I want Sarah Chalke, Christina Miller, and Zach Braff to all be in at least one scene together. Oh and if someone could call Sarah “Barbie” maybe I’ll miss Scrubs less.

  44. Mind says:

    I can’t get into Cougar Town, no matter how many episodes I watch. But, I loved Scrubs so much. I loved Robert Maschio as The Todd. And Zach Braff was so good in it. I will probably watch the Cougar Town episode just for them. I watched the one with Ken Jenkins. Though, I guess I must have missed the one with Sam Lloyd. Oh dear, the Gooch really ran off with Hooch? But…. Hooch is crazy!

  45. helen says:

    I want zb on the show. well he apparently will be, so thats that.
    then I want >> bill l.<< – I dunno what his non-priest character on scrubs was called (OI I haven't watched it too for long now -.-) but I want him on CT too! :D he says he is a terrible actor, but I loved him nevertheless. he is always fun to watch.

    wait.. I remember.. something.. he had a strange name I think. and they were talking about a vaaan. xD