Ratings: Two and a Half Men Rises for First Time Since Boffo Premiere, Hart of Dixie Hits High

Sorry, forever-quibbling Charlie, but Two and a Half Men this Monday reversed its downward trend by delivering 15.5 million total viewers and a 5.6 demo rating. Those gains of 2 and 5 percent mark the CBS hitcom’s first week-to-week upticks since opening the season to boffo numbers.

In turn, lead-out Mike & Molly also packed on more than a few percentage points, drawing 12.7 mil and a 4.4 rating.

Hart of Dixie‘s Wilson Bethel Talks of Wade’s Secret Bromance With George

Monday’s other big gainer was The CW’s plucky Hart of Dixie, which this week (just barely) bumped against the 2 million viewer ceiling (up 19 percent) and scored a 0.8 rating (up 33 percent), both of which mark series highs for the freshman charmer.

Elsewhere on Monday….

* Dancing With the Stars (17 mil/3.1) was the night’s most-watched program, dipping a bit week-to-week. Similarly, The Sing-Off (4.16 mil/1.5) was down a few percentage points.

Michael Slezak’s Dancing With the Stars Recap: Mad Maks

* Pending final numbers, Fox’s coverage of World Series Game 5 seems on par with Game 4, if not down a bit.

* CBS’ sitcombo of How I Met Your Mother (9.9 mil/4.3) and 2 Broke Girls (11.5 mil/4/6) both saw small gains. (Now if the Girls could just lose the creepy and utterly pointless chef, Oleg.) Gossip Girl (1.37 mil/0.6) drew 18 percent more eyeballs while holding steady in the demo.

* At 10 pm, a highly entertaining episode of Castle (11.11 mil/2.5) edged out Hawaii Five-0 (11 .02 mil/3.2) in total viewers, while the CBS crime drama dominated the demo. Both shows were flat week-to-week.

What were you watching this Monday?

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  1. Damon says:

    Sometimes I fail to see the logic on this website, why should he shut up? Have you even seen the show? It’s not even funny anymore. It’s just clingy and frikkin stupid, to put it blatantly.

    • Damon says:

      and AFAIK, he hasn’t even mentioned TAAHM in a looooooong time. He banked bigtime and went on to other things.

    • Bob says:

      Agreed it does suck; took it off my DVR last night

      • tgirl says:

        didn’t anyone notice that it was basically a recycled episode. Whalden seeing his ex to be on a date at the same theatre Alan ran into Judith. Then the guys pretending to be gay. Been there done that episode. How about a little more Jake etc. The only reason I tuned in was to see Alcide, True Bloods hot werewolf!

    • SAM says:

      Respectively must disagree. It’s funnier now than it has been in years. Sheen’s character got to the point where it was too close to reality in a scary way.

      • Sarah says:

        Last nights episode was the first I laughed at since Ashton took over from Charlie.

        • Pearl says:

          I have to say. I really was trilled with this week’s episode. I mean… I dont care if the show has done it with Allan. I just loved it! The script for that encounter was spot on.
          “Nice to meet you”
          “What was nice abou this?”
          Loved. Loved. Loved!
          I’m glad, tough, that the Ashton’s character looks like is going to be less about his marriage and more about his ways. I’m glad they stopped with the “all-girls-love-me” thing.
          This guy is not Charlie, and i dont want him to be.
          I NEED more Jake’s time!
          AND I NEED to see Jake being the man, who he is supposed to be.
          I thing they will go into a different direction, because its a new situation, no Charlie here. I dont want Ashton being an Charlie (Sheen)’s substitute. I want to him be a new character, and a new fun! That’s all.
          And i sure love how Ashton acted in this episode, looks like a more mature acting than the last ones. Walden being smarter, and sarcastic a little. I men, this guy is rich because he was smart enough to build something big! He cant be just the fool one, he has to be a “big kid” guy, but still intelligent.
          I think they’ll get there!

          • frando says:

            cantunderstand how you think the only acting is running around naked funny. there was nothing different about this episode.is the direction of the show going to be allan and walden(what an old man’s name) hooking up because it seems to be that way.ashton still acts like a baby.how many times are we going to see him naked and penis being mentioned?the boy needs to be replaced, he is too grown up and thin now.not the chubby boy seen in reruns

  2. JC says:

    The CBS affiliate in Baltimore was showing the Monday Night Football game last night, so expect all of the shows on CBS to be adjusted down when all of those Baltimore viewers are removed from the equation. (But of course, TVLine never posts the final ratings when they come out later in the day so we’ll never see the real numbers here.)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Alas, since our editorial purview encompasses much more than ratings, I leave the “final” ratings analysis to the fine gentlemen at TVByTheNumbers.com ;)

      • JC says:

        That’s perfectly understandable Matt. I just think a mention/disclaimer of the MNF situation in your story would have been appropriate.

    • Gloria says:

      CBS numbers are inflated because of the Monday Night Football. Those numbers will go down.

  3. Cenni says:

    Put one good comedy show on during that 30 minutes (and remind everyone to take 2.5 off their tivo’s) and you would see a big time decline. What’s on during that time, dancing, sports, and House. I am now watching pawn stars or going to bed early…LOL

    The show is simply not funny!

    • Holly says:

      Two and 1/2 Men has never been funny. The American viewing public has never seemed particularly bothered by that before. Actually, I don’t mean that as a slam — there’s stuff I find funny that most don’t, so it’s not like I’m the arbiter of what’s amusing. But I see no difference in the level of humor, so why would you think that would effect the ratings? If Dancing w/ the Stars, sports programming, and a longstanding drama can’t take down 2 1/2 Men, some new comedy isn’t going to do it.

      • jj says:

        no. i never found the show particularly funny. but it is downright unpalatable now. seriously, who is watching this dreck?

        • frando says:

          check out post by “pearl” above. Did not see anything funny about last nights show and I am watching it in Australia! same penis jokes, same sexual jokes, gay jokes,still hung up on his ex wife-move on already!is anything else going to happen on the show or is each episode going to feature him trying to get back with his ex wife. such a childish man!

  4. Dave says:

    Delighted for Hart of Dixie, a really great show.

  5. Mikaylah says:

    I don’t watch Two and a Half Men, but I am glad it is doing well without Charlie Sheen. People shouldn’t be rewarded for bad behavior, and I am so glad CBS held their ground through the debacle. I’m glad Hart of Dixie had some increase.

    • keke says:

      Then why do republicans who embark on hate campaigns keep getting elected?

    • arthur says:

      Are you delusional? Do you live in a Disney movie? The world isn’t fair. Quite the opposite, actually. If it were fair, would people with sex tapes get their own media eempires? Would kids gain fame and millions for going to the Jersey Shore and making complete arses of themselves, having anonymous sex without protection and getting into fights and arrested? People are rewarded for bad behaviour every day. If anything, the state of the world today encourages bad behaviour.

      • Sara says:

        Yo Arthur, chill! The above post says “people SHOULDN’T get rewarded for bad behavior” not that they don’t anyway. I’m sure he/she knows life isn’t fair and “celebrities” sometimes get rewarded for crap they do, but that doesn’t mean we have to take it. Don’t we have the rights to celebrate a little when karma does its job? Don’t rain on our parade, party-pooper!

  6. Kelly says:

    IMHO – 2 1/2 men was only up because HOUSE wasn’t on – guarantee next week it will take another nose dive. Show is just not as good without Charlie Sheen.

    • Sara says:

      This is what I was going to say! I actually watched 2-1/2 Men (and Mike & Molly) because House wasn’t on. It was “meh” but then again, I’ve never been a fan. Out of all the Chuck Lorre series, my favorite is Big Bang Theory (followed distantly by D&G). Can’t wait for House next week!

  7. Cloudy Knight says:

    The World Series pre-empted House, so some viewers probably watched Two & 1/2 Men instead. Let’s see what the numbers look like in November when all the networks are airing new episodes of their regular programs opposite one another.

    • maggie says:

      I agree. When House was on the numbers for Two and a Half Men went down. The only week they went up was when House wasn’t on. There will be a new episode of House next week, and I predict Two and a Half Men’s ratings will go down.

  8. Laur says:

    I watched the CBS line up yesterday. 2.5 men i think is goign down hill again regardless. idk i don’t seem to like it as much more. the others on CBS are good but mike and molly is by far the best.

  9. Mark says:

    Matt! I totally agree about Oleg. The worst part of the show. His lines are cringe inducing.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      There’s no way he makes it to Season 2, so why not cut losses and write him out ASAP?! Maybe the bartender-artist guy knows how to flip burgers?

      • Marcelino Vilcarino Jr. says:

        I disagree, I think his character is hilarious! I would be very upset if he didn’t make it to Season 2.

  10. Beth says:

    So glad that Hart of Dixie is doing well! I have tuned in each week and have not been disappointed. It’s a feel-good show that I’m happy got picked up. HIMYM was good too this week, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the season for that too. After catching up on all the episodes so I could watch this season “live,” I’m particularly excited! You can always read my thoughts on these shows and others by visiting http://www.tvmovielove.com.

  11. Alex says:

    Does Ausiello pay you extra every time the term “hitcom” is used?

  12. SK says:

    I love HIMYM, but last night’s episode was all kinds of awkward.

  13. Although I wasn’t into it before, we’re actually kind of missing The Lying Game. The only other show we watch on Monday nights is How I Met Your Mother, so our evening is essentially over at 8:30 now!

  14. Denise says:

    Why did you stop recapping The Sing Off? Love that show!

  15. Rigby says:

    Love Hart of Dixie! Wade is a babe! Someone seriously needs to b-slap Lemon and fast!

  16. Plum says:

    I tuned into TwoHalfMen to see Joe Mangianello, there wasn’t enough Joe in the show but damn his one line was pretty funny. Joe is funny and sexy, the whole…package doesn’t quite cover it. Joe Manganiello is the whole refridgerator.

  17. Lisa says:

    I watched Hart of Dixie and Castle, of course.

  18. fernando says:

    Yay congrats to the folks in Bluebell, I love Hart of Dixie, and i’m growing very big on Wade, didnt like him at first, im starting to love him lol.

  19. Charles Van Meter says:

    Two and 1/2 Men is the gayest show on network TV. Other than Jake, is there a single character that has not yet displayed homosexual proclivities?

    Waldon frenches Alan, Alan is…well, he’s the gayest he has ever been (and that’s saying a lot), Alan’s ex-wife thought she was a lesbian when the show first began, Alan’s mother admits to being a bi-sexual swinger, Judy Greer (i.e. formerly Aunt Myra, now Waldon’s wife) played a lesbian and kisses another woman on the latest episode, and least we forget, John Stamos says he did it with Charlie Harper. Did I leave anybody out?

  20. Rays says:

    Totally agree! Have always lived 2.5 and I gave it a shot but Ashton is NOT funny. His character is the same dumb man/child he always plays! Took it off my dvr and hopefully it will tank itself right off the air cuz that show is dead in the water now!

  21. Julie says:

    I wish I could see Hart of Dixie – My package w/Direct TV does not pick it up. This is probably why there rating are so low. Not as many people have it available to them. We get a lot of stations w/are package.

    Now, for Two and a Half Men. I feel it has become trash. My 21 yr. old daughter always watched it until this year. Now she will not. As she says “TMI”. She does not care to have to much sex, sex talk, and showing of sex. We all feel it belongs on another station. My husband does not even want it on in our house. We used to be able to sit down as a family and watch it. Now we feel uncomfortable in the same room. We do not watch the show anymore. It has become pure flith.

    • CurryFan says:

      OMG! Are you for real? This show has always had too much sex, sex talk and showing of sex. I don’t see how drunk, womanizer, VD ridden, cheating Charlie was anything that even approached “family values”. Unless you think the constant parade of scantily dressed women and boob talk is all about FAMILY. LMAO!!!

      The show hasn’t changed at all. They think of a premise that is funny and then do it to death. Every week we saw a different version of the following topics: “Charlie is a womanizer”, “no matter how bad Charlie is, things always turn out well for him”, “Charlie is good in bed”, “Charlie is a drunk who has sex with prostitutes”, “Alan is a loser”, “Alan can’t get a girl”, “Alan is jealous of Charlie”, “Alan is a leech”, “Jake is stupid”, “Jake eats a lot”, “Jake farts a lot and they smell terrible”.

      Recurring topics included: “Bertha is the boss of the house”, “Bertha’s family is screwed up”, “Evelyn was a bad mother”, “Evelyn is evil”, “Judith is a bitch”, “Judith is a ball-breaker”.

      Now they have introduced new topics such as: “Walden is a man-child”, “Walden is rich”, “women find Walden irresistible”, “Walden is depressed about his wife”, and so on.

      It’s still raunchy, cheap comedy. I don’t mind raunchy, cheap comedies, they have a place in this world, much as everything else does. I even watch them when I’m in the mood for that, and when I want more sophisticated comedies, there are some out there too. With or without Charlie, 2.5 Men is still the same show it always was. I don’t think it’s ground breaking television, or that it ever was, but I still enjoy it.

  22. hartofdixiefan says:

    was it me or did the guy that got turned blue in the last episode of hart of dixie, show are part of himself that usually doesn’t turn up on these kind of shows?

  23. Brandon says:

    You know what kind of a useless person you have to be if TV ratings excites? Unless you are a media buyer, of course.

    Life in front of the small screen, what a sad one it is.