Did Once Upon a Time Work Its Magic on You? Plus: What Questions Do You Have?

After months of buzz that seemed to last ever after, ABC premiered its fantastical new drama, Once Upon a Time, this Sunday night. If you checked it out, what did you think?

Once — as we, if only for headline-writing purposes, hope it will affectionately be called — used its pilot to establish that the Evil Queen, on Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding day, announced her plan to unleash a powerful curse upon the Enchanted Forest. But before the darkness descended, Snow and friends arranged to use an enchanted tree, fashioned by Gepetto and Pinocchio into a wardrobe, to safeguard one of them from the curse. As it would turn out, that refugee was Snow’s newborn daughter, Emma, whom Rumpelstiltskin (a scene-stealing Robert Carlyle) foretold to be the one person who could one day undo the evil curse.

Cut to: Modern-day Boston, where “bail bondsperson” Emma Swan is tracked down by a young lad named Henry. Toting a book of fairy tales, Henry reveals that he is the son Emma gave up for adoption 10 years prior, and he urges her to go with him to Storybrooke, Maine, where the onetime residents of the Enchanted Forest now live with no memory of their true identities or previous existence.

Once Upon a Time: Your Guide to the Magical Residents — Real and Fairy Real!

In Storybrooke, Emma immediately clashes swords with Henry’s adoptive mother, Regina — aka the town’s domineering mayor fka the Evil Queen. Then, when Henry goes missing, Emma meets Mary Margret Blanchard (nee Snow White), whom she does not know is her own mother. Upon finding Henry (at his “castle”) and trading sob stories with him, Emma decides to stay in town, this despite Regina’s threat to “destroy” her, “if it’s the last thing I do.”

What did you think of Once Upon a Time? Was it just fair or… fair, fairy good? Other discussion topics:

* How many Lost references did you pick up on? (E.g. Regina’s street address is 108, the clock was frozen at 8:15, a Geronimo Jackson bumper sticker on Emma’s Beetle…)

* Did you pick up on Granny’s goth-y granddaughter, Ruby, being Red Riding Hood? The jail cell grump being Grumpy?

* It would seem that Regina knows her true origin. Do you suspect Mr. Gold is aware of his, as well?

* Who do you think the Storybrooke sheriff was “before”?

* Next week, we will get the Evil Queen’s backstory, complete with the debut of Breaking Bad guy Giancarlo Esposito as the Magic Mirror (and a Storybrooke news reporter), plus Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood) guesting as the evil sorceress Maleficent. And in Episode 3, we see how Snow met her prince. Whose backstory do you also hope to see soon?

* Off the bat, who is your favorite character, from either world?

This poll was reset Sunday at 11pm PST due to anomalies caused by ‘robo-voting.’

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. scooterbeanbag says:

    Instant win. Already permanently added this to my DVR schedule. I did find it rather amusing that Henry would tell Emma that time stands still in Storybrook, despite clearly seeing the change from night to day in the same episode. Clearly, time would have to eventually pass.

    • English says:

      I think time standing still means that they don’t age because if Emma is Snow White’s daughter, Snow should look MUCH older.

      • Emgee says:

        Good point.

        • Andie says:

          I sort of assumed that the town of Storybrooke came into existence on the day Emma was transported to the real world, meaning the main characters from the curse – Snow White and Prince Charming – would be born on this day as well in the real Maine world.

      • scooterbeanbag says:

        Yeah, I figured that was what he meant, although I’m not exactly sure how Henry would exist as a 10 year old child. Perhaps I shouldn’t be overthinking this!

        • Emgee says:

          Well, a couple things might explain that.
          1) Henry isn’t a fairy-tale character and may not be affected by the curse, at least not in the same way and/or
          2) Since Emma was protected, maybe her offspring are protected as well.

          • Sally says:

            I think its your option #1. He’s clearly not a fairytale character since he could leave to go get Emma. As far as the time thing; I think that the time of the world outside of StoryBrook still changes, but their age timeline stays the same. And since Emma is supposed to be the one to fix it, the night she decided to stay in town was the night that the clock kept ticking.

          • Lil Jo says:

            I think you may be right with option 1, but I think it has more to do with the fact that he wasn’t born when the curse was set. So it doesn’t affect him or anyone born afterwords.

        • ultimate troll says:

          No, it’s not overthinking on your part. You’re asking questions the show should and hopefully will be answering – or at least clarifying. If they want the world they create to work it has to have either have its own consistency and be explainable OR the characters should be wondering why it doesn’t.

          • As Marymoon says below. This is from the LOST guys, you can bet your bippy there’s a reason for EVERYTHING.

          • rachelleet says:

            I didn’t realize I had so many questions in reference to this show until reading this article…I feel another Lost roller coaster coming up. I hope they address these questions instead of passing them up (us viewers are smart ya kno!)

          • Hopefully NOT like Lost says:

            Actually, because it is written by the Lost folks, I’ll expect a lot of great references that in the end mean nothing because the writers got bored and gave us a crappy last season full of nonsense. Whew… glad I got that off my chest. I really liked Once and won’t be fooled into obsessing over the details like I was by Lost – which I loved and felt betrayed by. And…. let the Lost fanboy hatred of my comment begin…

          • Baye says:

            Yea, I’m so glad I get to say this — everybody, bone up on your fairy tales… all of these characterizations and motives can be found in Grimm’s. Their real names, their real personalities (heh! I never respected Red Riding Hood as a kid & they nailed her!) All of the symbols & references from the little Mermaid who walked on knives when she walked on land to the 3 little pigs who were eaten alive and etc — were taken from the real fairy tales where people got sick, were dirt poor, murdered, seduced, sold into slavery and uhm, eaten. so, yeah–cannot wait for more from the writers dark & fantastic minds.

        • Theresa says:

          The curse only affects those who lived in the Enchanted Forest. Those born in our world are unaffected by the curse. Thus Henry classmates in Snow White’s classroom. Time stands still of those who were transported here. They do not age. But with Emma fulfilling Rumpelstiltskin’s prophecy time has once again returned to those character. As witnessing the clock move. Also when Emma meets Rumpelstiltskin at Granny’s BB he says her name the same way he said it in the dungeon.

        • sofia says:

          ya i was wondering the same thing!! lol

        • marymoon says:

          This is from the creator’s of Lost… you can bet there is a reason, they just might not ever explain it…

          • Mike says:

            FUNNY, but you’re actually incorrect. It’s from 2 of the writers from LOST, not the creators. JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof created LOST. Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, both writers on LOST, co-created Once Upon a Time and are the showrunners on this show.

        • marymoon says:

          He is Emma’s child… Emma is protected from the curse, but lives in today’s world… heirgo, the child was conceived/born after the curse from someone not effected by the curse, and thus doesn’t have to live through the curse…

          • Well says:

            Where do Henry’s classmates come from? And how does a teacher not realize her students don’t move on?

          • Tarc says:

            *sighs* They all loop and forget. If they don’t remember who they are, why would they remember more than a vague feeling, that they esentially live the same things over and over. If, in essence, nothing really chnages, they can’t get their happy ending.

      • D_Angel says:

        What if TIME stood still -just like the clock??? Think, folks! These ARE the writers of Lost after all :)

      • Templar says:

        But if they don’t age and the wicked Queen got Henry when he was 3 weeks old, why is he aging?

        • Maria G says:

          Because he’s human and therefore not affected by the Evil Queen’s spell, which only works on the fairy tale characters.

    • Emgee says:

      Agreed. I added to my prioritizer at the first commercial break.

  2. English says:

    I really like this show and I am not huge into fantasy but this is fun! I love the re-imagining of the classic stories!!! Plus the Lost references are so much fun to look for!!!!

  3. Mari says:

    TOTALLY LOVE THIS SHOW! Looking forward to the next week!!!

  4. Alex says:

    Considering I don’t like the actresses playing Emma and Snow White, I really liked this show. It was a bit slow at first but, once the story started moving forward, it really picked up. I loved the kid, I’m really interested in the Snow White/Prince storyline (in faeryland and the real world) and the Sheriff is super delicious. I’m in.

    • Tess says:

      Which story book character is the sheriff supposed to be?

      • MoxieSue says:

        The huntsman?

        • Seanna says:

          That’s exactly what I was thinking. I know someone suspected that he was the Big Bad Wolf, but considering the fact that the Huntsmen does the Wicked Queen’s dirty work in the original fairy tale, I think this works.

          Although, and I may be reading too much into someone’s words, when one of the writers was asked about the Sheriff, they laughed and said they thought he was rather “foxy.”

          • kathrine says:

            What about the sheriff being the Sheriff of Nottingham or Robin Hood? Robin Hood was portrayed as a fox in Disney’s version of Robin Hood. He could also be the huntsman from Snow White.

        • Amber says:

          the first thought that came into my head when I saw him was the woodsman for some reason, but I think I am thinking of the same character you’re talking about.

      • Andie says:

        I read somewhere that he is supposed to be the Big Bad Wolf, but I don’t know how true that is.

  5. Danelle says:

    Loved the first episode can’t wait to see the witches backstory!

  6. Kathleen says:

    This is AWESOME! I love the complexity of the characters in both worlds. Can’t wait for next week’s episode–this show aired at the perfect time–Halloween season!

  7. Kim says:

    I really enjoyed it and look forward to more. What is up with the Prince’s head in the picture? Looks like bad PhotoShopping!

    • BettFran says:

      Its a screen image from where they were in the baby’s room – its one of the pieces of the crib mobile!!! Can tell they royalty – looks like crystal.

  8. Cathy says:

    Absolutely will be tuning in again next week! Have a feelin it’s gonna be my new fav show!! It was really good, I like that they gave alot of backstory right away instead of in bits and pieces throught the season. Can’twait for more!!

  9. Aaron says:

    It was a good premire which left me with some more questions. Really hoping though that the other fairytales become more central and this turns more into an ensemble show rather than focusing on the Snow family.

  10. ev says:

    Loved it and can’t wait to see the stories unfold. I held my breath at the end waiting for the hands on the clock to move, just like Henry did. I want Emma’s backstory, after she was found, and went back into the system. who is Henry’s father- will that play a part in the story.

    His teacher- Cinderella. The Sheriff- The Woodsman. Who was not all bad in the end as he helped Snow White instead of killing her like he was supposed to- it will be interesting if they write that in because he is obviously the mayor’s henchman.

    Looking forward to the next episode.

    • Emgee says:

      No, his teacher is Snow White.

      • Emgee says:

        Also, the Sheriff hasn’t been identified yet, though if the article posted on TVLine yesterday speculated that he might be the Big Bad Wolf (and therefore, the wolf in the road that caused Emma’s accident).

        • Evenmoor says:

          I don’t think the sheriff is the wolf that caused the accident because that scenario is too overtly magical. As far as we can tell, there’s no obvious magic stuff going on in Storybrooke – all the characters so far are pretty much ordinary human beings there in Maine. It’s more likely that the wolf is not the sheriff, and a different character entirely.

          I’m more of the mind that the sheriff is the huntsman who refused to kill Snow White on the Evil Queen’s orders.

          • jeno says:

            There was another hint that the Sheriff is the wolf – when he and Snow were talking about how they each find people, he said something that was very reminiscent of the Wolf in the Three Pigs story.

        • Kaitlyn says:

          I seriously think the sheriff was the black knight that explained the newborn was gone. It sure sounded like the name voice.

          But I like the idea of the sheriff being the Big Bad Wolf.

          • Heather says:

            It was the same voice! I was wondering the same thing so I rewound it to the fist part on my one dvr, when his face was covered and played the sherrif part on my other dvr…. same exact voice….

        • MoxieSue says:

          He could be the huntsman.

  11. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    LOVED IT!!! Yes I caught Grumpy and Red Riding Hood, I thought they were a nice touch.

    I’m really loving the mythology behind this show, the glimpse into the next few weeks at the end of the premiere has me really excited. Can’t wait!

  12. Emgee says:

    Robert Carlyle is awesome as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold.

  13. Mark says:

    When they look at the boy’s computer for contacts one of the names that pops up is “Damon.” I guess for Damon Lindelof.

  14. Michelle says:

    I LOVED it. Loved both the Enchanted Forest and Storybrooke. Now someone tell me that John Doe (Prince Charming) is not going to be in the hospital bed forever! (Yes, the sword fighting prince is my favorite, sue me.)

    Little Henry was adorable. I thought Emma, Snow and the Prince were great too.

    • silly says:

      I think now that the clock is “working” again he will heal and wake up! I think he didn’t heal because time was standing still.

  15. Jared says:

    Emma is a clear fav!

  16. Emgee says:

    It’s interesting. ABC has put out three new shows this year that I’m watching (Last Man Standing, Revenge and OUAT (was enjoying Charlie’s Angels as well)) whereas for several years, I watched nothing on ABC.

  17. Grace says:

    MUST. HAVE. MORE. !!!!!! Already have a Season Pass for it on my TiVo!!! Loved it!

  18. Dani says:

    I really liked it and wasn’t expecting that at all! I only watched it tonight cause I was bored but now I’m really glad I did!

    Off the bat my favorite character is Emma, she seems pretty bad-ass!

  19. GS says:

    I totally agree! Those are 3 ABC shows I love this season (in addition to the awesome Castle!). I was surprised by how much I liked OUAT. Very good story and the interwoven worlds gives it a complexity to keep it interesting.

  20. Dessy says:

    I Loved it!! I’m so happy others did too!!

  21. Elaine says:

    I love this show. And I am so excited to
    See next week and where it goes. Plus knowing they are going to have maleficent on the show made me so happy. She has always been my favourite Disney character even though I know it’s not based off of disney. Haha

  22. Sharon says:

    Stunning. Everything fits perfectly, or as well as you can with multiple fairytales in one show. Definitely tuning in every week.

  23. Suzanne says:

    Loved it! This is my new favorite show. Can’t wait for next week.

  24. Leonie1988 says:

    I enjoyed this pilot a lot!
    I will definitley watch the next epsiode.
    Ginnifer Goodwin was amzing, but I didn’t except anything less of her and the boy was really cute and played his part very good.
    It’s weird, that Snow is Emma’s mother, but they are the same age… it’s gonna be weird when they find out!

  25. miriam says:

    love it!!!! awesome way to bring back fairy tales to modern day… can’t hardly way to see how they present each character storyline…

  26. tvaddict says:

    Definitely has a season pass on my dvr. Sunday nights just have too much good tv on with this, Good Wife, Dexter, Homeland, and Walking Dead. I love the flashbacks to the fairy tale world and want to see more of Snow & Charming. It seems that even though they do not remember who they really are, their personalities still remain similar. I really hope ratings are good so this show can stay around a while.

  27. Rob says:

    I thought it was terrible. Was I the only one? If so, what am I missing??

    • Emgee says:

      That I couldn’t tell you, but I loved it.

    • tripoli says:

      You are not the only one, Rob. Didn’t think much of it either. Watched out of curiosity and because there was absolutely nothing else on, but was pretty disappointed. Slow moving, flat acting by most, and nothing that really enticed me or drew me in enough to watch again. If the poll is at all accurate, most people felt similarly.

      • tarc says:

        Considering that the pace actually FLEW along rapidly, I’m not sure your other comments are valid either.

      • Templar says:

        You’d better look at the poll again. It’s overwhelmingly graded as awesome.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Yes, we reset the poll late last night after some tampering (an inordinate amount of votes from a single IP address) was discovered and confirmed.

      • r0ckmypants says:

        Agreed. I was completely bored by the half-hour mark, and I was really confused by what this show is trying to be. The dialogue and acting in the fairy tale world were ridiculous, and the dialogue and acting in Storybrooke was flat. And is this supposed to be a family show? Because if I had a child, I’d be horrified to let them watch Snow White give birth and Prince Charming get run though with a sword. And Rumplestiltskin would give any child nightmares.

        Since most of the reviews were good for the first two episodes, I’ll stick around next week. But I was not impressed, and I really wanted to be.

    • Tarc says:

      If you didn’t like it, you don’t get it. It’s clearly a ‘get it/don’t get it’ show. No one is going to be able to explain it to you or convince you to like it. Persoanlly, I was looking forward to it for months, and I think it was better than my expectations – which is to say, great stuff.

      • r0ckmypants says:

        That’s a ridiculous thing to say. What’s there to not “get?” It’s about fairy tale characters in their own world and this world. But just because someone didn’t like it, it doesn’t mean they don’t “get it.” What I’m assuming the poster mean about what he/she was missing is why exactly everyone is so enamored with a show in which we saw more issues than entertainment. But to say that you get it and we don’t is insulting our intelligence. I “get it,” I just don’t like it.

        • Tarc says:

          You can ‘take it’ any way you like, but I’m perfectly great with saying that if you ‘get it’ you’ll ‘like it’ and if you do not, you don’t. I suppose you could see it as an insult to your intelligence (or your emotioanl avaliability, or your taste, or your lack of imagination). And dong so, you may or may not be correct – none of that is my problem.

          • r0ckmypants says:

            Trust me, I got the pilot. And I didn’t like it.

            You’re not the be-all end-all opinion, believe it or not. But you are kind of a d-bag.

  28. Alice says:

    I figured I would like all the little clues in the Storybrooke parts, but I was surprised at how much I liked the fairytale scenes. They kept the dialogue sharper than I thought they would whilst trying to give the language in fairytale land a more timeless feel. I wonder if the sherrif is the huntsman or the big bad wolf? I think looking for the little clues that link the two timelines is going to be lots of fun!

  29. Desola says:

    It was simply amazing. I actually liked Jennifer Morrison in it a lot,and The rest of the cast was awesome as well (Rumpelstiltskin! Crazy!). Also Josh Dallas is such a hottie! I can’t wait for more!!

  30. Rob says:

    Then could you tell me what you liked about it? I genuinely thought it was one of the worst pilots this season if not that I’ve ever seen. It’s up there with playboy club.

    • Meg says:

      I don’t know what your preferences/interests are, but I think for a show like “Once Upon a Time,” the viewer has to have at least a marginal interest in fantasy and a willingness to just watch and not over-think things. That’s just me. What did you specifically not like about it, if you want to know why people like it?

    • Tarc says:

      Well, it was interesting, clever, well-acted, well-paced, had a great setup, and contained several cool references, and created a universe I could see running several seasons. Simple.

    • Jane says:

      Rob- maybe you should say what you actually didn’t like about it. I thought it was great. But, I am a big Disney fan, so I loved all the character references.

  31. Meg says:

    In the previews leading up to tonight, I kept thinking that maybe this would work better as a movie. I still think it, though the pilot was sublime and very addicting. However, I think the producers are going to drag the resolution out as they did to Lost.

  32. Pepper says:

    Really like it! Was not expecting to but was so very pleasantly surprised. Can’t wait for next week!

  33. GaysWithOpinions says:

    Loved the show. Hated the Lost references. Was a huge fan of that show, but let it just die already. Completely unnecessary to have any references to it. And I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t spoil things like who Red Riding Hood is. How was anyone really supposed to pick up on that? I guess I missed something. But until it’s actually revealed on the show, it’d be nice to have a spoiler warning. Awesome pilot. On the season pass already.

    • Meg says:

      Agree with the Lost–enough with the hidden clues. Is it just possible that it’s a coincidence (you Losties will argue that nothing is a coincidence, but whatever). I didn’t know it was Red Riding Hood until I looked it up on Wikipedia; maybe the writer did similar research or interviews with the cast? I don’t think it’s much of a spoiler that Red Riding Hood is included, though, and to be on the safe side, one should assume that all fairy tale characters are in the show. A spoiler warning should only be for crucial plot points and at this point, I doubt knowing the real-world identity of Red is going to give away the entire plot.

      • Mike says:

        I see nothing wrong with Eddie and Adam paying homage to the show that gave them their big break. Who cares if there’s an 815 reference, a 108 reference, a geronimo jackson sticker, a closeup shot of an eye? For anyone who didn’t watch LOST, they won’t even see them. For anyone that did, they will get a good chuckle out of it.

    • Dani says:

      In the scene were they are sitting at a table trying to come up with a plan against the Witch’s curse, you see Red Riding Hood with the Granny and you can tell it’s Red Riding Hood because of the costume. Then the same actress is seen at the Inn. So it was there, not a spoiler.

    • MC says:

      I actually thought the Little Red Riding Hood reference was fairly obvious – it was “Granny’s B&B.” I wondered if the brief conversation about LRRH trying to head to Boston plays any significance – I suspect that along with (perhaps) time not passing, the characters are probably not capable of leaving Storybrooke.

      • cj says:

        henry said when they try to leave storybrooke “bad things happen” – maybe Red tries to go to Boston and it is THEN that she gets in trouble with the big bad wolf, but presumably there will be a twist in this show from the original story. also, when Emma tried to leave storybrooke she got into an accident and spent the night in jail. that’s a “bad thing,” so i fear she’s stuck in storybrooke until the resolution, no matter how she may try and escape!

    • Kristoffer says:

      I don’t think saying that the girl in the hotel was Little Red Riding Hood was any sort of spoiler. I picked up right away who she was supposed to be. Maybe it was the hotel being referenced to Grandma house… or maybe it was that she was wearing the red coat/hoodie – just like Little Red wore in the fairy tales.

    • Viktor-V says:

      It’s not a spoiler. It’s speculation.

      • GaysWithOpinions says:

        Ok so shoot me. I didn’t know it was Red Riding Hood. I didn’t realize I had to pay such close attention. Regardless, for whatever reason, I just didn’t pick up on it at all that she was RRH. And I have to say, I’m a little disappointed in my television watching.

        • Mike says:

          Wow, bitter much? You don’t have to pay close attention if you don’t want to, but the whole little red riding hood thing was kinda right there on the surface. You may just want to chuck your TV out the window if something like that upsets you.

        • Jane says:

          When she put the res scarf on her head, sort of gave it away for me who she was…..

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      A spoiler is revealing something that has yet to be revealed; the same actress was shown as Red Riding Hood at the roundtable scene and playing Ruby at the inn.

    • MelindaB says:

      My husband and I both picked up on the hint that she’s RRH, what with the red hoodie and Granny’s B&B, even if we hadn’t seen the round table scene.

    • Theresa says:

      Red was easy to spot. She was being yelled at by Granny!

    • Moosie says:

      Red Riding Hood was not much of a spoiler – lives with grannie, put the red scarf over her head… It definitely was more than just a “hint” there… You may have to watch again, but it was pretty obvious – even my 9 and 11 year olds caught the reference. I love the fact that it’s a VERY exciting, fast-paced show but my kids can also watch with us! You don’t find THAT too often, even on the Family channel!

    • janie says:

      I dont think its a spoiler to say that was little red riding hood.. i mean the name of the Inn was Granny’s Inn.. and the girl put a red scarve over her head like a hood while Granny was talking.. That is pretty obvious…

      just like in the jail cell when the “grumpy” guy was whistling “just whistle while you work” that is pretty obvious he is supposed to be Grumpy one of the seven dwarves.

      and the guy in the jail cell talking about how he wanted a boy but never had one.. that was Gipetto.. again.. obvious..(altho he looked just like his character over in the fairytale world)

    • LM says:

      I thought the Red Riding Hood thing was beyond obvious. They do a close-up of “Granny’s B&B,” and then it cuts to a grandma and her granddaughter, who happens to be named RUBY, and purposely puts on a red hood. I mean… damn!

      My question is what happened to Pinnochio? Did I miss that? Gepetto was at the jail talking about how he wish he had a son but him and his wife weren’t able to have any… so what happened? Did Pinnochio and Gepetto get separated? Aww.


  34. Pammy says:

    I absolutely loved it! Its so different from any other show thats on. Can’t wait till next week!

  35. Bailey says:

    Loved it and will definitely add it to my lineup, but my one big gripe is that they seem to be choosing from the entire fairytale canon. I haven’t seen Grimm so I won’t compare the two too much, but the fact that NBC’s show picks directly from the Grimm canon seems more plausible. With this, the characters could literally be anyone from anything remotely fairytale. And that worries me.

    But not enough to keep me from watching, for sure. This is going to be great.

    • Templar says:

      OUAT is not based on Grimm. We’ve already seen Geppetto and that wasn’t a Grimm tale. it was written by Gino Collodi. So any fairy tale is fair game as long as there is magic involved.

  36. Card says:

    I agree with the speculation that the sheriff may be Big Bad Wolf–catch the line about he preferred pounding pavement & knocking on doors? “Little pig, little pig, let me in…”

  37. Allison says:

    I absolutely loved it!!

  38. Eleanor Twyman says:

    I really enjoyed the show. Good show.

  39. kim says:

    yea I really hate it when they post spoilers on spoiler sites…

  40. GeeGee says:

    I really WANTED to like this, but can’t get past the wooden acting.

  41. Ashley says:

    Absolutely loved it!!!! Looking forward to next week’s episode!!

  42. Josh says:

    I really liked it, has a few kinks but I hear by episode 3 it’s going to be really start excelling!

  43. Anna says:

    How do so many people think the pilot was good? I love fantasy, and have no problem suspending belief for TV, but it was so silly that my husband turned to me and said “I can’t believe that even you are watching this”. The acting (apart from Jennifer Morrison)and writing were terrible. The special effects were so cheesy, I was laughing (the blue fairy with the huge cleavage, and the green “curse” smoke come to mind). I’m really disappointed, it looked like it had a lot of potential (despite a slightly ridiculous premise, even for fantasy). What a shame.

  44. OK says:

    It was not bad, but the hype killed it for me. Ginnifer Goodwin and Robert Carlyle were great as expected, Jennifer Morrison wasn’t terrible. Not sure I will be watching again, too predictable.

  45. Kristoffer says:

    I was just talking to fellow tv junkies at work the other day and this show came up. I had said that I was going to watch the first episode but didn’t think it was going to be something I would like… but so far I am hooked. Loved the way they intertwined the fairy tales and modern day together. I kept wondering how they were going to keep that aspect going throughout the series until they showed previews. Like the idea that you are going to get the fairy tale back stories. Should be interesting. I guess I wasn’t looking for Lost references in the show – the only one that I did catch was the ‘eye opening’ from Emma, just like Jack.

  46. I remain unconvinced, but will stick around for Giancarlo Esposito.

  47. jillian says:

    I loved it! Can’t wait for next week!

  48. Mdz says:

    Amazing!!! Hope it makes it!! It’s something new and original…

  49. Melanie says:

    I was nervous about this, but looking past the bad special effects and some of the acting I ended up quite enjoying it. Ginnifer Goodwin definitely stole the show, and I greatly look forward to seeing more of her. This will hopefully become successful if the people behind it don’t go and screw it up by introducing too many storylines and leaving loose ends untied forever. If the show manages to cause us to ask questions, then subsiquently answer them later at just the right time, then it might just work out.

  50. Hey matt says:

    Yo Matt, your poll is rigged. This time the haters are busy Lol