Project Runway Recap: Who Will Win It All?

Even in a sleepy, somewhat predictable episode of Project Runway, you can still find zany little surprises: Heidi Klum nearly absconding with one contestant’s particularly snazzy garment. Tim Gunn excitedly dropping the word “effing” (!) into a critique. Joshua displaying all the charm of a rabid badger cornered in the back of a dank, mildewy cave.

Oh, wait. That’s pretty much become Joshua’s modus operandi over the last several weeks, hasn’t it? The way that dude hisses and foams at the mouth during his confessionals, I’m always half-expecting Animal Control to show up with a pole, a net, and a tranquilizer gun to collect and take him away.

Anyhow, this week’s episode found Heidi Klum greeting our final four — Joshua, Viktor, Anya, and Kimberly — by pulling her mouth, mime-style, into a terrifying smile, and announcing each of them had $9,000 and five weeks to create a 10-piece collection for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

We then fast-forwarded a few weeks to Tim’s hometown visits with the final four, which somehow felt more rushed and less comprehensive than in seasons past. (In other words, I didn’t get choked up even once. Sigh.) We learned about the personal hardships endured by the remaining contestants — Anya and Viktor both lost a brother; Kimberly and Joshua bost lost their mothers — and a few unexpected insights. Joshua used to be a track-and-field star. Viktor has an adorable boyfriend. Kimberly has a clear vision of the Brooklyn girl she wants to dress. And Anya went scuba-diving for the first time to gain additional inspiration for her collection.

Unfortunately, it turned out that Anya got caught in the undertow of the ocean energy to which she felt so connected. Much to Tim’s dismay, all that the season-long front-runner had to show after three weeks of work was a selection of lovely fabrics. “I haven’t been able to draw a new shape yet,” said Anya, and you pretty much knew that the race was down to Viktor, Joshua, and Kimberly — unless the Project Runway editing team has some kind of Emmy-winning surprise up its couture sleeve next week.

Things didn’t go all that much better for Joshua, who produced sample after sample of what appeared to be electric-colored polyester mined from the storage locker of a ’70s sitcom costume designer. And that wasn’t even the worst of Josh’s taste-level issues, as he proceeded to show off an obscene bolt of green lenticular fabric that appeared to give Tim a case of the bad swoons, and then several garments made from a ghastly patchwork eruption that our mentor referred to as “one of the homeliest textiles I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” Tim was reduced to holding his head in his hands and declaring, “This is one sad looking dress. Sad. It makes me want to weep.”

While Kimberly got a better reception — Tim’s main concern was that she not forget to take risks — it was Viktor’s collection in progress that had Mr. Gunn the most excited, that is once he caught his breath from an intense five-flight walk-up. Tim urged Viktor to “let your viscera dictate” the direction, and then, after praising all but Viktor’s final look, laid down the law: “After all this has walked, knock their effing socks off!”

Finally, our four designers returned to New York and were tasked with choosing three looks to show the judges — only Heidi, Nina, and Michael this week; no guest judges allowed — who would then advance only three to Mercedes-Benz fashion week. Here’s how it all played out:

* Anya: It pains me to say it, since she’s been my second-favorite designer (behind Viktor) all season, but the best garment Anya showed on runway day was the fabulous pink one-shouldered blouse on her back. If Anya happened to design that herself, I’m not sure why she didn’t throw it on one of her models instead of that ho-hum black bathing suit and not-even-worth-mentioning beige coverup. Of her other two outfits, Anya’s batik minidress was a winner — but not exactly cutting edge — while Heidi was right that her bulky gold caftan looked like it was made in a day. (And given Anya’s late start on her collection, perhaps it was?)

* Joshua: He of the industrial hair gel and intensely sculpted eyebrows got more positive comments from the judges than I’d have given. The shocking pink pants were okay, I guess, but I wasn’t in love with that overwrought black tailored jacket with exposed patches of bare shoulder. Meanwhile, Joshua’s little black dress (with a “modesty tab” that MK couldn’t stop mentioning) made his model look a little…bulky? And while all three judges seemed to like the front of Joshua’s black jumper thingie, I thought the plastic neckline looked like either a costume from V or the start of something you’d put on a dog to prevent it from scratching its post-surgery skull. At least Kors was with me on the back, noting that no woman wants to walk around with her “ass exposed in Olivia Newton John leggings!”

(Side note: I loved how Josh recalled Nina’s “you are a very good designer” critique as her saying “you are a great designer.” Anyone else catch that misremembrance?)

Kimberly: I’m not sure the Brooklyn native’s collection is going to be cohesive enough — or consistent enough — to take the top prize, but she definitely delivered some nice pieces, and delivered what MK notes were elements of color and sex appeal. The cobalt blue pants and flirty scarf-like top were lovely, and the rear view of her black sequined gown put the “sexy back” in sexyback. But Heidi was 100 percent correct that the pink brocade skirt was a disaster of Violet Beauregarde proportions. “I do not love the bubble butt,” Heidi said succinctly. “I think that skirt is awful.”

Viktor: Is there any way this guy won’t win Season 9? Is there any reason he shouldn’t? (Oh, yeah, I thought the same thing about Mondo last year, too.) Okay, the judges made some great suggestions by rearranging some of Viktor’s clothes and accessories, but the individual pieces were all pretty stellar. I couldn’t blame Heidi for wanting to steal that white leather jacket with pearl detail, and the sheer charcoal frock underneath it was pretty sensational, too. And while Viktor’s mirrored blouse and violet-and-white print pant didn’t garner as much attention during critiques, I thought that combined they were more exciting and innovative than anything sent down the runway by Anya, Joshua, or Kimberly.

Of course, the way the judges were assessing the four contestants — and with the knowledge that their season-long golden girl seemed to have experienced a late-in-the-game collapse — it was pretty obvious there wouldn’t be an elimination this week, and that all four designers would get to participate in the big show. In all fairness, it probably should’ve been Anya getting auf’d, but given her terrific body of work this season, I’m not upset that she’ll get a consolation prize of seeing her work show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week — and to a televised audience of millions.

Joshua being Joshua, though, he saw it a different way, snarling that he was “confused” by the judges’ benevolence, that their feedback proved neither Anya or Kimberly was worthy of advancing, and that “This isn’t fuddy duddy dressup. This is New York Fashion Week!” Makes you wonder if somewhere, off camera, Tim Gunn conjured up another reason for dropping the “effing” bomb.

What did you think of this week’s Project Runway? Were you okay with the lack of ouster, or did Joshua have a point? And who will win it all? Take our poll below, then hit the comments to sound off with your opinions. And for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. anibundel says:

    That was a Mondo shirt Heidi was sporting during the judging! Do you think it was a hint to the contestants follow the judge’s critiques, lest they suffer his fate? I felt like Viktor was mentally noting to himself to do everything they said….

  2. Shelly says:

    Was Heidi wearing a Mondo t-shirt during the runway show?

  3. ana says:

    I wish Viktor wins, but I’m still scared they will give it to Anya, even though her collection is not the best… I actually like her, but don’t think she deserves to win.

    • JLCG says:

      What Viktor has going for him is his ability to sew his clothes,and he is quick on the draw with it. Would I wear his clothes? Not really, maybe one of his jackets. Would I wear Anya’s clothes yes cause for a woman it’s so comfortable and real.

      Everyone has their own opinion, but I think that if Ryan was still in the running he would of given Viktor a run for his money. I don’t like people who say bad things behind your back and then smile in front your face. It’s all well and good for the show but when you go out in that fashion world Viktor better know it will have people there better than him and will criticize his clothes, he might get a few pointers as well (that he may not like)

      It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

      • EKoPara says:

        If you don’t like people who say bad things behind your back and smile in front of your face, why do you like Anya? Why would you like any of them with the exception of Kimberly?

        Anya’s construction is poor and if this was the Project Runway of old, she would have been auf’d ages ago. The pants she did during that Rolling Stone challenge that SPLIT in the backside would have NEVER been passed with just a roll of the eyes from the judges and a slap on the wrist. Honestly, this is the finally– how could you send something that looks like it was done in a few hours before the show down the runway?

        Bravo have turned PR into a running gag that allows designers with poor construction skills and little innovation to skate by because they bring drama or an interesting story line to the show. I haven’t been this upset with PR since they gave Gretchen Mondo’s win last season. This has been the worst season– EVER.

        • Tammy says:

          You are so right. This is definately the worst Project Runway ever.
          It is just so obvious that Anya is being kept around because people like “Her” not her clothes. It is so bogus. I like Anya too but there is nothing new or inovative about her clothes. Been there done that. She should not be going to Fashion Week.

  4. Karen says:

    Josh did indeed have a point. Why coddle people who bring crap to the runway? Of course, in that view, everyone except Victor should have been ousted and Victor declared the winner. His work is head and shoulders above the rest.

  5. Reena says:

    I am really annoyed by last night’s episode the whole time we were lead to believe that 3 people would be showing then all of a sudden all four get to go why didnt they just tell us that and then show the all the collections as a whole the mini-show was pointless in my opinion…Why give someone the chance who clearly does not have the skill…She can’t do seperates or a jacket how is she a designer if she can’t even do those pieces…if she wins I will not watch the show anymore after last season’s travesty I am thinking its just all what Heidi or Nina wants. Which is NOT fashion I could never see anyone wearing Anya’s clothes how can you make a dress and expect your customers to cut themselves out of it each time! I thought Joshua was right in getting upset by it all and at this point am hoping Viktor takes it all :-)

    • princess cali says:

      Absolutely concur with your comments! Think Anya’s clothes are ridiculous as is her hair style. What is with this “shaved” look?

      • JLCG says:

        Why women always hating on other women for no reason, so what is wrong if she has a shaved head, oh please come on, what is really so ridiculous about her clothes “really people”, I saw some clothes that a woman would just feel so comfortable in wearing, yes she faulted a bit in the last challenge but oh my if you want to start talking about style what’s wrong with Viktor and Josh their styles are ok the way they dress huh, and I would not wear Josh’s clothes it’s weird only the orange dress (that he is still so upset with cause he did not win that challenge) was something that was wearable.

        Viktor is a jacket man, that is wear he gets his most praise from check out the show, everyone has good and bad, they have one more collection to show, and Mr Viktor and Josh better bring it and of what I saw in the peek show at New York Fashion Week it’s not all that. If Viktor or any one else wins we should be very happy for them and stop hating on people.

        So when you want to say something about someone look at everyone else around them too and then have something to say “Sighhhhhh”…….

      • Barbadian says:

        So basically you’re saying that some Caribbean looks are ridiculous? Look around honey, you’ll get that everywhere.

        I agree that her looks weren’t on par this week and she lacks skill and for the type of show it is, one would expect more skill. However, you all do realise that at the end of the day if she won all she’d have to do is design right? There will be people sewing for her and the attitude of determination she presents shows that she’ll probably learn and get better in time with that part of it anyway. Furthermore, to compare her clothes to her hairstyle? Seriously? If she likes it, that should be that. Don’t hate; it’s not a good look.

    • JLCG says:

      You really don’t see what goes on behind a fashion show don’t you, people cut themselves out and sew themselves in all the time, when you make clothes to put in a store that won’t happen because you don’t have a time crunch, the objective is to get the clothes on the runway. Stop hating, people deserve chances, look how many Josh got. I have no doubt that Viktor will win but he better bring it cause as you say you can’t see wearing Anya’s clothes I can’t see myself wearing Viktor’s cause most of the time it’s too much, he don’t have to prove himself anymore he could sew and tailor very well, and to make it into that big fashion world he better eat some humble pie.

  6. jazzy says:

    None of this group would have made it except for Victor in previous seasons. Anya waited until the last minute and relied on her charm to get her through. Her three pieces were crap, poorly and hastily made, she deserved to go for that reason alone. The judges would have lambasted anyone else. Screw what she did this season, her collection was atrocious, she should have been booted.

    Granted that one dress was OK, but it was not anything groundbreaking or outside of her comfort zone, it had no “Wow” factor.

  7. Mandy says:

    I don’t get all the love for Anya. She sent the same thing down the runway week after week… she can make a killer maxi dress but that’s about it. She should have been auf’d a long time ago, and definitely after the sad crud she sent down the runway last night, after having an entire month to come up with something awesome. Both Josh and Anya have been overpraised this season. Josh is tacky, and Anya just needs more experience. Viktor should win, but Anya probably will.

  8. BevL says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that NINE designers actually showed their collections in order to cover up who the finalists were? So other than an extra designer being showcased on TV, it doesn’t make much difference that there’s a fourth finalist. Besides, would anyone have complained a few seasons ago if a fourth designer, Austin Scarlett, had shown during fashion week? I know I still feel cheated that we didn’t get to see what his collection would have looked like.

    I think the judges made the right call. Based on the entire season, I would much rather see Anya’s collection over Kimberley’s or Joshua’s but her preview designs weren’t strong enough to get her through. However, like Austin, it would be a shame not to see what she’s capable of because of one single runway weakness.

    • Gretchen says:

      Anya’s had more than one weakness and seems incapable of anything beyond flowing dresses and jumpers. People seem to confuse her likability with talent. She has no depth in her abilities, she’s a one-note.

      • princess cali says:

        Amen! You said it all.

        • Gretchen says:

          Anya’s also had the “low expectations” thing going for her. She claims to be brand-new to design/sewing, so I wonder if the judges gave her less of a hurdle to jump when considering what she presented.

          It’s human nature to give the benefit of the doubt to those with less training–if she produces something just OK, it is seen as a greater victory by the judges than a good effort from an educated, experienced designer.

          I’d expect the winner of Project Runway to have breadth and depth–to be able to create evening wear, flowing maxi dresses, pants, avant-garde, ready-wear, clothes for “real” people and so on.

        • ana says:

          I second that.

      • Meg says:

        It’s like Laura and the f***ing deep V-neck dress that she did every single week and then made it to fashion week.

        • Poli says:

          Laura had a grand total of 3 plunging necklines throughout the competitions: The trash look, the couture look, and her Wow the Judges look. Uli’s long flowy dresses would have been a better comparison.

    • Meg says:

      It makes a difference because that adds another person in competition for the actual prize.

      Austin did show at fashion week. They’ve always had one or more decoy designers because fashion week happens while the season is running. You can see his designs from 2005 fashion week here:

    • Cindy says:

      Nine would show because when fashion week happened, there were still nine contestants when the show aired, so they all have to do a collection. It happens every year, more designers produce a full collection than viewers see on the show.

  9. renee says:

    im on opposite page. anya’s clothes have been the best and remain the best. i don’t see what the judges see in josh or kimberley, and viktor did not bring it this time.

    • princess cali says:

      Were you watching the same show as the rest of the world?

    • reuben says:

      I completely agree with your point; although compared to other seasons ALL of the collections/looks were appallingly blah, even Viktor’s. Anya’s looks were terribly constructed and boring, but then Kimberly’s were not-that-great either … that “did she put it on crooked fronted”, “baby got {too much} back” shiny skirt were apalling. They decided to keep them both because they couldn’t choose between the lesser of two evils and seem to have thrown their own taste levels out the window in a last-ditch grab for ratings. Josh’s stuff was just okay, for him; neoprene being no one’s body’s friend … I wished for the zany-madcap mess he would’ve brought had Tim not showed up to rain on his acid flashback collection instead. Viktor’s looks, while well-constructed, suffered from their monochromatic colors … plus I don’t get everyone’s slavering over that motorcycle jacket with pearl trim. Yes, it takes a lot work to make one but it’s too LaToya Jackson 1989 comeback tour to take seriously.

      At this point I’m just waiting for this thing to end so I can be free again to say “never again”, although I probably will. I’m weak that way!

  10. Tee says:

    I voted for Anya. Not because I think she deserves to win, but because there’s a fairly good chance the judges will show up for judging next week in I HEART ANYA t-shirts, their affection is so blatant.

    Of course it could all be misleading to trick the viewers in the end and avoid Gretchen 2.0. I stopped caring a while ago though!

  11. bob says:

    my favorite collection since seeing the final 8’s work a couple of weeks ago has been kimberly’s. with that said, i thought the three pieces viktor chose to show were stronger as a collection in last night’s episode. i don’t know what the judge’s were thinking with joshua–those things were tasteless, albeit well constructed. also, i hate how on the after the runway shows joshua always qualifies his behavior as “being stressed out/under such extreme conditions” because, as i see it, no one else sh!ts on the other designers nearly as much as he does. also, based on some context clues from the after the runway shows, my guess is that anya takes the whole thing. meh.

  12. Jess says:

    I just feel Anya has been more creative the entire season. Viktor is a fabulous designer and makes amazing clothes. I would seriously wear anything he makes, but as Nina said one episode, he’s too commerical. I think Anya could whip up some show-stoppers, especially after that critique from the judges. I would love to see either Anya or Viktor take the top prize, though I would rather see Anya because Viktor has had his fair share of diva-snarl moments over the season. I have a love/hate relationship with Joshua and I’ve never related to anything Kimberley put down the runway. Whoever the winner, I’m actually more excited to see Mondo return in the All-Star season.

    • princess cali says:

      Guess Anya’s clothes would be good if you like your clothes stitched or glued to you,,,

    • Meg says:

      I still don’t know why it’s bad to be a commercial designer. That means people will be buying your clothes and wearing them. Isn’t that the point?

    • Brigitte says:

      Anya has had some great moments but it seems as though she works best under pressure and away from the island. But at some point, if she is going to be a designer is the States she is going to have to make somethig for cold weather too. Viktor has a better range. Josh has a weird sense of style and taste and Kimberly is all over the place! Yes they have done 4 designers before but that because they were all good. It is the same as last week when they were supposed to eliminate then but “couldn’t”. Bring on Mondo and the Allstars!!!!!

      • jj says:

        once she’s a “real” designer, all she has to do is draw the clothes. she can have others construct it for her. i love anya’s style the best out of the remaining designers, but i don’t think she should win. this particular competition you are responsible for the construction of your clothes and, yeah, she just doesn’t have the skill set to truly impress with a fashion line at fashion week. i’m glad she’s getting the exposure because i love her creativity and would love to wear something that she designed and someone else sewed. i really don’t think you have to worry about the judges picking anya. they really like her, but not enough to look past appalling sewing and more of the same designs…

    • nodak says:

      Im with you on the Mondo comment. He’s one of my all time favorites!

  13. Joe says:

    They’re going to give it to Anya. This whole season has been about setting her up as an underdog. After the producer manipulations last year with Wretchen I don’t think Lifetime, the “network for women” will ever sign off on a male winner of PR. Not to mention Anya is a Lifetime movie in the making. Miss Universe contestant who has a wicked 3 way sex tape released (and it’s really hot by the way) to the web by an evil ex b/f who doesn’t know how to sew but still overcomes the odds to win Project Runway? If that doesn’t win I’ll be stunned. I think the bad pieces Anya displayed last night will disappear from her collection at Fashion Week and she will win with the narrative being “she pulled her collection together in a matter of days to win Project Runway!”. She has it in the bag in my eyes. And Kimberly’s clothes outside of the black dress were horrible. That’s not a modern Brooklyn girl. That’s 1989 Brooklyn. They looked like they should be walking next to guys in Mets jersey’s. That’s not fashion forward.

    • Art says:

      The fabrics Anya had selected seem interesting so it was quite a surprise to see the two boring outfits last night. It made me wonder if this is PR’s way of making the viewers think that she is the least among the four. The viewers are in for another roller coaster ride.

  14. Tvfan2010 says:

    I get that they thought each of the 4 deserved a chance to show at fashion week, but I am shocked at the judges this season for being so forgiving. What happened to “In fashion…one week you’re in, the next week you’re out”? – it’s like they don’t even follow this anymore, but yet Heidi still says it again and again every year. In previous seasons, one of them would have gone home and that would be it. Anya even knew she had screwed up. She lost her inspiration because she got so overwhelmed by going home and feeling so much pressure. It could happen to anyone, but I think she just wanted it to be over. She looks like she needs a real vacation and to stay away from her family that is apparently stressing her out. It’s not like Anya hasn’t won something already. She won the $20,000 prize a few weeks ago. I’ve really liked her this season, but was not impressed by any of her looks this time.

    I would have to say I really believe Viktor will win. He plans things out and gets his work done. That is what makes him the strongest designer. Unlike the others he isn’t frantically trying to throw it together at the last minute.

  15. Tvfan2010 says:

    I have to agree that Joshua is extremely bitter. And he does snarl and hiss in his confessionals LOL.

  16. P-Run Fan says:

    I am an Anya fan — have been from Day One. But I would not have put her through to Fashion Week based on what she showed in her mini-collection. I think she overcompensated after Tim’s critique and as a result, she showed the worst of her pieces rather than the best. And seriously, I know she’s not allowed to have other people sew for her, but anyone with a brain can look up sewing tips on YouTube to learn how to put in a zipper.

    Based on the collection photos I saw a few weeks ago, I think Kimberly will win. But I’d be equally happy with Victor, even though I think he’s a bit of a tool. But if Joshua wins, with his fugly dayglo green bootie shorts, I’m officially done with Project Runway.

  17. Lana says:

    Kimberly had two outfits I liked, Anya one, Joshua one and Victor three. There should have been only three in the finale and Joshua should have been the one sent packing. I say that because even though Anya floundered on this one I have loved her designs all season. However I think Victor has had alot more designs that I loved all season, now that I think about it Kimberly should be the one sent home just for that bubble butt skirt alone. I love listening to Joshua just because he is such a trip with all his drama and he either makes me laugh or pisses me off. I will say Kimberly was horrible with her styling and that also should have sent her home. After the Runway was fun and I loved the outtakes. I am looking forward to fashion week.

  18. Lily says:

    I’d be happy with Viktor or Anya.

    I do like Anya’s work as I think she has this flavor in her clothes that is exciting and special. However, I also am not convinced she has a wide enough range or is really “there” enough to pull off a whole collection.

    Viktor’s clothes – I like and sometimes love but sometimes they leave me eh.
    I expect him to win – but Anya could surprise me and pull off a stunning collection as she does often surprise me.

    Kimberly – I like a lot of her work – LOVED the shirt Nina wore and always impressed by her tailoring and pants. Truthfully – I think she and Anya should combine talents.

    Joshua – I feel like he wants to dress the world as he envisions them – in his own image and doesn’t take the non-Joshua living creatures into account. His stuff – to me – is a flashback to the 80’s and 90’s.

    Next week – we’ll know.

  19. Dags says:

    1. Kimberly’s gown was a copy of an earlier Anya design. Look!

    2. Anya or Viktor should win:

    I loved Viktor’s Rorschach prints and the evening gown on the final runway is a winner.

    Anya may have a resort style but they are beautifully constructed. Each design is free flowing. Anya has created runway style designs week after week that would can be constructed to be worn by the everyday consumer. The black and white gown on the Finals week can easily be modified into several different forms to be sold at the local Macy’s for commercial wear.

    Josh is a douche. Kimberley thinks pink and blue are spring forward?

    Enough said.

  20. tripoli says:

    As a watcher from Canada we are a few weeks behind in episodes. I really hope that the pictures that accompany these articles will be chosen in such a way that the outcome of the episodes are not spoiled. I think TV Line does a pretty great job at being respectful and careful not to spoil things for visitors of the site, but I have a pretty good idea now of who made it to the end, so I’m a bit disappointed. Here’s hoping you choose your shots more carefully in the future.

  21. Jensen says:

    Love Anya, Respect Viktor, HATE Joshua and his nasty jealousy. He rarely designs anything worthy of the show and I continually wonder why he is still there.

  22. Amie says:

    I feel like Project Runway should have considered the same judging that American Idol does when it comes to Anya. She had only been sewing for four months before she entered the competition. Just like the 16 year olds that audition for AI they should have told her to come back after she has had more practice. I feel she has such a great eye for fashion but her garments look sloppy. And I do feel like they take her inadequate skills into account which isn’t fair.

  23. anica patrick says:

    i am so proud of anya’s performance,she makes me feel so proud to be a trinidadian.Anya good job you have proof to us trini and the rest of the world that we trini’s can do anything that’s possible in this world . Win or loose I am proud you reach this far and you help put us bigger on the map.Good job Anya good job

  24. silkrose says:

    Viktor FTW

    I have yet to see an outfit made by Kimberly that I liked.

    Anya’s clothes seem to be nothing more than lengths of fabric with seams at the shoulders. Some of us actually need sleeves most of the year.

    None of Josh’s plastic and mesh bits appeal to me. I’m sure there’s major itch points on every garment.

  25. nodak says:

    Hey, Michael, again, another witty summary from you. I loved the rabid badger/Animal Control metaphor you used describing Joshua’s comments. Touche’, Mr. Slezak!

  26. arlene says:

    Sorry, but I am in the minority here. I think that Anya should have be “aufed” long ago and I cannot take the judges’ blatant favoritism. I also believe that Anya was lying when Tim came to Triidad, and actually had cooked up some designs that she chose not to show him to crank up the pity and the wow-she did all that in less than 2 weeks instead of 5(kind of like the episode when she “lost” her money). Sorry but I am a cynic. since Lifetime doesn’t even show the entire judging session, I cannot understand the 180 that Michael K did regarding Kimberly’s collection.
    I cannot understand why the editors of the show do not even try to cover up the fact that Nina is the only judge that they listen to.

  27. Vicki Stuart says:

    I think Bert was head and shoulders better than anyone else! I think he was being discrimnated because of his age. I remember Laura who was clearly better than the others on her season and all they did was mention her age. I think Project Runway is going downhill.

  28. sharon says:

    Let us be realistic who would ever wear any of these outfits tonight other than maybe Onya, just awful. I’m surprised the judges let this happen.

  29. EDI says:

    Having spent time in New York and at Fashion week, the purpose is to show ideas not immediate to wear items. Each designers accomplished what the set out to do similar to each person here will wear something different. The objective is to find the one person that design, style and market a line of clothing.

  30. Dee says:

    Congrats Anya–I will be willing to buy her line when they hit retail regardless of the store. Like her styloe and designs–

    On to the new season of Project Accessory

  31. Dee says:

    Congrats Anya–I will be willing to buy her line when it is ready for retail regardless of the store. Like her style and designs–

    On to the new season of ProjectAccessory

  32. Audrey says:

    That pink skirt was terrible.

  33. ladyday61 says:

    Anya never showeed variety. You can wear her stuff one place, to the beach. No clothes for work, every day, evening out, etc. Josha had a very, very good collection for a change. Vicor can sew his butt off but his stuff is borning. Kimberly had very sexty, up-to-date, young clothes but the judges picked Anya a long time ago. Anyone else would have been gone last week if they had a show like hers but she was given the benefit of the doubt and credit for past shows. Even last night the only fault they found with Kimberly was ‘she’s not read’. However, they say, I think Anya is smart enough to ……. Is that saying they don’t think Kimberly is smart enough.