Paul Adelstein on Private Practice Twist: Cooper's 'Best Case Scenario' Threatens Charlotte

Private Practice‘s Cooper got a blast from the past – especially considering it’s one he never knew existed! — when a onetime hookup showed up at his workplace with an 8-year-old in tow. This Thursday (on ABC, 10/9c), he has the delicate task of getting to know young Mason while managing Charlotte’s reaction to the arrival of the child her husband always wanted, and at the same time tempering his own paternal feelings.

“The thing that Cooper’s having trouble with, and it doesn’t do him any favors, is he feels like this is like the best case scenario for him, to a certain degree,” Paul Adelstein tells TVLine. “He’s not convinced that this is actually his kid yet, but I think he’s kind of hoping that it is, especially after this one cute scene where he tries to get to know Mason. He’s just totally smitten.”

So piqued is Cooper by the prospect of insta-fatherhood, his joy bubbles through even when it should not – meaning, when he updates his wife on the sticky situation.

“When he presents it to Charlotte, he tries to be sensitive but it’s hard for him to hide his excitement,” Adelstein says.

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Cooper’s immediate bond with Mason raises flags for his friends and coworkers, who urge him to keep things in check until the boy’s paternity can be confirmed. “By their estimation, Cooper is being naïve,” Adelstein says. “They think he should be a lot more cautious before he gets too invested in this kid. But he’s willing to just kind of jump with both feet.”

One looming question is: Why now? Why did this Erica (played by My So-Called Life‘s A.J. Langer) after so many years decide to clue in Cooper? “Nobody knows, and that’s why people are kind of advising caution,” Adelstein answers. “Her upfront justification is this kid has been asking about his father, and she thought it was time for him to meet him. But other people assume other things are going on there.”

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What Adelstein likes about this take on the age-old paternity bombshell storyline is the fact that Erica is not some “great first love” of Coop’s, or even a former steady. “He has no investment in this woman at all, and she doesn’t have any investment in him other than this potential offspring, and that makes the child relationship primary. And what’s especially powerful about it is this is a guy, a pediatrician, who’s always wanted children, and he’s in love with a woman who’s lukewarm on the subject. So basically he’s presented with this opportunity, whether it’s a fraudulent one or not, that’s very enticing to him.”

If Mason does prove to be Cooper’s kid, will it effectively table the always-prickly family planning discussions between him and Charlotte? Or might it actually amplify that hot topic in some regard?

“It shines a light on it, very brightly,” Adelstein previews. “Charlotte has this really romantic line — Cooper says, ‘You don’t even know if you want children,’ and she says, ‘Well, I might have thought differently about that had I known somebody had already done that for you.’ So, yeah, she does feel threatened for his affection — not by Erica, but by Mason. That’s a relationship she could potentially get cut out of.”

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  1. Bella says:

    That’s Cooper, though. He always leads with his heart and jumping in with both feet is exactly what he would do.

    • Annie says:

      COOPER IS A FOOL! That is all!

      • Linda says:

        I agree Cooper is acting childish, like a pathetic fool to accept this stranger’s word. Nobody does that. I feel that he’s mentally incompetent and should not be around children-scary.

        • GeekGirl13 says:

          Actually, I can name at least one somebody who did do that. I was five when my dad found out he’d fathered a child during his brief relationship with my mom. It never crossed his mind to ask for a paternity test. 35 years later it hasn’t crossed mine either.

      • Natalie says:

        I’m not liking Cooper this season. He’s got no self control. By not waiting for the paternity test he’s opening himself and the child up for disappoinmnet. C’mon try and be a grown up here. Show some restraint and wait for the results of the paternity test before you jump in with two feet.

        This storyline bugs!

        • april-ann says:

          I don’t think this is about the child at all. Cooper could still want him even if he is not the biological father. Whether Cooper is the bio-dad or not is beside the point. It won’t matter either way and won’t change their dynamic either way. I think this is about Cooper and Charlotte’s relationship and how they are able (or not able) to deal with things.

      • AMY says:

        That picture of Cooper sitting on the couch with the little boy he barely knows screams PEDOPHILE. It bothers me to look at the picture. I’m sure the show didn’t mean it that way but it screams PEDOPHILE!

      • John says:

        Cooper = Pedophile!

    • Allison says:

      Cooper is a ManChild as Violet wrote in her book. He thinks and behaves like a 5 year old.

    • Amber Lewis says:

      Cooper exhibits the behaviors of a typical pedophile. They warn you to be aware of adults that prefer children. Cooper is either a mentaly delayed adult that still thinks of himself as a child or a pedophile.

      If this is real life He is the type of person you warn your children to stay away from. What is this adults preoccupation with little children. It’s sick.

    • AMY says:

      I agree Cooper acts like a pedophile. I’m sure the show doesn’t intend to make him into a pedophile but his behavior around children is pedophile behavior. I know many peidtricians who are good with children but it is strictly in a doctor patient compacity. They way Cooper gets over attached to his patiens is unprofessional and borders on pedophile behavior.

      • Valerie says:

        And you reaction screams to me LATENT PEDOPHILE HERE!

      • Danielle H says:

        Hmm.. I really don’t agree. I think they write the character this way to show that he has a big heart and set up storylines where he will go too far to help patients. I think the cancer patient storyline earlier this season WAS way too far, and the fact that he didn’t get in trouble was obscene, but he’s not pedophilic at all.

        It’s frankly sad that so many people on here think so.

        And in regards to this current storyline, I’m not in love with it, but it does offer many avenues to explore.

    • Amy says:

      Even tho it’s not the show’s intention Cooper’s excessive infatuation with children sends out the signal of a pedophile. I would be very cautious of a man like him if this were real life.

    • Rodina says:

      I love CharCoop! I hate this stroyline. I hate that the writers and producers of the show are taking this path. They didn’t even give us time to enjoy CharCoop as a married couple before doing this. I hate it! I’m not watching tonights episode!

    • Emma says:

      EEEEEEEEEEEK! Cooper is a pedophile. Look how the boy is looking at him on the couch! It’s Distubing to look at!

      • Valerie says:

        You creepy person who accuse Cooper being pedophile, you are probably latent phedopile yourself. Get yout pervert!

      • Jessica Rabbit Rules says:

        Agreed Cooper has pedophile traits and tendencies but the show would never go there unless Adelstein was leaving. He would be the most hated character on television as pedophiles should be. The show needs to be aware of this. They should not have Cooper behave like a pu- ssy in scenes with children

      • colleen says:

        Cooper is NOT a pediphile. He is a peditrician that likes and loves children……what is so bad about that!

    • Dawn Ling says:

      Cooper belongs in Never Never Land with Peter Pan. Cooper can be this boys TinkerBell! Cooper has always seemed metrosexual to me. He’s make a good Tinkerbell. Didn’t he wear a pink outfit in season one with tinkerbell wings. I’m pretty sure I remember that. What a freak!

    • Mona says:

      I’m NOT watching until we know that Mason is NOT Cooper’s son. I’ve never missed an eppy before but I don’t have the stomach for this. I don’t care for Erica or the actress who plays her. She grates on my nerves from what I’ve seen of her so far in the sneak peeks and promos. I also didn’t like the actress stating in a previous spoiler that she wants to “get some” by rekindling her one night stand with Cooper. This sctress wants to further her career at the expense of our beloved CharCoop. I will not watch Erica.

      Not watching until we find out Mason is NOT Cooper’s son.

  2. april-ann says:

    I’m not liking Charlotte. Cooper should not have to “temper his paternal feelings” or “hide his excitement” to protect her feelings. She’s not a child but is acting like one. It’s her responsibility as an adult to see that she includes herself by accepting his child unconditionally and does not “get cut out”. These two should not be together. He wants kids, she doesn’t. Relationship over. Regardless, either she is secure in the relationship or she isn’t.

  3. Sara says:

    Why are they married? They don’t want the same things and they are always fighting.

  4. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    They are obviously setting this up for Cooper to be disappointed. I bet when the paternity results come back that he finds out he isn’t Mason’s father…but this whole situation makes Charlotte realize that she might be willing to have kids after all.

  5. Barbie says:

    I’m going against the trend here — I do think Charlotte, as Cooper’s wife, should accept his child, if he had one, and have them be a part of their relationship. Believe me, I’m the child of my father’s first marriage, he’s in his third now. I’ve been there, done that. HOWEVER, as his wife, she needs to be logical, too. This woman comes out of nowhere, with no clear explanation, dumps the story on him, “Hey, by the way, you have a kid, and I’ve never told you in EIGHT years.” They don’t know if it’s true, they don’t know if she wants something, if she’s playing him, trying to get something out of him. Yet, Cooper throws himself into the relationship with his heart and everything else he has to offer. It’s Charlotte’s duty as his wife, to also protect him. Mind you, I don’t know if that’s what she’ll do or if she’s going to let herself be guided by emotions. But I hope she’ll fall into the logic.

    • april-ann says:

      I can’t disagree with anything you have said. But whether the child turns out to be Cooper’s or not, I still believe it all comes down to one thing which is trust: either Charlotte is secure in the relationship or she is not.

    • Rachael says:

      Wow, talk about hate and negativity! To put your own selfishness and insecurity onto a child like that – you should all be ashamed.

      • april-ann says:

        What do you mean by that, Rachael? The article is about Charlotte feeling threatened by the possibility. People feel threatened when there’s a lack of trust.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Cooper is ancting like an idiot. Wait for the paternity test to come back you idiot! Be a grown up and hold back! Jer I hope it’s not his kid in the end!

    • allyson says:

      I hope it’s not his either.If he has a kid i think it should be with Charlotte. Not because she is his wife but because maybe she would change her mind about kids if she was pregnant.

  7. Sara says:

    I’m thinking that the only reason this “one night stand” came back into his life presenting her 8 year old son as his, was because the child is sick and needs a DNA match. She is not a match to him, so therefore she sought out the DNA of his potential father. It could possibly be that he is not the boy’s father, but that this woman thought he was based on the timeline of events surrounding the boy’s birth. Who knows? But that is what I’m going with…

  8. nic says:

    i really love this two as a couple! I know they don’t suit and want different things but that’s what I like about them! you are rarely going to find two people who like the same things and don’t disagree on anything .. and I think they are just really cute even when they are arguing!

  9. Rachel says:

    It appears that by not doing the testing first they are setting Cooper up for disappointment and I can’t help but Cooper is so obnoxoius this season with the way he behaved about the stealing the cord blood and now this. Cooper is my LEAST favorite character this season. I don’t mind if they kill Cooper off I’m so sick of him.

  10. Kristen says:

    I agree that its unlikely that Cooper is the dad, BUT if he is, maybe the mom is dying and she wanted to make sure her kid would be taken care of. That’s going to force the subject between Cooper and Charlotte and potentially sets us up to see if Charlotte will make him choose or it will be the end of them. Also I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the father and Charlotte finds out she’s pregnant! Any of these scenarios would be far more exciting then Cooper not being the dad…

  11. Lara says:

    I really hope it’s fraud and not Cooper’s kid. I don’t want Cooper to be stuck with this woman Erica and her kid for life. I hope it’s just being done to push Charlotte inot thinking about how much Cooper wants a child that he’s willing to believe a complete stranger that he has a kid. Cooper must have a mental defect of some sort to trust this woman he doesn’t remember ever meeting.

  12. AUST says:

    Stupid storyline.

  13. Annie says:

    COOPER IS A FOOL-thatis all.

  14. Annie says:

    COOPER IS A FOOL! that is all.

  15. Declan says:

    I want Charlotte and Cooper to have a baby, not this kid Mason who has his own mother. I hate that the show is doing this to Charlotte and Cooper.

  16. Allison says:

    Cooper is a giant waste of life. He’s a child trapped in a man’s body. Poor Charlotte for falling in love with a train wreck.

  17. megan says:

    Cooper acts like a pedophile around kids. I don’t think he should be around them. I think he is a danger to children.

    • Amber Lewis says:

      I agree! It’s scary how Cooper acts around children they warn you about people like him that prefer to be with Children. He acts like either a mentally handicapped person that still thinks he is a child or a pedophile.

      • Valerie says:

        That’s the dumbest thing i’ve read here!

        • wonderwomanmama says:

          i agree it is the dumbest thing and Cooper would never do anything to hurt a child. he’s an over grown kid but arnt most men to some degree? some just show it more than others

        • AMY says:

          I’m sure the show isn’t going to make Cooper a pedophile because Shonda loves the character too much but his infatuation with children is beyond normal. It’s the way a pedophile would react. He doesn’t even know if the kid is his. He just wants to be with the kid and that is a pedophile wheter you like it or not! The show needs to tone down Cooper’s infatuation with children.

          • Valerie says:

            No, you are wrong, he wants to have a child, and this boy is probably his child. That’s all. I think there might be something wrong with you when you have such a creepy ideas.

  18. wonderwomanmama says:

    i love cooper and he is a great Doctor than will go tho the end of the earth and back for the kids that enter his life. The way Cooper reacted is Cooper it’s to be expected. Charlotte isn’t my favorite character but she will learn to live with the situation regardless.

    • Amy says:

      Cooper is infatuated with children beyond the normal realm of a pediatricain. Even thought it’s not the shows intention they have Cooper behave as if he is a pedophile.

  19. Jersey Chick says:

    OMG People, it’s a show! A pedophile? Do you actually leave your house?

    • AMY says:

      I know the show didn’t mean it but that picture of Cooper sitting on the couch with a boy he barely knows screams PEDOPHILE! They need to temper down Cooper’s infatuation with kids because yes it is pedophile behhvior they are showing us.

      • april-ann says:

        What is wrong with a man wanting children and a family of his own? Some women are obsessed with wanting children and no one calls them a pedophile.

      • Gretchen says:

        Sitting on a couch is the behavior of a pedophile?

        This storyline reminds me of the arc in Gilmore Girls where Luke learns he has a pre-teen daughter.

        • Amy says:

          It is when it’s a strange child and you are trying to gain their trust,d not even caring if the child is yours. The show doesn’t mean it but face it people those are pedophile behaviors. If you don’t think so I feel sorry for your children if you let them hang out with a man like this. Look up the behaviors of a pedophile. Cooper fits it to a tee. They are infatuated with children. They are child like themselves. They try to win the child’s trust, buy them presents act like Cooper is acting on the couch. Look how the child is imitating him. It’s disturbing and very pedophile!

  20. Erin says:

    Whether this lil boy is his or not, I think Cooper would make an excellent dad to a young boy who has never had that in his life. They can both benifit greatly:)

  21. PatrickYates says:

    I am not a regular viewer, but I do follow it enough to know about the characters.

    This is an obvious writing device by the writers. The mom is sick. And I mean SICK. As in, dead in a few months sick. Coop either will or won’t be the dad. As for why she waited, 2 reasons. 1. She knew he was the dad, but wanted to raise the child herself. 2. She knew he wasn’t the dad, but the real dad is either dead or a loser and she chose Cooper as the best dad available.

    Depending on how the character “pops” there will be an arc about treating her exotic ailment. If she pops, it will be extended. If not, it will be short. Cooper and Char will be left with the kid. Insta kid.

    Adding kids to a show isn’t death. Adding infants can be. They don’t do anything, and they are time consuming, and they put a strain on relationships. A pre-adolescent can provide some good family moments.

  22. Lauren says:

    God what is wrong with all you people? A pedophile? This is why there are so little men in the education system, because if they are even remotely affection they are labelled pedophiles. He’s sitting on a freaking coach for God’s sake. He cares about his patients? Yeah, that’s exactly EVERY SINGLE PERSON on Shonda Rhimes’ shows. Grow up.

  23. Denise says:

    I am disgusted with Private Practice for doing this storyline. I hate it. I’m probably not going to watch. I’ll DVR it and ff thru all the scenes with Cooper, Erica and the kid.

    Disappointed in Private Practice. I think this storyline will be the death of the show. A lot of fans are unhappy about it as I am and they can’t afford to risk losing any other ratings. The show should have known this. They know CharCoop has a big following and doing something like giving Cooper a kid that’s not Charlotte changes everything. I as a CharCoop fan will not watch if Mason is in fact Cooper’s son. His first child should be with Charlotte not some bimbo he doesn’t know.

  24. Mona says:

    I’m not watching until I hear that’s it’s NOT Cooper’s son. I’ve never missed an epppy before but I don’t have the stomach for this. Erica annoys me. I don’t know if it’s the actress or the character but she grates on my nerves from what I’ve seen of her in the sneak peeks and promos. I also didn’t like that the actress stated in a previous atricle that she hopes to rekindle her one night affair with Cooper and has no repsect for him a being a married man.

    Not watching until I know Mason IS NOT Cooper’s son!

  25. kim says:

    Oh come on….ur Crazy

  26. Jessica Rabbit Rules says:

    Give CharCoop a baby. I hope that this is just a tactic to propel Charlotte into getting pregnant. I’m not interested in Erica or the boy. Please don’t waste our screentime. There are enough characters now that CharCoop don’t get enough screentime. Stop adding more.

  27. Desiree says:

    I don’t see any resemblance of Cooper and this boy. Is Cooper just having wishful thinking by saying the kid is a minicooper or does the show want us to believe that they look alike? I know they’re actors and a lot of times actor kids look nothing like their parents on tv but if they’re going to have Cooper parade around calling the kid a mini Cooper they should try harder to find a match. This kid looks nothing like him.

  28. Jeanne says:

    Pedophiles are people who are sexually attratced to children. Is Cooper sexually attracted to children? Is he thinking “Oh good, now I can have sex with Maaon?” Or does he think that this boy is his son and want to bond with him, a.k.a. the whole reason the mother introduced them in the first place. This is not a pedophile situation at all and it’s insane that anyone would think that.

  29. Jenn says:

    I think people just hate Cooper this season and that’s why tehy are calling him a pedophile. Shonda would never do that to him.

    His behavior has been obscene. He stold cord blood from a family and forged the father’s signature. He should be in jail and worse he acts like he’s a hero and did nothing wrong. I’m mad at the show for letting him off this easy.

    I hope the show revisits that story and that the brother of the boy’s blood that they stold does need it. I want to see what Cooper has to say for himself when he watches that boy die and his family frieve because Cooper stold his blood. I want Cooper not only to be held accountable but to show some remorse.

    I think fans hate Cooper and that’s why we have such a backlash of fans calling him bad names.

    • Nicole Bixby says:

      You’re right. Cooper committed a crime forcing Charlotte to cover for him. It’s human nature for people to want to see people who commit crimes punished and people who follow the rules rewarded. That clearly is not happening here. Cooper once again is being rewarded for his recklessness with a child and Charlotte (the one who follows rules) is being punished again. Cooper gets away with everything carefree and Charlotte, the one who lives by the rules and does right always ends up with the short end of the stick. Fans hate Cooper because of this. It isn’t any surprise to me. He may get away with murder on Private Practice but not with the fans who are watching.

  30. Had no idea says:

    I had no idea this show was still on. ABC must be desperate. Take the most talented people from the show and stick them in the new SR shows.

  31. Linderella says:

    I totally get Cooper’s instinctive reaction to the possibility of fatherhood – he’s adopted and his adoption did not result in feelings of warmth and love from his adoptive parents. He’s been trying to fill that empty space during the run of this series. Mason has the potential to provide that familial connection Cooper is seeking. Is he (emotionally) immature? Absolutely. I’m inclined to think the mother is seeking out Cooper because of (1) an illness which would leave her child an orphan if the father is not in the picture; or (2) a new relationship which has no room for a child. Whether or not Cooper is the child’s father remains to be seen.

  32. Becca Walsh says:

    Throw Cooper’s ugly mug in jsil wher it belongs then he can’t see the kid. He doesn’t appreciate Charlotte. She could’ve had him thrown in jail and he would never get the chance to see this kid. Too bad Charlotte didn’t have him thrown in jail.
    Charlotte deserves so much better than this woman who calls him self Cooper.

  33. Maria says:

    I hate Cooper. I don’t want to see him smiling or happy about this kid. Cooper breaks the law has committed so many crimes. He does not deserve to be happy. He looks like an idiot smiling in the picture with the kid. Cooper makes me sick!

  34. Gamma says:

    Cooper is a man-child. He also is a very good doc that will go above and beyond the call for a child. He has ” NO CREEPY INTENTIONS” To said child.The mother probably is dieing and will be gone in a very short time. Coop may/may not be the dad, but he will be a good role model for the boy. He was adopted and just wants to have a child.

  35. Nadine says:

    I never liked Cooper. He’s always been the most obnoxious character. I hate his patient cases. I can’t understand why they would pair Charlotte with him. She’s the opposite-bright, sucessful, smart, beautiful. They set her up with the manchild who’s with the hairy flabby body. What does she see in him? Beats the hell out of me.

  36. Julie says:

    Good grief! Cooper found himself a boy toy to play with.

  37. Megan says:

    Cooper is a difficult character. He displays symptoms of psychotic behavior. He’s slefish, insensitive to the feelings of others(He only cares about himself being a father, he’s insensitive to how Charlotte is feeling). He’s impulsive(he wants to jump in with two feet before waiting for a paternity test). He has no guilt or remorse(He stole cord bolld from a family which is a felony but he lacks remorse for the crime. Cooper has psychotic personality disorder. It is very hard to like these people unless you are the current object of their affection.

  38. Laura says:

    I Don’t Understand why shonda make those stupid story-lines..listen to your fans..they don’t want that stupid kid around..don’t you get it?

  39. frieda says:

    Wait for the paternity test,then plan. He’s gna dissappoint himself and the kid if its negative.