Matt's Inside Line on Supernatural, CSI: NY, Chuck, Secret Circle, Unforgettable and More!

Which Winchester seems to be leaning hard on a crutch? Who is CSI Lindsay gunning for? What sort of high notes does Chuck‘s swan song hit? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from TV’s hottest shows.

Supernatural | Is one half of our favorite freak-fighting duo about to go down a very dark path? We got a sneak peek at this Friday’s episode, and the elder Winchester is hitting the bottle big time to bury his guilt over killing Amy. Yep, while watching “Shut Up, Dr. Phil” (which of course hosts a mini-Buffy reunion), we couldn’t help but notice there’s rarely a scene where Dean doesn’t have a bottle of alcohol in hand. Sam takes notice, too, and urges Dean to open up about what’s bugging him, but it doesn’t seem like Dean’s boozy problem is going anywhere anytime soon. Bonus: Remember Season 1’s “Bugs”? Dean’s least favorite flying creatures are about to make a beeline — pun intended — for him again.

CSI: NY | This Friday’s episode guest-stars Justin Bruening (Ringer) as a murder suspect and brings back Kathleen Munroe as Flack’s sister Samantha. But the hour also boasts this other treat: Anna Belknap’s Lindsay getting all badass! I got a hold of a first look clip from that bit of fun; check it out:

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Unforgettable | From Day 1, this freshman CBS drama has teased us and Carrie with clues about her sister’s murder, and the episode airing this coming Tuesday serves up a startling piece of intel. “It’s quite surprising and cool where she gets this break in the case from,” Poppy Montgomery tells me. In fact, by the following episode, “Carrie has enough information to run with it and really get into some police work on the case.” (As the strawberry stunner previously told us, this mystery will play out over at least the first 12 episodes, and likely will be solved by season’s end.)

The Secret Circle | Peanut butter meets chocolate when The CW’s supernatural newbie celebrates Halloween next Thursday. “You can expect a lot of sexy costumes,” exec producer Andrew Miller promises with a laugh. “Halloween’s a big holiday for our group because it’s the one day of the year they can really be themselves and no one notices. It’s a fun episode to let their witch flag fly free!” Ay, but therein lies the rub. “The problem is they’re not the only ones trying to blend in, and they get into a lot of trouble,” Miller warns. “They set out to have maybe the best Halloween party that any of them have ever experienced, and it goes badly pretty quickly.”

Chuck | I’m now three episodes into the NBC spy comedy’s final season (bowing Oct. 28), and despite a start that I fret might polarize a few fans, my advice is to be patient, because there’s good payoff for the twist involving Morgan acquiring the Intersect (which does not come without its side effects). Another big reason to watch is The Matrix‘s Carrie-Ann Moss as Gertrude Verbanski, a onetime adversary (…and more?) of Casey’s who makes quite the entrance — and not one of the slo-motion, wind-in-hair kind. (That gimmick is  reserved for Awesome, later in Episode 2.) Among other early-season guest stars, Jeff Fahey is rather unrecognizable if you’re looking for Lost‘s Frank Lapidus, while Green Arrow (aka Justin Hartley) is gonna have trouble plucking his bow seeing as he’s missing a finger. My favorite moments from the first three hours: a “tango” of sorts between Casey and Gertrude, and some crowd-pleasing hand-to-combat between [spoiler] and [spoiler].

Screened & Heard | In addition to abundant Chuck screeners, I’ve been getting ahead on Sons of Anarchy, and as Ausiello already shared, above and beyond Juice’s fate a major SAMCRO death is looming – the kind you’re wishing doesn’t happen, and yet it does. Next Tuesday’s episode also features a terrific scene between Jax and Piney, as they squabble over who J.T. was and wasn’t, plus a heartbreaker involving Tara…. While we await a return date for USA Network’s Fairly Legal, I’ve learned this about the Season 2 opener: The legal drama will pick up with the practice about to go under, and Kate and Lauren still clashing over their methods. The straw that breaks the camel’s back may be Kate’s mediation between a star client embroiled in a class action suit initiated by a former employee of his.

If there’s a show or hot topic you’d like the Inside Line on, email mattmtvguy@gmail.com, and maybe it’ll get some love the next time around! (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Chris says:

    Lindsay is SUCH a badass! I LOVE this video. thanks Matt!

  2. Brina says:

    Thank you so much for the bit about CSI:NY, and even more for the clip! What a totally awesome scene! I love this badass side of Lindsay! Tough woman! And she looks hot with a gun. ;) Again, thanks!

  3. Liz says:

    I’m thinking SOA will be killing off Tara, which would be the worst thing possible for the show. I mean, Clay has put things into motion to get her killed off. Sigh.

    • alr says:

      I can’t imagine that would happen but I’m scared too. I love this show but I get nervous now each week it comes on, wondering what’s going to happen this time.

    • Anne says:

      I’m on pins and needles each week over Tara. She seems utterly doomed, but that is just one death I am not ready for.

    • Todd says:

      I can see Piney taking the bullet for Tara.

    • BHM1304 says:

      This has me nervous as hell. I’m thinking SAMCRO member means it isn’t Tara which is great but that leaves Piney, Happy, Tig, Bobby, as the possible victim or Chuck, whose been just as much a part of SAMCRO as anyone recently. We love all of these guys. It better not be Unser or Tara.

      Damn you Sutter for still cranking out one of the best Dramas on television even if the morons on the Emmy nominating committee can’t get their collective heads out of their arses to notice this fact. Screw “Mad Men” and their clean cut dapper snooze fest. “Sons” is so much better (better cast, scripts, basic look and feel) its laughable that “MM” wins every year.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for the news on Unforgettable! Love this show so much & can’t wait for next week!!

  5. Jackie says:

    Since Sons of Anarchy is based off of Hamlet, I can see them killing off major characters & sadly, that most likely does (eventually) mean Tara. I love this show so much though; never thought I would be so emotionally invested in a motorcycle gang!

  6. Jess says:

    Badass Lindsay and funny Flack, nice combo. Love it!! Can’t wait to watch this Friday. Thanks a lot, Matt. :)

    • Cris says:

      I was missing funny Flack, and we are seeing a lot of badass Lindsay this season! And I´m loving it!
      Thanks Matt!

  7. jy says:

    Thanks for the vid! Love when Lindsay and Flack work together – and of course bad-ass Lindsay!

  8. Rhylee says:

    Love Badass Lindsay!! Can’t wait till Friday. Thanks for the clip Matt.

  9. jen says:

    Poor eldest Winchester :( I hope Dean just tells Sam what’s going on, and then they can fix it.

  10. Dilys says:

    Dean has guilt over killing Amy? Amy? A one note character that was barely in his life? This is driving him to alcoholism? What about that angel that sacrificed his life 3 times for him? And disobeyed heaven for him? And pulled him out of hell? GUILT OVER AMY? I want to laugh and laugh and laugh over what a terrible job the writers are doing right now. Oh and thanks writers for turning Dean, the Righteous Man, the badass hunter into an afterschool special. If I wanted to watch a show about alcoholism I would turn on Lifetime TV.

    • Dave says:

      Really?? What exactly should he feel guilty about with Cas? I what happened to Cas was his own doing. Not Dean’s fault. Sure Dean can feel sad about it because of someone who was supposed to be like family to him betraying him like that. Cas was the one with the guilt there not Dean. Dean does not feel guilty necessarily over killing Amy but more over the fact of what killing Amy did which was break a promise to his brother. I swore to his brother he would let Amy go and instead he went behind his brother’s back and killed her. Now he is keeping it from hid brother. That is were the guilt comes from. Try looking a little bit deeper into it that what is just on the surface. You will appreciate the show more.

      • Crowley_Gal says:

        I think Dean’s guilt with Cas is much like his guilt with Jo and Sam. He feels guilty becuase of everything Cas did for him, like dying and rebelling and giving up everything. Cas saved them a number of times, so Dean probably feels bad that he couldn’t save Cas when Cas most needed it.

      • Dilys says:

        LOL, thank you for your condescending answer. I do understand the issue with Amy, I simply think it’s ridiculous. And yes, there are many reasons Dean should feel guilty about Cas including the fact that the one time Cas asked for help, after all the times Dean asked him, he turned him away. Because he was working with Crowley, something Dean has also done.

        • Dilys says:

          This answer was for Dave not Crowley.

        • Lymon says:

          Castiel didn’t ask for help, he wanted Dean to do what he wanted Dean to do, after lying to Dean about it for a while year.

          Just about everything bad that happened during that year could be traced back to Castiel’s actions or Castiel’s lies about his bargain with Crowley. It wasn’t just because Crowley was a demon, it was because of the absolutely terrible snowball effect that deal with Crowley had, all while Castiel continued to lie – if Dean had known the truth he very likely would have handled things very very differently, for example when it came to allowing Crowley essentially blackmailing them with Sam’s soul, that he couldn’t get anyway. Not to mention the lies about how Sam got out of the cage to begin with, Castiel knew all along and just never told him.

          It was yet another person in Dean’s life who lied to Dean, for a very long time and then blamed Dean for it or says he was “doing it for Dean”(although at least in Castiel’s case, I do believe that his initial motivation was that he felt like he didn’t want to put more on Dean’s shoulders)

          Dean in fact, prior to The Man Who Would Be King, had offered Castiel his help, including in Caged Heat, where he specifically said he wanted to help because he considered Castiel his friend, and Castiel point blank refused. Castiel always refused to talk about what was going on. Castiel didn’t want help by the time The Man Who Would Be King rolled around, he wanted his actions validated by Dean’s going along with them, and that is a big difference.

      • Tilly says:

        While I don’t disagree in general that he feels guilty about lying(see below) but I think you are the one who has the shallow view for thinking everything is about Sam. Dean cared a lot about Castiel’s friendship, and while Dean may not have done anything wrong(I agree), he would feel guilty for that reason, because he was unable to save him, because that’s who Dean is, due to his having been raised with way too much responsibility on his shoulders way too young. That’s what happens when you do to a kid what John did to Dean.

        But yeah, why would Dean feel guilty over killing Amy? He did the absolute right thing doing that. I don’t care what kind of weak and unproven sobstory she gave to Sam–and about how now it was over and she wouldn’t do it again conveniently just when she’d been caught. She was killing people, she’d already killed 4, people who I’m sure had their own sobstories.

        I can definitely see Dean feeling guilty about lying to Sam about it, even though Sam put him in an impossible position when he made what happened with Amy about Dean’s relationship with him instead of about what it should have been, which is about AMY’s killing spree. Dean was basically made to feel that Sam’s “recovery” from his time in the cage was somehow dependent upon his doing what Sam wanted. But Dean would naturally feel guilty about it because, on any of the rare occasions he’s lied to Sam, he’s felt guilty about it.

        Dean’s a good person, who feels guilty about stuff like that, unlike his friends and relatives who always seem perfectly fine with lying to him. They are more than content to believe their own excuses for why they did it and to blame Dean for “making” them do it in some way.(No wonder he has a guilt complex when everyone else blames him for their screw ups as well).

        Dean is showing more guilt about lying to Sam about killing some monster Sam knew for 5 hours 15 years ago and that Sam should have iced himself than Sam showed throughout all of Season 4 and 5 for the way he lied to, betrayed and ultimately nearly strangled Dean. Dean is showing more guilt than Bobby for allowing Dean to believe Sam was still in the Cage for a whole year that Sam was seemingly out of Hell.(Given that Bobby apparently did not pick up on anything being wrong with Sam, he fully believed Sam was out)

        And Sam urging Dean to talk? That’s a true laugh. Almost any time Dean’s opened up to Sam, Sam’s ultimately used it against him or used it as an excuse to lie to him, betray him or call him weak and pathetic(and for all the guff Dean gets about it, he’s actually generally been far more open with Sam than Sam’s ever been with him, even about Hell–Dean was actually far more open about Hell, the very little that he talked about it to Sam than Sam has thus far been with him) he’s opened up to Sam, briefly, about the most horrible things and the worst feelings and those are exactly the things Sam throws back in Dean’s face. Dean would be an idiot to give him more ammo at this point.

        Dean doesn’t talk about stuff because on the rare occasions he’s taken people up on the offer to open up, they’ve ultimately used it against him or they’ve left him and that includes Sam and Bobby both, neither of whom, imo, could have done half of what Dean’s done and lasted nearly this long. But they never give him an ounce of credit for it.

        • Dave says:

          Ok we can sit here and debate all day long but the thing is with this show (which is why I love it) is nothing is black and white. Everything is grey. Every bad decision a character on this show has made (Dean, Sam, Bobby, Cas) have all been with good intentions. The only reason either of the brothers lie to each other is thinking they are protecting the other or because they know the other will disapprove. Sam has not been open about his time in Hell because he really doesn’t remember much of it. Even now all he gets is flashs and the accosional vision of Lucifier. The vision of Lucifer he hid from Dean because Dean was already dealing with the loss of Cas. Just like when Dean hid the fact that John said Dean may have to kill Sam from Sam for so long, He did it to try and protect Sam. Bobby hid Sam being back because he wanted Dean to stay out of the hunter’s life and have a safe “apple pie” life with a family. Wasn’t really the right thing to do but he had good intentions.

          Also by the way I am not making it all about Sam. The fact of the matter is that Sam is Dean’s brother. Dean loves his brother and when you betray a promise to a loved one like that (no matter if the loved one was in the right for making you promise) if you have a heart you feel guilty about it just like Dean. Also Sam may have only known her for as you put it 5 hours 15 years ago but she saved his life. She didn’t want the killing. She hasn’t killed for 15 years until it came to saving her kids life. I am not saying necessarily that I would kill someone because that is wrong but I have 3 kids at home and I would do just about anything to protect them and keep them safe and alive. So I can kind of see where Sam had the arguement of she did it for her kid to stay alive and she is done now. On the other hand though like I said killing is just wrong and I don’t blame Dean for what he did. He should have never made that promise to his brother is all. It’s funny though you accused me of making it all about Sam when every single one of your comments basically said. “Oh Dean. You are the best” “Dean does no wrong.” “Everyone just has it out for my Dean” There are lots of great characters on this show Dean, Sam, Bobby, Cas, Crowley, Jo, Ash, Elen, Ruby. This show in my opinion has done a fantastic job of introducing great characters and everything single one of the good guys (Dean, Bobby, Sam, Cas) have all done really great things but they have all made thier mistakes as well.

          • Ashley says:

            ^THIS!! I hate how so many fans vilify one brother and act like the other brother poops gold. It denies the lovely depth and gray areas of both brothers and totally sucks the fun out of fandom.

          • Cheryl says:

            Thank you Dave. For stating the obvious. This show is about two brothers. It always has been and always will be.

            “Because the fans are a protective and occasionally nervous bunch, we are always reiterating both in interviews and in practice that the show is about Sam and Dean. They are the two leads. It’ll never be about anything else. It’ll always be about the two of them, the issues they’re going through, and then, first and foremost, their relationship with each other… The episodes are about the boys. It’s about the guys.”
            — Eric Kripke

    • Nic says:

      If you read anther blogs, you’ll see that his guilt is about Castiel as well.

      I completely agree with you about the alcoholism, though. I’m pretty upset over what they’re doing to Dean.

      • Carrie says:

        I don’t want to see Dean go down that path either, but it actually makes perfect sense that he would develop a drinking problem. Just think about everything he’s been through. His mother was killed and his house burned down when he was just a child, he was raised to be a hunter and responsible for his younger brother, his father drank a lot to ‘deal’ with his troubles and he actually went to hell. Heck, I might start drinking if I were him. I don’t blame the guy, but I’m glad Sam sees what’s going on and tries to help him. I hope Sam goes to Bobby and that Dean gets the help he needs.

        • Nic says:

          I understand and agree at some degree. But Supernatural isn’t about alcoholism, interventions, rehab and so on. A storyline about that on Supernatural, while they’re on the run doesn’t even make sense for me.

          I just hope they won’t take this too far. I’m sorry, but all I’m seeing is they ruining my favorite character. I just can’t wait for the writers to end this and move on already.

    • dane says:

      He killed a mother in front of her small child.
      He killed a person who begged him for her life.
      He killed someone that meant something to his brother.
      He killed a woman after he swore to his brother he wouldn’t go after her.

      You wouldn’t feel guilty about that?

      • dane says:

        I also agree that Amy is not the ONLY reason he has guilt. There are a ton of things to make him feel like the world is on him. He’s always toyed with alcohol in the past – so this is not a leap. I say to wait and see. I can’t imagine we are going to have an ‘alcoholic’ storyline requiring the 12 steps or anything.. so much as we are going to have him needing to realize that you can’t run away from your problems no matter how much booze you imbibe, women you bed, demons you kill, etc..

      • Crowley_Gal says:

        What exactly did Amy mean to Sam though. He spent a few hours with her twice in 13 years. He didn’t know the real her any more than Dean did.

        Amy told Sam that she had the same job for the last 6 years. What did she do to support herself the previous seven years, did Sam ask that? Did he question her on whether she’d kill again if her son got sick? He took her at her word.

        I think Sam saw a lot of Amy in himself and he was making a decision based on what he wanted Amy to be. Not what she was.

        I think lying to Sam is part of the reason why Dean feels guilty but its not the only reason.

      • Carrie says:

        Amy wasn’t really a person. She was a demon and so was her son. Dean knew it was only a matter of time before she killed and even though he knew her son would probably do the same, he let the kid go.

      • Rettink says:

        Dean killed a monster who happened to be wrapped in pretty camoflage because Sam was too weak to see beyond the wrapping and identified too closely with it. If Amy’d looked like the alien queen from “Aliens”, who was also nurturing and defending her children, no-one would be debating this, they’d think Deana hero for was saving human lives.
        Dean was right to do it (and he should have killed the spawn too IMO) and the only reason he hasn’t said anything is because he doesn’t want to put up with the bitchfaces and accusations of intolerance he’ll surely get from Sam. That would drive anyone to drink.

  11. Daisy says:

    How incredibly beautiful and hot Lindsay/Anna is! I really love badass Lindsay! Can’t wait to watch this episode this Friday.
    Thank you so much for the clip, Matt!

  12. Dean4me says:

    Dean has sooooo much guilt, this isn’t just about Amy!!!
    His bestie is gone (for now) and his world is crashing in flames as usual. Lisa and Ben are gone from his life, after a year of living the “normal” life. And Sam is completely unstable. Yeah, I’d drink too!!!
    Thanks for the Supernatural spoiler/mention. Our fave show always deserves a nod and we appreciate it!!
    AfterSchool Special indeed. *huffs*

  13. Anon says:

    Why would Dean open up to Sam? The first time he did at the end of Croatoan Sam ran away. He opened up to Sam about this time in hell and Sam called him weak, boo hoo’d him and ran back to Ruby’s arms. I really don’t see the show making Sam sympathetic to and understanding of Dean’s reasons.

    I don’t blame Dean in the slightest for not wanting to talk to Sam.

    Dean was drinking heavily in the premier before he even ran into Amy, so I don’t think that’s the reason for his guilt.

    • Ashley says:

      Those examples are a bit unfair. Sam ran away in “Croatoan” because what Dean opened up about was John telling him to either save Sam or kill him – meaning it wasn’t all about Dean’s feelings but also about Sam finding out that his father’s last words were about potentially killing him. And when Dean opened up about Hell, Sam was addicted to blood and in the middle of a severe downward spiral – it wasn’t right, but there were extenuating circumstances.

      There have been situations where Dean has opened up to Sam and gotten an open and supportive response (see: “A Very Supernatural Christmas”); there have been times when Sam opened up to Dean and got an open and supportive response (see: “I Know What You Did Last Summer”); and there have been times when Sam opened up to Dean and got a bad, violent response (see: “Bloodlust”). One brother isn’t a saint and one brother isn’t a jerk – they’re both human with good moments and bad moments.

  14. Nic says:

    Sera is working really hard to completely destroy Dean’s character, isn’t she? That’s so sad. Congratulations, Sera!

    • Carrie says:

      Yep, it’s all Sera Gamble’s fault. She has an evil plan to destroy a character on her show *rolling my eyes*. We haven’t even seen what will happen to Dean yet, and even though she’s executive producer, Gamble is not solely responsible for every creative decision. Do people think she writes, directs & produces every episode herself and that she also controls The CW & Warner Bros.?

      • Nic says:

        She is the responsible for important decisions, like where one of the brothers will be half of the season. So yes, Carrie, she is the one I hold responsible for Dean’s characterization.

        • kate says:

          so, yes, you are stupid.

        • Dave says:

          You are right she is the one the makes the major decisions but in case you haven’t heard (and I am not trying to be mean or sarcastic) Eric Kripke the creator of the show is still involved in the show. He just isn’t running the day to day stuff. Sera still consults him on certian directions to take the show and the characters. He was very heavily involved in season 7 so if your going to blame Sera you need to blame Kripke the shows creator as well. I am sure he would speak up if he didn’t like the direction she was taking it and he is the one that chose her to be the show runner. I really get sick of her getting crapped on. She has wrote some of the best episodes in Supernatural next to Kripke and she is actually a really nice person. I have talked to her before and she came across genuinley as a nice person and is really passionate about this show.

  15. lovedeanwoohoo says:

    I don’t know, the alcoholism isn’t really a new thing. I mean, he’s been popping pills and getting drunk to medicate himself the whole time – it’s just now getting to be all the time. I don’t see it as destroying anything or changing his character – it’s been coming for a long time. I’ve been waiting for it for years. I mean, of course Dean feels guilty about killing Amy. He probably also feels guilty for global warming and the impending ice age, as well. That’s just how he is.

  16. Hallie says:

    Thanks so much for the news on CSINy and showing us the preview. I love Anna and she was AWESOME in that clip!!

  17. Kyle Andrews says:

    Hunters drink a lot on Supernatural. John drank a lot. Bobby drank a lot. Dean has gone through times of heavy drinking. It doesn’t mean that he’s going to need an intervention and all of that. It just means that he’s dealing with some crap and he needs to work through it.

    And Amy is not the reason for this arc. Dean is tired. He’s worn. He has given his entire life and sacrificed his family for this fight that never ends. It’s more of a “I’m getting to old for this sh**” thing than being all about guilt (which he also carried a lot of).

    “Defend Your Life” showed us that Dean has changed. He’s grown up in a lot of ways. He’s not the guy who chases every skirt that crosses his path anymore, which is a good thing. He can’t be that guy forever. He settled down and grew up a lot when Sam was gone. Now, I think he just wants a break.

    • Ifle says:

      “I’m getting too old”? Dean’s only 33 years old. I don’t think Dean wants a break. He also seemed quite pleased to have been flirting with Mia and the idea of having sex with her later, and thank god for that because Dean’s an adorable flirt and he’s even more adorable when he knows he’s going to be getting laid. Always has been. :)

      I think Dean’s fine with chasing skirts and I think he’d be fine with hunting if certain other people didn’t insist on always making things about themselves and thus making what is already a difficult job even harder on him. The worst Amy should have been was a disagreement over whether or not she should be killed, it shouldn’t have had anything to do with their relationship with each other, and yet Sam has a history of doing this to Dean, deciding he has something in common with some monster whom he then puts all his hopes for somehow “proving” he can be good by having them prove themselves good, turning what should be a hunt into a litmust test about his and Dean’s relationship, and putting all the responsibility for what happens on Dean’s shoulders.

      Dean should never have been put in the position where he had to make the choice in the first place. Sam’s the one who snuck off in the middle of the night and lied first – if he’s going to do that then he has a responsibilty to do the job right, not to let himself be convinced by the pretty monster that somehow he “knows” her because he knew her for 5 hours 15 years ago(and that is all it was, he knew her for a few hours). Amy should have been dead before Dean ever got found Sam.

      Defending Your Life showed us pretty much nothing. Nothing at all new, beyond the new levels of character assassination it wrought against Dean. That, and a new example of Jensen Ackles’ amazing ability to take dreck and make it look like gold, along with Alona Tal, during Dean and Ghost!Jo’s scene(where he was brilliant and Jo managed to portray more understanding and sympathy than Sam’s pretty much ever done, heck even Mia whom he’d just met seemed to “get” him more, given Sam’s later “defense” tactics–seriously putting Dean on the stand and basically trying to get him to “lie” about feeling guilty when Sam must know that Dean feels guilty, as if a god wouldn’t be able to tell the difference? It wouldn’t have mattered if the last witness was Amy or not, Osiris would have convincted him because Dean obviously felt guilty about everything else and it’s all about how guilty the person feels, not about their actual guilt)

      “I mean, he’s been popping pills and getting drunk to medicate himself the whole time ”

      He used to be a more responsible drinker than Sam if anything. Sam was the one who get soused while on the job when he had a problem(see Playthings or Dream a Little Dream–and he always managed to insult Dean while drunk too). It was only in Season 4 that Dean started to drink a bit more(maybe because he’d gotten back from Hell and all his brother could think to do was lie to him, screw him over for a demon chick and look down on him as “weak”, ya think?) but in all this time it’s never been overwhelming, so the idea that it would suddenly be a problem now? That is the ridiculous part. Especially when Bobby drinks like a fish and no one ever makes any issues about that.

      It would have been a problem back then, 2 or 3 seasons ago, not now. It’s all just an excuse for Sera Gamble to drag Dean down in the dirt to build Sam up, like they do all the time, meanwhile Sam gets back his Cage memories and apparently is just fine and dandy. Sammy Sue at his finest. Sam’s addiction saved the world(demon blood no less, that he had to kill human hosts to get), Dean’s is just this thing used to make him look weak to build up Sam.

      • Kyle Andrews says:

        I was following up until the stuff about Sam and the writers and all of that… I am over that whole topic. The writers aren’t out to get Dean.

        And the “I’m getting too old for this” thing has nothing to do with his age. It has to do with the fact that he’s getting to a point where he’s not content to just hunt things for the rest of his life. He’s growing up. He’s been through a lot and it’s getting to him… This has been the arc of his character since season 2. It’s not like I’m reading into something and deciding that his life is wearing on Dean.

  18. Tanya says:

    I don’t think killing Amy is what solely drives Dean to feel guilty or drink. But I do think she was the final straw – so to speak. Dean feels guilty about everything as was demonstrated in the last episode – not just about killing Amy or lying to Sam. Those are the most recent things he feels guilty about and weigh heavily on him. Whether they should or not – that’s up to interpretation. He maybe wouldn’t even feel that terrible about killing Amy (she’s a monster; he’s a hunter – you do the math) had Sam not made a point to thank him for listening to him when he asked Dean not to kill her.

    Besides, Dean is the resident bad boy – which automatically means he needs to be a bit tragic! :D

  19. Juliab. says:

    Badass Lindsay!!! Thank you for the awesome clip from CSI/NY Matt.

  20. Lisa says:

    Badass!Lindsay totally rocks. Thank you so much for the awesome clip!

  21. Jayne says:

    Thanks so much for the clip! You still reign as my favorite :) I love that they’re letting Lindsay get out of the lab more.

  22. brendanakai says:

    Thanks for the clip! Like the badass Lindsay, she should out of the lab more!!

  23. ioan says:

    Thanks for the extra clip of CSINY! Love Lindsay is great and I am so happy to see is out of the lab again, and getting back some of her original characterization. Great to see her being awesome!

  24. Erin says:

    Thanks for the #csiny video! I love Lindsay like this. Here’s hoping for a Lindsay/Flack/Danny outing one day. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  25. AA says:

    Supernatural is horrible. kkkkkkkkkk Sorry!! But it is…

  26. Cheryl says:

    So glad Supernatural finally let go of the Angel mythology and is back to being the story of Sam and Dean. It’s been a great season so far.

  27. F says:

    The writers of Supernatural are stumbling on own legs..

  28. Liz says:

    Love Lindsay!! I can’t see the clip–not your fault — apple. Still thanks for getting a great Lindsay clip. Can’t wait to get to a computer!

  29. kristine c. says:

    yay! I heart Casey! I heart Chuck. Best. Show. Ever. :)

  30. Julie says:

    As long as the bee scene doesn’t s*ck as much as the one in Bugs did I’ll be glad. (lol, no seriously if you only watch tonight’s episode not because you’re a spn fan but because of Carpenter and Masters you should definately NOT watch Bugs after just to compare the bugs… lol sorry Bugs isn’t my favorite episode of season 1, but do watch the others to get an addiction to the show, ya?)

  31. Beth says:

    Thank God SPN is back to the story of the Winchester brothers! FINALLY! No other characters are really needed. I don’t miss Cas at all. He should’ve been gone after S5. As far as I’m concerned, he outstayed his welcome. The story is about these two brothers, and I’m so incredibly thankful to Sera et.al. that they have gotten back to that…..Sam and Dean are the reason that I tune in each week. I don’t care about anyone else.