Exclusive First Look: It's An NCIS Lovefest!

There are reunions aplenty in the Nov. 1 episode of CBS’ NCIS, and TVLine has obtained an exclusive first look at one of them.

In “Devil’s Triangle,” not only will Gibbs and FBI Agent T.C. Fornell (Joe Spano) cross paths with the woman they both can call “ex-wife” (played by Mad Men‘s Melinda McGraw), but series star Pauley Perrette will again get to work with her real-life bestie, Boston Legal alumna Meredith Eaton, who last appeared on TV’s most-watched drama two seasons ago.

Exclusive: Jaime Ray Newman ‘Collars’ NCIS Story Arc

“It is so amazing having Meredith back on NCIS,” Perrette tells TVLine. “Having your best friend play your best friend is about as fun as it gets. The fans love her and I love her. It’s a lovefest!”

Eaton, as lab tech Carol Wilson, first guested on NCIS when Abby’s gal pal simply paid her a visit. But for Eaton’s encore — which was fueled in part by a Twitter campaign Perrette started — Carol is on hand to assist with cracking a case, as seen in the scene below.

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  1. Lore says:

    Fornell is back!! awesome love Gibbs and him together theyre so good to watch!!

    • Joan says:

      Sooooo happy Fornell will be back as well as Abby’s friend Carol. I love the chemistry between Gibbs and Fornell. This one is going to be good!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

  2. AuntieMM says:

    Yippee that Fornell is back….I haven’t forgiven them for killing off Mike Franks yet but this will due for now.

    • UncleOO says:

      Of course they had to bring Franks back to kill him. Hmmm, are you sure Fornell coming back is a good thing???

    • Colin Harris says:

      I’ve read offical word that Franks WILL return. I guess it will be some kind of dream sequence. Hope he appears on a horse!! :D

  3. cher says:

    Thanks Matt for the NCIS news!!! I’m so happy that Fornell is making an appearance after all this time. His friendly banter with Gibbs always makes me grin. Agree with AuntieMM, I still miss Mike Franks.

    • Joann says:

      I’m so happy to see Fornel and Gibbs together again. Yes, I miss MIke Franks. I was so depressed that they decided to kill him off. At least we have Fornel around. They make a good couple, especially with the quipps they throw at each other. Can’t wait to see it.

  4. DB says:

    She didn’t just pay Abby a visit the first time, they needed McGee’s help for a satellite hookup for her nephew on Christmas.

  5. ckb says:

    Thanks for the update. I love Fornell and think that he needs to be updated to a series regular and see him every week.

  6. Plum says:

    Mark Harmon is a handsome man. When is he getting some lovin’ from that new red head on the show, that chick from Law & Order?

    • Alicia says:

      lol, was just looking at the pic thinking “damn, he looks good…” Total silverfox :D
      Wish someone would help L&O: SVU into the grave so Diane Neal can become the future ex Mrs. Gibbs number 5 and Kelli Giddish can go back to romancing Kalinda on TGW.
      Aaaaaannd it’s always great when Fornell is around (Fornell>>>>>>>Franks), plus he’s the only one who pronounces Tony’s last name correctly. ;)

  7. sandee says:

    Best bromance on TV Gibbs and Fornell.

  8. AngelMoonGirl says:

    My question is, WHEN THE FRICK ARE WE GOING TO GET A *ROMANTIC* TONY/ZIVA MOMENT!?? Seriously… it’s been three episodes now with almost nothing… I’m dying over here! One scene in the premiere just isn’t enough to hold me over!

  9. Laura says:

    haha from the way that Gibbs and Fornell go on about their ex-wife, you can tell that this is going to spell trouble….. :D

  10. Renee says:

    I’m REALLY looking forward to the lines that Gibbs and Fornell will toss back and forth.

  11. Elliot Folder says:

    Make Meredith Eaton a series regular ! I love her !

  12. Adam Burke says:

    Awesome news , not only do I love Meredith Eaton on the show but I love that she’s back with Abby !

  13. Mark says:

    Fornell is the best character and I’m glad he and Gibbs are together again and MereditnEaton is gorgeous sassy and so talented. Please don’t make us wait another 2 seasons for Meredith to appear again!

  14. Christopher says:

    Yes! Finally ! Why did it take you so long to bring Carol Wilson back! Meredith and Pauley are magic together ! Can’t wait to see this episode

  15. Richard says:

    Open letter to NCIS – thanks for more Gibbs-Fornell as together they bring a great dynamic to the show ….
    Thanks as well for more Carol Wilson love. She is not only nice to look ay, but she is a good addition to the show and I am happy to read she is back, hope for several episodes ?

  16. Kathy says:

    Yipee! Meredith Eaton is such a good actress!

  17. Julie says:

    Yes. Yes. Yes! Fornell, and Carol and more Abby is the best

  18. Cecilia says:

    What great news! Nothing cuter than Meredith Eaton & Pauley Perrette
    Why can’t they have Meredith on more often ? Her character on Boston Legal was my favorite

  19. Ziva fan says:

    I always thought Meredith Eaton’s first appearance was just a teaser for future episodes but then so much time passed and I lost hope for her return. I am thrilled to read that she is back now and I hope for more then just this!

  20. Cyrus says:

    Meredith is one hot little lady !

  21. NCISGURU says:

    Fornell AND Carol BOTH back in same episode. Hello skyrocket ratings

  22. Lorainne Knightly says:

    I’m doing a happy dance for This news. Fornell is someone I really enjoy and love Meredith from her HOUSE episode and of course Boston Legal work

  23. Abby Forevr says:

    There is not enough Abby lately so I’m happy to hear there is a Abby storyline which includes the long overdue return of her bestie Carol .

  24. Hungry4Gibbs says:

    How we get more Abby-Carol episodes ? It was bad enough to have to wait all this time for Carol again …
    Also when will we see Fornell join the cast for good ? Huge Spano fan here

  25. chase says:

    Loving the NCIS lovefest and even all the NCIS’ storylines. Although we lost the great Mike Franks, wouldn’t change a thing on how they keep everything progressing and not formulaic. Keep the NCIS scoops coming!

  26. GeekGirl13 says:

    YES!!!!! Happy to see Fornel and Carol back. One of my greatest wishes is for a spinoff with Spano as the lead. They could even bring Meredith along for the ride! Then every so often Gibbs and Abby could pop up on the spinoff.

  27. Brett Stapelton says:

    I am a fan of Fornell since his Hill Street Blues days. He is pure talent and I am a fan of Meredith Eaton from her Family Law days.
    I love the idea of a Fornell-Carol spin off, Maybe Carol can assist Fornell in FBI forensic work.

  28. GibbsRules says:

    Finally! Fornell is awesome

  29. Mcgeezer says:

    Carol Wilson rocks ! Whew hoooo !

  30. Cathy Masterson says:

    I can not TELL YOU how happy I am to hear this news. Meredith is such a spunky actress and I can definitely see why she and Pauley Perrette are best friends in real life.

    How can Meredith’s fans campaign for more NCIS appearances this season?

  31. Jacob Dugard says:


    Lots of Love for Meredith Eaton over here .

  32. Peter says:

    Open Letter to: The Powers That Be At NCIS:
    I am a huge fan of your show and have been from Season 1 Episode 1.
    I am a simple man with simple wishes. I am not asking for much, because the show is perfect as is, (as evidenced by your ratings) However, if you could just indulge me for a moment:

    3)Please consider making Joseph Spano and Meredith Eaton more frequent characters as they are both interesting and different in their own right


    Peter Pascatori

  33. Terri says:

    Is Ray going to actually make an appearance this season? Or will Ziva move on?
    Oh can hardly wait to see Mark Harmon and Formell in next weeks episode !!

  34. Garbriellaharaton@hotmail.com says:

    I love Meredith Eaton as Carol Wilson – she must be made a more frequent character please!