Jessica Capshaw Defends Her Grey's Anatomy Love Life: 'Sometimes There's Making Out, And...'

As prurient an image as it can be to see two Grey’s Anatomy doctors-in-love melt to the kitchen floor in a lustful entwining, such an act raises the stakes for other marrieds – namely, Drs. Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres, whose so-so level of intimacy has been lamented by some fans of the same-sex pairing.

When Jessica Capshaw dropped by the TVLine office in New York City to preview an ironic twist coming in this Thursday’s episode (ABC, 9/8c), the conversation soon turned to Calzona cuddling, a topic the actress has very strong thoughts on. Capshaw also weighed in on Arizona’s new maternal leanings and teased the arrival of a new rival for her peds padwan, Alex.

TVLINE | Things have been a bit quiet for Arizona lately. But I trust you’re here to say that’s about to change?
Oh yeah. I always describe it the same way, that when you have, like, 12 regular cast members, and you only have like 42 minutes after commercials, there’s only so much storytelling you can do for each character at a time. So it becomes this funny little relay race…

TVLINE | … where actors kind of “pass the baton.”
You do. You get the baton, run your butt off, and then you pass it someone else. You’re all on the same team and you get excited about each other’s moments, but then it’s someone else’s turn.

TVLINE | So as much as actors love to act, did you appreciate the breather?
I always appreciate the breather because when your turn comes, it is so much. I look at these women who are headlining shows, like Julianna Margulies [of The Good Wife], where you are in every single scene, 24 episodes a year, and it’s a tremendous responsibility. You’re working 12- to 14- to 16-hour days. It’s intense, especially if you have families and everything else.

Grey’s Anatomy Exclusive: Gossip Girl Schemer to Heat Up McSteamy’s Love Life

TVLINE | This week on Grey’s, Callie’s desire for Arizona and Mark (played by Eric Dane) to get closer gets filed under, “Be careful what you wish for”?
Exactly, yes. They bond over cooking, and they do grow to have a greater affinity for each other. Last year was so much about them butting heads and trying to figure out where they belong in the whole paradigm of the relationship, and this year is much more about moving on from that. Everyone has been hoping for a little happier times, since last year was so tumultuous. They put the characters through everything there is to be gone through. [Chuckles] This year is about more harmony. But I’m on Twitter and I do read the things people say, and people get very up in arms. “What is he doing there? Why is he in that relationship?” There are also a lot of comments about Callie and Arizona’s screen time as far as making out. It’s interesting because people don’t raise the same questions about the straight couples. I’m not really sure where it comes from.

TVLINE | I think their point is they get Cristina/Owen having sex on the kitchen floor, while there’s nothing comparable for Arizona and Callie.
See, I totally understand that, except that as the person playing one part of that couple, there are all different kinds of characters. There are all kinds of sexualities. There are all kinds of ways that people express their sexuality. I know couples who would do it on the kitchen floor all day long, and I know couples who wouldn’t do it on the kitchen floor even once. It’s the apples-to-oranges argument. I like to think that [Sara Ramirez and I] are creating as authentic a relationship as we possibly can, and I don’t think that we are being mired down by, “How many times did we kiss in that last episode? Did we kiss authentically enough? Was it as hot-and-steamy as Cristina and Owen?” That’s not something we’re aware of as we’re doing it, because we’re creating a story that is individual to our characters.

TVLINE | But there are some kissy pics from this week’s episode, so Calzona fans do have that to look forward to.
Yes! Yes! [Laughs] I know…. But that’s the thing, you’re always examining every facet of a relationship, and sometimes there is making out and sometimes there is not. I…. I don’t know.

Ask Ausiello: Grey’s Anatomy Scoop on George O’Malley’s Mother Seeing Callie and Arizona Again

TVLINE | There was talk last episode about Arizona wanting her name on some sort of “paper,” as a parent to Sofia. Will there be elaboration on that?
No, I don’t think that’s going to be picked up again. That was a sort of very nice way to have it be clear that Arizona feels like a parent in this relationship. Of course with the first inkling of any baby talk, Arizona was like, “I’m not having babies. I don’t want babies. I spend my day with babies.” The [“paper”] story point was two-fold, explaining how hard it really was for her to watch [Derek and Meredith] not be able to be with Zola, but it was also meant to illuminate how much Arizona cares about Sofia, and how she sees herself as someone who needs to be on paper.

TVLINE | Do you think that’s a truer note to play, versus her being the begrudging third or fourth wheel?
Yeah, I think that gets old.

TVLINE | And it’s not flattering for the character.
It doesn’t even come down to that because I’m totally fine playing unflattering. It’s just uninteresting. It doesn’t show any evolution. Amidst all that they went through last year, if you look at it technically [Arizona] saved the baby, so there’s an investment in Sofia no matter what. I also don’t think it’s in line with her personality to be a baby-hater. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Will there be more scenes between Arizona and Zola?
I don’t know. There haven’t been, so far.

TVLINE | What are your favorite relationships to play, beyond Arizona/Callie?
I love working with Patrick [Dempsey], and he and I have gotten to work together a little more this year. He entertains me so much, I think he’s hysterical.

TVLINE | It seems like somewhere inside him is still that geeky kid from Can’t Buy Me Love.
Oh yeah. He’s beyond. He’s such a wonderful person. And I love, love, love, love Justin [Chambers, who plays Alex]. He’s such a wonderful man and father of five, such a good guy and incredibly talented. No one ever likes when you point this out, but out of everyone I think he gets the least credit for the kind of work he’s doing. If you look at him in any frame of the show, he is so consistent and so right on. I also love working with Chandra Wilson, who sort of ushered me into the show. She’s someone you learn something from every single day, she’s such a sage.

TVLINE | And is there anybody you haven’t gotten to work with much that you’d like to?
Jesse Williams. He and I haven’t worked together very much, and we get along really well. I would love to see some sort of banter between Avery and Arizona, I think it’d be really fun.

TVLINE | Tell me about Polly, the peds fellow arriving in Episode 8….
Well, it’s always been very clear that Arizona’s favorite has been Karev. That’s always been kind of mysterious and yet also deserved, because he’s done all these great things and yet he such an ass some of the time. But she loves him, and at the beginning of the season you saw her tell him, “You better light a fire under your butt, because if you want to become a fellow, you need to start publishing and doing stuff.” We then find him not having done anything and her meeting this sterling peds fellow (played by True Blood alum Vedette Lim) who’s been published and is the la-dee-dah of everything. When she comes to visit, Arizona gives her a tour and shows her around. And then there’s a surprise at the end.

TVLINE | All told, how has the character of Arizona shaped up versus your expectations first joining this medical drama?
Well, I was such a huge fan of the show before I ever got there, and I had auditioned for it two times. I had almost gotten it, and then not gotten it… and then almost gotten it, and then not gotten it… and then they called and said, “We have this character and it’s a three-episode arc.” I didn’t dare to dream that I could stay. And at the time there was a lot of talk about Katie Heigl and T.R. Knight asking to leave, so after my second episode, because I was with Karev all the time, I thought, “Maybe I’m coming in for him or something?” And then there was the afternoon where [the producers asked], “So… how are you kissing a girl?” I was like, “Huh!? What?! Where did that come from?” And there you had the creation of this Arizona character. Everything was turned on its side, and you had this character who at first glance was X, Y or Z to you, but there was so much more beneath it all. She was this very open, authoritative and sweet but strong, tough presence. It has been a really great gift to play that type of character.

Coming later this month to In a can’t-miss video, Jessica Capshaw answers questions that were submitted by you, the readers!

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  1. Ava says:

    I’m glad she gave a little shout out to Justin Chambers. He is an excellent actor who gets very little accolades for his work.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree. Alex has been my favorite character from the beginning, and Justin Chambers does such a good job playing him. This was a nice interview. I didn’t love Arizona at first, but she’s grown on me over the years.

    • Mandy says:

      So true. Their scenes together are some of my favorites and he is so good at what he does and so consistant. I watched a rerun the other day from the “Ava” time period and he was so good then too! He really deserves more credit.

  2. Kelsey says:

    Her interviews are always enjoyable. She comes across as such a lovely person. And, I love Arizona! I especially love her scenes with Alex and love how she is complimentary of her co-stars.

    • tracy says:


    • lorna says:

      The actress seems cool, but I detest Arizona. She’s a nosy, bossy lady who wanted nothing to do with the baby until Callie almost died.

      • Ashley says:

        Arizona wanted the baby the moment she heard the baby’s heartbeat, which was way before Callie almost died.

      • Leah says:

        One word for you: “goo”.

        Robbins was in from practically the beginning. She did a runner to Africa and returned to news that her ex-who-she-wants-back-with is pregnant. The storyline was handled pretty well, she was initially surprised and hurt but she got over it pretty damn quick and:

        “Now you sit your ass back down there because that’s my baby in there. I don’t want anything happening to my baby…. our baby, there was a heartbeat. We’re having a baby.”

        That was a fair while before Callie almost died.

  3. Ruby says:

    Great interview! Thank you, Matt.

    I get where Jessica Capshaw is coming from concerning the sex/kiss scenes and the debates about the amount of screentime the writers devote to the various couples. Her approach makes a lot of sense. But I do understand some of the frustrations the fans must feel as well. It’s a little over the top if one-two couples keep getting such scenes in almost every single episode and other couples (it’s not just Callie/Arizona this season) get next to nothing or nothing at all. It’s not only a question of how explicit or “steamy” the scenes are. It’s fine to show that not everyone feels like having sex on the kitchen floor all day long. But then come up with other scenarios and scenes for those couples. Can’t be that hard.

    I love that she mentioned Justin Chambers. It’s so true that he rarely gets the recognition he deserves.

  4. Jess says:

    Thanks Matt for the great interview! I love Jessica and her character Arizona! She seems so sweet and down to earth and I love how much recognition she gives the other actors.

  5. Meg says:

    She seems like a real, genuine person. Hard to find sometimes, especially one so candid as she, talking about how nice it is to have some “time” off from the weekly focus/emphasis.

  6. EveatEden says:

    I just love Arizona! One of my favorite characters on the show and I hope she doesn’t push Alex aside for too long. I love how they are close and she cares about him when no one else does.

  7. Isa says:

    Great interview Matt!! Thanks for asking the right questions and thanks to JCap for being amazing as usual!!

  8. El says:

    Okay, I’m a little confused by the “paper” comment. It’s not being whiny/3rd wheel to want to have some kind of legal link to your child. I’m wondering why they would drop that issue. As of now, Arizona has NO RIGHTS to Sofia. If Callie were to die, if Arizona and Callie broke up, if Mark wanted to assert full custody, if Callie and Arizona wanted to move and Mark didn’t want them to, if Mark didn’t want Arizona seeing Sofia, Arizona would be SOL. If Arizona is so bonded to Sofia, I don’t understand why she wouldn’t WANT the paper. Also, this a prime opportunity to explore the difficulties for same-sex parents. One caveat, though: here, the father is known and involved, and isn’t relinquishing his rights. So it’s also a prime opportunity to explore legal rights available to any other parent who is so completely intertwined in a child’s life. Why limit it to two?

    • Brooke says:

      I think the “whiny/3rd wheel” comment was referring to Arizona LAST season, when she didn’t want to have a kid. And now she’s no longer being a whiny 3rd wheel and she’s grown to wanting to have a link to Sofia.

    • Alicia says:

      ITA, it is a BIG DEAL. Do TPTB consider Arizona’s desire for legal rights whiny because she’s just being “insecure” and looking for “validation” or something? Do they think it doesn’t need to be addressed further because everyone involved is so mature and gets along that there won’t ever be a problem?? Hardly. It’s dismissive and a bit of an injustice to never give Arizona a legal claim, IMO.

    • lacey says:

      I could be wrong but I thought what she was saying was that it just wasn’t going to be a big plot point not that it wasn’t going to happen.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich, Editor-at-Large says:

      I’m quite puzzled by this interpretation of Capshaw’s quotes (where did the word “whiny” come from?), but I will see if I can clarify: She’s glad that Arizona is no longer resenting this unorthodox family unit, and is coming to accept Mark. Capshaw had no comment on the “paper” other than to say 1) that it isn’t mentioned on-screen again anytime soon, and 2) it was mentioned in the first place to establish Arizona’s buying in wholesale with the parenthood thing.

      • K. says:

        Thanks for the clarification of the answer. I think, though, her answer actually generates more questions than actually satisfies the situation she was trying to explain.

        First, the idea that Callie, Arizona, Mark, and Sofia are one “unorthodox family unit” is a bit unnerving because it suggests that Callie and Arizona, along with Sofia, are not a family unto themselves. They are by virtue of Callie and Arizona’s marriage and by the fact that the three (C/A/S) have an established home that does not include Mark. Considering, and thus portraying, the four as one family smacks of polyamory (which, unfortunately, was about the only thing the fairly disastrous storyline seemed to communicate, intentional or not), and that continues to work in undermining Callie and Arizona’s legitimacy as both individual characters and as a unit.

        Second, the narrative already established Arizona buying into parenthood from the moment she chose to be a part of Callie’s plan (ep. 7.13), and it hasn’t wavered since. That was the story told throughout the last half of S7 and explicitly demonstrated throughout the first set of episodes this season. Inserting this plot-point and claiming it symbolizes Arizona wanting to be considered Sofia’s mother totally contradicts the story already told, and it doesn’t make a lick of sense to double-back on it now.

    • Mandy says:

      I was wondering that too. Is a child allowed to have 3 parents or would Mark have to give up his rights for Arizona to have rights? So unfair. But they are the cutest family!

  9. Em says:

    I completely get where you’re coming from, but maybe it’s not a case of Arizona dropping the issue but that it is assumed that this was sorted out like Callie said it would be. It would be good to explore those issues, but I guess the writers are constrained by time.

    • jodief1 says:

      LEGAL CLARIFICATION: Callie can’t just “sort out” this issue. Nowhere in the U.S. can a child have three legal parents. Period. Mark will have to give up his parental rights for Arizona to be legal. I suppose she could ask Mark and Calie for affadavits making it known that they would approve her guardianship of the child should they pass away, but that’s not the same as being a legal parent from the get-go. I will be very disappointed if Grey’s sweeps this problem under the rug in the way that Capshaw suggests it will.

  10. Ter says:

    Good interview!
    I would like to clarify that Callie/Arizona fans are not pervs who want to see them have sex all the time ;) Fact is that these have been a couple for 2 and a half seasons, yet they haven’t had a love scene in all that time. This is unheard of on Grey’s Anatomy, where relationships usually start off with sex. THAT is the reason why this issue isn’t raised with other couples.

    I really appreciate the story Jessica and Sara are telling, and the way they portray these characters…the subtle nuances and authenticity of the couple is what first attracted me to them and made me fall in love with them. But that authenticity is being threatened by the lack of intimate scenes. Fans are bowing out because it’s just not realistic anymore, and because it’s hurtful that Callie (who is a very sexual person and the sex on the kitchen floor type) had 2 sex scenes in s7 (Alex and Mark), none of which were with Arizona.

    And come on, after everything they went through last season, we deserved some make-up sex :P

  11. Zoe says:

    I just worry that they’ve already burned through so much story for Arizona (and Callie) that there won’t be any tension/drama for them as a couple. Right now their “story” feels complete.

  12. Amy says:

    Thank you Matt. That was a really great interview with Jessica. I have loved watching her and Justin Chambers work in their scenes together this season. It’s been a great storyline.

  13. Chris says:

    I started watching this show when JCap came on. I stopped watching when the writers failed to respect the C/A pairing, stuck Mark in as their 24×7 chaperone, and then made them some weird modern family threesome plus kid. I’m amazed that JCap (and the writers) could be so clueless as to why people would want to see C/A respected as a couple (sans Mark) and given intimate moments(without being leered at by Mark/walked in on by lexie or C/O/or played for laughs- chicken pox). When your storyline ends up sending the clear message that two women cannot stand on their own but need a man in their relationship to be complete/fullfill their dreams, something is very wrong. Let C/A stand on their own.

    When every couple on the show (including Mark and Callie), except C/A, (the one lesbian couple), have been depicted in lust and given sex scenes of various flavors, the lack of sexual desire/intimacy between C/A is going to stand out like a sore thumb in the eye to the C/A fans. This is especially true when Callie has been depicted as having lustful sex with Mark but NOT Arizona.

    If the show Can’t or Won’t show C/A as a couple, in love and lust with each other, then they should break them up. Baiting the gay friendly audience for a ratings bump is just cruel when they have no intention of ever giving them equality in the bedroom or addressing AZ’s lack of legal standing with callies child.

    Hitching C/A -to the hospital manwhore and saddling them with his kid has driven the queer audience to their remotes. They need to free C/A from Mark and his spawn – or – Free Arizona from being the third wheel in her own relationship/family, before they stand a chance of winning back that segment of the audience they drove away with this amazingly insulting storeline.

    • Katrina says:

      I can sort of get where you are coming from, but think about it. Callie made a mistake. She was lonely, drunk, and felt really empty. She wasn’t planning on Sofia, but she got her anyway. She wasn’t about to abort the kid, and she wasn’t about to give it up. They did agree to have kids, and Arizona said herself; “I sure as hell did not choose Mark Sloan to be the father.”

    • McCreamy says:

      Oh dear, bit dramatic dont you think? First of all if greys anatomy consisted of all happy couples with no fights, no obsticals, no break ups just boring normal couples, i doubt anyone would watch it, how dull would that be? Sloan & Calzona’s storylines have been great, and the writing is phenominal. Also i don’t really think it’s “cruel” to not shoot lesbian sex scenes, maybe a little annoying but cruels not really the word …that shonda the cruel monster not giving us our weekly dose of gay lovemaking, damn youuuu

  14. Ashley says:

    Thank you, Matt! Great interview with Jessica, I love hearing (reading) her thoughts on the show, her character and her co-stars. Can’t wait for the video of Jessica answering fan questions!

  15. db says:

    I see some of your points, but am bothered by one of your points and have to agree with Matt on another. Calling a child spawn seems pretty heartless. And I have to agree with Matt about the legal paper question. At least for me, when I viewed the scene it was clear that Callie agreed with her request and would make it happen. The point of the scene was that Arizona has come a long way from not wanting a child to becoming a full parent. And we may not see a lot of sex, but what we do see is the one stable, healthy relationship right now on the whole show is the marriage between Callie and Arizona. That seems like a pretty good thing to me.

  16. K. says:

    Thanks so much for a fantastic interview with Jessica. She has such wonderful insights when given the time and space to elaborate beyond a few set talking points, and the questions asked of her were equally insightful. Certainly a worthwhile read.

    I do, however, feel a little bit concerned that many people– Jessica included– really don’t understand the problematic nature of the disparity in sexual intimacies shown between Callie and Arizona’s heterosexual peers. The problem is not about the kind of couple Callie and Arizona are (and in that regard I agree with Jessica. Callie and Arizona are definitely not the type of couple to just go at it on the kitchen floor.) because it’s about the content itself. In two and a half years as an on screen pair, Callie and Arizona have never had a love scene. In fact, they’ve never had a sex scene (and there’s a difference between the two). There’s kissing and a little touching, but it rarely goes beyond that– not to mention the blink and you’ll miss it editing, where shots are cut and dropped so a viewer has no real idea of what he/she just saw. How is an audience supposed to understand and appreciate Callie and Arizona’s relationship for all that it is when one facet of it is treated as if it just doesn’t exist? When it comes to Grey’s Anatomy, for all intents and purposes, Callie and Arizona are treated as if their sex life doesn’t exist.

    The problems stem from a need for equal representation in stories and in characterization, and Callie and Arizona are not treated the same. Callie has been shown in far more explicit scenes with men than she has been shown in scenes with the woman she married– and that’s an entirely different issue.

    There’s a difference. It’s right in front of us. We can see it. It’s time to acknowledge that Callie and Arizona are treated differently because they’re both women and actively work against the inherent resistance to showing love and desire equally.

    • Vic says:

      K, your comment was spot on and perfectly worded!

      It’s not about the TYPE of couple that C/A are, but just the equal content for couples in general on Greys.

  17. Shannon says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful interview. You asked important questions. And I’m incredibly grateful to Ms. Capshaw for her stellar portrayal of Arizona Robbins and for the honesty, integrity, authenticity evident in her work.

    Here’s the frustration for me personally, Callie and Arizona were married in the 20th episode of season seven. They weren’t shown in a one-on-one scene the remainder of S7 (2 episodes). Then they weren’t given even the merest 20 second one-on-one scene together for the first 4 episodes of season eight. They were finally given a beautiful and poignant shared scene in 8.05… at a dinner party.

    Callie and Arizona haven’t been shown alone or at home in their apartment for 7 episodes following their wedding. They haven’t kissed in 7 episodes since their wedding. I’m not talking stripping in the kitchen. Or sexing it up in the hospital conference room. I’m talking cuddling, kissing, holding hands–affection and intimacy.

    Compare it to any other of the couples that married during the course of Grey’s (Meredith & Derek, Cristina & Owen, Alex & Izzie, George & Callie, even Teddy & Henry).

    The difference is glaring and painful.

    I adore Ms. Capshaw and applaud her. I love having her on “my” side and doing lesbians proud each week on Grey’s by making me feel the innermost workings at every step of Arizona’s journey. Obviously, she has no control over the fact intimacy isn’t being written for C/A. But I can’t help wishing she were more fierce in her advocacy of *the* network prime time lesbian character she herself is gifted the honor to inhabit.

  18. awesomegreys says:

    Fantastic interview! Thank you.
    Jessica Capshaw is a fantastic, lovely and very funny person. I appreciate her interviews, the caring way she answer to twitter’s fans, the huge involvement in her work and role! She is really the queen of awesomeness! I love her so much. And I love Arizona, such a great and inspiring character! Very glad Grey’s Anatomy staff comes out with it, she brights up the whole show in my POV. And with Callie and incredible Sara Ramirez performance are just perfect!
    I agree Callie and Arizona’s lovers are not perv and are not asking huge modifications of the wonderful portraits they are showing with these characters and fantastic relationship, fans (I’m one of them btw) are just asking for some more credible intimate moments between the two we all missed so far, exactly how other couples show every week.

    Callie and Arizona are the “heart” of the show!

  19. Cris says:

    I freaking love you JCAP!!!!

  20. Tina says:

    I love what she said about Justin Chambers and I completely agree that he (and his character) get overlooked all the time. But I wonder what she meant by “No one ever likes when you point this out?” Does she mean Justin wouldn’t like it, the other cast or the writers?

  21. aw says:

    totally agree with both of you, karev has been one of my favorites from the very beginning. he plays such a great character not to mention a very complex one. all of these guys are doing such a good job, capshaw did a great interview :)

  22. Charlotte says:

    Absolutely love JP! She is an amazing actress and love when she has a storyline. I get the whole 42 people needs story part. I love the versatility in the story. Callie and Arizona are a couple! 100%. Keep it that way. Its working and don’t want to see it change.

  23. Cat says:

    I loved the interview. I have no problem with the story line as it exists. When this couple was just starting they did have sex scenes. There was one morning when Mark interrupted them to exercise. And one in the shower. Maybe they haven’t shown us something lately b/c they just HAD A BABY! I don’t know a lot of new mothers who have the energy for a lot of sex. The relationship they are showing us is authentic and developed. They’re just over the honeymoon phase. And as for Owen and Christina; they’re using kitchen sex right know to keep their fragile relationship together.

  24. Jenn says:

    Great interview. I can understand that Jessica feels she and Sara as Calzona are put under a proverbial microscope by their fans. They kind of are. That’s one of the realities when you portray a demographic group with zero representation on primetime television. People in said group invest so much in these characters because it represents them in a fashion that no other fictional character is able to do.

    So, when they feel that Calzona is being censored by ABC, it feels as if they are being censored by ABC. Shonda was able to have a main character get an abortion with her husband standing by her side, but she can’t show a full love scene between two women? That tells everyone a lot about the current status of LGBT.

    While I doubt you’d see much complaining from Calzona fans if they got a few Crowen style scenes, I think it’s more important to them to see basic intimacy. And friendship/intimacy was really lacking for Calzona last season. Much of this was intentional, driven by a story designed to test them. But there was also some kind of disconnect in the writers room. I think this is being fixed this season, but I can assure folks that Calzona fans would have been much happier with less screentime, than the screentime they received. And it’s not because their characters were fighting it’s because we actually only got two episodes of them fighting, a bunch of not talking then a bunch of singing that supposedly cured everything??? :)

    I’ve watched both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. I understand the importance of friendships on both shows. I don’t make the mistake of thinking that Calzona were force fed Mark because they were a lesbian couple, Shonda loves her friendships. There are actually a lot of similarities between Violet/Cooper/Charlotte and Mark/Callie/Arizona. The main difference is that Violet/Cooper never had sex with each other. And when Violet didn’t know the father of her baby, it conveniently turned out to be the man she wanted to marry rather than the other guy.

  25. pmar says:

    Ms Capshaw is a superb actor, one of the best on this series. The Az/Karev mentor/mentee relationship is fun to watch, but the CAM+S SL, not so much. The difference in how the C/A pairing is treated compared to the other couples is long standing and glaringly lesser. I agree with previous posters, let them stand on their own or split them up. The CAM modern family needs to end even if it means AZ and Callie divorce or the child gets written out. Actually, it would make for great drama and some karmic balance given Mers miscarriage, if the sofia and zola storylines were paralleled with each in danger of passing, and only one (zola) was saved. I believe written well, Capshaw and Ramirez would bring amazing performances to such an emotionally painful storyline, as would PD and EP. The four of them could deliver big time on such charged material. That kind of emotional rollercoaster would certainly beat what’s passing for storylines of late.

  26. Melissa Weston says:

    What I wonder, is what happen to Izzie and Karev’s embryos. Maybe Arizona could explore this one!

  27. LB says:

    Mentioning the great actor she is would be ridiculous; her sweetness and wittiness go beyond the screen and she shows her mettle whenever she is on TV (no matter if she is acting or not). I agree that Callie & Arizona’s characters are treated differently from the other couples and not just because they don’t have love/sex scenes; the A/C/M triangle is annoying and surreal(of course it would have never ended like this if they had been a straight couple) I don’t know if the writers are going to fix it or how they’re going to do it but they are ruining the cutest couple on the show. Arizona dumped everything she stood for just for love. It’s about time some of her dreams came true.

  28. Mandy says:

    Love Arizona! She is one of my favorites on the show and definately my favorite “newer” addition to the show. Can’t wait to watch this weeks episode. Her and Mark are so funny together!

  29. Beth says:

    I was glad to see Callie and Arizona finally get the chance to have some alone time, even if it did take till the end of this week’s episode to do it. I’m enjoying Arizona and Mark getting along as it makes for good comedy, but I’m glad to see that their relationship is getting what it deserves. Read more of my thoughts at

  30. TVextra says:

    It’s pretty common knowledge in acting circles that Jessica Capshaw and Sara Ramirez do not get along off camera. Jessica goes out of her way to mention her cast mates all the time, but never Sara. Jessica does that to rub it in to Sara that she is NOT mentioning her. They’re just two very different personalities. Great actresses, but not friends at all. It makes you wonder about the longevity of their pairing since the actresses prefer not to shoot together as much as possible.

    • Amy says:

      The question was who are her favorite relationships besides Callie and Arizona so it’s normal that she didn’t mention Sara. Whenever we see behind the scenes stuff with both of them they’re always laughing and when they’re asked about each other they always give elaborate and very positive answers. If they didn’t like each other, why would they be so eloquent when talking about each other? Why not just say “Oh she’s very nice” and leave it at that? The last time Sara was on Jimmy Kimmel, she even mentionned how fun Jessica is to work with and Jimmy hadn’t even asked about her.

    • oldmj says:

      So, you must hang out in a lot of acting circles to come up with a statement like that. In every interview I’ve watched with JCap, from Jimmy Kimmel to Lopez to Regis & Kelly to Ellen to Letterman and Leno, she has talked very highly about Sara Ramirez and how lucky she is to be working with such a brilliant actress. She has talked about the fact that Sara and her fiance have been to her place for dinner and how much fun they have on the set. You’re the first and only person I’ve ever heard tell of any tension between the two actresses off-set and it’s an ignorant rumor to start.

  31. Kit says:

    Sara and Jessica get along fine, Jcap made a point of correcting Jimmy Kemmel when he pronounced her name wrong, she has mentioned on Twitter what a great person Sara is and congratulated her on her engagement making a point to mention what a great couple they are, she doenst mention other cast mates as well, I guess it means she doesn’t get along with them too?… You are looking for attention and I like the dumb person I am just gave it to you.

  32. nicki says:

    I think Jessica Capshaw is adorable hands down. She is so detailed with her acting, call me bias because I’m a lesbian but she and Sara Ramirez are my favorite TV couple ever, they fit so well together its crazy

  33. Louise says:

    The relationship between Callie and Arizona is honest, true, sensual and HOT. There isn’t anything wrong with showing two people in love (no matter what there sexual pref., religious differences. Cultural differences, etc.). I hope the relationship continues in a positive direction for a while. I can’t wait to see it every week.

  34. Caitlin_824 says:

    It’s not really about seeing C/A having sex on the kitchen floor, it’s about portraying them truthfully as a couple, and this should include affection and intimacy. So often they act just like friends. The few times they do have making out/ kissing scenes, it’s only small quick pecks on the lips, always with their lips closed so tighly it looks like they’re afraid to kiss each other. Compare that to when Callie is making out with George or having sex with Mark. Or whenever MerDer or Crowen make out. The difference is glaring. They so often also choose to giggle their kissing/ love moments away, or they are interrupted.

  35. JA says:

    Its not interesting that people dont make comments about straight couples kissing more. Its about years of watching straight people making out and having sex. Its about introducing a gay couple and not showcasing that they have the same kind of relationship as straight couples. So Id love to say that Im content and happy with the amount of airtime for C/A, but Im not, because its not realistic to me. No offense to Jessica and Sara, they do a good job, and I do enjoy their scenes together. But I have to ask do we not see sex scenes because its not the style of C/A, it would be too awkward for Jessica and Sara, or because the rating by our society might reject this.

  36. Little Callie Torres says:

    Well i really love Arizona and Callie and well what can i say i am sorta like them and both of them are really hot hot hot i really like them i want to become Sarah’s character and i want to fall in love with some one like that maybe evan a girl!

  37. annerie van wyk-mouton says:

    I love the 2 characters arazona and kelly. They really make my day by watching them loveing one another.