The X Factor Top 16 Announcement: Who's In, Who's Out? Follow Our Live Unveiling!

As sure as L.A. Reid will bring the dapper. As certainly as that Pussycat Dolls woman will serve misty eye and trembling lower lip. As indubitably as Simon Cowell will overwork his good news/bad news fakeout face. And as undoubtedly as Paula Abdul’s “Groups” category will be the surprise droppings in the freshly bathed baby’s diaper, The X Factor will announce its 16 finalists during Tuesday night’s long and winding (and probably filler-packed) episode.

As the episode rolls on, I’ll update you on who’s in, and who’s out in all four categories — Girls Under 30; Boys Under 30; Over-30s; and Groups — along with my one-word reaction to each announcement. So keep refreshing the page for all the good and bad news. Full recap will post early Wednesday morning, but until then, hit the comments and rejoice/revolt! And for all my X Factor news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

No: Tora Woloshin. Yowza!
Yes: Simone Battle. Diva!
Yes: Drew Ryniewicz. @%#&(*(#*#(*&(#*^*&$@#@$@# YEAH!
No: Jazzlyn Little. Sads.
No: Caitlin Koch. Idol?
Yes: Tiah Tolliver. Dark horse?
No: Melanie Amaro. FOOLISH!
Yes: Rachel Crow. Scripted!
YES: MELANIE AMARO (I need more than a word or two to say Simon changed his mind with approval from the other judges, went to Sunrise, FL, and invited Melanie to join his team for the live shows. Sanity has been restored!)

OVER 30s
Yes: Josh Krajcik. Authenticity!
No: Christa Collins. Booooo!
No: James Kenney. Apron.
Yes: Dexter Haygood. Cahhhhhhhhhhhn’t.
No: Tiger Budbill. :( — but, yeah.
Yes: Leroy Bell. Contender!
No: Elaine Gibbs. F&*#!!!!
Yes: Stacy Francis. Mascary.

No: 2SQUAR’D. Ambiv. (Still want their audition single on iTunes NOW!)
Yes: The Brewer Boys. $$$$
No: Illusion Confusion. Who?
No: 4Shore. Correct!
Yes: Lakota Rayne: Oy.
Yes: Intensity. Rabid pack?
No: The Anser. Spelling counts!
Yes: Stereo Hogzz. Or does it?

Yes: Brian “Astro” Bradley. Naughty step. (Sorry, needed two words to express my conflicted feelings.)
No: Nick Voss. Respeck.
No: Skyelor Andeson. Obvious.
Yes: Phillip Lomax. Eh.
No: Brennin Hunt. Crazytown.
Yes: Chris Rene. (excited. shhh.)
No: Tim Cifers. Okay.
Yes: Marcus Canty. Funky!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Paul says:

    SIMON IS A MORON! I can’t believe he put Tiah and Simone in his picks they are absolutely HORRIBLE. Caitlin and Jazzlyn are 5x better than both of them, he chose worse than any of the other judges by far. So I’ve come to the conclusion that what really happened was Simon got his ego all butt hurt when the other judges disagreed with him on Tiah and Simone. Therefore he pushed them both through because he can’t handle being wrong and he probably thinks America is gonna like his choices no matter what. His arrogance and inability to admit he was wrong got them both through. And please, Dexter? Nicole your kidding me right? Worst contestant ever on a talent show.

    • robertmalcolm says:

      Spot on comment. I have only read about tonight’s show and I concur on all your points. Especially about Dexter. Just because he’s had a hard life (and who’s to say others on the show haven’t had their own life’s difficulties) doesn’t earn him a prime spot on a talent show — when he lacks enough talent to be there.

    • JohnDoe says:

      Nice hyperbole. Worse than Sanjaya? Right…

  2. sammy says:

    I like simons wit but his choices were poor. And nicole is clueless la reid we need not get into that

  3. jaime says:

    I only saw the first couple auditions.. what was.the guys name that just came out.of rehab? Did he make it

    • Lana says:

      Jaime, his name is Chris and yes he was picked by LA Reid who wanted all rappers, apparently. Dexter as a choice has made Nicole look like a total idiot, which now that I think about it, wasn’t that hard. I wonder if Cheryl would have been as stupid?

  4. fiona says:

    incredibly disappointed in the girls choices. I think Simon wanted to prove that his choices were right (ie Simone and Tiah) since the beginning. I would’ve loved Jazzlyn and especially Caitlyn over those two acts. For the boys, I don’t think LA shouldve put the kid rapper through. For the groups I didn’t like 4shore in their first audition, but their home audition was really good. Surprised both come groups made it. I thought it would’ve been either or. Then again don’t think any group will win the competition. I don’t get the Philip Lomack hate, I love his crooner voice and its something you don’t see a lot of in young kids. Granted he’s not a sinatra or a michael buble but I’m rooting for him out of all the boys!

    Everyone feel that Rachel, Stacy, and Chris Renee were in it from the beginning? They were so pimped its ridiculous!

  5. Merrilyn says:

    I actually turned off my TV as soon as Simon told Melanie “No” and swore off the X Factor for good because I was so furious with his choices. I’m glad he was able to add her to his team, but I’m curious how eliminations will work with an extra contestant.

  6. RM says:

    It’s not the best singer. It’s what makes for the best TV. For the girls, the surprise is Drew making it over Tora. Melanie got invited back after the producers saw the popularity of her audition Youtube videos. No way they will let her win, though. Too bad about Jazzlyn, but how much longer can the scared silly backstory go? The Overs were predictable. The groups… well who cares. Lakoda Rayne is all sorts of awful. Phillip Lomax over Brennin Hunt was the upset in the Boys category.

  7. Elaine says:

    DEXTER OVER ELAINE? [Insert every swear word known to humankind].
    Are you kidding me? That woman touched my heart
    every time she sang. Unlike Stacy, Elaine knows you can be a more
    powerful singer with a whisper than you can with SCREAM! I would have
    liked to see Dexter in it if there had been more spaces, just because it’d
    be fun to see him live, but jeez not at Elaine’s expense. ARGHHHHHHHH
    SIMONE & TIAH OVER JAZZLYN & CAITLIN? Seriously Simon?That just pisses me off. All four
    of those girls are beautiful women, but Jazzlyn and Caitlin have the added
    bonus of not only singing on key, but they actually remember their lyrics.
    (Here’s hoping that once America gets rid of the groups they get rid of
    these two early in the live rounds.)
    L.A. TELLS ONE GUY.. “you’re limiting yourself” [by one genre country], then he tells Lomax
    you’ve only sang one singer–Sinatra — then he picks Lomax. (my point isn’t that he should have taken Skyelor,
    but don’t use that critism for eliminating one, but not the other). Country’s
    not my thing, but it was obvious from the beginning L.A. wasn’t gonna
    take a country singer.
    THANK GOD THEY TOOK MELANIE. IMHO she is the one to watch (though on
    “Ellen” Simon said “keep your eye on Drew”. I think Melanie has more
    talent in her one pinky than the majority of people going through. Go girl!
    HAPPY Josh, Leroy and Drew are there.
    WISH Tiger had been brought there. I thought his song from the house round
    was fantastic….. I didn’t fast forward through it like other performances.
    THANK GOD for Fast Forward. I just skipped all the sob stories and went
    right to the sometimes bloody frustrating “winners”. Be nice if there
    were a wild card or two so some of our favorites who didn’t get picked
    would still have a chance.

    Oh Cheryl Cole? Where art thou, CherylCole?

  8. b says:

    Stacy over Elaine?
    Dexter over Tiger?
    Philip over Brennin?
    Simone over Caitlyn?
    Marcus over Chris?
    Tiah over anybody?
    Rachel over Melanie? (yeah, I know, Simon “fixed” his mistake, but…)

  9. MissTrish says:

    Is it just me, or is Melanie so far above most all the others that they had to add drama surrounding her, just to make it seem like a competition…..she has 3X the hits on her You Tubes than any of the others….SERIOUSLY! Simon, if you weren’t thinking incorrectly about these other girls, did you have to play the Drama Queen when it came to Melanie….Give us a break. Do you really think the public is that shallow that they don’t see through this? You’ve been blown away by this girl from Audition 1, she killed it in France and you treat her like c*$p….Poor Girl, she should have gone to idol.

  10. CD says:

    Oh I see! Yeah that makes sense…
    Thanks again!

  11. Bruce Wayne says:

    Drew wins! Everyone else is playing for, well……nothing actually because Drew’s getting the $5,000,000.00 check.

    She’s Kelly Clarkson at 14. Cowell knows what he’s doing.

  12. MIss Trish says:

    Yeah – The dirty little (NOT) Secret is that Melanie is a HUGE hit, if her You Tube hits are any measuree….Search her on YOU TUBE and you’ll get over 5 million hits on the first 5-6 sites listed….Really, she is this years Susan Boyle and they are trying to limit any potential damage control to her, she’s a nice girl with a nice family. I guess we should respect that, but THIS KIND OF DRAMA….seriously, the ‘writers’ for this show really dropped the ball on this one. Melanie her “professional self” is Not a Susan Boyle. She can handle things fine, no drama necessary. I still think she should have gone to Idol!!

  13. darcy's evil twin says:

    I was getting so tired of hearing the same crap, over and over….”I’ve wanted this all my life”…”I’m the best choice”…”This is the opportunity of a lifetime”…”This is my last shot at my dream”….”I want my family to be proud of me”…
    But enough about the Republican debate on CNN.
    So, I just watched the DVR recording of X-Factor and I only have one thing to say – Are you freakin’ kidding me???????????????????
    The cherry on top of this sundae – who gets it right? PAULA! Whodathunkit!
    Good grief, I don’t think I can take any more of this ridiculous program.

  14. Rick says:

    This was the same kind of “American Idol” results show in terms of the fake-outs, but it was the exact opposite in terms of predicting results based on pre-results packages. On “Idol,” if someone says “If I don’t make this, I’m done with singing,” or “My life could be incredible after this,” they make it. On this show, they don’t. Caitlin Koch says she doesn’t want to have to sing in empty bars, while Tiah says nothing with content, and Caitlin is cut. 4Shore talks about how the group is over if they don’t make it, and 2 Squar’d talks about how dramatically this will change their lives, and they’re both cut. Meanwhile, the Brewer Boys get 4 seconds of screentime, and the two “look at the groups we just formed in the last ten minutes” groups mumble something about how they need more time to work together better, and they get through.
    Also, the judges seemed like they were going out of their way to say good and bad things about each contestant, but frankly most of the bad things they said were untrue. And then the judges constantly contradicted themselves, like when Nicole emphasizes the importance of being consistent fifteen minutes before putting Dexter through after calling him inconsistent.
    I half-watched the show before, but I don’t know that I really care too much about who wins from here. I like Drew, Melanie, and (sort of) Marcus, and I think Lakoda Rayne has a ton of potential. I also kind of want InTENsity to do well because they’re like DIsney kids on speed, but most of these finalists are overdramatic (Stacy Francis, Chris Rene, Rachel Crow), boring (The Brewer Boys, Phillip Lomax), or simply wastes of space (Dexter Haygood, Simone Battle).
    And BTW- when did Brian Bradley become “Astro”? “Brian Bradley” is a pretty awesome name, with the alliteration and all, but “Astro” just makes me think of the dog from “The Jetsons.”

  15. gino says:

    Paula just can’t say no to little kids…

  16. mlm says:

    I just wasted two hours of my life, which I will never get back. Then we have Nicole and her fake tears! People went home that should of stayed. What a joke this was!!!

  17. JW says:

    Aside from the Brewer Boys, couldn’t care less about the groups. Cifer should have gone through over the Brat. Jazzlyn should have gone through over Rachel. Otherwise, this is a solid group of performers.

  18. Lyn says:

    Glad Drew made it in. As people posted she does remind me of Haley. I think it’s interesting how both judge made groups made it- the InTENsity & Lakoda Rayne. I wasn’t impressed with either but I guess one is to get the disney crowd & the other one is wtf moment. I also think it’s funny how the play O-Town: All or nothing are they trying to bring them back?

  19. Ron says:

    My TV schedule says next weeks show is a “Wildcard-Live” show. What does that mean? Are some others going to get another chance? Elaine Gibbs should have made the final 16 over Haywood. He was the worst of all the “Over-30s”. Scherzinger is a blooming idiot. She actually said she was going with her heart instead of her head. What and idiot. Elaine and Josh were the two best and she passes the worst through because she feels sorry for him. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

  20. Alan says:

    what was that slow song they played for the over 30 elimination decision

  21. Terri says:

    I think Jazzlyn and Caitlin(again) should try out for idol. Simon’s loss can be idol’s gain!

  22. Utterly Shocked says:

    Just today I was commenting on how many awesome singers made it this far in the competition…amazing how that can change in 2 short (er, long) hours.

    Shouldn’t have made it:
    **Astro – c’mon this kid feels so entitled – terrible attitude with mediocre talent…and I am being nice because he is a kid. But IMO he is the worst pick of the bunch. Seriously, I believed I just vomited in my mouth…
    **Dexter – jeeze why torture this man, why torture us…he is a great guy, but he should work as an impersonator – not even close to a viable recording artist.
    **Stacy – one great performance and it has been drama ever since. She should act.
    **Tia – she was only picked because of Simon’s pride, she doesn’t have the talent to maintain 3 weeks.

    Should’ve made it:
    ***Caitlin – loved her, I would buy her CD today if I could. Biggest miss of the night. Rachel is cute as a button, but I bet she makes me want to
    ***Tim – really???? He was so much better than all 4 of the guys selected. He was not chosen because LA doesn’t appreciate country and he knows America would love this guy. If he would have made the finals he would have been in the top 3.
    ***Brennan – personality was annoying, but the guy could sing awesome. He definitely deserved a place over Asso and to be honest he deserved a spot over Chris and Philip.
    ***Elaine – Hi Elaine, you are by far the best singer competing in this competition, but maybe you should come back next year…think about becoming homeless or overly dramatic about your life so we can turn a singing competition into a Lifetime movie (judges played by Valerie Bertinelli and Meredith Baxter Birney)… This one makes me so sick, this lady was awesome.

    The only remaining hope:
    *Leroy – love me some Leroy!
    *Josh – just hope they don’t overdo the sob story. He is talented, focus there please.
    *Melanie – thank God Simon came to his senses, she is perfection.
    *Dru – normally I don’t like the teenage acts, but this little girl is a force to be reckoned with.

    • Esaul says:

      Caitlin’s one of my personal favorites. She should go for Idol. I’d love to get her cd when she makes one. You see, I say when, because I know she will. There’s no if about it.

  23. JohnDoe says:

    I honestly think there is more talent on this show in the final 17 than has been on American Idol in the last 5 years. Seriously.

    • LOL says:

      LOL good one. Sure there are more diva voices who can hit the high notes, but that isn’t that impressive. And 5 years for idol would include Seasons 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10? Here are people from those 5 seasons who could blow most of them out of the water:

      Melinda Doolittle
      Jordin Sparks
      David Cook
      David Archuleta
      Carly Smithson
      Allison Iraheta
      Adam Lambert
      Crystal Bowersox
      Siobhan Magnus
      Pia Toscano
      Casey Abrams
      James Durbin
      Lauren Alaina(can out sing Rachel, Tiah, and Simone any day)
      Haley Reinhart
      Scotty McCreery(can outsing the Brewer boys, Chris, Phillip, and Brian any day)

  24. Joe says:

    I would have done the following:

    Elaine over Stacy (honestly, Elaine over all of them, but alas, Nicole fell for Stacy and Dexter)

    Caitlin over Rachel and Simone (I like Rachel, but she’s not ready. Simone is great, but I LOVE Caitlin)

    Tim over Brian Bradley….just come on now.

    ANY GROUP over inTENsity (drives me crazy that these ten get a chance to sing and Caitlin Koch and Elaine Gibbs don’t…it drives me crazy that any of these groups get a spot, but especially this motley crew of rejects).

  25. Kevin C. says:

    “Authenticity” is certainly not the word I’d pick for the way the show’s presented Josh’s backstory so far.

    • John K. says:

      What do you mean? Are they failing to reveal something?
      (By the way, this is a legit question, not sarcasm- I don’t know much about the contenders’ backstories…)

  26. Esaul says:

    I’m displeased. Simon REALLY allowed Tiah through AGAIN? She’s nothing but disappointment. Only he fought for her. Simon further pointed out her flaws. Caitlin deserves to be in there over her. I’m so pissed. :\

  27. Sheri says:

    Your top 10 from 5 seasons of Idol culd easily be replaced with 12 of the top 16 quarterfinalists from the only season so far of The Voice. they have more downloads than most of the recent Idol wannabes (and top 2) from 2010. Agree w/ most of your picks but will never think Scotty or Lauren will be successful in the long run. Being pimped by JLo and Randy doesn’t make you a star, only irritates those of us over 30 who think Idol’s voting system is flawed.
    As far as the choices for this show, I think the judges blew most of them. But I’m not surprised. Simon will always be stubborn-thus Tia over Caitlin. Nicole only picked one correctly–Josh and LaReid was worst.

    • Barney says:

      The Voice’s talent was overrated IMO. And they had more downloads because you had to vote for them that way. Where is their winner now?

  28. Gina says:

    I’m pretty okay with this, though I’m a little sad about Christa. I really liked her “No Surprises,” even with the dramatic faces. I don’t think she could have won, but I would have liked to see her for a few more weeks.

    • Miranda says:

      Me too, I wish she had made it. She reminds me of Christina Ricci…so cute!

    • Tusk says:

      Christa should be commended for not including her mother’s death when she was 12(?) as part of the reason why she left Disney.

      Not like Stacey “Droopy Dog” Francis and her, “I deserve this because I still came despite my Dad dying” Pile on. She seems to have no tact when piling on the sob story and pity pot, even though she has had a long career in entertainment. ugh.

      • Mel says:

        She might have mentioned her mother but it was probably edited out! She does not deserve a sob story! She didn’t even make it to the top 17.

  29. Nicky C says:

    Of the 4 picks Simon made, Drew was the only one I liked. That girl is amazingly talented.
    I felt the other 3 places should have gone to Jazzlyn Little, Caitlyn and Melanie. (At least he brought Melanie back, though.)
    Come on: Simone and Tia, seriously? What is Simon snorting?

    Paula’s groups was pitifully bankrupt when it came to talent. I felt that The Anser should have advanced, though.

    Nicole should have picked Tyger and Elaine instead of Dexter and Stacy. Leroy and Josh were good picks.

    LA made bad picks. At the very least, he should have put through Tim and Brennin rather than Marcus (unremarkable and unmemorable) and Brian (bratty wannabe).

    • B.Rich says:

      Elaine was definitely the best of the overs. Christa also should have made it.

      Caitlin was second best of the girls (behind Drew of course). Simon got to pick 5 and still screwed it up.

  30. Jason S. says:

    Didn’t Simon learn anything from Idol yet? He continually puts RNB singers through when there has yet to be a geunine RNB star come out of Idol yet. Every one of his “favorites” (Lil Rounds”) and his “most potential” (comparing Paige Miles over Katelyn Epperly) have been disasters and yet he chooses four RNB singers over Caitlyn Koch (guess he hates girls named Katelyn no matter what the spelling) who outsang all of them. He has insured that the vote will be split between them and they will all get early exits. HArd to call a winner but I think the final four will be Chris Rene, Simone Battle(She will win the battle of the RNB divas), Josh Krackzik and Drew Rynwietz).

  31. Liz says:

    Again, the judges have gone for what gives good tv instead of talent. Love Rachel Crow, but Jazzlyn was better. I don’t understand Dexter at all, or Stacy for that matter. They will bring better ratings because of their back stories and their possible eliminations will bring in the viewers as the weak are voted off and the talented prevail.
    As a resident of Columbus, I am rooting for Josh, but think Melanie Amaro will win.

  32. Jason S. says:

    Now that I think about it this show is going to really lack in diversity of genres this year. Eight of the acts are R N’ B, Two of the acts are hip hop (Chris Rene B. Bradley) which is very similar and crosses over with RNB. There are two country acts (Brewer Boys, Lakota Rayne) . There are really no Rock acts ( the closest would be Dexter and Josh Karcyck, who also are very close to being RNB acts but I have a feeling they might add a little rock to the precedings but most likely they will be funk and soul. THe other acts are hard to classify. WHo knows what Drew will be (Im guessing they will push her to be Miley/Taylor Swift). Then you got Philip Lomax trying to be Sinatra ( he will be an early casualty, two weeks tops)! Who knows what Intensity will be but they will be out the first week guaranteed. Welcome to the RNB factor. Any rock lovers can tune out now!!!

    • Mel says:

      Maybe they could have thrown rock lovers a bone, but rock singers do not do well on X Factor UK so they probably didn’t pick any. It’s about picking a pop star–which right now includes lots of R&B, dance and hip hop.

    • Kelsey says:

      The Brewer boys aren’t country.

  33. msmaka says:

    Live shows haven’t even started yet and Simon already breaks “rules” of the show twice.
    – Tiah going through 1st audition even tho it was 2-2 in initial votes – 5 girls going through to make room for his favourites Tiah/Simone, it definitely wasn’t to make room for Melanie, that was just fake drama production

  34. leo says:

    dear x factor usa, WTF?
    tiah over caitlin?
    simone over jazzlyn?
    rachel over tora?
    dexter over james and christa?
    brewer boys over 2squared?
    lomax and astroboy over brennin?
    seriously, WTF?
    nicole and l.a. made some smart choices. paula didn’t have much of a choice. but simon got it so wrong. so, so wrong. this is not the x factor; this is the why factor.

  35. Sandi says:

    I was very disappointed with many of the choices the judges made. Dexter? Really? And you knew he was going through the second they started with the “At this moment, I’m homeless” speech. I feel as sorry for the guy as anyone but that doesn’t make him pop star material. Any of the other over 30s would have been a better choice. There was some really solid talent that they let go for him and he was a train-wreck with a compelling story.

    I’m very disappointed in a couple of Simon’s choices as well. Clearly, when he’s left to his own devices, he goes for sexy over vocals. Case in point: Tiah and Simone over Caitlin and Jazzlin. Jazzlin, in particular, was probably one of my favorite contestants. It’s a real shame that they let her go. And why? Because she was “too polished?” That’s quite a non-reason.

    But nothing bothered me as much as L.A. Ried’s picks. I’m honestly livid over this. The man wants to work with rap/R & B so that’s all he put though. I get it. Lots of people have a favorite genre. But if you can’t expand yourself to other genres, then I don’t think you have any business picking contestants that appeal to different kinds of people.

    Proof the L.A. Ried wasn’t ever going to give any non R&B/rap act a chance:
    1) Every R&B/rap boy he had to choose from went through
    2) He told Philip (who he put through) that he couldn’t do “Sinatra” all the time and he told Skeylor that he limited himself too much by doing country. I would bet a billion that if Skeylor threw down some Usher for L.A., he’d be through right now. And it was such a stupid thing for L.A. to say. So, should Rhianna start doing rock music then, so she doesn’t limit herself too much?
    Brennin was, hands-down, the most talented of the boys and he isn’t through because he isn’t R & B. VERY unfair.

    • Well Said says:

      You expressed my feelings perfectly. I thought it extremely hypocritical of LA to tell Skeylor that he needed to do more than country but said not a word to the Brat Who Shall Not Be Named that he needed to do more than hip-hop because he was “limiting” himself. Obviously, LA doesn’t like country (nor do any of the judges, really, so country artists need to take note: you won’t get far on this show) and though that’s his prerogative, he needs to be honest about it and not couch it in ridiculous terms about not limiting your artistry.

      I’m really not sure how long I’ll stick with this show. It’s coming across to me as pretty much rigged and completely driven by how much they can manipulate viewer emotions. As many problems as Idol has, I’m finding I much prefer it, even with the wonky judging and the teenybopper voting bloc and yes, even the emotional manipulation attempts. Overall, it feels a bit more honest than X-Factor does right now. But because I do really like a few of the top 17, I’ll continue watching with half an eye and half an ear for their sakes… and keep a book handy to read during the endless filler segments and hypocritical judging moments.

    • EV says:

      Brennin did not make it because he was “corny” as hell.

  36. Jake says:

    Simon made the worst picks of all the judges. He chose 3 of the 4 girls I would NOT have chosen. Taking Simone and Tiah over Caitlyn is absurd. Caitlyn is very attractive, good, unique voice, etc. She’s very much a star, and I’ve never been impressed with Simone or Tiah. I also would have taken Jazzlyn over Rachel.

    • Monstr says:

      Simon did not make the worst picks. That was definitely Nicole. Sobbing screechy Stacy over soulful Elaine and quirky and unique Christa, Dexter???, over ANYBODY!?

      The girls category was really tight. While I would have never picked these girls over Melanie or Caitlyn or Tora, I do somewhat get their appeal. I think Tiah has something, I just hope she listens and is not a brat. And the annoying Simone, unfortunately, rocked her last performance. Tora nad Jazzlyn on the other hand, who are great, messed up by not being confident enough. Simon likes confidence. There’s some merit to that I guess.

  37. Debby says:

    Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but next week, it says XFactor is live and WILDCARD! Top 20? Top 24??

  38. darcy's evil twin says:

    Mr. Slezak – it’s too bad the name “The X-Files” is already taken because that would be a perfect title for an “Idoloonies” version of the X Factor. Because some of those choices definitely qualify as an X-File in my opinion. Bring in Mulder and Scully to figure out WTH is wrong with these judges! I think they’re actually shape-shifters that are trying to destroy this show.

  39. kt says:

    The choices definitely show that X Factor is NOT Idol. If anybody has watched the UK version, you know that a few contestants are always put through to be controversial (see Kitty this season), or jokes (Jedward, Wagner, etc…). Simone, Tiah, and maybe Astro are filling the controversial slots, and Dexter will be the joke of the show more than likely (although maybe not on the same level as Wagner…shudders…so bad). Anywho, Simon’s just trying to put on an entertaining TV show, which may involve some people you love to hate, or just flat out hate to create drama. However, X Factor always has enough credible talent to keep you tuning in, and the spectacle of the Live shows will produce some awesome performances!

  40. pbo says:

    I’m completely not getting Drew! She seems like a nice person, might be a contender in a high school talent show, but his a wispy, wimpy little voice. Let’s be honest!!

  41. MickyDtroi says:

    how do you let Dexter thru. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! hes so bad. what are you thinking. and as much as i liked jazzlyn little, the nerves for her are to much. gotta give her the boot. my moneys on melanie amaro or drew ryniewicz

  42. Suzanne says:

    It was a set up from the start. Stacy’s vocal ability falls far short compared to Elaine Gibbs, but she clearly had the show’s producers on her side from the very beginning. If this show actually was about vocal talent, Elaine is the clear choice – but instead she got robbed by a connected and crafty Stacy who played the sob-story card to death. Add to that Dexter’s going through and you’ve lost me. It just shows how the media machine can manipulate anything – and after a hard day at work I’m sick of being played.

  43. Mike says:

    Ok with the risk of having my head bitten off – i DO get why simon chose Tiah – this isnt Idol and in x-factor the contestants need showmanship as well as voice, and just as in the musicbusiness it isnt always the greatest voices that end up on the billboards.
    Say what you will about Tiah but you can’t deny she has presence – whether you like her or not – she bring attitude and showmanship to her performances – something most the contestants didnt do and that may have given her an edge combined with the fact that she has improved a lot since her first stage perfomance I can understand why Simon wanted her in. That being said i dont understand Simone and Rachel (banking on the cutefactor perhaps?). Dexter what were she thinking there????? change that to Elaine ASAP. As for the groups Intensity really?? I can see what she saw in Lakoda Rayna but Intensity? must be the kid cute factor again. L.A. missed the boat completely with Tim and he put through a crooner whose range is limited didnt understand that either.

  44. Monstr says:

    I was surprised to have really liked Christa on her (unfortunately) last audition. They did not show enough of her for us to get attached to her like with Melanie, but I think she was really interesting. Enrique LOVED her and so did I. I felt like she had this uplifting, potentially revolutionary sound. But then again I also love Radiohead so that could have affected me. A bit. She was still raw emotions and fantastic.

    Nicole is a blank stare Doll who does not feel music period. I tried to accept, but I do not. She would have failed Christa and Elaine as a mentor anyway, like she will others in her team, cause she has limited musical and emotional range. She was the worst choice for the over 30’s. A pretty bad choice for a judge in general.

  45. hunter says:

    I’m glad my man got in…GO CHRIS RENE!! WE LOVE YOU IN HAWAII!!

  46. Nicole Barrett says:

    I think it’s a joke that both Simone Battle and Tiah Tolliver got through. Neither one deserves to and I can’t wait to see them both go home early on in the competition. It’s obvious that they were chosen because Simon is attracted to them. For them to be chosen over Melanie is outrageous. I can’t believe Paula chose the two manufactured groups especially Lakota Rayne – I wonder if the fact that they look more like models than the other female group influenced her decision and also to please Simon who is her boss somewhat and who manufactured the groups in the first place. I think The Anser deserved a spot before either manufactured group. Then there’s LA Reid who is obviously biased towards hip hop music as he chose two rappers and an R&B artist. I think Brennan and the humble country singer were more deserving but in the world of hip hop, machismo wins. I think Nicole did the best job of deciding who would go through. Josh K. is my favorite singer and I had the pleasure of seeing Leroy Bell perform at the Jazzbones years ago – he has been in the business forever and really has paid his dues. As far as Stacy and Dexter go, I think they made it through mostly because of their sob stories.

  47. Kathy says:

    Nicole is a joke. Bring back Cheryl. I was at the L.A. auditions and Cheryl was a great judge.

    Simon….what’s up haven’t gotten any lately.

    L.A. you clearly have a bias. BTW if you think Phillip is going to get the girls vote. Think again. Maybe any woman over 60, no one else. Brennin would have scored.

    Paula you did great, But then again you didn’t have much to choose from.

    So sad for Caitlin, Tora, Brennin and Christa( I thought she was one of the most interesting)

    I’m sorry for Dexter, because he’s getting set up for the big fall. And can Chris handle being clean with all the hollywood parties and attention????

  48. blue says:

    blahh3x… i don’t want to watch anymore after melanie didn’t make through..horrible picks!!!

  49. pam v says:

    The girls category is so boring with the exception of Melanie. Melanie Amato and jazzlyn little, rocked the stage and audience. They are the million dollar super stars. Thank god one of them came back. I hope jazzlyn has an opportunity to go on American idol. Simone should have been fair. The two young ladies, who did not get selected tonight could only wish to sing and perform like Melanie and jazzlyn. Strange as to how two potential super stars could be voted out.

  50. marshell53 says:

    Melanie and jazzlyn both have beautiful voices and can perform. Why hey would get voted out of the competition is beyond me. They turned the place out. What is factor really about? I don’t want to wastemy time watching boring singers. Melanie, jazzlyn, josh and Stacey were an are the top performers. I am not buying a kid cd. She is good, but is no match for the above singers. I look forward to seeing jazzlyn on American idol because Simone got bad advise. Mariah was needed very badly. If you can, just listen to jazzlyn,s voice, it is beautiful.