The X Factor Top 16 Announcement: Who's In, Who's Out? Follow Our Live Unveiling!

As sure as L.A. Reid will bring the dapper. As certainly as that Pussycat Dolls woman will serve misty eye and trembling lower lip. As indubitably as Simon Cowell will overwork his good news/bad news fakeout face. And as undoubtedly as Paula Abdul’s “Groups” category will be the surprise droppings in the freshly bathed baby’s diaper, The X Factor will announce its 16 finalists during Tuesday night’s long and winding (and probably filler-packed) episode.

As the episode rolls on, I’ll update you on who’s in, and who’s out in all four categories — Girls Under 30; Boys Under 30; Over-30s; and Groups — along with my one-word reaction to each announcement. So keep refreshing the page for all the good and bad news. Full recap will post early Wednesday morning, but until then, hit the comments and rejoice/revolt! And for all my X Factor news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

No: Tora Woloshin. Yowza!
Yes: Simone Battle. Diva!
Yes: Drew Ryniewicz. @%#&(*(#*#(*&(#*^*&$@#@$@# YEAH!
No: Jazzlyn Little. Sads.
No: Caitlin Koch. Idol?
Yes: Tiah Tolliver. Dark horse?
No: Melanie Amaro. FOOLISH!
Yes: Rachel Crow. Scripted!
YES: MELANIE AMARO (I need more than a word or two to say Simon changed his mind with approval from the other judges, went to Sunrise, FL, and invited Melanie to join his team for the live shows. Sanity has been restored!)

OVER 30s
Yes: Josh Krajcik. Authenticity!
No: Christa Collins. Booooo!
No: James Kenney. Apron.
Yes: Dexter Haygood. Cahhhhhhhhhhhn’t.
No: Tiger Budbill. :( — but, yeah.
Yes: Leroy Bell. Contender!
No: Elaine Gibbs. F&*#!!!!
Yes: Stacy Francis. Mascary.

No: 2SQUAR’D. Ambiv. (Still want their audition single on iTunes NOW!)
Yes: The Brewer Boys. $$$$
No: Illusion Confusion. Who?
No: 4Shore. Correct!
Yes: Lakota Rayne: Oy.
Yes: Intensity. Rabid pack?
No: The Anser. Spelling counts!
Yes: Stereo Hogzz. Or does it?

Yes: Brian “Astro” Bradley. Naughty step. (Sorry, needed two words to express my conflicted feelings.)
No: Nick Voss. Respeck.
No: Skyelor Andeson. Obvious.
Yes: Phillip Lomax. Eh.
No: Brennin Hunt. Crazytown.
Yes: Chris Rene. (excited. shhh.)
No: Tim Cifers. Okay.
Yes: Marcus Canty. Funky!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Bill says:

    No live blog for this? Dang. Any chance of an Idoloonies deal with X Factor?

    • Michael D says:

      Yes please…id love to see and hear your over the top reactions, Slezak.

    • julesmn says:

      Great idea!!

      • Stacie says:

        I wish there was a live blog to discuss how amazing it is that they made up for their HUGE MISTAKE of not putting Melanie in the Top 16. I don’t get Simone Battle over her, but as long as Melanie is in the Top 17 I don’t care how it happened. In my opinion Tora and Caitlin Koch were better than 3 of those groups. I wish it was more about talent then the specific guidelines of 4 in each. So if Tora and Caitlin were a group they’d make it? Doesn’t seem fair to me. But that they put in Melanie is good enough for now. She and Drew are by far my favorites.

        • Ben says:

          This is what happens when you have 3 lackeys instead of Mariah Carey there to keep Simon’s eye on musical talent just as firmly as sex appeal.

          • dane says:

            TOTALLY agree. Tiah Tolliver? Really? She was better than Jazzlyn Little? I don’t THINK so. Simone Battle? Honestly? I would have snapped up Tora before her.

            Oh.. and ALL of the groups suck.

        • jw says:

          I think that the judges have made some major mistakes, especially Nichole and L.A. I am a professional musician and seeing some of their picks, you can see that they let their hearts not their ears make their decisions. Absolute wrong choices, youg rapper that will not have a chance to make it in this comp. It was a wasted spot for someone with more talent that got cut. Most of Nichole’s pick should have went the other way. The old James Brown imposter can’t sing only screech. Nice guy, but shouldn’t have been put through. The older woman kind of heavy, I think Elaine, one of the best singers, didn’t put her through because of looks. Too bad. I will not be watching any longer. I think that idol is better. Not enough talent here, not sure if it is fixed, but they cut most of the real talent out……

        • Jac says:

          The whole thing about Melanie’s mistake was so scripted! If anybody thinks that Simon had a change of heart, hey, I’ve got a bridge to sell you

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            agreed, and I’m willing to bet the last two choices were NOT Annie the Moppet Kid and Melanie. That was just editing because there is no way on God’s Green Earth that would happen. Even a deaf person would choose Melanie over that kid!

    • lauren says:

      I worry that since Xfactor isn’t doing anywhere near Idol ratings, the worthiness of an Idoolonies-type vlog isn’t happening :( I’d love it tho!

  2. Dillon says:

    Seriously, how many times are we going to hear “the contestants were split into four categories: ” followed by the listing of categories. WE GET IT. THANKS. Four is NOT that complicated. My word.

  3. Cindy says:

    Meh, I would’ve chosen Tora instead of Simone.

    • Stacie says:

      Simone instead of Caitlin? Really? I should’ve known Caitlin wasn’t going to make it when we didn’t see much of her after her initial performance. Darn. I hope she does pop up on Idol or something, I really liked her voice.

      • Kim R says:

        I can’t believe Caitlin wasn’t picked. I thought she was really special & much more marketable than Rachel. Just my opinion. And Nicole……Dexter????? Come on! Unless he’s singing in Vegas in a show that has look/sound alikes he is not going to sell records. Again…just my opinion. :)

  4. katherine says:

    Simone over anyone, let alone Tora. Simon is off the Christmas card list.

  5. Jessica says:

    Thank the lord Simon picked Drew! If she continues to have performances like It Must Have Been Love, she’ll win it all. As for Simone, I think she deserved to get through based on her rendition of Help. Tora was meh on Satisfaction and even in her audition with I Want You Back. Dexter, really?! He will never win but maybe he’ll be entertaining?!

    • Owen says:

      Look, I love these girls. All eight of them. But the way the deck has been stacked in their favor makes me want to root against them. Pick five girls instead of the other category’s four. Yes, so X-Factor can claim WE’RE BETTER THAN IDOL AND VOICE. WE HAVE A GIRL WINNER!! Kick the country guy out? When he was basically the STAR of the group rounds? Just to make sure no country people start voting for him to rob X-Factor of their claim LOOK, WE’RE BETTER THAN IDOL AND VOICE. WE HAVE A GIRL WINNER!! Kick out the gorgeous guy who can actually sing so as not to distract females so X-Factor can claim LOOK, WE’RE BETTER THAN IDOL AND VOICE. WE HAVE A GIRL WINNER!! To not have any really teeny bopper friendly Under 30 boys so X-Factor can claim LOOK, WE’RE BETTER THAN IDOL AND VOICE. WE HAVE A GIRL WINNER!! To ensconce the only teeny bopper boys in groups with many pretty girls or with a chubby younger brother so X-Factor can claim WE’RE BETTER THAN IDOL AND VOICE. WE HAVE A GIRL WINNER!! Do I think its esthetically wrong that teenybopper girls vote so much to derail the true singing talent from winning on these shows. Yes, somewhat. But its also fair in the way the shows are set up. So then change the rules on voting. Don’t try to tilt the talent so spectacularly one way as to kick out truly exciting and talented guys (who knows how many great male singers we didn’t even get to SEE because of this) just so Simon Cowell can have his ego stroked.

  6. Kristi says:

    I CANNOT believe she put Dexter through….

  7. Christina says:

    Drew, Simone, and Josh were good picks, but Dexter not so good of a pick. They’re setting him up to be a joke contestant

  8. Cindy says:

    I’m so tired of hearing Dexter go on and on about how he’s homeless. I know it’s all the show’s fault, though, probably asking loaded questions and editing it together to their convenience. That “sob story” to garnish in more votes is getting really old, really fast, though.

  9. razor says:

    nicole is insane. i rated dexter the lowest of all competitors remaining… plus i thought both james and christa deserved to go through.

  10. Nick says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, America has its Jedward.

    Dexter Haygood has been put through to the live shows!

  11. laterica says:

    really paula u sent 4shore home…yeah u must be gettin deaf…cant believe u sent home a group as good as them and nicole really…dexter really wooow…i cant believe there was even a thought to send him through…he was the worst thing i have ever heard

    • Cyndi says:

      Have you not hears 4Shore sing? The “lead” singer screws up his vocals all the time. He doesn’t stay on pitch and his voice cracks

      • Ben says:

        Yes, 4shores great harmonies were unfortunately let down by their lead. When Paula said ‘you don’t have a lead singer’ she really meant ‘your lead singer isn’t good enough’.

    • Sybil says:

      I agree about 4Shore. Every 30 seconds or so, a WTF note. Too bad, but they were really inconsistent.

  12. factoroonie - maybe says:

    whoa – dexter? really? hope he took stacy’s spot. because elaine gibbs and especially leroy bell not getting through would be ridiculous.

  13. laterica says:

    i know dexter wont even make to finals so oh well…its a shame though how someone else with a bigger chance of winning had to lose a spot to him…Dexter your sob story of bein homeless is not gonna make u win…u wont even be entertainment to me…performance is what should be voted…nicole is obviously going off of a story and not performance

  14. Trev says:

    PLEASE do X-Factor loonies. I miss watching your wit on video. Plz n thnks.

  15. Jessica says:

    I was thinking of Jedward too! But The Brewer Boys are not nearly as interesting.

  16. Kelly says:

    Feel free to judge away (trust me, I’m kind of judging myself right now), but there’s something about Dexter I just love.

  17. Eric says:

    Ugh. Really conflicted so far. Despise Simone. It will be nice to see her knocked down a couple of pegs when she gets voted out in the first or second week. Dexter? Are you kidding? The Frank Sinatra wannabe? Are the contestants slipping the judges money? Brian? That kid needs a time out stat. He needs to be put in the corner until he can learn to be something other than an entitled douchebag.

    • Tara says:

      You read my mind about the rapping brat, that kid needs to learn what the words “humble”, “respect” and “nice” mean – really disappointed that he got put through. LA Reid’s selections seemed the worst of all four of the groups including Paula’s who really didn’t have the greatest choices to begin with. :/

  18. Katia says:

    What about Stacy?

  19. Cindy says:

    Can we trade Jazlyn for Tora? PLEASE?

  20. ghasdfh says:

    This show deserves its horrible and contrived self. Dexter isnt capable of anything outside of that hirrible impersonation he glued to himself. This is the worst of manufactured crap that I’ve ever seen. Bring on the Rachel Obnoxious Crow vs. Dexter Honeless final, with special guest Jedward. This show and simon can rot. Stuff your 4 cata-ger-eees were the rented mansion malibu sun dosent shine on enriques 4 lbs of makeup. Bleah.

  21. Ry says:

    well…if we have to have Phillip Lomax, can someone please get him a new hat? He has worn the same one this whole time. He needs a spare. Maybe Simone can loan him one??
    And I CANNOT believe Dexter went through. DUMB MOVE!!!
    And yes Slezak…we need an X-Factor oonies type show from you. :)

    • Tara says:

      Well perhaps Christa Collins doesn’t have a use for her naked kewpie doll hat and she could loan it to Phillip, that would be amusing.

      • Tusk says:

        Christa dressed and acted like someone from a Tim Burton movie….was half expecting Helena Bonham Carter to make a cameo :P

  22. laterica says:

    Im really pissed its to many opportunties that slipped away just because dexter got in to the live show…i guess anyone can get millions if he’s the case…sorry for whoever could have gotten that spot

  23. Jessica says:

    Fix You music again for Chris. Geez! Wonder if he’ll get through….

  24. Jessica says:

    That was sarcasm. Of course Chris is in,talent or not. I can’t believe Dexter is in and either Stacey or Elaine is out! Why is Nicole a judge?!

    • woochie says:

      Nicole isnt a judge, she is an actress (still a bad one), she isnt entrusted with the mutimillion dollar decision on how to cast the show, the producers and owners are. She is just playing her stupid and limited part. As annonying as she is, I refuse to hold her accountable for the decision to let Dexter Homeless through. It was pre-ordained that his sob story would get through.

  25. Beth says:

    My sentiments exactly. :(

  26. Ken says:

    (West Coaster here.) This list is not only going to save me from watching the show tonight, it may just save me from watching it AT ALL. Gah!

    • Joyce says:


      I was barely hanging on to this show — but many of the picks are not good — I think it is time to check out for good,

  27. Dillon says:

    Tiah over Caitlyn? Uncalled for. Really dislike that decision. I didn’t feel Tiah’s “judge house” performance nearly as much as I did Caitlyn’s. (Not sure if that’s the correct spelling of her name.)

    Dexter is rediculous. I seriously don’t understand the hype around Chris Renee; I honestly don’t think he’s got the voice to get very far.

    The groups don’t really matter to me because they all sounded fairly “meh.” No one group stood out in other words.

    If Stacy “The Crier” gets through over Elaine, Nicole should be immediately fired and replaced with Cheryl. Uncerimoniously.

  28. Kelly J says:

    The only thing keeping me from being pissed about Caitlin is Drew going through..

  29. rose says:

    i dont think i will be watching much longer, tiah who aint no jennifer hudson simon, james brown 2.0, eminem nevercanbe, the paula mouse club singers, jeez i really like drew and brennin should be there over the sinatra wannabee, wait didnt he just win america’s got talent? oh and that little rapper, yikes i am out

  30. Andie says:

    Drew! Glad I have a Haley of the X Factor. And appears Slezak does too.

    • Tusk says:

      In style maybe, technically, if she were X Factor’s Haley, she wouldn’t be one of the front runners. Front Runner status has it’s pressure of peaking too early (See Pia).

      Haley’s journey was all about unknown to growth, persistence and getting back up to ultimate triumph. Haley started S10 as cannon fodder.

      Still, Drew’s performances were the most interesting to me, although something about Tiah, I liked too. Annoying that Caitlin didn’t make it farther, I enjoyed the eye-candy :)

  31. DC says:

    Seriously? Simone Battle and Tiah Tolliver??? SIMON! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???

    • Laura says:

      Simon could have the strongest team BY FAR if he had only thought with his head and not other body parts.

    • Tara says:

      As far as Simone I think he was thinking about her booty shorts, can’t really say what he was thinking in regards to Tiah, unless he just wanted to further his initial tantrum he threw to get her in. For the first few episodes I kept looking at Tiah thinking she looked strangely familiar, finally realized what it was – if you have ever seen the movie “Splice” she has a face like the character Dren :(

      • martha says:

        Simone is like how she looked, she did’nt good he did have to fight to keep her in, between her and Jazzlyn Little who got a standing ovation it’s just wrong put those two together and Jazzlyn sounds a zillion times better…

  32. Deb says:

    Seems like LA Reid getting the guys sealed the country boys’ fate. Same with Tiger and the Pussycat Doll. Seriously, three of the best vocals at the home visit performances get the ax? LA could have won the whole thing with a country boy. The most consistent selling music these days-country. I may not love it, but I am watching the trends.

  33. David says:

    None of my favorites got through? Seriously? I was so looking forward to this show. But I think I’m done. I just gained back four hours a week.

  34. tloubee says:

    Looking at this lineup, it’s pretty clear that the winner of X Factor is not likely to be a WGWG! ROTF

  35. Deb says:

    Nicole is useless and LA Reid went into this with a bias that doomed the country singers before that final audition. Checking out before the pimping and the voting begins.

    • Sandi says:

      Word. L.A.’s bias couldn’t have been more evident. It was as if the Dixie Chicks had been judging and told little rapper guy that he couldn’t go through because he didn’t have enough “twang.” There isn’t a single contestant from the boys category that I’m invested in at all.

  36. maria says:

    I can’t BELIEVE they put Dexter through and got rid of real contestants. He is a joke. The last time I checked this was a singing, whole package, competition. I can’t believe you kept him around for ratings. TERRIBLE!! DISSAPPOINTED!!! I can’t believe you let this happen, Simon.

  37. DC says:

    Seriously Dexter in and Elaine is out? SERIOUSLY???

  38. rose says:

    simon came off as a lecher on that sofa, go back on his rental yacht and pretend we care anymore simon and that little 13 year old needs to go back to school, grow up a little, relax the money will come later honey you have the talent, but it seems so wrong now for her to be singing material so beyond her years.

  39. David says:

    Dexter has a great backstory, but he is not original at all. He copies other artists. What is that doing in this competition? And who put through that obnoxious little rapper? Oh wait, L.A. Reid did. Nuff said!

  40. denial1 says:

    The groups they created went through seriously.

    I feel that all those kids are wayyyyy too many.

  41. PatD says:

    I’m thinking each team picked two keepers and two throwaways (as cushions, ya’ know?). That’s what it looks like to me, anyway. Picking four strong contestants for your team kind of ensures difficulty for your favorites.

  42. John G. says:

    Pretty disappointing to see dexter make it over anyone in that over 30 group, just as bad as tiah getting in, and LA Reid is biased… comon pick a rapper the older one or the younger one, but obviously neither one will make it to the final 3. Tim or Brennin could have given LA a better showing nationwide. For as much as people bash paula, she chose well.

  43. Sybil says:

    I couldn’t believe that Simon chose Simone, Tiah and Rachel over Melanie. I couldn’t believe that Simon then got to “regret” his decision on screen, and then traveled to Melanie’s house to “surprise” her and ask her to come back. The mistake wasn’t just cutting Melanie, the mistake was subjecting America to hearing Simone and Tiah sing live.

    This show has already jumped the shark. I’ll be waiting for Idol in January.

    • Nick says:

      Two things:

      1) I assume that Simon will probably have to get rid of two of his acts next week, otherwise it’s unfair to the rest of the judges.

      2) It should have been a top 20 to even things out and not make it seem so biased in Simon’s favor. We could have had Elaine back!

      3) I understand that they apparently have two and a half hours for performance night next week, but even then, how on EARTH are they going to fit in SEVENTEEN performances?

      Unless they opt not to be American Idol and not have each individual performance take fifteen minutes in between product placement, contestant video packages, and commercial breaks after EACH performance.

      • Ben says:

        Does anyone really care which judge wins? I don’t care if its fair to the judges, I just want the best contestants to progress.

        • Nick says:

          I should have rephrased since this is what I meant.

          It’s not that it’s unfair to the judges. It’s unfair to the people the judges could have put through but had to cut because they don’t get a do-over the way Simon does.

          We could have Elaine Gibbs back, or maybe The Anser or even Brennin Hunt, who people liked for some reason.

          It’s just uneven, to me, really.

    • gazebo says:

      I was so disgusted when Simon cut Melanie, that I turned the TV off. So now this AM I’m reading he has put Melanie back in. I don’t care how staged this was (and putting the poor girl through that) I’m just glad she’s in. But I will bet there was a big uproar in Simon-land about him cutting her.

      As for Tiah, what makes sense in this? Simon says to her “Nobody likes you except me” and now he’s going to shove her in front of America who will vote if WE like her (which we don’t). Frakkin nuts!

  44. Sybil says:

    I also cannot believe the other judges, who are supposed to be competing to win, allowed Simon to correct his mistake.

    Paula, in the meantime, actually chose the best groups in her category. What’s up with that?

  45. AJ says:

    Is it overly cynical of me to think Simon said no to Melanie on purpose so he could later say he made a mistake and get a 5th girl in?

  46. Tess says:

    I’m curious if they would have “cast” the final 16 differently if they had a chance to gauge viewer reaction to these people first. I mean, clearly there are some acts that were chosen purely for the “omg/joke/entertain via lack of talent” factor and not because they truly can make it in the music world. Those of us who have seen the UK version all expected there to be one or two of these but in the US, it may be harder to sell these kinds of acts making it into the finals when we expect finalists on these types of shows to actually be at least remotely viable (then again, someone’s got to suck right out the gate to make for some easy early cuts and insure the “right” people make it to the end).
    I would’ve picked Elaine over Stacy and Tiger or James over Dexter. I preferred 4Sure over Stereo Hoggs too (Paula’s wrong about there needing to be a defined lead) or even The Anser. I really liked Jazzlyn but I figured she was toast from her last performance – I still would’ve taken her and Caitlyn over Simone and Tiah. Glad Simon changed his mind on Melanie because as much as I like Rachel I could not believe he picked her over Melanie when it came down to them. I would’ve picked Tim or Brennin over Chris who I don’t feel is really talented but I knew they wouldn’t want either of them since Idol has been all about white guys with guitars and country music and pretty boys over the last few years so those two never had a chance.
    Does anyone know if X-Factor limits how far a contestant can go before they no longer can come back to compete again? Is it possible for any of the unlucky from the final 16 can come back next year?

    • Saulo says:

      Everybody can come back next year – except the top 16!

      A contestant from the UK version, Alexandra Burke, didnt make it and after coming back years later, actually WON the show. Liam Payne (another singer from UK) first auditioned when he was 14. Simon didnt choose him. Two years later, he came back and became part of One Direction (a boy band with 4 other teen singers that guest judge Nicole Scherzinger put together). They finished at 3rd place.

      Another previous UK X-Factor winner, Joe McElderry was cut at Bootcamp round the first time he auditioned. Both Joe and Alexandra were mentored by the one and only Cheryl Cole! (IMO she is way better than Simon, which is a shame since he is a record executive!)

    • curtis says:

      anyone put through to the live rounds can not come back next year should x factor get the second year, which i think it still deserves, even with the disappointing choices made tonight. any contestant hopeful rejected up to the judges houses can come back and try again.

  47. Tess says:

    Oh and one more thing – what was up with Nicole’s Pocahantas outfit? Was she preparing for Halloween already?

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Made Me Laugh. :-)

      Tess, I thought the exact same thing. I kept waiting for “Colors of the Wind” to come blaring out of my TV speakers.

  48. robertmalcolm says:

    Just read (on the West coast) who made the live shows and I must say these “so-called” music professionals are idiots. Then again, it’s a TV show so it’s about ratings first and foremost so I guess I can’t expect them to actually make all the “right” choices. But a YES for Dexter Haygood? And a NO for Melanie Amaro? I’m speechless. With just those two I’m not sure I can bear to even keep watching now.

    • robertmalcolm says:

      Seems things aren’t always what they seem as apparently Melanie Amaro got added as a fifth girl (after Michael Slezak posted she was out) so maybe I will watch even if Dexter doesn’t deserve his spot. And as I said above it’s all about ratings and this fifth girl twist seems just that — a made for a TV show moment. At least she’s got a voice.

  49. ihatedexter says:

    dexter reallynicole should be fired

  50. CD says:

    So how exactly is this gonna work for the live show? Does one person/group (lowest votes) from each category go home each week? Or is it just the person/group who got lowest overall leave – so just one act a week goes home? Or a mix of the two (so maybe in the beginning more acts go home)? I’m just wondering because I haven’t seen the UK version…

    • Erika says:

      No, one act from each category does not get eliminated each week. The acts with the lowest votes are in the bottom 2 and then they have to perform one more time. The 4 judges each cast a vote to save and the person with 3 or more votes gets saved. If there is a tie it goes back to the public vote. In the first few weeks there is usually double eliminations. How that works is that the act with the lowest votes is automatically eliminated and the acts with the 2nd and 3rd lowest votes do the sing off.

      • CD says:

        Thanks for the clarification Erika!
        (although, now i’m wondering: is it possible for, for ex, for the 4 groups to be eliminated during the first 4 weeks? then what would paula do for the rest of the show? Lol)

        • Erika says:

          Paula wouldn’t have to worry about mentoring, but she would still be a judge and she would still have a vote during the results show nights.

        • Joanna says:

          No, Erika is probably wrong. Jim (below) is probably right. I’m from the UK, and we’re already on Series 8, so we know how it works.

    • Jim says:

      If it’s like the UK, and since there’s only a Tuesday show next week, I think all acts will perform, and then each judge will cut one of their own acts to make a Top 12. Then one act will go each week, with the judges voting between the Bottom Two each week.