Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Gossip Girl Schemer to Heat Up McSteamy's Love Life

Spotted: A Gossip Girl vixen helping Mark Sloane recover from a bad case of the Lexies.

Former GG pot-stirrer Holley Fain is joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as a recurring love interest for Eric Dane’s rebounding doc, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

Jessica Capshaw Defends Her Grey’s Anatomy Love Life: “Sometimes There’s Making Out, And..

Fain’s character  — who debuts during November sweeps — works as an ophthalmologist at another Seattle-based hospital (where her boss is played by none other than Ernie Hudson).

On Gossip Girl, Fain played the Madeline Vanderbilt, the manipulative wife of Nate’s cousin Tripp. Her credits also include guest stints on The Good Wife, Memphis Beat and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Dont hate the gay storyline. Love is love with a woman or with a men. Just be open minded and you can be loved to.

  2. greysFromHello says:

    Personally I believe that they have done a beautiful job with the Callie/Arizona/Mark story. At no point did you ever feel that they were shoving it down your throat and they backed off right after the accident. I think its a beautiful portrayal of the relationship and I always have. You really feel the genuine love between Callie and Arizona.
    For the record, I am heterosexual and married with 2 kids and strongly believe in Equal Rights!

  3. GreysFromHello says:

    I’m a Mark/Lexie fan all the way, period, enough said…I’m not explaining myself anymore

  4. awseen says:

    Wow, u rili r narrow minded, sweetheart we left da dark stone ages centuries ago; its a life choice, nain wrong wit it. N FYI noone’s forcin u to watch da show homophobe!!!!!

  5. angebella says:

    Where to begin?? A new woman for Mark? Awesome! His normally great character is so boring with all his baby talk! Which brings me to the gay couple. While I find Arizona and Callie and their current storyline boring beyond belief, I think the writers have done a great job with their relationship and sorry to burst some of your bubbles but gay marriage is real and isn’t going away. Everyone was born with a little something called freedom of choice, if everyone just worried about themselves and their own relationships rather than bashing gays and what they do to make themselves happy the world would be a better place. If 2 people love each other, who gives a rat’s ass what their sex is? Third, I like Jackson and Lexi, give the guy a chance! I liked Mark/Lexi better, but again, its boring and if I wanted to watch a mundane couple, I’d look in the mirror. Fourth, please don’t bring Lucy back, put Alex with April and make him a good guy for once. And finally, fifth: IZZIE IS NEVER COMING BACK, AT LEAST NOT KATHERINE HEIGEL SO GET OVER IT!!!!!!!! Oh, and wyntersdream: you are entitled to your opinion but you are NOT the majority of Americans. Get with the times andfast forward their scenes. Or is a dvr too todays or liberal for you?

    • Independent says:

      I am tired of gay activism being shoved down my throat. I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. I stand for what is true and right, and just because you “feel” something doesn’t make it right. It’s a glorified disease in this country with a lot of wealthy people backing it (gay people usually don’t have families, so they have more time to make money). They have told you it is okay until you believe it. It isn’t the stone ages. But it is common sense. Look at human anatomy. No one will ever convince me it is “normal.” What goes against nature is perverse. We shouldn’t hate gay people, but love them as we do anything else. But, story lines portraying gay lifestyles as normal, and giving children to gay couples — it’s just bad for society. Check the research. Real, unbiased, research does not support gay marriage and families. Children need both male and female role models.

      • Margie says:

        Independent, where do you get your “research” from??? Glorified disease??? Gay people don’t have families?? Do you think they were hatched? Gay people are wealthy because they have more time to work?? What a load of crap!!! My what a small closed mind you have. Whether you choose to face it or not gays are people, just like you and I, they deserve all the same rights as straight people. They were born this way, they didn’t “choose to be gay”. Why would they choose such a difficult life, and the shunning from small minded people like you? Your idea of “true & right” is just that, YOUR idea.

  6. djc says:

    This is, by far, my favorite show. I love that it is very real. Like Mark and Lexie, though they live each other, it just doesn’t work. And with Christina, she’s a loving person (at times) but just doesn’t want kinds. And as far as the gay couple issue people were talking about. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Fact is, there are gay couples raising kids and this show is just portraying that.

  7. jo says:

    mark&lexie <3 !!
    i'm glad about this storyline, honestly. it means lexie will get to be jealous and it also proves that all that 'i'm letting you go, lexie' last season, which i thought was all very television like and boring but still, wasn't just blabbing — he's keeping his word because he wants her happy. in a way, having this new love interest gets to show good sides of both mark and lexie in their relationship.
    i'm also quite happy about the ammount of comments on this page, ridiculous as it may sound. while many bash on my otp, i'm glad this is such a talked about arc and it just goes out to prove that their story shouldn't be on the back or anything because they have amazing fans haha!

  8. Dee says:

    EVERY STORYLINE HAS AN ABRUPT UNREALISTIC HORRIBLE ENDING for poor Mark. Mark/Addison, Mark/Callie, Mark/Lexie, sure throw another tragic relationship in there. Can we see one that actually works?!

  9. pj says:

    I think he should end up with someone extoic or like a latina chic

  10. Mdz says:

    Love Mark and Lexie..I can’t believe they’re doing this :(
    I’m not really liking Grey’s anatomy this season..

  11. Maria I Torres says:

    well, could’t agree with your comments anymore, I dream with Mark Sloane every nights……… well.. i love andI hope Lexie and Mark get’s backs together!!!!!!!!!!!!! comment by marisabel- october20,2011…2:00AM PDT….REPLY TO THIS POST

  12. n.l. says:

    You are indeed ignorant :]
    I know your kind, your way too proud to ever change and for that I pity you because you will continue living a bitter life. Since you have time to write stupid things like comparing gay people to terrorists, I have to time to waste on you, you hopeless ignorant person.

  13. wina says:


  14. barbara says:

    Why so much hate. I am a fiscal conservative who has no issue with gays. Stop the stereotyping ignorance.

  15. noradeesview says:

    I don’t agree with the extensive homosexual scenes however, although It’s I lifestyle I’m not in agreement It is still a style of life for some people. I can’t see the parallel with terrorists. It appears to be views like this are closer to terrorism and the promotion of hate.