Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Gossip Girl Schemer to Heat Up McSteamy's Love Life

Spotted: A Gossip Girl vixen helping Mark Sloane recover from a bad case of the Lexies.

Former GG pot-stirrer Holley Fain is joining the cast of Grey’s Anatomy as a recurring love interest for Eric Dane’s rebounding doc, sources confirm to TVLine exclusively.

Jessica Capshaw Defends Her Grey’s Anatomy Love Life: “Sometimes There’s Making Out, And..

Fain’s character  — who debuts during November sweeps — works as an ophthalmologist at another Seattle-based hospital (where her boss is played by none other than Ernie Hudson).

On Gossip Girl, Fain played the Madeline Vanderbilt, the manipulative wife of Nate’s cousin Tripp. Her credits also include guest stints on The Good Wife, Memphis Beat and Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

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  1. Gabriel Anthony says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHONDA! Mark and Lexie are made for each other, do not mess up with their story

    • april-ann says:

      I believe Mark and Lexie are endgame, but they just don’t want to put them togetherforever yet. I’ll watch because I really like Holley Fain (I didn’t know her name before). She was great on GG. I think her name on GG was Maureen (not Madeline). She’s a pistol, talented and charismatic. I’ve never heard a mention of Alexis’ mother on Castle but if they go there, then I hope Holley Fain plays her mother.

      • Ava says:

        It was Maureen. I agree, Mark and Lexie have to end up together but if they were together now the writers would just eff them up.

        • Jocelyn Gaines says:

          I have been recording all of the episodes since the beginning of the season, but I have not watched any yet. If I hear at the end of the season that Mark and Lexie got back together than I will watch thim because I know that there will be a happy ending, if they don’t I will scroll down and delete without watching

    • Caro says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more!!
      But of course shonda had to ruin a beautiful love story like Mark & Lexie’s :(

    • Barb says:

      Yes! About time Mark started living up to his name again – McSteamy. They should bring lots of gals back to Mark…I don’t see him settled down – after all – he IS McSteamy!

    • wyntersdream says:

      I totally agree. The writer/writers are messing up the good story lines. I can’t stand that Meredith and Derek are once again estranged. I hate the fact that Christina had an abortion and can in the very next episode be having hot sex with her husband and so loving and nurturing to Zola. If she is so loving and caring why did she not have any of those feelings toward her own child. And the story line with Mark sharing his baby with Callie and Arizona is so ridiculous. Mark and Callie should raise the baby they are the parents. This whole gay storyline is so disturbing on many levels and now to bring a child into it makes it even worse. I don’t look for Greys to be around much longer. People are gonna quit tuning in.

      • becky says:

        wow you are a sheltered human…straight people do not raise children any better then a gay couple.

      • lola says:

        Had to comment on that! Wether you like it or not, gay couples exist and i don’t see the problem with them raising a child! that may be disturbing for you, but you’ll have to get used to it. Not talking about it in Grey’s anatomy won’t make it less real

        • wyntersdream says:

          Getting used to gay couples raising a child is like getting used to terrorists in the U.S. it is wrong and should not be allowed! Gay story lines should not be allowed on TV and the MAJORITY OF AMERICANS say by vote that there is no such thing as gay couples. A marriage and a couple is a man/woman.

          • Megs says:

            Hey idiot, recent polls show that 50% of Americans favor gay marriage and 70% favor civil equality. “The majority” may disagree in whatever redneck rock you live under, but out here in the real world most people acknowledge that gay people are valid individuals with rights, feelings, and ideas that are valuable to society.

      • Ash says:

        Wow…you should probably just turn off the Grey’s and turn on the Fox News…conservative bigot..

        • Dr. Matt says:

          Not all of us who watch FOX News are bigots. I know plenty of hate-filled people who love watching CNN and MSNBC.

          And he didn’t say that he was conservative, either. He just said he was against gay-marriage. I know liberals who are as well.

          Attacking him makes you no better … and is what’s wrong in society already. Too many people are resorting to name-calling when someone disagrees with them.

      • Val says:

        wow!!! you may be more confortable watching 7th Heaven, mate

      • jamesincalifornia says:

        We need to see more gay couples on Grey’s Anatomy. Jackson Avery and Alex Karev would make a great pair!

      • Tiffany says:

        lol you can quit watching. Maby you should just crawl back in the dark age.

      • cindy says:

        Wow, really? I love greys but like almost every doctor in the place has had extrmarital affairs. They fall onto any available gurney. The men are nearly twice the age of their partners one stole a freaking heart and gay parents are the problem? Not that the doctors drink constantly,they make fun of the only person not having sex but gay parents. Can u say Emmy winning comedy Modern family? How bout Will and grace, Sex and the city The Bird cage etc. The abortion story ticks me off because I am prolife but also because I don’t think that someone who couldn’t do it as an unmarried intern would against her husbands wishes. If ur looking for highly moral content read pilgrims progress. And it would be better to raise a child with a “sex” buddy than a pediatric surgeon u love? Wow

      • Linda says:

        I fully agree! Enough with the lesbians! Whoever is writing the story line is crazy! Don’t think they will be around much longer either. Lost it’s appeal.

      • jill says:

        i agree on almost everything you said.they are getting everything to out of wack. and i also agree with the baby part. if you are gay thats up to you but why make a child be stereotyped because of your choice ?

      • GAF says:

        wyntersdream, few people will stop tooning in, although I know some who have, due to the gay story line etc. However, I completely agree with you. I don’t see why people have to jump in and out of bed with each other and blatant homosexuality is forced in our faces, not to mention a doctor who uses abortion as birth control. Grey’s is a great show with an awesome plot, but the absolute lack of any sort of morals is deplorable, not unlike the even worse Private Practice, where a doctor who is able to save a 23 week old fetus, will also kill a child of the same age. I just try to ignore the crap and enjoy the parts that are good. Thank goodness for DVR so I can skip the repulsive gay scenes and the soft-core porn. Today it is impossible to watch TV without seeing that smut, even on Fox News, lol. I guess the best thing to do would be to turn the TV off altogther, but I believe that with some shows I can ignore the bad and enjoy the good.

    • Crystalina says:

      I agree!

      • Crystalina says:

        I have to agree with Wyntersdream! They are messing up really good story lines that, if written and played out right, could keep this show going for years to come. Why, oh why can’t Meredith & Derek be happy -no problems- for at least ONE episode? I like Jackson’s looks, but he’s no McSteamy and definitely doesn’t belong with Lexie. Also, they need to give Miranda Bailey a REAL love interest. Not these panzie’s she has ended up with. And as far as it goes for the gay couple – we (most American’s) can only handle so much of this. Goodness…get it together already, and give these great actors/actresses some good story lines to keep us interested! Good luck…

        • Ashley says:

          Years really?? I highly doubt the cast wants to do this for 4 more years. Don’t you know that this is Dempsey’s last season???? AND it can go on for years just the way it is because there is nothing wrong with the story-line and there’s nothing wrong with abortions or gay people raising kids, the ONLY THING THAT’S WRONG is closed minded conservative rednecks like you and Wyntersdream!!!!

        • SCallihan says:

          I want Miranda and Ben to have more air time. They are a great couple!

    • Marion says:

      I agree, Lexie and Mark belong together

  2. Yarlene says:


  3. Mohammad says:

    SERIOUSLY? another character? when they can’t even find a way to balance the 14 (16 including ben and scott foley) they already have?

  4. Tina says:

    But seriously GTFO.

  5. Gabby says:

    I already hate her.

    Mark/lexie for life!

    • Brittany says:

      I completely agree with you. I love Jackson, but I HATE Jackson and Lexie together. I want Jackson and April to get together and Mark and Lexie to get back together.

      • Heather says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more! I think that Mark and Lexie belong together. Lexie even told him she still loved him. Don’t screw this up Shonda. The only reason I still watch Grey’s is that I still have hope that Slexie will make a comeback. I would like to see Jackson with April get together and then she can finally lose her V-card. Besides Jackson’s mom already likes April.

      • catola says:

        100 % agree!!!!

        • Michèle says:

          I totally agree…Lexie and Mark need to come back for good…They are to much connected by love to be separate longer…

  6. Babygate says:

    I don’t know who she is but, yey! Finally Mark can move on. This will either make Lexie come to her senses or put that story to rest for good. I am actually more excited about Bernie Hudson being on Grey’s. Love him! Wow, Shonda is really going all out with the guest spots this season. I’m loving it! First Ms. Debbie Allen, then Alfre Woodard, now Mr. Hudson. Nicely done!

  7. Frankie says:

    And the bad Grey’s news just keeps on coming. First Rachael Taylor is returning as Lucy Fields, when they should bring Katherine back as Izzie who stated she would love to come back instead. And now this? Grey’s is destroying all my favorite couples and all my hope. Don’t know how much longer I’m going to keep watching.

    • lauren says:

      Being 100% serious here: Do people really truly and honestly think that Grey’s would take back Heigl? Did no one read all of the headlines from those difficult years?

      • Captain says:

        She’s still friends with most of the cast. She was never difficult or unprofessional on-set. She made headlines for saying she didn’t nominate herself for an Emmy one year because she didn’t feel her material was worthy of one (which is wasn’t…this was the year where her highlight was operating on a deer). That’s it. Shondra clearly is hopeful she will return since she nixed the “killing off Izzie” storyline from last season. [For those who don’t know, she had planned to kill Izzie off in a car accident, off-camera, last year but backed out at the last minute because she didn’t think it was right to end her character that way].

    • sarah says:

      She’s not coming back. Ever. And it’s not the show, it’s her not wanting to.

      • Leena says:

        Well, Katie Heigl is on Twitter and she recently answered some fan questions and said she misses the GA cast, especially Justin, and would like to come back and wear the scrubs again. It’s still on her timeline.

    • Caro says:

      If we are realistic, we know Katie Heigl won’t return to Grey’s. So Izzie back on the show is not going to happen. Then I think Lucy is the best option for Alex, so I’m happy she’ll be back.

      I agree on everything else. There’s not much to be happy about on this show, lately. LOVE Mer/Der but they’re in the dark now, really really liked Mark/Lexie and Ben/Bailey but those relationships don’t seem to work any time soon so we’re stuck with Lexie/Jackson (I still don’t get why these Mercy Westers are on board), Calzona (yuk!), lame Mark and Cris/Owen also not in a good place. So what is it we’re watching that is making us happy? There’s too much drama and too much misery on screen… it’s depressing.

    • Brittany says:

      I love Katherine, but I hated Izzie’s character. She was really whiney and almost as soon as she broke up with one guy, she was “in love” with another. We all remember the Alex, Denny, George, Alex thing. I mean, she didn’t really have a choice with Denny, but geez!

    • Joan Proto says:

      I would love to see Izzy come back and remarry. Maybe Merideth might become pregnant on her oun and Christina was pretty hot with her husband and just might be preg. again and this time keep it realizing how much she liked the baby going for adoption. Also Dr. Webber and Mirandermight get together
      Comment by Joan- October 20th 1:57AM

    • jill says:

      i wish Izzie would come back. Her and Alex need back together he’s been on the outs for tooooo long.

  8. Anna says:

    I for one am really happy about this. I can’t stand Mark/Lexie. They don’t work, and they aren’t good for each other. They are just at completely different places in their lives. Avery/Lexie works. I want Mark to be happy and find someone as well.

    • seattlemary says:

      I’m with you! I’ve always been creeped out about them since that episode where she seduces him with the getting undressed and repeating “Teach me, teach me.” Oh and for the record, I don’t have a problem with age differences, and I’m not a prude, but something has never sat right with me about their relationship.

      Though we’re in the minority, the overwhelming minority, so I’ve come to accept that those two will get together, I just try to let those scenes slide by me.

      • Vivian Volkoff says:

        I really hated Mark and Lexie at first too. They creeped me out. Somewhere along the way thought they won me over.

        • Anna says:

          I’m the opposite. I was okay with them in the beginning, though they were by no means my favorite couple. But the minute she broke up for him for wanting to step up and be a father (and then did it a second time) and acted like it was all about her, I realized they wouldn’t work. In the beginning, he was a child in a lot of ways, so the age difference didn’t matter. But now he is stepping up, and she just isn’t ready.

          • Chelle says:

            And it wouldn’t have worked for her to be ready to step when Mark did. It made sense for them to break up over that. For a young woman such as Lexie, the focus of a romantic relationship should be on the two people in love, not on some other person’s child. Nobody should be forced into motherhood. So I agree, it makes sense that they shouldn’t be together.

  9. Lauren says:

    Oh thank god, he can stop moping over Lexie.

  10. Lois says:

    Maureen Vanderbilt actually, not Madeline. But I’m just being picky. But I’m still shipping Mark/Lexie!

  11. Danielle H says:

    When this show has it’s few decent moments left, they get dashed to pieces by Shonda’s sad idealism. *lesigh*

  12. tati says:


  13. Kennedy says:

    No, we don’t really think they will. We just wish they would. For the fans, and for the quality of the show. But Shonda is stubborn, and known to hold a grudge so we know it’s a long shot. Still have the smallest of hope though.

  14. Krissa says:

    Yay! Mark moving on is good news. I’m tired of the push and pull of Mark/Lexie. Have they been apart as long as they were together at this point? I can’t keep track. Plus, all the recurring love interests on the show (Ben, Henry, Adele) are great “sometimes” additions to this stellar cast.

  15. Ethan says:

    This is stupid. Add another unnecessary character. Why don’t they just get rid of Mark. Eric Dane is a bad actor and does nothing on the show.

    • seattlemary says:

      Well I don’t think he’s better or worse then most of the cast, but yeah his character doesn’t really add anything, other then validating having Avery and Lexie’s characters around. You could snip out all three of them and the cast would still be huge and there should still be enough drama to fill an hour of tv. I liked Mark when he was playing off Derek and their bromance was funny, but now he’s been replaced with Hunt and any interesting story lines with the whole Three’s Company parenthood never materialized, so I would be at a lost as to why they keep him…..except I’ve read the comments before. Mark/Lexie fans are probably the only reason this show has made it these past couple of years, so we’ll see if their support is enough to keep the show going after this season.

      • LMSO says:

        “Mark/Lexie fans are probably the only reason this show has made it the past couple of years, we’ll see if their support is enough to keep the show going after this season.”

        This is an overstatement if ever I’ve read one. Really?

        I realize Mark/Lexie have their fans, as is their right (I’m on Team Jackson, myself), but they are certainly not the reason the show continues to be on the air!

        GA is an ensemble show (too large an ensemble in my view, but I disgress) with several popular couples.

        Meredith/Derek, Cristina/Owen and Callie/Arizona all jump to mind.

        • seattlemary says:

          Yeah, but if you read the comment sections of any article written about those other couples and then you compare it to the comment section of anything that mentions Mark/Lexie you’ll see what I mean. It could just mean that M/L fans are just more rabid (I mean that as a compliment), or statistically speaking, it likely means that there are just a lot more of them. While I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind seeing all three (Lexie, Mark, Avery) head off to Utah , I bet if that happened a huge drop in viewership would follow.

  16. Captain says:

    I’ll never understand how Shondra can look at such a big fanbase and dangle the carrot in one hand while flipping them off with the other. In every interview she talks about how much she loves them yet I haven’t seen any evidence. What she did to them last season was just plain rude and now she’s going to have Mark move on with some guest star (much like he did with Teddy in Season 6)? Unless this convinces Lexie that her and Mark should be together, I’m over Shondra. Put Avery with April and Mark with Lexie.

    • Anna says:

      She has also said in interviews that she is not sure she can make them work. And frankly, she is right. Lexie has proven that she is in a completely different place in her life than Mark, which makes sense. She is still young. She isn’t ready for a family. But Mark is a father. Personally, I don’t think Mark and Lexie work. But if they are going to work, Lexie needs to step up. And she hasn’t shown that she can do that yet. She isn’t ready.

      • sarah says:

        I think it’s Mark that needs to step up and prove that he’s not going to stick his penis in someone the second she turns her back. He’s got two children with two different women. The girl should just run far, far away from him, no matter what he promises.

        • Anna says:

          He never cheated on her. Yes, he likes to sleep with women. Every single one of those women was a consenting adult who wanted to sleep with him. He never slept with any other woman while he was with Lexie. She is the one who broke up with him because she couldn’t handle the idea of him being a father (he never asked her to be a mother to Callie’s child, she broke up with him just because the child existed). She is the one who at one point made a comment about people making decisions about their lives without consulting her as if those decisions had anything to do with her.

          Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with not wanting to have a family or with being young and wanting to have fun. But Lexie tends to think that the world should revolve around her, and she acts like people do wrong things just because she doesn’t like the result. Lexie is a child, and Mark is ready to be an adult. When they were first together, it worked because he was still a child in a lot of ways. But now he is stepping up, being an adult, and being a parent. She can’t handle that.

          • Chelle says:

            It’s pretty clear that Anna doesn’t like Lexie. I would just like to point out that Mark may not be a cheater but he’s still basically a manwhore. And it’s also pretty clear that everyone is way too obsessed with this show. They’re characters, quit arguing over them like they’re real people!

          • Grey'sFan says:

            Are you forgetting that Mark slept with Addison in the very beginning….when she was married to Derek?? It doesn’t matter that he was single…he was still tecnically cheating. He has always been known to sleep around with a lot of women and Lexie has always acted like a child. Its nothing new so keeping them together wouldn’t make sense. Where would the show go??

    • Caro says:

      @Captain: WELL SAID! Let’s put Jackson with April and Mark with Lexie! Why can we come up with that and Shonda can’t?! And let’s add Ben/Bailey to that list, please! :-)

      • Anna says:

        Disagree with all of these. I like Jackson with Lexie, April with no one at the moment, Mark with someone new, and Bailey with Eli.

  17. Samantha says:

    Actually, her character was Maureen Vanderbilt not Madeline… and it’s about time Sloan stopped being so boring. Maybe then Lexie will be the one that is jealous for once. She kind of looks like Chyler Leigh in a way, so Shonda could have fun with that one!

  18. Kelsey says:

    Glad to see Mark moving away from the Callie/Arizona story for awhile. I like seeing him as a dad but he needs his own love life. It doesn’t have to be this person forever but maybe she’s a bridge for him to work his crap out like Lexie has with Jackson right now.

  19. sarah says:

    I honestly just hope they move on from Mark/Lexie. The girl deserves someone who isn’t out impregnating women she’s expressed insecurity over. Mark AND Callie reassured Lexie that there was nothing sexual between them anymore, that they were just friends, and yet. Girl can’t trust anything Mark says anymore.

  20. amelia says:

    can anyone say Rose 2.0??? Im hoping this will spark some sort of jealously in lexie and make her run back to mark.

  21. Oror says:


  22. BJohnson says:

    I’m guessing that Lexie will not like her stirring up the old feelings. I am waiting for Mark and Lexie back together too. Remember when they brought that Rose chick on for Derrick, see how that ended.

  23. Nicola says:

    Count me in on team “good news”. I like Mark and Lexie a lot as individual characters, but I could not care less about the Mark/Lexie on/off relationship anymore. That horse has been beat to death several times and it’s time to let it rest in peace, IMO. Let them move on. They are clearly at very different points in their lives and both deserve someone who can love them for who they are and what they want from live in the here and now.

  24. Nik says:

    Mark and Lexie started “creepily” and because of that I’ve never bought them as a couple, I love them seperately, but if shonda ever pair the two again, I would be dissapointed. I agree with the person who mentioned ED’s acting, he’s looks and no talent, but for some reason shonda loves giving him too much screen time…PD does it so effortlessly, so does Justin and a couple of the other guys, Jesse excluded.

  25. Nancy says:

    Noooooooo!!!!!!! We want Mark and Lexie back

  26. Lisa says:

    Good for Mark! Never liked Mark and Lexie, just hope they keep her onscreen time to a minimum cause their are too many other stories I want to see develop.

  27. Xav says:

    Recurring are still guest stars. Like how Meredith and Derek’s social worker is recurring but is not treated like a main character as she’s a temporary guest star.

  28. Bob says:

    WHAT! We need more LexMark!

  29. Isa says:

    I’m sure Mark is gonna end with Lexie, but at least with this new chick (who’s just a plot device to make Lexie jealous) he’s gonna leave Callie and Arizona ALONE! YAY!

  30. Shuayb says:

    Alexis’ mother has already been cast and the actress will come back if needed. Just sayin’.

  31. Gead says:

    I never liked Mark/Lexie. Lexie should be with Jackson. So, this should be interesting.

  32. Kendall says:

    Obviously this story is just a cover for the REAL story, which is that Dead Denny has returned and they needed to bring in Winston Zeddemore to trap him.

  33. Cathy says:

    Screw Izzie, bring back Denny! He could outsteam all the doctors!

  34. Bathscheba says:

    Mark and Lexis was OK while it lasted and I don’t blame her for walking away if she’s not ready to be a step mom she’s not ready….. I just feel bad for Mark sometimes cause he have that lost puppy look when she comes around but he need to learn how to keep his stuff to himself and he wouldn’t be in this situation.

  35. aiza says:

    OMG… NOOOOO I want the Mark and Lexie team up! Maybe this WILL help Lexie want Mark back! BUT YES MARK AND LEXIE PLEASE..

  36. Brittany says:

    I really wish they hadn’t killed off George. I would love it if they twisted the plot to make it look like they made a mistake when identifying his body and that he really had gone into the Army and then come back.

  37. Barbara says:

    After all – he IS McSteamy, right? Bring on the gals…he needs to start living up to his name again. Let’s keep him steamy. He doesn’t need to end up with anybody in the end…he used to like it like that!

  38. molly says:

    No! No! No! Mark and lexie are made for each other. You really screwed this one up, Greys! I like Jackson but fix him up with someone else, not Sloans true love

  39. Kristabell Lee says:

    I like Jackson and Lexi together; yeah her and Mark were good to but I agree that Mark wants things in his life right now that Lexi doesn’t and that will hurt them more then help them. Jackson is sexy, smart, sweet, treats her good and still a typical male. I think bringing someone in to suffice Marks needs :P is a good idea; especially with someone as feisty as him.
    As for Bailey she needs to get back with that fun, devious, nice looking nurse. Mmmmm… What is she thinking?
    This Meredith and Dereck thing is driving me nuts and is a little annoying. I wish they would get it over with either they are together or not but Meredith is a huge whiner and her sad act needs some work I am not buying it.

  40. Brittany says:

    I still very much enjoy the show. All of the new/old/recurring flames keep it interesting to me. A lot of why I like Grey’s is because yes, a lot of the show is about relationships, but they also have OTHER stuff going on, like the struggle over baby Zola right now. It shows the cast going through harder times, because it’s more realistic. People relate to more interesting things. I have a hard time understanding why everyone is so obsessed over “what ifs”, instead of allowing themselves to enjoy a show (that has done just fine keeping itself on air, not because of any one person or couple).

  41. vj says:

    Well I love and hope Mark and Lexie gets back together because even if it doesn’t look this way now she is the only one that can keep him inline.shonda needs to sort out mer\der because their fairy tale is far from over!

  42. arletha says:

    I agree with you 100%

  43. GreysFromHello says:

    I have alway loved the Lexie/Mark dynamic because it is “the chick-flick within the drama” type show..the bad boy gets the good girl and then there are all sorts of complications. Something just doesn’t feel right with the Lexie/Jackson relationship…there’s no connection there, it seems very forced. I don’t know if anyone caught on to the foreshadowing in Mama Avery when she said to Jackon..”He (Mark) speaks about her (Lexie) they you should.”???
    That to me sounds like our friend Shonda has some plans for this relationship…..

  44. Amanda says:

    I personally like Lexi and Jackson more.

  45. GreysFromHello says:

    Don’t get me wrong…Jackson in SUPER hot with those ice blue eyes and the take-me-home-to-mom smile! But Mark is throw-me-against-a-wall sexy which makes it very difficult to choose! Someone said that Mark needs Lexie to keep him in check and I think the person who said that Jackson should be with April is right because she needs to get some but it really should be from a nice guy…not a one night stand…

  46. kat says:

    Seriously everyone relax I’ve read alot of the comments everyone has written and here’s my opinion lexie and Jackson aren’t going to be together always they are eventually going to seperate and Lexie and mcsteamy will be together so jus chill as for Meredith and mcdreamy that situation is tough and all we can do is jus hope that they get thru it which they will with baby zoya as for Christina and her life Meredith explained it best Christina is Alice grey all over again and why would we want to put a baby in that mess?! As for Kali and zona and baby and mcsteamy being parents they are doing an AMAZING job as parents the 3 of them and for whoever that has a problem with that I have a problem with you 2 lesbian partners are raising a baby and letting her actual father help with that to me that’s incredible that lil girl is so blessed and to everyone who thinks people will stop watching greys anatomy because the storyline has so much going on you guys are idiots if anything people are going to stay watching to see the outcomes of everything these CHARACTERS have gone thru to see how their lives turn out!

    • tripoli says:

      Your points, some of which are quite valid, would carry more weight if you learned how to use proper punctuation. See that little dot at the end of the sentence? It’s called a period. You should really get to know it.

  47. sj says:

    It sounds to me like your uncomfortable with the gay storyline because you are uncomfortable with gays period. It is not abnormal for gay couples to raise children and I think its admirable that finally there is a show willing to portray that without making it stereotypical. They show the love that two people can have and the love that people -no matter who they are- can have for a child. I love Greys Anatomy and the fact that they use real emotions when possible. Sometimes tv is a little dramatic of course but just bc we may like a couple doesn’t mean there’s a story that works. I think sone people on here are getting a little too bent out of shape. It’s television if you don’t like it don’t watch it. Don’t just keep complaining about this thing or that. There are those of us who stand by the shows decision simply because we love the show and the storylines unfold gracefully or not.

  48. reechie says:

    I think the entire gay ordeal is a fabulous idea. They’re showing that these people are mature and in love and that that’s all that really matters when raising a child. I do not like, on the other hand, how Arizona is getting the short end of the stick. I also disagree with how they’ve begun casting Meredith and Derek. I believe that they’re a great couple and deserve to be displayed as such, not fighting all of the time and Meredith kissing Derek’s behind to get him to stay. And Lexie needs to realize she loves Mark and leave Jackson. I’m sure that’s what will happen though and when it does, Jackson will quit Seattle Grace and leave the cast.

    • Judy P.J says:

      I agree with everything except Jackson leaving. he doesnt need to leave
      & i dont think he’ll end up with kebner either.

  49. Judy P.J says:

    I love Grey’s Anatomy but too much change,(its killing me!!)its starting to be depressing & its gonna get worst because Meredith’s contract is ending, so she won’t be on the show anymore. what’s Grey’s Anatomy without Meredith Grey? & no one can play her role like her..I HATE the fact they killed George it should have been Alex or no one.

  50. Amanda says:

    Wait. You all realize this is a FICTIONAL SHOW right? Let me repeat-FICTIONAL!!! Quit whining. Watch or don’t watch. The writers don’t care about who you want together etc. That would make for a boring show. Get it together people!!!!