UPDATED Glee Exclusive: Chord Overstreet to Return in December!

Trouty Mouth is getting reeled back in!

Fox is now confirming what TVLine first told you last week: Three months after his high profile departure from Glee, Chord Overstreet has signed on to return to the show on a recurring basis.

The deal — which closed late Friday — calls for Overstreet to reprise his role as the sweet, sculpted Sam beginning with this season’s eighth episode (slated to early December).

“We love Chord and have always said that we wanted him back,” says exec producer Ryan Murphy. “So here’s an early Christmas present for all the Gleeks—Sam is coming back to McKinley, and just in time for sectionals!” Adds Overstreet: “I had the best time on Glee and couldn’t be more excited to be returning.”

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Glee made headlines over the summer when word leaked that the show opted not to pick up Overstreet’s series regular option for Season 3. Producers invited him back on a recurring basis, but he declined. “They offered me the chance to come back for a few episodes, but there was nothing guaranteed so I decided to dive into the music thing,” he told TVLine in August. “And that’s been my main priority the past two months.”

It’s unclear how Sam will be reintroduced — we learned in the premiere that he moved out of state with his family — or what his return will mean for exes Quinn and Mercedes. While I suss that out, feel free to speculate in the comments section. And while you’re there, take a stab at answering this question: Are you happy Sam’s back?!

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  1. josephgleek says:

    im happy for him …. but i want him to be a regular student on glee season 3 … please please please …. we want it ….. sam evans is more great than the others ,.,,, please TVLine !!!!! … thanks

  2. nn says:

    was that siriusly a Harry potter ref?

  3. Rachael says:

    I love how everyone thinks they know so much about writing and producing a hit series…
    I love Glee and I loved Sam so happy he is coming back! Can’t wait to see what happens especially with Mercedes :D !!

  4. perdy says:

    Gave up reading the comments but i felt Sam’s poverty storyline had way more to give if the writers/producers wanted it too, also in my circles popular opinion was waiting eagerly to follow the Sam/Mercedes relationship. So pleased he’s back, but don’t like the move from freeview to sky

  5. Xhristine says:

    Sam should come back and get rid of that Chocolate dough boy who just screwed up the series…Or used this chance for a recast of a female…

  6. shawn says:

    i just hope that they dont bring him back in such an unrealistic way as they did shelby. i love that shelby is back, quinns whole pregnancy was definitely a huge loose end that was never looked again all of season 2 really. Whats hard is that they had to get rid of him in such a dismissave way since his contract didn’t pan out (not going to get into that whole debate) so its going to be even harder to bring him back without it seeming forced. I really dont think that sam is going to be gay or bi, in rumors i dont think it was setting him up to be gay, they were just showing how easily people believe any sort of rumor, not that they can easily think sam to be gay. And for those saying that Sam was boring, i really dont see that. I didn’t love how quikcly he fell for Santana after being so head over heels for Quinn but that kinda is high school for ya. I think he was a nice foil to Finn and they can set him up to help lead the glee club next year (if they make it to season 4.) I really liked the idea of him with Mercedes too. You never really get to see interracial dating on tv, especially between teenagers and frankly mercedes deserves someone good looking instead of that blob, really they couldn’t find her someone somewhat attractive.

  7. James says:

    Welcome back, Sam. I am getting sick and tired of hearing how Season 2 went off track. Season 2 put the show on the map as far as I’m concerned. From what I’ve seen so far, I wish that Season 3 would be as good as Season 2. All the new characters introduced so far are flat out awful. And the show doesn’t frolic the way it used to. Luckily, they are going to change all that and things will go back to the way they should be, sensational.

  8. Justine says:

    I don’t even care anymore. Glee is getting more and more terrible each week. The storylines are pointless, irrelevant and discontinuous. Often times they don’t make any sense.

    Where is the show that I used to get excited for every week? I’ve been left feeling disappointed after each episode of season 3 so far. I only hope that with Max Adler’s return (he had an excellent storyline in my opinion), and with the arrival of the new characters, that the show will somewhat improve.

    I’m not impressed so far.

  9. Judy says:

    I think that Ryan Murphy and the rest of the writers/producers gang saw that no one cared for the big Bubba type Mercedes is dating. What better way to end that sinking ship than to bring Sam back. It’s obvious that they’re going to need more than the bare minimum of 12 people to win National’s. I would think that this being their last year they would win it, therefore my guess is that a whole bunch of people are going to be introduced this year/brought back. Bringing Chord back works out because 1. He already has a fan base, 2. He’s really not doing anything else, 3. Bubba can get the boot, and 4. Drama can easily be created from his return. I agree with a comment I read that says Sam will come and help unite the two Glee clubs. It makes sense since he has an ex on either side.

    Now if the writers could pull a Dawson’s Creek, dump the Dawson/Joey aka Finn/ Rachel angle and bring back the Puckleberry all would be great. It would be the same situation if they could build a friendship with Puck and Rachel on screen. She would help straighten him out, and he would help her learn to have fun and live a little. If only, if only.

  10. Fran says:

    I’m glad that he’s coming back to the show. I feel like Sam had one of the more “normal”/drama-free story lines. I’ve been a huge fan of the show since season one. Season two started to get a little ridiculous for me at the end. I couldn’t take all the Santana/Brittany drama, but I did like that Blaine was introduced as a mentor/love interest for Kurt. I think it made Kurt a stronger character by standing up to Karofsky and the entire school. As for the comments about the GLEE Project’s newcomers, the producers and writers do need to find other talent to fill the shoes of the show’s seniors that graduate at the end of this season. I think adding a rival glee club was overkill. However, season three looks more hopeful than two, in my opinion. I’m also interested to see what is going to happen now that Quinn wants custody of Beth, and I like seeing Puck taking responsibility as a father.

  11. TaZeM says:

    Im to stoked that he’s coming back. I wish they would put him and mercedes character back together……i hope he has a really good storyline

  12. J says:

    Why is this website so far up Glee’s ass? It is one of the worst shows on television right now, yet they get like 2 posts a day…? Are you alright?

    • C says:

      I dunno, are you?

      Glee’s like a nerd… It will be clear when they take care of all of it. I mean, they have so many plots right now, they just need to find a way to string them together.

  13. mary says:

    Glad Sam’s coming back – I hate it when they leave – I want to see the club GROW, not stay such a stagnant number. I was worried about this season – the first episode was disappointing, but it’s recovered. No longer a fan of Sue, though – her character has become a characature of a characature. Better as a first-level characature.

  14. Anna says:

    I am so irritated! I can’t stand Sam. He was an unnecessary and irritating character. Not pysched to see him back.

  15. Eva says:

    Well, I always really liked Sam and so I’m glad he’s back!! To me it seems as if the producers finally gave in to the public demand and offered Chord a secure job. I definitely don’t blame him for not taking the risk of an insecure job. Anyways, he’s back and I really hope, he gets back together with Mercedes.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to make him the reason she decides to get back to the New Directions??
    I mean, it’s really awesome, that she finally gets more attention with the Trouble Tones (Candy Man was INSANE!!!), but having two glee clubs just isn’t gonna work forever.
    I could well imagine, that he’d be back to the New Directions and since he was very down to earth he could probably talk the arrogant, lazy diva outta Mercedes. Also, well, let’s be honest – Mercedes deserves a hot guy like him! :)
    So, maybe Rachel’s sick for Sectionals and he tries to convince Mercedes to fill in for her. She does so, but makes Mr. Shue promise, that from now on, they’ll split the solos in fair share between them all. Heck, even Mike Chang sings now, so the Rachel Berry Show definitely needs to be over!!! Did you notice, there’s only one expression when it comes to her singing??? Melodramatic, pining, sobby, “Everyone, watch me do something amazing” – haaaate it! (The only time I really loved Rachel was, when she was drunk… Even Blaine learned how to be a friggin’ teamplayer, so come on!)

    More focus on the whole group, more variety in song selection. Bringing Sam back creates another opportunity to do so.

    One last thought: If they build up the younger characters now, it won’t be so hard to let Finchel and Klaine go. I don’t think it’d be neccessary to hold onto them forever, although I love them. But growing up and changing is just as important in life as being open minded and individual. There’s only so much change you can portray if you hang on to the same characters forever … So why not strengthen the standing of other characters??

  16. Insert-Name-Here says:

    I wondered this after the second season… Rachel and Sam never happened. Ever. For a brief, single moment, after Fuinn was back on, I though, “Samchel.” I honestly thought them both being Fuinn victims, something would happen. Anyone else?

  17. Cat says:

    It was the writers choice, fault about Sam not returning. Not the actors, after being a major player in season two, it was the writer producer who did not offer the actor a part as a season regular. They said he could only come back as a guest star, with a salary of only a fraction of what his fellow glee cast members were bringing in. I think, the truth is they underestimated the power of a handsome, wholesome, heterosexual male withe the glee audience .

  18. jennrae says:

    How is this story updated?

  19. Allii says:

    I could not be happier that he’s coming back! He was my favourite male character :P

  20. allie says:

    I think that Sam had become part of the family of glee just like Rachel, Finn, Artie, mercedes, Tina, etc… removing him from the show was stupid and I’m really glad he’s back

  21. allie says:

    lmfao!!! damn you should get in touch with the writer!

  22. kaity says:


  23. Shanae says:

    I’m so happy Chord Overstreet (sam evans) is back!!!!!!!

  24. Geez! says:

    I think the reason why he depart from glee was because he’s afraid to kiss Mercedes and now he’s back because Mercedes now has a new partner, hehe !

    • Nique says:

      How small minded of you…I really doubt that was the case. He’s a professional actor, things like that would ruin his reputation and his career.

  25. Nique says:

    I think it’s nice that Chord is back, I hated to see him go in the first place. Sure it makes for a little tweaking but I’m not concerned. As far as the story line goes, yeah it’s a little all over the place but I guess that’s what happens when you have so many characters. Keep in mind, show choirs have to have a certain amount of participants right? And, as it is mentioned repeatedly, the main characters are going to graduate soon, what are we gonna do follow them all individually through college or whatever? No, after that new characters and new story lines will happen, or the show will be canceled–and something tells me it’s way too popular for that. Yeah, we’re being pulled left and right with all these twist and guest stars but it’s tv show, not our actual lives, just enjoy it for what it is.

  26. I love Chord says:

    He is the only reason I watched the show, and the only reason I’m going to start watching it again.

  27. olivia says: