The X Factor Recap: Open House Party

Things I never anticipated seeing on The X Factor‘s second set of “Judges’ Houses” episodes: A microphone stand crashing against elegant pool tiles without making the slightest sound. A ragtag group of 10 children gleefully laying waste to the legacy of beloved music duo Hall & Oates. And a scene set in an elaborately staged junk yard featuring a quaint, handpainted sign with the word “Garbage” leaning against a dumpster.

But there were predictable aspects of X Factor’s latest telecast as well: A carefully groomed and gussied Nicole Sherbetzingy kept her face in a perpetual mask of squinted eye, quivering lip, and set jaw — part sensual, part empathetic, part “Did Enrique Iglesias just cut the cheese?” The sound of Coldplay’s “Fix You” unsubtly signaled Chris Rene’s battle with addiction. And acts from the “Groups” category were uniformly atrocious.

Anyhow, “Judges’ Houses” concluded with performances from half of each judges’ eight acts (the ones we hadn’t seen last Thursday), plus a whole bunch of “what you’ve already seen” and “what you’re going to see in future episodes” that served as so much rice to fill out the two-hour burrito. Let’s take a closer look at each category from most- to least-promising:

Simon in France without Mariah Carey (Girls Under 30)
Simon’s got a beastly job ahead of him, seeing as how every one of the eight ladies he’s mentoring would be strong enough to crack the Top 4 in any of the competing categories. Too bad Hurricane Irene trapped Mariah in New York, though; a diva presence on the divan might’ve reduced the Ick Factor of Simon and His Steadily Unraveling Shirt sitting barefoot and lecherous while a steady stream of young women shimmied and sang before him. I wonder how Pepsi feels about sponsoring these April-December moments?

Melanie “Doesn’t She Almost Have It All” Amaro
I don’t understand how Simon and his team of advisors can question Melanie’s ability to tackle current material when it was Simon — and not the likable young lady in question — who chose Michael Jackson’s “Will You Be There” for her final audition song. I mean, seriously, I was half-expecting Free Willy to perform an aerial in Simon’s swimming pool as Melanie went to town on the bridge. (Why didn’t the good people at Fox make this happen?) Still, let’s be honest, even if you’re not a member of the Whatever Happened to Huge Diva Voices on Radio movement, you’ve got to admit Melanie’s got tremendous vocal firepower — and enough restraint that she doesn’t turn every note of every song into a vibrato-heavy, hand-throwing fireworks display. As a result, she’s right at the top of the “Must Have” list for next week’s live shows.

Tiah “A Mighty Wind” Tolliver
It’s probably not great news for Tiah that producers kicked off her performance package by showing her having a tantrum because, um, that unbearable French countryside zephyr (smelling of baguettes, brie, and a high-quality bordeaux) was making her eyes water. (Um, girlfriend might want to check herself while reviewing footage of the legendary Diana Ross performing in a torrential downpour in New York’s Central Park back in 1983.) Still, while Tiah’s rendition of Blackstreet’s underrated classic “No Diggity” had some pitch problems toward the end (that “hey-oh hey-oh hey-oh hey-oh” interlude quickly devolved into “hey no, hey no, hey no, hey noooo!”), I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t exciting to see a contestant get a little funky amidst the sea of stripped-down and sentimental ballads. If Simon’s ultimate goal is to populate the live shows with diamonds in the rough — as opposed to those behind the counter at Zales — he could do worse than the intriguing Ms. Tolliver.

Rachel “America’s Next Top Annie” Crow
She wants a wall of mirrors and a big TV and her own bathroom. I want her to get a new shtick — which is a not entirely encouraging only four weeks into the competition. But the bigger conundrum with Rachel is that while she’s got as much natural ability as anyone in the competition, for the first time this week, her lack of life experience got exposed on a powerfully sung but emotionally hollow rendition of the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” Rachel, young and moppety as she is, definitely doesn’t know what way she wants it, and she may not even know what “it” is in the first place. And alas, there are just some things that can’t (and shouldn’t) be taught to her by a middle-aged, male reality-show mentor.

Jazzlyn “Probably Going Down…in the Judges’ Houses Round” Little
Maybe it’s because she auditioned to the tune of “I’m Going Down,” but I can’t shake the feeling that Jazzlyn has the potential to be the Mary J. Blige of her generation. There’s a pain and world-weariness to Jazzlyn’s vocals that transcends her nervousness, not to mention the occasional bum notes that nervousness causes. Her smooth-jazz rendition of “I Will Survive” was no exception, but it also highlighted the concern that Jazzlyn may need a year or two more of singing in her living room before she’s ready for an opportunity as overwhelming as X Factor.

Nicole in Malibu with Enrique Iglesias (The Over 30s)
Congrats to Nicole and Enrique for achieving that dewy fresh look that can only be achieved by having a team of stylists on hand to enthusiastically primp, spray, and mist you every second you’re not on camera! I just wish these two had more interesting critiques than “but is he/she a star?”

Leroy “Dude Has Grandkids, For God’s Sake!” Bell
“All of America knows I’m an old man,” said 60-year-old Leroy, but I don’t think that’s true. A recent Gallup poll that took place only in my mind found that 53 percent of myself remains unconvinced that Leroy isn’t actually 29, and merely lying about his age so he doesn’t have to share a mentor with obnoxious child rapper Brian Bradley. All kidding aside, though, I thought Leroy’s cover of “To Make You Feel My Love” was a thing of restrained beauty. What Nicole interpreted as nerves, I took as the most tender kind of pleading from a man who understood Bob Dylan’s lyrics about a relationship still on wobbly young legs. There’s no way he doesn’t sail right into the live shows over Dexter and Tiger and that one dude they’ve barely shown, right?

Josh “There Are Probably Worse Ways to Earn a Living Than Making Burritos” Krajcik
Paging Mike Rowe: The X Factor would like you to devote an entire episode of Dirty Jobs to the art of stuffing beef, beans, and sour cream inside a flour tortilla. It is brutal work, and it’s what America is forcing Josh Krajcik to do instead of fulfilling his dreams as a burly-sensitive interpreter of soulful ballads. Yep, chalk it up to just one more sign this country is going to hell in a nacho basket. In all seriousness, though, Josh is one of the more intriguing contestants in the Top 32, and while I thought “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was a bit of a sleepy fit for him, I’m hoping he’ll get a chance to show us a harder edge if he makes it to the live rounds.

Christa “One Catholic-Schoolgirl Outfit Away from Spawning ‘Popozao‘” Collins
Talk about an interesting backstory that’s been buried beneath a pile of Simon’s discarded t-shirts! Christa was the first solo artist signed to Disney Records, and apparently helped move the company from Shirley Temple niceness to bared-midriff naughtiness. (Or at least that’s the 1,000 words I got from Christa’s totally innocent promo shots from back in the day.) Christa’s giant button-and-feathers headpiece almost upstaged her passionate but imperfect rendition of Radiohead’s “No Surprises,” but somehow our carefully coiffed mentor ignored the occasional flat notes and instead critiqued the one area Christa really excelled. “I wanted more pain and emotion,” said Nicole, who probably wouldn’t recognize pain and emotion even if she tumbled over the edge of the cliff where she had her contestants performing. (Side note: Anyone else notice Christa’s mic stand falling to the ground but not even making the tiniest noise? I know the show appears to be editing the sound down to only the contestants’ vocals and backing instruments, but it’s disconcerting to have a total absence of environmental noise during these outdoor performances, is it not?)

Tiger “Might Want to Consider Fronting a Wedding Band Instead of Being a Wedding DJ” Budbill
It’s hard not to feel for a guy on the brink of losing his house, and it’s impossible to say he didn’t showcase some decent vocal ability covering Solomon Burke’s “Don’t Give Up on Me,” but if Nicole is serious about wanting to win the battle to find a $5 million act, she cannot take Tiger to the live shows.

L.A. Reid in the Hamptons with Rihanna (Boys Under 30)
Burning question: Is L.A. genuinely excited to be mentoring the ho-hum boys, or is he secretly seething that Simon got the strongest category with the under-30 girls? Discuss!

Brennin “Don’t Hate Him Because He’s Beautiful, Hate Him Because He Openly Admits He’s Beautiful” Hunt
He wants to be “bigger than Gaga” and is already talking about his musical “legacy”? Rated PP…for Prettyboy, Please! Still, from a vocal perspective, I thought Brennin’s version of “Just Like a Star” showed off a distinctive, gravely tone, even if Rihanna may have had a point that dude gives off a “corny” ’90s boy-band vibe with his facial expressions.

Chris “X Factor Will Try to Fix Him” Rene
I don’t doubt Chris hauls trash for a living, but I’m also pretty sure that an enterprising production assistant was responsible for the hand-painted “Garbage” sign that was the focal point of Chris’ pre-performance package. Now, as for the performance itself…who knows, really? The backing track was so overpowering, I could only make out drips and drabs of Chris’ interpretation of Arrested Development’s “People Everyday.” But it seemed like Chris embraced some of the humor in the song’s lyrics, and there’s an organic, Macy Gray-ish quality to his instrument that could help him stand out at radio.

Marcus “Likes to Sit on a Giant Rock and Contemplate L.A.’s Koi Pond” Canty
Marcus definitely has natural talent — but making convincing sexytimes expressions at female judges is not one of them. (Dude needs to carefully study Stefano Langone’s facial seduction of J.Lo on Season 10 of American Idol if he wants to take his “hey, baby” game to the next level.) Still, while L.A. will have his work cut out for him in reducing this kid’s cheese factor, there’s no denying his rendition of K-Ci & Jojo’s “All My Life” proved he’s got power and pitch in his back pocket — and that gives him a definite edge over Boys Under 30 opponents like Skyelor, Nick, and Phillip.

Tim “What’s a Windmill Got to Do, Got to Do With Him?” Cifers
Tim’s twangy take on “Dance With My Father” was pretty and heartfelt, but ultimately not very exciting. Was that what the show’s editing team was trying to tell us by cutting to a shot of an old-fashioned windmill after Tim completed his performance? (Like, yes this is a quaint little device, but it’s couldn’t even power all the lights in L.A.’s guest house, people!) Here’s hoping that if Tim he doesn’t make the live rounds, though, he’ll realize that his dream of teaching his kids to fish and hunt can still come true. Unless, of course, the price of hooks, fishing line, and nightcrawlers has increased exponentially since I was a kid.

Paula in Santa Barbara with Pharrell (Groups)
Gack. This entire category makes me feel like I’m watching Paula’s short-lived CBS series Live to Dance: Why get attached when you know the relationship isn’t going to last more than a few weeks?

Stereo Hogzz (Five Guys Who’ve Mastered the Art of Simultaneously Cupping Their Man-Goods)
Oh how I hoped that opening pose with all five guys holding up a hand meant they were about to sing 702’s legendary “Where My Girls At” (featuring the lyric “Where my girls at/ From the front to back/ Well is you feelin’ that/ Put one hand up”). Alas, though, it was a decently sung but hideously choreographed version of “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” with a charismatic lead vocal definitely good enough to get these cats to the live shows.

2Squar’d (Four Ladies Sponsored by the American Federation of White Lycra Lovers)
Strike one: Paula choosing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” for this R&B-Dance quartet. Strike two: A sound mix uglier than those white lycra frocks. Strike three: Those “harmonies.” Ah well, maybe they’ll release their hot-ass audition track to iTunes ’cause I could use some new workout material for my iPod.

Illusion Confusion (Three Guys Who I’ve Already Forgotten About)
My notes say something about “Let’s Dance.” Does that jog anyone’s memory out there? Anyone?

Intensity (Ten Children Who Make You Feel Like You Just Switched on the Disney Channel After Consuming a Dozen Peyote Buttons)
These 10 youths patched together by X Factor producers like Buffalo Bill’s skin suit tackled a mashup of the Ting Tings’ “That’s Not My Name” and Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams,” but it’s a chorus from another track by the latter band that springs immediately to mind. “I can’t go for that, no no. No can do.” That said, maybe a spinoff of Austin, Nick, and Ellona wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world?

What did you think of Judges’ Houses round? Who’s your favorite from Sunday night’s episode, and from the Top 32 total? Which acts should be barred from the live rounds? Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Templar says:

    Michael, are there times when your job Really becomes work? If I had to watch this, I’d drink heavily.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Templar – you get a Made Me Laugh! :-)
      It’s too bad these stories get posted in the morning or I’d be forced to start a drinking game – every time Mr. Slezak comes up with a different last name for Nicole, we all down a shot!
      But I don’t think L.A. is upset that Simon got the women – L.A. strikes me as a “I’m going to beat that Snooty-Brit-James-Bond-Wannabe if it’s the last thing I do” kind of guy. L.A. didn’t get to where he is by being a wuss. Crap, he had the chops to make Rhianna a star! You seriously think he can’t do that with one of these guys?

      I agree with Mr. Slezak 100% and then some about Simon sitting on the couch (a couch that looks as though it belongs in Versailles, not on a patio) with his white shirt unbuttoned, watching these girls sing. Couldn’t they have found some French or English female singer to fill in for Mariah to take the “eewwww” factor down to a tolerable level? Simon- you might be in France but the program is playing in America.

      Can’t disagree with The Man about much at all – even though I do like Tim Ciefers, despite a few flat notes in “Dance With My Father”, but of the men I liked Brennin Hunt the best. Leroy Bell still sounds like Michael Bolton to me – which is far better than sounding like Dylan himself.
      Rachel Crow should have NEVER picked a song with (1) those lyrics, and (2) those harmonies. Whenever a solo artist sings a song that originally had tight, lovely harmonies the singer starts behind the eight ball from the get-go unless they’re spectacular. Melanie Amaro might have pulled it off better.
      Intensity (the kiddie group) was better than I expected – they just don’t belong on this program.

      And for crying out loud, move inside and get rid of that confounded backing track next season.
      I’m not going to make a prediction about who will be chosen. the fact that Simon insisted on Tiah Tolliver going through in the first place demonstrates they’re looking for something far different than the rest of us.

      • Ben says:

        Have to agree with you on Brennin Hunt, I’d have the boys in the same order as Slezak, but with Hunt at the bottom. I felt he somehow managed to turn ‘Like A Star’ from an unpredictable gem into a predictable bland pop muzak.

        Also don’t think Tiger is as bad as all that. Would have him above Christa. But is Leroy now my facvourite? I think he is!

        As for intensity – Michael, I can’t help but feel that you are like a classical music reviewer asked to rank Beethoven, Bach, Tchaikowsky and Usher. It’s no surprise you put Intensity last, but I felt they were by far the most likely of the groups to go deep. They hit their market perfectly, brought energy…

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Brennin is a bit bland, but I kind of like Barry Manilow as well, LOL. I know, it’s a guilty pleasure, but in this group I’d go with Brennin and Tim – it’s just my personal preference given the choices.
          And Leroy just reminds me too much of Michael Bolton.

          • Ben says:

            Obviously, I meant DISagree on brennan lol. For some reason I thought you wrote you agreed on the whole but not about brennin.

    • Sally in Chicago says:

      Michael, I’ve been — correction — trying to watch the clips of the singers and I totally agree. That backing track is AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL, not to mention the backdrop in the South of France and California….why??????
      The singers look and sound horrible….sorry to say it, but a live musical instrument (band) makes all the difference in the world when it comes to hearing a person sing live….(hint: AI)
      And is this scripted? Why do I get the feeling that the judges are reading scripts?

  2. darclyte says:

    I thought that Rachel wasn’t very good last night. She muffled some words (like Sphire instead of Fire, and Neffer instead of Never,) and she just seemed like a 13 year old girl singing, instead of a Singer who happens to be 13 which is how she’s come across previously. I don’t think she should advance based upon the other gals’ performances.

    Tiah was just pretty terrible. Off pitch and all attitude. She’s like a female Lee Dewyze only with more swagger.

    Illusion Confusion was SO BAD that they played interviews over their performance. Oy.

    InTENsity should be knocked down to about 6 people to make them stronger.

    Stereo Hogzz seems like one talented singer and his buddies. While InTENsity and that all girl group were created by this show, Stereo Hogzz should be disbanded and the lead singer placed into the competition as a solo singer.

    Josh and Leroy should easily move on. Tiger was ok, but was he better than Josh, Leroy, Elaine and Stacy? I think those are the 4 from this category that should move on, with Tiger maybe making it over one of the ladies.

    Christa flopped. The real story about Christa is that her mother was her agent and she died in a car crash. Word is that it wrecked Christa and her grief perhaps led her down some bad paths and it’s probably a matter of perspective if she “gave up” performing or she was given up on by “the industry.”

    My picks for the 16 to go to the Live Shows would be Tora, Melanie, Jazzlyn and Caitlyn for the gals under 30 (sorry Drew & Rachel, you both need a few more years of vocal and performance training.) Brennin, Chris & Tim and either Skyelor or Marcus for the guys under 30. Brewer Boys, Stereo Hogzz, InTENsity, and 4Shore for the Groups. And as I noted earlier, Josh, Leroy, Stacy and Elaine for the over 30s.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Tiah Tolliver reminded me a bit of Asthton Jones on Season 10 “Idol”. Lots of swagger and occasional flashes of vocal brilliance.

    • Raul says:

      you are way off. ILLUSION CONFUSION has NOT been shown since Simon declared them :the best group by far in the competition” in Miami,Simon killed it for them,declaring them the best ruined it for the rest,not shown over 4 weeks singing for more than 2 seconds,then at judges house screwed over with talking over their performance and they were also screwed as they were the only ones not singing into filtered mics unlike the rest,they ACTUALLY sung live outdoors and sounded still good

  3. Hari says:

    Michael Slezak, you somehow manage to speak what I think.. with 1 exception. I LOVED Josh’s ‘First time..’ and liked it better than Matt Cardle’s

    My picks:
    Girls: Drew, Melanie, Caitlyn, Jazzlyn
    Boys: Don’t really care
    Groups: Brewer boys, …anybody else…
    Over 30s: Josh, Leroy, the dude who was hardly shown, Elaine

    • notmzbehavin says:

      I’ve never liked “First Time,” but I’ve made an exception for Josh’s rendition. My goodness I like that young man!

      I think Matt Cardle’s version was different and enjoyed it, but wouldn’t buy it.

      If they don’t put Josh through, there’s going to be one ole’ lady riot started in my near vicinity.

    • Vetle says:

      Better than Matt Cardle, really? Matt Cardle was such a heartfelt and a way more dynamic performance, but I guess that’s your opinion. Just think Matt Cardle sang it WAY better than Josh. And Matt’s falsetto notes. CRAZY stuff.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Sometimes music isn’t a matter of “good” vs. “better”. Sometimes it’s just personal preference.
        I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard than listen to anything by the group “America” but clearly most of the people in my age bracket disagree – America sold millions of albums.
        I have a friend that used to make fun of my Barry Manilow CD collection – until I uncovered her disco CD collection. Now we’re even.

  4. Woochie says:

    I cant get enough of the kneeling sycophants that flock around simon in the exact same unorganic pose after each female contestant. Like little finches with weak chins and quickly styled hair. This show is such an unpleasant mess that needs an adult hand quickly to step in and throw off the layers of fakery run wild with a repellant cast in front of and behind the camera.

    If the MJ’s blog spoilers are correct for the top 16, the ratings should finally start to fall by whole numbers. The only interest I have left is what happens to season two after this current trainwreck wraps up. No way are they making good on advertiser commitments after losing each night to reruns of Big Bang Theory. The show may be cheap to produce, but with so many producing hands int he cookie jar I predict this one may not be renewed.

    • notmzbehavin says:

      I just checked the MJ blog out, and if Simon doesn’t put either Melanie or Drew in, my money’s on Josh to win unless he himself screws it up.

      I’d like to say nothing shocks me any more, but if the rumor mill is accurate, Simon has managed to do so.

      Either he’s totally lost it, or he’s gotten so lazy he’s listening to the sycophants instead of his own common sense. Either that or he needs to get laid so he can make a decision based on good singing instead of whatever it is he’s daydreaming about.

    • Ben says:

      Only, MJs spoilers are not right, and many people only check out these shows for the first time at the lives, so they won’t care about people they never saw not getting in.

  5. Chris R. says:

    Michael, /i agree with you more times than not and I always appreciated how you stuck up for Allison on AI but I strongly disagree with you ranking Intensity last among the groups. To me they were the surprise of the show. They were fun to watch, had tons of energy, and sang with a lot of charisma. Let me put it this way, I have two teenage daughters and they rewatched that performance multiple times. They thought the 3 main singers really had charisma and charm. However it probably wouldn’t hurt to make the group smaller but it might mess up their dynamic.

  6. Beth T says:

    Thanks for the much needed laughs! DVrscheduling conflicts meant i ultimately missed some of these performances, but I’m pretty sure after reading here it isn’t worth trying to catch up with them online. ;)

    FTR – the contestant who I am most interested in seeing advance out of all the 32 is Leroy Bell. I am totally over the big diva voices, but Melanie Amaro is the best of them in my book. (Cannot stand Staci). I missed Jazzlyn’s performance and I’m sorry to see she ended up a bit low in your recap, as she is my favorite of the young girls. Of the groups I only liked Brewster (?) kids. The guys are all a big “whatever” for me. (btw – apparently “Prettyboy, Please” Brennan is a friend of Mindy-do’s, if that makes any difference to you. ;))

    I’m glad it wasn’t just me who thought the background music totally overpowered Chris Rene and 2Squar’d. (And we replaced the “e” with an apostrophe – why?)

    As far as who makes it – Fox is so predictable. In the previews, I’d bet whoever they showed crying after a judges’ “Sorry you didn’t make it” is actually crying tears of relief because that person most assuredly did make it. Which means most of the folks I would have never let into the top 32 are moving on. :D

  7. Vas says:

    The top three: Chris Rene LeRoy Stacy Francis

  8. Julia says:

    Why do I get the impression that if idol did the same thing with the backing tracks and edited voices that it would NOT go over well?

  9. Elaine says:

    L.A./RHIANNA/NICOLE STILL WORRY ME – They keep asking ” “can he/she sell records” “is he/she a star” – These people seem to be looking for image as well as talent and this is NOT what XF is for (they should be coaching AI if that’s how they think). Look at Susan Boyle. She’s not anyone’s idea of a star/of someone who can sell records, but she’s become a phenomenon and has sold tens of millions. Paul Potts from another UK talent show — same sort of thing — didn’t look like your typical star, but he won the country over — even the young voters. Thank God Enrique is there to keep things real. Nicole: (about Tiger Budbill): “Do you feel like there is a market for him? Do you think people will buy his records?” Enrique: “I don’t think there should be any rules when it comes down to music. Anybody can get it with the right song.” At least he gets it, even if she doesn’t. Now I wish I could say that same about LA/Rhianna, but I don’t see it. :(
    JUDGES SETTING UP SINGERS TO FAIL – This is the last thing I thought I’d see on XF. Shades of freaking AI!! For someone who has harped on and on for 10+ years about “picking the right song” means everything, why the heck did Simon choose “I Want it That Way”, an obvious “adult” love song with lyrics like “you are my fire, my one desire”. Who the heck thinks that song is a good song choice for a 14-year old girl with a baby face? Seriously Simon? And though he complimented her work, the last thing we hear is him saying how unfortunate it is that she’s competing against people who can probaby handle the pressure better. Are you kidding me? This kid is handling it just fine tyvm. I don’t think she’ll win overall, but the exposure of the live rounds would, I bet, end up with her singing on broadway cause this kid definitely has a powerful, natural talent. Another example, Melani Amaro, who killed her song, but..why do Simon and those men criticize? Not her performance, but her the song she sang. Simon said she was amazing, but “she was in her comfort zone the whole time, you’ve got to take her out of her comfort zone. (Who picked the song for her Simon?I) Other guy: “we have to see whether she can deliver a contemporary song with contemporary style” (Obviousy he didn’t watch her audition where she killed a Beyonce song). I realize that the comments are in place to try to make us think one thing is going to happen so we can be surprised when it doesn’t — however I’m sure at least some of those negative comments must be real. I just keep going back to last season’s AI with a couple of horrific song choices for Haley which appeared intended to get rid of her (but then she kicked ass so you go Haley!).
    XF PRODUCERS ‘SETTING UP’ SINGERS WITH DRAMA – Thank God they don’t do a lot of this, but the scene with the girls sitting around the table, Tia having a stress blowup about the wind and her mascara/eyes…..leaving……. they showing up Caitlin saying she doesn’t feel sorry for Tia – that we all have pressure but we have to go out there and deliver regardless of whether there’s a problem with mascara or not — that seemed to me to be a blatant attempt at making Tia appear the victim and Caitlin the cold-hearted jerk. We weren’t given any context. We weren’t shown what things were done/said before that scene. I HATE when they pull that crap. Considering how Simon bullied Nicole into putting Tia through, I’m not surprised she would be the one to benefit from an attempt at manipulation like this. AI was so terrible about pulling off these stunts last year, that one thing I was really looking forward to with XF, was that they wouldn’t. So much for that.
    MY PICKS: GIRLS: Melanie, Drew, Rachel and Jazzlyn. BOYS: Chris, Marcus, Tim & anyone else OVER 30 (the strongest category by far): Josh, Elaine, Tiger & Stacy (take it DOWN 5 notches woman!). If Stacy were replaced by Leroy or James I wouldn’t be disappointed.. GROUPS : don’t care if any groups get in, though the Brewers have nice harmonies and I thought inTENsity was a lot of fun to watch.
    MY BIGGEST FEARS are that one or both of Simon’s two favorites (Tiah and Simone) bump out any of my first three girl choices. Simone is stunning and Tiah definitely has a beautiful exotic look, but as far as I’m concerned they are here because of the Kim Kardashian Effect – beautiful, but no major God-given talent. Considering the state of entertainment today, sadly, that may be enough.
    In conclusion, I really enjoyed the house locations, hearing the judges comments afterward, and the mininimal drama — didn’t like the packaging of the performances….. and Thank God for Enrique!

    • dan says:

      X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent are two different shows. Britain’s Got Talent found people like Paul Potts and Susan Boyle who were purely talented. But X-Factor is looking for someone with “star quality.” They make no bones about it, look at the Pepsi commercials. They are trying, hopefully not in vain, to find someone like Britney, Mariah. It’s annoying to hear them talk about it, but I do think it’s their self-proclaimed point of the show, unless I’m missing something.

    • Mel says:

      That was Britain’s Got Talent. Look up Katie Waissel from last season of X Factor UK–she only got through because someone thought she was relevant, and even though she was kinda terrible and kept getting bottom 2, the judges always voted out someone else.

      The only category where they don’t talk about looks so much seems to be the “overs” (Mary from last season was a Susan Boyle-esque pick). It has devolved a bit to be the “freak” category, which has not helped anyone from that category win the show lately.

      I do think Simone and Tiah could probably sell more records than Melanie. I like Caitlin the best, but she is definitely toast.

    • Ben says:

      1) The edit these shows so heavily, I wouldn’t even feel confident that the ‘she can’t handle the pressure’ was about Rachel at all. Could have been said about any of them and just edited in there.

      2) They edit these shows so heavily, it’s not necessarily surprising if someone says ‘That girl is amazing in every way. She is the first name that has to go thourgh. She has a real shot at winning the competition. The only thing is whether or not she can deliver a contemporary song in a contemporary style.’ And then they only show you the last sentence.

      3) Haley was set up to fail theory really only exists in the world of TVLine (most reliable polls had Scotty getting the most votes in every single week for the entire season, and I doubt Haley will hit half of Scotty’s sales.)

      • Elaine says:

        As time went on, it was clear who was going to win AI and it wouldn’t be Haley. The Scotty juggernaut was very strong. But, it was also clear to anyone watching that that Haley received some HORRIBLE songs chosen for her; most of the criticism, and some horribly timed criticism (Randy saying everyone but haley tied for winning that round just before she had to sing again.
        Playing favorites isn’t cool in the school yard nor is it during competitions.

  10. JJ says:

    Chris Rene is a tragedy in the making. The poor guy is recovering addict who’s maybe close to 6 months sober but doesn’t have the actual talent to win or make a career in this biz. He’ll make the show so producers can squeeze some emotional manipulation in voters and push you to feel pity for Chris which will bring in votes for him to make viewers feel good about themselves thinking they’re “Helping” Chris. At the end of the day his dream is unrealistic and won’t be achieved because he’s not talented enough and doesn’t sync with today’s music. He’ll end up disappointment with a flopped album and a single that doesn’t chart. Don’t believe me? Go ask Chris Evans, Luke Menard, Mario Vasquez and the long list of judges praised/commerical flops.

    I just hope Chris can keep it together and not relapse.

    • Louie says:

      I have no idea who those three people are that you mentioned… which may in fact reinforce your opinion

    • Mindy says:

      Your downbeat, only-your-own interpretation of Chris Rene’s raw musical talent is apparently not shared by the rest of the planet, as his original audition on X Factor (where he performed his own original spoken word/sung piece, “Young Homie”) has already been viewed on YouTube over 6 million times, including lots of international views.

      The kid comes from a long line of musicians, and from some of the homegrown video clips that have been put up on YouTube here and there (and keep getting removed) showing Chris playing the piano and singing in his own living room, the kid is a real diamond in the rough who, with the help of an L.A. Reid-type mentor, could be a giant star.

    • kimi says:

      Doesn’t sync with today’s music??What Nursing home are you posting this from??!!

      • notmzbehavin says:

        Hey, as a voting member of the nursing home contingency, I must respectfully reply that the rank-and-file members of the United Union of Nursing Home are in full agreement that Chris Rene is a talented and interesting singer.

        As a voting member of the UUNH, I have contributed to my full fair share of hits on the youtube of Chris’ audition, and any noise to the contrary may be actionable under the 5th rule of Geriatrics.

    • Ben says:

      JJ, you are comparing people who didn’t even make it to anywhere in idol to Chris Rene as evidence? (Dunno who Chris Evans is). Why don’t we wait and see where Rene places before we judge his stayability. I dunno that he is the most talented either, but he is certainly current.

  11. michelle says:

    Michael Slezak usually manages to tap directly into my brain, but not tonight. While I shared his love of Melanie and Leroy, many of my other rankings differ wildly. I really enjoyed Tiger, for instance, and thought Marcus mopped up the floor with all the other guys (though I’d put Brennan solidly in second place).I’m really not feeling the groups as a whole, but appreciated the energy and verve that InTenSity brought to the table (proving that not all manufactured groups liken the whole experience to a dentist visit). I found Christa’s voice unspeakably awful, topped only by her personality. And Tiah sort of made me want to die, while Rachel impressed me with her fantastic tone. Overall, though, my heart belongs mostly to competitors from last week like Elaine and Drew. Unfortunately, though, I fear I may have a rough ride in store. I made the mistake of peaking at the top 16 spoilers, and if they’re right we’re heading for a disaster of AI-Season-9 proportions.

  12. Dan says:

    My Predictions:

    Girls: Melanie, Drew, Caitlin, Tiah
    I would rather see Simone than Tiah, but the other three would make it in my books. Caitlin is probably my favorite. I love all of the girls, but some of them need more time (Jazzlyn, Rachel) to really grow.

    Boys: Brennin, Marcus, Tim, Chris
    This would probably also be my top 4, so this might just be wishful thinking.

    Over 30s: Stacey, Josh, Leroy, Christa
    Nicole is going to pull weird picks, and I think Christa or Dexter are making it through. I have a nasty feeling she’ll leave out Elaine, who is the best in this group by a clear mile.

    Groups: Stereo Hoggz, The Brewer Boys, The Anser, Lakota Rain
    I really don’t care about the groups, as all of them (maybe with the exception of the Brewer Boys) are way too campy and over the top for me. I wouldn’t mind seeing 2Squar’d in (mainly because they got screwed over by Paula’s song selection. If Intensity makes it through, I will scream. Scream, I tell you. I think the Anser might lose out in favor of Illusion Confusion or 4Shore, but they’re my pick to go through. I think Lakota Rain will be a surprise pick, but to be honest, the groups are all interchangeable for me.

    • jess says:

      Your wrong. Intensity will be the favorite to win. Those millions of teens will push them thru. Intensity will be their idols. All of this kids have great talents, especially thier lead singer Ellona.

  13. Louie says:

    I had such high hopes for X-Factor but I’m slowly getting annoyed with the smokescreen “Is he/she good enough?” questions the judges ask after their obvious put-throughs have performed. We get it, tension needs to be built, but I start rolling my eyes more than usual when it looks like their “casting” for X-Factor: The Musical with different personalities and genres rather than looking for actual talent.

    Still gonna watch it like a good little tube-zombie… but I ain’t gonna like it, nosiree

    • Elaine says:

      I actually really LOL’d at you ouis…. and your tube zombie comment. I see myself in you. Even when ‘m really pissed a tthe show for whatever reason, I still can’t tar my eyes away. Must watch.

  14. Volcfom says:

    I’m 100% certain Simon was talking about Jazzlyn when he said, “This is the one person I did not see myself saying no to,” or whatever was the exact wording. Also, I do not like when they used the same reactions or soundbites more that once per episode.
    Examples: (1) L.A. “Is he a star?” Rhianna, “That’s what I’m not convinced about”, (2) Simon’s over-the-glasses glare at the vocal coach, (3) most of Nicole’s reactions.

    Anywho, MY WISH LIST:
    Girls – Drew, Tora, Caitlin, Melanie. Possible upset: Simone
    Groups – Stereo Hogzz, The Anser, The Brewer Boys, 2Squar’d
    Over 30s – Leroy, Josh, Elaine, Stacy. Possible upset: James or Tiger
    Boys – Marcus, Brennin, Tim, Phillip

    Again, these are the folks I hope make it through, but I highly doubt these choices will come to fruition.

  15. blingedup.susan says:

    Overs is my favorite category. So sad they’re saddled with Nicole. Please let it be Leroy, Josh, Elaine, and the guy who’s hardly been mentioned. If Nicole picks Dexter (or Stacey for that matter) over one of those, I’m gonna be pissed.

    Girls — Drew, Caitlin, Melanie, and Jazzlyn would be my picks. Tough category to choose.

    Groups — Brewer Boys and any three others.

    Boys — Marcus…..because he doesn’t have much competition…..Tim Cifers? I dunno.

  16. JIM says:

    Slezak: Do you know anything about who (if anyone) is coaching InTENsity? They’re awfully young to be told “Hey, you’re a group! Have fun!” so I have to believe that they’re getting (more) coaching/coordination than anybody else on the show. But if you can find out who’s the boss, as it were, I’d be interested to know…

  17. Pedro says:

    Nicole Scherzinger is a failure as a judge. Miserable.

    Great recap, Slezak!

    (Check out for more!)

  18. monleo says:

    I just wanted to say that Chris Rene is going nowhere. And he isn’t gonna be any tragedy in the making. Cos even if he doesn’t win, which i highly doubt (he’s a lock for Top3/4, watch and see) this dude will get a recording contract for sure. I mean helloooooOO! Has there ever been a second Eminem?? Not that he is at that level yet but if LA takes him in, he will be.

    And not to mention he has the largest following among all the contestants. Check it out, he has fans crazing all over twitter and youtube. He’s gonna stick around for awhile.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      There hasn’t been a second Eminem because the first Eminem is all that the law should allow.
      good grief, can we get back to SINGING?

    • Louie says:

      Wow, dude… seriously.
      You hit the nail on the head with that first sentence. However, it’s going to come true in a different context than you expected. If he does win (which I assure you, he will not) his career will go nowhere fast

      • jazzylittefan says:

        I think people are underestimating the talent that this Chris Rene has. He is completely the most marketable and commercial out of ALL the contestants there. Why do you think he will go nowhere?? If LA reid sees something in him, it HAS to be something.

        And mark my words, he will reach the Top 3 for sure. I guess you haven’t seen his large entourage of fans… Frankly they are quite scary. LOL

  19. s says:

    I don’t see Brennen making it like some of you believe. LA and Rihanna didn’t seem to care for him too much. I wouldn’t mind him getting through though lol

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      After the whole Lauren Alaina rewrite on Idol last season I swore I would not get sucked in by creative editing. So who knows? I’m trying to think for myself. Turning off the sound except when the contestants are singing helps.

    • Tusk says:

      I posted how they used the exact same Rhianna critique/clip about her not being convinced for both Brennin and Marcus and provided links but for some reason it got removed. The fact that they would use the same EXACT clip re enforces the editing shenanigans for the show

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Oh, thanks – I missed that! I will continue to turn off the sound except when the contestants are singing.

  20. laurie says:

    whens the next one and what time?

  21. ??? says:

    ???? So I guess you are no Eminem fan? Well we can’t deny that white dude is dominating the current music industry for sure..

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      If you’re referring to me – nope, I”m not an Eminem fan, or a fan of any rap music. Too old, too female, and too white, LOL. I’m sure he’s quite talented – just not my cup of tea. I won his “Eight Mile” movie on DVD in a newspaper trivia contest a few years back and gave it to my youngest sister for her sons who were teenagers at the time.

  22. Kelly says:

    Kinda wishing they could take all the +30s to the live rounds, and ditch most of the groups. As is, I think we’re seeing a fundamental split between Simon and LA Reid right now – LA and Rihanna appear to be looking for someone who is ready to be on the radio right now, whereas Simon appears to be thinking more about someone he can mold into a pop star.

    Simon’s method is probably more successful longterm (being able to create a radio-friendly presence), but I suspect that LA’s method is what wins the competition.

    That said, I think Nicole’s going to win it with one of her +30s, unless she massively screws up.

  23. Sandi says:

    My faves…



    Boys (and I doubt L.A. is lamenting this category considering that the boys always get the votes on Idol…)

    Brennin – (I love his voice and, admittedly, his look but his attitude – EEK. Someone has to tell him that humility wins reality shows.

    Don’t really care about anyone else in particular.

    Over 30s


    (I know that’s too many but I can’t pick!)


    Who cares?

  24. Lucy says:

    Well — it seems obvious to me they setup a few contestants for failure. .. Song and arrangements for some were horrible.

    How does Jazzlyn land in the bottom and do so poorly. Have you seen this gal’s Youtube video…

    The fix is in… Here we go again.

  25. Julia says:

    To me it’s obvious that there are some contenders and some obviously not suited… to someone above who spoke about it simply being a singing contest.. i say NO- The x factor is about the whole package- looks/charm/voice/stage presence etc.. perhaps it would be a better world if it wasnt but yess it is… it’s about getting a record deal at the end of the day and being successful.
    – BOYS: BEST CATEGORY IN MY OPINION- chris (probs the most talented overall), marcus, philip anddddd someone else
    -GIRLS- caitlin, drew, rachel, jazzlyn
    -OVER 30S: Stacey, elaine hmm and i duno:/

    • allie says:

      “the whole package”? um, have you seen Susan Boyle? I think they are clearly looking for the best singer who will make them the most $$ and publicity.

  26. Diana says:

    I don’t understand what will be happening tomorrow night Tuesday Oct. 18, 2011? I thought the winners would be revealed but now I looked at the line up and it says that the Oct 25, 2011 date is the day they will reveal who goes to the live shows? Can someone explain this to me? Here are my choices for the acts I would like to see go through:
    Girls: Melanie, Jazzlyn, Drew, and Rachel for sure. I feel that Simone Battle was awful and I would not buy any of her albums and don’t like her attitude when she has no talent except wearing short shorts and a bathing suit with a see through skirt coverup. For the Boys I would love to see: Chris Rene, Marcus, Brian, and Tim also for the over 30’s I love Josh even though he needs a shower and shampoo for his greasy hair, Stacy, James Kenney, and Leroy and as for the groups I only like 4Shore and the rest can come or go. It doesn’t matter because a group will never ever win anyways. Waste of time!

  27. janie says:

    Did it bother anyone else that Mariah Carey couldnt make it to france due to hurricane irene (good I dont like mariah carey!) but it’s not even raining in the hamptons?? I have friends that live in long island and they said during the hurricane it was raining hard every day… so how is it not raining in the hamptons?

    • gazebo says:

      Yes, I thought that right away. The two locations, France and the Hamptons must have been filmed at least a week apart.

      Just want to say that Melanie is the best vocalist by a mile. I like Drew also, I think the winner could/should be either of them. But if Simon picks Tiah and not Melanie I will have a *#&!!* fit!

  28. marie says:

    This could be a great show, but as is, it stinks. It’s so over-produced and manipulative and instead of making the show it ruins it. They’ve picked some people who aren’t that talented as singers – Dexter, Tiah, Astro, most of the groups, and others I’m probably forgetting because of their back stories or because they get Simon hot which is quite unfortunate. The close-ups of Nicole’s quivering lip – enough. Get Cheryl Cole back, she was charming. Having the 32 lip sync on a show about singing, who thought that was a good idea. Picking songs for the singers and then criticizing the song choice – that doesn’t even make sense. Editing the show so the critiques may not even be about the singer I just watched. Watching 4 adults letting a smart mouth 14 year old kid run all over them – I can’t think of anyone over the age of 21 who thinks that’s cute. And all the worrying about who they can make a star – with the right promotion and marketing campaign they can make anyone a star – look at Rihanna. I don’t understand why they just can’t let it all just play out straight – they’d have a much better show.

    • Christina says:

      I really liked Christa Collins (over 30s), it’s unfortunate they haven’t really shown her till now. No, she did not sing perfectly, but she sang with emotion that was not cloying or fake. (which is why Nicole’s comment about her made no sense) Enrique at least really seemed to like her more than anyone else that had sung. I looked her up afterwards and there is a lot more to her story than what they put on television. She didn’t quit Disney because of the pressure or whatever – while on her first tour her mother/manager was killed and afterwards Disney dissolved her contract when she was 12. She then was placed in an abusive household. I think that is the reason behind all the emotions in that performance.

      • Alex says:

        @Christina – I couldn’t agree more! I really liked Christa’s performance. She’s quirky and different–and can sing. Why haven’t we seen more of her? We didn’t even get to see her audition. The judges picked the songs performed by the contestants, what the hell Nicole–what do you mean “would have like to see more emotion”?? Was she supposed to cry through the whole thing? What-ever.

  29. Nick says:

    Plus side: This is perhaps the only episode that did NOT feature excerpts from the UK smash “All Time Low” by The Wanted. Seriously, that song is in EVERY damned episode.

    Negative side: I absolutely loathe the precocious acts. inTENsity and Rachel Crow drive me up a wall, and yet I’m fairly certain both will get through (inTENsity will, if, for no other reason, than because at least one of the cobbled-together groups have to get through in order to validate the concept, should they ever decide to do it again – otherwise, we’ll have been trained to see the cobbled-together groups as also-rans. Not that they aren’t anyway).

    Also negatives: I can’t stand Tiah Tolliver – simply because, while her tone is tremendous, she can’t stay ON KEY to save her life! Her No Diggity was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I just can’t back a contestant so pitchy.

    With the way Simon’s portion of the deliberation stages was edited, I’m beginning to fear Drew Ryniewicz is going to get cut. And on the Scherzinger side, I’m beginning to suspect that Stacy “Runny Mascara” Francis will get in over the infinitely superior Elaine Gibbs. I am almost certain of this.

    In fact, I wonder who Simon was talking about when he said a) “This is the one everyone thought was a yes, and I just said no.” and b) “Nobody would expect this. But I like to take risks.”

    So worried for his category on Tuesday. Please put Drew through. That’s all I ask.

    Overall, it was a decent episode, I guess. This just really needs to hurry up to the live portion already. And yes, I say that with the knowledge that they could take another two weeks and still get there faster than American Idol or any other singing/talent competition does.

    My predictions based on what the judges were saying in the deliberation stages:

    Team Simon: Kaitlyn Koch, Drew Ryniewicz, Jazzlyn Little, and Melanie Amaro

    Team Paula: Stereo Hoggz, inTENsity (ugh), The Brewer Boys, and 4Shore (though I’d prefer Lakoda Rayne)

    Team Nicole: Josh Krajcik, LeRoy Bell, Stacy Francis (ugh), and…Tiger Budbill in a huge shocker that sees the vastly superior Elaine Gibbs cut.

    Team L.A.: Brian Bradley, Chris Rene, Marcus Canty and Brennin Hunt (although I’d prefer Phillip Lomax, but I’ve kinda given up on that happening now)

  30. selena says:

    I am very nervous on who is going to make it through the live show. I feel that Simon is going to put in Simone and Tiah. That would be a HUGE mistake! Nicole is another one. I don’t know why that hired her. I liked Cheryl Cole. I think she was a better fit. They should have a wild cards of 4 more and give her a group to mentor. That would be AWESOME. Yep, i know.. wishful thinking

    Who I want to go through
    Girls- Caitlin, Drew, Rachel, Melanie
    Boys- Brennin, Phillip, Tim, Marcus
    Overs- Josh, Tiger, Elanie,
    Groups- Who cares!
    Who will go through
    Girls- Rachel, Simone, Tiah, Melanie
    Boys- Phillip, Bradley, Marcus, Chris
    Overs- Josh, Stacey, LeRoy, Dexter

  31. Donna says:

    The editing and story telling is all favoring Melanie Amaro. This could be because she is the “surprise” elimination or because they thing she is a BIG deal. I tend to favor the later. She seems a real cut above the rest in my view, we shall see. I have been fooled before by the editing but this time I am betting on the girl. She has got MEGA pipes.

  32. Listen says:

    Yes he will win mark my words

  33. RM says:

    Girls – Should go through: Drew, Jazzlyn, Melanie, Caitlin
    Girls – Will go through: Rachel (little Shirley Temple), Simone (only girl who can try to dance), Tiah (most pop-looking singer), Tora (hot tatooed mechanic)

    Boys – Will go through: Brian (child rapper), Chris (druggie comes clean), Brennin (Allen + DeWyze), Marcus (Mother’s Boy)

    Groups – Will go through: Brewer Boys, InTENsity (one of the created groups must make it and Lakoda Rayne is awful)

    Overs – Should go through: Leroy, Josh, Elaine
    Overs – Will go through: Leroy (old guy looks young), Josh (burrito maker), Stacy (abusive realtionship redo), Dexter (homeless 2nd chances)

    • Donna says:

      Depressing, I will be fooled again if you are right. If they eliminate “the best audition I have EVER seen” for the tatooed mechanic I quit. But I quit every year for 6 days anyway (Pia Toscano??? seriously?). Melanie will shine up perfectly and the voice is ready to roll. Not sure how the voting works on X but if they can beat the idol bias she should win.

  34. anon says:

    Did anyone get the feeling Enrique knew Leroy? They seemed buddy buddy like when they first met and also after Leroy did the judges audition.

  35. Noelbelle says:

    Dude, now I have “Popozao” stuck in my head. Not cool.

  36. Z says:

    Can I just applaud the X-Factor producers for digging into a song catalog far deeper and more interesting than pretty much anything seen in 10 seasons of American Idol (or The Voice)? Contrary to popular belief, we viewers like hearing obscure songs, as well as songs we haven’t heard before! Well played, X-Factor.

    Now if only they didn’t think we viewers had the memory span of a drunken fly, we’d be in excellent shape– how many recaps can two hours contain?

  37. solanjoe says:

    Though American Idol has its flaws, I like it much better than the XFactor. I feel that AI is “warm” and ” equal”, XFactor “cold” and
    “elitist”. I really don’t care about the competition among the judges-mentors. The splendour of their houses is for me a show-off.
    If it is supposed to be an incentive for the non-rich contestants, then it is an anti-artistic incentive: it puts wealth before talent. The prize of 5 million dollars is ridiculously huge and winner-takes it all is absolutely elitistic, and a show-off, like declaring that XFactor USA is the top of the singing shows because it offers the Nobel Prize for Singing.

    • Mary says:

      AI is warm and equal??? Are you KIDDING ME? What a joke! Randy was ruthless last year in promoting his favs, and Jennifer mimicked Randy. It completely turned me off of AI. And in AI, the viewing audience has proven itself as incapable of choosing a star. X Factor judges are taking a little more control up front, and they’re looking at the whole package when critiquing the contestants. I also like that the contestants were given some time to prepare for the auditions at the judges’ homes, especially since the judges chose the songs. I’m enjoying X Factor a whole lot more than AI.

  38. diana says:

    These are the ones I would like to win:
    Girls: Rachel, Drew, Melanie, and Jazzlyn. I think Catlin is mean and I don’t like her face or her style of singing with the ugly leg movement. I think Simone is terrible but I love Tora even though she won’t make it and I like Tiah because she is spunky and kinda sexy.
    For the Boys: Definetely Chris, Brian, Marcus and either Phillip or Brennin but probably Phillip.
    The over 30’s: Stacy, Josh, Lery and either Dexter although he’s awful they are just trying to play up to his homeless story and do something nice for him. He would never really win. Or maybe Elaine although I liked James Kenney.
    Groups doesn’t matter they won’t win. I have been obsessed with this show and I can’t stop thinking about how they mixed up all the comments after they sang to the judges. Twice I heard the exact same comment because the screwed up when Rhianna said she didn’t know or care for the act and L.A. finished her sentance. That was with Marcus and with maybe Nick Voss? I can’t remember but if you watch it you’ll see the same comment said the same way. They messed up. I cant’ believe so many people think Catlin is something. She sucks I don’t even know why she is here when there are so many better talents. She has a weird voice and she was mean to Tiah for no reason. She should have been nicer. I hope she is out I really don’t want to see her ever again. My very favorite on the entire show is Melanie. She needs to win. She is the best voice I have ever heard!!!

    • Volcfom says:

      Re: Caitlin. I don’t think she was being mean at all. She just wasn’t being fake sympathetic for the cameras. I rolled my eyes when Tiah had her meltdown and I think Caitlin was just saying what many people at home were thinking.