Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, Charlie's Angels Rise, Whitney, Prime Suspect Continue to Slide

It looks like Charlie’s Angels has managed to stave off cancellation for another week.

After several weeks of declines, the struggling reboot was up 2 percent in total viewers (5.9 million) and 8 percent in adults 18-49 (1.3). Lead-out Grey’s Anatomy also rebounded nicely from last week’s all-time low to finish a strong No. 2 behind Fox’s consistent X Factor.

The news was less promising for NBC’s recently picked-up Whitney, which sank to a series-low 2.0 on the demo. Rookie drama Prime Suspect, meanwhile, dipped to an alarming 1.3 among young adults.

Here’s the hour-by-hour breakdown:

8 pm The Big Bang Theory (13.2 million total viewers/4.4 rating) once again topped the night in total viewers and 18-49, while an encore episode at 8:30 performed vastly better than previous occupant How to Be a Gentleman (11.9 mil vs. 7.5 mil). The X Factor averaged 10.8 mil and a 3.6, down a few notches week-to-week. NBC’s Community (3.4 mil/1.5) and Parks and Rec (4.13 mil/1.9) were steady, while The Vampire Diaries (what an episode!) grew 17 percent in 18-49 (1.4) and 7 percent in total viewers (2.8 million).

9 pm | Behind the second hour of X Factor, CBS’ Person of Interest was up a tick with 11.8 million viewers and a 2.7 rating, while Grey’s added a million viewers (to 9.7 million) and was up 10 percent in the demo (to 3.5). The Office (6 mil/3.2) posted a slight increase in both measures, while Whitney (4.2 mil/2.0) was down. The CW’s Secret Circle (1.84 mil/0.8) was down a tick in viewers by even in 18-49.

10 pm | The Mentalist was down but still dominant with 12.2 million total viewers and a 2.5 rating, while Private Practice surged 10 percent in viewers (6.7 mil) and 14 percent in the demo (2.4). Last and least was NBC’s declining Prime Suspect, which was down slightly in both measures (4.5 mil/1.3)

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  1. Raksha says:

    I am always scared that Community will get cancelled. 3.4 million?? Seriously? Its the best comedy on television! People need to watch this show!

    • Kate says:

      Agreed! If NBC lets it die I’m going to be really mad. It should have been given the post-Office spot rather than Whitney.

    • Avi says:

      I feel the exact same way. Community and Parks & Rec both. They are such high quality shows, that bring the laughs every single week and yet the ratings suck. At least P&R got some Emmy attention this year. They both need a boost!

    • JC says:

      No matter what show NBC puts on at 8:00, it’s going to get crushed by The Big Bang Theory. I think if Community and Whitney swapped spots in the schedule, you’d see Whitney at a 1.5 and Community at a 2.0. Similarly, if Community and Parks & Rec switched spots, their ratings would just about flip flop. NBC is screwed no matter what they do and they know it. Therefore Community will not be canceled.

      BTW, TVbytheNumbers has Community at a 1.7 rating in adults 18-49 and 3.8 million viewers for last night and Parks & Rec at at 2.1 rating and 3.99 million viewers. Somebody’s wrong.

      • JC says:

        I think those numbers you posted for Community and Parks & Rec are last week’s numbers Michael.

      • Anders says:

        I think you’re absolutely right, JC. The reason NBC hasn’t cancelled Community is because they genuinely like it and they now nothing could do much better. That doesn’t mean it won’t be cancelled this spring though, but there’s still hope…

        • Stephanie says:

          I absolutely LOVE Community and last night’s episode was definitely the first classic of Season 3: dark timeline = hilarious! I really hope NBC can acknowledge what you said JC and realize that considering it’s up against The Big Bang Theory, it’s doing well. If they can let it run its course for 4 Seasons, well, that could just be cool… cool, cool, cool.

    • Jon says:

      No Modern Family, HIMYM, and TBBT are better

      • TigerNightmare says:

        Modern Family is excellent, but How I Met Your Mother has been getting less funny season by season. I have trouble laughing at new episodes. And The Big Bang Theory is still mostly funny, but not as funny as it was in the first two seasons. Community is for smart people well-cultured in film and television. If you’d rather watch X-Factor, I would not allow you to watch TV again in my fascist country.

        • JohnDoe says:

          You’re right. Big Bang needs to drop all the relationship crap in a hurry, it’s getting away from what made the show great in the first couple seasons, before it got really popular.

    • Annie says:

      The show is very funny, but I think it is too clever for some people – they just don’t get it.

    • Natalie says:

      I feel the same way, only about Parks and Rec. The show is the best on television and the ratings don’t show it. People need to wake up and start watching! All I can say, in both cases, is that people obviously don’t know what good comedy is…

  2. babygate says:

    Its official then, people just didn’t care to see an all male episode last week. Last nite’s episode was phenomenal. The best in a very long, long time. I noticed a different writer too. This season is already shaping up to be infinitely better than last. With good writing, Greys still has plenty of more stories to tell. I just want to know, what are they doing with Callie? She’s almost non existing. Newcomers Avery, a mediocre actor at best, and April, although Sarah Drew is fantastic, are getting much more screen time. Why isn’t anyone going into Ortho? And, what happened to her cartilage research? They have completely ignored it after S6 without any conclusion.

    • Sa says:

      It wasn’t because it was an all-male episode that grey’s didn’t have such hugh rating last week, I’m pretty sure there was a game on? Cause I know some of the most hardcore Grey’s fans didn’t watch it live last week bc of the game… ;)

      • Kristen says:

        Yeah, I’d say it was the game, b/c I watched the all male episode, and I actually liked it. I thought it was a nice change of pace. Granted it’s not something I want to see all the time, but it was nice to see a different side of things.

  3. RyanD says:

    I am so worried for Community. It really is the best comedy on tv right now – I’m tempted to say ever. Last night’s episode was truly genius, but it really is so underappreciated.
    Six seasons and a movie!

  4. Gabriela says:

    You are welcome ABC – Sincerily Erica Durance fans

  5. Eliza says:

    My mind will forever be boggled that more people don’t watch Community and Parks&Rec…. They are easily two of the best comedies on air. I guess the households with a NB will always go for the ‘family’ or ‘friends/friends across the hall’ type stuff. While shows with AMAZING casts that dare to be different (especially Community) will be off the air sooner than they should be.
    And in Parks&Rec people are missing one of the best characters ever created… Ron effing Swanson!

    Watch Community & Parks get the following after cancelation that Arrested Development did. And all those people will question why it’s still not on the air. Sigh.
    Last nights episode of Community was beyond excellent. Parks was great too.

  6. hello says:

    Vampire Diaries beat Chharlie’s Angels in the more important demo 18-49. It is dead

  7. Boiler says:

    Unfortunately junk like the X factor really hurt these comedies

  8. Jake says:

    Vampire Diaries is a cheese fest sappy teen show…BLUCK!!! BORING..Not impressed to much by Charlie’s Angels either.

  9. Laura says:

    Charlie’s Angels is awful. Terrible acting and writing. I couldn’t even get through 15 minutes of it. Absolute cr**!

  10. stephanie says:

    Who watches some of this crap?! And do we really need another music show? Some of these shows aren’t funny, and it always seems my favorite shows get the low ratings, and the ones I’ve never watched get the high ones.

  11. Amy says:

    Community is the best comedy on tv right now. If NBC cancels it before 4th season, I’ll be devastated.

  12. Fate3 says:

    Yep, she’s the only reason I watched! Get this Fab actress a steady gig, Stat!

  13. BPM says:

    I used to like Community (like a lot), but the past 1.5 seasons have seen a decline in the funnies — at least for me. Does anyone else agree? Just me? I actually find it kinda boring :(.

  14. Katie says:

    That’s it…I demand to know why Playboy Club was cancelled when Whitney, and Prime Suspect are still on the air bringing almost the same amount of viewers, especially when TPC went up 38 percent in DVR viewings to tie NBC’s number one drama in demos. Was it because of all the controversy?

  15. I’m not sure what NBC did to drive viewers away (because it happened before the Leno debacle), but they haven’t been able to compete even when they have strong shows.

    I understand why some people may like easier sitcoms than Community, but it is the funniest show on television. Sure, it still needs to find a way to stop being mean to two of its characters (as compared to a Lorre sitcom, where ALL of the jokes are at the expense of the characters), but for its edge it is surprisingly warm.

    As for Prime Suspect, I think the look of the show is not one that will draw an audience in. Likewise, spending a month with a tepid B-story of Jane vs. the ex-wife does nothing to prove the show is worth watching.

  16. M says:

    Community fans saying over and over that its the funniest show on TV does not make it true.

    • L says:

      Give them a break man, their show struggles in ratings every year. They’re just trying to keep their show on the air because they enjoy it. I do the same thing with Fringe. I’m willing to bet your ‘funniest comedy’ gets great ratings (MF, TBBT, 2.5Men) so just enjoy the ratings and leave them alone.

      Btw, Fringe best show on tv, give it a chance people.

  17. Eliza says:

    Yes, Jon, of course, I know humor is subjective. But that still doesn’t stop me from wondering why Community and Parks&Rec do not get more viewers. They are very funny, very creative shows. Unlike some shows that go for the obvious, overdone gag. That is all.
    And Ron Swanson makes me laugh 10x more than anyone on Modern Family does. Just my humble subjective opinion, of course.

  18. kevin says:

    Erica Durance definitely saved Charlie’s Angels for now but it still uncertain on whether she’ll be back on the reboot series for a recurring role but I’ll be sad for next week’s episode before it ends well as production on ANGELS resumes in Miami. I’m hoping PERSON OF INTEREST gets picked up for a full season by CBS ’cause it’s my new favorite series of the year and it looks like PRIME SUSPECT may need a big ratings fix now that NBC orders six more scripts on the Maria Bello-led series and the Peacock Network needs one more year to get out of the “ratings basement” once and for all.

  19. Girish says:

    Awesome news for Vampire Diaries! This show is getting more and more awesome with every episode and this week’s episode was jaw dropping brilliance!

    • Girish says:

      And the other 2 shows I watch – POI is really the Best new show! I love it. This week’s episode was surprisingly deep and makes you think about choices and chances.

      The Mentalist was fun and the writing was great as usual. I’m excited to see the dynamic between the new chief (who concluded that Patrick Jane was a psychopath) and Patrick.

  20. JohnDoe says:

    Man people watch some crappy shows.

    Check out Person of Interest, good stuff, if you’re into spy shows and violence.

    • Tikkanen says:

      Person of Interest rocks. It can be schmaltzy in some parts like any procedural, but gritty and uncompromising when it needs to be, like at the end of last night’s episode.

  21. MEKISHA HALE says:

    I’m glad that the show on ABC “Charlie Angels” holding on with a jump in the rating. Also “Grey’s Anatomy” also had a better week also. As for the others shows that are struggling on “NBC” network. The show “Prime Suspect” may have problems but should be given a chance to become a show for the peacock network.
    But trouble with the comedy “Whitney” are just simple not good enough to make a difference. But it’s early and there’s plenty time to see if these freshmen shows of the fall of 2011 will make it through the season.

  22. Tania says:

    Prime Suspect is a solid series. I hope that NBC will exercise some patience. Wait a minute, this is the same network that killed “Life”, “Kidnapped”, the original Law and Order, etc., etc., etc. :(

    • abby says:

      I’m really, really enjoying both Prime Suspect and Person of Interest. I hope other viewers catch on to these good shows soon! (Particularly PS, as it’s only gotten a six-ep order, not a full-season pickup just yet!)

    • miss scarlet says:

      agree on Prime Suspect. Maria Bello is great and the rest of the cast isn’t flashy but they’re really good. it’s a really gritty cop show. they should have tried pairing it with a bigger show, like SVU, instead of putting it after their Thursday night comedy line up. WTF NBC. but yeah, you’re right, NBC mostly airs crap and kills good shows, so I guess that’s to be expected.

  23. joe says:

    If you enjoy taking naps then definitely watch POI.

    • Will says:

      If your name is Joe(y), you watch crap like Jersey Shore and hoot while watching Two & A Half Men!! POI is gritty and uncompromising. The two leads are extremely awesome and the writing is top-notch!

      • Maka says:

        POI is lousy. Caviezel can easily be replaced by a plank of wood, the stories are boring, Henson’s detective is completely flat and pointless, and Michael Emerson is the show’s only saving grace (granted, he’s a pretty huge saving grace, but he’s only one part of the puzzle).

        Yet somehow people continue to watch POI, and they don’t watch Prime Suspect. Where the entire cast is absolutely phenomenal, the writing is tight and improving episode by episode, and all of the characters, even the nominal straw man “jerk ass”, display depth. There’s been a long history of NBC producing absolutely phenomenal police procedurals and letting them die out, while people continue to watch CBS’s low quality xeroxes. People just don’t like smart television.

        • Will says:

          Watch all 4 episodes of POI and you won’t be making that statement. The puzzle is being unveiled slowly. Caviezel is perfect in his portrayal of that allegedly “plank of wood”, Reese. Did you watch his heart wrenching emotions when his girl was leaving at the airport or when he was contemplating giving the creep a choice in this week’s episode and himself wanting to change! They were absolutely brilliant. And when he smiles, you can see the guy feels dead from the inside! Imo Caviezel brings real depth to this character! He rules! And Emerson is always intriguing and a fine actor! I don’t really like Henson, but she is coming into this story slowly, but surely!

  24. Rob says:

    Six Seasons and a Movie, Six Seasons and a Movie. Cool, Cool, Cool. I’m very surprised by those Community numbers. Big Bang Theory while great really is not funny anymore. Especially comparing last nights episode to Community. I swear every decision I’ve made today I’ve thought in my head afterward “I wonder what happened in the other timeline”.

  25. Garrett says:

    Haha, what an unfortunately opening line for this article.

  26. J says:

    im not sure why Prime Suspect never caught on its better than most other new shows..

  27. Tyler says:

    In my opinion my fav show of all time is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just thought I would but that out there but, Whitney is FUNNY! I love that show, I never seen community yet, but I’m really starting to get tired of the big bang theory, it’s just to much. And a syfy show called Haven is my 2nd fav show of all time! Also Awkward is my 3rd. But charlies angles is pretty dumb and I LOVE the secret Circle, and I’m super excited for Grimm! And Once upon a Time! I know that some of these shows aren’t this channel but I just want my opinion heard!

  28. Bobbie says:

    Although I think the story line from last season is lame and not in keeping with their characters, I have to say, Dempsey and Pompeo are giving Emmy worthy performances this season in regards to their current story line. Zola might just be the cutest baby on TV. Owen and Cristina are walking on eggshells around IT.Alex needs a woman but can’t see how they can write Lucy back in but she was a good fit, in small doses, for Alex. The month and the gift need to go. They are just sucking up valuable screen time.I want to see Adele (EMMY winner) and Joe on my screen even for a few seconds.

  29. mary says:

    Erica Durance is a bad actress!charlie’angels flop!

  30. sarah says:

    should remove C A, it sucks!

  31. tvlover44 says:

    just in case – *any folks with a neilsen box reading?* – if so, couldya watch at little ‘prime suspect’ on thursday nights? thanks, xo a big ‘prime’ fan