House's Hugh Laurie Opens Up About Olivia Wilde's Exit: 'There Is Great Sadness'

House will be minus Thirteen after next Monday’s episode as Olivia Wilde goes off to fulfill her movie star destiny. And while the show’s titular grump will no doubt dull his grief with Vicodin, Hugh Laurie openly admits the actress will be sorely missed.

House Exclusive: Meet the New Boss!

“There is a great sadness that Olivia is leaving us and moving on,” the actor shares in the following behind-the-scenes clip. “Although it never came as any great surprise to anybody. Olivia was like a gunpowder fuse that was lit 15 years ago. [She] is a real delight to be around and we will miss her very, very much. She’s obviously headed for great things.”

House Scoop/Spoilers are Ripe For the Picking on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello

For more from Laurie — as well as a sneak peek at Thirteen’s farewell episode (is that a new girlfriend I see?!) — press play below.

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  1. Sheisty says:

    Were they that sad when Lisa E left?
    This cast is hemorrhaging actors, it needs to end like 3 seasons ago.

    • Sam says:

      I don’t know where you’ve been during the past months, but there were tons of articles and videos with Hugh saying how sad they all are that she leaves and how much she’ll be missed. On the other hand there has been not ONE single word when Jennifer Morrison was fired. I am a lot more pissed about that to be honest.

      • Sally says:

        “On the other hand there has been not ONE single word when Jennifer Morrison was fired. I am a lot more pissed about that to be honest.”
        Same here!
        @Ausiello: Are you not one bit curious why there was not one word from Hugh or any of the cast? I know I am, because I highly doubt that Jennifer is any different than the other women on the cast, she’s a lovely person and a talented actress as well, and yet no word. That still pisses me off. I still watch the show, I still adore Hugh Laurie, but it’s been a bit of a dampener.

        • Cindy says:

          I feel with all the Jennifer Morrison/Cameron fans and the actress herself. The inconvenient circumstances they let inexplicably and unceremoniously go were beneath contempt, if i can say it like that.
          We saw Hollywood and the man Hugh Laurie at its worst. He can pray his empty phrases about LE or Olivia Wilde over and over again. It is hard to believe him after the JM-exit debacle. Maybe he tells the truth now or it is just damage control, it doesn`t matter anymore.
          The memory remains!!
          I was very glad to hear that Jennifer Morrison was picked up for another show and i wish her truly the best. She deserves it for sure.

          • Cindy says:

            Oh of course i wish Olivia Wilde the best to.. She is a funny, smart, politically active and beautiful actress and she will go her way for sure *thumbsup

          • Lois says:

            Don’t blame Hugh Laurie for Jennifer Morrison leaving House.
            Hugh Laurie directed Jennifer Morrison’s return to the show. They both had nice things to say about each other.
            Some people have tweeted Jen with negative things about House, and she always makes it a point to tweet a response that she loves Hugh & the cast and that they had nothing to do with her leaving. While promoting her new show at comic con she said she would gladly return to House it they wanted her.

        • JHCL says:

          Sally, isn’t it fascinating that, although so much time has passed since Jennifer Morrison left, her fans still rise up and take a stand on these House blogs? And the reality is that many, many, many more of her fans have given up, and don’t post their feelings anymore, anywhere. I know I rarely do, because we know that no matter what we do or say, TPTB despises and ridicules her fans (and flat-out lied to them), and there is no way in hell that they’d bring Jennifer back, even for closure purposes. For example, I was one of the many JM fans who used to post on the FOX House Boards as the best site to do so, but the obnoxious Huddites ran us all off, either by getting the moderators to chuck us off for no reason, or just wearing us down into going away.

      • Alicia says:

        I hear ya about Jennifer Morrison. Thing is, she was kinda slowly phased out from seasons 4 to 6. If it had been more sudden (like LE or OW) then I suspect Hugh/the Cast might’ve commented. That said, these situations are probably like fill-in-the-blank/mad libs for Hugh; “There is a great sadness…”, “She will be greatly missed…”, flowery platitudes, blah blah blah…

      • Rangefinder says:

        Perhaps Jennifer Morrison was a pain in the ass to work with.

        • Maca says:

          Hugh Laurie never cared about her. He never wanted House/Cameron to happen. The man was always close to Robert, Lisa and Jesse.

        • Bexi says:

          WTF. OR MAYBE IT WAS THAT SHE AND JESSE SPENCER WERE ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED and their relationship broke down – both on and off screen, it’s actually sort of poetic the way it worked out…

        • JHCL says:

          Range, if she were, then I wish someone would just say it. Because we don’t know, no one has ever given a reason for her leaving, and there’s certainly been no indication that she was a pain to work with. And

          @Ausiello: I agree with the poster who asked if you had any curiousity about why JM was dumped. Now answer that question, and you’d really be providing a legitimate, investigative-reporter-like scoop. I still remember a video clip of you, I think on the red carpet years ago, asking TPTB about Cameron. As I recall they pretty much lied or ducked the question in a misleading way.

      • Lois says:

        Jennifer Morrison doesn’t hold any grudge, so why do any of you?

        “Jennifer Morrison has revealed that she is willing to return to House in the future. The actress played Dr. Allison Cameron on the Fox medical drama from 2004 to 2010, but made her final appearance during the sixth season.

        Morrison told Digital Spy at the San Diego Comic-Con: ‘I love Cameron and I’ll always have an affection for [that character] so if I were given the opportunity to [come back], of course I would.’

        She added: ‘House is a show that changed my life in so many ways. Not just as an actor and performer, but as a human being. Six years… is a huge chunk of your life and [it’s] a lovely group of actors to get to work with.’

        Morrison also praised her former co-star Hugh Laurie, calling the show’s lead actor ‘inspirational. Working with him every day has informed my work,’ she explained.

        The eighth season of House begins on October 3 on Fox. Jennifer Morrison’s new ABC series Once Upon a Time premieres on October 23.”

        • JHCL says:

          Are you really that naive? What the heck else is she supposed to say? She still has to work in Hollywood, and she’d be an idiot to trash the powerful people behing “House.” And I’m sure she DID love working with Hugh, who wouldn’t? But not hold a grudge against TPTB? Sorry, I’m betting she does.

      • Lucinda from Spain says:

        “On the other hand there has been not ONE single word when Jennifer Morrison was fired.”

        THIS! Hugh Laurie is rude and insensitive! Jennifer was FIRED and humiliated (shame TPTB!) she deserved some kind words! He is a great actor but a little man. This is not the way to treat a person with you have worked for 6 years. House producers and actors, humanly speaking, are horrible. Compliments, guys!

        • mags says:

          Hugh Laurie made comments about Olivia and Amber because he was asked for comments about them by the press. Maybe the press hasn’t asked him about Jennifer.

          • mags says:

            Same thing with Lisa. Hugh didn’t make a public comment until asked by the press. The man doesn’t issue press releases concerning his feeling about co-workers. But he does answer questions when asked.

          • JHCL says:

            Yeah, I’m sure no one asked him about Jen. And I have some lovely swampland in Southwest Florida I’d love to sell you.

      • Madge says:

        Here freaking here about Jennifer Morrison! It’s like they couldn’t care less about how they treated her and yet she still speaks about House, Shore and the cast with the utmost respect. Sure she’s had opinions about how House has gone especially in season 4 and elucidated the similarities between the new and original characters, but that doesn’t mean that she should have been treated any less. She was just stating what everyone else was thinking including the critics. She was the only one with balls to admit how crappy House had become and every word was true! It’s a shame that not even Hugh could mention Jennifer’s leaving, instead it was just glazed over.

      • JHCL says:

        Sam, you are so right! I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now. I’m thrilled to see both Huddy & 13 exit the stage, only wish they’d done so long ago. And, OMG, Forman, the dour House clone with less charisma than Hugh has in one little finger, why, why, why is HE still there?!

        TPTB never, ever explained to Jennifer Morrison’s many fans why they dumped her. And as much as I love Hugh Laurie, I still have a residual resentment towards him because he was complicit with what they did. For all we know, he could have bben the one behind her dismissal.

        Whosever idea it was, the show has continued to go downhill for years without her. It’s basically a somewhat updated version of, depending upon how you look at it, “The Perils of Pauline/House” or “The Trials of Job/House.” Hated it!

        With the millions of fans Hugh Laurie has, why would they steer the show to the point where House is always being treated like @(%&@#%*!
        Do his fans really want to see that? I sure as heck don’t! I hate TPTB!

  2. Misha says:

    Good riddance. I never liked Thirteen and I’m not so much of a fan of Olivia either.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Thirteen was the reason I stuck with it these last couple of years. With both her and Cuddy gone, doesn’t seem like there’s much reason to stay with the sinking ship.

      • Matt says:

        Really? Because with the new paradigm of Forman as Dean, House’s pared-back team (including the surprisingly interesting Charlyne Yi) and the pending return of prison doctor Odette Annable, I think this is the most interesting House has been in several seasons!

        • Lucky13 says:

          The new dynamic has promise, but Olivia Wilde is a hard act to follow!! At least this episode gave us a proper goodbye to one of the best actors on the series. Sad to see Thirteen go, but it was a great episode – the writing, direction, acting, even the music. A Big Star cover by The Wellspring? Good taste – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7tY8LF6W2k Well done, House!

  3. Tim says:

    Honestly I had thought she left already and only returned for a guest star role to finish off her storyline everyone once in a while.

  4. M says:

    I sure hope they’re not paying her for a full season. That money could’ve been better spent elsewhere, namely on actresses that were with the show from the beginning and actually played a fundamental role in House’s life.

  5. Shane says:

    Oh, please! They are not sad about anyone leaving. This is all a bunch of PR damage control for the continuing fiasco. They’ve already shown their true colors, and now desperately need Hugh Laurie to bale them out. He’s more sad that he has to handle all the PR this year. The show will go on so who the crap cares if another peripheral character leaves. The show is about House, right? Nothing else matters. All of the fighting will commence and the demeaning will continue because this show is breeding hostility. Bravo David Shore. Just Bravo.

    • TigerNightmare says:

      Wow, and I thought I was a cynic. I was never a fan of Thirteen, but last year, Laurie threw a party for Amber Tamblyn after they filmed her final episode and she was only guesting for 2/3 of one season. I don’t doubt his sincerity one bit when he speaks of fondness working with his cast.

      • Tsk says:

        Yup, Hugh Laurie threw a big farewell party for a person who worked on the show 13 times, but one of the core characters, who had been there from the beginning, got the finger and the imprint of a doorknob on her ass. Sweet.

        • mags says:

          How do you know that Hugh didn’t have a party for Jennifer Morrison? Just because it wasn’t publicized doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.
          The only reason why it became public knowledge that he had a party for Amber is that she talked about it in an interview. If Amber hadn’t mentioned it the public wouldn’t know about it. It wasn’t like it was a press event.

    • Simon Jester says:

      They need Laurie to “bale [sic] them out”? Why, is he a farmer?

  6. Alex says:

    I like Thirteen, certainly more than Cuddy.

    I’m also probably in the minority because I was more sad to see Amber Tamblyn’s character Masters go. She had great chemistry with House.
    Oh well, the end is nigh anyway.

    • Lucky13 says:

      I love 13. No one else on here will admit to loving Olivia Wilde? Come on. I know it’s more fun to hate on people, but give the girl some credit. Her acting in “The Dig” was some of the best of the entire series. I’m sad to see her go… I hope S8ep3 gives her the farewell she deserves (that will be better than any press release).

      Apparently this song The Ballad of El Goodo by The Wellspring is going to be in the episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7tY8LF6W2k Seems a sweet goodbye. It’s the same writer as the episode “The Dig” so I’m betting Olivia gets a chance to show her acting chops one last time with House before leaving TV behind.

  7. ana says:

    I love Cuddy don’t watch House md anymore,I loved Celeste Serrano,Lisa stay in tv with Celeste

    • Amy says:

      And still you feel the need to post here, lol

    • Liz says:

      LOL You Cuddy fangirls never seize to entertain. And why exactly are you still reading this?!

      • Maca says:

        And you Cameron fans? She is gone, no one from the cast misses her. They didn´t even mention her when she left but you are still posting your crap everywhere. You Cameron fans never seize to entertain.

        • Cindy says:

          No it is not true. The cast (excluding HL,of course) and explicit JS mentioned her a lot and said that she is missed. They just didn´t know what to say. I guess nodody told them that she will never come back.
          It was a difficult situation because Jennifer had a contract with Fox/NBCU for season6 and 7. The producers just didn`t wrote any storys for cameron. One of the many instances which caused a huge budget mess in season7.

        • Haley says:

          What about the thirteen fangirls? Did we cease to entertain?

        • sam says:

          What about the Taub fangirls? Do we not bleed?

          OK, OK, I maybe the only one Taub fangirl spotted in the wild, but I am friggin hilarious!

      • dee123 says:

        Yes! Cuddy fans are almost as annoying as Chlark fans were.

  8. Katrina says:

    I think Hugh is sincere that he is sad OW is leaving and I think he felt the same sadness when LE didn’t renew her contract. these people worked together for quite a few years and it would be natural to form a bond with them.

    I am happy OW is gone though because her character is not compelling and OW is not a very strong actress. Add to that the coming in for one episode every once in awhile and I think it ruins the dynamics of the show. No slight against OW who seems like a lovely woman.

    • Candice says:

      I wish I could feel that way. It’s all PR. They only care about themselves and they’ve proved that. They treat their actress’ horribly and their fans worse.

  9. Danielle says:

    This is good news. OW is one of the most overrated actresses on TV or films. Her acting ‘talents’ are extremely limited. She didn’t raise House’s ratings with ‘all’ her movie fans as Shore said he hoped would happen. Most of her movies are bombing. Her flame will likely burn out fast and she will be back to TV.

  10. Marilee says:

    LOVE THE SHOW! I feel 13 is a fantastic actor! BUT….the new little oompa loompa girl is strange but couldn’t stop watching! Hate the jail stuff with Dr.House…Can I be #20 ? THEY ARE ALL WONDERFUL!

  11. Nichol says:

    I totally agree! One minute she’s in a different department, the next she’s just gone.

  12. Brent says:

    “the new little oompa loompa girl” . . . I love it!!!
    The show is really reaching right now and I am reaching with them. Quite odd scenarios lately. Agree, disagree . . .?????

  13. Rachel says:

    Why are people b*tching about Cuddy not being on the show anymore. LE WANTED to leave. That was HER idea, not the producers or writers choice.

    • Louise says:

      All indications point to LE leaving because she was given a pathetic renewal offer. As a 44-year old actress, you are not as desirable as a male actor in the same age group. They were in the driver seat and unfortunately the way the finale was written, they probably figured they had her.

      LE always spoke about how much she loved her job and I believe she did. She was one of the heaviest promoters of the show even promoting in Italy and France. I am sure her decision to not renew was a tough and sad one for her to make. Whether you liked LE or not, as a woman, we should be outraged this bias still exists.

      I am sad she has left the series. I like LE, love that she sticks up for women’s rights and loved her as Cuddy. For me, it is a loss.

      • @Louise says:

        First, I wish Miss Wilde well in her future endeavors. Secondly, what a lovely piece you’ve written, Louise. You’ve put it so much more eloquently than I ever could. I must say, I miss Lisa a great deal. It’s just not the same show without her. She wasn’t just a beautiful, sexy woman but such a diverse actress, equally deft with comedy and drama, and she felt real, like a real woman, not a girl. That is not to besmirch any other woman on the show. I’m not making comparisons with them. Cuddy was such an important person in the main character’s life and to the show. What a loss.

      • caroline says:

        I totally agree. I think LE was always a side thing on the show. I really wish they would have used her more. I LOVED the episode that was all about her–the one that was 24 hours in the day of Cuddy. That was amazing! I think that really showed what a great actress she was. I loved the chemistry between her and Hugh, but c’est la vie. I feel sad for LE because I know that she really loved the job, and put a lot into the character. The people in charge don’t always make the best decisions.

      • southpaw says:

        Perfectly put! It’s hard to move on without Lisa there, her character has been a key person in House’s life and to just wipe the slate clean is a hard pill to swallow for many of us when trying to decide whether to keep watching. While I think there have been misteps by the producers (one of the biggest concerning the writing of the finale that played into the hands of NBC-U and weakened LE’s negotiating position) — I still want the show to go out in a strong position; for me the positives still far outweigh the negatives after 7 seasons. As for OW, it’s not surprising she’s leaving for good — it’s what any young, smart, popular actor would do, but makes it even tougher I would think to introduce new characters to take her place when we all know it won’t be longterm. But the new team members plus returning to the basics is probably the best they can do at this point. I thought last week’s episode was pretty good — once I got over the minimal mention of Cuddy — viewers will decide if they can move on without her or if her absence ruins their enjoyment of the show — I try to respect both points of view. I’ll be watching Monday night, but almost like I’m watching a new show.

      • ana says:

        very good Louise

  14. J says:

    I love Olivia…too bad she kept blowing up once she joined House. I enjoyed her character & she brought alot to her episodes.

    • Tarc says:

      Thanks goodness. Now Wilde is free to do much better parts on much, much better projects. Hoouse has been embarrassingly bad for years now.

  15. sexified says:

    I will miss OW her character was compelling and her relationship with the character “house kept me very interested.Dispite his deep founded love for cuddy he had a had a soft spot for thirteen we all have to admit and that was clearly seen in the eposide where he picked her up after she was sprung from jail.i am sad to see her go and i think she played her character well.

    • tripoli says:

      Agreed. I really enjoyed what she brought to the show. Her interactions with House/Hugh Laurie were great. I know she wasn’t all that popular with many fans but I think she was a far better addition to the cast than the 2 new female characters/actresses who are not doing a great job so far.

  16. Liz says:

    This show has a bad reputation when it comes to female cast members. Jennifer, Lisa, and Olivia. Plus Amber Tamblyn didn’t seem in too much of a hurry to come back. Oh and the unceremonious death of Wilson’s Amber. Add Sela Ward never showing up again, ever. I feel that the significant female leads (except LE) last about two to three seasons and then get phased out. Given that IMDB credits only 6 women out of 21 writers and 3 women out of 23 directors, I think we see the problem.

    • Dani says:

      Also Katie Jacobs has more or less left the stable, apparently to make movies, but I’m guessing she too jumped before she was pushed. Doris Egan going was also a major loss to the creative team. She was after all the one who storylined ‘House’s Head’ and ‘Wilson’s Heart’, which were just amazing television.

      The House PTB have a shocking record with their female stars/producers and they should realise it’s not going unnoticed. It’s ironic that the one time a male actor left the show it was because he specifically asked to go.

  17. shannon says:

    It makes sense that his remarks would be sincere. I miss Cameron very much, but there’s no way of knowing how the rest of the cast was effected by her departure…but JM’s exit was different than these announced sudden departures. When JM first left, it was stated that she was being written out for story purposes, and that she remained under contract…if the actors knew she wasn’t returning, they probably weren’t at liberty to say, and by the time the audience figured it out they had probably grown use to her absense.

  18. Guy says:

    All the female characters have been irritating on this show, I couldn’t stand Cameron, I hate the new Chinese girl, not to mention her ridiculously stupid looking hair. I’m glad 13 is leaving (extremely overrated) and Cuddy was so boring, “Omg, you can’t do this, it’s not right, I’m not letting you do this…ok, I’ll cave and let you do it”. every single episode. It got old after the first 73 times. It may sound sexist, but the only “Good” actors on the show are the men. Except Foreman, he’s a robot. I enjoy the medical part of the show more than all the Cliché drama. 13 was so boring and such a terrible actor that they had to make her character bisexual so all the perverted morons would drool over her.

  19. @Guy says:

    What about the guys? One sleeps around with a ton of women making him totally unattractive now. FYI, manwh-res are not sexy. One was married, cheated multiple times on his wife b/c he was too weak to keep it in his pants, then has the nerve to get upset if she even TALKS to another man online and says he can’t do it and splits with her, though she never cheated on him ONCE and forgave him all the times he cheated on her. Then he hooks up with her and someone else and gets them both pregnant. What a prize! Then another is suffocatingly arrogant and selfish alternating by interminable bouts of boring insufferableness. Then there’s the weak, always enabling, increasingly boring and annoying one. Oh, and let’s not forget the remorseless domestic abuser who spent all the rest of last season getting high, hooking up with hookers, feeling sorry for himself, operating on his own leg, getting vengeance on Cuddy by marrying a woman, who was his green card bride who saved him money for cleaning and sexual services, in front of her. Then to top it off, he saw another man touch her arm and got so out of control he ran a car into her house endangering the lives of five people and went to a beach afterwards without a care in the world. The men are far more annoying, foolish and unappealing than the women in the show. But let’s be real here, this show has pretty much destroyed all its characters at this point.

  20. Jerri says:

    Didnt he say the EXACT same thing when Lisa E. left??

    • sam says:

      To his credit, he did praise LE’s acting talents and skilfully avoided mentioning Olivia’s, so I believe he was at least partially sincere. Or maybe I want to believe, and he is no better than the other members of the boys club.

      • Maca says:

        It´s impossible to praise Olivia´s acting skill without looking like a clown. That´s why he avoided it. On the other hand, Olivia is adorable so i´m sure he will miss her.

  21. cm says:

    OW, I really like you, but you’re a traitor! You get all famous and you decide to leave? Sorry, but that’s kind of a jerk move.

  22. D says:

    I’ve been thinking this was the way to go for awhile. I adore Wilde and Thirteen, but constantly coming up with reasons she can’t be there takes away from the reality of the show. And this is a show where the premise is a drug addict is allowed to practice medicine in a department that does not actually exist, so you kind of want to keep any sense of reality you can.
    I think the sexist/favoritism-towards-certain-female-cast-members is ridiculous. Edelstein left because of money, not some problem with the show’s direction/finale script. Her contract was up at the end of last year and a new one had to be written. Robert Sean Leonard and Omar Epps were facing the exact same problems. Her coming back was never under any scrutiny until word got out NBCU wanted to dock her pay, which had to be a good three weeks after Moving On aired. Not saying she should have rolled over taken it, but facts are facts.
    I find it more puzzling that her, Sean Leonard, and Epps were all under fire to take 20% pay reductions, but the final negotiation was Edelstein, quitting, Sean Leonard returning at the same salary, and Epps… getting the 20% reduction. He might want to go through his people and ask why they let that happen.

    • Jane2 says:

      Re Lisa Edelstein it was announced she was leaving prior to ” Moving On” going to air and speculation about salary cuts had been around for weeks prior to that e.g

      Not sure why you are trying to rewrite history.

      • D says:

        Oops, I misspoke. I meant the filming of Moving On. They typically stay six to eight episodes ahead of broadcast, so yeah, the season is shot, edited, and done with when May begins. So, she actually quit later than three weeks after gushing about the finale. Thank you for clarifying.

        • Jane2 says:

          When did she gush about the finale? I don’t recall Lisa Edelstein going on the record about “moving on” until after it aired and she certainly didn’t gush when she did.

    • JHCL says:

      Do you really find it puzzling that Sean Leonard returned at the same salary, and Epps agreed to the 20% reduction? Let me explain. Leonard is a character that everyone (regardless of their virulent hatred or extremelove for other characters) loves. Everyone would be up in arms if he left, everyone! Epps? Other than his immediate family, no one would miss him and everyone else would be jumping up & down, celebrating his departure! His character is one-note, dour, and somewhat House-like but without an iota of Laurie’s immense charisma. I’ve always thought that perhaps Epps had some blackmail material on David Shore. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  23. Vivee says:

    OW has gotten other roles on the big screen, therefore she will go where the big $$$ is. LE’s contract was not renewed due to $$$$
    issues. She wanted more they wanted to give her less. The “Cuddy”
    character had reached it’s limits anyway. I miss LE though.
    As for “Cameron” I don’t know why she left but her character had gotten so damn self-righteous in the end, I’m glad she left.
    As for my man Hugh Laurie. DAMAGE CONTROL??? I don’t think so.
    The writers are resonsible for the characters comings and goings.
    They do a great job. HL is the heart and soul of this show and I hope it goes on for many more seasons

  24. MJ says:

    I agree that although “Cameron” was great in the beginning of the show, towards the end it got out of hand. “Thirteen” was a great character, but when you’re young and beautiful, you have to go where the money is while you’re still beautiful. When you get older, there are far less people willing to hire you. As for “Cuddy”, I know that even though she was always telling “House” no and then caving into him, I loved her. All these women will be sorely missed.

    Unfortunately, the way that the storyline is going with House, I feel that the show will be canceled at the end of this season. There have been too many good actors that have left, and I just feel that this season won’t be doing nearly as well as the past 7.

  25. JohnDoe says:

    I’ll miss Thirteen, but I’m sure I’ll get over it, like I did with Cameron.

  26. teresa says:

    Dr Allison Cameron is the best. The original is better than clones. Hugh Laurie, where are your good words when Jennifer Morrison was fired?
    He did not say anything about her, never!
    I’m not english native, so sorry for errors.

  27. Robert says:

    I will miss 13, she was making the show, somehow a bit more challenging for the rest of the teem. I wish her good look in her future project. I wish they would have ended her career with her sickness and House helping her to end her pain as he promess, that would have been a great ending for 13.

  28. JB says:

    Let the SAUSAGE FEST continue on House. Seriously, this show should end! Characters are boring! They stopped developing Chase and Foreman all together, and Taub has been getting all the juicy story lines the last 2 seasons…really? Freaking TAUB! And don’t get me started on House…He’s a jerk…we get it David Shore. He’s always gonna be a jerk. You really don’t have to give us 16 more episodes and a series finale where, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say, Shore ends it with House doing something…um rather “jerky” and THE END!

  29. dapsy says:

    Olivia Wilde is hot..her hotness will be sorely missed! :)

  30. jan says:

    Do you people have real lives? People get hired and fired all the time. It is the busines that is important and how that person adds or subtracts from it that counts when it comes to sponsers. All of the cast are gifted and moving on in their lives and the show has to too if it wants to survie and i hope it does because it reminds me of when i worked in medicine and how inperfect the world is. That’s the message of the show and it can’t cater to masses without change. Remeber two and a half men?

  31. Lucky13 says:

    I love 13. No one else on here will admit to loving Olivia Wilde? Come on. I know it’s more fun to hate on people, but give the girl some credit. Her acting in “The Dig” was some of the best of the entire series. I’m sad to see her go… I hope S8ep3 gives her the farewell she deserves (that will be better than any press release).

    Apparently this song The Ballad of El Goodo by The Wellspring is going to be in the episode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7tY8LF6W2k Seems a sweet goodbye. It’s the same writer as the episode “The Dig” so I’m betting Olivia gets a chance to show her acting chops one last time with House before leaving TV behind.

  32. Kylie says:

    Olivia Wilde has got to be one of the most overrated actresses out there! She has got 2 facial expressions and a monotonous voice that is used for every other emotion she’s supposed to be feeling! The only reason why she’s in these movies which haven’t done well at all is because people see her as ‘hot’. Being good looking does not equal to acting skills. They should have written her out in season 5 when she held hostage and was being injected with all those drugs. The amount of miraculous illnesses she seems to have survived was ridiculous!

    Ever since season 4, House has gone downhill and fast! First the long winded Survivor arc with unrealistic decisions as to who would be his team, then the most awful House/Cuddy storyline which was so incredibly juvenile and was nauseating to watch. House should have ended 5 seasons ago. As if anyone would bother watching this anymore. Even Hugh is branching out to different things like his music – he knows that House is going to end and unfortunately it’s going to be on a low note.

  33. Danielle says:

    I am slowly losing interest in the new season of House and Olivia’s departure along with Lisa Eddelstons is just ridiculous. After all that time of rooting for Cuddy and House and THAT’S how they end it? Really? What’s next: Killing off Wilson for good? This show is going downhill incredibly fast especially now that the old team is gone. I love House, don’t get me wrong but it’s House AND TEAM, not just House alone. The new Asian girl is a band aid covering up a bullet wound and I can’t stand her. The jail house doctor is okay I guess but I’m not crazy about her. I don’t see this show getting better this season.

  34. neil nomad says:

    Great TV ? have House have to kill off 13 per her request have her return at the end of season and house see her as a vegitable and have to kill her and let wilson and forman in on it. House is being logical he belives than afteer he kills her let him find a research drug and another pationant that he helps with same sickness and then knowing that a treatment was discovered torment him.

  35. ellmoe2000 says:

    It is now 2013. I still love House. Every time I watch seasons 6 through 8 I often wish Jennifer, Lisa and Olivia would have stayed in their rolls. None the less, House M.D. will and always be a fantastic show to watch.