Whitney's Chris D'Elia Offers 6 Silly Reasons to Give the NBC Comedy a Shot

Fact: Whitney is here to stay. It’s the newest addition to NBC’s Thursday night lineup — capping the two-hour comedy block at 9:30/8:30c — and since it’s already been picked up for a full season, we thought we’d give Chris D’Elia (who play’s Whit’s boyfriend Alex) a platform to entice you to watch.

Ready for his six kinda silly, but totally valid, reasons to tune in — one of which is simply because of “puppies”?

He’s Dressing for the Ladies | “The wardrobe people keep giving me tighter and tighter shirts, for sure,” D’Elia reveals, obviously trying to seduce us all. “They’re also writing scenes for me without my shirt, so that one is for the ladies.” Admits the actor with a laugh, “I would rather have a shirtless scene than a tight-shirt scene. For some reason, I always feel like I’m a singing teacher in a tight shirt, and I don’t know why.”

She’s Dressing for the Fellas | “Whitney is always wearing a sexy costume. Actually, the only episode she’s not wearing one is the Halloween episode, which makes no sense. I don’t know how that happened. But there’s a reason for the fellas to tune in, too.” D’Elia does note that, “There is a Jason [from Friday the 13th] mask worn at one point in that episode and Whitney does end up ‘dying’ in it.”

Veronica Mars/Party Down Alums | Two words: Ken Marino. “In the Halloween episode that’s not really about Halloween, Whitney says that when Alex argues he has a condescending tone,” D’Elia previews. “So, she gets surveillance equipment and tries to record me and my brother, who is played by Ken, and we both happen to do the tone.” The actor gushes that Marino “is one of the funniest guys I’ve ever worked with. He’s so nice, so down to earth. I follow him on Twitter but he wouldn’t follow me, so I don’t know what I did wrong…”

There Are Really Relatable Hijinks | This reporter, as a woman in a relationship with a man, can confirm that the following story is 100 percent spot on. “There’s an episode coming up about how guys don’t wash their jeans — and when Whitney finds out about this secret, she thinks it’s disgusting,” D’Elia tells TVLine. “As a ploy to piss me off, she washes and dries all of my jeans and they become really small and tight — it’s actually kind of costumey, too, and it’s really funny.”

There Is Laughter | … multi-cam, laugh-track premise be damned! D’Elia promises that “if you give Whitney more than just 10 minutes of watching, you’ll identify with some of the characters.” He then adds, “People are quick to judge, but as comedians, the live audience and the laughter is great for us. We feed off of their energy. It’s a better show for two comics to be on.”

There Are Puppies! | Who doesn’t love a sweet-looking pooch? “In a few weeks, Whitney and Alex rescue a dog,” D’Elia shares. “We end up not getting our first choice, but I did get to roll around with a bunch of puppies in a little playpen and it was so cute. It’s actually cuter to watch that it was to shoot — they don’t all smell that great, you know?”

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  1. damian says:

    I find him to be the only thing thats great about that show. I keep wishing he could end up on a better program.

    • satirex says:

      I’m liking the show probably more than most–not loving, by any means, but liking. Chris D’Elia is the best thing on it. It might come as a shock to him, but dressing guys in tight shirts or writing shirtless scenes isn’t necessarily aimed at female fans–or at least not only at female fans. Where things like bare butts or beefcake really pay off is by attracting gay audiences. Female audiences go more for romance than sex.

  2. Templar says:

    Sorry, but I find Whitney herself too off-putting. The only other character I remember finding this abhorrent is Chandler’s girlfriend Janice on Friends.

  3. Clinton says:

    Yes, it may be a fact that “Whitney” is here to stay, but that’s no reason to pay any attention to it. It’s kind of like that relative you have to put up with at Thanksgiving. Spend as little time as possible and get away! (Maybe spend time with real puppies instead) I hate to be this hard on the show, but I did give it a try. I watched one and a half episodes (just couldn’t make through the second one). The dialog is very stiff and it seem to try too hard to be observational. Guys check out girls? Really?

  4. Linda says:

    Okay when a show is marketed and one of the punchlines shown that we are supposed to laugh at is “what are YOU talking about”? To me that is clearly a sign I should not watch this garbage. So I am not.

  5. Chrisa says:

    I agree with Damian. He is the only reason I watched the first two episodes

  6. Can be more suggestion are place you i am very inspire with your post.
    Thanks for sharing….

  7. Keith says:

    Not even a Ken Marino guest spot will get me to watch this show.

  8. DL says:

    The pilot episode was just not even remotely good in any way shape or form. That said, the subsequent episodes have improved, albeit slightly. I’m willing to give it another shot when I’m bored and want to watch something On Demand, but don’t expect me to watch it live.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I’m with Damian….
    Chris D’Elia is the reason I’m watching Whitney.
    I like him a lot & think he’s great!

  10. Lime says:

    Not loving this show. It stays on between The Office and Prime Suspect but I’m usually washing dishes while it’s on. She’s just not that funny.

  11. Rjrtist says:

    Writing is the problem here and no laugh track can help make it anymore funnier.

  12. Chris says:

    There are two unfortunate things about the show. Chris D’Elia and Whitney don’t have much chemistry — they act like they are together because they are paid to be there. I think I would like them separately. Second, Chris D’Elia’s haircut is terrible – what do they do to make it look like he last washed it two weeks ago?

  13. Lolie says:

    Reason #7: Chris D’Elia. He’s hot and funny, so double reasons.

  14. Summer says:

    This show could just be Chris D’Elia sitting on a couch all by himself, watching tv for twenty-four episodes, and I’d tune in every week to watch.

  15. TheDude says:


  16. bob says:

    i think chris d’elia is definitely one of the biggest draws to this show. his relationship/chemistry with whitney rings true, even if some of the comedy doesn’t. my biggest problem with the show are the supporting characters–not one of them is likeable, which would be fine if any of them were hilariously unlikeable or just plain funny. whitney’s two girlfriends are too on the nose with their deliveries, the guy from 30 rock is completely bland, and the annoying cop friend is… annoying. here’s hoping it gets better considering we have another 18 or so episodes this season, but this show was kind of dead on arrival anyway, right?

  17. Baddog says:

    I don’t know what you guys are watching, cause this show ROCKS! Chris and Whit are great, the supporting cast is one of the better ones on TV (unlike that crap from Free Agents or Up All Night)….we laughed quite a bit tonite at the “feelings” episode! Go WHIT!

  18. themadlibs says:

    I’d like to suggest why Chris’ desperate attempt to convince me to watch are full of either logical fallacies or superficiality.

    1 + 2) There are plenty of other TV shows I’ve loved (Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, Reunion, Party Down) which had attractive people (for both persuasions) which had unforced writing, creative plots, and weren’t one trick ponies that should have had full season pick ups or not been cancelled. I watched for the story, not the hot bodies. That was a lucky secondary plus.

    3) I’ll watch re-runs of Party Down if I want to see Ken Marino, b/c he’s damn hilarious and the writing was as well.

    4) You just had to tell me the entire plot line to convince (unsuccessfully, mind you) to watch one episode. Sometimes, less is more. Also, that doesn’t sound much more than #1.

    5) I gave your show two episodes. I like the leads aside from this show, I think Maulik is hilarious on Weeds and 30 Rock even, but the laughter is forced, and I laughed out loud once. The whole time two episodes. When? When a Jane Kaczmarek appeared and was playing a character she’d have to 10 years older in real life. Thought that it was unbelievable.

    6) Seriously? Because one episode has puppies I should watch 21 minutes of TV? Again, that’s still only 1 episode.

    Other reasons? The other female character’s couldn’t be more stereotyped representations of women. The male character’s aren’t nearly as awful, but it’s pretty ironic when a show titled about a female character (who is the most grating of all the characters, which is a shame, b/c Whitney is hilarious and personable in other venues) has me despises the character’s who are supposed to be most relatable to me, a female viewer.

    I’m sure you’re a great guy, Chris. But the only thing I’m hoping is that Whitney gets moved in desperation to another day and 30 Rock returns mid-season back to it’s rightful seat.

  19. Pigskin says:

    As soon as The Office ends, I turn the channel before I see more than 15 seconds of this show. The brief glimpse I have seen, seemed forced and the laugh track is unbearable!!

  20. Kosha says:

    I enjoy the show – it’s OK, and I think Chris D’Elia is good. I just wish he would take a shower, get a hair cut and shave!!!

  21. RIch says:

    Whitney needs to wear MORE clothes and a bag over her head – the less seen of her, the better

  22. Meghan says:

    I really love Whitney Cummings and I’m liking the show so far. So far every episode is funnier than the last. I want to be in the audience. We need more comedies like whitney.

  23. kim says:

    Love love love Whitney one of my favs. Not what everyone else’s problem is on this comment board but I love this show.

  24. kim says:

    The fact that you took the time to write a book of ass backwards opinion and ended it with need more 30 rock ..its a show meant to entertain if its over your head and you need something you can follow stoned change the channel or go online to watch high quality Tracy Morgan’s full episode about painful gas. Maybe blues clues is on you can interact with that one oh boy! And the let the grown ups enjoy grown up tv.

  25. aiyana says:

    Well surely a 15 seconds is more then enough time to issue a well thought out complaint. You spent more time complaining then actually watching and you think that makes your opinion valid. On that same note I’ve spent the same amount of time on you should I give you my well thought opinion of you…no ya know why no one cares about you or you 15 second opinion. Go back to desperate housewives and shut up

  26. Randy says:

    I think this show is hilarious. Just like any relationship, whether married or not, Whitney is spot on for us adults! Some of which reminds us married folk of ‘how it used to be’. I’d guess the negative comments are from children posting just for the heck of it! You can tell the relationships are getting tighter. Give it a few seasons!

  27. Linda says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like “Whitney.” But I’m glad to be at a point in the posts where a group of people do. I think Whitney Cummings is lovely. I’ve never seen or heard her do stand-up. Not sure I’d want to from what I’ve heard about it. Simply because it would ruin the way we see her on the show. It may not be the funniest show, but it is clever. There were many times I laughed. Not going to name them all. I do agree that it seems to get better, the more you give it a chance. It may not be “Modern Family,” but it is Modern. ;)

  28. Yentruoc says:

    It’s interesting to note that not one of his reasons states that, “It’s funny.” Frankly, the show is terrifying awful. I’ve tried a couple of times to watch and couldn’t stand it for more than 3 minutes each time. There are so many excellent funny shows on right now, I could watch a repeat of Happy Endings for the 8th time and still find it infinitely funnier than Whitney.