Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley Declares: 'Blair Is Dan's Soulmate!'

Warning, Chair fans: Penn Badgley is weighing in on who holds the key to his Gossip Girl character’s heart, and you’re not going to like it. Not one bit.

Dair fans, on the other hand, will be quite pleased.

“I think Blair is Dan’s soulmate,” the actor tells Nylon magazine.

Badgley concedes that he doesn’t know if “they’re ever going to get together,” but the moments he’s shared with evil dicatator of the Upper East Side rank among his favorites.

Gossip Girl Preview: Dan’s Blair Crush, Nate’s Control Issues and Chuck’s Dangerous Detour

“I’ve never enjoyed any scenes on the show as much as those scenes with Leighton Meester,” he reveals, adding that the early romance between Dan and Serena moved him “in a different way for obvious reasons, but strictly as an actor, those scenes with Blair are the best.”

Ready. Set. React!

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  1. Svenja says:

    I agree with those, who say the ship-wars suck.
    They really do.
    I am a Dair-shipper and used to be a Chair shipper.
    I think the fandom is split when it comes to that.
    Probably the writers will juggle Chair and Dair all season because of the huge ship war because people keep discussing the show (because of it).
    Chair is passion, Dair is affection.
    Both relationships have had their best and worst moments.
    I happen to enjoy Dair recently more than Chair, but I don’t have the urge to bash Ed, the character OR the fans, who enjoy the ship.
    Let’s just wait and see.
    I doubt Penn wanted to hurt Blake.
    He’s just saying that as an actor the scenes with Blair are more interesting to portray. Derena wasn’t much of acting. They were a couple while they were shooting S1 so it was much easier. Also the relationship was much easier.
    Penn’s character profits from his storyline with Blair. Why not admit that?

    • Summer says:

      An intellectual post, finally. I like it. :)

    • ginia1110 says:

      OMG you’re so right on all accounts. I ship Chair too before but fell hard for Dan after he supported Blair through the rockiest times of her life and became her bestfriend (and here i thought it was only Serena who had manage to do that).

      Though I prefer Dan now and not Chuck, I don’t feel the need to go around bashing Ed or Chuck. Because at one time i really supported Chair too, but only if Chuck had been a better guy to Blair. Im just all in it for love. Blair should go to the person who loves her the most, i think that’s the only way she’ll be able to flourished. I love Blair so much, despite her issues, I really want her to feel happy.

      Watching how Penn carried Dan with his one sided love towards Blair was actually good, character-wise and plot-wise he was more interesting to watch now, and this time, his love pursuits actually matters to me ( I seriously did not care how he was before with Serena or post-Serena, sorry, Dan, hehe). I just like Dan before coz he seems like a well grounded guy, with his company I think he makes Serena and Nate look normal for a change. ^_^

  2. Jill says:

    Penn’s comments do seem to come out only from working more with Leighton. Otherwise, I do have to ask, what show is he watching? The one relationship that I’ve been missing this season is Blair and Serena’s. It should be Serena that Blair has been confiding in, and it should be Serena that is texting/communicating with Dorota. The fact that it has been Dan has been quite laughable and highly annoying for this fan of Blair and Serena’s friendship. Why anyone would want Blair and Dan together is beyond me; he’s far beneath her and who would really want to be with a woman who refers to you as a “muppet,” which I found highly amusing. Please Dan, go back and grovel to Vanessa, who you truly belong with.

  3. Eric says:

    I hope Dan and Blair will end up together. Such a patient and matured storytelling goes somewhere for sure. Thank you for Dair :)

  4. Anissa says:

    Ok, I think that Chuck and Blair have amazing chemistry together (no question) but whether that means they should be together isn’t a simple question. A relationship is when both people join together to be together and help the other. Does Chuck love Blair and vice versa? Yes, but they self destruct everytime they try.

    Now take on the other hand the real friendship that Dan and Blair have. The bickering is so Bogart/Bacall and those scenes are my favorite. Also if you look at Blair’s mom, she married the “chemistry” and it didn’t work so she realized that Cyrus (the opposite of her ex) was really what she needed. Someone to support her and who truely accepted her. She’s happy, and I feel that Dan could be Blair’s Cyrus…

  5. Summer says:

    Dair as soulmates! Yes! :)
    And I always value actors who are courageous enough to say their personal opinions. Go Penn!

  6. lacey says:

    Penn may believe that Blair’s the other half of Dan’s soul but that doesn’t make it true. As friends they work but not as more. I think Blair is at her best when she is scheming and to me Dan just gets in the way of that. Chuck encourages her scheming ways, and while he may not make her a better person because of it, it certainly does make for enertaining television. Ultimately it all comes down to ratings, and if Chuck/Blair brings in the ratings then it doesn’t matter what the actors think.

  7. harumscarum says:

    oh no! now GG will have to go the dair route! because Penn Almighty has declared that blair is dan’s soulmate! crey crey crey
    seriously? no. all this shows is that penn really doesn’t understand the character he’s been playing for over 4 years.

    i just hope this doesn’t bring down the derena fans. CHAIR AND DERENA FTW!

  8. Jamey says:

    YAY!! I totally agree that Dan and Blair are soulmates. Their relationship (if it happens) would be incredible. I have loved watching their relationship evolve and how I have changed from a Derena and Chair fan to a total DAIR fan. It just makes sense. As they have grown up, they have become perfect for each other. The writers of GG have done an amazing job not playing into what I expected as a viewer and writing a continuing story for the characters and I feel that DAIR is the best example of how Dan and Blair are completely different people than when the series started.

    And for those who think their relationship would be boring –> I completely disagree. Blair has never had a relationship like the one she would have with Dan. She can be completely vulnerable, fall madly in love and he won’t hurt her like Chuck has. Also, can’t you image the Serena and Blair drama and Chuck and Dan drama that the relationship would start? Some of my favorite episodes have involved Blair getting Dan to be sneaky and coniving.

    I love Dair.

  9. Jules says:

    As if anyone really cared what Penn Badgley has to say…

  10. dx says:

    DB for ever.
    No matter how much the Chuckistan tries it can never match the awsomeness of the dair scene in 5×02.
    Thats what true love is….

  11. Pearl says:

    Gosh… You are really competitive, right? Just like Chair are…
    The thing is, chair brings Drama to the show, and is great to see. But is like thatbecause of the script, and the billiant actings of Lee and Ed.

    Now that is a fact. Is also a fact that the most not possible romance in a CW series, is allways good to aproach. Blair and Dan are so different in so many levels, that see them together is really cute. Their scenes dont have drama, but they appeal to a sweet side. I dont think they are going to pass hair in fans, or popularity. Chair has years onscreen, Dair is only beggining, and too late. BUT, i think there ir a chance here. Cause like Dan said in a previous episode when Blair asked him if she lost everything, he said: “You’ll have me.”
    If this doesnt sound like a prep for a relationship, the authors were being stupids. They are preparing the ground for this couple, if the fans will love, or hate, what matter is that they are going to watch it! And Chair will allways be a possibility. A real and strong one!

  12. Stephanie says:

    Even though I really like Dan and Dair friendship, they’ll never be more thna that, I think. They’re funny and enjoyable together, but there’s no passion or deep deep intense chemistry, which is only for Chair for the record. I think Chuck and Blair are the true soulamtes for each other, but I’m not questioning the fact that Penn loves working with her and I always love the Dair scenes as long as they remain friends.

  13. Joey says:

    I totally see DAIR as Soulmates.

    Everyone else vouching for CHAIR season afta season are soo lame, that they are willing for the story and hence the series to ultimately become boring, mediocre and as a result: FAIL!!!!

    Get over yourselves CHAIR shippers. Some fresh blood is needed on this show. Dair is that FRESH BLOOD. Do you understand. Blink twice if you do. If you can’t, then I suggest you see your GP!

    Penn is not stupid, he’s not a loser, he’s not insulting anyone’s intelligence you stupid, shallow-minded, irrational SOBs. He has a right to voice his opinion. It’s democracy people, Freedom of Speech. GET IT!!!

    Give DAIR a chance and stop being soooo DOGMATIC to simply CHAIR!!!!

    Dare 2 DAIR!!! DAIR FTW!!!

  14. Mimi says:


  15. deansmistress22 says:

    I love Dan/Blair!
    They work. They have the right amount of banter and he helps her be the person she can be in life.

    Chuck on the other hand is manipulative and Chuck and Blair do evil things together.

    Just my opinion tho…

    • Lacey says:

      Chuck and Blair are awesome and them doing evil things while together is what makes them interesting. The characters Chuck and Blair have been instant hits unlike boring Dan.

  16. Kookakicha says:

    The worst argument ever made is the one where most Chair fans blame Dair for the ratings being low.
    I’m going to say it nicely: Do your research people.
    First, the ratings were bad back in season 3 which was the worst GG season. The Chuck and Jenny thing forever ruined Chuck’s character and made many people stop watching the show. I was one of them. Back in season 3, there was no Dair happening yet.
    Now on to season 4, while Dair began to happen, and I’m just talking friendship here. Chair never was over at the time, it was still happening. Proof of it is the Bar Mitzvah scene. Most of the Dair fans are returning fans who had stopped watching the show. If anything, Dair actually helped the ratings. It’s a breath of fresh air after all the ridiculous circular Chair story. After that Jenny thing, many of us felt that Chair was predictable and unhealthy. We see Dair and our interest is piqued.
    So please, before using this unfounded argument to back the fact that Dair was what ruined the ratings, think about it. Season 3 was Chair all over your face and it still didn’t help the ratings.

  17. domingas says:

    gosh you guys are sic i have wtchd episode 17 and blair chose danny i like chuck so much in fact he is cute but dan is also cute and alot of sex is going to be happening between dair, at the end of the day only the producer knows who blair is going to end up with which may be neither

  18. Just me says:

    Where is Ban now