Gossip Girl's Penn Badgley Declares: 'Blair Is Dan's Soulmate!'

Warning, Chair fans: Penn Badgley is weighing in on who holds the key to his Gossip Girl character’s heart, and you’re not going to like it. Not one bit.

Dair fans, on the other hand, will be quite pleased.

“I think Blair is Dan’s soulmate,” the actor tells Nylon magazine.

Badgley concedes that he doesn’t know if “they’re ever going to get together,” but the moments he’s shared with evil dicatator of the Upper East Side rank among his favorites.

Gossip Girl Preview: Dan’s Blair Crush, Nate’s Control Issues and Chuck’s Dangerous Detour

“I’ve never enjoyed any scenes on the show as much as those scenes with Leighton Meester,” he reveals, adding that the early romance between Dan and Serena moved him “in a different way for obvious reasons, but strictly as an actor, those scenes with Blair are the best.”

Ready. Set. React!

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  1. Sheila says:

    I am a Gossip Girl minority. I am not a Chair fan and I am not a Dair fan. I am actually more a Serena fan then a Blair fan. Now I know that you have to see the whole interview to see the context and what else he says but this makes me so sad. I do feel like he is taking a shot at Blake. He is also sort of disrespecting DS fans. He might want to watch what Leighton does. She does a good job of trying to be respectful of all the shipper groups without being offensive about pairings she doesn’t like or putting down other actors.

    I feel like Penn used to be amazing but he has become a famewhore who just wants to be in the lead couple and be in magazines and have his picture taken.

    • OIivia says:

      I agree with this so much. He should look at how Leighton (or Blake!) conduct themselves in interviews and try to do the same. The one time he’s not insulting the show, he basically insults his ex-girlfriend. Way to be professional.

  2. Cara says:

    Is this some type of promotion for the show? If it is its a huge mistake. Look at the current ratings. The same amount of people who watch a Ringer REPEAT watch GG. It’s sad.

    The majority of GG fans want Chuck and Blair and so many have stopped watching because there dragging out their reunion.

    This is just what penn wants it means nothing. Chuck and Blair are on their way back to each other. There maturing and growing up Chuck so he will be both her right and great love. Can’t wait until the end of the season for it to happen!

    • Lee says:

      Stop. The ratings declined in season 3 and that was during the whole CB arc. Just check freaking Wikipedia before talking about ratings…

      • Jared says:

        I hate the ratings argument as by a fourth season ratings are essentially meaningless when compared to storylines. This is with any show.

  3. Wendy says:

    I think it’s really pathetic and cruel to put down Blake the way he did.
    You shouldn’t knock someone down to build someone else up.
    That’s really mean and unprofessional. He should’ve just
    said that Leighton’s a very talented actress and fun to work with,
    that would’ve been classier. I could see why he’s
    having fun working with her, who wouldn’t? She’s
    amazing! I love Leighton. But he’s making himself
    sound like a d-bag by disrespecting Blake, whom he
    works with and dated. Bitter much, Penn? Blake
    should be thankful that she’s no longer with someone
    who’d slam her like that. Totally classless.
    He can have his opinion about his character, but it’s just an opinion.
    It doesn’t bother me.

    Chuck and Blair are each other’s soulmates. Chair’s love story has been in the fore-front of the show for going on 5 seasons now and will continue to be. They’re endgame.

  4. tacos22 says:

    Why are people worrying about his comment either way? He’s not a writer. He’s not a network exec. I very much doubt major story decisions are in his hands. For Dair fans, its a nice thing to know. For Chair fans, just agree to disagree. And I really don’t think he’s bashing anybody – his character was with Jessica Szohr’s character for a long time, and he wasn’t calling Vanessa Dan’s soulmate, either. I think he just genuinely likes his scenes with Leighton, and he should. They’re more interesting than most he’s gotten the past couple seasons, whether they turn romantic or not. Why does everything involving Dair or Chair, even just someone’s opinion, turn into a comment war?

    • Well.... says:

      It’s because there is a campaign to save chuck and blair so they like send out memos on what articles to comment on, what youtube videos to thumbs down, what polls to vote in etc Its like a job basically, they all have assignments and stragies on how to drown out any fanbase that is not Chair, kinda sad really lol

      • Well... says:

        *stratagies lol

        • Chelsea says:

          @Well, it’s so true about the Chair memos. My sister is a fan and a member of that girlsssss site and that’s what they do. They get personal emails to save Chair campaigns and all kinds of sh*t. But I guess their soldiers in a war LOL.

  5. Betty says:

    Hasn’t Dan had like, 5 soulmates now? Haha, just saying. Dan Humphrey is possibly even more fickle than Nate. The only romance he ever had that felt real to me was with Serena.

  6. Maggie says:

    DB scenes are the best.

    And…my popcorn is ready. nomnomnom.

  7. Manny says:

    I think he probably as likes working with Leighton because it gives him more to do. The show is mostly about Blair now. Leighton gets a lot to do, always. So if his character is involved in Blair’s storyline, that brings him more front and center as well. So of course he like it.

    • Liz says:

      I honestly don’t think Penn cares whether he’s front and center. He gets the same paycheck either way, and he’s doing fine getting other projects.

      If he’s on the backburner, he just works less for the same pay.

  8. Lee says:

    Saying this again since I don’t see my comment. Love Dan and Blair! Can’t wait to see where it goes. Most refreshing thing that happened on this show in years. They are so good together. Blair needs a good guy like Dan desperately.

  9. Olivia says:

    No surprise he likes working with Leighton, she brings out the best in all of her co-stars. Not sure how that translates to Blair being Dan’s soulmate though. I doubt they’ll ever even be a couple.

  10. Taylor says:

    Assuming that Penn’s making a passive aggressive swipe at Blake might be a bit premature.

    Dan/Serena was lovely for the first season, but started to get stale by the second, and Dan hasn’t really had an interesting story until the Dair friendship started. Dan/Penn gets a lot more fun, snappy dialogue with Blair/Leighton than he did with Serena. As an actor, it’s probably more fun to do bickering and bantering and have subtext versus generic starry eyed mooning.

    I imagine this is similar to how Leighton felt when she got to move on to Chair after the pretty dull pairing with Nate. Regardless of who Blair ends up with, when’s the last time Dan’s been this interesting?

  11. Jasmine says:

    Will someone tell me how Dan is such a good guy? Because he’s done some pretty crappy things too.

  12. Lux says:

    You know what really bothers me about this? If the writer’s started to write Chuck/Serena romantically everyone would be furious. Serena would be slandered and people would say “How could Serena do that to Blair?” Yet fans are completely fine with the idea of Blair hooking up with Dan, no matter how much it would hurt Serena.

    • Liz says:

      First, a lot of people wouldn’t really care outside of the fact that Serena deserves better than Chuck.

      Second, DS were barely together even in S2. The little reboot in S4 didn’t take, and Serena moved on right away.

      Why is it different than Serena/Nate? Blair and Nate had actually dated more recently than Serena/Dan have at this juncture.

  13. Jules says:

    WOO. To Penn! LOVE LOVE Dan/Blair. They are written so well and are so believable (for a TV show). They got me hooked onto GG again :) LOVE them

  14. Ellie says:

    Huh, interesting. Well, I’ve got some bad news for Penn (and apparently for Vlada too, haha).

  15. Fendi says:

    Obviously has nothing to do with the scripts so I don’t understand the volume of Chair fans that are acting like this is a HUGE deal. Obviously people are threatened if they’re going around on twitter bashing the writers and spamming CB propaganda. He said he thinks DB are soulmates, there is nothing wrong with that. He was asked a question and he answered. It might have more to do with how he wishes Dan’s storylines would progress, but so what? the man likes his character with Blair. That’s it, thats all. I guess people wanted him to lie. He’s just being honest.

    As for people being worried if Leighton said something,…well again, it has nothing to do with the scripts but…she has. She has specified that she likes Dan and Blair together several times. In 2009 she was asked what kind of guy she would go for in real life. Do you know what her answer was?


    And no, this was not a misquote.

    Don’t believe me?

    Watch this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc4tPt9TmQY < And she swoons.

    • Allie says:

      And that matters because…? Of course she would pick Dan in real life. I would pick Dan in real life. That’s kind of the point, he’s the normal, ordinary one. It’s why he doesn’t make for interesting TV.

      Not to mention, the question she was asked was between Dan and Nate, so I don’t get how that’s even relevant. I’m impressed that you actually hunted that down though… more than 2 years later…

  16. THIS IS FOR WENDY says:

    You just made the most irrelevant comment in the world. Nice job at making yourself look like a dumb-ass. He’s referring to his dialogue ignoramus.

  17. Caitlin says:

    I just have to ask Vlada:
    Why would Chair fans be upset by this? Shouldn’t Derena and Danessa fans be the ones who are upset? I think it’s telling that whenever this little coterie of Bland pimping journalists want to get hits they try to antagonize the Chair fans. I’d love to see how many hits you got by just writing about Dair or better yet just Dan HumDrum Humphrey. I’m betting it wouldn’t amount to much.

    • GG Fan says:

      That’s funny Caitlin because the headline only mentioned Penn saying he thought Blair was Dans soulmate. It was all about Dair, but Chuckstans and Chairstans flocked to the article because it’s what their told to do. It’s part of the campaign to savechuckandblair lol. Everyone on the net know what Chairstans are like; so there was no doubt they would have found their way here even without the mention. Chair fans think Dan is a threat plan and simple or they wouldn’t be bashing Penn and SCREAMING CHAIR is “ENDGAME” for the billionth time. Loving all the Butt Hurt Chair fans everywhere :)

  18. Rebecca says:

    Penn’s comments made me so happy. The writing for Dan and Blair scenes is some of the best on the show and Penn and Leighton have amazing chemistry so I really, really hope they do end up together.

  19. Rach says:

    I have always said – actors have the greatest insight into their characters, even over the writers. If Penn thinks Dan and Blair should end up together, the writers should go with it. He obviously knows Dan better than anyone.

  20. Rebecca says:

    So has Blair. Everyone in that show has done bad things in the past, but Dan has never mistreated Blair in any way, unlike Chuck. If anything, he’s always been supportive and helpful, even when Blair was rude to him. Chuck loves Blair (apparently) and it hasn’t stopped him from doing terrible things to her.

  21. Shirley says:

    Wow. I feel bad for the Derena fans. I hope Penn is professional when they are reunited.

  22. J says:

    Why is it that fans of any show always have rabid fans that root for a relationship that’s so obviously bad for the character? If Blair was my friend in real life, I’d tell her to never go back to Chuck. I feel for him, but they bring out the worst in each other every time they’re together. I used to ‘ship for them, but since Blair and Dan have made a REAL emotional connection that’s based on true caring and connection (not on lust and angst and pain), Blair seems to be getting a glimpse of the support she needs from a man. Maybe someday Chuck can be stable enough to be good for her, but as he stands now, he’s so much of a mess that any relationship between them would only be headed for disaster.

    The Chair fans that trash Dair fans are just like others who’ve come before them on other shows: Dawson/Joey fans, Buffy/Angel fans are just a few. Why can’t Chair fans open their minds to the POSSIBILITY that something is better for Blair than Chuck? Stop attacking those of us who are willing to accept some new and interesting possibilities for our favorite characters and just do what the rest of us do: hope for your happy ending but be open to new possibilities.

  23. Lainey says:

    Alright, going with the logic that actors have the best insight to their characters: Leighton has stated that she thinks Chuck and Blair are meant to be. So the writers should go with it. She obviously knows Blair better than anyone.

  24. Izzie says:

    And if Blair were my friend in real life, I would tell her not to go for Dan either. To not go for the guy her very best friend loved so much. To not hurt her best friend like that. To not cross that line and put friendship first. I would tell her not to go for Dan or Chuck. But to stand strong on her own until she finds a new, happy, healthy relationship. With an entirely new person.

  25. raya says:


  26. Angela says:

    I think Penn’s comment actually makes sense when you think of “soulmates” in a Dawson’s Creek sense. I think it’s pretty obvious Blair and Chuck are destined to end up together with a family. Chuck is getting growth this season and there’s a great chance that baby is actually his. They aren’t giving Chuck growth so he can be a better man for some other girl. But Dan and Blair share alot of similarities and a special emotional and intellectual connection. But in the end just like Dawson and Joey, they aren’t destined as a romantic couple. Penn alludes to that as well when he says he doesn’t know if they’ll ever actually get together.

    • Angela says:

      But to add to my comment: If I had to pick a Dawson and Joey type “soulmate” relationship for Dan I personally would have picked his relationship with Vanessa. But then again, Dan and Blair got alot of attributes that described Dan and Vanessa too:
      Intellectual sparing, a shared love of art and film, bantering, a strong supportive friendship, etc. So I guess Blair is Dan’s new Vanessa in some ways.

  27. melina says:

    Dair is the reason I started watching Gossip Girl again. I used to like Chair but the writers ruined them for me. I’m all for Dair and I hope we get to see them as a couple at some point. I hope they will be endgame but I suppose since Chair fans are the majority or at least the most vocal GG fans, the writers will want to please them. I just wish it’s done in a way that won’t make Blair a weak person who goes back to Chuck just because she’s too obsessed with him and can’t stay away.

  28. Ana Muller says:

    Oh c’mon stop painting Chuck as the devil. We all know Blair is no saint either but we love her anyway. The two of them have done awful things to each other and I do admit there were times I really wanted Chuck to drop dead for being so terrible to her. But never throughout the course of the show have I ever doubted of their love for each other or their capacity of making it as a couple. I do believe he will eventually grow up and be the man who makes her happy, he has already matured so much (remember what he was like in season 1?) What pisses me off is that Dair fans keep saying we’re awful people that just don’t want Blair to be happy because whe like her with Chuck, what you should consider is the very real possibility that he could really be the one for her and vice versa, otherwise they would have both moved on a long time ago. You say that we aren’t open to new possibilities but maybe Dan/Blair shippers are just as close minded when they say there is no redemption for Chuck or their relationship. Plus you Dair people say that Chair fans are the ones who are aggressive but all I see in this page is the other way around: almost half of the comments defending the Dan/Blair pairing are also bashing Chuck/Blair fans. How about we learn to respect each other’s opinions and make our points without having to trash the opposing fan base? And that goes for both Chair and Dair shippers.

    • Well.... says:

      Yeah but the Chair SCAB group is what is causing the most upset in the fandom, they are trying to drown out anyone who likes Dair so that the writers wont think they have a following, go look at any youtube video and every comment not about Chair is marked as spam, why you ask? Well thats because they send out memos to all their followers to go do that, they have lists of videos, polls, articles etc They also get together and create talking points taht they all go around spewing like no one in the group has an original thought. They bombard every place as a group with an agenda and not surprisingly that annoys people.

      SO to the members of SCAB all spewing the same thoughts on this article, just know that Dair is being talked about organically and with everyone having their own opinion and yall still are scrambling, imagine what would happen if every single Dair fan did what yall are doing, because there is enough of us to do it if we really wanted to, but we dont because its immature and pointless. Its a fictional couple for goodness sake, is your life really going to be affected if Chair does not end up together? Everyone really appreciates all the fun you all have sucked out of discussing the show.

      • Ana Muller says:

        I am not aware of the SCAB group but it does sound pretty ridiculous. Just know that there are lots of normal Chair fans who don’t act like that, and that we hate being generalized as hateful or aggressive just because we like a certain pairing. I enjoy Dan and Blair’s friendship and I believe that she truly belongs with Chuck, but that doesn’t mean I go around marking youtube comments as spams or trying to smother the Dair fan base so that the writers think nobody likes them. I believe that the majority of people who watch the show and root for Chuck and Blair don’t do that either! Using this “Chair fans are obsessed and have no life” excuse doesn’t get anyone to believe that Dair has a bigger fan base that is just too occupied to engage in silly internet feuds, simply because it doesn’t. This conspiracy theory doesn’t change the fact that most people who watch the show want Chuck and Blair to end up together. The internet groups and fandoms are just a small part of the show’s viewers it’s silly of them to think they get to decide which course the show decides to take!

  29. Alison says:

    Yay, Penn is watching the same show that me and everyone else I know is watching :D DAIR <3

  30. Hannah says:

    I loved Chair but I’m also enjoying the scenes with Dan and Blair this season! Chuck and Blair are very similar, with Dan at the complete opposite end of the spectrum, so it’s interesting to watch him coaching both of them—Chuck through his feelings and Blair with the pregnancy. Although some parts of this season feel totally ridiculous, I’m enjoying their storylines!

  31. Dalia says:

    I can’t speak for all Chair fans, but I know for me personally I’ve never “conspired” with other Chair fans to bring down Dair. I simply express my opinion and I suspect that’s what the other fans are doing as well. And you’re being a little hypocritical.

  32. Lise says:

    Just stopping by to give my support to Dair. They’re amazing in every single way and I’m glad Penn sees it.

  33. D says:

    Dan and Blair have really revitalized the show. I get what he’s saying about the acting part because the writer’s write more interesting scenes for them. They have such witty banter and great interactions. Serena’s character never provided that for him, she’s always been a boring character in my opinion.

    Now Chuck and Blair were great together but they’ve just been through the wringer too many times. I have no doubt they’ll end up together but here’s hoping Dan and Blair get at least some time together. Part of what makes their storyline so great is that they haven’t been rushed into a relationship and turned boring, which is part of what went wrong with Chuck and Blair. They are always more interesting apart so the writer’s had to invent reasons why they can’t be together, which mostly involved Chuck doing horrible things.

  34. Christen says:

    I’m for Chair all the way!! I do like seeing Blair and Dan interact as FRIENDS, though.

  35. Laura says:


    stay mad, chuckistan!

  36. layla says:

    great that my bb doesnt have a twitter. would probs be spammed with Chair epicness to death:)))
    u go man!
    obviously Leigh is much better actress than any of the girls (with the exceptioon of Taylor maybe)& they’ve known each other 4 a long time + DB def have better dialogues. PL def bring all kinds of awesome face expressions.
    he loved working with Ed too in S2 but obviously he cant say that Chuck is his soulmate:)))))))))))))) CD & the dog was presh btw:)

    & idk what the fuzz is about…he doesnt write the show. its his personal opinion. Leigh has one too. who cares. JSSS will still write what they want to…

  37. Danielle says:

    He didn’t say Blair is Dan’s soulmate – he said Blair is Dan’s soulmate. There’s a difference there. And I think Blair is Dan’s soulmate but I don’t think Dan is Blair’s soulmate…Chuck and Blair are soulmates, and I’m not saying their relationship isn’t flawfree at all or that Dan and Blair don’t have a great relationship but Blair doesn’t return the love that a true soulmate would give you…

    Talk about overreactions saying that they’re soulmates.

  38. kbooga says:

    My favorite part about this post is the ending! “Ready. Set. React!” Vlada Gelman, you really know GG fans and their extreme sensitivity in regards to the relationships on this show. Really had me laughing, before I started to read all the good and ridiculous comments!

  39. Lea says:

    Who cares what he says… Chair are endgame!!!!!

  40. Bealbort says:

    maybe Blair is dan’s soulmate but im certainly sure dan is not blair’s soulmate

  41. Anjjali says:

    DAIR!!! Best thing about the whole of the last season!

  42. Jess says:

    yay dan and blair are adorable together :)

  43. Svenja says:

    I used to be a big Chair shipper, but somehow they destroyed that on the show for me.
    Now I am a Dair shipper because Dan is loving, caring and shares a lot of things with Blair.
    He’s a good friend to her.
    I even can imagine them being more than friends because it all seems so functional and sweet.
    I don’t know, Dan really grew on me and his influence on Blair has a positive effect on Blair.
    I love S1 to mid S3 Chair…but after that?… hmm no not anymore.

  44. larissa says:

    Woww Penn!! Desperate moves to be loved.. His pr is working too much.What a way to destroy a once glorious show with this boring pairing.Penn is a douche for saying this. This clearly is for revenge from Blake. Penn and Dan are the top of my most hated list on GG and not only mine but also most peoples..Be smart and don’t destroy..

    Blair is Dan’s soulmate??? Since when? The show has never made it clear since for years. Now what is making the difference?Penn’s PR?
    Blair is Chuck’s soulmate and it will stay like that. Dan/Penn can go to hell!

  45. Kelso says:

    Dair all the way – think her and chuck have screwed each other over too many times! Dan and her have the best moments!

  46. Ducky says:

    Penn has good taste. :)

  47. cath says:

    Penn is entitled to have his own opinion just like the rest of us. Stop twisting his comments. His relationship in the past with Blake should not even be mention in this. CHAIR shippers obviously are threatened to the DAIR chemistry if not why would you react the way you are reacting. Admit it CHAIR fans you also kinda feel that there is something going on with DAIR every time they have a scene. We definitely just have to wait for the end whether its going to be DAIR or CHAIR. Hoping that it will be DAIR in the end!!

  48. Chloé says:

    Who cares what the actors said. Leighton always loved Chuck & Blair relationship. The writers NEVER care about this and they keep toying with them. So here you go.
    Leighton: “That’s perfect! They’re perfect for each other. He understands her like nobody else does.”
    “That’s my favorite relationship on the whole show. And he’s really honestly my favorite to work with, he’s awesome. And he’s evil.”
    “I have this moment in the new season where we talk and it’s just two or three lines between us – I wasn’t expecting it but I just started crying. And it’s so weird, because it’s this “love that cannot be” and all this, but I think it’s just that Ed’s a really amazing actor and I was just very emotional in the scene because of him. ”
    “I want them to get married. Ed and I say it all the time!”
    Just saying…

    • Mag. says:

      I don’t understand all those “ship” wars really. WAKE up and stop blame each other and blame the GG WRITERS! They are toying with all of us!! Personally I would never like DB because they were build on Chuck and “Chair” destruction. That’s MANIPULATION right here! Connor Paolo was right when he said that this show was PLOT driven and not character driven. They made Chuck a mess since S3. They put his character on pause in S4 and treat him horribly to make room for the Dair arc. Well, I’m sick of this kind of writing. Be careful DB fans! don’t trust this writers! NEVER. I’m so bitter since last year and will NEVER watch this show again. The vampire Diaries staff care about their characters. forget about GG and watch this amazing show instead!

  49. mel says:

    Dan and Blair’s scene also blew up Twitter and Chuck trending has nothing to do with anything.