Erica Durance Previews Her Date With Charlie's Angels (Plus, Smallville Finale Scoop...?)

Erica Durance has a date with an Angel — all four of ’em, actually — as a guest star on this Thursday’s Charlie’s Angels (ABC, 8/7c), which pays homage to the classic “Angels in Chains” episode circa 1976. TVLine spoke with the Smallville alumna about getting her Glock on as a CIA agent, her Hope to star in a medical drama, and breaking out of the genre-TV “box.” (We also of course made one last grab for Clark/Lois scoop!)

TVLINE | You told me that once Smallville wrapped, you wanted to “kick ass and take numbers.” So, do you get to kick a little ass on Charlie’s Angels?
In kind of a different way. She’s got the gun, she has a little physicality, and there’s definitely potential for her to really be tough, but in this particular situation there’s only a bit of that. They’re just establishing who she is, and we’ll see where they go with it. But I am a “gun-toting CIA agent”! [Laughs]

TVLINE | Specifically, a “Glock-toting CIA agent.” Tell us more about Samantha Masters.
Oh, Samantha Masters…. She’s a woman who is very career-driven, and she has a little bit of a history with Bosley (played by Ramon Rodriguez). He’s part of the reason she’s had a falling out with the CIA, so there’s a lot of tension they get to play with. She’s very self-reliant, and independent….

TVLINE | She knows a few of Bosley’s own secrets….
Yeah, you’ll see that she has a lot more on him than he has on her, though she plays it close to the vest. She’s very hard-nosed — I really like her.

TVLINE | What’s going on in the photos I’ve seen, with you and Ramon sneaking a field?
It’s kind of a reconnaissance mission where we are there to back up the Angels. [Samantha] was initially quite an obstacle, but I end up coming along for the ride, so we’re checking out how we can best help the Angels — and bickering as well! And then we all get in a lot of trouble.

TVLINE | Is there sexual tension between her and Boz?
I wouldn’t necessarily call it a sexual tension, but there’s definitely a tension from them having had a relationship before that is not quite finished yet.

TVLINE | Is Charlie’s Angels a pilot you went up for in the spring?
I did not. I was busy filming Smallville, but I was well aware of it, because of course it was [original Smallville EPs Al Hough and Miles Millar’s] next venture. So I knew it was casting, but I knew that I wouldn’t be unavailable to work on it. I was very happily surprised when Al and Miles, who were really good to me with Smallville, called to see if I wanted to come down and do this.

TVLINE | What was it like working with them again?
I was only able to chat with Al, and it was really, really great. I also saw a couple of alums from the Smallville crew when I was down in Miami, so that was like a little reunion!

TVLINE | Al said that when they were casting the voice of Charlie, Michael Rosenbaum lobbied for the gig — and even sent tapes.
[Laughs] Yeah, I bet he did! It’d be the perfect thing for Michael. He’s very animated and fun, plus he’d get to stay in L.A.

TVLINE | Are you locked in for just the one Angels episode? Or have you booked a second?
I have not. There was the thought that it could recur, and if all of that works out with the timing of whatever project I’m working on, I’d be open to seeing where they go with the character.

TVLINE | Where do things stand with Saving Hope, the Canadian medical drama on which you star and also serve as a producer? [Durance plays Dr. Alice Joy, the idealistic Chief Surgical Resident at a hospital whose happenings are narrated by its comatose Chief of Surgery.]
I’m still waiting to hear. We had some really positive feedback from some of the people we approached… so we’ll see what happens. That was a wonderful experience and a project I’m really proud of.

TVLINE | Alice is smart doctor, but…? What’s her foible?
What’s her foible? [Laughs] Maybe her foible is she doesn’t know what her foible is yet. That’s something that I’m still working on developing. I was very interested in playing doctor who has to deal with all kinds of drama on a day-in, day-out basis, and being part of a project that talks about not just the surgeries but that whole life. She’s a great character, but there’s a quality to her that is quite detached. Plus, it was nice to be a part of something where I can be a producer as well. One of my goals is to educate myself more as a woman in this business.

TVLINE | Cassidy Freeman booked a new A&E series and a recurring role on [the since-canceled] Playboy Club, Justin Hartley is going to be on Chuck, you’ve got Saving Hope and this Angels appearance… Is it a weight off your shoulders to see several Smallville vets book new gigs right away, and not left in some sci-fi cubbyhole?
I think that all actors just want to continue acting, so if you get the opportunity to go out and do something again, you feel very lucky. Speaking for myself, I felt so lucky to get seven years [on Smallville], so I never took for granted that I’d be able to go out and get another job. And I’m still not taking for granted that I’m going to [stay busy]. I just keep looking for things that are interesting and keep calm as possible about it all, not worrying about being in a “box.” That’s why I went off and did a film in Italy – I wanted to stretch my wings and see what it’s like to make film with Italians and see what that market is like, and that role was very challenging. [Twins, in which Durance plays dual roles, screened this month at the Rome Film Festival to a standing-room-only crowd.] I’m really happy for my fellow colleagues, because I know they wouldn’t be doing these roles unless they thought it was something really interesting and fun for them.

TVLINE | Lastly, I’m curious: Even at two hours, the Smallville series finale had a lot to get done. Was there anything left on the cutting room floor that we should watch for on the DVDs?
I don’t know if our outtakes will wind up on the DVD, but yeah, we had to shave a lot of it. So we’ll see what happens. I hope that they leave in some of the scenes they had to cut around.

TVLINE | What kind of stuff was cut?
[Pauses to think] You know what? It’s all a blur to me…. I don’t have any good scoop for you, Matt — sorry!

TVLINE | But it wasn’t, like, Lois flying with Clark… right?
Nooooo, nothing as exciting as that. Are you kidding me?! [Read more about the Smallville Season 10 DVD outtakes here.]

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  1. dee says:

    Smallville is over, let it go.

  2. Emgee says:

    Very cool. Thanks for posting.

  3. localboy says:

    The only lasting positive memory of Smallville was Durance’s portrayal of Lois. After THAT finale, everything else leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Grr!

    • Emgee says:

      I loved the finale

    • Elle says:

      Erica was wonderful as Lois Lane and I openly admit that I cried during the walk down the aisle in the finale. I really wasn’t expecting to cry because that’s not normally my thing but I found the Clark/Lois relationship on Smallville oddly moving.

      I actually thought the best scenes in the finale were probably the Clark/Lois scene reading the vows at the door, the walk down the aisle, the Clark/Lex scene in the mansion, the Lex/Tess scene and the final scene in the Daily Planet.

    • Gerry says:

      The “Smallville” finale delivered what it promised: nothing more, nothing less. It was a fitting end to the series. I so miss it.

  4. Marie says:

    Wonderful interview. I really miss Erica Durance. I hope her pilot gets picked up because I want to see her weekly! LOL

    And Matt, next time you should ask Erica if she wants to do another show with Cassidy Freeman. Those two women had such amazing chemistry! :)

  5. hatie123 says:

    Great article Matt. I miss seeing Erica every week. I’m happy she has found work so quickly. As for Smallville, why let it go? It is such a huge part of her life and if it wasn’t for the show we may not know who she was. I love Smallville and everything that was done. Its a show in my opinion that did everything right, that’s why it was on for 10yrs. Why forget what made you famous in the first place.

  6. Dan says:

    I hope Erica Durance gets to be a reccuring character in some new show that lasts a while. I miss seing her on my tv every week!

    Erica is by far my favorite Lois Lane and she was the best part of Smallville.

    • sun says:

      ITA. With everything. But most specially that last line:

      Erica is by far my favorite Lois Lane and she WAS the best part of Smallville!!!

  7. Cynthia says:

    Eeeeep*o*, can’t wait for tonight!It’s gonna be great to see her again. And great interview Matt,:)

  8. Bo says:

    I absolutely adore Erica Durance! She’s the only reason I’ll be watching tonight’s episode. Can’t wait!

  9. sun says:

    Matt, I haven’t read it yet (will post a comment later) but wanted to thank you for this. It’s prob to promote CA, but even so, thanks because I miss Smallville’s Lois Lane and need news on Erica Durance.

  10. Gabriela says:

    did it on twitter and will do it here too, Thanks Matt for yet another wonderful Durance interview, and because you didn’t forget Smallville Qs which was awesome. And THAT Smallville photo didn’t hurt either ♥.

    Hope Erica get to do awesome things in the future!! hopefully the next time we see her in primetime in a major network, will be as the lead and in a better project than Charlie’s Angels (not to hard to accomplish)

  11. Wrenn says:

    Thanks Matt for the interview. I miss her so much. I’ll watch this episode just for her, and I hope she gets more primetime gigs.

  12. Sal says:

    Awwww, Erica will never stop being so awesome. Thanks for the interview Matt. I miss having her and Tom on my screen every week. Keeping my fingers crossed for Saving Hope.

  13. celita says:

    Thank you Matt for another wonderful interview with Erica!. I’m dreading the episode because the show seems awful, but I’ll watch for her anyway.

  14. Natalie says:

    Many many thanks for the interview, Matt :).
    It’s always a great pleasure to read about the amazing Erica Durance :D!!!

  15. Elle says:

    Smallville had it’s ups and downs but I genuinely enjoyed the final seasons that focused more on Lois and Clark. I legitimately miss the show more than I actually thought I would. Erica was always a class act and I wish her the best. I have no interest in Charlie’s Angels but I will tune in to watch her tonight just as I tuned in to see Cassidy Freeman on Playboy Club a few weeks ago.

    Now seriously, can someone please find Tom Welling and put the man back on television?

  16. Jen says:

    I really hate when titles of articles are misleading. She said NOTHING interesting about the Smallville finale. Lame.

  17. csampath says:

    She is gonna kick some Angel ass.. lol Bosley is really cute I remember the old Charlie’s Angels and the guy was old and bald and not attractive. This guy is attractive, hispanic, and can kick some bootay.

  18. Tucker says:

    Definitive Lois Lane, definitive Lex Luthor, definitive Lex’s father (who will likely forever be known as Lionel in every format going forward), definitive Jonathan and Martha Kent, definitive Jimmy Olsen, definitive Zod.
    For as many problems as the show had, it got many things right. And the finale is better than a lot of peple give it credit for.

  19. woolanayu says:

    I love Erica! and thanks Matt, great article.

  20. 1eclecticgal says:

    So not interested in this Charlie’s Angels remake but I will watch it tonight because of Erica Durance. She’s a class act and I miss her on my screen. I wish her the best. Thanks for the article, Matt!

  21. Tucker says:

    Naw, I say let Tom have his break. He worked plenty hard for 10 years.
    He’ll find his way back soon enough.

  22. Manu says:

    I miss Erica on my screen!

    Definitely checking tonight’s episode of Charlie’s Angel, and I hope Saving Hope gets picked up! Weekly dosis of Durance are definitely necessary…

    Aww Matt, you asking about Smallville is <3
    You need to do a video interview with her next time, you two are hilarious together!

  23. Christine says:

    Matt, thank you so much for the lovely interview. You covered a lot of ground. It was great to hear more about SAVING HOPE and to get some insight from Ms. Durance on her professional aspirations. I love Erica for not feeling boxed in by her previous roles and for embracing new challenges like producing. One of the best things about SMALLVILLE was Durance’s Lois Lane. I can’t wait to see what she has to offer in tonight’s CHARLIE’S ANGELS. Al Gough and Miles Millar were lucky to have her.

  24. Michael says:

    I’d be disappointed if an Erica D. Q and A didn’t include some Smallville questions.

  25. Dan says:

    I would like to see Erica in an HBO, Showtime, etc., series, so she can get nekkid.

  26. kevin says:

    Can’t wait for tonight’s episode with Erica Durance in it but I’m not so sure if she’ll be sticking around for the reboot now that the ratings are still hurting the series. CHARLIE’S ANGELS is still in production in Miami but ABC will wait on the show’s fate and the network wouldn’t ruled out cancellation if production will shut down on the reboot series but if it does, looks like Minka, Rachael, Annie, Ramon and probably Victor Garber who voices Charlie will have new homes and other projects sometime next year but still it’s anybody guess at this point.

    • sun says:

      The only reason why I’d be hoping they at least finish 1 season is the possibility of Erica’s Samantha Masters recurring role in the series CA.

  27. Mike says:

    So excited to see Erica back on TV tonight!

  28. Luke says:

    Thanks for the interview, Matt! It is always great to hear from the lovely and talented Erica! Looking forward to tonight’s episode and crossing my fingers for Saving Hope to get picked up to series soon. =)

  29. sun says:

    Matt, thank you sooo much for this Erica Durance interview. Loved the questions you asked. And as usual, loved the wordplay in the first paragraph!*wink* The pretty pictures you posted are very much appreciated as well!!

    Hope you’ll get the scoop if and when Saving Hope gets picked up!!

  30. Eliza says:

    Matt, Thanks so much for the interview. Miss her so much. Lois and Clark were the best thing about Smallville. Tom and Erica need to do a movie together.

    • Bo says:

      Erica and Tom scenes were indeed the best part of Smallville! Everything else pretty much blew chunks – much like Charlie’s Angels last night – all the non-Erica scenes were bad, excruciatingly bad!

  31. Mickey says:

    i muted the whole show with the exception of Erica’s parts. it really does not say much for a show when a guest star pretty is basically the only good thing about it. luved seeing Erica again on tv but please somebody find something better for her than this she deserves so much better. i hope ABC airs her show and after this they really owe it to her.