The TVLine-Up: TV Worth Watching Wednesday

On your TV this Wednesday: Sue Heck gets her cheer on, Megan Mullally plays one Happy mother, and USA at long last Psych’s itself back up. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features and reporting, here are 14 programs to keep on your radar.

4 pm MLB American League Championship Series (Fox) | Look at the Tigers putting up a fight! Let’s see if they can now even out the series in Game 4.

8 pm MLB National League Championship Series (TBS) | Tied up at 1-1, the Cardinals host the Brewers for Game 3.

8 pm The X Factor (Fox) | If you don’t watch the full two hours of this first visit to the judges’ homes, Fox’s decision to bump the special New Girl episode that was to air at 9:30 will have been for naught.

8 pm The Middle (ABC) | Sue tries out for… cheerleading. Oh, this cannot end well.

8:30 pm Suburgatory (ABC) | Tessa joins the school paper, while her dad signs up with the PTA — where he proves to be veddy popular with the ladies. Hey, Suburgatory, how about hooking Ausiello and I up with some of that sugar-free Red Bull?

Fall TV Twist: New Girl Gone ‘Til November

9 pm Criminal Minds (CBS) | As a killer targets the survivors of a high school massacre that took place 10 years prior, Hotch worries that his son is being bullied by classmates.

9 pm Harry’s Law (NBC) | In an episode directed by Emmy-winning guest star Paul McCrane, Harry and Ollie defend the Gossip Girl-like blogger that outed a lesbian teen who then went on to commit suicide.

9 pm Work of Art: The Next Great Artist (Bravo) | Season 2 features more Sarah Jessica Parker! And nudity! But not combined! Watch a preview here.

9 pm Modern Family (ABC) | David Cross returns as the ice cream cake-loving Duane Bailey, this time irritating Claire to the point that she ponders a run for city council. But will she have to break up with Ben to do so? What?

9:30 pm Happy Endings (ABC) | Megan Mullally (speaking of Parks and Recreation…) pops up as Penny’s perpetually optimistic mom — however she’s harboring a dark secret.

American Horror Story Burning Questions: Why Not Just Move? Why the Sexy Maid? And More!

10 pm Law & Order: SVU (NBC) | Grey’s Anatomy alum T.R. Knight plays a family man accused of a series on rapes, as suggested by some pretty damning evidence. As he insists he’s innocent, Benson and Amaro (Danny Pino) begin to suspect he’s a truth-teller.

10 pm Psych (USA Network) | Season 6 finally, finally is here, and the first new caper involves Shawn’s discovery of a dead body when he is somewhere he really shouldn’t be. Meanwhile, Lasster gets all Meet the Parents with a lie detector.

10 pm Revenge (ABC) | How funny would it be if Emily’s name was Montezuma? Or better yet, Yar!

10 pm American Horror Story (FX) | Constance (Jessica Lange) and her daughter bake cupcakes for the Harmons — and believe me when I say they are not using a Funfetti recipe.

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  1. Lucia says:

    Everytime I watch The Middle, why did Sue get such an ordinary name when her brothers are named Axl and Brick?

    • tazzy says:

      I’ve wondered the same thing.

      Sounds like a good topic for an episode, doesn’t it? I mean, if we can focus one on Brick’s birthday, why not Sue’s name?

      • satirex says:

        It might be an interesting topic for an episode, but up to now, the joke was that her name is weird for a different reason (her middle name is also Sue, so her full name is Sue Sue Heck).

    • Chelsea says:

      I actually read somewhere that it was because around the time she was born, a relative named Sue died. I’m not sure if it’s true or not, though.

  2. Kevin McNellis says:

    Juliets father gets all meet the parents? You mean partner aka Lassiter or am I missing something? The father is later in the season.

  3. J says:

    You mean Moctezuma?

  4. Jay says:

    X-Factor for me. As a fan of the British and Aussie version of the show, Judge’s houses are the best part of the series.

  5. hru says:

    Well good lord! What about CSI? Are you telling me you do not think it worth watching? One of the most watched shows EVER and you can’t list it? Who are you pandering to really?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    No Raising Hope :( but….
    Yay to Psych being back!! I’ve missed one of my all-time favorite bromances.

    Will also be watching Suburgatory and (taping) Revenge. Two new shows that I’m loving so far!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      RAISING HOPE wasn’t getting the post-X FACTOR slot this Wednesday anyway, it was to be NEW GIRL. But it’s all moot now.

  7. Marie says:

    Psych is back! Yay!

  8. daniel says:


  9. Brendan says:

    Been waiting for the return of psych for so long…. the last 11 hours are going to be excruciating… need psych NOW!!

  10. chris says:

    The Middle
    Modern Family

  11. Brandy says:

    Revenge and Top Model

  12. Luminosity says:

    #PsychIsBack tonight!!! I can’t wait!

  13. Lisa says:

    8 – 10pm : ABC
    10pm: PSYCH!!!! SO SO happy it’s back :) :) WOOHOO!!
    I have no life on Wednesdays ;-)

  14. Missy says:

    Happy Endings and REVENGE!!!

    I adore Revenge. So good.

  15. Gene says:

    Confused by the description of Modern Family: “David Cross returns as the ice cream cake-loving Duane Bailey, this time irritating Claire to the point that she ponders a run for city council. But will she have to break up with Ben to do so? What?”

    First of all there is no character named Ben on Modern Family. Claire is married to Phil.

  16. Tiffany says:

    I love that on the West Coast, my USA-HD channel gets the East Coast feed — I will get Psych at 7pm!! WOO HOO! (Then I can watch Revenge at it’s normally scheduled time)

  17. Alicia says:

    Criminal Mindssss!! And mayhaps CSI (last week’s ep was really good) :)

  18. Erika says:

    I will be watching live (times central)
    X-Factor 7-9 I’m so excited for the judge’s house episodes
    Real World 9-10 It’s actually been pretty decent this year

    Tomorrow I will watch online
    Modern Family
    Happy Endings

  19. aleksa says:

    Our family watches no fewer than SIX shows on Wednesdays. It’s almost overwhelming!

  20. John Berggren says:

    X-factor expands this week for a non-singing episode with a tour of the judges homes? Suck. Suck. Suck.

  21. Lisa says:

    Wednesday is ridiculously overloaded with shows.

  22. SAM says:

    PSYCH IS BACK YES!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Fen says:

    Wednesdays are chock full of good stuff….which makes it frustrating for the old DVR! I’m looking forward to the ABC comedies and Criminal Minds (as usual). BUT I am super-extraordinarily consumed with anticipation over the return of PSYCH!

  24. Lisa says:

    I will be watching:
    The Middle
    Modern Family
    Ghost Hunters
    American Horror Story

  25. Candice says:

    I can’t wait for Psych. It’s the only thing I’m going to watch live tonight.

  26. Lisa says:

    I will also be watching:


  27. Carmichael says:

    > accused of a series on rapes

    I continue to not understand what’s entertaining about a show dealing with sex crimes. Bob Kelso put it best “We get it, the pedophile did it”

  28. Scott says:

    MY Choices:

    8:00 – Survivor
    9:00 – Criminal Minds
    10:00 – Psych
    11:01 – American Horror Story

    8:00 – The Middle
    9:00 – Modern Family

    ONDEMAND at some-point
    ♦:♦♦ – CSI

  29. David says:

    Haha Montezuma’s revenge! Seriously revenge is really shaping up nicely I hope they don’t cancel it half way through or some such rubbish.

  30. blingedupsusan says:

    We’ll be watching X-Factor and DVRing The Middle — two of our favorites.

  31. Fernando says:

    Revenge revenge revenge revenge revenge revenge revenge

  32. Suncatcher says:

    I gotta say, I am so darn sick of USA’s promo of “Psyche” that I don’t even want to watch it tonight. 4 to 5 weeks solid – every commercial break with no end in sight. I used to love the song, “Don’t you forget about me.” Now, if I ever hear it again, it won’t be too soon. Not even tuning in USA. There’s a limit and you reached mine. (You drove me to DVR).

  33. Suncatcher says:

    MATT! I am still laughing my head off over your Montezuma’s (Revenge) play on words. Too funny! Too much fresh air, eh, Matt?
    : )

  34. juan says:

    All ABC, Suburgatory and Revenge have been great new shows, and I love megan mullally

  35. Amber says:

    Is it just me, or did everyone’s comments go into bold text on the second half?

    I am so excited for Psych’s return, I just started watching it right when it was ending last season. It has been a terribly long wait for it to start again. Those guys are freaking hilarious together.

    I am getting into Revenge, but I’m nervous about the show. With plot lines like this, it will be a hard thing to judge when to cancel the show. Either the show gets canceled unexpectedly leaving the audience unfulfilled, or else it goes on longer than it should which will make the plots start to look stupid and not make any sense (see Lost for example), or else it gets canceled earlier than the writers want it to, forcing them to quickly wrap things up in a way that will seem hurried and also not make sense (again see Lost for example). Also, she seems to be getting Revenge on one person every episode, how many people can possibly be involved with this plot against her dad? I think at some point it’s gonna get stupid, but I’m in for the ride at least for now.

  36. mdaily says:


  37. Steven says:

    A Yar’s Revenge joke! Nicely done, Matt!

  38. uhyeahright says:

    Psych’s opening credits has some awesome camera angles; wow!

  39. tvlover44 says:

    matt – it should be ‘how about hooking Ausiello and *me* up with…’ not ‘Ausiello and I’ (big fan of daily ‘tv worth watching’, btw!)