Survivor: South Pacific: Right Move By Keith?

My sympathies go out to anyone who happened to be eating dinner — especially if it was pork (or even a pork byproduct) — during tonight’s spectacularly disgusting immunity challenge on Survivor: South Pacific.

The showdown featured Upolu and Savaii battling to see which tribe could tear more meat off a pair of roasted pigs in a 10-minute period — with the contestants’ hands tied behind their backs. As if the sight of players gnawing/tugging at hunks of flesh caught in their comrades’ teeth wasn’t repugnant enough, there was even a “bowl’s eye view” angle from which you could experience the chunder-worthy vision of wild-eyed, greasy-mouthed players spitting fatty flesh directly into the camera. Salad for lunch for the rest of the week, everyone? At least Jeff Probst got to drop unintentional double entendres like “Rick with a huge piece of meat!”

When Upolu defeated Savaii — 22 lbs, 14 oz of gore to 22 lbs, 12 oz of sinew and saliva (and kudos to Mikayla for possibly tipping the scales with a hunk of swine she picked off the ground)  — the drama turned to the Tribe Formerly Known as Ozzy’s Minions. We’d seen Jim and Cochran, then Cochran and Dawn, plotting last week against Ozzy’s “hammock sweetheart” Elyse. But this week, Ozzy gave increasingly shrewd Jim an opening to recruit Keith to the blindside dark side when the Survivor vet made a remark about how Upolu’s Coach needed to think about ousting Hot Albert, the strongest physical threat in his own alliance. Jim used Ozzy’s “kill your copilot” strategy to make a strong case to Keith that the time had come to wrestle back control of Savaii, and in the end, we got a thrilling vote split: Cochran, Dawn, and Jim voting for Elyse; Ozzy and Elyse voting for Cochran; and Keith and Whitney essentially writing down the word “abstain” (or, essentially, “Elyse”) by voting for Dawn.

On one hand, perhaps Keith and Whitney played it smart by refusing to vote Elyse, and therefore retaining the ability to not technically lie in a jury situation by saying “I never betrayed Ozzy or Elyse.” But honestly, who’s going to really respect that kind of letter-of-the-law gameplay?

Don’t get me wrong, I was stoked to see Ozzy and Elyse get blindsided. I mean, I don’t recall setting my DVR to tape The Ozzy Show, and Elyse’s Tribal Council remark about how Cochran would “appreciate the experience” of Redemption Island was shockingly cocky. Plus, the swipe against Ozzy is a checks-and-balances move assuring he doesn’t have a surplus of power heading into a merge. I just think Keith and Whitney made an error by not owning their own blindside, and that could come with a high price tag down the road. Take our poll below to weigh in.

Oh, and in case you missed the episode, here’s what went down: Christine won the Redemption Island duel over an extremely blasé Stacey; Stacey told the Savaii spectators at the duel that they need to fear Ozzzy Coach, Albert, and Sophie in case of a merge; Stacey and Christine both repeatedly (and hilariously) referred to Coach by his birth name Benjamin; Albert searched in his underwear for clues to the hidden immunity idol, and God, pleased by this display of the human form, rewarded him with a clue; Albert shared the clue only with Sophie and Coach, and Coach found the idol; oh, and Stacey gave us this parting bon mot about her Upolu teammates: “All of y’all are gonna go to Hell with gasoline drawers on.”

What did you think of Keith’s gameplay this week? Were you psyched to see Elyse’s name come up, or were you hoping for a Cochran exit? Take our poll below, hit the comments when you’re done, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Paul says:

    Your poll is missing the best option – convince the five (Cochran, Dawn, Jim, Keith, and Whitney) to vote for Ozzy. If you shoot at the king, kill the king.

    • Stacie says:

      If they want to stay even or above at the merge they need Ozzy to get them there. They need to win at the challenges to gain or keep the advantage. Without Ozzy they’d only have a couple strong guys, it’s not the time for him yet.

      • Magically Suspicious says:

        Plus, they’d all starve. I’m glad the vote went like it did because this will rile Ozzy up and push him into fight mode. And I do love to watch him play the game. When he gets his head into it, he’s unstoppable.

      • ultimate troll says:

        That’s just not true. Ozzy doesn’t auto win challenges for his tribe. Just ask Semhar, Papa Bear and Elyse.

        Of course, I think – for Keith and Whitney- the smartest move was to vote out Cochran and promise Jim +Dawn that you’ll be with them when the time is right.

    • JR says:

      If they send Ozzy to Redemption Island, he could easily sweep all of the challenges and get back in after the merge, when he can rely on winning individual immunity. Either way I think he might still make it far.

      • ReMMeZ says:

        After Rob last year, they’d all be total tools if they let him. Still Ozzy has no gameplan.. He’s got no social game. He’s like a monkey without a clue.. Once again. I dont believe Coach or Ozzzzz will make the final curtain as contenders.. Perhaps as benchwarmers [jury].

    • John Berggren says:

      I agree. Get him out while he’s confident. Now that his guard is up, he’ll have the idol in play.

    • sasyh fan says:

      My thoughts exactly, but I guess they keep him around because he rocks at challenges, yet don’t want him to have numbers at the merge. It’s probably a smart move.

      Kudos to coach. Hopefully he’ll just keep the idol out of play like Rob did last season.

      Cochran is getting more interesting. Just what’s with the collar, dude?

  2. Cobb says:

    It just goes to show that Keith and Whitney are spineless, and if not for Jim, it would have been a repeat of last season with the returning player surrounded by followers too scared to make a move. By not voting for Elyse, they alienated themselves from both alliances and now it’s only a matter of time for them.

  3. NoreenR says:

    Stacey told the Savaii spectators at the duel that they need to fear Ozzzy, Albert, and Sophie in case of a merge;

    I think you mean Coach, not Ozzy

  4. Marcus Dixon says:

    Yeah, you need to replace Ozzzy (that’s three Z’s) with Coach in the second-to-last paragraph.

  5. Stacie says:

    If you want to take out Elise take her out, don’t be wimps and vote for Dawn or anyone else. By not voting for Elise specifically do they actually think that Ozzy would be cool with that? No they didn’t technically pull the trigger and finish her off, but they could have prevented Ozzy’s friend from going home by one of them making the move. Now not only did they piss of Ozzy, but they pissed off the other 3 people. If you want to make a move, make a move, please do, even though I think it was still too early. But don’t do what they did. It’s one of the biggest cop outs I’ve seen in awhile. It doesn’t make sense. Now the 3 that voted Elise out are in the power position. If they stick together they can vote out the next person. They went from being in one of the best spots to one of the worst. It was a weird decision, and I just don’t have any respect for it.

    • Ava says:

      Agreed! I would say that if you are going to make a move then at least own it. don’t cop out and act like you didn’t want it to happen. Frankly I hate Redemption Island, it’s a terrible “twist” that just prolongs a game that is already a little bit too long. That being said, I hope they vote Ozzy next so he doesn’t have to keep taking care of those whiny babies.

    • dan says:

      But remember: Ozzy has the immunity idol and Keith knows it (and Keith told Whitney). So Keith didn’t want to give any hint to Ozzy as to what was going down in case Ozzy decided to give the idol to Elyse. And Keith didn’t let Jim or Cochran know that Ozzy has the idol so he stayed loyal. By voting for Dawn, Keith and Whitney don’t “out” Ozzy’s hidden immunity idol which they can later argue was their best way of protecting Ozzy while hurting his alliance. I thought it was a great move and I’m glad that the Ozzy kingdom is crashing down (makes for a much more interesting show). Now if only Albert and Sophie would figure out a way to take down Benjamin (oops, I mean Coach).

  6. ReMMeZ says:

    I think this season sucks big time.. Dudes like Coach, Brandon, Ozzy and there are people walking around who i don’t even know by name or by face.. It blows.

    Last year at least we had Boston Rob who carried the whole season all by himself. Coach [sorry benjamin] is boring and Ozzy sucks at the game [we knew that already].. The ‘new’ contestants are so boring.. It’s like Africa [the last time] all over again.. at least they had Sugar..

    I rate this as one of the most boring seasons till date.

  7. topsyturvy says:

    Keith should have voted for Whitney and Whiteny should have voted for Keith. That way way, maybe,they wouldn’t have pissed off the other alliance quite as much.

    Albert. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Sean says:

    My Random Thoughts:

    I thought it was ridiculous that the reward was bread, veggies, and spices. You’re telling me that the team that wins this challenge doesn’t get to keep the unchewed meat on the spit??? That’s like taking someone to a nice steakhouse, or a Brazilian Rodizio restaurant, and then telling them they can only have the salad bar and some dinner rolls. (Yes, I understand they got the ‘chewed meat’, but I thought the Reward itself was lame)

    Despite Ozzy’s attempt at wittiness in the voting booth that the “Coch-train” (which I think was the name of one of his pre-Survivor soft-core films) was on its second-to-last stop, she of the knit bikini was sent to Redemption Island in a spectacular spelling display that saw 100% of the votes cast for her spell her name wrong (Lys, Elice, and Elise). Can we please get a spelling template in the booth? I can’t even blame Ralph this time.

    After you’re done here at TVLine, I hope you’ll check out the rest of my recap at, or you can just click my name.

    • Rebecca says:

      If I had to guess about the spelling of her name, I would have put down Elise. My vote for the “dumb spelling mistake” of the episode was when Ozzy asked Cochran how he spelled his name. Even if he meant it jokingly… yeah, you don’t joke about that on Survivor! Cochran may not be much physically, but he’s smart and he has a vote.

    • Katie says:

      Entertainment Weekly blocked your link so you have to come trolling around here? Go away Sean!

  9. francine says:

    “Albert searched in his underwear for clues…….”

    Did he expect to find the clue in his underwear?

  10. Rinacres says:

    I dont know that I am impressed so much with Keith’s gameplay as I am by Jim’s. He is the one who orchestrated the entire move. As for Keith not telling Jim about Ozzy’s idol, we dont really know if he told him or not. They edit out a lot! I do think they were smart to keep Ozzy around if just to keep feeding them. Without having any rice this time around, they really need someone who can fish well. This is not a very exciting season, and I am really tired of seeing Brandon cry, but I am a fan who will watch until the end.

  11. Mike says:

    If I am Kieth I explain to Jim that I have Whitney’s vote and that we can do Cochran now and then use Dawn the next time we go to tribal to get rid of Ozzy or Elise (4-2) this way Ozzy still thinks he is sitting pretty and whitney doesn’t even need to know the plan for now. Whitney just needs to vote for Cochran and we have the game under control with only Jim and I knowing it completely. Also, whitney and I (kieth) are more in control than Jim knows because Ozzy and elise trust kieth more than they trust Jim and Jim really has the only true ally he had, Cochran voted off.
    If Jim doesn’t go for this plan then I just let Dawn know and still get Cochran out then work with everyone to get Jim next. Once Jim goes then I have Whit, Dawn and myself (Kieth) left with Ozzy and Elise 3-2 and I feel I am sitting pretty. But I am just watching from my easy chair so what do I know?

    • Claire says:

      Jim knows he can count on Cochran doing what he proposes because it’s totally to Cochran’s benefit and the guy doesn’t have another choice. That’s the kind of ally to keep around. If Keith and Whitney are putting in a plug to keep the Ozzy alliance intact a little longer that’s exactly what Jim doesn’t want to have happen. It’s kind of amazing to me that Keith and Whitney were so worried about getting on Ozzy’s bad side, because once the vote goes down that only Elyse voted the way he wanted and Elyse is now out, Ozzy really isn’t particularly powerful. Thus, why does it matter that much to stay in his good graces? Their waffling and voting for Dawn instead of Elyse sort of had the whiff of Boston Rob’s alliance working not to make him unhappy over the whole of last season. How did that work for them? And at least Rob was a decent leader for his group overall, whereas Ozzy does not stand out as having any particularly smart strategy whatsoever.

      • mike says:

        Reread what I posted it would give keith a 2 way out and allow for him to remove Jim and Ozzy without ever having to lie to anyone leaving him with Dawn, Whitney and himself as 3-2 eventually with any other group of two. Keith could very easily have orchestrated the following order of dismissal if he could have convinced Jim to remove Cochran first:
        1. Cochran
        then he has Jim Whitney and Dawn to help him get rid of:
        2. Ozzy (because the whole tribe still voted out Cochran and
        Ozzy feels safe with his alliance) he wouldn’t even think of
        playing his idol and it doesn’t matter if the group knows
        he has it because Ozzy would never see it coming.
        Then he has Whitney, Jim and Dawn to get rid of:
        3. Elyse
        Then because Jim still feels that he and Keith are in cahoots,
        Keith has Dawn and Whitney to lose:
        4. Jim (this is assuming the merge hasn’t come yet) if it
        has then the 4 of them Jim, Keith, Whitney, and Dawn go into the merge with a four person alliance that hasn’t been broken for 3 trips to tribal.
        If they don’t have the merge yet Keith and Whitney have been tight the whole time so they go with Dawn last.

  12. R Carr says:

    I like that Keith and Whitney shook things up, it makes entertaining television, but I think it was the wrong move.

    The 4 of them had at least 3 more weeks to vote out Dawn, Cochran, and Jim and if you can make it to the merge you never know what could happen. The 4 of them (Ozzy, Elyse, Keith, Whitney) could have easily made it to the final 3 without much controversy. Sure, a lot of things would have needed to line up, but at least the path is much less clear now.

    As I said, makes for entertaining TV though … I’m looking forward to seeing Ozzy the “free agent”.

    • Claire says:

      It’s pretty clear that Ozzy was probably planning to ditch Keith as soon as it was strategically feasible for him to do so. Going to the final three with him wasn’t going to happen anyway. This was a great time to blindside Ozzy.

  13. Gen says:

    They should have just voted for Elyse. Just because they didn’t vote for her, doesn’t mean they didn’t know what they were doing. They knew Cochran was the target, they were just too scared to directly vote for Elyse. I don’t think it’ll make any difference to Ozzy. Next week should be hilarious though.

  14. D says:

    I am laughing at the people who think that Ozzy will continue to provide food for the tribe. Looks like in the scenes from next week that he is going to throw the challenge. He can then use his immunity idol and get someone else voted off as “punishment”. Because Ozzy stupidly told Keith that he had the idol, it lessens his power though. Keith will have to engineer a vote split between Ozzy and someone else. The game just got interesting.

  15. Big Poppa Smurf says:

    Keith and Whitney were stupid for voting off Elise because all they did was switch the target to themselves. Now that Elise is gone the only couple in the tribe is those two and if Jim stays true to form his next move will be to blindside them at an upcoming tribal council because it is to no one’s advantage having Keith and Whitney go into a merge as a strong duo.

  16. Rick says:

    I think they they should have gotten rid of Ozzy. What if they lose next week? Then who goes? If they want Ozzy gone, Keith and Whitney know he has the Idol, so they’ll have to vote off one of the four new allies (Cochran, Dawn, Jim, or Keith).
    However, based on the options in the poll, I think Keith and Whitney should have just voted out Cochran. Then, Cochran would go home, and Keith and Whitney would be safe for at least two more tribals because they, with Elyse and Ozzy, would be in the majority and could take out Dawn and Jim, who at this point would be a known traitor.

  17. emma says:

    I think the wrong team won the pig spit weighing challenge as the scales were damaged by the weight of the first teams basket. If you look at the scales at the end of both weighings they are not on zero as they were at the beginning of the weighings. Rotating an old set of scales 2 rotations past 12 o’clock will cause the scales to stretch so that when the second teams basket weighed it does not start from zero but to the right of zero thus making the second teams basket appear heavier. Check out the scales at the end of the challenge when they have no weight on them and at the beginning of the challenge.