Hart of Dixie, Secret Circle Join Full-Season Club

The CW is on a full-season pickup tear today.

On the heels of Ringer‘s back-nine order, the network has greenlit full seasons of fellow rookie dramas Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle.

In a statement, CW president Mark Pedowitz focused on quality over ratings (none of the shows have emerged as breakout hits for the network).

“We believe in the creative strength of these dramas, and by giving them back nine orders we can give our audience the chance to enjoy complete seasons of all three of them,” said Pedowitz. “With compelling storylines, engaging characters and tremendous buzz, we firmly believe that Hart of Dixie, Ringer and The Secret Circle can become signature series for The CW, the kind of top-notch shows that are synonymous with our brand.” (As opposed to, say, reality dud H8R, which was whacked after only a handful of airings.)

Hart of Dixie Exclusive: Dawson’s Creek Alum to Play [Spoiler Alert]!

For those keeping track at home, Dixie, Secret Circle and Ringer join Fox’s New Girl, NBC’s Up All Night and Whitney, and CBS’ 2 Broke Girls in this fall’s full-season club.

Thoughts? Which of the three pickups are you most excited about? Vote in the comments!

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  1. Snapy says:

    I’m loving The Secret Circle, so this is good news!!

  2. Jason says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!! OMG YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Matt from UK says:

    They may have full seasons now, but I bet only one of them survive.

  4. Lauren says:

    Yay! I was pretty certain they would do Secret Circle, glad they gave Hart of Dixie the back 9 as well, I’m enjoying the Zoe/Wade dynamic. I hope he becomes Zoe’s main love interest instead of boring George Tucker.

    • Snapy says:

      Is Wade played by Wilson Bethel? Because he was amazing on Y&R and is soooooo incredibly hot!!!!! Seriously, they put him in just his underwear on Y&R and you could see his yummy bulge.

    • ChrisGa says:

      I’m enjoying Hart of Dixie and I too hope they pair Zoe with Wade because Wilson Bethel’s Wade is smokin’ and George is just meh.

  5. Mariana says:

    Do you have anything on Revenge? I am loving it and can’t wait to have any new on it keep going or not!

  6. ashley says:

    YES!!!!! I am SO SO excited! I love Hart of Dixie, Secret Circle, Ringer, Whitney, New Girl & 2 Broke Girls!! So happy for them to get full season! Waiting on Revenge next!

  7. Boiler says:

    Great news for Hart of Dixie!!

  8. Paul K says:

    So excited about Secret Circle. That and Revenge are my favorite new fall shows. Happy about the Ringer too!

  9. Jessica says:

    Now that I’ve heard this, it’s more likely that I will start watching these shows again (I only watched the first one or two episodes)… Thanks for the update!

  10. Mare says:

    Ringer and SC are great! HofD has a lot of potential too! I am glad The CW is giving them a chance to prove them!

  11. V says:

    I love Hart of Dixie! It’s my new favorite show. I love the Zoe/Wade relationship also, much better then George.

  12. Eliza says:

    Since I am enjoying all 3 shows, this is great news!

  13. Megan says:

    Yes! I thought CW would keep Secret Circle, and I’m glad they did.

  14. Brandyppppp says:

    Yesss!love Hart, SecretCircles pretty good. Totally agree with evryone waiting on Revenge.2 Broke Girls I love too and its also been given a full season.

  15. Lee says:

    great news i’m loving both shows
    & like somebody else said i’m liking Zoe/Wade more & more with each episode

  16. J.M says:

    I think this is really good news. I really like watching The Secret Circle.

  17. mike says:

    Awesome for the secret circle

  18. João Amaral says:

    God Rachel Bilson is adorable. i can’t stop watch her movies and shows

  19. bob says:

    this has actually been a decent pilot season for cw. hart of dixie has been endearing, ringer has been soapy (and, thankfully, getting better), and secret circle is a perfect fit for est. hit, the vampire diaries. i’m surprise they haven’t been doing better in the ratings. i wasn’t expecting anything to be a huge hit (maybe ringer, if any of them), but they have been turning in some truly horrible numbers at this point in the season (and by the cw’s standards, of course).

  20. Rebecca says:

    Ringer is definitely the most exciting pick-up. I haven’t really enjoyed any of the other shows yet, but maybe Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie will get better.

  21. Cece says:

    I was trying not to get invested in Hart of Dixie because I was enjoying it so much and didn’t think it would get picked up for a full season. Glad to see that I can now breathe easy! At least until the spring when the renewal announcements start coming out.

  22. Erika says:

    Yay! I’m very charmed by Hart of Dixie so I”m glad to see that in addition to Ringer we’ll be seeing more.

  23. Mayra says:

    Hart of Dixiiiiiiiiiie!!!!!!

  24. brian says:

    Very excited about TSC, it’s great fun, Gale Harold is wonderful in it, and the kids are good, too. Can’t say Ringer does a thing for me, seems like a rehash of old Bette Davis movies, which are good originals, but not rehashed in 2010. Haven’t seen Hart of Dixie but I will make a note to watch it now. The star is charming and I’m a southern boy, so may as well enjoy seeing Alabama. Fingers crossed TSC gets renewed, it deserves a run.

  25. Steven says:

    YES!!! Mark Pedowitz is the best thing to happen to the CW so far, renewing shows when the quality is there and they have potential to bring in ratings even though they aren’t incredibly strong. Good riddance to Dawn Ostroff. We love you Mark!

  26. Denise says:

    I’m loving Hart of Dixie and am very happy it will have a full season.

  27. Amanda says:

    YES! So glad Hart of Dixie got a full order, I’m absolutely loving it. That news just made my day! Liking the secret circle and ringer too, was wondering what was taking the cw so long, but yay!

  28. Kristin says:

    So happy Hart of Dixie got picked up!! It’s my new favorite show of the season.

  29. Tia says:

    Yay!! I love Hart of Dixie!!

  30. Tia says:

    Totally agree. I love the new direction of the CW.

  31. Michelle says:

    As a fan of all three series, I’m VERY happy the CW picked them up for full seasons! TSC and Ringer are really starting to get good. And I loved Hart of Dixie from the beginning, cliches and all. YAY!

  32. pv says:

    Awesome news! I’m really enjoying Hart of Dixie and Ringer

  33. Nita says:

    yay…great move CW! I watch New Girl, Hart of Dixie, TSC, and Ringer every week. They all are my fav new series. HoD is funny and I love Zoey’s interaction with George, Wade, and the mayor. Ringer had a weak pilot but the stories get better now:)

  34. ash says:

    This is great news. I was worried about Hart of Dixie since the ratings haven’t been great. But yay!

  35. Kim says:

    So happy for The Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie! While it was a no brainer that Circle would get picked up, especially since it’s the perfect TVD companion, I’m really happy HoD got picked up. I love the show, but was scared it wouldn’t many episodes, a la LUX. But thank goodness CW has some common sense now. Of course, it will probably get cancelled at season’s end, just like Hellcats. But I will enjoy Zoe/George while I can :)

  36. J says:

    Yay! I watch all three shows!

  37. fernando says:

    So happy for Hart Of Dixie

  38. verybookish says:

    I love the Secret Circle. I’m not surprised it got picked up — it is so good. Gale Harold is amazing as the evil witch – and he’s hot, too! Shelley Hennig and Phoebe Tonkin are great. I really like Diana, she is my favorite of the girls.

    • Bookerguy says:

      I wasn’t going to watch The Secret Circle until Gale Harold was cast. He was great as Brian Kinney on Queer as Folk (2001-2005) and he was a charater you loved to hate (on QAF, he could’ve taught Sex and the City’s Samantha a thing or two in the men department.) I think it’s one of the reasons he was cast, EP Kevin Williamson wanted to see Gale play the bad boy character again.

  39. Natalie says:

    I love Hart of Dixie! So YAY…

  40. s says:

    Ugh…Hart of Dixie is so hard to watch. It is so full of bad accents and stereotypes that I haven’t watched it since the pilot. Hopefully it won’t make it past this season, but then again look at 90210…

  41. cassie says:

    They totally killed the show with tonights episode it is so bad its stupid they so totally shouldnt of done that why did they have to kill the show with doing that it is so not right and for you guys who dont understand none of the circle are suppose to die at all they live. also the parents are not involved at all so they totally screwed up the show by killing one of the members that should not of happened

  42. cassie says:

    Dont get me wrong i like the show but that was just not right to do they killed it when they did that. I am going to keep watching it to see if they will be bringing him back. He is suppose to be in a love triangle with cassie and adam i was looking forward to how that was gonna turn out.But now i have nothing to look forward to it is not as wonderful as the vampire diaries which they were from the same author so i hope that they turn this all around somehow or i am not gonna watch this show anymore i will just watch vampire diaries and thats it. iam hoping they do turn it around somehow and bring him back to life

  43. bklyngirl says:

    Yay to Ringer and Hart of Dixie. Zoe and George Forever!! I don’t care for Wade.

  44. mbb says:

    Love Hart of Dixie, liking Secret Circle, so glad that they have given us a full season. Wade and Zoe are the best part, although I really can’t wait to see what they do with Lemon and Lavon, their secret relationship is hot! I keep wondering if they will get into racial issues in this small southern town, or just stay very friendly and safe. Only sort of nice, but lame duck character is George. He cannot hold a candle to Wade and I wonder what they will do with him. He could be Zoe’s best friend……