House First Look Video: Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde Weigh In on 'The New Girls'

There’s more than one New Girl on Fox this fall, and a pair of stars from House are here to help you get to know two of them.

House‘s New Dean of Medicine: ‘I Will Have to Enforce the New Lay of the Land’

In this featurette from the Fox medical drama, Hugh Laurie and Olivia Wilde offer their take on the addition of Odette Annable and Charlyne Yi as Drs. Jessica Adams and Chi Park, each of whom has been introduced over the course of the first two Season 8 episodes. Adams, a recently canned (thanks, Gregory!) prison doc from an affluent upbringing and Park, a super-brilliant if socially challenged sprite, offer “a really interesting mix… visually, emotionally and demographically,” says Laurie.

Wilde, whose Thirteen will bond with both newcomers in next Monday’s episode, explains how she helped the incoming actresses wrap their mouths around the medi-babble. “I think they’ll do just fine,” enthuses Wilde, who is due to appear in precious few episodes this season, as her film career skyrockets.

House First Look Video: Here Comes the… Bride?!

Press PLAY below for more from Laurie and Wilde, as well as Annable and Yi themselves. The video also features the high-larious “Charlie’s Angels” quip from last night’s promo.

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  1. Tamar says:

    Is there another link to this video?? maybe on youtube?? i cant watch it from where i live

  2. bronzia88 says:

    Of course it can’t be viewed from my location. Le sigh.

  3. W0NK042 says:

    Surprise surprise: Not available in any of the other 195 (give or take) countries in the world.

  4. W0NK042 says:

    Surprise-surprise: Not available in any of the other 195 (give or take) countries in the world.

  5. Sourabh says:

    Cannot view the video. Every. Single. Time.

  6. Maria says:

    Damn, y’all need to make your videos available to more countries… Other than that, really going to miss Olivia/Thirteen this season but I’m looking forward to seeing how the newbies play in.

  7. Darla says:

    Charlene Yi’s voice was like sandpaper on the soul, simply horrifying to experience.

    Other than that, nothing to report about “House” this season.

    • Newman says:

      I agree. Couldn’t hear her part of the time either. But nice to look at. Maybe I’ll get used to her. Good to have a smart Asian babe. I like the diversity of the show. Just wish Wilson would punch himself in the face next week, too. He’s the one who needs to wake up, not be manipulated.

      • Newman says:

        I wish the writers would give Wilson a backbone. Don’t be lazy, writers. Put out some effort. Why would anyone like House, as a friend. Sure he can solve puzzles after missing first three guesses but basically he’s a jerk.

  8. D says:

    I’m on an iPod Touch. YouTube, please?

  9. doug says:

    cant watch house without olivia, been watching it since middle school and its been fun

    • Lucky13 says:

      The new characters have promise, but Olivia Wilde is a hard act to follow!! At least this episode gave us a proper goodbye to one of the best actors on the series. Sad to see Thirteen go, but it was a great episode – the writing, direction, acting, even the music. A Big Star cover by The Wellspring? Good taste – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7tY8LF6W2k Well done, House!

  10. mrteo says:

    Can’t view video…I am in Canada damn it!

  11. Chris says:

    Charlyne Yi I can handle if she calms it down a bit. I don’t know if it’s because her character is supposed to be nervous, but her voice sounded so nervous and rushed I couldn’t make out what she was saying half the time. (Try to be more like Chloe from 24).

    • Dj says:

      I thought Charlyne Yi was playing a character and that was just the voice she was using, but after watching this I dont see any difference between the character she plays and her real self. I guess its going to be some thing to get use to.

      • Butterfly says:

        I hope we do not have to use to her. She was hard to understand. If she stays the ratings will go down. Heard this might be the last year. To bad for them, You would think they would like to go out with a big bang.

  12. Marc LeVine says:

    If the first two episodes are indicative of what this season of “House” will be like, we are observing a character bankrupt and sluggish television classic that is soon destined for the junk heap. I never felt so depressed about a formerly sprite and entertaining medical show after seeing these initial installments. It just felt very uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

    • Unity1 says:

      I keep pinching myself to wake up, this season is like a horribly bad dream. Where are all the characters I have come to love, and love to hate? I cannot understand Yi, she seems talented but her lines came out as medical jiberish where I used to learn and grasp much of what was said, I now just miss the whole thing. Shame…

  13. Flora says:

    Not available in your country, What am I, from friggin’ Narnia?

  14. pinthn says:

    was missing my usual House fix last night went
    to bed houseless not to happy, more for later

  15. Lisa says:

    I really like how House is shaping up this year. Back to the medicine instead of the melodrama with Cutty. I liked Cutty but the show got off track the last couple of years.

  16. sophie says:

    you know we watch House in europe too…..

  17. Giusy says:

    It’s unfair that people from outside the US can’t see it :(

  18. Chris says:

    I felt the same way, the writers have changed things so much and drastically I can’t bring myself to care about the characters, and they took so much emphasis off the actual medical aspect I can’t care about the patients or the mystery behind the illnesses anymore.

  19. Michael M. Forte' says:

    It says press play button below.. but guess what.. no play button.. what’s up with that! Liked both new shows so far.. granted.. really no where left to go.. but I’m sure gonna miss Hugh and his angels.. Haha ha

  20. Paul Mulholland says:

    I have loved House from the very first episode. Although for almost two seasons where it spent a lot of time dealing with his mental breakdown, i was not so sure. With this season kicking off with him in prison, i was very optomistic, hoping that the lady doctor (can’t mind her name now) would turn out to be his new newbie, but i’m dissapointed as she wasn’t in last nights episode. I thought the writers were getting kinda lazy as i didn’t see any real sparks from the characters. It just didn’t feel real between House and anyone else when they spoke to each other. I really can only hope that more effort can be put into the show to revive it again.
    Anyway…enough of my babbling :) Hope thing pick up with this show. By the way… I can’t view the video here either.

  21. Ben says:

    This episode was so unsatisfying, just like last week. They were good premises with so many missed opportunities for great television. I felt almost embarrassed for Mr. Laurie as the dialog and writing was pathetic.

    The Odette Anabelle character is of no interest and adds absolutely nothing to the show. This is not the fault of the actress, and no I am not a Huddy, I was delighted to see the show move on from Cuddy, and thought the departure of Lisa Edelstein opened up huge opportunities for the show to be great. I was actually looking forward to the new characters.

    The Charlyne Yi character was absurd. She was totally unbelievable and overacted, and belonged in a spoof on Saturday Night Live.

    Of all the choices for Dean of Medicine, they choose the worst and most obvious. Foreman has always been the most boring character on the show, and in this role was written even worse than usual. Everything was completely predictable, and he provided no opposition to House. I would have liked to have seen a strong character in this position,who would provide some sort of interest in House trying to navigate the parameters of acceptable behavior. After a year’s absence House walks back into an old situation and by the end of the hour things are pretty much back no normal there for him? Oh please! He should have had to work hard for normalcy. There could have been a scene with a pained and distraught House visiting Cuddy’s former office, and realizing what he had set into motion, which would have given Mr. Laurie the opportunity to show some of what he is so good at, but nothing. We saw nothing of the impact the absence of Cuddy had on him. This would have been a painful and difficult time for him. Just like in episode one where everything was such stereotyped characters and settings and we were not given any insight into what House was going through. Again, terrible writing and huge missed opportunities, not to mention appalling direction.

    The worst part of the writing and the storyline though was the House Wilson dynamic. David Shore had promised that House would have to work hard to reclaim the relationship with Wilson. This relationship is so deep, and therefore the wounds would be the same. I was looking forward to at least three or four episodes of Wilson being cold, and House being hurt and working hard to reclaim the friendship, and yet other than a few mild words from Wilson, the whole thing is resolved by the end of the episode. Pathetic!

    These two episodes could have been fantastic, even using the basics of what were there, but they needed some inspired writing, not pathetically weak scripts taking the easy and obvious roads. Hopefully Foreman will soon be replaced with an interesting character in that position. If they don’t get some inspired and creative writers ASAP, this show is doomed. With such a top notch actor available to them, how can they give him such crappy material and costar characters to work with? How did the once great House show end up here?

    • Irene says:

      I have to agree, Ben. Compare with the episodes when House was in the looney bin and in therapy. There was some real meaty material. Looking forward to the Charlie’s Angels dynamic, though!

    • D says:

      Your detailed analysis would perhaps hold weight if they weren’t each in one episode as of yet. Ever heard of character building at all? Remember the pilot when Chase, Foreman, and Cameron sat around the room and told each other their inner most problems and insecurities? Yeah, me neither.

      And who would you have made Dean? I’m dying to know so I can tell you why it wouldn’t make sense.

  22. DB says:

    For anyone out of the country…

    http://www.youtube dot com/watch?v=0sUCWGRjJcc

  23. Teddj says:

    I agree, things went back to normal to easily and too fast. There should have been more struggle.

  24. Dan Char says:

    At least, make it available in Canada man, House play at the same time here too !!!

  25. alison says:

    Get rid of yi,can not understand her voice

  26. Attila says:


  27. Bruce says:

    People..please quit talking about how House,MD is better off without Olivia Wilde, OK?? Because it isn’t! Olivia MAKES the show, and if she leaves..well, so will I!!!

  28. WEF400 says:

    House has certainly deteriorated. He is so prickly yet everyone just seems to put up with it. He is sexist, engages in harassment, yet nobody says anything. Wilson is such a wuss! The new physician’s voice is grating, which resulted in my ears bleeding after the show was over. And what’s with the haircut on House? He must be trying to look like Tom Hanks in the “DaVinci Code.” Other than that, it was really a great episode.

    • karomana says:

      Both the 2 new se8 episodes were excellent. As for sexist, that was there since the pilot in his remarks. However I always found House being more sympathetic to his female patients than to the male. Harassment was reserved for Cuddy and it did get boring. As for the haircut, that was for prison since it goes on the 3rd epi. And Wilson, he depends on House as much as House depends on him. I totally agree about the new girl.

  29. narky says:

    where the **** do I live? Candyland?

  30. olivia p. says:

    me, i cant watch….im dying to see it, it must be nice.

  31. Kim R says:

    “Charlie’s Angels fantasy”….hahahaha :)

  32. joe clark says:

    I do not care for the young asian girl way too young and can’t understand what she’s saying. The show is changing and not for the better,it’s gotten boring.Why to they keep tampering with success,until it fails

  33. J Prophet says:

    Patience..patience…It was time for some changes and I give them credit for making some big changes. The show is House and he (Hugh Laurie) continues to be a character worthy of watching. Glad Cuddy is gone–well played out that story line. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey. I am!

  34. Sue says:

    Had to give up House for NCIS. Since they have made so many changes to the show I will stick with NCIS.

  35. kashif says:

    I can view it from Pakistan :)
    I love House MD

  36. Sven Van Herck says:

    Those who can’t watch the video: install Hotspot Shield, run it and refresh the page until it works. After watching turn off Hotspot Shield and relaunch when you run into the same problem, happy viewing!

  37. Bliss says:

    Yi is a new young actress playing a charactor who is awkward, nervous and hard to understand. I think its refressing to have a character who isnt there just to look at! I agree that these episodes seem to have rushed along, leaving out room for House to do some sort of grieving.

    But im glad theres a character in House who isnt a super model, whos a bit kooky and someone House probably wont try and have sex with.

    Her character reminds me a bit of seasons 7 Masters but Park is one of those dark characters. I think she will have some sort of control over House, he isnt as harsh to her as he usually is with the other newbies.

    Anyway, I think we should all just sit back, relax and enjoy. At the end of the day, we are just spectators of someones creation.

    • Céline says:

      Exactly what I wanted to say about Yi’s character. And please… yes she tends to “mumble” sometimes, but I’m French and even I can understand her just fine… I found her character quite compelling and refreshing. She can stand up for herself and isn’t intimidated by House, but not in that “I’m beautiful and strong” annoying way.
      And I quite liked the first two episodes. I didn’t LOVE them, but I found it far better than anything we saw in season 7.

  38. Dot says:

    Since anyone other than the US cannot watch these videos what is the point of sending them to other countries, you don’t want us to peek at them on the Internet but you certainly want us to watch them for your ratings. Living next door in Canada I can watch the shows as they show them in the States, but I cannot see anything on the Internet, is that logical? Come on US share the silly clips. The phrase is WORLD WIDE WEB once you keep this up other countries will follow, I don’t think you would like that. By all means keep your secrets off of the web but come on, a TV clip?????

  39. Nenad says:

    I had to use US VPN to watch this, cause I love Olivia. House is great show and this video was great! Still I don’t understand why not allowing video worldwide ;)

  40. Hooboy says:

    I think the Park character is HILARIOUS. But am not sure if she is really supposed to be as funny as she is.