House's Omar Epps: As the New Boss, Foreman 'Will Have To Enforce the New Lay of the Land'

There’s a new sheriff in town on House, and his name is Dr. Eric Foreman.

As revealed in this week’s episode of the Fox medical drama, Omar Epps’ alter ego is one year into his gig as the successor to Dr. Lisa Cuddy, as Princeton Plainsboro’s Dean of Medicine – and boy, has he borrowed a bit of trouble by paving the way for House to return to the fold. TVLine spoke with Epps about leading this “new regime” and, most critically, Foreman’s plan for keeping House (sorta, kinda) in line.

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TVLINE | When did you first learn that Foreman would be promoted into this critical role?
Right at the start of the season. I had a discussion with [series creator] David Shore, where I picked his brain in terms of where we were going, and he dropped it on me then. I thought it was cool.

TVLINE | Was it a possibility you batted around when word broke that Lisa Edelstein wouldn’t be returning?
No, honestly. I was curious about how that was all going to pan out creatively, but I never thought about Foreman being her successor.

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TVLINE | Is Foreman a boss who commands the full respect of the people underneath him?
Surely! He’s sort of running the ship, trying to keep it a well-oiled machine. But this episode was really about House coming back into the fold and being hit with the reality that it’s a completely different world. It’s a year later, so everyone has sort of moved on and changed, and there’s a different energy for House. It will be interesting to see how the audience responds to that.

TVLINE | Is it Foreman’s call as to whether House will stay employed at the hospital full-time?
It’s all sort of one big gamble. Foreman’s sort of putting his neck on the line to say, “Parole this guy and I’ll make sure he stays out of trouble.” Foreman has a lot vested in House doing the right thing – which we know is only going to go so far.

TVLINE | Do you think Foreman has a soft spot for House after all these years, if only based out of professional respect?
I think he adores the guy, he’s always admired House and his ability. When you work with someone for so long, you said it best: If not for anything, there’s a profound respect there. And I think he cares about him as a person. Where we left off last season was pretty extreme. [Laughs] The wheels sort of fell off [for House]. The best thing for him is to practice medicine, and the best place for him to do that is at Princeton Plainsboro. [Foreman] has got to try to be supportive and help him rebuild his life.

TVLINE | What do you imagine Foreman’s M.O. will be to manage this guy? Will he have to up his game at all?
He’s definitely going to have to up his game. He’s going to have to enforce the new lay of the land, let House know that Foreman isn’t Cuddy and at the same time command his respect. He knows there’s a certain space you have to give House in order for him to operate at his full capacity, so what’s interesting in the first few episodes is both of them trying to find that “comfort zone.” Foreman knows House is going to be House, that he’s going to pull shenanigans and what have you. But Foreman’s ready — it’s the new regime, and he believes in himself and he got the job for a reason. It’s pretty exciting, creatively.

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TVLINE | Might we learn some new things about Foreman through this storyline? Like, is he juggling this lofty position with perhaps a new love life…?
That would be interesting. I would imagine so, but I just don’t know. Chicks do dig a suit and a title!

TVLINE | Dr. Park (played by new series regular Charlene Yi) was obviously Foreman’s hire. What does she bring to the team?
Foreman thinks she’s smart – really smart – and she’s got a little bite to her, which is interesting. Again, having an assumption of how someone is going to operate once they are thrown into the fray with House, it’s all a gamble. [Laughs] And also, because as you said it’s Foreman’s hire, in his mind he thinks that she is his “in,” the eyes behind his head. That’s his thinking, though I don’t know if its go to turn out that way!

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  1. Emgee says:

    Cool. Looking forward to this season. Can’t wait for Chase and Taub to return and ESPECIALLY Thirteen, even though she’s only for a limited number of episodes.

  2. Very interested says:

    Charlene Yi’s character was annoying. Way too quirky. Way too much stuff to work out in the first episode. I do think the Foreman/House drama could be interesting. We will see. I am not writing it off yet. <—as I thought I would. How many breaks is House going to get before the audience gets exhausted. Not that much genius in the world. We shall see, I suppose!

    • Amy says:

      It’s not that big a break, House was going to get promotion the week earlier anyway. It’s not that huge a stretch Foreman could get him out.

      • Amy says:

        And by promotion, I mean parole

      • J.Norman says:

        You seem to have missed the passage that House had gotten an extra 8 months added onto his sentence after the last episode. This episode picked up 2 months after that.
        I imagine his original parole date was revoked and another one had not been set.

      • Sarah says:

        Amy – According to the dialogue between House and Foreman, because of the fight in jail in the premiere, House had an additional eight months tacked on, so Foreman actually did spring him early.

    • Brandy says:

      Yeah, Charlene Yi is awful! She’s a terrible actress, and she even mispronounced a lot of things.

    • Sarah says:

      Agreed about Charlene’s character. Would have been cute for a guest appearance, but she’s very quickly getting on my nerves. Kind of wish she WAS accepting that job and leaving the hospital.

  3. Amy says:

    I’m pumped for this season! I’m not usually a fan of Charlene Yi, but I think I’ll actually like Dr. Park. Looking forward to seeing Odette Annable back too. I liked Cuddy, even really like Huddy, but hopefully this season can go back to the first few seasons when the show felt more balanced.

  4. Kath G says:

    Welcome back to the House I love. The thinker, the one who works out the puzzle no matter what. Foreman as the DOM, I think this is going to work out really well. He knows House better than anybody. He knows how he works. I love the way he rewarded him at the end of tonights episode, by giving him his old office back. Loved also the new Doc. She is refreshing and not the normal Hollywood type. I like that. She is kind of like House, she punched out her boss!! Wilson, he played the normal, we are not friends card! but at the end could not resist having House back in his life, loved the punch in the face then how about dinner approach. The case: like the lungs in the box, (and if any body has doubt’s about that, there has been at least 20 transplants in Canada, using this very method, in treating the lungs before transplant). You know I did not miss Cuddy at all, this is a new phase in the life of House, and I very much welcome it. Looking forward to next week.

  5. JohnDoe says:

    Ugh…I was hoping it wasn’t going to be Foreman as the new Dean. So boring.

  6. Jacob says:

    Dig the new doc. Wasn’t sure how she’d fit in, but her awkwardness gives the show a new vibe. And I like it.

  7. Steven says:

    How about to those of us whose local affiliates decided to show House at 12:30am instead of after Terra Nova, you give us a damn spoiler warning?!?

    • Kylie says:

      ditto :( I should have stayed away till i’ve watched it

    • Emgee says:

      Because the headline “House’s New Dean of Medicine Speaks Out” doesn’t warn you that, oh, I don’t know, the new Dean of Medicine is going to be revealed in the article.

      • JC says:

        You seeing a different article than I am? Has the headline changed? OMAR EPPS: new boss FOREMAN is right there in the headline on the front page with no spoiler warning. “House’s shocking finale!!! (spoilers ahead)” is a warning not to click on the article. “Will House go to jail for driving into Cuddy’s house?” is not. So…yeah. Might want to just avoid the site if your affiliates are acting weird. BTW @Steven, was it moved to 12:30 because of football, or does your local station do this regularly o.0

  8. wtfisthisshow says:

    I am so glad that Foreman is the new DOM.

  9. Sam says:

    Shore has said he doesn’t want the show to go over old territory; so Foreman is the DOM for a SECOND time because??
    It didn’t work out before yet he’s suddenly supposed to be able to wrangle House, by what, pulling the parole card? How long is that supposed to last.
    Also, the short-haired new girl is a mumble mouth and needs to enunciate; plus, her voice is just plain annoying.

    • Kath G says:

      When was Foreman DOM before? I think I missed that one, and I have seen every ep since S1

    • Amber says:

      I don’t recall Foreman ever being the actual DOM, but I do remember him being in charge of House’s dept. before and being boss over House. Is that what you meant?

      • Sam says:

        My mistake, but basically yeah. He’s been House’s “boss” before, though not in charge of everything, so this is supposed to be different because he wields ~even more~ authority?

        • Richie says:

          It’s different because now House won’t be Foreman’s ONLY responsibility. Foreman’s got the whole hospital to worry about now. Which I think can add a new depth to his character

  10. Amber says:

    I was hoping too that it wouldn’t be Foreman who got Cuddy’s job. Wilson seemed like he would be a bit of a better choice because it would create conflict between him and House. But I suppose Robert Sean Leonard is still working on that play in London and needed the lighter schedule this season? Still, Foreman’s character in general is a bit of a snooze to me, always has been. I wish they would have kept Lisa Edelstein around.

    I was worried when I heard Charlene Yi was joining the show because she seems to be more of a goofy comedic actress and I didn’t think she could pull off drama, but she is doing okay so far.

  11. Garrett says:

    I sort of fell away from House 2 seasons ago (didn’t stop on purpose, just other things grabbed my attention) but this will definitely help keep me away.

    From the VERY first episode I couldn’t stand Foreman. He came as one of the biggest douchebags I’ve ever seen on TV. I couldn’t stand how he talked, acted, worked, anything. This was solidified in my mind in the early episode where he was dying and he cut Cameron’s suit so she was exposed also. It almost makes me angry now just thinking about it.

    Any episode that was Foreman-centric had me completely tuned out. Having him in Cuddy’s position would just be horrific for me. I wish they had picked someone awesome.

    • Emgee says:

      What exactly is wrong with Foreman?

      If any character was annoying, it was Cameron who could never make a decision to save her life.

      • Garrett says:

        He was arrogant, self-serving, narcissistic, and just an all-around douchebag. Out of curiosity, how would you justify the cutting of Cameron’s suit by him?

        She was a bit much at times, but her character had growth, development, and problems you could invest yourself in because she was sympathetic and compassionate. Foreman was just…Foreman.

    • MadameDame says:

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one ! I can’t stand him either !

    • Samantha says:

      I have to agree. I cannot STAND Foreman. I was disappointed when Cameron left–she was my favorite. Then when word got out that Lisa Edelstein was leaving, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t watch the final season. Now it’s all but a guarantee that I won’t waste my time.

  12. cher says:

    I was much more into this episode than Ep 1. Foreman moving into Cuddy’s job seems like a natural progression, he has taken a more leadership role since last season. I think this new position will give Foreman a chance to loosen up again and show more of who he is, not like last season where he seemed to be always on the bench. Dr. Park and Dr. House have that bit of crazy in common. I’m more willing now to find out how this season progresses.

  13. Sally says:

    I prefer Foreman to Cuddy in any way. Foreman is so much like House, it’s going to be fun watching him as the “boss”.

  14. majamababe says:

    Realy like Foreman as Dean of Medicine – kinda a given, I thought. Don’t really miss Cuddy – having a relationship with your boss, in the workplace, where everyone knows, just does not work. Like Park -seems a good match for House. Can’t wait to see how Taub and Chase relate to her. 13 not a doctor – what’s that all about? And, did anyone really think Wilson could stay “not-friends” with House? After all, House is, well….House! Good to see the show back – really liked the idea of keeping a pair of lungs alive for transplant – although, don’t know how medically feasible the way they did it is, but enjoyed the show anyway.

  15. maia says:

    Foreman is the worst choice!!!!!why not Wilson??

    • D says:

      Wilson would have been a bad choice for two reasons:
      1) He enjoys spending time with patients. He’d be terrible at a desk job.
      2) His relationship with House is unique amongst the entire cast because they spend time with each other by choice; everyone else works for House is House’s boss. There’s no powerplay or struggling in that relationship.

      I don’t know why people are so bent out of shape. Cuddy showed up four minutes an episode to chide House and then go do whatever. Considering this fanbase is at least as miserable and hateful as they claim David Shore to be, you’d think everyone would be ecstatic Foreman’s role is now diminished. What happened to “Boreman?”

      It’s almost as if… wait for it… no one knows what they want.

  16. EveatEden says:

    Ugh, haven’t watched this weeks episode yet but I am not liking the idea of Foreman in charge. They tried that already and he was just in charge of House’s team, not even the entire hospital. Did not go well at all! I would have rather they brought in someone knew than to do this.

    • timotey says:

      So, if I get this right: you haven’t seen the ep yet but you already know Foreman does/will do a bad job as the DOM. Fandom, you have to love it.

  17. J. Norman says:

    Couple of points

    1) I know that it is a TV show and to promote Foreman addresses one of the little issues they have / had about re-introduction of the characters following the last season.
    With that said, it does not even seem barely possible that (in a world outside TV) Foreman would be given this position.
    It would represent at least a 2 (more likely 3) level promotion for a guy who couldn’t get a job anywhere else and whose main claim to fame was working for House.
    I mean there was no one, no where , anywhere in the country who the board would have considered a more logical candidate than Foreman?
    Well, in the writers and producers alternate world perhaps.

    2) What was the deal about House smashing in the glass into the area that used to be his office but was not a research lab.?
    Doesn’t anyone think that that little stunt alone would have gotten him sent back to the slammer or . . .at a minimum . . . earned him a disaplinary hearing?
    He was barely back on the job a day!
    You have got to laugh at how they ask us to suspend belief.

    3) But all of the above would be OK, if they hadn’t now written House to be an obnoxious, unsympathetic a-wipe jerk. \
    I mean how is this character even remotely sympathetic, empathetic, or any other type of ethic you want to use.

    • Penny Parrish says:

      Well House did seem to care that the lungs would be treated so another patient would live even if it wasnt Wilson’s patient…isnt that the point for a person to be a donor? That another Life is saved..has some meaning…

    • Ava L says:

      Yes it’s much more realistic that cuddy slept her way into that job practically out of medical school with barely any experience working as a doctor.

  18. Natalie says:

    I heard there were going to be some changes to the show but wow, the critics and fellow fans I’ve read are right, House is not what it used to be. First of all, I miss Cuddy. She was awesome. Why, O, why did you let her go, Hugh and David? I like Foreman but as Foreman, not as Cuddy. Only Cuddy should be House’s boss. She’s been there since the beginning. They were so cool together. Cuddy lit up the place, now that’s gone. And it was so noticeable last night so many fans. And I don’t feel anything for House’s character anymore, I used to think he had some good in him and some depth, but apparently he doesn’t. He’s just a two-dimensional jerk with no humanity and ultra selfish-what a turn off. There are several replays of things they’ve done so many times in the past before that have already been done and done well in the past two episodes-for instance, House and Wilson did last night a quick version of what they already did in season five. It was good then, not so much now. And House in prison was like a thinner, less-interesting version of House in Mayfield.

    Most of the people I know who watched it last night were bored. :/

    • Berry says:

      Just curious what Hugh has to do with “letting” Lisa go? He’s an actor and producer. It’s up to agents and the studio to hammer out contracts and fellow actors, producers, writers, and directors are not privy to negotiations. There really was nothing he could’ve or should’ve done for her. It’s her decision in the end; nobody else’s. I will agree with about the House/Wilson bit in this ep. To me, it was like What was the point of the fighting.

    • Kath G says:

      David Shore, and esp Hugh Laurie had NOTHING to do with LE leaving. It was all down to contract talks with NBC/Universal. Plus she chose to walk, nobody even she has said made her go. She could of stayed if she wanted. Its done her choice.
      Being one who has loved this show since the begining, I still love it. Most people I know who watched last night loved it. The negativity within the House fandom has gone beyond a joke now. Like the show fine, dont like it fine. If Hugh Laurie decides not to renew his contract next year, yes the show is over, will be sad but I will get over it. But all this moaning and hate over one support actor leaving a show which was her choice is getting very old now.

  19. Di says:

    Couldn’t believe you actually added the Charlene Yi actor to the series. Totally NOT right for the series. Way off balance, not even believiable in ANY way. Get rid of her or you’ll lose many who are loyal followers………

    • Jeffrey says:

      Realy? A lot of loyal followers? Based on what do you make that assumption? I’m not leaving, and yes, I’m a loyal fan.

      I liked the episode, and I can’t wait to see more of this season! Loved the way it was directed too.

    • cbendas says:

      ditto – found her boring. Can’t wait for the other new female Dr and Chase and Taub. Hopefully Yi takes another job. WOuld rather have Master’s back and I found her annoying too.

  20. Janet says:

    It was refreshing to see House go back to what he does best. It will be much better when he has an actual team, after-all House needs his “people” to bounce things off of. House is too damaged for a real relationship, especially with someone he works with, so Lisa being gone is actually a good thing for him. Wilson is good for him. He is always looking at the inside of why House does the things that he does. He has great patience and makes a good friend. The new girl Yi is just starting to learn what it’s like to work for House. She’s got guts and she’s smart. A great start to rebuilding his team. I’m already looking forward to the next episode!

  21. jhon says:

    Lisa es muy muy molesta

  22. Ashley says:

    Okay, now there’s no love story. Nobody’s in love. That sucks!! I know it’s a medical drama, but who doesn’t like a little lovin in between. House and Cuddy love spats is what gave the show a little extra. Now it’s just plain old solving mysteries. BORING, I sure wish the writers would fix this.

    • Ava L says:

      Huddy is what nearly killed this show in the past couple seasons. Have you forgotten Boreteen? What about Wilson and his boring exwife? Oh and Chase and Cameron? Thank goodness they’re not trying to do any love stories. Quickest way to suck the life out of any show is to start hooking up the characters. House and Cuddy together was the absolute worst. Season 8 is already better than pretty much most of the past 2+ seasons.

  23. Stan says:

    Ugh! Boring, uninteresting, obvious, and further diluting the complexity to focus on the shallow. This is even worse than expected. Tragic for this once great show.

  24. Susan says:

    I like the changes and I like House. Keep up the great work!

  25. Joe says:

    “The negativity within the House fandom has gone beyond a joke now.”

    Just wanted to quote the above from Kath G. for emphasis.

    With every TV show the early seasons are always better than the later seasons. Do you know why? Because if the early seasons weren’t so awesome, there would not have been any later seasons. Hello, common sense. It’s nice to meet you.

  26. nitemar says:

    Foreman is most boring character. I hope this is just a temporary job for him and they bring someone new as Dean of Medicine.

  27. Vinia says:

    Foreman is so boring. They couldn´t have chosen a worse DoM

  28. Tracey says:

    I have never been much of a Foreman fan in the past, but I think Foreman will do well as DOM. When he was House’s boss previously, it was like he constantly had to prove himself, to himself even more than to others. I think House made him feel insecure by always proving him wrong. Now, he’s top dog and has secured that position for an entire year without House to second guess him, and obviously nothing terrible has happened. He seems to have really come into his own and I think we’re going to see sides of him we didn’t see before as his character develops.
    I really like the new doctor from last night’s episode too (I forget her name). I find her unexpected feisty reactions fun and it’s interesting to see what she’ll do/say next.
    And of course House and Wilson, well, that’s the foundation on which the show is built and it’s good to see them maintaining the same interactions/personalities/flaws/strengths. I love the show and where it’s going. Can’t wait to see more! :-)

  29. Adriano says:

    Too bad, I have been a House fan forever but making Foreman a boss of a guy and a team that are way better doctors is just not my idea of interesting anything. And I was looking forward to see the show, what a disappointment.

    • Joe says:

      How is this situation in any way different from when Cuddy was DoM? Are you implying that Cuddy was a better doctor than House, etc?

      I agree with some criticisms of the show, but the idiotic drivel on this page cannot seriously be from people who have seen more than 5 or 6 episodes. Take this comment I’m replying to for example. If you have actually seen the show there is no way that this is a legitimate gripe!

  30. Sarabellum says:

    Hugh Laurie is a goofy comedic actor, too. He does drama just fine.

  31. mommadonna says:

    I thought the show was pretty good but I couldn’t understand half of what the new doc was saying. Either you got to get her to speak more clearly and louder or up the mike on her. Foreman is going to have a battle reining House in but if he keeps the on Parole and going back to prison card over him, maybe House will toe the line a bit. (like that will ever happen) I think the prison doc will be a good ad.

  32. Beatriz says:

    Solo pude ver el primer capítulo, el q House está e la cárcel y me re gustó

  33. Ansari says:

    Many people are complaining about Yi’s performance. Did you even stop to wonder if that’s how her character’s personality is at all? Maybe you should wait and she if she changes before you think she’s completely terrible.

    • janie says:

      have you ever seen an interview with Charlene Yi? that is how she talks.. i think that no matter what her character is supposed to be, it’s not going to change the way she talks and she is hard to understand, very monotone, in a strange pitch.

  34. Disturbing Minds says:

    well my opinion is. . . I don’t like foreman to be DOM. for the reason of the role and the personality that he established through out the very beginning. He has pointed and defined his character and it wouldn’t fit him to change his role. for it is just not right. and for me to be the DOM he needs to be totally different character which will have conflict for what he have established. hoping that they’ll bring in a new character to change the role of cuddy and put more twist and excitement as the story progresses. I am interested with the role of Dr. Park and see how it goes ^_^
    and I hope they do something and put Dr. Jessica Adams as part of the House’s team in later part. I think she’d put a twist and some chemistry with the whole casting crew of House :D

    and for the house fan/not fan anymore i think that you’d be watching House still. . . not unless the creators makes a landslide series of episodes that would disappoint many viewers. :) and as the show started it says “You can’t always get what you want” PEACE! :))))

  35. Grace says:

    Don’t worry, there WILL be a little romance. Also, Dr. Adams from the prison is not going anywhere. Sad news is that 13/O.W. will only be doing one episode this season unless something changes.
    For people complaining about being spoiled. DON’T COME HERE before you watch the episode. How simple is that???
    I LOVE [H]OUSE and HUGH LAURIE and will watch every episode until the series finale. I have not missed an episode since the very first one. LOVE Wilson/RSL too. He and Hugh are GOLD!

  36. david says:

    Bring cutty back, get back to basics….get House back to what he’s known for.The last two shows whent from bad to worse.

  37. Marketta says:

    I’m so mad because it was not on because of a ball game!! They pushed the time up and advised no-one! I want to see the whole show, need to show it again! Thank you.

    • House fan says:

      I am in Canada. It was our Thanksgiving family dinner time and I tried to PVR House and all I got was Terra Nova which I am NOT interested in at all. I am very upset. I want to see the episode and I can’t find it anywhere please play it again.

      I am interested in what all of you have to say but I feel that we need to wait and see how the characters fall into place in this new season before we get all bent out of shape. I am disppointed that Cuddy is gone but real life has changes and obviously she didn’t want to be near a bad memory. Wouldn’t you leave if your life had gone through as much as hers did in the last season? She could get a job as a doctor in any hospital so why stay there? Not sure how I feel about Foreman as DOM yet but the casting does seem unrealistic but we’ll see how the SCRIPT lets him play the role. Please remember this is not real and they are playing a role and doing what on the page for them as actors NOT REAL DOCTORS. This is, afterall, for entertainment purposes only.

  38. Jaimie says:

    Where’s Chase? Why did Jesse Spencer sign up for another season if he wasn’t going to get air time and a story line?

  39. alison says:

    I agree

  40. Lilly says:

    I just want Chase back!!! I’m willing to endure everything and everyone else after he is back. Still 2 more episodes until he is back :P I really don’t mind Foreman being DoM, its kind of an boring position anyway. I hope Chase goes back to the team.

  41. Larry Page says:

    My DVR screwed up the recording of House so I didn’t get to see the episode. Do they explain why they selected such an unlikely candidate for Dean of Medicine. I guarantee you there are probably 10 to 15 doctors working at that hospital who qualify for DOM over Foreman. I have nothing against Foreman, but he is an extremely unrealistic choice for this position.

  42. Stan says:

    Yeah. If they were complaining about Jennifer Morrison being let go, which she confirmed, then I’d agree with them. But since they’re only talking about Lisa Edelstein, who I couldn’t care less about, then I’ll agree with you.

  43. canamal says:

    Not sure about Foreman being the new Cuddy. Seems very awkward so far. As for Dr.Parks I can’t listen to her voice. No resonance. I need a voice with some resonance.I can’t stand the character.I don’t find her character quirky and interesting. Just vapid and insipid.Bring us a new Dean of Medicine. Don’t make this all so predictable……..Save the show quick before it gets too disjointed.

  44. KB says:

    To be completely and utterly honest I was too disappointed to make it past the first few episodes of season 8. The prison episode kinda had the same feeling as the Mayfield episode except it wasn’t nearly as brillant.The new character Dr. Park was just really irritating to me. I may have been able to get past her like I had finally warmed up to Masters so I ignored that. But then Wilson went through this whole I don’t want to be friends with you anymore with House again. It was hard enough watching that in season 5 so pulling the exact same thing that had already happened again, wasn’t unnecessary. I was also very bothered by House’s behavior. They practically stripped House completely of humanity. I always believed he cared deeply but they took that away from him. And what was the deal when he broke, I forget what it was but he broke something. He barely came back and already he does something that should have ruined everything for him. I was actually happy about Foreman running things. I mean he wasn’t the wisest or most interesting character but in the end he understands House in a way that made it work. I just couldn’t cope with the other things that occured.