Ratings: Fringe Scares Up Small Gain, Nikita Dips, Supernatural Holds Steady

The promise of Peter’s imminent return perhaps played a part in perking up Fringe‘s latest numbers.

The Fox drama, with 3.24 million total viewers and a 1.3 rating, rebounded from last week’s all-time low to gain 8 percent in the demo. It also notched a 6 percent bump in total audience.

In fact, Fringe was one of only two Friday programs to register a week-to-week gain in the demo, and the only show to bring in additional viewers.

Fringe‘s Seth Gabel Reveals the Lincolns’ Feelings for Both Olivias

Here’s how Friday’s fare fared:

8 pm | The freshman CBS drama A Gifted Man (7.5 mil/1.2) held steady and led the hour in total audience, while Kitchen Nightmares (3.7 mil/1.5) topped the demos. Nikita (1.6 mil/0.5) dipped a few points.

9 pm | CSI: NY (9.75 mil/1.6) bested all comers, while slipping 6 percent in the demo. The Jensen Ackles-directed Supernatural (1.64 mil/0.7) lost a handful of eyeballs but held steady in the demo.

10 pm | Blue Bloods was the night’s most watched and top-rated program, with 11.04 million total viewers and a 1.9 demo rating (up 6 percent in its third week).

What were you watching live this Friday?

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  1. Julio says:

    Fringe! I’m so glad it got a boost. I was worried there for a while. That show is epic!

  2. emy26 says:

    yes! i knew fringe was gonna get better numbers! imagine what’s gonna happen when he actually comes back!!!

    • guest says:

      It has nothing to do with him coming back, he was in the final in a central role, 1.2 in the ratings despite an overload of media all focused on him.
      Last week 4.02 is one of the best episodes ever, and they decide to do no promotion or it must be those 10 seconds somewhere. If they had promoted that episode better, so many more people could have seen the awesome double acting of Anna Torv.
      For this episode there was far more promotion at least on the internet as press visited the set and talked with Anna, Seth in between shooting and Jasika, Lance and John on their day off, Jackson did not bother to do the same.
      So more people are informed and as a result only a few thousand more watch, only the divide is different, so it looks better in the ratings.
      I hope they watch next week, looks great in the promo, because frankly 4.03 was rather weak.

      • guest says:

        What does make a difference is the reviews in the media:
        The first episode 4.01 was not received well , the second episode 4.02 got A-rating by every reviewer, and was called one of the best sci-fi episodes ever by the LA-times.
        So some people are curious, tune in, and may have been very dissapointed that this episode did not include an amazing double act and two worlds.

        • Guess says:

          Actually, I think the difference is the romantic subplot: without Peter there was none, or so the casual viewers thought at elast until Lincoln started to exhibit that same olf dynamic between the Alt Lincoln and his Olivia.

          • guest says:

            I do not see a romantic subplot between blue versions Olivia and Lincoln, more something like reversed Olivia/Charlie, with Olivia having the experience.
            From episode 4.03 I liked the Olivia/Lincoln scenes about being freaked out, pity they did not get more and at the end the Olivia and Walter scene was brilliant, amazing acting from Anna and John,great chemistry.Something in 4.03 was off with the pacing and the story.
            What I love is the chemistry between Olivia, Walter, Jasika and Lincoln, and the actors, they are all so in tune.

          • guest says:

            Oops, I mean the chemistry between Olivia, Walter, Astrid and Lincoln, and the actors Anna, John, Jasika and Seth.It is wonderful.

        • br says:

          You love talking to yourself, don’t you, Anto?

      • Annon says:

        Blah, Blah, Blah you never stop Anto. Not all Nielson ratings box holders sit on the internet combing sites for interviews etc like you are suggesting. For all you know some just watch the show from week to week based on the promos they see on television. Nielson box holders are the ones that ratings are based on. So, you can hype up Fringe all you like on the internet, but if the nielson box viewers don’t look at that, then it’s not going to make much difference. Fox should be looking at better promos during their shows.

        Of course you would think 4.03 was rather weak. It was a John Noble centred episode Anto/Guest and not your precious Anna Torv.

        Oh, just so you know, Jackson was working on the day they interviewed Jasika and John.

  3. nnest says:

    am exited fringe improve.i bet when peter returns ratings will increase exponentially

  4. melody says:

    Supernatural of course!

  5. krystal says:

    Yes fringe don’t die on us..don’t die stay breathing,prove the death slot wrong..PROVE IT WRONG!!!!!!

  6. Katie says:

    I don’t watch it, but looks like Nikita is in danger, even for the CW.

    • Jamie says:

      NIKITA did get a 0.6/0.5, though. So there’s a possibility of it being adjusted up in the Nielson final numbers. If it does, it would have got a 0.6 for three weeks straight and that would be OK, it seems.

      • Bo says:

        At this rate Nikita will be getting 0.3 – 0.4 for original episodes in the A18-49 demo after Xmas (that is, if it lasts that long)!
        The CW must be regretting letting Smallville go. At least that show had decent ratings despite the pitiful promotion of it by the network.

    • Snake says:

      C’mon! The Vampire Diaries has even worse ratings: you have to do less than 0.4 to get cancelled in the CW, Nikita is safe.

      • Rebecca says:

        Are you being sarcastic? In case you’re not… Vampire Diaries is the CW’s #1 show, doing loads better than Nikita.

        • Guess says:

          Actually, The Vampire Diaries is only 2.3 – which is worse than Community and Charlie’s Angels in the same times slot – not exactly the “#1” I would be proud of but still, better than Nikita: Fringe’s demos are way better than that!

          • Bo says:

            ‘Rebecca’ said that TVD was the CW’s #1 show, not the #1 show on Thursday nights. TVD would have been canceled long ago if it had been on any other network. It’s ratings aren’t that special but it’s still the CW’s prized pony.

  7. jenn says:

    Matt…would it have killed ya to mention Blue Bloods in the title too since it’s doing so well? Anyway…go Blue Bloods.

  8. Ashley says:

    I don’t watch Nikita (so no offense to the fans) but this lead in is not doing Supernatural any favors. Is this on par with Smallville being the lead at 8PM last year?

    • timotey says:

      Nope, AFAIK, Smallville was usually getting around 1.0 demo. Nikita is getting just a half of that. I think it’s possible that Nikita is dragging Supernatural down – Supernatural’s ratings are growing out of it, after all.

      • Jamie says:

        SMALLVILLE was getting between 1.1-and 1.3 last season at this time.

        It didn’t fall to 1.0 until its midseason finale.

      • Carrie says:

        I just don’t understand their thinking in pairing SN with “Nikita” and using the lower-rated show as the lead-in. Maybe SN is too dark to put in that earlier timeslot? I don’t know. As much as I like “Nikita”, it certainly isn’t doing SN any favors. I’m glad “Fringe” was up, though.

      • Jenn says:

        I think Season 6 of SPN is dragging the show down. People seem to like this season so far, but S6 was almost universally panned. That’s going to do their ratings some damage this season, regardless of the lead-in show.

    • Bo says:

      @ Ashely. This is what, Supernatural’s 7th season? If it has to rely on a good lead-in to get good ratings then it doesn’t deserve to be renewed.

  9. Aj says:

    Supernatural is terrible .I hope it will be the last season.
    Difficult situation for Nikita, is a good show. I wish she had a new season.

  10. Midori says:

    I was worried there for a second, but 3.5 million viewers will save the show!



    I’m being sarcastic in case you can’t tell.

  11. Amy says:

    LOVED Fringe last night and thankful for even a small ratings boost. I’m hopeful it continues! It’s so nice to watch a show where season after season TPTB care enough about the fans to put the very best show they can on the air weekly. Fringe never disappoints.

  12. Cam says:

    FOX love FRINGE..if those numbers are stable just watch BOOM SEASON 5.that’s right..call me crazy but its the truth.

    • GK says:

      As much as I love Fringe and want to believe you, FOX doesn’t LOVE Fringe. It loves the possible Emmy buzz which surrounds John Noble and Anna Torv. Although they deserve it, unfortunately neither have been nominated yet.

      • Cam says:

        If FOX didn’t love FRINGE they would have cancelled the show after season 2….Kevin Riley is a huge fan of the show…the end.

      • Erica says:

        I see the logic in GK’s views!
        @Cam: Every exec will say they love the show which they air on their network! That’s not a big thing!

  13. Jackie says:

    A Gifted Man is my favorite Friday night show!!! I don’t know what I’ll do when Chuck returns at the end of the month. The final season of Chuck might win that battle.

  14. Elaine says:

    Fringe up in the ratings. Applause!!! Keep watching live folks. Get those numbers up! (God, can John Noble break your heart or what? Amazing performance as usual.)

  15. Kay says:

    I’m happy that Fringe went up some.

    Just wondering what will happen when Grimm joins the fray too!

    • GK says:

      Imo Grimm will not last. Its up against two already well established shows (Fringe & Supernatural) with a loyal fan base. Its difficult to gain new viewers when it starts so late into fall.

  16. bhm1304 says:

    “Nikita” continues to up its game with each new episode. It doesn’t belong at 8:00pm. If “Alias” had had Maggie Q as its lead it may have lasted a little longer.) “Supernatural” has also been fantastic for its first three episodes back, last evening’s reminded people what show they fell in love with in the first place. They should move the block to 9pm or move “Nikita” to cable which is a safer haven for good shows with a small devoted audience.

    • GK says:

      I was worried in season 6 of Spnl at the direction that Sera was taking. But now 3 episodes in, I’m already believing it may well go on to become the best season yet! Episode 3 was so amazingly directed by Jensen and the killing of Amy at the end is a very poignant moment for Dean and it was done in such a non-fussy way. I absolutely loved it.

    • ChrisGa says:

      LMAO….are you serious? If Alias had had Maggie Q it would have lasted longer? Uh one, Alias was and always will be ten times the show Nikita will ever dream of being. Two, that was in large part to Jennifer Garner, who not coincidentally is ten times the actress Maggie Q is. Now, if you wanna measure talent based on how smug and one dimensional you come across with hollow, subpar material then, yeah, I guess Maggie Q would win in a walk.

  17. Plum says:

    I wish they’d started the season with the search for Peter. Them finally searching for him should have happened at the end of the season opener. The monster of the week stuff has been hugely dissapointing, and the Elliot/Fungus ET schmaltz was particularly bad. After the build up to last season’s finale. It’s like they lost ground and went back to the “team fights random baddies” routine of season 1.

    Now that both worlds are bridged it’s always going to be a let down to watch another monster of the week; how do the two teams work together? Why don’t they go on more missions together? They have this terrific new plotline but they rarely focus on it.

    Having the new agent on the team be Lee from the otherside instead of Lincoln would have added more friction to the show. Lee from the other side has history with Olivia and could bring tech over from the other side.

    • Jenny says:

      I thought that at first, that Alt-Lincoln would have been a much more interesting character to bring in as a team member, but this Lee is really growing on me after the first three eps. I’m just glad we can have both.

      This season is getting steadily better, let’s hope the ratings reflect that!

    • Brooke says:

      I don’t think they could have started with the search for him. They had to establish just how different life is without him there, and I think they’ve done a very good job of that. The parallels between the Peter situation and the monsters-of-the-week have been excellent.

  18. Lisa says:

    I watch Nikita and then my favorite show Supernatural…. I download Fringe….

  19. fringeobsessed says:

    I wish everyone who watches TV could appreciate what a multifaceted gem ‘Fringe’ is.

    Although episode 401 seemed just a tad ‘off,’ last week’s 402 was stellar, and I really enjoyed last night’s 403 as well. Of course it was added fun during viewing 403 to list the 17 previous episodes to which writer David Fury made reference.

    I am starting to understand showrunners’ Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner’s comment that Season 4 is a good place to tune in for first time viewers.I am hoping that new viewers not only stick around for the remainder of the season, but also get hungry for more information on the characters they are currently seeing, and go buy the previous seasons on DVD.

  20. chad says:

    hmm Supernatural and Nikita seem to be dropping by the week, but even though SN in the demo’s is slightly higher than Nikita, they are pretty close in overall viewership.

    They should change Supernatural and Nikita, Supernatural at 8, Nikita at 9

  21. rachel says:

    Good job Blue Bloods. Awesome show.

  22. laura says:

    I’m glad for finge. I hope it can hang in there steady now, til Peter’s return, which I am sure will pull in another 0.1 for the show.

    There’s was some great acting in there. it was a slow ep, but necessary for character development i thought.

  23. Annon says:

    Glad to see some Nielson people come back to the show to see John Noble shine. I’ve really missed him greatly in the last two eps, since we haven’t seen much of him.

    I hope we get to see Nina next week, as I’ve missed seeing her in the show this season.

  24. Kat says:

    I HATE the way ratings are calculated! I DVR Supernatural plus all my other must watch shows every week but I don’t watch them on the same day they are recorded so Nielson doesn’t count my views! No wonder the networks make so many mistakes – they have no idea what we watch or what we like!

    For me, Fridays are all about Supernatural and Blue Bloods!

    • Brooke says:

      They aren’t “mistakes” – if you DVR, then you aren’t part of the group that the networks use to sell ads to the advertisers. The advertisers pay for ad space based on how many people watch live. Until the way ad space is sold changes, networks won’t care about DVRs.

    • Tara says:

      If you aren’t a Nielsen household, your viewing habits don’t get counted anyway. If you are a Nielsen house, Nielsen records not just the overnight views for ratings, but also things that are viewed up to a week later in the “live +7” ratings to account for the time-shifting.

  25. Clara says:

    I hope you people who say that Fringe’s ratings have slipped because Peter isn’t on it or went up because he will be coming back are wrong because I would hope that people aren’t just watching it for one character only, and especially not in this case, nothing against Peter here just saying this because the main reason Supernatural is out doing Fringe is because of the FanGirls out there watching it for the two guys on it, why do you think it still on after 7 years, they don’t care about the story which has gotten really stupid they only care about the cute guys, I hope that the so called fans of Fringe are NOT watching it just because of Josh Jackson and no one else, Annon you must be one of those who watch for Peter/Josh or you wouldn’t be putting someone down for liking Anna and in turn putting her down too, your not a fan of the show your a fan Josh, its people like you who will get the show canceled, how you ask, by watching it live only when Josh is on it, and when it gets canceled you will complain and cry about it like its someone else’s fault and not yours or one’s like you, Fringe isn’t a teens show, its a show for adults by adults, try acting like one yourselves, and believe me there is no doubt in my mined that Josh would not be impressed by any of you teeny bopper girls acting the way you are, like not watching because he isn’t on it, or putting the other actors down while praising him, he friends with the cast members and he is a fan himself of the show, and if you it canceled by acting like a bunch female dogs in heat over him, then not only will Anna and John and the others be out of a job but so will Josh, and don’t count on him coming back very soon after,for one he’s smart enough to figure out what I already figured out that the reason for the slip in ratings is because of a bunch of little girls watching Supernatural instead of Fringe because all they want is eye candy, they don’t want a story, they don’t even care about ether shows story just who is in it, I wish more REAL adults watched Fringe maybe it would do better then, I frankly believe this may be the last season because of these kind of people not really caring about the show its self, so then all you Josh fans can REALLY say GOODBYE to Peter forever!

    • Sam says:

      Oh oh! Let me summarize this for everybody: “How dare you, Annon, put someone down for liking Anna? You must be one of those people, who like Joshua Jackson and therefore a teeny bopper, who only watches Fringe for a hot guy. Those of you who don’t like the fact that Peter is not in the show are just a bunch of female dogs in heat for him! Oh and I have nothing against Peter!”

      I’m sorry to see this rant from a female fan. Female dogs in heat, whoa! If that’s your argument to convince people this is a show for smart people, I don’t think you’ve done a good job. By the way, Annon was replying to a troll, who goes everywhere diminishing Joshua Jackson as much as she can.

      I think we fans have to accept a few things. Everyone has favorites, some people have followed the actor to the show, just as you welcome them to add to the ratings, you shouldn’t whine so much, when they leave. Some people don’t like this reset and some people are just casual viewers, they’ll watch if they like the episode and they won’t if they don’t like it.

      So no, it’s not just that Josh Jackson is not in the show, there are many reasons and the lack of him is just one of them. And I doubt they’ll be back, when the show finally decides to bring him back.

      • Annon says:

        Thanks Sam, for your post, and your kind words. Much appreciated.

        Clara, I’m not a Peter fangirl. LOL. Nice try. I’m someone who appreciates all the actor/characters on the show, actually. Yes, even Anna. I’m not a Anna hater at all. Anto/Guest can love/idolise Anna all she wants, that is her choice, like everybody else. However, Anto clearly has an agenda to diminish Joshua Jackson here and everywhere else she posts (she posts everywhere). I’m not a fan of that all and just to be clear, it wouldn’t matter who it was on the show. I just think it’s wrong.

        The Joshua Jackson fan who goes around bashing Anna and everybody else on the show, is known by alot of people. Everybody that knows her, will tell you she clearly has a mental problem. So, I’m definitely not a fan of what she does either.

    • GK says:

      I’m a 22 year old guy, who is not gay, and I truly love both Spnl and Fringe. In my opinion these two are the best genre shows of all time!! Seeing you put down Spnl will just infuriate me and other loyal fans. Also it is downright insulting to the amazing writers of Spnl! Have u even bothered to watch season 3,4 & 5 of Spnl? They were THE BEST ever! Season 7 is making everybody fall in love with Spnl all over again! And those guys you are talking about, who u think of as just eye candy, are amazing actors too!! Do not put down a show because of your stupid views! There may be thousands of teeny bopper fangirls out there for the show, but that doesn’t take away the fact that Spnl is awesome and brilliant!

    • dreN'92 says:

      You are an embarrassment Clara,you make us Fringe fans look bad,shame on you :(

      • Milly says:

        I’m afraid I have to agree. What Clara said was awful. “Dogs on Heat”, really? As a female viewer, that really offends.

        People have different reasons for watching shows. However, if they don’t like what is been shown to them, then it is there choice not to watch. People have no right to tell them otherwise.

  26. Snapy says:

    Supernatural is awesome, the best show on television, so I’m glad its ratings are holding strong. Give me an EIGHTH season, bitches!!!

  27. Yeah!!! I can’t wait for Peter! Love last friday episode.

  28. Renee says:

    Watched Supernatural. Can’t wait for next weeks episode.

  29. Suzana says:

    Downloaded last SN episode and just couldn’t watch it through. It’s so bad that I’ve got to stop every ten minutes. I was such a big fan, now it’s one deception after another. Unfortunately, the truth is: SN was once a great show, but now it just should be put to rest.

    • Audrey says:

      SPN is a good show!!!!season 1-5 were better but its still a good show.

    • GK says:

      Watch till the end of the episode – The Girl Next Door, and you’ll be surprised by the turn of events. Dean’s character has evolved over the years and he killed a person/demon who wasn’t exactly evil. He has had his fair share of betrayals and now he is not sure whom or what to trust. Spnl under Kripke was great. S06 under Sera was not that good overall (individual episodes were brilliant like Frontierland and French Mistake), but s07 is gearing up to be the best yet. After 6 years you just can’t expect a show like Spnl and its characters to remain the same. It’s not a procedural. Give it a shot again.

      PS: The episode – The Girl Next Door was wonderfully directed by Jensen Ackles. It was very non-fussy, but extremely personal.

  30. RICK says:

    Supernatural season 7 is superb. They are having one of their best seasons in years. Turn on and watch – it is visual rock and roll!

  31. Rick says:

    Suzana you are obviously watching something else (perhaps Fringe?).

  32. Jennifer says:

    Supernatural is the best show on television!

  33. Robin Vogel says:

    The first two episodes of Supernatural blew me away, but the third, “The Girl Next Door,” was a compelling, controversial piece of television that should be nominated for every award possible. Sam begs his brother to allow his murderous teen crush, now a mother, to live, because she swears she no longer needs to kill. Dean promises to leave her alone, but tracks her down and kills her himself, coldly telling the motherless child to go to someone who can take care of him. In flashbacks, we see teen Sam with teen Amy–their first sweet kiss, discussion about their being freaks, the revelation that mom is a monster who tries to kill Sam, and Amy’s first matricide to save him. And what can be said about the ending of this utterly amazing episode? In one word? Cheesy!

  34. g. says:

    The gifted man, the SN brothers, along with the fringe crew, may be running scared soon once Grimm begins! It looks fresh, I’m interested. Could it save NBC on Fridays?

  35. Suzana says:

    Yeah, I finally watched it to the end and then I made up my mind: that was the last episode I’ll ever watch. It “should be nominated for every award possible”? Geez, what’s the meaning of any award, then? Only if it’s some People’s Choice for non demanding viewers. SN writers are totally lost. They’re trying to make it again something that’s already gone. I feel sorry for the actors.

  36. Becca says:

    I know it’s not a popular show on here, but I really would like to know how Sanctuary did. It was a GREAT episode. The show is up there with Chuck and Community for me, and it would be hard to choose between them.

  37. billk says:

    Fox needs to get a better lead in for Fringe. Kitchen Nightmares? They should have Terra Nova and Fringe paired and leave House with the smarmy chef.

  38. dkwilley says:

    “What were you watching live this Friday?”

    Fringe – ALWAYS Fringe…..too bad I don’t count since I don’t have a box…I wish they’d come up with a better way to figure out what people are watching….